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CHAPTER 02: Ikara Nightclub [2140 hrs.]

CHAPTER 02: Ikara Nightclub

[ Holodeck 01 | Suraya Bay | Ikara Nightclub | 2140 hrs. ] Attn: Searcher

Captain Ives' steps had led her through the crowd in the sloping streets, and she knew there were many places to see - many attractions to visit. Yet she was not entirely sure she had the heart to see anything. Nonetheless, she returned the greetings from people of both crews when they spotted her, and she let her path be dictated by the sights around her. Not far from the amphitheatre, she saw one of the nightclubs in Suraya Bay, and its wooden sign said Ikara, which she thought was a Risian greeting phrase. She decided to see what the establishment had to offer, even if the outside bars were more frequented by the crew.

The lighting was relatively low inside the club. Most of it was indirect - provided by blue- and white-toned strip lighting set in the baseboards. There were private booths sporadically lining the walls. The rather loud music held indigenous notes of tropical wooden instruments. The middle of the dancefloor was dominated by a flat podium of stone and a couple of dance poles. A large aquarium dominated the entire back of the club, lit up like a movie screen at a darkened theater. It was evidently the Ikara nightclub's focal point, not just judging by the lights concealed throughout the pool-sized aquarium, but also the fact that it was right behind the twenty feet bar counter made of polished stone. Oh, and there were the three underwater dancers in the aquarium too, with painted breathing masks hiding their faces as they moved to the music. Below them, behind the bar counter, four bartenders performed their own nightly dance. Taking orders. Pulling drinks. Mixing cocktails.

The interior lights played across Jien's white toga as she stepped through the establishment, seeing that there were almost exclusively holograms inside - patrons and hosts alike. The two crews had yet to withdraw from the warm night of moonlight. Her eyes were drawn to the underwater dancers, seeing their forms gliding across the viewing glass. In sync, sent themselves into easy horizontal spins - dark hair wrapping caressingly around their necks and chests. Billowing out as they changed direction. When Jien looked away, her eyes fell upon someone that had just entered. It was not a hologram, but a familiar face.

How ironic that they'd meet there of all places... given the plans they had made in the Brig a couple of days ago. Chuckling faintly, Jien raised a hand and waved - not about to try and override the music by calling out to the Lone-Wolf.

To Ensign Skye Carver.

OOC: This thread is meant to be exclusive for the scene with Ives and Carver, but it might open up to others soon enough.

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Skye Carver - Wolf 02

Walking around, Skye had seen quite a few people and while she'd stopped and chatted a few times, she kept moseying along.  She hadn't anything specific in mind, just wanted to see what all the hoopla had been about and be able to understand a little more of what was talked about the next day or so.  She hoped Thomas would show but he'd seemed hesitant.  If he didn't fairly soon, she just leave and track him down so they could have their own private party.

Walking into a place called Ikara, she pursed her lips and nodded appreciatively.  The lighting was low but in that fun sort of way and the huge aquarium brought a smile to her face.  She noted the dancing poles and her grin widened even more.  Now if the music were just different this place would be frickin' awesome!  She'd just adjusted the small black and silver leopard print sarong over her hips when she looked up and saw someone waving at her ... the captain of all people!

Strolling over to the other woman, she bobbed her head in greeting.  "Hey baby, come here often?" she asked with a mock man's voice and waggled her eyebrows in a patently horrid lascivious way.  Perhaps it wasn't a proper greeting but they were supposed to be having fun and Jien didn't really look like she was having much fun.  "I ... I'm sorry Captain ... but I just wanted to make you at least smile.  It's good to see you here though."

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Jien did chuckle faintly at the mock-flirtatious greeting she received by the Lone-Wolf, and her quiet smile did visit her otherwise serious features. It stayed with her as she tried to come up with something to say in kind, yet the words failed her, and with her silence lingering, the Lone-Wolf must have thought she had erred in her on-towards manners since she apologised. So Jien raised her hand to dismiss the concern with a casual gesture.

"It is good to see you as well, Ensign Carv-," she said, then shook her head and could not help a second chuckle to escape her. "Apologies. Skye. I am not too good at these kinds of informal events. Like I said, I am happy to see you too. I hope you are having a good time tonight. Personally, it would seem I definitely need to let my hair down. Or so I have heard."

Glancing towards their surroundings while she replied, Jien smile stayed with her as the lights played over her toga. She had not been staring at Skye, but the suggestive lighting had done wonders to the vision of the wolf's extraordinary physique. For while Jien had seen Skye in her undergarments in the Brig, this kind of setting was something entirely else - flattering the blonde woman's physical form to the point where it was hard for Jien not to let her Chameloid sense of sight drink it all in again.

The survey of the club was short, however, since Jien looked back to Skye soon enough. "I had been hoping to meet you at some point where we could discuss what we spoke of last," she admitted, and since the evening was a very fitting one, she made the suggestion. "Fate have had us end up at a place where dancing seems the main event, so unless you have plans to meet with someone, would you mind showing me the kind of dance we discussed in the Brig?"

