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Hylota had not managed to get far with pleasuring herself, when working through an outfit it was not as easy to get off. As she was caught by Maal she turned a dark brownish as she blushed and quickly crossed her legs and put her hand behind her. As Maal apologized and offered to leave her Hylota bit her lip, pushing out her hidden band of cartilage out to actual bite herself as a punishment for her action. As Maal was about to leave Hylota reached out and called to him. "No wait, I am sorry...I just couldn't help myself." She rubbed her arm as she got up and walked towards her colleague. "I am kind of stuck in...hat is it mammals heat? I am getting hit randomly with these peaks of arousal and it is really hard to ignore them and just ride things out." She swallowed hard as she stood a little way from Maal and looked at him.

"I would like to say that i wont happen gain...but it is just going to get worse." She sighed as she decided to commit to explaining herself to this man, her first friend in a long time. "Listen Maal...I rally like your company, I would love to have you as a friend...but please understand that I am not in a good point right now, and for he next few months things are going to get hard for me and I will be fighting to stop doing what you just saw all the time. I is not something I want to have happen but it is part of my biology,I cannot control it...and it is extremely embarrassing...please do not let this ruin any friendship we might have had...but if you do not want to see me again I can understand that." Hylota rubbed her arm, i was awkward to see a person that looked like a grown man acting so timid.

Hylota was not sure what else she could say, she was horny on a level she had trouble fighting and it was going to force her out of her work in matter of days. and then when the eggs started to grow she would not be able to work again. She did not want slip ups like this to ruin any chance she might have a friends.

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First hearing about Hylota ovulating certainly explained her inclination to mastrubate, and judging by her choice to do so in a public area, Ovri females truly had to have a strong sexual drive during those phases in their lives. Maal had paused, of course, and listened as she continued to explain that she could not help herself and that this time of fertility could last for more than just a couple of weeks for the females of her people.

When she said she liked to be friends with him, there was a kind of bittersweet taste in Maal's mouth, finding himself appreciative to the words and yet also somewhat disappointed in learning that Hylota saw him as just a friend. Then again, he supposed he ought to not be too surprised given the severe differences between himself and the males of her species. Hylota would likely prefer a more... feminine man than himself, if she would even consider someone of another species than her own. Since the Ovri were new to the Federation, they might still think xenophilia unthinkable.

"Friendship is stronger than personal embarassment," he rumbled, running a hand over his ridged head while he tried to assemble his mind to speak. He attempted a smile to allay her fears as best he might, showing the teeth that numerous human dentists had helped make more akin to what humans had in their mouth. Dental surgery was not something he ever wanted to undergo again, regardless the great results. "Also, given how we work the same shifts and neither of us are likely to transfer to another part of the fleet... I think it would be rather difficult to never see each other again. Besides, what you were doing was perfectly natural, if only a bit ill-advised considering the regulations about behaviour in the public areas of the ship."

Turning fully to face Hylota, he set his hands on his hips and looked at her. He pretended that his savage biology had not reacted to the primal display - that the slight tumescence did not show enough for her to notice - and cleared his throat. "I imagine that it will be difficult, and that we might not be working the shifts together if things will turn as bad as you say, but there must be some kind of help for you to lessen the symptoms. Why not ask Dr. Nicander for help in getting you medication? Surely the females of your would had to have some means to cope with all of this?"

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As Maal explained that things were alright and that she was not in trouble with him she let out a long sigh and shuddered slightly. "Oh thank goodness. thank you Maal, I will never betray your friendship." She smiled a him, she had no idea that he had any intention of being more than a friend. if she had she might have moved to try and find relief with him. But s he asked hr how her people usually found relief and if there were medications she could use Hylota nodded. "Yes there re medications I could use, but at this point they cannot do anything else to help. And Dr. Nicander is currently busy but he said he would look at the medication later on for me to see if he can help."

As she thought about the alternative means for release Hylota sighed. "Well it is not something we can fight forever, every female goes through it, the easiest solution it to just give in to the urges. Have an hour of sex and cooling down and then work from an isolated environment so you can avoid distracting others. Of course without any ties I do not think I will be having sex with anyone." She sighed and rubbed her head. "With the way things are going for me I will have to go back to my room during my next break and work to get myself off." She sighed and shuddered slightly.

