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[ Maya | Main Sickbay | Intensive Care Ward | Deck 07 ]  Attention: Hayden O'Connor, Cir'Cie, Vinata Vojona & Lahkesis Saugn

"This Klingon is not someone I bestowed T'Rena's mind upon, yet he appears to be breathing," Cir'Cie said as she examined the comatose Klingon.  Maal was injured, and despite their reputations for stoicism, both Vulcans felt what in a human would be guilt.  "It would be unfortunate if he died because of my orders whilst I was indoctrinated. It would compromise my emotional stability if he did, and I would meditate long upon his demise. I would honour his name in any way I could."

"Thank you," Maya acknowledged as she moved to examine Maal's dressings.  "That is very kind."  The social convention was important, especially in times like this when loyalties and morale were being tested.  All of the social niceties would be observed.  Besides, there was something that could be mistaken for sentiment in Maya's quiet words.

In the meantime Cir'Cie had moved to Patrick Andersson, one of the Harbinger's crewmemebers who had threatened sickbay not long ago.  "I do not know who has shot him, but this man needs to be moved to the morgue. We will never know if we could restore his mind."

"What has happened to him?" Maya asked as she went to Cir'Cie's side to examine Andersson for herself.  As both a telepath and a neurologist, a mind touch from Maya was almost as accurate as a scan from a psychotricorder.  Maya's large hazel eyes narrowed as she touched what was left of Andersson's mind.  He would have to be moved to cryosleep.  There was nothing they could do for him now.

She turned her head when she heard Cir'Cie's voice. "These humans have been broken beyond my abilities... likely yours too, Doctor," the taller woman announced quietly as she stood over  Sean Cameron and Connor Matthews.  "I do not know what has befallen them, but the integrity of their memories and minds have been shattered  - residual shards suggesting an overload in the pleasure centres of their brains. I do not know the medical terms, but the devastation is... complete."

"That is not possible," Maya said softly as she placed the tips of her long spidery fingers on Connor Mathews' face.  Maya's pale bloodless face lost all its color and became dead white.  She hadn't dared mind meld with them before she freed Cir'Cie from her indoctrination.  The examination they had received had been rushed, triage conditions.  Everyone had assumed they had been stunned and would recover from it.  Now they were gone.  Theoretically it was possible to educate them and restore their skills, but the Theurgy no longer had the facilities to make the attempt, even with two neurologist aboard.  In any case, their personalities, their memories, were gone.  The people they had once been were gone forever.

"They were moved here, were they not?" Cir'Cie asked.  "Did Nurse Jenkins tell you what happened to them?"

"I assure you she certainly did not," Maya remarked curtly.  What could possibly do this kind of neurological damage?   "Did you indoctrinate these two or was it T'Rena?"

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[ Ryuan Sel | Corridor - Life Support Systems | Sickbay] Atten: Sarresh Morrali , Lukas "Bleed" Reed

Sel slowly withdrew the length of Sarresh's hard member from her mouth. Her mind was racing, she had only gone along this far as giving the now human Temporal Affairs Officer  blow job was not something she would have minded doing anyway, but letting a psychopath fuck her, that was a different story altogether. And yet, as she glanced to him and saw the two weapons in his hands she was pretty damn sure she had little choice if she wished to keep her life.

Without a word she got to her feet and bent over, exposing her ass and the damp spot in her panties to the mad man. She could at least be grateful for that, the pheromones in her system meant that he would at least not be going in dry.

And then an idea crept it's way into her mind. She positioned herself within arms reach of one of the canisters. He would have to lower his guard before he could plunge into her, or at the very least he would likely have to set a phaser down to open the groin plate of his armor and free his dick. He could not hope to hold both guns at that time, there would be no way to steady himself while he entered her. In that moment she would have the best chance of gaining the upper hand, slamming a canister against the side of his head would do just that.

She knew she would have to risk it as there was little hope that anyone would find them here. There was no way he could maintain control over the situation and have sex with her.

She only wished there would be a way to signal Sarresh to get down without also warning Bleed. Then she had an idea for that too. From her position she was easily able to reach out and touch his still hard member. She lightly tapped on it with a single finger, old earth morse code to be exact. She only hoped that he would recognize the code. She looked up into his eyes, hoping for some degree of recognition of the code. ::When he tries to enter me, be ready:: she tapped out never breaking eye contact.

