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[Ensign A'vura Zeshryr | Resolve Bridge] Attn: Everyone on the bridge.

Ensign A'vura listened to the back and forth between the two captains and opened her mouth a couple of times to protest but immediately shut it after. The Captain's plans of running once out the door seemed like it wouldn't work now that their First Officer was to be left behind. When the communications ceased, and the beginnings of the trade began, A'vura finally spoke up.

"Captain, we can't just leave him. I mean he's our First Officer! If we leave him behind and now follow through with your original plan to flee there's no telling what could become of him! At best he'd be court martialed and at worst he'd be killed on the spot! There has to be something else we can do?" she pleaded with him, not too sure of the answer to their conundrum on her own.

Everything that had been happening since they got to the Starbase was harrowing. They knew that Captain Hawthorn was the traitor on board the Starbase. And now they had another potential traitor to deal with outside. It was like the last three years all rolled up into a single day. She looked to her Captain for answers, answers she wasn't sure he had, tears starting to brim in her eyes as she swallowed hard at the lump forming in her throat. She hated that. Hated the tears. Hated how they made her look in the face of adversity. But at times she couldn't control them. Times like the present.


[Ensign Six | Resolve Engineering ] Attn: Attention Lucan and anyone else.

Six continued to use her implants in tandem with the computer's systems to relay as much power as she could to the areas that the Captain had ordered. To the areas that needed it most. Her fingers flew fast as she went through all of the ship's systems one by one, taking from one place and adding to another, her implants helping to override any barriers along the way.

When she got the comm from Drauc she tapped her combadge to respond. "Six here. Drauc, yes, I remember you. We did indeed manage to clear up the transmission. It seems that my own Captain, Captain Hawthorn is behind all of this. As unfortunate as that may be." All the while her fingers never ceased in their work to relay power. Shields, weapons, life support, and Thrusters and Warp drive. Those were the main things she was focusing on for now.

Everything else was being taken from as much as possible without shutting down vital parts of the ship. By the time she'd finished she'd had power to all those areas nearly at maximum, despite the damages the ship had faced before coming to the Starbase, many of which had been repaired already before this all started.

What she couldn't wrap her head around though was why. Why was Captain Hawthorn doing all of this? It was logical that if he was indeed a traitor that he'd try to find a scapegoat. But why were they chosen? Were they just easy targets? And to what end was his plan? What was he trying to accomplish in all of this.  There had to be something for him to gain, but what, she couldn't quite put her finger on.
"You wish to knock over cows? What is the significance of this? Do you derive pleasure from such things?" - Ensign Six

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[ Dr Silim Parnak | Main Bridge | USS Resolve] Attn: Kaligos, Vystori, Julia, Mathis, DocReno, Auctor Lucan, Anyone else

Well that was just perfect! Not only had Silim lost his research project, but he had helped supposed terrorists enact a jail break of both crew and ship. And all for what? A fierce temper, a pair of pretty eyes and an alluring drawl. There were times Silim wondered if others were driven by the pull of their groin, then he often remembered the Klingons. Those sex and fight crazed brutes were ruled by their redundant heart or their crotch. Seemingly, the crotch was easier to find.

Now he sat on the bridge, directly to the captain's left. Silim knew he had been visible by the
commander of Starbase 84. That would now severely limit his options, he is grouped with suspected terrorists and traitors. And if Kendrick was enough of a fool to go 'guns-a-blazin' to return his first officer then Parnak could very well find himself without his life, let alone his research. Seemingly there was only real option. He would help Kendrick, either by ensuring Hawthorne believed the captain was true to Starfleet or by getting them away from this awful situation.  If nothing else, he was tied to the fate of this crew and that meant not only he was tied to that pilot, but also the beauty that stood behind him now. Chances are we would have helped them anyway, Cardassians would always help their countrymen, assuming it was for the great good. And certainly, nestling in her busom would be good. Like a Ferengi, he would play the odds of these two women. At his age, he had nothing left to lose. Besides, he could always emerge very lucky and win the jackpot.

One thing that was very different about Starfleet vessels was that it seemed that the large majority of decisions were done by consensus. What was the point in having a leader, if they weren't to lead? There was great discussion of their fate earlier, and now, the orion was voicing her concerns in front of the entire crew. This would not do on a proper Cardassian vessel.

"Captain, we can't just leave him. I mean he's our First Officer! If we leave him behind and now follow through with your original plan to flee there's no telling what could become of him! At best he'd be court martialed and at worst he'd be killed on the spot! There has to be something else we can do?"

"Actually, Captain, we can 'just' leave them behind and we should." Parnak interjected. At least in this style of command structure, Silim could join the debate. "So far, accepting Hawthorne's offer ensures a method of escape and a compliment of torpedoes. If nothing else the gift is good. Not only is leaving one officer behind sufficient to prove your innocence, but once we are free of this spacedock, then we can re-assess our plans. I don't think I need to remind you that your first duty is to this ship and its crew. Your Vulcan friends have a saying on this matter that I don't care to repeat."