He put on an unserious smile. "Shame you probably do not want to do anything with me." She chuckled and sighed as she looked to the hands on her hips and chuckled. "So what is with the hands on your hips right now? I thought people usually put hands on on thir hips when things would get serious." She looked down at his hips again and then blushed as she noticed the sizable bulge in the uniform of her comrade and she instinctively moved closer. "O-Oh appear to be um...quite sizable...and erect..." She began to breath more heavily as she looked t the cock and then looked up at Maal, desire on her face. "I could help you with that if you helped me with my desire Maal.'' She pressed closer untill until her hips met his.

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Maal thought he would be able to hide his thoughts and primal nature without discovery, that he would be able to maintain a human semblance of etiquette and social connection with his colleagues. Alas, his Klingon biology had caught up with him in the face of such strong female urges that Hylota displayed, both in the way she had been caught and what she was saying. She even suggested that she'd take care of her urges during her next break, and the idea - combined with his imagination - spoke to him in a way that made his blood boil.

Yet for all his guarded thoughts and composure, he actually flinched when Hylota discovered his state or arousal. He opened and closed his mouth, hands dropping to his sides. Should he cover himself? Should he...

Then she was right there, making him an offer he had never gotten before in such a on-towards manner. His hardness throbbed in the pressure of their bodies meeting, extending further by the promise of more. 'Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' they said back on Earth, but Maal had never heard it used quite in that way before. Hylota's face was right below his own, her exotic features catching the light and her dark eyes looking up at him. She might have the bodily strength of a man under that uniform, but she was not stronger than him. In essence, with her face so feminine, she was to him bodily a fit woman without breasts... and there were human women who were seen as no less women because of it. Those thoughts had grown more and more obvious throughout the morning they had spent together... leading up to the tense moment they now shared.

Maal found himself raising his hands in silence, wrapping his fingers around the Ovri's waist. He imagined Klingon women would be muscular as well, and despite his upbringing, the feeling of Hylota's abdominal musculature against his thumbs made a low, rumbling sound escape from the bottom of his throat. His eyes were hooded under his dark eyebrows, and his hands slid down to her hips, holding her against his throbbing tumescence. His blood willed him to claim this woman, and he breathed heavily through his nostrils before he spoke.

"We are on a break now," he almost growled, and he glanced towards other medical staff working further off in the lab. "Medical supply storage. Meet me there."

Then he walked off, his thoughts racing, but his mind was nowhere as quickened as his blood.

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Hylota stood there silently against Maal for a few tense moments before he moved and put his hands upon her and she smiled. this coupled with the look on his face would have scared away most women, but to her she thought he looked rather handsome. he looked oddly appealing and she wanted o get closer still,his growls reminded her of her mating chirps and she could not help but place  hand on his chest. He was so much stronger and bigger than her, he was beginning to see why females of other races liked this in men so much, it gave an odd sense of security that she really desired in this hectic and troubled time, wrapped in his arms she felt safe.

But this moment was short lived as Maal broke things off and looked at the other personnel in the room with them. Hylota thought that the moment had been killed here and she would be left aroused and horny for he rest of the shift until Maal filled her in on his plan. She blinked and looked up at Maal with a smile as he let go of her and she watched as he left the room. Hylota placed a hand on hr heart and felt the rapid beat for a moment and thought about hat he was doing for a moment before she took another cup and had a drink.

Hylota tried to calm herself a little and waited before she too went to the door and left the lab and made her way to where she had been instructed to meet up with Maal. Entering the storage room Hylota smiled a little nervously as she rubbed her webbed hands together and looked around. "So Maal...this is where we shall find out relief...I hope you do not mind taking charge, I feel that if you let me do hat...well I might make things a little fast paced.'' She recalled her time with the half betazoid the night before and how sh had made things escalate so quickly.

Of course she did not know of the mating habits of Klingons so she did not know of their aggressive nature and strength shown during sex. Hylota just thought that things would progress like they had h night before, with lots of kissing and then sex.

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Maal had been pacing the small, dark room with the blue HUD displays, their light whisking across his powerful frame as he moved. He tried to calm himself, making his native mating desires abate in their ferocious nature. Deep breaths. He had no claws to scratch with, or sharp teeth to scrape the Ovri's flesh, and no desire to frighten her. He needed to compose himself and remember that she was no Klingon woman, and the irony was that he had no idea how to mate with such either. There was only his genetic memory, and the urges he could not explain.

