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CHAPTER 02: By the Moonlit Sea [2120 hrs.]

CHAPTER 02: By the Moonlit Sea

[ Holodeck 01 | Suraya Bay | The Beach | 2120 hrs. ] Attn: IronFerrox

Soon, Rihen Neyah's sprint for the beach led her out from the sprawling villas, and her sandals sunk into sand.

When she reached the edge of the water, heart elated at the experience of returning there after so many years, she let one foot and then another slip out of her sandals. Next, with the softest rustling, a toga fluttered to the ground, followed by the soft cotton sliding down her legs to gather at her ankles in gentle folds. After all the dancing, her muscles were crying out in happiness at the release of the fabric's light weight. She did not overly care if there were any onlookers in the moonlit darkness, even as she was being naked with so many people potentially able to see her. What was the purpose of being prude in her home , even a holographic version of it as it might be.

She stood in the darkness under the moons for a couple of moments, head tilting back to meet the moonlight as she remembered it all even as she experienced it again. Across the shallow breakers that came towards her, a warm breeze sighed across the beach and through the cliffs behind her. The scent of the sea and the sand drifted on the evening breeze. With a delighted little laugh, she began to walk out from the beach, and the water became a chill darkness that was highlighted with diamonds of moonlight - lapping her thighs. When it reached her thighs, she bent over, cupped some water in her hands and raised it to her neck - let it pour down across her skin. It pearled as it went down, catching highlights from the distant torches, accentuating the rise and fall of her breasts, the soft curve of her gently toned abdomen. It tickled too much, so she surrendered to the false reality and soon to dived in - submerging herself in both body and memories of her lost home.

After a quick swim, Rihen Neyah began to walk back towards the beach and stretched, lifting hands up towards the moons. Allowing the dark and light both to caress the curves of her wet skin, the roll of her hip, her wet spikes of blonde hair, the line of her breast. Like the hands of a lover.

That was when she saw the Cardassian lying there at the edge of the rolling water, and her smile came easily - her blue and brown eyes warm as she looked upon the woman. "Hello there!" she called as she walked towards her, "Enjoying the sea? You didn't happen to see where I left my toga, did you?"

It was not like she was embarrassed. Not here. Not her. And certainly not upon the beach of her home.

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The Cardassian smiled softly, "Sorry but I can't seem to help you with that," she said seeing a pile of soaked white fabric in the distance on the shoreline though not caring to let the beautiful naked Risan in on what she saw.  And yes very much she said a gasp escaping her mouth as a particularly strong wave crashed into her body with enough force to push the cloth against every crevice of her woman hood leaving a very visible impression of every aspect of her womanhood through the cloth and leaving a dampness not from the simulated ocean starting to form under the cloth.  "maybe too much." she said as she fought every urge to reach her hand down and use her nimble fingers to relieve every ounce of temptation right there.

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With her back towards the sea and facing the Cardassian, Rihen Neyah watched her as she answered - her hands raised to run her fingers through her short, wet hair.

What she saw made her smile turn into a knowing one, and there was warmth in her eyes as she stepped closer to the Cardassian. Slowly, she sunk to her knees in the water, right before her, and she put her hands in her own lap - a position of shameless offer of servitude without it belittling herself. "The sea is a mighty patron indeed. On Risa, we love one another, but make not bonds of love that restrict your partner. We let love be a moving sea between the shores of all souls."

Rihen did not reach out to touch the Cardassian, but remained as she were, hands in her lap and the water upon her pearling and running down her skin. Yet her gaze was knowing of the Cardassian's plight, and she wanted to relieve her of it. For what better way to enjoy the sea than to enjoy it together?

"Do you seek jamaharon?" she asked quietly with her smile remaining, feeling like she was twenty years old again. She did not even know the woman's name, but it did not matter. She was clearly in need, and Rihen would readily do what she could to help her.

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The Cardassian smiled hearing her the words and even more so enjoying the teasing show from Rihen. "I can't say I know much about Risian culture other than what you just told me, but if it means, 'do I want some company?' then by all means I seek it!" she said excitedly looking to her new 'friend.'  "By the way, my name's Aisha S'iti;  can you tell me yours?" she asked in a near whispered voice.

She pulled herself off of the sand a bit of water dripping down her own body as bits of wet sand hung to her chest.  In a sultry crawl of sorts she closed the slight gap between herself and Rihen her whole body aching for attention as she embraced the woman.  Softly but longingly she planted her lips on the Risian's neck as she seemingly melted into her body wanting nothing more than to be pampered in every way that the Risian could offer.

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Watching the Cardassian sit up and move towards her with sinuous, snake-like motions made Rihen Neyah bite her lower lip while still smiling - mismatched eyes alight. She answered as Aisha drew closer, welcoming her into her embrace while on their knees in the water.

"I'm Neyah," she said by reflex, having used her last name when showing hospitality to visitors on Risa before she was exiled, "Rihen Neyah. And jamaharon is..."

She trailed off as their bodies met, and her lips pursed in a light gasp as the scaled and lovely woman kissed her neck. With her eyes fluttering shut, Rihen's arms rose to embrace Aisha - her wet undergarments cold against her, yet her body in contrast made so warm by the water. Cardassian's bodies were a delight to feel upon you, especially those who'd enjoyed the warm waters of the bay. "It is our sexual rite, where we make... you feel welcome... and let you enjoy yourself... in all ways our bodies might."