"Fight or flight Captain." Silim boiled down Kendrick's options. "But with Theurgy and the actual traitor Ives here, we may find ourselves in a unique position to get the upperhand. Trust me on this. Have I let you down yet? Besides..." He said with a slight unintentional smirk. He drove home what was hopefully the nail in the coffin of Kendrick's decision making process. " are no traitor. I don't think a decorated Starfleet Captain such as yourself would be willing to risk letting thousands upon the Starbase perish, even with or without your first officer aboard."

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[ Lt. Hi'Jak | The Sabine  | Starbase 84 ] Attn: Mathis

Hi'Jak was panting when she touched him, it had been a long time since he had done anything like this, and the way she had gone directly for his pants and, and taken his cock he was already hard well before she removed her red bra. He was panting when she licked him and inserted his cock into her mouth a moan escaping him as he tenatively ran a hand through her hair. It was clear that Sera was the one with the plan, and the one in control and for the moment Jack was fine with that.

It wasn't until she stradled him and kissed him that he started to explore her body, his hand landing on her waist as he quickly and eagerly returned her kiss. He had joked a long time ago in the jefferies tube that if it hadn't been for all the murder that Sera would be very attractive.

Turns out murder was not one of Hi'Jak's turn offs, because Sera was mindblowingly attractive, and with three words he went from passive observer to something very different.

Fuck me Jack

"Yes!" as Sera inserted him into herself and straddled his lap Jack was already moaning clearly he was a rather vocal male. His hands on her thighs moved to cup her ass and back and suddenly he lifted Sera as he stood up. She was surprisingly light though again that may have been the advantage of his klingon dna. At the moment though he was only focused on one thing, and when he laid them down on the ground he quickly went to town doing exactly what she instructed him to do.

The sound of flesh slapping against flesh became apparent as Jack started to thrust his hips against hers, a deep passionate kiss taking place as he pressed his lips against sera hungry to explore her mouth with his tongue. His nails on her back digging into her as he bit her lower lip his chest pressed against her breasts so that every bounce rubbed their nipples together. Jack had no idea how long they were entangled together, but knew when he was about to go overboard. He did everything he could to bring Sera to a climax, hoping that the two of them would go together as his hips became more wild a burning going up and down his spine as his cock slicked with her juices continued to pound inside of her.

[ Captain Tristan Kendrick | Bridge | USS Resolve ] Atten: All

Run and leave his first officer behind, or stay and lead his crew into a fight there was simply no hope of winning. Neither option was what Kendrick would have considered as good. His two bridge officers were fine to pitch in on the ordeal with Dr Silim even pitching in. In all honesty the Cardassian had a point and he was willing to hear him out perhaps more so because they had abducted the doctor and yet he had continued to offer support.

If they stayed and fought against the theaurgy then Six and the evidence that he had uncovered about Hawthorne would eventually come to light. He knew that was a risk and he wanted to get that information out to someone who could use it. Not only could he free the name of his crew and his ship but also shut down the very man who was tempting him with a suicide mission.

And it was a suicide mission, Kendrick could feel that. The Theurgy was not just one warship, it was 3 fully decked out battle cruisers, a wing of fighters, and potentially more. If the captain Ives had joined up with the romulans and betrayed the Federation they could be facing an entire armada and not even know it yet. Their one damaged vessel even resupplied would not stand a chance against that kind of fire power.

A'vura, was right he was making a hard choice his frist officer would suffer the consiquences and probably die. But then if his number two were sitting on this bridge, and it was Kendrick's life or the life of the crew.

He knew the choice he would want that second officer to make.

"My orders stand, we collect our crew, we get our weapons, and the moment that door opens we get out of here warp nine for as long as we can hold it to the nearest Federation outpost. we will sound the alarm, and bring back reinforcements. Retake the base if it has fallen, and persecute both Ive's and Hawthorne for their betrayals of the Federation." For all he knew Hawhtorne could even be in league with the Theurgy why else would he detonate a bomb on his own starbase before they arrived?

"Message Hawhtorne that I accept his conditions, and look forward to a drink with him after this battle is over. We will 'deal' with the Theurgy."

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[ Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Resolve ] Attn: Daniel Havenborn, Tristan Kendrick, Keval ch'Rayya


At the denial to launch first, Tancredi sighed and replied quietly, "Ya got, sir."

The "sir" at the end sounded foreign to anyone who knew the redhead. She was the least prone to formal protocol and addressing people by rank. Some found that acceptable, some did not. Honestly, Tancredi didn't care what anyone thought. She was fine as long as no one wanted to pick a bone with her about it, and if they did, if they're of the Resolve, she'd listen. She may kick their butts in turn, but it was fine if she lost. They were family. Families fought. It was bound to happen. So she took note of the tightness in Havenborn's voice when he had spoken to her. It was probably her imagination, or perhaps not. In any case, she watched as the remaining Valkyries launched, and then she led her motley squadron out with them.

As long as there was a good fight to be had.