OOC: Just in case anyone is curious the morse code would be ".-- .... . -. / .... . / - .-. .. . ... / - --- / . -. - . .-. / -- . --..-- / -... . / .-. . .- -.. -.--"

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[ Cir'Cie | Intensive Care Ward | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Doctor Maya

The Vulcan doctor verified Cir'Cie's findings, and while Cir'Cie had been concerned about the fate of the two officers beneath the surface of her calm demeanour, the older Vulcan wore her feelings on her sleeve after touching their faces. This so far as to almost seem offended by Cir'Cie's question. The botanist did not react, however, merely folding her hands behind her back as she replied.

"I bestowed them with T'Rena's vision shortly before noon today, rallying a team to bring to Sickbay. There were no signs of ailments to them, and I have not observed these results with any other indoctrinated. While it might be a convenient explanation, it is not likely that this was a result of T'Rena's influence upon their minds. It is, in my estimation, far more likely that this was caused by an unknown party. The first line of inquiry, however, would be the Head Nurse since - according to what I gleaned from your memory - she brought them into Dr. Nicander's office while I was sedated."

Cir'Cie raised her hand to tap her combadge. "Ensign Cir'Cie to Lieutenant Jenkins," she said as she moved down the lines of beds and reached the rest of the team that had come to Sickbay. They were sedated and treated for their minor wounds. After waiting a couple of seconds, Cir'Cie gathered that the Head Nurse was not wearing her combadge. Raising her emerald green eyes to Doctor Maya, she wished to verify their priorities.

"After we have successfully determined that we can remove T'Rena's impressions upon these crew members, our next action should be to illicit help in gathering the mutineers somewhere close to Sickbay and treat them all as effectively as possible. Whoever came up with the idea to use Lexorin deserves some credit, because the components should lessen the effect and make them confused about their situation; far more compliant to accept treatment."

Looking down upon the still faces of those she had corrupted, Cir'Cie fought down the impulse to loose her façade in the torrent of guilt that washed through her. Not only had she been corrupted at Niga, but here too - acting the agent for a cause not her own. She had no idea how many might have died because of her when they had orbited Niga, but now, there was no antidote to remove her memories of her own actions. She knew perfectly well how many lives might have been lost during the sabotage inn Engineering alone.

"I... regret that I could not resist T'Rena's will. She may be a former Master Acolyte, but I have become undone before - removed from my own body and replaced by a warped image. I should have been able to repel her. I should have..." Cir'Cie blinked with her long lashes, and she almost expected tears to fall from them. "As I was saying, we need to establish contact with Sarresh Morali and verify the Lexorin dispersal after we are done here. Then we must ask the Senior Staff to send all mutineers our way. Do you concur?"

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[ Simon Tovarek |  Corridor | Outside Cargo Hold 02 | Deck 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Lucan cin Nicander, Hylota Vojona, Heather McMillan

Once the gas was seeping through the canister into the room, Simon smiled as he looked at the civilian scientist flat down "Well done, you just gassed those guys to a long long night. I estimate they'll be out cold for the next..."  he paused as he made the math in his head and he looked up at the space they were in as if it helped him to make the complex math. "For the next four to five hours... Unless we give them an antidote." he clarified and smiled contently. As they made their way out of the tubes again Simon could still notice the glow-ish aura around McMillan, wondering if he was just imagining it or if it was really there.

When they were out of the tubes Simon could hear the hurried running pace of people approaching. He instinctively reached out for his phaser to check what their intentions might be, yet he frowned as the yellow jumpsuits nearly crashed into them and made their way to the cargo holds further down. It hit Simon instantly what they were going for. "Chor.." He shook his head as he interrupted himself halfway his Russian curse "We need to go and help them!" he said right after one of them shouted where they were going for. Those mines would indeed be the end of them if one of them even misfired or bounce off in a wrong direction. Yet again, Simon wasn't sure how much they could do to help them. "Ensign, follow us!" He called out to Hylota as he didn't really know the name.

He looked at Heather next and nodded as she asked if she could do anything "Just follow us, I presume I could rerun the calculations of the current design of Cooper. Yet I'm not sure if we'll be able to do much if anything would be off on it. Anyway, I could use a scientist to help me keep up with the calculations to make sure I don't slip up." he told her as he started to run along in pursuit of the yellow jumpsuits. 

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[Sarresh Morrali | Corridor - Life Support Systems | Sickbay] Atten: Ryuan Sel, Lukas "Bleed" Reed

As into it all as Sarresh found himself to be, he had not expected Sel to be as equally involved. He was, in fact, bewildered as he watched her rub those panties, her legs spread more now. His eyes moved from her own, lower, watching as her fingers worked their magic, and much more to his shame, groaning again. He went up on his toes when she first brushed her fingers over his balls, muttering an Ash'reem curse that - well, it really didn't work well with a set of human vocal cords. She sucked more of him in, spit coating his cock. It was impossible not to enjoy what was happening to him, and given the circumstances, he hated that.