When Hylota entered the room, Maal did not know what to do, so he turned and faced her, hearing her suggest that he would lead the way. It felt like she asked him to man the helm of the Theurgy and navigate an asteroid field manually, meanwhile feeling drunk by the effects of his Klingon nature. She indicated that she wanted him sooner rather than later, which was the only thing he had to go on. So he cleared his throat and began to open his uniform, jacket first and undershirt afterwards. "Computer... lock the door," he said gutturally, and a chirp let him know they would have some privacy.

Realising, at that point, that him undressing was likely not doing anything for the Ovri, he let his undershirt and jacket hang open - revealing is powerful and hairy torso. He walked up to her then, and since he knew not what else to do, he looked into her eyes before he kissed her... and his hands wrapped around her waist again. He was not that much of an experienced young Klingon when it came to kissing, but at least it was better than just undressing at an arm's length of a distance between them. Also, she had said that he'd take charge, so he supposed that he ought to undress her too.

Hence, his hands came to roam her body up to her neck, where he started to tug at the zipper and the buttons to bare her torso like he had bared his own, without tugging the sleeves free from her arms. He continued kissing her, soon to gradually work on the fastenings of her uniform trousers. In a few moments of awkward tugging motions, he had them open. At that point, he felt he had to do something about his own trousers as well because of the tight confines they were for him at that point. He began to open them for her...

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As Maal initiated things and locked the door for them Hylota watched for a moment, seeing how he would proceed, wondering just how much he would act on instincts. As Maal opened the front of his uniform again she smiled and blushed as she gazed upon his well built body and she smiled as she thought of how strong he was. But when he came over to her she was caught off guard by the kiss. As she was pulled in close and their lips locked Hylota's eyes fluttered shut and she took a deep breath as she tried to focus and prevent herself from pressing for letting her tongue into Maal's mouth. As soon as she did hat she knew things would get weird.

As her cloths were worked ff Hylota moved t follow Maal's example and she began to work off the remainder of his uniform. She tugged and pulled until she managed to push his pants down to reveal his erect member. With its release Hylota caught the smell of its musk within moments and she shuddered as she reached out and took it in her soft hands and began to massage it. Despite no wanting to take a dominant role in their sex, Hylota was still doing exactly that without so much as a second thought. Hylota wanted to breed and it was hard to fight that primal desire.

As she massaged Maal's cock thought she realized what she was doing and she began to detect the sweet taste in her mouth and she knew she needed to pull back. So Hylota pulled away from Maal and backed into a wall while panting. "s-sorry about that, I was letting things get out of hand too quickly, please, allow m to take a more submissive stance." Hylota slipped the rest of the way out of her uniform,and pulled her feet from her boots. She ran her hands over her soft lightly scaled body ad she backed up against a wall. "Please do with me as you like, but try and avoid involving my tongue, I do not think you could handle it." Hylota licked her lips, unintentionally giving them a pheromone laced coating trap to give Maal a spike of lust if he kissed them.

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Maal had begun to grunt when Hylota had touched him, feelings her hands around his lightly ridged length. Like his forehead and down his spine, his reproductive organ had never been as smooth as his human friends', and while he had realised women craved it, he had felt awkward about the size and surface of his member. Such thoughts quickly slipped from his mind, however, as he lost himself in the passionate kiss he shared with the Ovri. Her taste was intoxicating, but just like that, she pulled away as if she was scared she might hurt him - leaving him bewildered and hard.

Vaguely, as he saw her bare her sex to him whilst removing her clothes, he heard her caution him in regard to her tongue, and if his own heartbeat had not overridden his higher thought processes, he might have remembered something about what the pheromones of a female might do when they were in heat. But the text on a PADD held little consequence in the promise of what lay betwixt the female's legs. He might have nodded, but he stepped after her for sure, and he crouched down before her. If he could not have her tongue, then he would give her his own. He craved to scent and taste her, feeling famished, and she was his prey...

Not too ungently, he slid his brawny arms between her thighs and lifted her up, making her sit on his shoulders while facing him - her back leaning against the wall with the shining blue displays. His fingers were splayed wide across her back, and her sex drew his mouth in like it was magnetic. He lay his open mouth against her, and he dealt her the firm strokes of his Klingon tongue and his rough lips. The stubble of his jaw slid against her minute scales without harm. He sucked upon her sensitive flesh, tasting her, and making content noises, as if he was like his blood kin and had just set his teeth into a raw Targ. Or at least that was what he imagined... He had no idea what they did.