A fight she was being denied of practically as soon as her shuttle was out those bay doors. The Captain and Havenborn were giving instructions to hightail it back in. "What in the...?" the hostiles were right there! Right there! And they were going back in? "RrrrrrrrRRRR!" with gritted teeth, the fiery-haired young woman relayed the order to her fellow Tribbles, as if they didn't hear or see for themselves what was going on. "Back ta the big mama. Move it! Double time."

Someone asked what was going on, and muttering under her breath, Tancredi said, "That's what Ah'd lahk ta know."

Even if it were a test run, this was by far the shortest one she'd ever gone on. Escorted by the Gray Wolves, which was kind of a joke by itself, but Havenborn was a stickler for proper order. It was a wonder they hadn't killed each other yet. She was in the midst of powering down her vessel and getting up to exit when she was told by ch'Rayya to stay put, and at this point, the other Tribbles were beginning to mutter. Tancredi, one foot outside her ship already, visibly threw her hands up in the air in exasperation, and shouted, "Fahn! Whateva! Tribbles, back ta ya ships! Stay put and...get ready to roll out!"

Turning back herself, she plonked down on her seat, looking more than a little grumpy, not that anyone else would see. But she saw plenty in the meantime. She couldn't help but notice how K'ren went right up to Herrold, and the way she pecked him on the cheek. Smiling to herself, Tancredi felt glad to be able to see that. To see people finding comfort and perhaps love. For a brief moment, alone, locked up tight inside her own ship, she felt envious. Very envious. But it faded away, willfully, as she forced herself to feel glad and happy for the two. Maybe she'd buy them a drink. Who knows? Maybe there'd be new kittens in the near future. Herrold was a lucky man.

And she was alone. But that was perhaps proper, and as it should be.

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[ Lt. JG Zelosa Ejek | Main Bridge | USS Resolve] Attn: Kaligos, Vystori, Arista, Mathis, DocReno, Auctor Lucan, Anyone else

The first few seconds after Dr. Parnak started speaking, Ejek found herself in need to suppress the urge to strangle him. Or at least kick him out of her chair and throw him out of the command centre. It didn't come as much of a surprise that an outsider - never mind that the outsider was one of her people - would voice an opinion incompatible with Starfleet protocols. That he did it from her chair, by assuming her counselling position, however, was unacceptable.

But wait. Zelosa Ejek's shoulders relaxed upon hearing the older Cardassian's speech coming full circle to conclude with what she had been about to point out. It was good that she was not prone to act on impulse, or she might have ridden herself and others of the chance to hear him out. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to have an impact on Kendrick.

"Captain, with all due respect," she transmitted calmly. "I know how important it is to deliver our piece of information, but I do not believe it is worth to risk the lives of over 20.000 civilians." There was no way of knowing for certain that the USS Theurgy wasn't here to try and blow up starbase 84.

"We have been in enemy territory for a long time, Captain. Hard decisions have been made and we have lost many of our finest crewmembers. I understand your dedication to us and this ship. But we're home now. Framed or not, these are..." Our people? Your people? None of these expressions seemed to quite fit. "Federation citizens we're compromising if we leave. It's not only our first officer, whom I'd also advice to leave behind. But these are the people we've sworn to protect when we joined this organisation. I don't think we should, or can, proceed with your plan without betraying all that Starfleet upholds."

Why on Cardassia was it two Cardassians who had to make a case for the protection of civilians? Perhaps it wasn't that strange, however. For all that Cardassia had done to other peoples, their core dedication was to their home and the citizens of its home worlds.

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[ Lt. Jg. Suq | Main Bridge | USS Resolve ]

"My orders stand, we collect our crew, we get our weapons, and the moment that door opens...

With fortune on his side, Suq arrived as Kendrick gave his orders the final time. He stepped into the room as quietly as he could, hoping that the Captain provide just enough distraction so that no one would notice he got here very, very late. The Theurgy loomed on the view screen, Hawthorne loomed in their minds. Here they were, a ship full of frightened animals with danger on every side. Very familiar,  he thought, Nothing new happens out here, I guess. At least my hair can't get much whiter than it is or else the stress would show.

"Message Hawhtorne that I accept his conditions, and look forward to a drink with him after this battle is over. We will 'deal' with the Theurgy."

Soon after Kendrick's final orders, He heard Ejek talk. In fact, he was pretty sure she was talking at the same time he was, for a little while. He held onto her friend's voice in his ind, the only comforting thing in this entire situation. He walked closer to the chief engineer's console--technically his, though he never really liked to think of it as 'his'. Just borrowing it.

He stood there, not sitting, and staring at the console as Ejek spoke. It helped him concentrate to stare and stand still. She finished, and he thought to speak after her, but did not. He couldn't make any judgement calls regarding others' lives, not anymore. The moral battle if he made the wrong call would be too much. All he could do was deliver hard facts, and his professional opinion as an engineer.