Realising that anyone from the two crews might walk in any moment, Jien frowned and looked towards the door - evidently not entirely comfortable with the thought. She did have some integrity to maintain even if she was supposed to relax this evening. She cleared her throat. "We... could go to one of the private booths at the back so that neither of us have to embarrass ourselves too much. Only if you have the time, of course."

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Skye Carver - Wolf 02

Skye had worried for a moment but then Jien waved off her apology and even corrected herself to call her by her given name rather than rank.  There was a little pursing of Skye's lips, twitching as she tried not to smile but failed.  "You should let your hair down more often.  It's quite beautiful."  A compliment made sincerely even if couched a little playfully in an attempt to keep up the captain's spirits.

She noted Jien looking at her and then the environment so even before the captain began to speak Skye was already thinking about their discussion.  "Razor said he'd come along but he wasn't so enthusiastic so I figure I've got plenty of time for a few dances.  And you have nothing to be embarrassed about, trust me," she winked and hoped she wasn't making Jien feel uncomfortable.

"I say that but then again I seldom know shame," she grinned.  The only time she felt shame was when she didn't perform her job to expectations and Jien had seen the shame and hurt firsthand when she'd been accused of being a traitor.  Skye was a true Wolf, loyal and even when she'd been kicked she'd crawled right back.  "I don't mind going to one of the private booths either.  We'll start off slow, okay?"

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Both the comment about Jien's hair and how she had nothing to be embarrassed in regard to dancing in the fashion they had discussed made the Captain smile with an ember of warmth and nod her head in gratitude.

Given her nature, she had laid a lot of time and effort on her two Chosen Forms, and to have that work recognised - to be flattered in the ways she had chosen to portray herself - was something that might even mean more to her than most species. It might strictly be considered a vanity, yet to accuse a Chameloid for being vain about their appearances would be akin to accusing water for being wet or a rock to be hard. It was in her very nature to adhere to her natural idiosyncrasy, regardless how successful the Ives-Pétain Experiment had been in letting her embrace human society and culture since her infancy.

"I hope I will not end up keeping you from your fellow Wolf if he does show up, but I am glad you want to make the time for me," she said, and Jien kept herself from dwelling upon the Ishtar Incident when she heard the callsign of the young pilot. Like with the Niga Incident, such thoughts had better be left behind that night, else the meaning of the event would be lost. Also, right then and there, in such an exotic place and with Skye offering to teach her how to dance, it was not too hard for Jien to leave the images of a shared cockpit on the other side of the Romulan Empire behind her and lead the way to the back of the Ikara Nightclub. The alien entity had subjected her and the male pilot to their situation, and they had not traded a word since they parted ways - neither of them about to reveal what had happened. Some things were better off forgotten even if the better aspects of the memories lingered.

"This one should do," she said when they reached the booth farthest down the corridor beside the bar and the aquarium. It was a simple little getaway even if the music was just as loud there as in the main area of the nightclub, with a couch and two armchairs surrounding a light stone table in the middle. In order to give them some more space, Jien dragged the table to the side and came to stand with her back to the couch and facing Skye.

"Should I..." she said with a chuckle as both found the situation rather absurd and she did not know what 'starting out slow' entailed, "...practice next to you now, or should I show you how miserably bad I am first?" Jien had wished to learn in her youth, and yet there she was, closer to fifty years old and about to indulge in an art-form far beyond her ken. Therefore, she had to admit to the reality of it and amend her suggestions.

"Then again, given how inept I am, perhaps you'll need to show me the basics first. Either way, I am completely in your hands, Skye."

Regardless how awkward she might feel in the close future, no one could accuse her for not indulging in the event of the evening after this... If she ever told anyone, of course.

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Skye Carver - Wolf 02

The captain took the compliment with warmth in her eyes and Skye wondered if many told her she, or at times he, looked attractive.  In either form, Jien was an excellent example of beauty but given the status of captain, it wasn't like just anyone could go up and say "Hey Gorgeous!"  So it was times like this that Skye new Jien needed to know (s)he was desirable.

"He wasn't too interested in attending, to be honest, and I sort of twisted his arm a little so I figure it will be a while and he'll let me know he's around by comm," she reassured Jien.  "Besides, it's not everyday someone can say they had a chance to spend time dancing with you," she winked and headed into the room she had chosen and immediately helped move aside some of the furniture.

"You are not miserable so none of that," Skye wagged her finger.  "First thing is we need better music, something that gets you here," she said cupping herself between the legs with one hand and putting her fist over her heart.  "Computer, place two poles from floor to ceiling with about six meters between them with plenty of space around."  In an instant there was plenty of room for them to move around.

"Okay, main thing is to just have fun.  Listen to the music and let it guide your movements.  I'll show you a routine I use a lot.  It's great for honing strength and control.  Once I do that, then we can let you pick a song and just have some fun.  You're strong and I've no doubt you'll pick this up quite easily," she said then leaned up against one of the poles.  "Computer, play House of the Rising Son."

Eye candy for you guys and I totally can't desribe all this.