He continued tasting her, licking deep into her  slick warmth, until the aching need in his loins could no longer be denied. He sat her webbed feet down on the floor again, and he lay back on the floor. He had wrapped one hand around her forearm and pulled her with him, wanting her on top of himself. The blue lights played across her exotic body, and as soon as she was within his reach, he lay his other hand behind her neck and pulled her face down to his own - kissing her. Tasting her, and the nectar upon her lips made his cock twitch against one of her thighs.

"Mount me," he rasped, "or I will." He did not care. He just wanted inside her.

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As things progressed Hylota tried to allow things to happen, letting herself be pressed up against the wall, she felt the cold touch of metal against her skin as she was moved for Maal's convenience, as he began to eat her out Hylota moaned and pressed her hips out so he could press in more deeply and for the first time Hylota saw an upside to stubble, as he short hairs slid along her sensitive flesh she gasped and moaned in pleasure and began to rock her hips to encourage further stimulation. 

Hylota was enjoying everything that was happening as Maal started them off with the oral stimulation, buts thing changed course and Maal lowered them both to the ground and they shred an intimate kiss and for a moment Hylota was tempted to force her dominance again and take Maal as her mate, but she was snapped out of it as their kiss broke off and Hylota listened to Maal as he told her to either mount him or he would mount her. Normally Hylota would submit and take the sex, but as she was, Hyloa wanted to take charge and breed.

Hylota suddenly put her hands on Maal's shoulder, her eyes seemed darker as she spoke in a husky lust filled voice. "I will mount you like the beast you are." Hylota licked her lips again and she stretched her body, her pussy moved down sliding down along the ridged cock of the Klingon. The stimulation made her moan and pant with pleasure before she raised herself an let the cock stand tall before she lined up her pussy and slammed her hips don taking all of Maal's cock in one go. And as Maal opened his mouth to moan she pressed her advantage and pressed her lips to his and she shoved her thick strong tongue into Maal's mouth feeding him her pheromone laced saliva.

Hylota held the kiss as long as she could while she worked her vaginal muscles to form firmly around Maal' cock. As she held it she began to rotate her hips in a circulr motion as she tried to bring some added pleasure to her mate so that she might breed with him. Hylota was giving up on being submissive and was now working to take full charge as her people's women did.

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That Hylota would appreciate and accommodate his thick, ridged length was no surprise to Maal, and he even wrapped his fingers around her hips to push her down unto himself. He was a little bit surprised, admittedly, by the predatory edge to her words when she said she'd mount him - even going as far as to call him a beast. Well, he supposed he was beast to her, Klingon and all, and right then, when his savage blood ran thick through his veins, it would be hypocritical to protest.

But that was nothing compared to how his eyed widened, when despite her cautionary words about her mouth she still kissed him the moment he was fully embedded inside her slick sex. Yet her damp lips were not the cause of his momentary panic. No, it was how he felt her tongue slide into his open mouth and fill his entire oral cavity. She tasted so sweet his head began to spin, and the scent coming from her open mouth filled his senses. If he had not been entirely hard for her already, the predatory kiss was like an injection of high-grade aphrodisiac, and his hardness became almost painful to him whilst it grew. His mind was reeling, and his eyes fluttered in confusion as to what was happening.

"Oh, my god," he rasped once she withdrew her tongue, which might not have been a wording not have been very Klingon of him. His mind became more and more singular in his purpose from that moment onwards.

He bucked and thrusted underneath her, driving his cock upwards in a hard and increasing rhythm. He held on to her hips to assist in her meeting motions, and he was rewarded by the sight of her from as she rode him. The blue displays around them were like stars in the dark room, and the light caressed their bare bodies whilst they began the timeless dance. Maal's mind narrowed down to his ancestral nature, and it did not take long before he attempted to roll over and have the strong female on her back.

Yet the traditional position that his human upbringing had named the missionary position was not what he was after. He wanted to bend her over and fuck her from behind, so that was what he tried to do, wrestling her over so that she was on all fours and kneeling behind her. If he was successful was an entirely other matter, given the needs of the ovulating female.

