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As Hylota worked she thought about how she would have to be a lot more careful around people, she would need to avoid damp places and work to not come into close contact with others, otherwise she feared she might cause an...incident. The only person she felt she could be safe around was her brother and he was currently being cared for. Oh yeah this as a perfect shit storm for her right now, and with a surgery coming up soon for the eyes she helped remove. As she worked her tongue in and out of Soo's eager pussy she was able to think and contemplate what she would be doing here when this was all over.

As Soo thanked Hylota for her contribution and the use of her agile tongue Hylota felt a little surge of pride as she was glad that she was able to bring someone this much pleasure, but the emptiness between her thighs and the vacant feeling of hr womb made her feel antsy as if encouraging her to go out and fin a suitable make to breed with. But this was fortunately not consistent and soon after Soo began to trust into hr face Hylota lost track of her body's sensations as she focused on working her tongue in and out of the hole.

As they kept moving together working towards Soo's climax Hylota was caught a little off guard by the sudden surge of juices and the taste of the woman that flooded her senses. She was loving the interactions that they were having together, but she felt that she might have accidentally caused an addiction, or some over stimulation to her body with how much of her pheromones she was pumping into Soo over this encounter, she wondered what she might have caused.

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She asked for him to go a bit faster; he complied happily. Picking up the pace, gently making sure each thrust pushed into her with care, his pace increased finding a smooth but quickening rhythm as she groaned and moaned into his kiss.  Hearing her gasping out her newest need he nodded before removing her top fully and relishing the moment.

Slowly his head moved down. First her neck received warm, soft kisses and soft nips from the slightly sharper canine like teeth within the otherwise human mouth.  Then, her shoulders were graced with their own attention.  He relished how she gripped him with arms and legs as he pushed into her wondrous body.  Before he could complete his intended mission to her eager nipples her body began to react in a familiar way, the way it seems all species react at this stage of overwhelming bliss, as her inner walls spasmed and clenched around his hard meat.  Her walls began to milk at him and he would not deny their request as he sped up further before pushing into her furthest depths. He began to grind his head against her cervix feeling his hole docking perfectly with her thin opening and letting go.

A torrent of hot cum erupted from him and into her, flooding her inner walls in their shared climax.  He gently bucked against her with each pump of the fluid.  Each squirt was punctuated with head tapping against her cervix and fluid pounding against the thin sphincter as streams of his cum pushed against. Some of the fluid inevitably threaten to get past the natural barriers her body had.  And had they been of compatible species, she been organic, or he not been on the sterilization meds his people tended to take when not wanting kits.   She would have surely been well on her way to an unexpected pregnancy. 

As their climax subsided Miles remained with her. She felt his organ still within her stirring the cum that was flooding her inner walls as he had his body pressed against hers.  His hips were against hers fully and not a drop of the warm fluids were able to escape.  It felt wonderful to Miles to be with someone who had desired such an overwhelmingly wonderful kind of intimacy, someone who wanted him to show the gentler side of his species.  And as they relaxed and remained connected in the afterglow continued the kisses she had requested began to once again move down inevitably approaching the target she had ordered.

She was his for now, and he was hers. She was pushed against the pillar his body was flush with hers Her legs and arms were wrapped around him and his arms were cupping breast and one of her soft cheeks each and his tail was around her waist forcing them together nearly as tightly as her legs hold held him.    He wasn't at all wishing to end their embrace anytime soon.  First, he gently and cupped her right breast as the other hand squeezed gently at her left ass cheek.  It was a firm but soft lift as he brought the perfect orb to his lips and kissed the side softly as his thumb rolled over her aching and straining firm nipple as he brought his lips slowly to object he could tell she most wanted graced by his lips.

With a tender kiss his lips closed around her erect bud before a tongue gently greeted it.   Softly he kissed and suckled enjoying every subtle flavor and texture of the hologram's perfect teat.    Occasionally he would add in just a bit of rougher kind of kiss as he grazed her nipple with his teeth or even bit down softly.  Of course each graze was followed by the softest of lappings as his tongue gently rubbed where the teeth had roughly touched and each soft bite was followed by a warm soft kiss allowing tender lips to compress around where the teeth just had.  Occasionally despite the usual gentle suckling's he would suck hard and pull away letting a partial vacuum form. The hard suck forced the blood to rise to the tips of her nipples making them ultra-sensitive for the next round of pleasure as his cock stirred the pot within her.

Without warning he then grabbed her right breast in a firm hand and gently began to squeeze from base to tip seemingly milking the hologram as he sucked at her with rough pressure to her tender nipple assaulting it with an eager tongue.  He looked up and into her eyes and he pulled away from her nipple a soft pop heard as it slipped from his assaulting mouth before he gently pinched the aching bud with his thumb and finger and pulled  at the at the saliva coated nub.  He smiled eying the other nipple as he gently pulled out from her his cock still stiff as it squeezed between their bodies letting her feel against her tummy  and if she looked down see what had been invading her moments ago.  Inevitably the trapped cum that was built up within her go and begin to flow out of her as she realized that the immense volume that she had received in the holodeck the other time was not a product of an interfering goddess but the normal state of things for his species, and that the torrents she had felt flowing into her moments before were far from just magnified by the tightness of her simulated body but were all too real. 