"Captain," He spoke, after a certain measure of silence. He did not lift his head, "The Resolve is restocked, but she's still in bad shape. It goes without saying that facing down any ship, let alone the Theurgy, is suicide. If we were to battle, I can't say with certainty that our civilian population would be able to evacuate safely.

We will be able to hold warp nine long enough to make a relatively safe exit, provided we aren't followed. The....the borg friend, she's in engineering. She's incredible, really. She's fast. One-woman-slash-borg-engineering team. Thanks to her, The Resolve will be ready to jump as soon as we leave dock. We could warp the second the doors open but we may destroy quite a bit on the way out. Destroy bits of the Starbase, I mean, we'd be mostly okay. We might take some debris with us."
Now, as he began to lost steam, he ceased speaking.

He felt like he was vibrating where he stood with the energy of the moment. He wished it was over. He just wanted a nap, but then treason just had to happen.

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[Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya| Resolve Bridge]
Attn: All on the bridge & Resolve fighter elements

Keval listened to the various arguements happening on the bridge before finally even the calm Andorian snapped loudly with "*ENOUGH*!" at which point he came from around his station and as the ship's second officer he moved to stand next to his captain and friend. "We need to stop trying to produce counter plans to whatever the captain has in mind. Yes we are in a situation that even I'm having trouble figuring a way out of but that doesn't mean that we just tuck tail and run."

Keval then turned to face Suq and gave the other man a thoughtful expression. "When you say that we are in a bad way, just how bad are we?" Keval asked simply, a thought starting to cross his mind before he turned to look at his ship's counselor. "Use the terminal next to my station and bring up what you can about the captain of the Theurgy, we need intel and quickly my dear."

Keval then took in everyone on the bridge and gave them a critical, searching look. "We can't fall to pieces right now, we need to stick together like we have over the past several months and keep moving, keep fighting and just because it looks like everything is going to pot right now does *NOT* mean that we *DO*!" Keval said simply in a reassuring but hard tone. "We may have a couple of new faces and *YES*, the XO is currently a "guest" of a possibly very hostile force but that does not mean that we're going to just tuck tail and run. There is a plan but you have to trust in the captain and he hasn't lead us astray yet!"

Once he had finished saying that, he turned back to face his captain and leaned in close "I don't know what you got planned, but I'll be damned if I let things go sideways now when we need to be united. Give them something to work with and we'll survive this." he reassured Tristan.

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[ Drauc T'Laus | Aerowing Cockpit | Docked with the USS Resolve ] Attn: Resolve Bridge Crew

As he checked the power level in the Type-III rifle he had acquired aboard the aerowing, Drauc heard the Borg's reply on the intercom.

[Six here. Drauc, yes, I remember you. We did indeed manage to clear up the transmission. It seems that my own Captain, Captain Hawthorne is behind all of this. As unfortunate as that may be.]

Hearing this, Drauc raised his dark eyes from the rifle, staring at the transporter controls on the aerowing through the tresses of his red hair. The lurking enemy hidden in the terrain was known, and the question was; how did you flush him out? He knew the battlefield, and how hard the kill would be. So why did he hesitate? Was it because the righteous path was not easy to tread? Nay. Was it fear for his own fate that stilled his incentive? Not that either. Nor was it doubt, having learned what the traitor had said to the Romulan below the Subspace Aquisition Grid before he was killed - the bomb detonating. He had even seen the bloodshed through A'vura's memories. Hawthorne was conspiring with his own people, and to what end?

He retraced his thoughts, wading back through the maelstrom of minds that had imposed themselves upon his own. He pinched the bridge of his nose with his hard fingers, pacing the aerowing. The headache that came with his abilities was so dire that he would wish it upon no one, and it grew worse when he tried to recall the errant thoughts of others, their musings suddenly becoming mirror images of his own. He bared his teeth, breathing hard. Memories seared their way through his mind, and when the pain grew to great.... he screamed at the bulkhead, lashed out with his fist.

The pain was his beacon. The thoughts of all security guards that had been in the Detention Center whisked by. All the prisoners. Irrelevancy, mediocrity, idle musings, nothing of import. He screamed again, striking the bulkhead - knuckles bloodied. Something. There was something. He knew it. He was getting closer. Hundreds of minds obscuring the path. He knew it as the spectre - an illusive recollection from someone else. Another scream of mental tearing, another strike - the pain his focal point.


Yes. A report... A report. What had it said? Which mind had read the contents? Why did it come to mind? Who? Who!

Komial Dotnhil.

The Chief of Security. What had she read? Why had it come to her mind? Was it because of his presence? Yes, he was Romulan, hence she had shed a thought to the report. Breathing hard, Drauc struck the bulkhead anew, and he screamed louder. Her. Her! He had to focus on her alone. What had been on her mind? He paused, realising that... that she was sleeping with Ian Hawthorne. She had spread her legs for the traitor. At first, he thought it was relevant, but then he remembered the true import - the illusive idea that pricked his mind like a thorn. It was a report. A report about what? Why had she thought about it when she saw him? His eyes lined with pain, he was about to strike again, but then his gaze fell upon the rifle in his other hand...