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Captain Ives was not entirely sure that Skye would be bragging about the experience of dancing with her afterwards given how poor Jien was at this kind of thing, yet she made no comment other than doubtful shake of her head.

Yet when the Wolf explained the essence of the dance and cupped herself between her legs, Jien could not help the surprised little chuckle that escaped her, and she was still smiling faintly in amusement when Skye instructed the computer to alter the booth they had found themselves in. Just like the pilot asked for, two poles materialised in the room, which itself became a bit larger and yet kept the armchairs and the couch that was facing the two poles. The music started to play, and it was an old tune that still had survived the turn of the centuries, and which somehow fit quite well for the atmosphere in the club.

"As you say," said Jien with quiet amusement at how little she felt that she belonged, and yet remained intrigued because she genuinely wanted to try to learn this art that she had never indulged herself to learn when she was younger. She stepped towards the couch, adjusting her white toga a little before sitting down in the middle of it - raising her eyes to study the dance which Skye Carver began to perform on the two poles.

And it surely was a sight. Jien found herself forgetting herself in watching the Wolf perform her dance, and her oaken brown eyes followed the twists and turns that the blonde human made. At first she tried to memorise the movements, and she managed to get down some of the basic steps only because of her training in the martial arts. Yet after a minute, she was completely lost in trying to discern the many ways in which Skye kept herself from sliding down from the pole. In the end, she just watched, spellbound by the beauty of the dancer and her art both.

In the end, she was smiling a little when the music faded, and when the music stopped she chuckled as she clapped her hands in applause to the performance. "That," she said and laid her hands in her lap, "reassures me that I must have found the perfect teacher on this side of the Alpha Quadrant. I cannot imagine how many years you have done this, nor how you ended up as a pilot regardless of this talent of yours."

As a Chameloid, and despite how bleak their odds of survival were, she hoped that she would have the time to learn how to use her female Chosen Form in that fashion. When, or in what company, was secondary to mastering the dance, since it served as a chance to use her Chosen Form in an unprecedented way. That it was tantalising, sensual, was quite clear, since she found herself looking at Skye Carver more than what might be seemly, yet then again... how was she to learn if she did not watch thuroughly?

"This can't be the dance that were reported to have been performed in Below Decks on the eve of battle against the Calamity, right?" she asked in interest, referring to their conversation in the Brig where she had brought up the observations that had been made when Skye had indulged herself in a drinking game in the public area. "For unless I am mistaken, I did not approve any request from William Regal about installing these kinds of poles in Below Decks. How did you do it then? Did you ask Thea for a set of holographic ones?"

Jien adjusted her seat a bit in the couch and found herself enjoying this brief respite from the command chair. Far more than she had suspected she would.

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Skye Carver - Wolf 02

The sudden drop and end of the music found Skye not even winded but she was smiling broadly when she finished, truly enjoying the work out and when she saw the appreciation in the captain's expression she knew she'd made a good impression.  The applause and words affirmed it and she made a dancer's bow.  She gave Jien a wink when the captain said something about talent and somehow still becoming a pilot, her voice low and husky when she spoke.  "I have many skills," she chuckled richly.

Skye's expression turned rueful, her lips pursing when the captain talked of alterations to Below Decks and that what she'd just done couldn't be the dance she'd heard about.  "Busted, except I didn't alter Below Decks.  I wanted to start off by showing how it can be a physical work out and not just sexy stuff.  As for the lap dance I did, I didn't need a pole because I used Razor.  He didn't seem to mind me borrowing his body for that little bit.  I don't think I can replicate it perfectly but if you'll step out here and have a seat in this chair I'll do my best."

Asking the computer to remove the poles and placing a regular chair in the center of the dance area, she waited for Jien to take the spot and then called for the song she'd used before.  Even though Jien was in female form, Skye treated the moment as if she were in male form, spinning and gyrating with plenty of grinding.  At one point, she even licked from Jien's bare collar bone up to her ear which she tugged the lobe gently in her teeth.  It was the first time she'd actually done something like this with another female but after having her body switched with Lin Kae, it didn't seem so strange anymore.

OOC:  Sorry it's a bit lackluster but pain medicine is taking its toll.  Figured there needed to be some verbal interaction somewhere in there too and leaving it open for Jien to respond during the lap dance.

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Jien had - of course - hesitated before standing up from the couch - realising what her words had led to. Miss Carver meant to show this new variation of the dance first-hand to her, and Jien was suddenly even more worried that some other crew member would walk in right that moment. Her smile remained, even if the first steps were slow.

"I suppose borrowing me for the demonstration should be in order," she said and cleared her throat with a small chuckle - trying to maintain the jovial spirit of the evenings event. When she looked at that chair, walking out to it, Jien told herself that it was merely for sake of learning the dance, because how might she know how to do it unless she knew what it entailed first-hand? She adjusted her white toga over her shoulder as she sat down. Then, when the music started, Skye Carver began.