As a torrent of cum began to flow out of her pussy pooling on the floor he felt he needed to explain the excessive volume to her. "The sterilizing medication my species takes to prevent unwanted pregnancies has a few side effect.  One is increasing seminal volume.  I hope you enjoyed the results of it.  It also has the side effect of making my kind want to attempt copulation multiple times due to our bodies knowing that impregnation is all but impossible."  He smirked as he eyed the other breast and gently gave the nipple a kiss.  "Of course I see something here that has been aching for its own turn at attention.  Before you give me the additional attention my body will always crave after the first attempt. Perhaps I should indulge it".  He said as he held her and guided her to lay down on the ground careful not to place her in the pool of cum.

He slowly began kissing her unattended nipple and giving it its own first gentle kiss having promised her equal attention to it knowing if she wished to experience different sensory inputs the changed angles and positions of their bodies would make the experience something not only unique but similar enough for her to spend hours comparing and contrasting the subtle differences.    He couldn't help but smile in the suckle of that thought imagining the hologram recollecting the memories of tonight and perhaps even pleasuring herself as she compared the memories. 

The smile continued as he adjusted himself to the new position laying down on her as he began to suckle at her giving her a mix between post coital sensuality and foreplay for the inevitable next round.  He spoke up softly pulling away from the nipple for a moment.  "Since I have given you the attention you wished with my kisses perhaps for our second round you would give me the kind of kiss I want the most."  He said referring to his want to try the holograms mouth and throat out hoping she would be just as eager to experience the sensations of allowing her mouth to be the source of such wonderful pleasures.

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[ Soo Young Seung] Attn: Zenozine

When her climax ebbed out, Soo slid down into Hylota's lap with a languorous sigh. She ended up straddling the Ovri, grinning to her with contentment while wrapping her weak arms around her exotic lover's neck. Her sensitive breasts were pressed against the nurse's strong chest as she embraced her, and her raging heartbeat hammered against her. With eyes slitted with pleasure, she looked into the Ovri's dark orbs and regarded her beautiful face in quietude. Neither the obsidian eyes nor the face with its scaled texture held any cause for concern... unless combined with the imprint of Hylota's mind to give meaning.

Soo's eyebrows climbed a little in concern, picking up bits and pieces in the aftershocks of what they had done. Now that the sweet scent and taste did not affect her any, Soo became worried by what she noticed from the Ovri's mind. "Hey," she breathed thickly, removing her arms from behind Hylota's neck and running her hands over the Ovri's face as she looked into her eyes. "What's the matter? Are you concerned about me? I... well... I don't know what flew into me back there... but in your mind it seems like you think you've... poisoned me? Is this true? I feel fine now, just like you made me feel... well... more than fine."

Brushing her thumbs over the nurse's lips in the moonlight, she bit her own lower lip in concern that she had done something wrong in flirting with the Ovri. "Whatever you think you've done to me, I promise, I feel nothing now, so please, don't scare me like this. I don't know what you are thinking, but please, talk to me, otherwise my imagination will assume the worst."

She had felt... beside herself with lust for the Ovri, but if it had been pheromones, it seemed Hylota was not secreting them anymore...

[ Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854] Attn: IronFerrox

After the onslaught of the data-feed that was her climax, Thea was panting and shivering in aftershocks, feeling warm and filled by Renard's ejaculation. She leaned her head back against the pillar, now completely nakes, and smiled in contentment while she hung on to him with arms and legs. The Vulpinian lavished her with his mouth in the aftermath, treating her with kisses and devout attention to her breasts, and she could not help the noises that escaped her pursed lips when he was being so good to her.

He would lick and suck the peaks of her globated breasts in the moonlight, tease her sensitive body to the point of sweet agony after just having her orgasm. When her eyes did not flutter with reaction to his mouth's and hands' actions, he would meet his gaze occasionally, but most of the time she was enraptured in the sensations dealt upon her upgraded sensors. It was only when he pulled out of her that her eyes opened wide and she gasped at the sudden feeling of emptiness... and having that glistening male organ pressed against herself between their bodies. It seemed so strange something so hard and big had gone inside her. Then came the rush of reproductive fluids leaving her sensitive sex - flushing out of her and making her gasp in surprise at the sheer volume of it - eyes widening further. True, she had felt filled up after Renard came, but... but...

His explanation came, and she sought his gaze while he spoke - threads of semen still running down to the floor.  Her simulated heart calmed with his words, the surprise lifted, and she chuckled after he had added that particular tidbit to her memory banks concerning Vulpinians.