...and he recalled it, as if fishing it out of a mire.

Weapons. A secret report. Classified. About weapon research facilities being raided along the Romulan Neutral Zone. It was believed to be the Theurgy's Captain - Jien Ives - that fed one of the Romulan factions with coordinates to the facilities. The facilities themselves were top secret, so it was not of public knowledge that they even existed. Hence, Komial had said nothing to him, but he knew now. He learned that the Amethyst, the Ruby and the Saphire - all secret depots - had been raided. All personnel killed. No loose ends. Komial had been convinced that it was Jien Ives who fed his people with the coordinates. Nay. Ian Hawthorne had affiliated himself with Romulus, and whatever he was up to... he was willing to murder in order to escape notice. Wasn't he, as Base Commander so close to the RNZ, best equipped to deal with Romulus?

"Drauc to bridge," he rasped, winded after his seizure, not knowing that he chimed in at the wake of an argument held between the present staff. "If Ian Hawthorne is the traitor - if he is Aidoaan - he is conspiring with my people, and in doing so... he has let hundreds of Starfleet officers die at their hands. Secret weapon facilities in Federation space have been targeted, leaving no survivors, all assets gone. Their coordinates compromised. The Captain on the Theurgy might still have defected too. Of that, I do not know, but Ensign Six tells me Hawthorne killed the Romulan this morning, and Hawthorne named you traitors in his stead. It makes it plain... that Hawthorne can't be trusted in the battle to come. Especially not if Ives is in his league. He must be stopped, lest the people on this base are all in their hands."

Walking over to the transport controls on the aerowing, Drauc saw that the shields were down, and that Starbase 84 was beaming aboard the crew. He resumed talking to the bridge officers. "I can reach him, and remove his voice from the command center," he grated through his teeth as he keyed in the destination. "It is the right thing to do, and I work better alone. No minds to distract me, and I will play the part of the fugitive you found in the brig today - again unaffiliated with you. My name no longer tainting yours. I have but a single request... should I not return."

Drauc stepped up on the transporter pad. "Find the woman that goes by the name T'Mei... and tell her... that both my brother and I hated her for what she did."

He adjusted the setting on his rifle, and waited only for the reply. Then, closing his eyes, he began the hunt. "Energise."

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | SS Sabine, Shuttle Bay 17-C | Starbase 84 ] Attn: Kaligos & Brutus

Sera relished the feeling of their bodies interlocking, Jack inside her, seeming to fill her up. She also loved the pleasure she was obviously giving him by his vocal responses. She had always been one to draw pleasure from seeing the pleasure she brought in others. That on top of the physical sensations themselves were driving her close before he even moved them to the floor. When he picked her up with such ease, her heart skipped a beat. She grabbed onto his muscled arms and locked her feet behind his back to hang on out of reflex, though she was in no danger of being dropped whatsoever. He stayed inside her the whole way to the floor of the ship where soon the comfortable weight of him pressed down on her while he started to fuck her in earnest.

Sera's hands roamed all over his body, exploring, needing to touch as much of him as possible, feel the ridges of his muscles while he explored her mouth and tongue with his own in a deep kiss. She could feel herself getting closer and knew he was as well, so she slapped his ass for encouragement. He responded as she hoped, increasing his intensity. For a brief moment, the universe melted away and there was just the rising heat in her body and the feel of him on top of and inside her before that ultimate release as waves of orgasm crashed over her. She grabbed on tightly to Jack as she moaned into their kiss, unable to control her voice as she came. It was then she realized that he was pressing fully into her as well, filling her with his seed.

Their kiss had broken during their orgasms but they continued to lock eyes intensely as the wave of pleasure waned. She cupped his cheek with one hand and brought him into another kiss, this one more tender and gentle, her way of saying 'thank you,' for distracting her and helping her release some of the overwhelming stress she had been feeling. "We should probably get dressed again, I imagine we'll need to be leaving soon."

As she took a moment to clean herself up and start putting her underwear, bra, and pants back on, the ship's console started beeping an alert. She also noticed the telltale swirling lights of half a dozen people beaming into the shuttlebay. "It is *really* time to leave, we have company!" She jumped only partially clothed into the pilot's seat and frantically started prepping the ship's final steps for launch. "Cover the door, I'm going to get us out of here!"

[ Ens Derik Veradin | Bridge | USS Resolve ] Attn: All

Derik was feeling a rushed mix of emotions as everything kept happening in quick succession. He held the ship steady while the Captain had parlayed with the traitor aboard the station, and was prepping their exit maneuvers while he waited for the inevitable orders, keeping in mind other possible maneuvers in case things went completely south. He also felt guilty about leaving the XO behind, but A'vura had said everything that was on his mind, and there was too much chaos right now to be questioning the Captain. Everyone's lives were on the line, not just their XO, and as much as he really disliked the Cardassian scientist that had appointed himself their Captain's new advisor apparently, Derik had to admit, grudgingly, that the man did have a point. As did their counselor, Ejek.