And then those same circumstances grew worse. 

"Wherever did you find this one, time traveller?" he said and chuckled, then he looked around - seeing what he needed. "Stand still, or you know what will happen." Hands behind his head, Sarresh shot a withering glare at Bleed as the other man walked around and kicked the bed into place and manged not to jump. He was left with his cock bobbing in the air as Sel pulled back, both watching the pilot.

He ground his teeth together in frustration, as he listened to Bleed, watching as Sel bent over the biobed. Having teeth to grind was a new sensation and that crazy, detached part of him wondered how his body knew to react in such way. And yet, that was exactly how he reacted, the anger flashing across his face. It had gone from bad to worse and he had no idea how to help, as he awkwardly shuffled over to her. It was hard to line up his cock with her mouth, but thankfully she took him in hand.

The newly minted human began to wonder if Sel was actually impatient with him, with all of it ,as if she wanted to next step to happen as she tapped away at his cock. He frowned down at her, their eyes meeting and then he realized what was going on. He only got half the message though, and he swallowed hard, tensing as his eyes flashed up to Bleed, then back down to Sel. It was only a tiny nod, but it was the best he could do.

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[ Maya | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 |]  Attention: Cir'Cie, Sarresh Morali

"I bestowed them with T'Rena's vision shortly before noon today, rallying a team to bring to Sickbay," Ensign Cir'Cie explained.  "There were no signs of ailments to them, and I have not observed these results with any other indoctrinated. While it might be a convenient explanation, it is not likely that this was a result of T'Rena's influence upon their minds. It is, in my estimation, far more likely that this was caused by an unknown party. The first line of inquiry, however, would be the Head Nurse since - according to what I gleaned from your memory - she brought them into Dr. Nicander's office while I was sedated."

"Agreed," Maya tilted her head to the right instead of nodding.  "It is possible that Lieutenant Jenkins not what she appears."

"Ensign Cir'Cie to Lieutenant Jenkins," Cir'Cie called as she tapped her combage.   While they waited for a response, they moved down the lines of beds and examined the rest of the team that had led into Sickbay. Aside of a variety of minor wounds and being under heavy sedation, no reason they couldn't return to duty presented themsevles.  Maya placed her tips of her long spidery fingers on first one face, and then another, to verify that their minds, although indoctrinated, were still intact. Cir'Cie's emerald green eyes glanced at Maya's hazel ones.  Eve Jenkins wasn't answering her combage.  Had she discarded it to hide or flee?  If so from whom, Captain Vasser's men or Cir'Cie and Maya once they had discovered what she'd done?

"It appears we will have to make due without Nurse Jenkins' services," Maya commented dryly.  "In the meantime we must focus on accomplishments we know we can make.  What are your thoughts?"

"After we have successfully determined that we can remove T'Rena's impressions upon these crew members, our next action should be to illicit help in gathering the mutineers somewhere close to Sickbay and treat them all as effectively as possible," Cir'Cie replied.  "Whoever came up with the idea to use Lexorin deserves some credit, because the components should lessen the effect and make them confused about their situation; far more compliant to accept treatment."

From a certain angle, Maya's neutral expression might be mistaken for a wistful smile.  Lahkesis had suggested the Lexorin, having remembered what Maya had forgotten.   The green blooded physician allowed herself a nanosecond of motherly pride before getting back to the business at hand.

"With the ship at general quarters it is not a good time to concern ourselves with who has been indoctrinated," Maya decided.  "Regardless of which captain they serve, the people aboard will have to man their battle stations in order to survive.  Survival was the rationale for..."

Maya abruptly stopped talking when she noticed the younger Vulcan wasn't listening; Cir'Cie was looking down at the faces of those she had compromised.  A human wouldn't have noticed but a Vulcan could see that the younger woman was upset at herself and in close proximity Maya couldn't miss the wave of guilt radiating from her.  Right now, Maya was bolstered by motherly affection.  She decided to share some of that by placing the tips of her middle and pointer finger on the back of Cir'Cie's hand.  The gesture served to release a confession that the taller woman had bottled up inside her.

"I... regret that I could not resist T'Rena's will. She may be a former Master Acolyte, but I have become undone before - removed from my own body and replaced by a warped image. I should have been able to repel her. I should have..." Cir'Cie paused as Maya empathically helped her steady herself.   "As I was saying, we need to establish contact with Sarresh Morali and verify the Lexorin dispersal after we are done here. Then we must ask the Senior Staff to send all mutineers our way.  Do you concur?"