"Makes sense, in a biological way," she murmured, and before she could answer his other suggestion, he spun her away from the pillar and laid her down on the marble floor - giving due attention to her chest again. As she laid there, she unwrapped her legs from him and laid the back of her hands against the floor as well - feet set wide to accommodate his weight on top of her. Her eyes shut and she squirmed in panting delight at his oral attentoons, starting to feel herself becoming aroused and in need for more soon enough. He spoke to her at this point, suggesting that she'd give him the kind of kiss he liked the most.

This confused her, naturally, because she did not know his preferences in detail - only having shared one mad incident before where their minds had not been entirely their own. She laid her hands against his head and rubbed the bottom of his hair before he raised his head and she could look him in the eye, the consternation plain on her face as the spectres of moonlight danced over her bare body. "Pray tell," she said and swallowed, "what is your favourite kind of kiss? I would happily oblige if I have the knowledge to perform it at hand in my databases."

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She was so wonderful, Every soft noise she made was a pleasant symphony to his ears.  KNowing how he made her feel only enhanced the experiences he himself had from their play.  Every touch he shared with her was heaven. and knowing that everything he gave her filled her with such pleasure made every second with her time more than well spent.

He held her as he continued to softly suckle on her breasts before answering her question.  "I was referring to oral sex but in a round about way."  He said to her explaining the double entendre of his words before gently licking the tip of her breast again.  "But, It don't have to be right now of course.  I am having so much fun getting you so eager for another round by giving these wonderful orbs the attention they so much deserve  it would be a shame to stop while you seem to be enjoying the attention."  he said softly before giving her breast another suckle.  and a soft grope with pressure from base to tip almost as if he were trying to milk her before moving the kiss up to her lips for just a moment before moving, to her neck then back to her chest again.  "Speaking of kisses  that I am giving you that you seemed to want so badly. Is there anywhere else you want to be kissed Thea?"  He asked as he held her gently.  He himself had never been so much into the prospect of giving oral sex but he was far from willing to deny Thea's curiosity if she wished him to kiss her womanly lips. 

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s things calmed down Hylota was beginning to wonder if this had been a good idea to do a all during this time in hr life, so close to a fertile period, but a Soo noticed the fear and concern she began to pry. As Soo asked what was wrong an what Hylota did she swallowed herd and she looked downcast. "Listen miss Soo...I am close to a fertile period, I am much more sexually active and producing lag amount of pheromones, I am afraid that the things we did might have accidentally made you an addict to me...and I do not want you to become reliant on me in any way...this was a mistake, I should not have come here tonight, I have a surgery tomorrow, oh this was a mistake." She held her head and she stood up and began to get redressed.

Hylota's mind was swimming with worry, why ha she bothered coming here, she should have gone to bed early to be ready for surgery tomorrow, but why had she come here, she had thought it was a good idea at the time, she liked the idea of meeting people finally, maybe finding a place, but why on earth had she wanted to do this now, oh this was god awful, she was so stupid to have done this in the first place.  As she got her toga dress on she shuddered and stumbled a bit as she was still sapped after the sex that they had had. "I'm sorry...I need to go to bed...It was fun it really was, but I do not think I should be here anymore." She had a lot of shame and guilt running through her mind right now.

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[ Soo Young Seung ] Attn: Zenozine

When the Ovri began to speak, Soo slowly dropped her hands from the woman's face and let them rest in her lap where she sat - straddling Hylota's legs. The fighter pilot's eyebrows knitted in concern as the nurse spoke, trying to unriddle that was being said. "Made me an addict? Reliant? Hey, take it eas-" Soo trailed off as she did a double take - Hylota's tone suggesting that she would be leaving. "Oh, surgery? I did not know. If I had I would hav-"

The exotic woman seemed distressed, holding her own face before scrambling to get up, forcing Soo to retreat from her lap. She ended up with sitting on the marble with her hands behind herself and her legs spread - looking up at the Ovri as she donned her toga in some haste. There was great worry being channelled from Hylota's mind, and Soo hoped that such great concern would not hold any merit in the end. The words confirmed what she had been thinking, and Soo was positive that Hylota was genuinely distressed over something and not making an excuse to abandon her, naked and on public display.

"Hey-y, I don't know what you may think you have done to me, but as h-hot as the sex was with you, I don't feel... addicted. I would not rely on you in any way. Whatever you think you've done to me, I think you might be letting your worries overwhelm you. I understand that you must leave, but please do not concern yourself with me. Head back and sleep before your important stuff tomorrow and we can catch up some other time. Just..." Soo swallowed and leaned forward, wrapping her arms around herself to cover her breasts as she looked around where she sat. "Sorry for keeping you. I will stay a bit longer, if nothing else to find my clothes."

Soo tried to joke and grinned briefly to try and allay the Ovri's fears before she left.

[ Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 ] Attn: IronFerrox

"Oh, I see," said Thea, finding it ironic how despite her computing capacity could not have derived such a base need in a man she was already being intimate with. She chuckled in a breathless way as Renard continued to tease her sensitive breasts - both with words and tongue.

When asked if she liked to be kissed anywhere in particular, she recalled how Simon Tovarek had used his mouth between her legs - performing the technique known cunnilingus. It was on her scheduled tasks to ask him to do this, delayed by the sensory input that threatened to overtake her higher functions. It was, however, the auxiliary data about his desires that made her confident that she could offer a resolution that would benefit them both.

"Turn around," she breathed, gesturing towards where he lay on top of her while she was on her back. "I would like to try and pleasure you with my mouth while you do the same for me... if that is satisfactory for you."

Thea tried to reach down as best as she might and grab Renard's organic reproductive organ, to stimulate it and guide it towards her warm mouth while he shifted around.

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As Soo began to put her worries to rest Hylota let out a sighed and she shuddered slightly. "Alright...I am sorry, but I do not know the effect my people have on other races, you might experience some strange thing due to how much of my hormones you ingested, I know you wont like it, but please pop by the medical bay tomorrow, allow me to give you a quick checkup and then you can go on your way...possibly we could work out having  second meeting, one where there are less horny couples around and we can just talk." Hylota smiled.

She then looked over her shoulder and then around at the ground as she lipped her boots on.She pointed behind the pillar and she smiled slightly at the pilot. "As for your outfit it is over there, and if I can suggest anything to do, I would suggest finding someone you can trust in spending the night with them, you might have an episode where you get a craving from what I put into you and you will want to have sex just as savagely as before. She rubbed her head slightly an took a deep breath. "Also if you take any hormonal pills for birth control or something like that, I would like you to not take any more just in yeah, I guess I will see you tomorrow. have a good night."

With that  she left the pilot and she moved quickly back to her room, she ignored the other members of the crew and she moved through the ship while holding herself as she did not want to be noticed and she entered her room. She went to her bed and she flopped onto it, leaving her boots on the floor and sleeping in her dress outfit. She drifted off into a worrisome sleep as she thought about how she was gong to have to work tomorrow.

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He did as asked but not before making sure to give her near perfect breasts a last squeeze and suckle making sure to lovingly caress the underside of her peak with his tongue as he released her cup gently and did as she requested.  "I think the position you are referring to is called a Sixty-nine in the Terran language correct?  I believe I am familiar the idea behind it though it will be a first time for me with that particular experience."  he said feeling it easier to talk to her in more technical way given how she seemed to understand his meaning when he spoke this way than when using flirtatious innuendo.   Slowly he began to kiss her taking a moment to gently spread her lips apart with his fingers before  allowing his tongue t softly lick her exposed inner surfaces making sure to finish the special kiss by placing a single soft peck on her clitoral hood before sliding his tongue against it teasing her gently.

 As she touched him his cock could not help but grow to fully erect within her soft hands and as she tried to guide it in he more than eagerly helped her along its way moaning softly against her soft lips as he felt her lips touch him for the first time.  he souldnt help but softly eagerly add.  "Yes Thea,"  he said in a hushed moan  "It's all yours."  he said as he couldn't wait to feel her soft tongue against his sensitive flesh.

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[ Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 ] Attn: IronFerrox

With Renard on all fours above her prone form, and his mouth descending between her legs, Thea craned her neck where she lay  and guided his throbbing length past her awaiting lips as soon as possible - tongue welcoming him.

It was effortless for her to crane her neck and seal her lips around his girth, soon to bob her head up and down with each new oral seal she made upon him - the suction she applied firm and wet from her digital saliva. She milked him thus where she lay, one hand around the base of his hard organ and her other hand casually running up and down his hip and abdomen. An organic's neck would likely cramp up from the continued pleasure she was dealing him, but such was not the case with her - each pull that her full lips made just as firm as the last.

What took more effort was to continue what she was doing while Renard distracted her with the immense amount of pleasure he dealt her with his tongue. He summoned moans and small, sharp cries of delight from her, manipulating her intimate sensory mapping in attempt to illicit the greatest pleasure possible. Thea found herself thrusting her hips up to meet his mouth and tongue, her heels sliding against the marble floor beneath them. She dug for a better hold with the nails of her free hand, scratching the skin of one of his buttocks. The warm humidity of the night made their bodies gleam in the moonlight that fell over them, only partially shrouded by the shadows of the amphitheatre.

When Renard's cunnilingus became too much to bear, she let out a series of muffled cries around his reproductive organ, sucking an almost painfully hard hold upon the bulbous crown. The orgasm built up slowly, but when it hit her in full force, she had to let go of the head she had in her mouth and groaned long and hard into the night - her bare bottom falling back against the marble once the aftermath raked through her. Only then could she resume stimulating him with trembling lips.

"Please," she murmured quietly against the side of his slick length, "if you are careful, I want you anally as well... just like on the holodeck..."