He drew on years of training and discipline and kept his mouth shut. He had a responsibility and a duty, and he was going to fulfill it to the best that he could. He turned to see Suq reenter the bridge and felt another wave of relief and gratitude. Derik had been worried when everyone else from the spacewalking team had come back except for Suq. He spared a smile and wink for his good friend and 'friend with benefits' before turning his attention back to his console.

Derik looked up and listened intently as Drauc's transmission came through. His eyes grew wider as the deeper implications of Hawthorne's actions were made known. The man was giving one Romulan faction access to Federation tech? That would drastically alter their civil war and then what kind of Romulan Empire would they find on the other side of that conflict, armed with Starfleet's best weapons? The thought scared him, and he'd like to think his resolve, no pun intended, had grown quite a bit over the last three years.

He kept his two cents to himself barring an emergency or the captain's request for his opinion and waited for the next part of their plan to begin. He had faith they would make it through this. They had so many times before and with odds as bad or worse. They would figure it out. They had to.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Cockpit | AC-307 Mark-II Valkyrie "Grey Wolf-01"] Attn: Triage, SummerDawn, Auctor

Hearing Lieutenant ch'Rayya's order slightly annoyed him, had he not been listening to the Captain?  The Captain was going to warp as soon as they got out of the starbase, it made no sense for his pilots to remain in their fighters or shuttles but those were his orders.  "Confirmed Lieutenant, we're on standby."  He said as he turned back around and headed back to his fighter.  The archaic terms didn't make him feel any better about the situation either.

"Chief Randall, get me everything you can about the Theurgy's fighter element."  Daniel said as he made his way back to his fighter.  If they were going to fight the Theurgy, which if he recalled was a Multi-Vector Dreadnaught; a warship of all things, he wanted whatever information on their fighter element that he could get so that his pilots would at least have some sort of advantage no matter how small it might be.

"Ensign K'Ren, get to your fighter and prepare for launch."  He called out as he climbed into his fighter.  He wasn't fond of fraternization on duty, what his pilots did during their free time was their business however while they were on duty he expected them to conduct themselves as officers regardless of their actual rank, he'd have to remind them of that after their current situation was settled.
Defeat, Genocide; why quibble with semantics.

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[Komial Dotnhil | Starbase 84 | Enroute to Shuttle Bay 17-CAtten: Security Center

Motes of light swam before Komial's eyes and then faded along with the tell tale chimes of the transporter effect. Feeling the butt of her phaser rifle against her shoulder, she swept it from side to side, taking in the view of the blown away bay doors, just behind her, and the ship ahead. It was a thing of beauty, even in her angered state she had to admit that. A thing of beautify with its loading door wide open, and its engines starting to rev up.

"Oh hell," she muttered softly. Making a snap decision, she took off across the bay, running, feet pounding across the deck. She could see the open curvature of the space dock beyond the little bay where the Sabine began to lift off, and beyond that, would be open space. Going as fast as she was, pulse pounding in her ear, she nearly slid past the control panel she was going for. She crashed into the console with a groan, air knocked out of her. With shaking fingers, she moved to erect the bay force-field, and then dial up the intensity to the point that it would stop a ship.

Only then did she look up an - "What in the name of the gods?" She spat out. She saw Hi'Jak, very much without his pants, trying to close the ships door.

Growling at the site - he was in far better shape than she'd expected, but she found him repulsive in that moment - she slammed her hand on the PA system.

"Vessel Sabine you are hereby ordered to stand down and prepared to be boarded. You are under violation of numerous Starfleet and Federation statues and as such your vessel is considered impounded. Surrender the fugitive -" the pant-less horror - "at once, or I swear we will shoot you back down." And putting action to words, she took aim with her own rifle and fired a warning shot, sending it streak out just past the door of the vessel, the angry orange pulse lighting up her prey for just a moment.

Despite the ragging urge to simply shoot the junior science officer cum murdered and get vengeance for her people, Komial had to allow them a chance to surrender. That oath she took grated on her some days, but if she didn't give them that chance, she wouldn't, in her mind, be worthy of her Captains respect, let alone his love.

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[ ENS K'Ren | Cockpit | AC-307 Mark-II Valkyrie "Grey Wolf-03"] Attn: Triage, Havenborn, Auctor

K'Ren had barely made a few steps when Lt Havenborn gave her new orders, and a disapproving look. She winked at Liam and went over to her own fighter, climbing up into the craft and began the time honored ritual of strapping herself into her fighter. The males used to joke that strapping on and flying a fighter was the closest thing to sex one could do with one's pants on, and while she would agree the experience of flying was amongst the top of her list of passions, she didn't think it compared to sex, at least not the pleasure she'd derived from her mate for so long and now with Liam.

The cockpit was familiar and comfortable, a nice contrast to the runabout she'd been in shortly before this. This cockpit was made for her, everything that she needed was close at hand, easy reach, unlike the standard Federation runabouts with their expansive consoles. This was home, and even as she adjusted her tail into the groove made specifically for her, the thing started twitching excitedly, one of the giveaways she was excited and a little nervous to either stand down, or get the call and launch with the rest of the squadron.