Without reserve, the Wolf came close and slid sensuously downwards, rocking her hips to the music. Jien suddenly did not know what to do with her hands, ending up grabbing her own chair where she sat. She was trying to study Carver's movements rather than the way the light played over her skin. She felt a bit light-headed after short while of being in such close proximity to Carver, her quiet smile gone and replaced by lips pursed in undeniable arousal. Yet it seemed Carver was not content with mere dancing, for Jien found Skye pausing to taste him, sliding her hot, wet, tongue slowly up her neck. She could not help tilting her head a bit, eyes fluttering shut. To her own trepidation, she found her body responding to what she was subjected to, and she did not know what to do about it. Then again, she supposed it was the point with the dance: to entice.

Breath unsteady, Jien felt Skye's nails digging into her lightly. She felt Skye's hips gyrating back and forth as she rubbed herself into her, the Wolf's scant clothing left nothing to the imagination, and especially not when being so close as she was to her - as her body seemed to heave with lust as she made the undulating motions. Overcome, Jien inhaled deeper and deeper, and at some point when Skye was grinding her posterior down into her lap, Jien could not help but to change, instinctively... to his male form.

Jien stopped breathing, realising what he had done. He wanted to push her off before she realised what had happened - head turned away from him right then yet clearly able to feel his male Chosen Form's rigid arousal. He was now dressed in a loose male toga. Oh, how he wanted to hold on to her, calloused hands itching to leave the edge of the chair. Hands or not, he still could not deny himself enjoying the feeling of her - heart racing and head reeling from what she was doing to him. He could not retain thought, and his body defied him in being rational. Words failed him, face unreadable when their eyes met, yet given the circumstances...

...his body had already provided her with his review mid-session.

OOC: No worries at all! It was not lackluster one bit. I just hope this awkward development is readable since it's so late here now, lol.

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Skye Carver - Wolf 02

It was just an exercise for Skye, not like it had been with Razor though she enjoyed working out this way.  It was about halfway through when she'd leaned back and truly ground against Jien that she felt the change occur.  The body shifted to a greater width, definitely into his male form, and she'd suddenly been rubbing herself against a very hard cock which sent an electrical shock through her.  The atmosphere and her feelings were now completely changed.

Her own eyes were just as surprised for a moment as she slowly turned her face to look into his eyes, lips parted as she scrambled in her mind on what she should do.  The appropriate thing would have been to hop off immediately and apologize yet she remembered their conversation in the brig.  Too often the captain could not find comfort or release because (s)he had to maintain that distance due to being the highest ranking authority on board.

There was also that part of her that could not tease a man like this, bring him to such a state of arousal and then blue ball him.  Her hips began to move again but slower, in half time to make her every motion even more sensual.  Leaning toward him she wrapped her fingers around the back of the chair and worked her upper body in a serpentine motion so her breasts rubbed against his chest as her eyes locked with his, the lustful beast within her rising to the fore.

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Not moving from where he was, Jien had expected that he'd frighten the Ensign; that she'd jump up and even slap him across the face. So when she turned her head to look at him, his apologies were at the tip of his tongue, words to be fired off to dissemble and disarm the situation as best as he could to preserve her integrity (and his own).

Yet those words would be entirely dishonest, of course, because he had become very much attracted to the Lone-Wolf in his lap, who had managed to entice him enough to make him completely loose his composure. Not to mention his inborn body-control, that kept him from shifting form, which had slipped as well. He met her stare as she turned, and all the words he'd gathered crumbled when his lips finally pursed... because she did not cease her movements.

No, instead, she brushed herself against his seated frame, grinding down upon his hardness. Her face was just above his own, and the toned instrument that was her body shifted sensually - letting him feel her completely through the fabric of his toga. The scant clothing she wore hid little, yet still managed to leave plenty to the imagination now that spell of her dancing hadn't been broken. His brown eyes still met her gaze as she rubbed herself against him, she holding the chair's back and he holding the sides of the seat.

He considered saying something, yet her facial expression was clear in how she had no regrets about their evolving situation, and he realised that with her acceptance, his own stoicism slipped from his shouders, and the honest hunger that was rising inside him touched his face. So, he let go of his seat, and wrapped his calloused hands around her waist while she danced - his rigid arousal grinding into her with every shifting motion. It did not take long until his hands wandered up her sides and ended up cupping those breasts that were teasing his hard chest... and his lips sought hers.

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Ensign Skye Carver - Wolf 02

Though she didn't understand the depths that she reached or that she'd made him lose control, Skye felt relief that he didn't reprimand her and better yet she saw the hunger rushing into his expression.  Calloused hands brushed along the bare skin of her waist as their lips crashed in an almost desperate way and as his hands traveled up to her breasts she growled like a beast.  Thoughts of this being an exercise and just a bit of fun were gone as it took an unexpected twist, but one Skye's body craved as much as his.

As she ground against his hard cock, she shivered as the electrical pulses coursed through her.  One hand released the chair and tugged the cloth over his shoulder, pulling it down as she broke the kiss to lick along the exposed flesh of his upper chest and neck.  There were no words and with the song over their groans and lips smacking filled the room with a different kind of music.  Gone also were thoughts in general, only fleeting concepts of how good his skin felt.