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[ Maya | Main Sickbay ]

In the meantime Maya had donned her surgical scrubs and was limping towards the door.  Her conduct this morning had been shameful.  Apparently the mental trauma she had suffered at the hands of the Harbinger's wing commander last night had caused her old conditioning as a facilitator to become active.  From now on she would only place herself in a trance in the safety of her quarters, and touching anyone's mind was out of the question.  It had been fortunate that sexual congress had apparently been the 'shakedown cruise' of Morali's new body.   The workout forced all of his hormonal and endocrine system to work as a Terrestrial homo sapiens sapiens.   It was like using a defibulator on a patient suffering from ventricular fibulation. 

How had this happened with Doctor Nicander watching?  Had the brilliant doctor determined that Morali would need sexual coitus to reset his system and was that why he had requested Maya?  Had Maya just mounted Morali on her own and had the handsome young CMO assumed that she was using an unorthodox approach to the problem.  Or was her superior officer simply so shocked that he was speechless?  Had he been called away to deal with another emergency and there was now no one watching?  Or had some nefarious person incapacitated the doctor and given her instructions to fulfill their own twisted whims?

There was a simple way to find out.  "Doctor Nicander?" she asked in an amazingly calm and professional tone.  "The patient is stable.  I request permission to return to my quarters.  It has been an exhausting morning."  While she waited for his reply to be heard in her earpiece she stood up rigidly straight and did her best to compose herself.

OOC: Not sure what to do with Maya, but I think she leave this thread and stop distracting from Hylota and Maal's scene.

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As Maal moved and shifted after he got Hylota's tongue into his mouth, Hylota could tell that thing were going to get much more interesting pretty quickly from here. But when Maal began to move and tried to move Hylota to be on her knees before him, she however was not interested in giving him what he wanted so easily. "OH what do you think you are doing Maal? I am not giving you control that easily, you want o fuck me as you see fit you will have to take control from me." Sh grinned and she pushed back using her strong thighs to her advantage.

She wrapped her legs around Mall  and moved to hold herself in her current position bouncing on his cock as best she could while he tried to change the sate of their sex and tried to move her to a more submissive position before him. Hylota however was acting on her own instincts and was fighting to try and keep her control but it was a losing battle and after a few minutes of fighting she was fucked up off of her position on Maal and was moved to the ground on her knees with Maal'a cock still buried inside of her.

As she was put on her knees before Maal her mood remained but she was not fighting to get back to her position of dominance. "OH my it seem you won this round, how about you show me what it is you wanted to do to me Maal, I m quite curious to see what exactly a Klingon is like when they are having sex." He shoved herself back against Maal's his cock pressing into her depths a her own swift pace as she clenched her pussy firmly and moved her muscles to try and milk the cock as bet he could as she was now put at Maal's mercy.

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[Sarresh Morali | Main Sickbay]

Dr Maya may have been broken out of her trance just before the pivotal moment by the devious commands of Lucan Nicander, but Sarresh Morali suffered no such break from 'reality'. He was still well and truly trapped in the illusion the diminutive Vulcan had helped to create in his mind as his synopsis were rewired to match a new body to an old thought pattern.

While Maya dealt with a sever identity and morality crisis, Sarresh rode the wave of ecstasy building between his legs. The way his now human balls had grown so tight as to barely move with each rocking thrust of his hips. The way fingers, pink instead of blue, held onto her hips, forcing the woman down onto his cock. After all, this was his lover, his mate, perhaps even soul mate would be the right word. The one woman in all the universe worth anything to Sarresh Morali. Making love to her like this, in the warm waters, was heaven for the time traveler, his port in the storm that had become his life.

He cried her name out in what to him sounded like their native tongue, but to anyone monitoring, came off as a choking, high pitched wail that set teeth on edge. One wondered what it did to the acute hearing of the Vulcan woman currently stuffed with his cock. And said cock jerked and sputtered inside of her. A hold over from his previous existence, and not quite changed by most of the transformations he'd undergone, the former Ash'reem retained the high level of sperm production native to his species. While it was truncated slightly when compared to other Ash'reem, it was still considerably more than average for a human male. It was powerful, and hot, and he could feel it filling the woman riding him, slipping down his shaft and coating his balls.