Rihen let her hands run up and down her newfound Cardassian lover's back - appreciating the exquisite texture of the scales of her skin. Their bodies fit well together, even as both their breasts were rather large and firm with needs. With the minute movements of their intimate embrace, their hardened peaks rubbed across each other - Aisha's still covered by wet textile.

Eventually, Rihen's exploring hands reached up cup Aisha's cheek and to pull her up from her delightful ministrations against her neck. Her mismatched eyes sought the Cardassian's for respectful yet wordless permission before she'd helped pull the sodden bra over her head.

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The Cardassian smiled hearing the words, "Such a wonderful tradition she said as their peaks rubbed against each other her own nipples hardening under the cloth.  She gasped feeling a brief jolt of pleasure as wet cloth grinded against supple flesh that ached to be out of it.  she felt the soft hand on her cheek and at first thought she was trying to move her so their lips would meet.  Instead she found Rihen's eyes meeting hers a look saying all that needed to be said as Aisha silently nodded her own arms lifting up to make it easier for her lover to remove the top from its tight grip on her aching chest that begged for attention.  The cloth held tight for a moment as it pulled upwards tugging on her chest.  the tug lifted her breasts like hands groping her forcefully before friction lost and the cloth slipped over tense nipples and over her head.

The left slipped first making a soft bounce as the right was halfway out pinched by the cloth a bit nipple on the edge as it grinded begging for release.  Before the lovely Neyah's hand tenderly slipped under the cloth for a brief second allowing the cloth to let go before her breasts settled into their unsupported shape.  "Thank you, but there's still something else to free."   she said softly her legs spreading in the embrace a bit wanting to join her in their bodies being totally free in being able to enjoy each other.

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A delighted chuckle bubbled up Rihen Neyah's throat at the sight of the Cardassian's bared breasts, and she literally took full appreciation of them by using her hands - fingers cupping them form beneath and molding them with gently rolling motions. Rihen bit her lower lip and made a content sound at the bottom of her throat at the feeling.

Yet Aisha wanted more; wanted her to remove her sodden panties as well, and to that Rihen had no objection. "Of course, lay back and let me handle everything..." she said, and by sealing her lips to Aisha's, her hands gently pushed and helped the scaled woman to again lie down at the edge of the water. The shallow breakers slapped against Rihen's butt cheeks as she lay down with the Cardassian, and she helped pull down the wet garment down her legs - freeing her sex to the evening air and the touch of the water.

Yet not only that, for the scent was there, and Rihen knew that Aisha wanted to partake in jamaharon sooner rather than later. Therefore, Rihen's playful grin broadened as she slid her hands up Aisha's inner thighs and pushed them a bit wider - baring her womanhood more plainly to the Risian's warm and sensual mien. With the thighs parted just so, Rihen leaned in and applied her mouth and tongue upon the Cardassian femininity - lapping at the slick folds and delving into the entrance of her sheath. So did also a thumb of hers soon enough... slowly pushing into the silken wetness repeatedly.

Just then, two humans - one tall and bearded and one short and very pale of hair and skin - walked in their direction on the beach. They were about to see what they were doing, yet Rihen did not cease what she was doing - merely her eyes rising to Aisha's to see whether or not her patron for the hour was comfortable being so exposed.

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Aisha gasped softly feeling Rihen's delicate fingers lovingly caressingthe firm but supple scales of her breasts gasping as her nipples hardened the scales being pushed to the limits of their flexibility as the soft sensitive underskin where scales met skin was sightly exposed  revealing cracks of pale green flesh under the lines of the edges of the scales--skin that was never exposed unless in these heightened periods of arousal.  let out a throaty moan as she felt a thumb graze over her peak feeling a surge of heat down below knowing she was on the edge of a foreplay induced climax.

Hearing her words aisha nodded and did as told laying back as asked as her partner did all the work pulling the undergarmets down exposing the  slightly puffy scaled labia around the thin slit between her legs already soaked in a colorless and clear coating of her own natural lubricant.  Her hands reached down as her lover spread the Cardassian's legs wider and her fingers reached to part her slit exposing a pale green flesh of her womanhood. A flesh that Rihen was soon tasting making Aisha reflexively reach a hand to the woman's head and press it into her,  "fuck!" she gasped. "fuck me with your tongue."  she groaned as her hips began reflexively grinding pushing her soaked sex against the other woman's lips begging that wonderful tongue to explore ever nook can cranny of her inner walls.

Soon her free hand was gripping the sand as she tossed her head back and forth in ecstasy. Having held out under the seas torment for so long, the expert tongue was driving her over the edge  she saw the two males but her eyes were already blurring as she shut them as she began to moan out in lust not caring who may be watching as her whole body began to shudder and a climax gripped her knowing that her lover was going to find out in seconds exactly what a Cardassian tasted like.

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Rihen Neyah had the distinct pleasure of indulging Aisha in jamaharon, pleasing her as best as she might with her mouth and her hands. For her fingers and palms roamed her warm scales and explored every nook and curve of her while her lips and tongue brought pleasure to her sacred womanhood.

That Aisha enjoyed Rihen's deft ministrations, her caresses and the thrust of her thumb into her womanly heat, that was obvious from the way she responded to her. She bucked and tossed her head, and Rihen smiled in elation for being able to satisfy the Cardassian, chuckling in delight as she looked up at the dark-haired woman's exotic face. She pressed the tip of her tongue firmly against the swollen nub of her clitoris, and her thumb ran along the roof of her slick passage. Her palm traversed the peaks of her heaving breasts - the soft scales tickling her hand as she ran her fingers across the dark, engorged nipples. The Cardassian's on-towards language was neither surprising nor unexpected, for Rihen had known reverends of distant worlds to shout obscenities as loud as they could before they completed jamaharon.