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[ Captain Tristan Kendrick | Bridge | USS Resolve ] Atten: All

Kendrick's plan was already being put to the test, but not by the people he had expected. It was odd to see the two Cardassians speak of the need to protect the innocent civilians when normally they would be the first people he would have expected to speak on the merit of the military, and their duty to the rank and file. He understood why it was confusing for so many of his own crew to look upon the captain and see that he was willingly abandoning one of their own.

There was something he could have quoted about the needs of the many, but his thoughts were interrupted by a voice he had not expected. If anyone was going to hail him he was expecting it to be Hawthorne for another tense round of political promises which he was sure the man wouldn't keep too.  But it was Drauc's voice who came over the communication, and a final piece of the puzzle was given.

"Once we have the crew back on board this ship issue a red alert, and get our shields back up as quickly as possible. Make sure that none of the Starbase's personnel can get aboard this vessel." Kendrick's grip on his chair tightened. It actually took a long moment for him not to cuss, there was a deep burning anger towards Hawthorne now, as Drauc revealed just how deep all of this treachery went. None of Hawhtorne's men could be trusted now.

"This is no longer just about our ship." Kendrick said as his blood ran a little colder a shiver going up and down his spine. This was one of those rare events that captains were not trained for. There were procedures for routing out traitors sure, slow diplomatic trials used to strip a captain of a rank, where every detail was laid out, but they only existed in the academies legal courses. In the perfect scenario he could have fought this out peacefully, made an arrest brought Hawthorne back to earth and plea his case showing all the evedince against the enemy captain.

The reality was Hawthorn may have doomed the entirety of the Federation already. "Put me on ship wide, I need to make a captains log and you all need to hear this."

In truth Kendrick was starting to feel a little awkward, he had already done his brave speech, already quoted Shakespeare and mugged for his crew. He had already laid out his plan so that people could add their objections in their personal loggs or even abandon ship as the option would be open to them to do so until they could pry those doors open, or the shields were up. No this was not going to be the brave captain's next speech, the voice of Kendrick as it came out across the ship, and fighters was one that was tired.

Kendrick had never sounded or felt more old than he had in the past... five? ten hours? had he even slept since he had gotten into this Starbase? He wasn't sure anymore. "I want to layout for all of you the stakes of this situation, and why I am ordering the resolve to retreat as soon as the door is open. I want you to hear my reasoning, and put it on record as to why I am telling you all to violate direct orders, and show you why this is not an act of cowardice. I've already done my big speech for the day, so I really don't want to take up much of our time."

He took a sigh, rolled his eyes, and decided to cut the meat of the situation. "We the crew of The Resolve have found evidence that Captain Ian Hawthorn of Starbase 84 is a traitor. He has worked in conjunction with a Romulan spy to attack his own base, to what ends we do not know. Additionally we believe that under the code name Aidoaan, has been giving away the location of Federation bases along the neutral zone. Effectively arming one side of the Romulan civil war with our [Federation] technology. If this situation is not rectified shortly and the Federation never learns of this treachery then it would mean that in the eyes of the Star Empire we will have joined their civil war."

One last deep breath and Kendrick leaned back in his chair. "By being drawn into that conflict we will also be pulled into war with the Klingons, and perhaps even rally the Cardassian union from slumber. This would be a war on three fronts, and with people like Hawthorne in our midst it is a war we have no chance of winning."

Kendrick closed his eyes and brought a hand to his face. "end log, end ship wide transmission, and set that transmission to send out along the Federation's Network on all open channels in the event of this ships immobilization. If we can't run then we will scream the truth for everyone around us to hear. Have all fighters prepared for an emergency, if we are pursued, we could be fighting at warp, and someone make a note of Drauc's final wishes. I like to think that we will make it out of here in one piece, but in the event that not everyone makes it off this ship, could someone put out a APB on a Romulan infiltrator called Tei Mei, and an unnamed brother."

He had a sinking suspicion that the romulan psychic may not live to tell another story if he goes up against the might of the starbase but he wished the man well. Tei Mei... whoever that was, may have long doomed the Federation years ago. But one of her sons, may have just given them a fighting chance to save it.

There was a tired glance towards Keval, he had to wonder if he was giving the crew enough reason to follow him, when in truth he honestly didn't know if he would follow himself. Were he not on this ship this would have seemed like the ravings of a mad man. Hopefully A'vura and the rest of his crew would understand.

One person's life no matter how loyal a first officer would ever be worth the entirety of the Federation. It hurt Kendrick to admit that, but he knew from the moment he had sat down in this chair today that some sacrifice would be made. He knew that if that number one had been sitting in this chair and it had been Kendrick offered up as the prisoner left behind that he would expect the ship to do no less then leave him behind. Protect the crew, honor the ship, save the Federation.