He was lost in that orgasm, and never noticed the way she slipped from his body. He had no idea that she was curled on the floor with his seed seeping out between her legs, struggling for control. As his head nestled back on the bio-bed, his body shook, the last of his climax dripping onto the bed beneath him. He was utterly unaware of her touch, a few moments later, when she cleaned him off. All he heard, as he drifted out into oblivion was her words, the words of his beloved Amikris:

"Goodbye my love," she murmured in the Ash'reem tongue.  "Sleep."

OOC: wanted to wrap things up from Sarresh's point of view. Apologies all around for the delay, and the slight distraction from the other fun scene going on.

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[ Main Sickbay ] Attn: Doctor Maya

Behind the one-way mirror wall, Lucan was starting right at Doctor Maya with a terrible smile on his lips, witnessing the development and how the Vulcan was reacting. He answered her immediately when she tried to contact him.

"Oh, are you feeling ill?" he asked, sounding concerned, "Please, step into my office so that I can take a look at you." Having said this, he raised a tattooed hand to make a simple command on his console, simply altering the phosphoresce of the glass so that it became a mirror on his side as well. He continued working by his console until the point when the Vulcan entered. He did not start scanning her with a tricorder when she did step into his office, instead appraising her with his pale eyes and with his hands resting on his hips.

"You don't look ill to me, as far as I can tell, but I have no idea how straining your neuropressure treatment might be to you, and besides," he said and gave her a knowing smile, "it has been a really early morning since we had to do the eye surgery as well. How about you go rest for a bit and return here at 0800 hrs? That will be when we wake the patient up, and I reckon you wouldn't want to miss that, would you? It is not always you get the chance to see someone reborn into a new body, is it?"

He let his concern show a bit more then, stepping up closer to her. "Or are you truly feeling bad, because then I can make some scans and I'll let you recover in your quarters for the whole day. I don't want you to taking on more than you can handle after this quite extraordinary morning."

[ Medical Storage Room ] Attn: Zenozine

"I mean to mate with you, what else?" he growled heatedly, struggling to get his will done.

Then, just after a short while after having defeated the Ovri whilst they mated - subduing her to his personal wish - Maal seized her hips and started driving into her from behind - his eyes wandering the exotic expanse of her minutely scaled back. Her buttocks were slapping into his muscular lower body, and if he did not cut his nails as often as he did, his grip might have scratched her. From behind she looked like a discoloured, fit male, and had it not been for the fact of her wet sex milking his ridged length, he realised it might appear he was copulating with a man. Yet her face, and her lips, and her tone of voice in the dimly lit room rid him of such thoughts.

Hylota wanted to know what he meant to do to her, yet at first, he merely grunted and continued his hard and steady rhythm, but when she spoke of Klingon preferences, and wanted to learn what Klingon were like intimately. "I have no idea... how Klingon are... supposed to mate," he grunted as he fucked her from behind, his ridged length pushing into her over and over, "I am almost human... in that regard."

Forced words, and his mind remained locked on the present. He continued to move, grip hard on Hylota's hips. She moved against him on her own accord as well, and his native blood compelled him to scratch her back whilst fucking her. Yet he resisted the strange urge despite how she encouraged him. Anxious he was, however, and he came to seize one of her legs and flipping her over so that she was on her back. From there on, the struggle was to keep her on the floor and to wrap his arms around her. He kissed her roughly, his mating instrument pushing deep again, and he felt beside himself with the need to mate with her, rolling on the floor and fighting to get the upper hand while still wrestling and thrusting himself into her.

"I should not..." he said, frowning as he looked down into her black eyes, his Klingon meat still pumping into her at a high rhythm, "...I should not come inside you." Because he was about to unless he paused.

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[ Maya | Main Sickbay ]

"It's all right Doctor, I just need to rest," the little Vulcan assured him.  "The neuropressure technique was more taxing than I calculated, but Lieutenant Morali is stable.  We have far too many patients for me to take a day off."

Maya could usually sense the psychic presence of anyone close enough for her to reach out and touch but Lucan Nicander was a ghost.  To her telepathic senses, he seemed to be a hologram.  Never had Maya been so grateful of that fact than she was at this moment.  Even if the rest of her colleagues were too polite to say anything, they might still think it or feel it.  Doctor Nicander was the soul of tact and discretion.  Even Ferengi weren't as good at keeping their thoughts to themselves. 