When Aisha S'Ithi did, Rihen gasped at the suddenness of the exotic woman's climax - at the liquids released into her mouth and wettening her chin and throat. With a open-lipped smile, she raised her head and looked upon her patron as she convulsed - her passage clamping down hard on her thumb as Rihen moved it - riding out the tide in order to not leave Aisha bereft of her expert touch when she most wanted it. Only when the sweet seizure ended did Rihen slip her thumb out of Aisha's sensitive area, climbing up to kiss her soothingly on the mouth while the waves rolled over their lower bodies - their breasts brushing together while Rihen comforted her happenstance lover in the afterglow.

"What have we here?" came a voice, and with a mischievous grin, Rihen looked up at the speaker - a large, bearded man of his mid thirties. His lean and tall frame looked like it was carved out of stone, and he merely wore long, black shorts and sandals. He was looking at her and Aisha, and it seemed like he liked what he saw. This, despite the fact that he had his brawny arm around the waist of a young man with white hair and pale skin. They were both handsome in their own ways, and yet widely different. It was like seeing a Klingon and a Vulcan next to each other, yet they both wore the horga'hn pendants. It was almost the only thing they had in common.

Furthermore, it seemed like they both knew Aisha, since the bearded one added a second comment. "I did not know you liked women too, S'Ithi."

The shorter man with white hair also wore white and baggy linen trousers, adding very little colour to him in the moonlight. He did not seem shy, exactly, but analytical in his stare upon her and Aisha where they lay in the sand, so Rihen stood up to introduce herself. Somehow, despite being undressed, she greeted them as if she wore a dress fit for court - her upbringing asserting itself easily. "I am Rihen Neyah, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"Cale, but most call me Winterbourne," said the younger one, a faint smile touching his lips. He nodded towards his rough partner. "This is Riptor. I honestly do not know his real name."

"Arfast Haglund, if it pleases you," said the large man mock-ceremoniously, grinning with hunger at the two women before him.

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Aisha moaned softly into the kiss, cream still dripping from her slippery cunt as she recovered, "There's a lot of things you don't know about me Rip.  Course, how could I expect a glorified shuttle pilot to be able to know everything about a real helmsman." she said bringing up a little inside joke that she had with the tac-conns whom she had "gotten to know."  Of course there was always some witty retort.  Still it wasn't like she didn't get along with the other branch of pilots.  Hell, there was that one time she volunteered to be the entertainment for Phantom's birthday party and by the end of it she had made a couple new friends.  Still the light insults at the diminutiveness of their craft compared to the scale of the ship she piloted seemed one of the most fun ways to get them to prove that just cause their ship was small they weren't.  She genuinely smiled when she saw winter with him and laughed. 

Riptor grinned back at her, "Very funny S'iti. Least I ain't got to wait on some moron at tactical to be able handle every inch of what I have."

After he had gotten his retort in she laughed "Oh Rip, I thought the only reason you took me that time in the hangar was cause you wanted to brag about railing a cardie.  Guess by the looks of your company you know that it takes a real pilot to handle your stick."

She then looked to Cale an grinned happily,  "Awwww, I had thought after the fun we had that I may have turned you strait on accident."  she smiled as she ran a scaled hand over her partner's perfect rump and her other hand gently caressed a breast giving it a gentle squeeze.  "You two boys care to join us.  I'd be sure to make it worth both of your whiles.  Preferably at the same time."  she said grinning, relishing the fantasy of being sandwiched between the two men--and hopefully her new friend also making use of her body to for that matter.

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With an intrigued smile, Rihen looked down towards her patron when she spoke to the two - pilots, evidently - that had come to join them by the edge of the water. Aisha caressed her behind and her chest as she made her offer to the male companions that had joined them, and Rihen had to admit that she also wished to partake in the ritual, eyes closing briefly and a sound escaping her when she was being touched that way. She opened her mismatched eyes to see the two men when they replied.

Riptor was grinning and his glance towards Winterbourne was not that of seeking permission, but rather a silent query about whether or not the younger man cared to indulge in the idea to enjoy the company of the women as well. Winterbourne, young as he was, might have been more eager, yet he was more curious and investigative about it when he answered. His tone suggested that he looked forward to the marvel of the experience rather than the sexual nature of it. "I do not think we'll be so rude as to leave you wanting, and how could such an invitation be refused when so pleasingly presented?"

Laughing, Riptor added. "Presentation? Yeah, these do look appetising, don't they?" he said and let the way over to the two women - closing the last distance before sinking to their knees in their company. Riptor removed his arm from Winterbourne's waist in order to help Aisha up from her prone position - leaving all four of them on their knees as the caresses started.

"I heard specific desire," whispered Rihen as the one called Riptor slid his fingers down between her legs - making her gasp while her own hands explored Winterbourne's neck and shoulders. She looked towards Aisha with a generous smile as she was being touched. "Do you want them both? Then it would give me pleasure to allow you this fantasy."

Her hands ran down Winterbourne's body, and with a gentle motion, Rihen slid his white linen trousers down from his hips - baring a quickening arousal to the evening air. Her hetereochromatic eyes drank in the sight of the extraordinary human with the pale complexion before she urged him to move behind Aisha with caressing touches. The young man was not object to this, and ran his arms around the Cardassian woman from behind - hands coming to palm her nipples while he kissed the nape of her neck.