"Yes, indeed I concur," Maya tilted her head to the right gently before brushing the back of Cir'Cie's hands with her fingertips.  "After the battle, you should be able to summon the ones you have personally compromised.   We can ask Mister Trent to send T'Rena's any mutineers taken prisoner our way if his counter mutiny is successful."

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[ Dr. Nicander | Mine Deployment Rig | Cargo Bay 04 | Deck 02 ] Attn: Hylota Vojona, Heather McMillan & Simon Tovarek

The small group followed the team of yellow jumpsuits into the crgo bay, and Lucan did not look behind him to see who had followed. It would just be splendid, he thought, if all the unpleasant things he'd had to endure for the past hours were all for naught just because the gravametric mines would go off inside the Theurgy - trapped in the bay doors on the way out. All because of the mutiny and the repercussions of the sabotage. Lucan remembered how he had taken his medical team to Main Engineering and kept the casualties at a minimum. Little had he known at the time that the horrible malfunction had been a sabotage. Nor had he foreseen just how much other damage it had done to the ship. He was a doctor, after all, not an engineer.

 But as he drew to a stop inside the cargo bay, even he could see that they had a problem.

The ramp upon which the mines were to be deployed looked fine, but as for the bay doors, they were still closed. Two yellow jumpsuits had arrived to the scene ahead of them and were tearing out the control panel next to the bay doors - a thing looking blackened and charred even from a distance. They were likely about to open the bay doors with some kind of manual release function.

"The bay doors have to be opened but the problem is that this entire compartment is supposed to be vacated!" called one of Natalie Stark's personnel to Nicander and Tovarek, who were the senior officers present in the cargo bay. "This is like an air-lock! We need to get the doors opened or the mines will detonate against them, but we can't be here when the doors open either! You need to get out of here! We... We are willing to offer our lives to save everyone aboard, but you shouldn-"

"We need to cut the power to the deployment rig," said Nicander, mind racing as he foresaw what had to be done, "I will find the control system and do that. Tovarek, you and Heather McMillan need to raise a structural integrity field outside the bay doors before we get them open, otherwise we will all be sucked out into our warp trail. We might die instantly, but I'd prefer if we avoided that, myself."

"But the Red Alert," said the suicidal man from Operations, "the Calamity is right upon us. We need those mines to survive another battle against that ship. There might not be enough time to..."

"We don't know how much time we got so we better get started if we are to survive both this room and that ship, agreed? Now belay opening those bay doors until we have tried it our way. That's an order, Petty Officer."

He was neither an engineer nor all that he seemed to the eyes of those around him. However, while he might have been a doctor, he was also a Lieutenant Commander of Starfleet, with all it entailed. Despite what his kin might have to say about saving the ship which them meant to destroy, he was not about to let them kill him. Not when he had so much left to do. The conflict of interest that resided within him was an old battle he fought every day, and so far, he had yet to loose. It was only until recently he had started to wonder how he came to be so accepting towards his own condition... and he had no answers.

"Powering down the rig!" he said as soon as he found the master control lever, turning it down and making the entire ramp construction fall quiet. "How is that energy field coming along?"

OOC: One more post from 1) Triage and 2) Nolan (optionally Zenozine, but plan is Hylota will be heading to Sickbay), and we leave this scene as a cliffhanger for 07: Undoing, where I will be posting next with how it is resolved. Sorry for having such a high pace in the unfolding events, but I am keen on not loosing pace when so close to the finish. :)

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[ Hylota Vojona | USS Theurgy | Ship Corridors Heading to Sickbay ]

As son as the two guards were dragged and sealed away Hylota flopped down against a wall panting heavily, it was quite difficult for her to drag around such large bodies with one arm, especially after the climb through the jefferies tubs of the Theurgy, it had all left Hylota quite winded, and in her current state continuing to aid Nicander with matters of the ship seemed out of her capabilities. It was for this reason she decided that her best course of action was to go back to Sickbay and try and get some attention before she was undoubtedly called in to provide aid.

Hylota stood herself back up and braced herself against the wall before she began to walk back. She had a small part of her telling her that she was abandoning her crew mates on their mission, but she calmed her mind by pointing out her limitations made her a liability, and that she should return to her post so that she could do her proper job when this situation wrapped up. She also wanted to check on her poor brother, she imagined this entire situation would come as a shock to him, but she had faith in her co-workers that they would keep him safe in her absence.