Had he witnessed what had happened?  Since the effects on Sarresh Morali had been beneficial was he just placing the incident under 'alternative medicine' and letting the matter rest?  Who knew, and in the words of their mutual mentor from Starfleet Medical, the Tellerite neurologist Doctor Gordo, who cared?  Her former classmate and current superior was allowing Maya her Vulcan dignity and the little Vulcan indulged herself in defying her upbringing by feeling gratitude. 

"I will return at 800 hours as instructed Doctor," Maya assured him.  "I will not be late."

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As she was fucked by Maal, Hylota was just enjoying herself and taking great pleasure in knowing that the man she was will was in charge and going to take care of her. And by that she meant that weather he knew it or not, Maal was going to help relieve her pent up sexual tension. But as Maal kept going and stated that he should not cum inside of Hylota she let out a chuckled and pressed back into the cock that was penetrating her, clenched her walls firmly around the cock and she spoke gently. ''Oh yes cumming inside of me would likely be a bad idea with the odds that your see will take, but honestly I do not care, I need this, I need this so badly."

Hylota was like an addict right now, her body craved sex and it would not take no for an answer. The dangers and complications did not matter, Hylota just craved sex, she wanted a clutch and she wanted it now. And if not for the events of the night before, with the aphrodisiac and all of the sex, Hylota might have been able to hold off and keep some control, but the activities of the night before had taken her by surprise and her body was craving more, wanting to fulfill its functions now. And without the Ovri infrastructure to help fertile female through this period, and the embarrassing nature of this made Hylota not care at all about the risks. She just wanted it to be over now.

For all of her intellectual ability, Hylota had never had to deal with her fertile period in such a manner, he had always been able to deal with it by going somewhere she could be alone and just relaxing, but she had not had many of these cycles and she was struggling to handle herself as she was without her medication to take the edge off or some way that she could just take the day off and relax in her room, instead she was stuck horny and around males while she was vulnerable. "OHhh! Maal...after this I need to retire for the day, his is getting to be too much...I will probably come back later, but after this I need to relax."

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That Hylota did not care whether or not he came inside her made Maal even more confused, but confusion was not the ideal thing to deal with when his mind had narrowed down to the primitive drives that made him continue thrusting his ridged length into her Ovri sex. His thoughts were sluggish to begin with, and now even more so.

She was on her back, facing him as he laid on top of her, and she was meeting his movements by arching her back. It was all too much for Maal to handle... and he cried out like a Klingon might when besieging the tender flesh of a female. THe sound surprised even him, and he bit down on it to let them escape notice... but that did not change the fact that his seed was gushing into Hylota already. His body was heaving with the release inside her, load after load of thick Klingon reproductive fluids flooding her insides. It was even leaking out since he could not stop himself from moving. He rode out his own climax like a beast having just felled its prey, and his hardness still throbbed in its rigid state long after the seed had ceased to flow.

And yet like that, his native blood relinquished to his human upbringing, and he lowered his head to kiss the Ovri in the aftermath, hoping he had sated her needs as well as she had sated his own. He knew not what to speak of, but revelled in kissing her nonetheless where they lay on the floor - hands soon to begin roaming her body.

"I... I am sorry, I should not have... But I could not help myself..." he said, voice leaden and yet worried as his mouth hovered over hers, "It might still be too early. You needn't have to bear children aboard this forsaken ship. Perhaps Nicander can stop the seed from taking. I... You were too.. I just could not stop myself." He was still inside her, already apologising, and his desire for the Ovri overwhelming enough to make him loose his control.

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As Maal climaxed within Hylota and filled her with his warm seed, it was as if a bucket of water was thrown over a flame, extinguishing her desires as her body felt it had gotten what it had cried out for. Hylota in turn wrapped her arms around Maal and held him close as she panted and cooled down from her sexual escapades. And despite gaining relief, Hylota felt that this might lad to some trouble for hr down the line, but for now all the Ovri could care about was the relief she had gained.

As Maal then began to apologize and tried to rationalize not worrying about anything and how his seed might not have taken Hylota sighed and leaned in and pressed hr smooth forehead to Maal's and let out a soft gentle chirping. The sound was oddly calming and Hylota mixed it with a gentle back rub before she shushed Maal and began to speak. "Maal, you re worrying too much. You and I were both caught up in a rush, neither of us would have stopped, and to be honest, I needed this. I was not able to function, in a few days I would likely have tried to rape you to get this relief. I did not realize how slippery this slope was when I started off just rubbing myself off. This was my fault for not having any self control."