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He moaned as well bucking gently against her lips as he eagerly licked and kissed at her womanhood.  soon she was trying her best to just remain with him as she began to fall to an imminent climax which ended with him making sure to clean up her mess with an eager tongue making sure to deeply french her inner walls to clean out the depths of her cavern with the swift sweeps of his tongue.  Of course when she stopped giving him his own imminent climax he couldn't help but feel there was something else the Hologram needed to experience.  Slowly he got to his feet and helped her to her knees as he gently held his hand behind her head and smiled.  "Of course, but first you have something else to finish Thea"  he said softly as he guided her head back up against him, his cock pressing softly against her lips.

Ever since he had stopped himself after being influenced by Ishtar he had fantasized this moment.  Seeing Thea on her knees as his cock was primed to fill her mouth, now he would have his chance to fulfill the fantasy that he had resisted that day.  Though he would be much more gentle, he had wanted to feel her eagerly suck him dry since then and wanted to feel her reaction as a flood of seed overwhelmed her throat and mouth.  Tonight he would get what he had wanted.  Better yet, afterwards she wanted him to fuck her asshole as well, something he was more than willing to make sure she enjoyed every second of him relishing the opportunity to show her how gentle he could be as he filled her third apparently eager to be stuffed hole.

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Thea was still reeling from the onslaught of the climax Renard had given her when she was helped up on her knees, with the Lieutenant Commander standing before her. By his words, it was obvious he desired her to continue, and while Thea had wished to have her request fulfilled first, she would oblige him as best as she might, limited as her experience might be.

She smiled up to him and accessed all kinds of factual references in her database to learn how she might use her hands correctly in this kind of situation. She used, the soft gliding technique first: Slowly and lightly moving her hand up and down the erection. She also applied the so-called, squeezing technique. Gently, she tightened her grip around the base and middle of the penis in a pulsing motion during the stimulation. She had yet to use her mouth, but the next step was to stroke Renard in a hand-over-hand rhythm. As one hand was raised to caresses the head of his penis, the next one was already making its way up. The Squadron Commander's arousal seemed to increase even further by the techniques she switched between.

Only then did she purse her lips and lean forward, using the technique known as the Tongue Twirl. It was an oral sex combination,, where she squeezed the Renard's erection while accommodating the head inside her own mouth. She twirl her tongue in a circular fashion around the head of the penis. The next step on that path was to utilise her oral cavity as an extension of her moving hand - movements made in tandem with each other. Looking up at Renard, she did all she could for him, her free hand upon his hip so that she might keep her balance. She smiled to him around his erection, to show him she enjoyed the phase of their session that he had suggested.

To be intimate in the ways an organic could made Thea feel alive. She closed her eyes and increased the pressure and rhythm of her movements, hoping to make Renard feel as good as he had made her digital body feel.

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He gasped out at her expert motions his hips eagerly moving on their own now bucking gently into her mouth as he closed his eyes and savored the sensations.  A hand stayed behind her head gently grabbing her hair but letting her do as she pleased.  She was so amazing.  Everything she did from the soft kisses and gentle hand movements to every eager lick twirl and suck of her mouth was heaven for him.  Taking a moment to open his eyes he looked down seeing her soft eyes and smiling mouth looking up at him as she sucked.  She looked so wonderful down there. She seemed so happy but yet so seemingly eager to please, almost like one of those holosuite women who existed solely for the purposes of fulfilling various carnal desires. 

Seeing her looking like that made him want to take a bit more control with his she serviced him with her mouth. "I'm going to put it all the way in Thea" he said gently before beginning to guide her head with the hand behind it each movement making her suck him deeper and deeper until with one rhythmic push he slid himself fully into her throat. Pushing her head flush with his hips, he let her feel the sensation of deep throwing the organ that was filling her mouth and now her throat.  Gently, softly even, he ran his hand through her hair as she felt his cock twitching inside her throat knowing it wouldn't be much longer before a river of thick cream would be filling her.  Softly he gripped her hair and pulled as gently as possible to give her a signal that if she wanted to she could pull out.

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Inexperienced as Thea was, she would have gagged and choked on the organ pressing down her throat, yet she was not organic, and the issue of breathing was not a problem for her. Nor was expanding her throat for Renard's girth to accommodate him. Therefore, she could accept his thick length easily, and she used the full range of movement when she sucked her hold around him, slowly drawing back her lips... all the way back to the crest of his head. There she lingered...  before once more taking all of him inside... repeating the motion.

She seized Renard's hips while she stimulated him in the fashion he wanted, guessing that this was something he greatly desired since he had been so forward about wanting her to do it. It was to her, however, a secondary desire of her as of yet, since Lin Kae had yet to manage making her a sense of taste. Contrary to when the Ishtar entity had given her an organic body, she could not taste the salt or the seed, just as little as she could scent him. What she could do, however, was to not let Renard see any disappointment at the unfulfilling feeling that his organ gave her, smiling when she could around his throbbing member when she looked up at him in the moonlight.