Behind Rihen, Riptor was taking great interest in her damp sex and her breasts, and she leaned back against his shoulder to enjoy his exploring hands. Yet she spoke to him still while his fingers slipped through her dewy folds. "Aisha needs you too," she said, and gently took his hand from her breast and placed his hard fingers against the Cardassian woman's full lips. "She wants you close... I think she would like a kiss... and this..."

With her other hand, she reached behind her... to slip her fingers down his dark shorts and around his hardness - stroking it to full readiness.

Her own desires were secondary, generous as she was as a lover.

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OOC:  Sorry for not replying in so long, its near finals time and I have a friend that i am still helping in a couple classes.  that and writers block kinda reared its ugly head too.

Aisha smiled seeing how things were developing.  "Two specimens of such wonderful manhood to share.  And I wouldn't dare deprive you of your share of the pleasures of our company."  She eagerly grasped at  the hands now caressing her scaled cups holding them close to her body urging him on.  She felt her nipple rubbing against the skin of his eager hands and her neck craned as she felt the touch of lips against it gasping out as she let out a soft moan.

As she heard Rihen's words to the Whiteshirt the words began to become a blur to her as she soaked in the other sensations. She felt his fingers press against her full lips.  Without thinking her mouth opened and she kissed the fingers.  Slowly she began sliding her tongue around them before she began to suck on his fingertips before allowing them to slide into her mouth.  She soon began to softly suck on the fingers teasing him with what her mouth had to offer something else of his.

As the Cardasian reflexively began to suck Winterborne was still busy with the rest of her scaled body. Eagerly suckling at her neck and caressing her bosom.  Sill there was more he could offer her and his hand began to wander down the scaled abdomen to beetwen her legs.  Within seconds the Cardassian had slipped from her kneeling position and the teased fellatio she had preformed on Riptor's now saliva slick fingers was over.  Though by the look of aching on her face she seemed all too disappointing to not have something filling her mouth at the moment.  She was now leaned back into the fellow helmsman legs spread as fingers began to work in and out of her cavern her body exposed in full to the other two providing a tempting display of a Cardassian wanting nothing but to be on the receiving end of whatever the others could offer.

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Seeing how Aisha leaned back against the white-haired younger human and spreading her legs for his fingers, the Cardassian's obvious pleasure was also Rihen Neyah's, as she was delighted to see her patron revel in the attention she was getting from the man.

Yet when the calloused fingers of the muscle-corded man that knelt behind her were released from Aisha's mouth, Rihen immediately felt them leave a trail of saliva down her hip and into her own sex. Her breath hitched, and her smiling lips pursed in a moan at the feeling of his hand kneading her slick heat. His beard tickled her neck and his free hand pinched one of her aching nipples, yet she rewarded his rigid arousal with the grip of her hand. Personally, she wanted lean forward and put her hands in the fine sand instead, so that he could use that phallus and slide it into her. He was large and filled with need, and she was wet with greedy desire.

Yet her pleasure was secondary to Aisha's, so she turned around to face him, still stroking his arousal, yet she brushed her free hand over his face in the moonlight. "Please," she said and she slipped behind Riptor, making Aisha the only woman in his field of vision, "she wants you so much. Don't keep her waiting..."

He said nothing, mesmerised by the sight. Rihen helped him pull down his black boxers, and his magnificent arousal sprang free. She held it for him as she incited him with her whispered words and with her breasts pressing against his broad back. "I think she wants to taste you. Why don't you let her?"

So Riptor stood tall soon enough, and Rihen grinned in elation where she remained on her knees. Between the large man's legs, she saw Aisha writhing in response to the fingers buried in her crotch. Riptor took that step confidently and lay his heavy cock across Aisha's face in invitation. Yet she was no quicker than Winterbourne, who reached across the Cardassian's scaled neck with his free hand and brought the hardness into his own mouth - fellating his male lover from behind Aisha. Yet Winterbourne was not greedy, wordlessly passing the delightful male organ to Aisha's lips soon enough.

Off to Rihen's side, a large shadow drew closer.

It drew her attention from the display of the jamaharon taking place on the beach, and she saw that it was a Klingon with a shaved head and a beard. He was dressed in a loose black robe native to his people, and in his large hand he held Rihen's toga. Yet it hung forgotten in his fist since he stared upon the three lovers in the sand - whatever words he might have had to Rihen lost by the distraction. With a small laugh bubbling out of her throat, Rihen got to her feet and walked over to the Klingon. "Thank you graciously for finding that for me," she said with a blinding smile, stepping close to the warrior that had arrived. She was entirely unconcerned about her undressed state, knowing Klingon's were not entirely comfortable with intimacy yet hoping her warm and soothing demeanour wouldn't startle him. She accepted her white toga and tilted her head at the male in query, laying a hand against his hard and wide chest. "I remember seeing you carrying wounded into Sickbay the other day. Your name is Zaraq, isn't it? Starfleet Security or whatever you call it? So... Is there any way I can help you enjoy the Festival more?"

Rihen turned her mismatched eyes to the three people enjoying themselves in the sand, grinning at the sight. "Do you know them?"

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The Klingon shrugged, "Not really other than where they work and their duties.  Don't really have a clue on any but the one with the scales and that's because Cardassians in the Federation are a bit of a rarity." 