Hylota kept walking back to the turbolift an took it own to Deck 7 and had several  layers of the ship between her and her crew mates by the time they called out for her, she could no longer give them aid, but in the current state of things where she was going was in more dire need of her than anything else. As she arrived on Deck 7 Hylota almost fell out of he Turbolift as she stumble forward, she had not been without hr boot in so long it was awkward to do so much walking on her own two feet again. Taking a deep breath she began to walk on the halls, when she arrived in Sickbay she intended to get her arm into a sling and keep it from flopping bout, from there she could check in on her brother and perhaps have him help purge her system of whatever paralytic element was in her arm. Hylota smiled, she naively believed that everything would be alright, that her brother would be recovered, and that something good would happen.

[ Vinata Vojona | USS Theurgy | Deck 7 | Sickbay ]

Vinata stumbled a little bit as he watched Dr. Hayden O'Connor wen off to gt him something more to wear an he took a stuttering breath before covering his chest with an arm and looking briefly at the body he had been dragged out from under. He shuddered ad took the blanket he had tried to blind the man with and he used it to cover up the body, he was certainly not going to move it, so the least they could do was cover it up so that no one had to look at what they had done here to survive.

As he finished covering up Phantom's body he began to shudder and his breaths grew short and weak. He shook his head and looked about, he needed something to calm his nerves, something that would be able to let him work, otherwise h would just be dead weight, and he would have nothing to do but let his mind wander to...No! No he was not going to let this happen now,just shove it aside and think about it later. Shaking his head Vinata took a deep breath and began to shakily walk towards the medical storage room, he would find himself something in there that he could use to relax he thought to himself.

Vinata stood up shakily and began to walk back through where his comrades had been held up mere moments earlier, he needed to get to this quickly before he had a breakdown and became a mess, with some drugs in his system he might be able to keep his mind off of what had happened to him, and perhaps he could also get something for the blistering that was happening all over his hand now that some time had passed from it being grazed by one of he flurry of phaser shots earlier.

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[ Heather McMillan |  Mine Deployment Rig | Cargo Bay 04 | Deck 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Lucan cin Nicander, Simon Tovarek (Nolan) & Bridge Crew


"S-sure..." McMillan answered uncertainly to Tovarek when he asked her to follow him and Nicander, for the purpose of being an extra set of brains to keep check on calculations. It certainly wasn't her most favourite activity to perform, especially when one considered the rather "artistic" way in which she approached science. She was ironically, not a big fan of calculations. "Just so we're clear," she said, "we are talking about something that would essentially explode in our faces if we slip up? I'm asking, just so I know how badly I need to panic."

That was about the time that Nicander began to take charge of the situation, and ordered everyone to their places. Now McMillan found herself trying to jury rig a structural integrity field to protect everyone from the vacuum of space. Time was against them, and in addition, if they made one slight mistake, they'd all die anyway from the mines within the vessel. "Yeah, no pressure..." the young woman muttered to herself, her eyes wide with panic. When the rig was shut down, she instinctively began to make her hair, hands and face glow in a soft white and warm light, the slightest movement of her head causing her hair to float up and dance in the air in slow, lazy, yet graceful motions.

"Just reroute the main flow from auxilary into primary, check..." McMillan said to herself, as she worked alongside Tovarek, "Coax a little extra from non-essentials, and...uh, it's coming along!" She raised her voice without turning her head when Nicander asked how it was coming along.

"Oh God I hate this, I hate this...I just want to be in my lab, and no bloody ship shooting at us, and no Starfleet vessels chasing us across the universe...oh Crikey O'Reilly...I'm a biologist, not an Einstein..."

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[ Tovarek |  Mine Deployment Rig | Cargo Bay 04 | Deck 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Nicander, McMillan & Bridge Crew

Energy fields. This wasn't exactly Simon's forte yet he couldn't really say no to the challenge. He had seen the basics of it during college and in Starfleet Academy so he accessed his memory palace to bring all that info back up. "Uhm, right, power re routs..." he muttered to himself as he tapped the console and closed his eyes for a second to think. He continued with working with what he had and saw Heather doing the same. He helped her as much as she could as she typed in the data for the power redirection. Yet then it hit him. He could use the power that they rerouted to power up a small field just outside the bay doors.

This way he could be sure that the mines wouldn't bodge into the Theurgy at any point when they were jetted outside the cargo bay. He had kept in mind the fact that these mines were hardly a precise projectile to be fired off. In fact it wouldn't even be fired off. He could hear the panicky voice from Heather in the meantime and he turned his head calmly before smiling a bit and reassured her "Calm down... I know the situation looks dire, but we'll make it through. We always do... You know why?" he asked her with a coy grin "Cause we're the best Starfleet has to offer." he winked at her before carrying on.