The grinding stopped as she slipped back toward his knees, giving her enough room to pull aside the rest of the cloth and expose that hard as steel member.  Her eyes smoldered as she wrapped her fingers around him and gave him a good slow stroke from base to tip as she leaned her upper body closer and grazed her lips across his before giving his bottom lip a playful nip.

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Jien's breath caught when Ensign Carver wrapped her fingers around his aching arousal, barely able to respond to the playful nip upon his lip. By that point, his toga had fallen away enough that it did not matter if it was there, so he changed his form so that it vanished from sight. Bare before her, he deeply wanted her scant clothing gone as well. His hands already roamed the skin of her body, and it was a quick matter to unclasp that exotic bra of hers, revealing her breasts in the dim light of the booth. He looked upon her, and showed his appreciation of her permanent form by leaning forward a bit... and taking one of her hardened nipples into his warm mouth.

It was madness, but he did not care at that point. Skye Carver desired him as well, and he had by no means exerted his power as Captain to order her to touch him and kiss him. She consented the development, and he had to admit that he had imagined being intimate with her since that encounter in the Theurgy Brig. Her permanent form was a masterpiece of evolution, trapped in its beautiful state - unchanging. As a Chameloid, it was a cause for wonder.

When the bra was gone, and while he proceeded to flick his tongue against the hardened bud inside his mouth - one at the time since he changed to her other teat soon enough - his hands ran down the small of her back and cupped her derrière. With fingers sliding in underneath the waistband of her bikini bottom, he leaned forward enough to push the small garment down her legs - baring her completely to his own male form. A form so aroused to her sight and touch he did not know what to say to her. He desired to touch her, so he did... one hand soon finding its way between her legs. So damp and warm, he could not resist delving into her with his fingertips.

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Ensign Skye Carver - Wolf 02

If things weren't so serious, that she was actually doing this with her captain, Skye would have chuckled at the expression on his face.  It reminded her though of how restricted his life typically was and instead she focused on the wanton desire that burned in his eyes and making sure he enjoyed this tiny moment of freedom.  It didn't seem strange that the toga simply vanished, especially not when she felt the deft fingers releasing the clasp of the bikini top.

His lips drew in a nipple and her breath exhaled lustily.  Her head dipped so her lips danced along his ear, shifting easily when he changed to the other breast but as he started to slide down the bottoms she shifted and rolled about like a gymnast on a pommel horse until finally she was completely bare to him as well.  As his fingers began to slip inside of her, she rocked forward until they were fully entrenched inside of her and those muscles tightened around them.

She'd had to release him with those maneuvers but now she took him again, her smoldering gaze locking with his as she slowly and firmly stroked along his shaft.  Curving a little more, she licked a bit of sweat starting to form along his neck then nipped long his jaw until she could capture his lips.  Her hips rocked in counterpoint to his fingers, the horizontal motions complimenting the vertical that were drawing from base to tip with tiny twists and teases of her thumb to his ridges.

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Captain Ives responded to Skye Carver's kiss readily, slanting his lips across hers and teasing his tongue against the tip of hers when able. The passion that poured into the oral exchange was perhaps even greater than the slow yet firm rhythm of their hands, as if what they did to each other fuelled the desire that their kissing showed.

Yet when that was no longer enough, and Jien yearned for more of her than her hand, and the seal of their lips and tongues could only do so much to satisfy their need of this new dance, he acted... parting from her lips in order to look her in the eye. As if to seek her permission when he seized her waist and gently pulled her closer along his thighs. Her breasts were still damp from his mouth as they scraped against the hard planes of his chest, and he got the opportunity to kiss them anew when he raised her up a bit with his hands, which had roamed down her waist to cup her bare buttocks before he lifted her.

It was in her power to guide him, as he would lower her unto himself slowly - his hardness about squirm past her entrance and make her inner walls yield to his girth. He planned to make himself grow like no human man could once he was inside, so that he might fit her perfectly. It was a simple benefit he had given his female lovers now and then through his life, and yet somehow... after the daydream he'd had of Eve Jenkins down on the planet... he wondered if such simple benefits were all he was capable of?

With the natural flow and movement of their lovemaking, Jien appreciated Skye's permanent form with his mouth and hands, alternating between kissing her and sucking firmly upon the peaks of her rounded breasts, and letting his hands and fingertips rake across her chiselled body.

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Ensign Skye Carver - Wolf 02

The music was mostly just background noise now, most of the sounds Skye was now hearing were those made by herself and her captain as soft smacks and groans became more frequent.  This wasn't a lesson or game anymore but something that went from simmering to boiling in no time.  Their naked forms slipped and pressed against each other, tantalizing them more and more but it was finally too much and when he broke the kiss and took her by the hips, she could only nod her permission.