The Cardassian he was speaking of was busy in her own ways just having been passed the shared cock she eagerly licked it from base to tip before beginning to softly suck on the head.

The Klingon looked around a bit, then returned his gaze to the Risian.  "I guess you could say you could aid me in enjoying this festival.  That is if you can handle it."  He said roughly to her as he glanced over at the Cardassian who by now had forgone the teasing and was eagerly accepting every inch as she bobbed her head around the shaft that easily slid deep into her awaiting throat.

 Unlike Winterborne she was far less willing to give up her treat and a groan of disappointment could be heard as he pulled from the depths of her throat with a loud slurp noise and shoved it balls deep down Winter's eager throat.

Not to be out done and left wanting more Aisha began to lick and suck on Riptor's sack eagerly caressing the other ball as she sucked on one.   Between sucks she looked to Winterborne and smirked.  "I was supposed to be getting two cocks, not him getting two eager throats.  You owe me a good spitroating for this."

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Behind Aisha, Winterbourne craned his neck to reach in his fellation of Riptor, yet when his Cardassian counterpart on the Harbinger asked for his attention, he pulled back and left Riptor entirely to Aisha's devices.

"Your wish is my command, m'lady," he said with a smile on his pale features, his formality jocular given the circumstances. After Rihen Neyah had pulled down his white linen trousers a couple of minutes ago, Winterbourne's erection had come to press harder against Aisha's back in time with it growing. So when he shuffled back a step and ran his hands over Aisha's sides and her hips, he was more than ready for her. He grabbed his own base and rubbed his swollen head in the warm juices in the apex of her legs. He made her bend forward, Riptor firmly pressing his hardness past Aisha's lips, and then Cale squirmed his thick male organ into the Cardassian's scaled sex - slick and readied by his fingers and her session with the present Risian on the beach.

On her part - having watched her patron finally be joined with one of the males - Rihen sighed in contentment while her hand caressed the Klingon's hard chest. It was not just the contentment of Aisha that made her sigh in bliss, but the feeling of the homeward breeze on her face in the moonlight. The wind carried the tiniest droplets of seawater imaginable, giving her the familiar yet long lost prickle to her skin. It felt like standing in a cloud healing mist, where her worries faded away. She missed Suraya Bay, and nothing in the Galaxy could compare to the moons shining down into the ocean on a cloudless night.

"Well," said Rihen coyly where she stood before the Klingon that had arrived, and she turned her mismatched eyes back to look upon him with a playful grin, "I am quite familiar with the pleasures of Klingon..." She trailed off and opened the knot on the side of his black robe. Her exotic ritual of undressing him would seem so seamless and sensual - slow motions baring his chest, shoulders and arms in a fluid movement of rustling textile. There was not an ounce of fat to the Klingon's body, with muscles roping his arms and rippling across his torso with every movement he made. Rihen gasped in appreciation to the close look upon him, and ran her palms down his chest and corrugated abdomen.

"Admittedly," she said with a tinge of regret as her fingertips reached the hem of his native black breeches, "Klingon often think me too... peaceful in in my performance of the Jamahron, Zaraq, so I do not think I am the best patron for you this evening." While she spoke she unfastened his belt buckle and opened the garment up - seeing what awaited her down in the darkness of his breeches. "Oh..."

She reached down and produced the thick organ that the Klingon hid - fat with need and ridged along the top of its length. "Oh..." she said again as she held it in her hand, touching her own lips as she moved her fingers along the monstrosity. "I think my patron would really enjoy this, but may I please prepare you for her... without fighting you?"

With a mischievous grin, Rihen sank down on her knees in the sand, gently rubbing her fingertips along the ridged Klingon phallus, and if he allowed her to, she would perform the fellatio as best as her lips would reach around it - softly bringing it to full life with her expert touch.

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The Klingon grinned hearing her awe as she beheld his organ, "I wont force you to fight... as long as you don't put up any resistance.  Resistance can be fun in choosing a mate.  I'm not looking for a mate though.  Besides sometimes a willing fucktoy can be just as enjoyable."  He said with a wicked grin.  "Now be a good Risian slut and do your best to swallow it."  he said pressing the head against her lips knowing it would be a bit difficult to fit its entirety into her mouth but also knowing stretching out her throat with his massive ridged cock would probably be an experience he or her would not soon forget.

Aisha meanwhile gasped feeling the human meat she had experienced before sliding back into her scaled cavern recalling how well Winter's cock fit within her.  And Riptor, god damn that cock was so wonderful.  Each bob of her head made her moan as she felt his glans roughly slide against her throat making her partially gag.  She loved the feeling as each pound from one end forced her deeper within the other.  Her eyes went wide on the rere occasions when the thrusts lined up and she felt herself being impaled fully by both cocks, feeling her throat stretching to accommodate Riptor as Winter's cock roughly pushed against her cervix pushing it aside and stretching out the back walls of her reptilian pussy. 

If it hadn't been for the cock piercing her throat she would be moaning out like a whore begging for more and more.  Instead the moans were muffled against the cock stuffing her throat sending vibrations against it as she felt each her body being plunged with each thrust and buck.  The Cardassian was in pure ecstasy as she felt her walls begin to quake and clench around the human member realizing that the double penetration was bringing her to a climax far earlier than she could have anticipated and praying that her climax would not deter then from keeping on with her using her as their shared play pet.

