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Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Men Tell No Tales [Spoilers for the new movie]

I am copying this post from where I first put it, so it will be in a couple of quote boxes.

Because PotC DMTNT has some major issues with the continuity and some backstory issues I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a sort of “Fix-It Fic”/”Alternative Novelization” with a lot of characterization and continuity fixes.

Ok, some more information about the fic I am writing, mostly focusing on what I will be adding, what I will be changing, and what I will be removing. There will be spoilers for DMTNT below.

First and foremost Carina will be almost 100% changed. SHe will be older, now in her mid 30s. The plot about her being a “witch” will be totally dropped. Instead she will be being hunter by the Royal Navy because at some point she broke into the Royal Observatory and accidentally broke Galileo’s Telescope. In addition the romance plot between her and Henry is gone, both characters have enough on their plates without a shoehorned in romance plot. In fact her main plot will be “trying to figure out the puzzle her father left for her” something that should make the moment when it is revealed that Barbossa thought she was just going to sell the journal all the funnier.

Henry will be almost entirely unchanged. He’s good. Some of his scenes will change, but his plot will stay much the same.

Jack’s plot will stay much the same. There will be some corrections made to keep with already established continuity (like the Wicked Wench and the Compass being corrected).

Salazar is gonna get a lot more scenes and a fair bit of leviety pumped into his plot. He’ll be just as brutal, but I also want him to be a “fun” villain too. Most of his new scenes will be between him and Barbossa or him and his Lieutenant. Also I might add some notion about Salazar having a wife who died of grief after he got trapped, so it gives him more to be pissed about than just being cursed. Like something not directly Jack's fault, but Salazar could still reasonable blame him.

Scarfield is being completely rewritten.  Instead of a crazy witch hunter he is a Naval Officer dealing with the mess of trade routes left behind by the fall of the East India Trading Company, and the threat of Barbossa on those trade lines. He will have a lot more scenes, especially on his ship with the sea witch Shansa. I may or may not include a romance subplot there, I have yet to decide.

Shansa will be given a proper backstory in this version, some real info about the character.

The Trident will be given some lore beyond “it’s a thing and we want to go get the thing.” I might be making it an atlantean artifact. Maybe add some Atlantean Mermaid guards or something like that.

The climactic battle will be a lot bigger with Jack, Barbossa, Will Turner, and Salazar fighting. There will be weapon swaps (all 4 of them will at one point or another fight with the trident because why not)

Also, Will Turner will have so much more to do, like he’s gonna be in the final act, like part of the damn story.

Plus many more changes and additions, I’ll know more after I see the movie, for now this is based mostly off of original novelization.

The new Timline should look something like this-
TPOF  - 13 years pre-DMC/AWE
Mutiny/Salazar's death - 11 years pre-DMC/AWE
COTBP - 1 year pre-DMC/AWE
DCM/AWE - 19 years pre-DMTNT
OST - 5 years pre-DMTNT

Re: Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Men Tell No Tales [Spoilers for the new movie]

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Well, I pounded out the outline of my novel and I figured I would share it as it stands now. From here you can see the whole plot and how it unfolds. It is different from the movie/original novelization, having a very different finale. It has a lot more Salazar, a lot more Shanza, a lot more Scarfield, a lot more Will, heck a lot more of everything. As said consider these my notes for the novel, me telling me how I want it to go. I will start working on it chapter by chapter very soon. As before there are a lot of spoilers to the completed fic, so beware. Gonna put it in a spoiler cause it's quite big and so people who want to read it as I write it don't get spoiled.


I am as always interested in feedback, but please don't tear it apart. This is a labor of love for me and I'm trying hard to convince myself that I'm not the only one who wants this thing. So I am asking for the sort of feedback in the sense of "I want to read the rest of this" or even things like "Not my thing, but I wish you the best." 

It might sound like a weakling thing to say, but I fear if it gets torn to shreds by reviewers I may just give up on another writing project, something that's happened to me way to often, and I really really want this to be one I get done.


Re: Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Men Tell No Tales [Spoilers for the new movie]

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The current version of the prologue posted below. Posted with spoiler tags cause it is a little long.


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