She increased the rhythm of her adapted deepthroating-technique, tilting her head to the side when she pulled back in order to increase the pressure around him. She titled her head in different ways each time as well, using an element of unpredictability to not give him the time familiarise himself with the pleasure. Her databases were rife with suggested techniques when she sifted through them in her background processes, and it also made her shift one hand to the base of his length again, pinching around it hard with her thumb and index-finger to further increase the stimuli. When he came, he would have to come hard in order for his reproductive fluids to get past her fingers, but when he would, his seed would positively gush out of him.

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He gasped feeling her every intent movement.  It was clear it wasn't her thing so to speak but she was so good he was willing to ignore that having her throat fucked did nothing for her, as it did oh so much for him. His cock pushed into the very depths of her each push causing her throat to widen a bit then collapse as he intruded then withdrew. Over and over he began picking up a bit of speed and intensity as she drew him closer and closer to the edge.

She had him so close to the edge. Miles could hardly restrain himself as he felt himself throbbing around her tight fingered grip groaning as he began to rhythmically buck into her mouth feeling himself on the edge though trapped by her pressure throbbing against it as she kept his floodgates closed.  Soon though even that tight wall gave way and he pushed himself into the depths of her throat as a flood of cum began to pulse past his tip and into her stomach.  Quickly thinking he began to withdraw as he continued to pulse within her making sure to let his organ coat her throat as it withdrew before all that was left in her mouth was a throbbing tip that gushed forth a volume more than enough to overwhelm her no matter how fast she coudl swallow it causing cum to gush from the corners of her lips as her head was overflowingly filled with his thick warm cum.   He knew that she couldn't taste or smell it but perhaps the pressure inside the volume and its texture and heat would give her some form of sensation from it he hoped.

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Thea let out some soft sounds as her head moved back and forth, creating a warm, wet cavern for Renard's solid organ. Towards the end, the tip of her tongue circled around the head each time she brought her lips back. Then, once she went back in, her lips continued to go all the way down to the base as if she didn't even know what a gag reflex was - connecting with the fingers of her grip around his girth.

She felt the pressure against those fingers before she heard his loud  grunts echo throughout the darkness behind the amphitheatre, and then he shot plentiful ropes of his milky seed down her throat - the Vulipinian amount of life-giving sperm overwhelming her capacity to swallow it down into her projected body. She tried, but the warmth of his fluids escaped her lips, dripping down upon her breasts as she tried to keep it all down. The sensation of warmth was heady, and it filled her oral cavity and her throat in a satisfying way - the evidence that she had accomplished to be sexual enough to satisfy the Squadron Commander. It was gratifying that she had not erred in her performance of the fellatio upon a male yet, limited as her encounters may have been.

"The loss I feel for your scent and the taste of you is increasing," she said with a smile after she swallowed down the last load of his seed, releasing his glistening member with her lips but letting her fingers work the length a couple of times more. The rubbing movements caused more of his sperm to dribble over her breasts - glittering in the moonlight as she looked up at him. "One day, my emitter will be able to project olfactory receptors... and I will have sub-routines for identification, comparison and quantification, including a link to my data storage and retrieval processes..."

This said, she brushed her sticky jaw with the back of her hand and proceeded to clean his organ with her tongue, milking out the last of his cum into her awaiting mouth with both her hands. Only then did she rise to her feet effortlessly, running her arms behind Renard's neck so that she might kiss him. "I am willing to wait for the experience of you inside me once more, because I had barely set my foot on the holodeck before you convinced me to copulate. I want to see what the night here in Suraya Bay has to offer, since I have never been here. Perhaps, with my emitter, I might even visit this bay for real one day."

Kissing him before he could answer, Thea soon turned from him with a hand brushing down his chest in order to look for her summer dress. Seeing it at the bottom of the pillar that they had used earlier, she went over to it and bent over to retrieve it. "I must say that the distraction of this bay is far more interesting than the broken holodeck doors that you had to unhinge last time we were intimate," she said, having to get down on all fours to free the dress from a crack in the marble floor... unwittingly reminding her lover about how she had been crawling at the bottom of the aforementioned doors last. "Less support beams to ram into cracks and more dancing and syntheholic beverages to imbibe, I suppose."

Small talk was such a strange custom...

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As he came each pump brought him more and more pleasure.  Thea, though she didn't know how good she really was, was amazing.  Despite her not knowing exactly how to please she was a natural in every sense.  Each suckle and tongue movement milked him further as he noticed how she eagerly tried to swallow despite the impossibility of her containing it all within her mouth.  He couldn't help but lustfully admire how his seed glistened on her perfect, projected orbs as she finished her work before noting her inability to experience the taste and scent.  He also noticed the lament in her voice paired with the hope and longing for that ability. "Once you gain your full senses I promise to give you fresh memories to go with them" he said softly.  He felt her fully finish her job milking him of the last of this climaxes seed moaning softly as he finally felt a final small pool leaking from his tip and giving her tongue a fresh glaze of cream wishing she could taste him once again in the realization that for her the final taste would have been appreciated as much as he appreciated how kindly she milked him to finish his climax off.