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[ Cir'Cie | Intensive Care Ward | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Doctor Maya

The other Vulcan's gesture was oddly... soothing, and Cir'Cie looked up to meet Maya's gaze where they stood in the middle of the ICU. She realised that despite how she had behaved when under T'Rena's influence, at least Doctor Maya was ready to forgive her. That fact bolstered her morale since that meant more people aboard could be equally forgiving, despite the fact that her actions had caused a great deal of harm.

Her gaze strayed down the rows of biobeds in the ward, and she spotted the profile of one specific patient that, perhaps, embodied the harm that the sabotage had caused the Theurgy. It was the Chief Engineer - Tia Marlowe. Through the mind-meld with Maya, she knew that the human had been given heart surgery during the hostile takeover, and Cir'Cie reckoned that it was still uncertain whether she would make it through or not. She could only hope that the capable medical personnel on the ship could help restoring the harm caused, since she had little means on her own to redeem herself. She was, after all, just a Science Officer in the middle of a voyage that she had no prior training or experience for.

"Before the battle is over, and the Lexorin can safely be dispersed, there is one more thing the two of us can do to help the rest of the crew. Since I - by you - am uniquely restored to my own mental faculties, I alone can reveal Declan Vasser's true nature as it was known to T'Rena. I would require your assistance, though, if you please." Cir'Cie said this and stepped up to one of the duty stations in the ward, and she began typing out something on a blank screen that she brought up. "If you could speak with Thea about what I told you, I will type out and upload the data I came in possession of when linked with T'Rena's mind. It would be more expedient if Thea was told directly so that she could relay the information where it may be needed aboard at this crucial juncture. I can imagine that if there is a direct confrontation taking place with the Harbinger's commanding officer, crew loyal to Captain Ives would need to be briefed."

Working as quickly as she could, Cir'Cie compiled the profile of Declan Vasser - letting Maya read over her shoulder and pick out what might be of value for Thea to relay to all affected personnel aboard.

OOC: Here is the true character sheet from the OOC thread that I posted a couple of weeks ago (both versions, with the bottom one being the Augment one):


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[ Maya | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 |]  Attention: Cir'Cie, Thea
Maya's eyes narrowed as she reviewed the data on Captain Vasser.  One of her eyebrows rose but otherwise she was as still as a hologram on 'pause'.  Finally she spoke.  "This certainly explains much.  Captain Vasser was able to detect the infiltration of Starfleet because he was also an infiltrator.  Once he began the chase the tells must have been obvious.  It was quite an achievement for his creators to hide his augmentations in his 'junk' DNA, quite ingenious.  This information renders him even more dangerous than previously thought."

"Genetic augments were responsible for Earth's third and final world war," Maya continued.  "The experiment to create an improved human resulted in individuals who had not only augmented physical and mental abilities, but augmented arrogance and ambitions as well.  During my lifetime Earth's genetic augments almost started a war between the Klingon Empire and a preFederation Earth, but I only found out later once the information was declassified.  I myself was visiting Cold Station 13 when they invaded it."

Maya tapped her combage.  "Maya to Thea, are you still with us?"  At this point she didn't know if the Theurgy's artificial intelligence had been removed from the equation or not.  The loyalists had held sickbay but how the rest of the ship was faring was a mystery.

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[ Cir'Cie | Intensive Care Ward | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Doctor Maya

Listening to the older Vulcan about what she had experienced and noting the facts about human history, Cir'Cie was gratified that they were hardly obligated to spend some time researching what the Augments truly were before they could brief Thea about the Harbinger's former Commanding Officer.

[This is Thea, and I am here,] said the Ship A.I. on the intercom in answer to Maya. [The Harbinger commanders tried to reprogram me but failed. I am currently establishing communication between all resistance cells and helping people get back to their duty stations because of the pending battle. Is there any way I can help you in Sickbay?]

Cir'Cie knew that Thea still had no surveillance system besides her internal sensors since the Calamity first attacked them outside the Hromi Cluster, so the A.I. was more or less blind to their current activities. "This is Ensign Cir'Cie. Doctor Maya has restored me from the mental conditioning that T'Rena gave me through the Vulcan mind-meld," she said as she typed, "I am preparing a data package for you in medical station A4832, and it contains some information that may be of import to anyone dealing with the individual known as Declan Vasser."

[What about him?] asked Thea, since Cir'Cie was not finished yet and had not saved the text to the database.