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While Rihen Neyah was more than skilled at performing the fellatio, her patrons having varied in origin and size during her years at the circus and entertaining in the real Suraya Bay, she was still taken by surprise when the Klingon abruptly pressed his ridged length past her full lips. A muffled sound escaped her and she grabbed a hold of his buttocks when his semi-hard flesh filled her mouth completely and slid down her tongue. Yet practice helped her control her gag reflex, her native sense of generosity forestalling any kind of protest, and the taste of Klingon filled her head with primal urge to please the beast of a male that had found her toga.

It was not a duty to perform in pleasing him, accepting as much as she could of him. No, it was her enjoyment that he would be pleased if she did, so Rihen would. Her grip remaining, she ran her lips back along his ridges - coming out glistening with her saliva - only to take him in again. Repeatedly, she slid her mouth back and forth along his hardening organ - the tip pressing down into her throat at intervals when she held her breath. She even left it down there, feeling his pubic hair tickle her face as she moaned gutturally - reverberating around his hard yet sensitive head. When she could, she looked up at him to make sure he enjoyed it, finding enjoyment where he would. She was grateful that neither of them had long hair so that she could make out his face better in the binary moonlight.

Behind Rihen, she heard one of the humans - the pale one - cry out in surprise. Perhaps Aisha S'Ithi came around him and sent him over the edge. Intrigued, Rihen pulled back and released the Klingon cock from her mouth in order to make a quick glance over her shoulder. She had to use both hands to rub Zaraq while she discerned how both her Cardassian patron and the one named Winterbourne came, first one and then the other - the first likely triggering the other.

"Come here," said the one named Riptor to Aisha suddenly, sitting down in the sand and pulling his rigid cock away from the Cardassian's mouth. Tall and lean, he pulled the Helmswoman into his lap, facing her. Without ceremony, he brought her still quivering sheath down unto himself. Behind her, Winterbourne had fallen back in the euphoria of his climax - splayed out in the sand with the aftershocks still running through him. He propped himself up on his elbows to watch his friend kiss the Cardassian woman as he ground her down upon his hardness with his arms.

The bearded human soon lay back though, letting Aisha ride him as the shallow breakers rolled in below their heaving bodies. Meanwhile, Winterbourne had begun to eye the new guest, seemingly enjoying the sight of Zaraq and what Rihen was doing. It did not take long before he got up and joined Rihen, giving her a breathless kiss before they began to service Zaraq with combined efforts - a quick glance to the shaven Klingon made first to make sure he approved before he got close.

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The Klingon growled lustily as he felt the Risan taking him fully with no protest.  Every movement she made was utter pleasure to him as he ran his rough hands over her head helping her in her sucking as he pulled her head in towards him impaling her throat with his ridged member.  Looking down he couldn't help but smile seeing those eager eyes of hers looking up at him.

Aisha couldn't help but moan out as best as she could as she climaxed.  It wasn't the climax itself that set her into a fit of moans but the heat flooding into her body as she brought Winterborne to climax.  She could never get enough of that feeling of fully warm blooded male's seed heating her at her core as it flooded her walls.  As Winter fell back she was met by a combination of surprise and ecstasy as her mouth was freed and she felt herself forcibly grabbed and positioned.  She moaned out in bliss as her quivering scaled cunt, still sensitive from the recent climax, was slammed down on Riptor's hard cock before he kissed her eagerly.  As she felt him forcefully ravaging her inner walls her eyes rolled back as she let out loud whimper like moan. With each thrust her whimpers through the kiss were weaker and more helpless sounding, but no less pleasure filled.  Her end of the kiss was far less active her tongue loose as she was being driven to a numb state of relaxation and pleasure as she was fucked silly to the point of another climax so soon after the one before. She making her whimper in the kiss in a exhausted but pleasure filled way before practically collapsed against Riptor's body her hips still moving on their own as combined juices began to leak from Aisha's inner walls and down between Riptor's legs coating his balls with a mix of Cardasian pussy juices and human seed.

Zaraq looked up at the human approaching enjoying the double hand job that The Risian was giving him his first instinct was to tell him to go away after finishing his kiss with the her having no interest in males of any species.  Still there was something about him perhaps it was curiosity but the way he looked so submissive so eager to serve made him grin in a devilish way.  Perhaps he would let the human have a bit of fun after all he seemed to have shown the Cardassian girl a good enough time.  Instead the Klingon said noting but didn't act annoyed at the male as he neared.  He perhaps would let himself experiment a little and find out if there was really any difference in how it felt to be inside either gender.

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Winterbourne had sunk to his knees in the sand next to Rihen Neyah and kissed her, one arm running around her waist as he did. She had grinning to him when their lips parted, and then they turned their combined attention to the Klingon Security Officer that had come to visit upon them by the edge of the water.

At first, they took turns, slipping the thick organ into each other's eager mouths and rubbing the base of the length when the other one had it in his or her mouth. Yet they did not only lick the ridges and swirl their tongues around Zaraq, for they both had one hand over for each other as well. So while Winterbourne slid his hand down the curve of Rihen's derriere and began to stroke her sex from behind her back, the Risian would not let him get away without doing something of the kind to him. Indeed, she ran her hand down his pale posterior and began to rub his puckered sphincter. Winterbourne grunted around Zaraq's girth when she did, arching his back against her hand, and Rihen giggled in elation that the Theurgy's helmsman liked it.

On her own part, Winterbourne's fingers caused her to long for more. Yet she was not being selfish, rather letting Winterbourne get what he wanted than allow herself the pleasure she sought. Since Zaraq did not object to Winterbourne servicing him, Rihen hoped to let them indulge themselves in something a bit less ordinary, thinking that she could only give them both the usual experience of Jamaharon with a female partner, while the two males may just find something more extraordinary together. So when Zaraq was as hard as he would ever get, Rihen pulled away from the Klingon slowly stepping backwards.