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[ Cmdr. Jared "Deadline" Salazar | CAG 23rd TacCONN Air Group | Interceptor Cockpit | Starbase 84 Spacedock ] Attn: Resolve Bridge Crew

There were no phases of grief for Commander Jared Salazar, having watched how a fifth of his Air Group was decimated by the signalling error before the launch. Behind the visor of his helmet, he was taking deep breaths through his teeth, willing himself to focus on the comm chatter from the speakers.

Flight Ops had given clearance, Jared gave the order, and through sheer luck, he had survived when the bay doors failed to open for the first attack wave. Maelstrom, Shadow, Red Lancer and Griffin Squadrons had all launched, then the second wave came in directly behind them, and they had no chance to avoid the debris field. No, Jared had yet to feel any grief for the losses he so keenly felt, still operating behind a veil of shock. Yet he was still in the air, navigating the circular spacedock along with the rest of the survivors. He had managed to keep the fourth Wing from launching, since any more fighters in the spacedock and it would have been impossible to coordinate the deceleration and regrouping that the first three Wing were now preforming. Yet when there were no more collisions, no immediate danger to his pilots, he allowed himself to curse loudly in his native Spanish - keeping his finger away from the comm channel.

After the long tirade came to an end, he was breathing hard into his helmet, almost making the visor fog up. He heard his Wing Commanders reporting in, standing by for orders, and he jammed his thumb down on the comm. "This is Deadline. Awaiting word from Command, stand by," he rasped, throat raw and kept his dark eyes on the Resolve - moving with the rest of the fighters in the spacedock to avoid collisions.  He had been surprised by the orders to stand down and don't attack the Luna-class starship, but he figured the fallout of such a battle inside the spacedock would have been catastrophic. He was surprised that the USS Chester had fired at all.  The bay doors remained closed, even if he'd already heard that Command had ordered teams to release the door mechanisms manually.

When he saw on sensors that one of the Theurgy's Vectors assaulted the top of the starbase, he realised that there might not be enough time for those teams to complete the task. It was confirmed when Captain Hawthorne finally hailed him.

[Commander Salazar,] said Ian, appearing on his HUD.

"Aye, Captain," he said, still taking deep breaths, still having his teeth bared in a rictus expression of ire.

[It has been decided that we give Captain Kendrick the benefit of the doubt, and to allow him to enter battle with the Theurgy to prove his and his crew's innocence. His remaining crew has been beamed aboard, along with restocked torpedo magazines. The 23rd will have to take out the bay doors, and all personnel is now evacuating the areas. There is no time for a manual release. The Theurgy has already opened fire on the base - targeting our tactical array. If it is destroyed, we will be at Captain Ives' mercy - manual targeting our only resort.]

"Acknowledged, we'll take out one of the bay doors and enter battle at your command."

[One more thing, Commander.] Ian's brow seemed furrowed with concern. [There is a risk that Captain Kendrick might be in league with Ives. Should that be the case, he might either turn against you or attempt to leave the sector once those doors are opened. Keep an eye on your sensors, and should you see the Resolve attempt either... you know what to do.]

Jared met the eye of his Commanding Officer, and nodded slowly. If Kendrick and his crew had defected whilst travelling through Romulan space, then it was likely they who had sabotaged the bay doors, killing officers on the base, and bombing it earlier that day. Jared did not know the Captain on the Resolve, nor any of the Tactical CONN officers aboard the starship, so he had little reason to doubt any of it.

"If the Resolve goes to warp, sir, I might have to split my forces in order to catch up with her," he said gravelly.

[Precautions have been taken so that it won't come to that, Commander,] said Ian, quite confidently, and then glanced away when someone in the EOC spoke to him. [All personnel have been cleared from the bay doors. Fire at will, and happy hunting. Hawthorne out.]

"Aye, Captain. Moving out..." Jared closed the channel to the EOC and looked towards the Resolve again, hailing the bridge. "This is Commander Salazar, CAG of Starfleet's 23rd Air Group. The attempt of manual release of the bay doors have been abandoned. The 23rd will blast them open, and given the bulk of your ship, you need to clear the dock first. We'll be right behind you... Salazar out."

With a deep breath, and another look towards the debris field, Jared put the thoughts of the dead aside, and gave the orders. Within seconds, two of the squadrons closest to one of the bay doors swivelled around, announcing their chosen targets around the massive moving doors. When all of them were locked in, Jared gave the order. "Fire!"

As one, the interceptors lit the spacedock with orange pulse phaser energy, cutting through the plating with one rapid impact after another. The plating and the hinges were, eventually, no match for their Rawley cannons, and the doors came loose one corner at the time, until they were sent off - drifting away from the space dock interior. They left behind a demolished frame that bled plasma and flashed with bright conflagrations.

"Salazar to Resolve. You are clear to move out. Watch your back out there," he said, dark eyes resting on the sensor readings...

...hoping that his suspicions about Captain Kendrick and his crew came true. He owed it to the surviving families of all his lost pilots that they'd be avenged.


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