Her lower region slid forward and he lavished attention on her breasts as he lifted her up making he stretch a little to keep hold of his hardened member.  Keep hold she did though and as she was lowered, he found the bulbous head pressing into her opening and then he was sheathed in her tight, hot channel.  A throaty growl rumbled as she set her feet on the lower rung of the chair, bracing herself so she could push upward and ease herself down, traveling the length of his cock with wicked slowness.

Skye mirrored his motions, fingertips grazing all over his flesh.  At first everything was slow and sensual but gradually everything began to change.  Nails raked over his shoulder blades and her hands trailed upward, grabbing at the short hair but not quite finding it long enough to pull.  Her leg muscles were starting to burn a little, leading to her dropping her feet to the floor and grinding more now upon him as sweat began to trickle down her skin and her hair began to cling to the nape of her neck.

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The gradual frenzy that their act evolved into let Captain Ives' mind stray from his many burdens and regrets, and delve fully into what was happening between him and the Lone-Wolf that straddled his lap. In the tight wetness of her warm sheath he lost himself, and in her kisses he found absolution. In the feeling of her body underneath his calloused palms, he forgot the way the acidic lake had nearly killed him. The sight of her riding him suppressed the memory of Amikris Neotin's ruined body on the driftwood, and in Skye's humour - which had dominated the interactions that had led to this moment - he wanted to just be a man. He wanted to laugh and make jokes, as dry as they might be, but it was still better than always being the serious commander that always put the mission first.

For those reasons, he found himself famished for more of Skye Carver. He did not care if it might be a mistake to give into his desire for her, because he rationalised that he had not forced her in any way, and given the development, it was evident she desired him too. He wished he could joke with her, make her laugh despite the breathless state they were in. There was more to this Lone-wolf than her body and her way of dancing, and he wanted her to feel at ease... and not feel like she was walking on thin ice by having sex with her Commanding Officer. How? He was too preoccupied to think clearly, but he knew he wanted more than just the fantastic sex they were having in the privacy of the Ikara Nightclub's booth.

"How... does it feel," he said, swallowing when their lips parted, hands around her waist to aide and press her down unto himself with each rise and fall, "to enjoy the company of a Chameloid?" Having said this with a faint smile, he made his member swell a half an inch in circumference - doing so when he was all the way inside her. The new tightness of her made him grunt, and their movements naturally had to slow down to allow for Skye to adapt. Which might have been for the better, since Jien had almost been at the point where he'd reached his climax.

The notions that the daydream of Eve Jenkins had left him now resurfaced; that there was more potential to his abilities than he had realised. So while their movements slowed down for a bit, and he had asked his question, he let her answer... before he gave her another example of what it might entail to be with him. Having done so in the daydream already, he shifted his from... and another phallus rose between their lower bodies - its warmth being rubbed by Skye's abdominal muscles as they moved on the chair. The effect of another sensitive area added to his nervous system made Jien catch his breath, the feeling of two cocks being stroked surprising him. Nonetheless, it did not stop him from licking and sucking at her breasts anew, wondering what she might like to do now with the new options available.

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Skye had been so focused on doing all she could to please him, to bring her captain a moment that (s)he could let go of responsibility and just exist as any species did, so hadn't been very loquacious during this time.  When he pulled out of the kiss and looked at her, that small smile making him even more charming, and asked how it felt to be with him, she took a breath to speak and then found herself groaning and shuddering as he suddenly enlarged within her.  Eyelashes fluttered and she bit her lip as she tried to keep herself from losing control and releasing too soon.

She smiled then, lips pursed into a sultry smirk.  "It feels damn good," she said and very nearly added Sir to that statement, something she wasn't sure he would appreciate though she knew there were some who enjoyed being called Sir or even Daddy.  "You are incredibly sexy, you know," she purred as she ran her hands down his arms and lipped his chin.  "When you smile especially, makes me tingle deep down inside," she murmured as she worked her way to his ear.  Her slow motions actually stopped then and she leaned back, her eyes wide as she looked down between them and back into his eyes.

"Oh.  My.  God."  It wasn't said with revulsion or awkwardness but more awe and when she looked at him she breathed in deeply as if she were trying to control herself.  "What a nice ... very nice ... surprise," she said somewhere between a purr and a growl, her eyes blazing with passion.  "You are absolutely every very naughty woman's dream ... and I can be very naughty," she teased with a predatory smile, her fingers wrapping around the second cock to give it some special treatment as well.  "How did you know I liked being fucked in the ass as well as my pussy?"

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Jien had meant to return the compliments Skye gave him while she kissed her way up to his ear, but her reaction when she felt his twin cock form between their bodies was too priceless to ruin. His faint yet rueful smile remained while Skye showed her excitement with the new options that he could provide the intimate turn that their dancing session had taken.

"How could I doubt your sexual experience after seeing you dance?" he answered, voice thickened as she began to touch his second member - the first still thick and embedded inside her. Their bodies were warm and damp with perspiration in the humid Risian atmosphere. His hands began to wander her body again, cupping her breasts from underneath and running his rough thumbs across the puckered peaks. "As for your specific preferences... I had no idea where or how you wanted it, but even I know that sex is supposed to be fun. Consider it a magic trick... where I may both jest and show off my abilities..."