"Come," she whispered to Winterbourne, running two fingertips along his jaw as she slid away... and then lay down in the sand on her back. She spread her legs for the pale youth, using a hand to part her labia in invitation for him. "Please, taste me... I long for your tongue..."

So Winterbourne glanced towards Zaraq, eyes lighting up in understanding, and made sure to give the Klingon the depth of his throat one last time before he also withdrew... turning around getting down on all fours in the sand. He laid his mouth to Rihen's slick sex and she moaned in gratification, seeing how Winterbourne had set his knees wide in the sand in invitation for Zaraq.

Next to Rihen, Riptor may have spent himself inside Aisha while she was on top of him, yet that did not stop him from rolling over on top of her, treating her Cardassian body with his lips, tongue and hands until the point where he would harden once more. In the end, he did as Winterbourne, giving Aisha the cunnilingus in the sand.

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Zaraq couldn't help but enjoy the sensations of the two eager mouths realizing there was indeed hardly any difference even nearly being driven to an orgasm at that last deep suck from Winterborne as he graciously allowed the thick ridged cock to enter the depths of his eager throat.  He was far from displeased when he saw the Risian's plans come to fruition.  He couldn't help but grin as he saw her open her slick tunnel up for the human as he got on all fours presenting himself fully to the Klingon man.  The Klingon approached and ran a hand over the Humans pale almost effeminate rear as he lined himself up.  His thick shaft gleamed with saliva as he pressed the head against the human's sphincter before plunging deep into the young man causing a long groaning moan to escape him as his tongue explored the Risian cavern.

Aisha glanced to see the other three in their carnal exploration while she had her break.  A break that was short lived as she found herself on bottom again this time feeling his tender touch and kiss gracing her all over.  He tasted and touched her every surface causing her to faintly moan out soft whispers begging for his tongue to grace somewhere far more intimate.  She soon got her wish as he moved down and softly parted her legs tasting her for the first time.  Feeling his tongue as he frenched her depths she softly groaned gripping at the sand as her hips began to move on their own softly moving up and down against his tongue a sharp moan escaping with each time his tongue grazed her clitoris causing her to tense up on the edge of another climax.

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Winterbourne had never experienced such ridges that Zaraq wore, such that caused reverberations through his prostate gland when the Klingon's slick hardness pushed inside him. There had been a bit of pain at first, but Riptor was was almost as large as the Klingon, so Cale had no trouble accommodating the Master-of-Arms. He groaned as his mouth was filled with the taste of Rihen Neyah, her fragrant sex slick and quivering in answer, yet what dominated his existence was Zaraq as he seized his hips and began to move - his corrugated girth sawing into his ass.

"Ah!" he gasped, lifting his lips from the Risian to catch his breath. The uncompromising friction against his prostate set his whole nervous system ablaze, and he began to push back against Zaraq, falling into rhythm with him. He used the momentum to lick Neyah too, and she was caressing herself all over in pleasure - her throat bared to the twin moons as she panted. The whole experience, the sensations and sights, served to make Cale hard. His pale phallus swayed with the Klingon's thrusts into him. His eyes rolled on the waves of pleasure, and his fingers held on to Neyah's pelvis for dear life where he lay - his hips seized by Zaraq's massive hands.

In short order, Rihen came against his mouth, cupping her breasts in her hands as she did and crying out to the nocturnal sky. Winterbourne was not sure how he had managed to satisfy her enough when being at the mercy of Zaraq, yet somehow his flicking tongue had sent her over the edge. She shuddered in the aftershocks still while she crawled back from Cale - leaving him on all fours and glancing back towards the Klingon that made him feel better than anyone done before.

"Come, dear," said Rihen to Aisha, grinning to Riptor as well before urging her patron to either be in front of Winterbourne or crawl in below him to lay on her back, "The Helmsman would feel even better if he was inside you too, wouldn't he?"

Glancing to the side, Winterbourne saw Rihen kiss Riptor thuroughly, caressing his upper body with her expert hands. The pilot was quickening in short order, soon ready once more. "Here, let them both taste you," said the Risian in delight and led him over to stand in front of Winterbourne and Aisha - his hardening manhood right before Winterbourne's Aisha's head. So while Aisha got in  place, Winterbourne stole the first lick off the bearded pilot's cock.

Rihen appeared to take on a spectator's role, grinning as she was sprawled out in the sand to watch the foursome by the edge of the water.

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Aisha grinned getting an idea as she slipped under Winterborne's body and seized hold of the swaying cock.  Each thrust from the Klingon forced the cock to move slightly in her hand.  "I know exactly what I want Ensign." she said being under him as his asshole was being pounded roughly by Zaraq's powerful thrusts. 

She gave a darkly playful grin as she felt how close he was to climax from the prostate stimulation alone. She bent over, herself positioning her eager asshole in front of the ensign's cock before reaching back and fingering her soaked cunt.  Then, using her own cream as a lube to give him a nice slick hole to slide into.  With the next thrust, which Zaraq was waiting to give, Aisha pushed her hips up and practically lifted part of Cale's weight onto her back. She howled in bliss as her asshole was impaled by the Ensign's cock. 