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[ Maya | Intensive Care Ward | Sickbay | Deck 07 ]  Attention: Cir'Cie, Thea

"It seems that Captain Vasser is a genetic augment," Maya replied.  "According to Commander T'Rena's memory engrams that were duplicated in Ensign Cir'Cie's psyche Declan Vasser was created in a lab and much of his history has been faked.  Apparently the plan to save the crews of the Theurgy and the Harbinger were to seize the Calamity's superior technology and find a place to breed a race of augments based on Vasser's DNA.    Like the augments of Terran antiquity Declan Vasser is endowed with strength, endurance, intelligence and agility superior to the human norm.  Like the augments of the Earth's Eugenics war he is also afflicted with arrogance and ambition that he believes his justified by his own superiority.  Any crime against someone who isn't a Terran augment is justifiable.  Ensign Cir'Cie is transcribing T'Rena's data on Vasser right now, but anyone who attempts to confront Captain Vasser should be made aware of the danger he poses, even as an individual.  Such a being could be deadly even to an armed party with superior numbers.  On no account should he be underestimated."

OOC:  I'm assuming that this information was conveyed to Cir'Cie and that's okay to reveal it at this late date.

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[ Cir'Cie | Intensive Care Ward | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Doctor Maya

Thea seemed to absorb the information relayed to her by the two Vulcans with stoic silence until Doctor Maya had left her verbal account.

[I will make sure to forward this information to all concerned parties as timely as possible. Declan Vasser's current location is unknown since he seems to have removed his combadge. Messages have been prepared to all Senior Staff and will be relayed at first given opportunity. Security personnel have already been alerted of the threat the man might pose if directly confronted.]

"Our gratitude, Thea," said Cir'Cie dispassionately, then she stopped typing, "the transcription is complete and uploaded to your database under the name 'Vasser'. Secondly, we must know the status of the personnel that were set to work on synthesising Lexorin. Apparently, Sarresh Morali is in charge of that team, but he does not answer to communications. Nor does Head Nurse Jenkins. Can you verify their location and condition?"

[Unfortunately, no. I do know, however, that they finished synthesising enough Lexorin to allow me to disperse it where it is required. My last correspondence with them confirmed that they were about to secure access to my life support systems, but my surveillance system is destroyed so I can just see that they should be in the corridor just outside their destination. I will attempt to establish communication with them via intercom.]

"Very well." Cir'Cie gave it a moment of thought. "Please, if you are to use specific targeting when dispersing the Lexorin, do not affect personnel in key functions on the ship or who are essential to hostile engagement with any enemy ship. The idea is that the affected crew reports to Sickbay as soon as possible  in order to alleviate the effects of T'Rena's mind-meld. "

[Acknowledged. I will report progress as required.]

Turning to Doctor Maya, Cir'Cie realised that as pressing as the treatment of the mind-melds were, the Chief Medical Officer was still not located, and if the Theurgy was going into battle with the Calamity, Doctor Maya needed to stay put. "As soon as we hear from Thea that the Lexorin is dispersed and that our patients will be arriving, we tend to them as well, but in the meantime, I will assist you with the current patients in whatever way I can."

- Fin

OOC: We continue in Undoing as required, but perhaps the Epilogue is a better thread to cover the treatment of the mind-melded crew. We'll see. As it is, Zenozine and The Counselor are writing a Sickbay scene with Hylota, Vinata and Hayden O'Connor, and we can jump on there as we feel fit. :)

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[ Eve Jenkins | Medical Lab 01 | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Search Party

"Fine warriors they will be," Eve crooned, bolstering the woman's self-esteem and licked her own lips in response to Lana's pursed lips.  Slowly but surely they were all being reeled in, their libidos rising quickly as Eve shoved aside her guilty conscience and leaned back against Dillard as she lifted the gray undershirt the rest of the way off and tossed it to the side.

"I would never dream of denying the opportunity," she purred and pressed her firm behind against the hard cock straining against her.  "In fact ... now is a perfect opportunity ... don't you think?" she asked in that sultry tone, eyes locked with Vargas.  "Oh yesssss," she sighed lustily as her breasts were groped and nipples teased to become even harder.  "Keep touching me," she whispered hotly.

Vargas mentioned the red alert but Eve knew they weren't going anywhere.  Still she growled playfully as Lana unzipped her jumpsuit.  "Don't be shy ... show us your beautiful breasts," she encouraged and pulled Lana closer by the thin tank top, kissing the woman while she ground even harder against Dillard's crotch and her free hand groped at which ever of the guys was within reach.