Still, he couldn't help but be taken a bit aback by her impulsive kiss after announcing she had other things she wanted to enjoy.  the kiss was quick but far from light as he felt her impulsive kiss intrude into his mouth.  He was unable to help but moan around her lips as he hugged her back tightly, returning the kiss with equal ferocity their tongues enjoying a quick dance.  he had never really enjoyed the idea of tasting his own seed but for a kiss like this it was always worth the minor down sides. He knew that had her sense of taste and smell been there he would have eagerly licked her breasts clean of his seed, bearing the burden of his own taste, just to slip her another sample by smearing her tongue with the cream she desired with his own. 

Sooner than he would have probably liked their kiss was over and their tongues parted ways. He could not help but softly chuckle at her probably unintentional choice of words, as she seemingly, probably innocently enough bared herself to him as she took to all fours to retrieve her clothes. "Speaking of ramming things into cracks you really shouldn't tease me with such a view, Especially, after requesting me to pleasure that tight little sphincter of yours earlier.  Taking that so eager looking position while talking of such things makes me tempted to convince you not to seek out other diversions."  he paused for a moment as he retried his own lone article of cloth aside from the collar he still wore.  Still there is plenty of night ahead of you and far be it from me to try and keep you all to myself."  He said with a shrug before helping her with the dress helping her slip back into it while oh so obviously copping a few feels in the process. After her clothes were back on he hugged her from behind kissing her neck softly. His hands gently moved down her front and began to caress and grope her breasts gently within their cloth not wanting their time together to end and betraying to her a his near insatiable nature.

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Thea reacted with an embarrassed laugh, perfectly triggered by her A.I. processes in reaction to his remark about her choice-of-words, realising that there was an unintended meaning hidden there that was quite contradictory to her desire to see the rest of Suraya Bay. "My apologies," she said and smiled to him over her shoulder as she straightened with her dress in her hands, "Looking at my records, which were somehow digitalised by the aliens that imprisoned the Ishtar entity when I was returned to my photonic self, I suppose you may have thought the same back on the holodeck. Hardly effective to have provided more distraction at that point when we had to get out and save the ship from the fleet of Starships that attacked us..."

Renard helped her get the dress over her head, and she thanked him as she slipped it on. Yet he lingered when she picked up her panties, and she felt his penis still hard against her and how his hands caressed her through the wispy textile she had donned. She found herself very tempted to postpone Suraya Bay when he teased the still aching and firm breasts of hers, even she went so far as to indulge herself - leaning her head back against his shoulder and sighing. She set her hands against the pillar in front of her. Her panties were still lassoed around a couple of her fingers, and she found herself slowly shifting her buttocks side-to-side across his lingering hardness.

"Lieutenant Commander Renard," she whispered in playful admonision, fingers curling against the pillar, "I find the odds to resist you decrease by the second. Perhaps... I can stay with you just a little longer."

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He smiled gently as he kneaded a breast from behind gently.  As his free hand helped her pull her panties back down though jokingly spoke, "I wouldn't want to feel I coerced you into an unwilling sexual act Thea."  he said softly. "Luckily,  It isn't a question of coercing the act but merely coercing your view on worthwhile time management.  Extending your time with me by at most an additional fifteen minutes should still leave you plenty of time to enjoy this evening here." 

He then paused as pulled down his own shorts removing them easily as he eagerly moved her panties out of the way and pulled her dress up a bit  gently exposing every curve of her rump as he slowly rubbed his now free cock against its curves.  "Besides you were the one that requested me to preform this service on you.  I would hate for you to leave my presence feeling unfulfilled in any way,"  he said as he slowly pushed himself into her slick pussy again.  For just a moment he felt her warm moist insides coating him before he pulled out.  "I wouldn't want to go in without lube;  neither one of us would enjoy it as much after all." He explained as he continued to play with her breasts from behind and gently bent her over fully exposing her tight asshole to him fully.

Slowly, he rubbed his now rigid cock against her soft asshole pressing against it oh so gently. Each press intruded a bit more than the last and each movement allowed his head to peek further and further into her very center.  Slowly he was fully aligned and in a slow smooth motion he held her close and pushed into her from behind penetrating her firmly letting her feel as each inch of him slid deeper and deeper into her until she felt him hilt himself within her tight anal cavern.   Smiling softly he began the thrust in and out, each motion smooth as it made her breasts bounce and sway slightly in his cupping hands as he gently massaged them teasing her peaks through the cloth occasionally reaching in to grope her skin to skin.  "Am I being gentle enough with you Miss Thea?" he asked pulling her up a bit allowing her to rest against the pillar with her hands against it still leaving her bent over slightly. He pulled out nearly all the waybut smoothly let her feel his entire length being freed from her walls then just as smoothly he pushed back in allowing her to feel him being swallowed back into her colon.   As he picked up his pace a bit he began to kiss at her neck slowly suckling kissing and licking at her before moving his soft lips and tongue to her ears nipping at the helix of the upper part of her ear and then suckling on the soft lobule at the bottom treating it as he had her nipples before with soft gentle suckles and rolls of the tongue.