Of course hers wasn't the only voice. The ensign let out a moan of feeling completely wrecked inside as there was so much less room for him to move as he was fucked now.  The cock was stretching his colon to its limits as Aisha's tight anus firmly gripped the ensign's cock.  She grinned almost evilly as she looked to Riptor.  Even though her head was oh so close to being within reach of sucking on the bearded pilot's cock she had a better idea as she let the ensign take the first licks.  She smirked.  "Looks like he wants it.  No reason for me to steal the pleasure away from him."

Riptor obliged, hilting his cock within Winterborne's eager throat.  He was being skewered on both sides now impaled by a thick ridged Klingon pike and Riptor's manhood forcing back and forth down his throat.  Even more sensations flooded him as his own meat was planted firmly within Aisha and was forced back and forth from the frictions and thrusts of both of the "attackers" at his front and rear.  

Muffled cries of ecstasy escaped Winterborne as he was driven to the edge.  Aisha grinned looking back as she felt her insides being warmed by hot human cum as she felt the other two push deeply into Winterborne's body from both sides cumming as well filling him from both ends with their own white hot fluids. 

The two males Lodged within Winterborne slowly pulled out but weren't fully done  as they each gave Winterborne a bit extra each taking time to rub one out on the now ensign's ass and face before Aisha unceremoniously pulled away and let him fall to the sand in a heap of cum covered bliss.

"I hope you don't mind helping him recover a bit, but I will be needing him again for something in a while." she said almost talking as if she owned the youth.  She then looked up at the Klingon and smiled eagerly.  "Looks like you've got me all to yourself." she said with a delighted smile already eager for another round hoping the Klingon would share with her that ridged cock as well.

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Zaraq watched Winterbourne fall to the sands with a sense of deep satisfaction, as if he had just felled a targ while hunting in the wilderness of his home planet. The experience with the male human had been rewarding, and even if he did not imagine himself accepting to the same experience that Winterbourne had recieved, he would probably not be disinclined to enjoy another male youth like him in the future.

The words of the Cardassian drew Zaraq's eye, chest heaving from the release, and it seemed the woman at the helm of the Harbinger was insatiable - having seen her enjoy the attentions of both the other males on the beach since he arrived. A fine challenge, he thought and stepped to the woman, who remained down on the sand after she had let the pale human roll off her back. "Make it worth my while, Chief S'Ithi," he said and grabbed her shoulder, turning her around and making sure she was on her knees when he presented his glistening semi-hard organ to her face. He used his other hand to stroke the length, and to pat her face with the thick crown. He wanted to female to know just what it was that she'd get herself into, or rather, what she would get onto.

Riptor sat in the sand, catching his breath as he watched the Klingon present his ridged phallus to Aisha, undoubtedly seeing the opportunity to get up and take the Cardassian from behind as soon as the Klingon had her impaled on that monstrosity. As soon as he was ready, that was. He glanced up when he felt a hand running through his hair, seeing Rihen Neyah stand above him in the moonlight. She had donned her white toga while no one was looking.

"I have the event of tonight to tend to, so I am afraid I can't stay much longer," she said to him, and he grunted in reply to the Risian - mind quite blank in regard to a reply in the wake of the escapades so far. Winterbourne did not seem to acknowledge that she meant to leave, not having moved yet.

Rihen stepped to the Klingon and Cardassian next, giving them both a blinding grin in observation of what they were doing, or rather what her patron was doing to the Master-of-Arms to prepare him. She leaned down to kiss Aisha's head and then to kiss the chest of the Klingon. "Make sure to continue enjoying the night," she said in a rueful tone, "I might return later on if I can pull myself away from the arrangements. May Lohlunat  give you all the bliss you deserve."

Then she stepped away, heading away from the beach with a joyful smile on her face.

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she stared at the organ never had she been with a klingon before though now she knew she would want to be with one again as she eyed the beautiful monster that had softly slapped her right cheek. and now rested against the side of her nose.  Eagerly she began to lick along the side savoring the texture and taste of the klingon.  she reached her tongue out and soon was licking the head he was stroking before looking up into the klingons eyes before opening her mouth wide her tongue out as a perfect lending strip for him to slide in to her mouth on.

From behind Riptor could see she was slick with dew as she leaned forwards a bit now placing herself on all fours as she looked up at the klingon giving him an angle to plunge into her throat as both of her rear holes were exposed for Riptor to use however he wanted pretending she didn't see him behind her though the way she spread her legs made it obvious she knew someone was back there and waiting for the perfect opportunity to skewer her from the rear.

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Zaraq was not going to remain idle when the Cardassian female was so inviting, so he grabbed her silken, dark hair with his fist and pushed his semi-hard member past her open lips. His ridges scraped at the roof of her mouth and her teeth, yet that did not deter him the least. In fact, it only added upon the experience.

He noticed that she arranged herself for a second lover, getting on all fours in the sand - the shallow breakers washing over her hands and knees. Behind her, Zaraq saw Riptor watching the Cardassian as she presented her sex to him. He might have been weary, the Klingon thought, yet it seemed he was still perfectly able to appreciate what he saw. On his own end, he found Aisha Siti' welcoming him shallowly into her throat, so he took the opportunity to oblige her. At that point, Riptor did get up...

"You are really pining for it, aren't you?" the human said and ran a hand down his beard as he stepped closer. For a human, he looked strong, and he did not show much compunction about taking what he desired. Thus, after s quick amount of time, the human seized Aisha's hips and pushed himself inside her sex - falling into the rhythm that Zaraq had started almost seamlessly.

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