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Terminal Directive, World and Characters

So first off, I want to thank anyone who signs up this has been an idea I have been bouncing around since like forever. That dice test I did a little while ago was to see if I could run a game of Shadowrun using this forum, Since dice don't work however I spent a while looking at what table top I wanted to run it with, but then decided that I didn't like any options for Cyberpunk RPGs.

So when My favorite card game Android Netrunner came out with it's latest expansion (Terminal Directive) and it's background plot was about a murderous android on the loose, I decided hey why don't I take that story and run with it, see what we can do to make it our own. Another week of plotting and letting ideas solidify and to actually get an idea for where I would like a plot to go, and what we have is my personal take on the world of Netrunner.

So before I make a quick glossary of the terms, just know that this is a free run story rp, set in a pre existing universe, and no you don't need to play the card game to actually RP This story with me (but the card game is really fun)


The Corps: Four mega corporations control the worlds finances, and government between them.

NBN: Someone is always watching. National Broadcasting Network is the media, everything from your latest phone, from the news you watch, to the advertizements you see, they control the narrative of it, they hold the story, and they control the worlds greatest weapon propaganda.

Haas Bioroid: Top of the line in mechanical engineering, and manufacturing. Haas Bioroid is known best for their creation of Synthetic androids sold for any number of purposes. Many Bioroids can be ordered custom to fullfil needs such as labor, tasks too unsafe for human workers, or for pleasurable company, but all are held to three directives.
  • A bioroid can not harm a human, or by inaction allow a human to come to harm.
  • A bioroid will fulfill it's primary function above all else (save for it's adherence to directive one)
  • A bioriod must preserve it's ability to function, and return to Haas Bioroid for frequent repairs and maintenance (save for adhearance to directives one and two)

Wayland Utani: Energy, Security and travel. Want that ticket to Mars the last democratic bastion in the solar system? your ticket off earth is bought through Wayland. Wonder where the electricity comes from? that would be the wayland nuclear power plant in almost every major city. Ever wonder who sells guns to the cops? if you look close at that gun you can see the twin W's that answer that question.

Jinteki: Medical, and genetic technology pass through the labs of Jinteki on a daily basis. Harmony medical technologies their biggest shell company runs 80% of the world hospitals. Where as Jinteki Biotech offers gene therapy modifications, but every year scandals surface about them. Children held for testing, patients who vanish, and then there's their personal motto: Perfecting Humanity.


Those who run:
Those who fight back to take something from the corps are called runners, their goals are simple reveal the secret goals of the corporations.  The culture of the runners is devided into the three moral reasons as to why they do this. Understanding the how comes with each reason why.

Anarchists: Some people want too see the world burn. Some have been wronged by the corporations, others feel that society isn't worth it. The four pillars that hold up the world need to break, and if you want to start over from scratch first you have to burn down what the corporations have built. Often reckless some see themselves as necessary evil, others put their goal of destruction over common sense, and some just want to hurt others.

Criminals: All runners are criminals, but the criminal faction does their job for the credits. They attack the corperations steal and commit espionage to either collect a paycheck or sell to the highest bidder on the black market. Some see themselves as professional criminals, others as the robin hood type with altruistic goals, and others may actually be Corporation wage slaves taking what they feel they deserve for their paycheck.

Shapers: These are the people who are in it for the challenge. They are builders, and thinkers, people who love to push the limits of what can be done in the physical and with the net. They are in it for the thrill of building equipment. Often they are seen as builders, or they can be in it for the love of a hunt. They are problem solvers.

a runner can have any of these qualities, mixing and matching them is of course rounding characters out, but this overview is meant more to inspire your character and background.

In the first story I will be running Terminal Directive a Bioroid has gone rogue, your character will belong to one of two factions. The NAPD the police who work under the corporations. Working under Haas Bioroids chief of security your job will be to uphold the law, take down the rogue android with as little collateral as possible, and report back to your supervisors with a job well done.

Or you will play as a runner contacted by Simmon Miller, an old friend from the net. When he tells you that a Bioroid has gone rouge this is a chance of a life time. It's brain could be worth millions thanks to it's defect, exposing this could hurt Haas Bioroid beyond recovery, and what a challenge bringing in something like that could be imagine what you could learn with access to it's brain?

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