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[ F'Rell of the 12th House | Corridor outside the Bridge | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]

The unexpected opening of a jefferies tube hatch and the emergence of F'Rell was more than enough to rattle even some of the most hardened security officers on a good day. She was alien and everyone who saw her was struck by how alien she was. She moved in a manner unlike any other of the crew's sentient lifeforms and as a result those who were not expecting her often responded in fear and aggression first.

She was thus lucky that the security guard stationed outside of the bridge was from the Resolve and was used to her emerging from jefferies tubes and unexpected times, especially when the ship started to shake.

For a moment after emerging F'Rell looked around, getting her bearings. She spotted the security guard and moved up to him. "<Crewman Tucker, what is going on>?" came upset and mildly panicked tone from her translator.

Crewman Tucker, taken aback by the emotion in F'Rell's new voice, took a second to reply. "We're under attack by these alien guys and they didn't tell me more than that, just to be ready in case we get boarded," Tucker replied. He was young, or he was younger than most of the other crew, and after the trauma of the Resolve he was prone to panic attacks.

"<Breath Crewman Tucker>," F'Rell's translator said, the tone more soothing as she moved forward to press and appendage to his forehead. "<I will endeavor to ensure today is not the last day of our lives>." She spoke, as always, in her more alien manner of speech, but her body language was clear. There was urgent business to attend to. "<I need you to let those who are in command that there ship is not fast enough. I can fix this, but I need to speak with whoever is in charge of their propulsion department without delay. Do you understand>?" Her silvery eyes never left his as she spoke, her tone was calm, but stern. Now was not the time to allow herself to panic, she had done so earlier, but seeing the young man's face made it clear how much of a mistake that had been.

"Y-yes ma'am," he said and slapped his combadge. "Crewman Tucker to the bridge. I have F'Rell here and she says she can help get the ship faster... or something." He really was panicking at this point. F'Rell could not help but think perhaps security was not the right department for him, yet on the Resolve there had been no luxury as to figure out which department was the right one for which person. There was simply work to be done.

Re: Chapter 01: Protectors of Truth [ Day 03 | 1507 hrs. ]

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Jaya Thorne | Battle Bridge | Vector 2  | USS Theurgy | Attn: @Auctor Lucan , @chXinya, @Top Hat , @DocReno , @Nolan

"Yessir, Acting Captain Cinn-shine.  Getting us out of this shitstorm in 3...2...1."

Jaya entered the coordinates she'd been given.  Wherever they were going, she hoped the others would meet then there.  It felt cowardly to run in the middle of battle.  Especially since the ship itself wasn't even a whole ship.  They were effectively abandoning their friends to the whims of their captors..


They would live to see another day.  They would regroup and plan a rescue.  It was their duty as Starfleet Officers and it was their responsibility as friends.  They would seek out this strange new foe even if it meant they had to track them down beyond the known galaxy.  No matter how long it took, they would rally together and go boldly into that dark night.  Who knew what dangers they might face?  What horrors and surprises might await them when they arrived?  Jaya had a feeling that no one knew those answers.. but they were headed down that path anyway.  They had friends to rescue.

In that moment, Jaya did something she hadn't done since she was a child.  She prayed.  Just a simple message to whatever unseen force was at work in the galaxy.. because she wanted to believe that there was a reason for all this.  Something more than random acts of the cosmos reacting to their recent transgressions.  Something bigger, more powerful.  She wouldn't name it, but there had to be something!  She whispered just one sentence.

"let them be ok.."

Jaya held course as long as she could before executing the warp command.  It gave their fighters just a bit longer to get into the FAB.  Any who didn't make it in would have to rendevouz at the coordinates.  But the Savi weren't keen on letting any of them escape.  As a swarm of their alien fighters made a beeline for the Sword, Jaya punched it..

The middle section of the Theurgy streaked across the light-speckled darkness like silver scissors gliding across black velvet.  Whatever damage the Sword had taken from the onslaught of Savi fighters that closed in at the last minute would be assessed once they got clear of imminent danger.  Traveling at warp speed could be serene at times, when it was done at leisure and for no other reason than to explore.  Jaya wished this was one of those times.  She knew only where they were going, but it was enough.  She had placed her faith in Captain Sunshine and the other officers to get them through.  They would make it.

..Still... she let one more prayer slip past her mind's defenses.  "..let them be alive.."
"Relationships are not my strong suit; I deal in evenings."
 - Jaya Thorne, Asst. Chief CONN Officer, Ensign [Show/Hide]


Re: Chapter 01: Protectors of Truth [ Day 03 | 1507 hrs. ]

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Main Bridge | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All
Trent gave the word to jump to warp, and until the last moment, Jennifer found herself looking for the other Vectors, to make sure they would make it out.

Vector 2 - the Sword - took a route below the white behemoth, avoiding alien fighters, and then, it vanished in bright light. She believed that most, if not all, of the Lone Wolves had made it back into the Fighter Assault Bay. Her green eyes moved to Vector 3, and while it had taken heavy damage, it seemed like the CONN officer aboard the Stallion remained in access to propulsion, for it also jump to warp, leaving the Helmet alone with the enemy ship. In the final moments, Dewitt turned her eyes towards it, and even though she never wanted to see it again, she also knew that the Savi had abducted crew from them, and taken Thea. She knew not if they would see the ship again, if the Savi would be able to repair their engine systems, but either way, the this first battle had come to an end.

Derik Veradin had turned the Helmet around, and even if Savi fighters were tearing up their hull plating, the Trill managed to find form the warp field around the Vector...

...and they were gone. Only streaming stars where battle and debris had once been.

Dewitt closed her eyes, and tried to ignore a voice in her mind - a memory from some old move. It was an ill omen, but one she couldn't shake.

United we stand, she thought, hoping there was no merit to the words. Divided we fall.


OOC: Chapter 01: Protectors of Truth is finished! The new Chapters are already up, so the story continues there :)

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