Hylota kept from kissing Maal and simply rubbed against him lovingly. And If  do bar any children that are viable to survive, well then we will find them as I birth the eggs. And they will hopefully be Ovri enough to freeze so we could just put them to sleep in a cryo pod and let them sleep through this hectic time in there." The Ovri had much different ideals of raising children, exploiting their biology to keep children safe through hard times. "And we have Vinata here, if things go poorly they at least will have some family here."

Hylota did not bring up her skepticism about the bonding of mammal and amphibian DNA, and the success of Klingon genetics growing in an non mammalian manner. If there was a freakish child, Hylota was prepared to put it down for both of their sake, and Hylota  as a scientist wanted to see what would happen, perhaps this child would have a better natural systems for small wound restoration that Ovri lacked.

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Hearing Hylota's rationalisations about the danger of her being pregnant and what might be done with the children, should there be any, Maal came to understand just how different the Ovri were to humans. He was still telling himself that she was not far enough into her ovulation, so he had trouble foreseeing that such decisions were to be required. Perhaps with a modicum of denial, his thoughts shied away from the prospect of being a father. He was certainly not going to bring up his rights in any decision about the children when he was not even thinking it likely, and especially not when still inside her.

"I see," he rumbled, and when she was not inclined to kiss him any more, he took it as a sign that she expected him to pull out of her and get off her warm and dewy body. Furthermore, even if he enjoyed her thick fingertips rubbing his back, they were supposed to be back on duty soon, and neither of them wanted to be discovered as they were. His ridged length came free from the Ovri's sex as he sat back, their mixed fluids coating it. He may still have been quite hard, but not enough to prevent him from dressing. His leaden mind, which was still affected by his Klingon testosterone-levels, caught up on the fact that he had to say something more than just that. "I do not usually do this. It was... liberating. Unwise and against regulations, using this room, but nonetheless... liberating."

He stood, and the HUD displays shone upon the beads of sweat covering his powerful build, streaming across his musculature as he turned to look for his clothing. He shook his head to clear his mind, and began to dress when he located his uniform in the dim light.

"Shall we leave at the same time, or should I linger a while?" he asked thickly, rifling through the textile in the darkness with his powerful hands to find his underwear. After finding them, he straightened and turned to face her before he put them on. "You said you were going to retire to your quarters earlier. Do you want me to inform Nicander when he is available that you were feeling ill?"

It felt like they were conspiring, even if Hylota had to leave for legit reasons.

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Hylota sighed as she listened to Maal as he still was nervous and uneasy.  And Hylota pulled him into a hug from behind and just held him as she spoke calmly and softly to him. "It was wonderful Maal, you gave me hat I needed and you do not have to worry about anything, I am still n, you can say you were helping me learn the layout for he supplies here and I do not  think anyone would question it." She gently rubbed his shoulders and sighed, her breath was sweet ad made Maal's skin tingle as the pheromones met his skin, fortunately that was all it did. 

Releasing Maal Hylota moved to get hr on cloths back on and took some wadding to place in front of hr pussy in case of anything seeping out and putting a mark on her clothes. "I am glad that that was good for you Maal...I would hate to have my coworker only able to think about bad sex whenever he looked at me. Oh and about the sex...If you ever ant to meet up again in work, I would not mind spending time with you Maal...some special time." Hylota smil and she rubbed her scalp before she went to the door and looked a it an then to Maal. "Alright, I think we should leave at once since we are both going to be doing the same thing here." She smiled.

Hylota exited the store room n then changed topics to put them back on a normal track. "So our time here so break is running out. How about we head back to the medical bay so that we can go over all of the fills, and then we can check up on my brother and see how he is thawing out." She smiled and motioned for Maal to lead them back to the medical bay.


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At the proposition to seek her out in private, Maal was both surprised and pleased to hear it. He had reckoned Hylota wanted a genuine Klingon and not just an awkward imitation of it, but it seemed she had actually enjoyed being intimate with him. "I will keep that in mind... I mean, I will."

They ended up dressing at the same time before they went outside, and Maal squinted at the bright light that met them in Sickbay. "Aye," he said, catching on to the act with a couple of seconds' worth of delay. "Agreed. Let us check on your brother when we are done." It may have sounded like he wished to actually check her out again, but that was not the case. He cleared his throat. "I mean, how well he is responding to the thawing."

- Fin

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