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[ Search Party | Medical Lab 01 | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Eve Jenkins

Lana let out a small noise deep down in her throat as she was pulled forward, but as her mouth was covered by the Head Nurse's awaiting lips, she groaned in deepest satisfaction. She heard Eve, and did as bidden, hiking up her white tanktop and her bra to rest above her aching breasts. She had never been with a woman before, but it felt so right she had no idea what to do with herself. Next, her hands joined Dillard's, as if on their own accord, and began to fondle the Theurgy woman's breasts. She knew what she wanted for herself, and with that knowledge, she reached down behind the waistline of Eve's panties - fingers pursuing the slick heat that practically screamed in her own body that it wanted to be touched. Breathlessly, she kissed the woman, hoping to be touched in kind.

Meanwhile, Dillard let Lana fondle Eve - allowing her to stand in so that he could take care of some obstructive clothing. Reaching around Eve, he undid her unifrom trousers and hooked both panties and trousers with his thumbs, pushing the garments down from her hips and halfway down her thighs. It laid bare Lana's ministrations - two fingers rubbing Eve's outer labia and her middle finger sliding wetly across her clitoris... probing into her sex. Dillard also withdrew his rigid arousal from the tight confines of his trousers - rubbed into full pride by Eve's behind. Thus freed, he seized Eve's hips and began to push into the apex of Eve's legs from his position behind his back, and the head of his cock came to touch Lana's fingers. Lana was very helpful, however, and helped press Dillard's head into Eve with her fingertips.

Cadet Sherman had unzipped his yellow jumpsuit as well, quickly making sure his arousal - larger than the other two men's - was there when Eve reached for him. Her touch made him gasp loudly, and his hands joined Lana's upon Eve's body - his thumb brushing across her lips between the kissing that the two women had indulged themselves in.

Vargas, however, was not content - his aggressive demeanour showing through in his dark face. He would not be a bystander. "You will get down on your knees and straddle me, Nurse," he said, grabbing her wrist and pulling her out of the embrace of the three other Harbinger crew members. He laid down below the hanging oxygen masks, pulling Eve down on top of him. He had his cock out, grabbing it at the base in his hard fist, and he pushed her down unto him by the hip.

The other three were at a momentary loss for what to do...


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[ Eve Jenkins | Medical Lab 01 | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Search Party

As Lana's fingers found Eve's hot core, Eve groaned just as deeply as the woman had and their tongues danced with utter joy while Eve caressed and gently tugged at Lana's nipples.  The rustling of clothes all around only added to the eroticism, then she felt the questing member sliding along the bottom curve of her cheeks and slipping just inside Eve's now glistening folds.  With Lana's help, she felt Dillard enter her and another lust-filled moan echoed about them.

They were melding into one being, hands and lips roving over each other in a state of abandon.  It was interrupted though by Vargas, the one who simply had to be dominant.  There was a slurping sound as Dillard's cock exited and Eve stumbled slightly, making it even easier for Vargas to pull her down.  Almost immediately she was impaled, his member fully engulfed within her wet depths and she chuckled as she ran a finger along his jaw.  "I promise I can last a long time," she purred.

Her come-hither eyes caught the other three's gazes as she slowly moved up and down Vargas' length, her voice soothing as she bade the other three to join them.  Pulling at Dillard, she eased him around behind her.  "You seemed to like my ass moments ago ... it's all yours," she murmured to him as she nibbled at his lips.  When he took her, there was a little pain but she wouldn't ... couldn't ... stop.  "Lana," she breathed and crooked a finger.

When she came forward, she helped the woman straddle Vargas' face so he could enjoy feasting upon Lana while Eve pleasured his lower region.  That left only Sherman who she drew forth by his large cock, loving how he gasped every time she touched him.  Giving Lana a wink, she started to lick Sherman's hefty member and invited the other woman to join her.  They were all connected now, physically at least, and the longer they moved together the more their minds joined hers.

They writhed together, each of them groping and licking and sucking for several minutes and as each one reached their limits and climaxed they would slump over just like the other two had in the medical supply closet.  It was when they reached the pinnacle of their pleasure that her mind would capture theirs and lock them inside themselves.  She loved every moment of it and at the same time hated herself for what she was doing to them.

When at last they were 'subdued' and would no longer harm anyone, Eve extricated herself and gathered her clothing and a cleaning kit.  After a few moments at the replicator, she loaded a hypospray but didn't use it just yet.  Instead she took it and locked herself in one of the small rooms.  "Computer ... lock this room and do not let anyone open it other than Lieutenant Commander Lucan cin Nicander.  Authorization Jenkins Sigma Two Theta," she stated, locking herself away for the safety of others and hoping the rest could save the ship and crew.

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