He said this to her while he lay his lips against her neck, voice reverberating against her skin, tongue and teeth touching her as he kissed her there. Yet he also said it to himself, perhaps, because of what had happened during the Niga Incident. He did not have to be serious all the time. He tried to convince himself that the way he had been infected was an obscene version of what consensual sex was supposed to be like, and he did not want Hayden O'Connor to be right in that he had been emotionally scarred by the experience. Crew morale and the mission depended on how he wouldn't show any weakness.

"Yet if that would be your preference," he said as he raised his mouth to hers, almost kissing her as he spoke, "then far be it from me to deny you this." He kissed her hard before he raised her up from his lap with the arm he had wrapped around her - feeling his lower phallus slip free from her wet sex. It came free soaked in her juices. He reached down with his free hand to wrap his fingers around the lower parts of the twin shafts, and carefully, he guided them to where they were supposed to be - slowly lowering Skye down unto himself. Her own nectar served as lubrication for her tight sphincter, while her sex was more than willing to welcome his second cock.

He looked into her eyes as he did it, to make sure he did not hurt her... but soon, he could wrap both his arms around her and control the pace. He could even adjust both sizes of himself to fit her fully - giving her more than enough of length and girth to work with.

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It was a moment when both were barely moving, yet every bit of skin his lips and teeth grazed seemed to sizzle.  He could hear her inhale deeply as he spoke, feel her entire being almost vibrating with her desire.  The tip of her thumb teased along every vein and ridge then rubbed lightly at the opening, a moan deep in her chest sounding as he treated her breasts to more teasing.  As her face turned again toward his, a lewd smirk quirked her lips.  "Jest as ye joust and I shall call you Merlin the Magician," she replied, inviting him to be as playful as he wished.

Taking her at her word, and by the hips and lips, he showed off his incredible strength by shifting her quite easily.  Her tongue lashed at his, wrapping around it and sucking until he pulled back to watch her expression.  It was fierce and unafraid, challenging and welcoming all at once as she felt both starting to slip into her and while she wanted to keep her eyes locked with his, the pleasure proved to be too much.  Her head fell back and she arched, lips parted to release a groan full of passion.  As he inched his way inside of her ass, every muscle in that region began to clamp and draw him in deeper.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuck," she whispered harshly , a little more sweat beading along her chest and a droplet ran down between her breasts.  Her hands kneaded spasmodically at his shoulders while he continued to fill her so completely.  She shuddered and gasped as he altered himself, taking her to her body's limits yet never did he see pain.  When at last her eyes opened again, it was as if she were seeing through him as she lifted herself and then dropped down him again, the only thing recognizable being sheer lust.

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The ancient name of an historical figure summoned a vague memory on Jien's part, and he had never guessed that the Ensign would be quite so cultural.

"Oh, I will make you feel my magic, alright, he grated with a faint smile, and with his arms wrapped around her toned body, Jien dictated the pace once Skye Craver had accepted both of him fully. The sight of her, the way the light played off her body and set the beads of sweat agleam upon her skin was mesmerising, and yet he could but kiss and scrape his teeth at her while the rhythm picked up - licking her throat a little and dealing her salty kisses. Anything to distract him from the fact that she was about to make him come inside her soon. With his arms around her waist, fingers raking across her back, he ground her down upon their twain joining, and Jien could not preserve himself since he was twice over being satisfied by the Lone-Wolf. He tried, yet there was naught he could do, he had to buy himself a few moments more before it was over on his part.

Suddenly, he stood up, and held her suspended in his arms before he laid her down on her back - his twins never leaving her in the transition. His heart was racing as he watched her where she laid on the floor with the sweat of their exertions sprinkled across her, and with her legs spread wide for him, he could lean down and suck upon the peaks of her rounded breasts. He could even kiss her, and he did so without moving at first, but in the end, he could not keep himself immobile - not when she felt so good with her inner muscles massaging his two members.

It was his undoing, of course, and in no more than a minute or two, Jien's breath hitched before he began to choke on the scream of his climax - not wishing for any non-holographic people in the nightclub to overhear them and investigate. Both his cocks gushed thick seed into the Lone-Wolf, and he ended up kissing her while load upon load of his semen coated her insides

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Her body adjusted then demanded more, the pace he set perfectly fine with her as her walls tightened and released randomly to give him little extra bursts of pleasure.  He found his own flesh being licked and nipped, teeth grazing his shoulder and neck or tongue flicking the curve of his ear before her lips suckled the lobe. Her nails raked along his back and sides, just enough to sting but not bring blood and soon she was lost in the throes of their passion.

With absolute power and control he rose from the chair and instinctively her legs wrapped tightly around him as he changed their position, laying her on her back while still joined.  The move had served to stimulate her more, the motions more erratic and hitting those erogenous zones more strongly.  Though she grunted as he started to truly drill into her, there was a smile spreading across her flushed face.  "Hell yeah," she growled and grabbed his ass, aiding his thrusts with her own strength so that he was slamming into her in a way that would make a Klingon proud.