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Thea gasped when Renard pushed himself into her sex. She was somewhat sore, which was a surprise since she had never felt that kind of lingering effect before. Yet the Vulpinian pilot merely needed her female secretions to prepare for anal entry, so she found him probing her second access point in short order - rendering her weak with anticipation where she stood with her hands against the pillar. His hands continued to stroke her rounded breasts through the thin fabric of her white summer dress, and she found herself arching her back not just for him to push inside her, but to press her hardened nipples into his palms.

"A p-prudent tactic," she commented breathlessly, her ass already accepting the head of his long organ. She groaned from time to time when he worked himself into her inch by inch, thrust by thrust, and her new sensory mapping kept sending signals through her... which made her realise that Lin Kae must have performed anal sex upon Ensign Skye Carver in order for her to feel Renard's slick manhood squirm its way into her. Odd, how that triggered dark emotions. Was it jealousy? She compartmentalized the idea for later analysis and prioritized the present and her own experience - which made her feel hypocritical about her cursory reaction.

"It k-kind of feels like on the holodeck," she said and swallowed, slowly beginning to rock back against him in order for her colon to - eventually - accept all of him. "I just want to... nnngghh..."

She had lowered one of her hands to her sex, the other still remaining against the pillar. His kissing and his tongue felt wonderful to her, but she needed to touch herself in order to feel truly stimulated. She rubbed herself firmly and with quick motions, gasping into the nocturnal air as she felt herself nearing the edge once more. "Yes, all the way, continue... continue..."

In just a few minutes, she came again from his thorough treatment, and her cries joined some of the other hidden crewmembers in the small forest of marble pillars.

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He moaned as he groped her more and more intensely never being too rough but giving her a few forceful tugs as he pushed  a hand within the cloth grabbing one breast and pulling it out to be free again as he pushed all the way into her depths his pulsing manhood straining her deepest walls as as he shuddered and moaned a long satisfied groan.  "Yes Thea,  You feel so good in there."  he said softly as the forceful jets of thick cum began to issue forth from him filling her tight asshole.  He buried himself within her painting her insides white with cream as the fluid began to fill up her depths.before a white ring leaked out coating her asshole.

Within a few moments he was spent within her and had released her breast kissing her passionately his tongue and hers sharing a quick dance before parting.  He pulled out slowly letting her feel him make his way out but knew he still had a bit more to give.  as he made his way out he pushed back in intermittently making sure to plunge into her depths.  Soon he had withdrawn completely letting her asshole shut but not before giving her a last surprise.  Effortlessly he used the lube of his cum to push back into her hole parting it and withdrawing over and over until he felt himself reach another climax pumping her full of a fresh dose of his hot cum before finally pulling out for real having painted the shallower walls of hers with his fresh coating of heated whitewash.


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Thea was completely at Renard's mercy in the final moments of their intimate encounter, she having climaxed from rubbing herself and feeling him sodomise her projection. He toyed with her sensitive breasts throughout it all, kissing her, and triggering areas of her new sensory mapping she had yet to feel before.  When he came inside her, she gasped from the molten heat that filled her, this even being in her mid-climax. And when she thought he was done, beginning to relax when she also came down from her euphoria, he surprised her again.

"Mo-ore?" she asked breathlessly with a smile, looking over her shoulder, but it seemed he needn't feel her clench around him for very long when he milked himself in the grip of her sphincter, for he had merely been half-finished... and the rest of his seed finally pumped into her  without restraint. She helped him as best as she might, moving her hips to draw the last out of him. It felt rewarding to also have re-explored this facet of her own sexuality before they left the shadows of the Amphitheatre, and she thanked him for convincing her to linger by trying to completely satisfy him - thrusting her hips back and drawing out the last drips from him in slow yet undulating motions.

Finally, when his slick hardness slipped out of her, she turned around and ran her arms behind his neck, kissing him in part gratitude, part lingering arousal. "My thanks, Lieutenant Commander, for adding upon my experience as a woman," she said and stepped back, smoothing down her dress and adjusting it over her chest. "Please, come and we'll see what Rihen Neyah has arranged for the evening's later hours. I do not wish to sound severe, but this might be the last chance for a holographic shore-leave that we'll ever get, so let's make the most of it."

She would cherish these imprints in her memory banks, regardless what may come of the morrow.

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