She could feel it starting, the drawing sensation deep and low in her pelvic region.  All the muscles of her abdomen quivered and drew taught as her back began to arch.  Her vision was blurred and bursts of light began dancing all about as she clamped her mouth shut against the scream that begged to be let loose.  Just as he spewed that first blast her nails sank deeply into his ass and she bucked hard against him, her own release rocking her body hard.  When his lips claimed hers again, that roar found its release though thankfully it was muffled else it would be Skye that drew onlookers.

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When the convulsion finally ceased, Jien's breathing was laboured, panting as he laid on top of Ensign Carver and with one arm behind her neck and his other hand resting on her heaving chest. He was still inside her, twice so, and both his lengths throbbing in the aftermath. His skin stung where her nails and scraped him, and his lips felt raw from the rough way in which they had kissed. While he swallowed and regained his breath, he could not help but continue rocking against her, only in very slow but thorough motions - sliding in and out of her while his shattered mind began to reassemble itelf.

"My thanks," he rasped, his faint smile reasserting itself, "for the show and the dancing lesson."

His free hand wandered her marvellous body, and he came to kiss her neck whilst his mimicked heartbeat slowed down. "I do not know how I might show you my apprechiation," he murmured as he surged against her like the slow tide after a storm, "but I do know that I have let a lot to learn before I can use my female form to dance like you did."

It might not be advisable for him in his position, dangerous as it was, but he did not want this to be an isolated thing - a mere moment of madness during their imitation of Lohlunat . He would have to be careful, but he trusted Skye Carver in her dicretion, and regardless how things had turned out that night, he truly wished to learn the art that was lost to him when he was young.

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It had been incredible and now Skye lay there gently caressing Jien's back, almost like an apology for the other treatment she'd given his flesh.  Her feet smoothed along the back of his legs as well as they continued the gentle rocking motions.  When he thanked her, she leaned up and kissed his sore lips.  "You're welcome," she replied and then chuckled warmly as he surged against her.  "Oh I think you've shown me quite a bit of appreciation and I am looking forward to more dance lessons."  From the gleam in her eye, he knew she meant sex as well as dancing.

She caught a certain look in his eyes and reached up to touch the furrow that had formed in his brow.  "There's no need for that when you're around me.  I promised to show you fun and make you smile after all," she teased lightly.  "When more holodeck privileges are granted, I have Tom Paris' little place called Sandrine's.  There's music and dancing, drinks and a pool table.  If you don't know how to play, I'll show you."  She paused for a moment then and rested her palm on his cheek.  "I know this wasn't planned and I promise I can actually be discrete."

Hopefully that reassured him and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.  "There are many things you can do to relax and just get away from all the authority.  I enjoy hiking and rock climbing which is something else physical you might enjoy.  Hell, if there's something you'd like to try that I haven't I don't mind learning alongside," she added with a bright smile.  "Just know that when you feel like you can't take anymore and just need to blow off steam and have a little fun, you've got this crazy friend who enjoys a good time."


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The touch upon his troubled brow was more soothing than Jien could have thought, and he found his faint smile anew.

The promise of what Skye Carver described to Jien did sound like something he could need; to be able to throw off the burdens upon him for just a short while - or at least establish the illusion that he was not the Captain of a doomed ship with an impossible mission and just a man - or woman - that sought simple enjoyment in casual entertainment. In having done what they just did, and with the intent to learn how to dance like a woman half his age might, Jien felt better than he had done in a long while. This encounter had not been an intended provocation of her sanity after the Niga Incident, which it had been with Nathaniel Isley back on Theta Eridani IV. Nor had the time with Skye Carver been manipulated like during the Ishtar Incident. Jien still did not know what was going on between him and Ensign Henshaw, and he had no idea what had happened when Eve Jenkins had spoken with him down on the planet. This, though, had been just pure enjoyment, mutual and uncomplicated. The fear of discovery and the need for discretion remained, sure, but this had not felt taboo in the same way as other times.

"Then it sounds like I have to ask Engineering to make haste," he said in jest, and finally withdrew himself from her, and his genitalia reformed into that of an ordinary human male as he sat back from her - oaken eyes lingering upon her body in the dim light. "Holodeck privileges should be restored when our energy levels are at a good enough level, so even if I would like to visit this establishment that you mentioned, I cannot safely have one deck powered up just for sake of my own leisure. I am guessing that it would not look too good in the eyes of the crew if I had such comforts given the dire straits we are in. Much less so if I were to bring female company, I reckon."

Or male, for that matter.

Standing up, Jien extended his hand down to Skye Carver to help her back on her feet. "Come, let us see what else this Festival might bring."

While he could just make his clothing reappear, he helped the Lone-Wolf find her bikini in the dim light, and then they left into the night - leaving the Ikara Nightclub behind. But the memories of what had happened would stay with them, since their unlikely friendship had been made a fact, and the secret accord between them made. Joy to be found, unbeknownst to all, in the hardest of times ahead.

- Fin

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