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CHAPTER 01: Aquatic Denominator [0800 hrs.]

CHAPTER 01: "Aquatic Denominator"

[ USS Theurgy | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 | 0800 hrs. ] Attn: Cathreen Dawinter, Searcher, Nolan (and Brutus)

Yesterday had been... interesting.

First Theta Eridani IV, then Task Force Archeron, followed the old Chief of Security returning from the dead and an alien spy in their midst. To top it off, Captain Ives had come down to discuss the suggested treatment of Sarresh Morali. The present Medical Officers had run into complications with the original plan, and were left with a single option. An option that did not sit too well with their dear, bleeding heart Captain once Lucan told him. The bloody Chameloid should have been in awe to what they were about to do as far as the Chief Medical Officer was concerned. After all, it had been Ives who had forced their arm in coming up with a treatment plan.

Well, perhaps it had something to do with me postponing to tell him the tiny little fact that I had an alien visiting my office. Lucan smiled on the inside as he stood over Sar-unga, who had been drained for two hours already - writhing a bit in the sweet agony he was giving her. He stood there, holding her hand while a robotic arm unit attached to the ceiling held the draining muzzle against her back. She was on a diagnostics table, face down, and Lucan had made sure one of the nurses got her a pillow to rest her head against - allowing her to scream as much as she liked. Lucan was there by her side, making the usual stupid sounds of comfort while he thought of the exchange with the Captain the day before...

"Are you saying you cannot restore him as Ash'reem?" Ives asked, being in her female form. "Instead, you are not only going to treat all his injuries, but you are also going to turn him human? Why?" She was looking sternly across the stasis unit upon the biobed, yet Lucan calmly gestured with his tattooed hands as he spoke.

"Because Ash'reem DNA is not compatible enough with the Velsren sac," Lucan said, pale eyes still where he stood. "The cells rebuild only to a minor degree, meaning that we would need to drain fifteen bags from Sar-unga in order to achieve the level of tissue restoration needed for him to survive. Did I mention how painful the procedure is to Asurians? She will not make it through that. She would die to make Sarresh truly himself again, and the only alternative is that we wait for days, weeks, between each time we drain the fluid from her sac. This is not the time we have if we want the patient on his feet before the Calamity manage to find us again."

"I see," said Ives and nodded, yet her whole body language screamed that she was still concerned, "Not taking into account the kind of psychological trauma Lieutenant Morali might go through upon waking up, how are you possibly going to make the ...'blank cells' restore him into a human instead? Would the fluid not try to restore the Ash'reem DNA anyway?"

"By the same means Sar-unga was able to walk in out midst, Captain," Lucan answered, pacing the circular area as he spoke, "As it happens, while Asurian and Ash'reem are nothing alike... the resemblance between Asurian and Human DNA is equidistant to the resemblance between Human and Ash'reem."

There was a pause while Ives considered what was said. "Forgive me if I find that hard to believe, doctor." She folded her arms underneath her breasts. "How can that be possible, especially when we are unlike enough to cause those cells to behave differently?"

Spreading his hands as he walked, Lucan smiled. "Have you ever heard of the Aquatic Ape Theory?"

A frown. "Yes, it entails that before humans walked on land on Earth, their humanoid ancestors lived in the water. This would explain their lack of hair among other things."

"Yes," said Lucan and chuckled, "Now I believe, through our comparative tests today, that it was more than just a 'theory', Captain."

Turning his head away from Sar-unga where she suffered at the end of the draining muzzle, Dr. Nicander looked towards Dr. Duv and to Eve, who were at the large view screen at the back of the office. They were both working with the readings from the biobed where upon Lieutenant Morali's stasis unit lay docked. Sorting. Mapping the patient's individual genome. The human genome was mapped before the 20th century, using far cruder technology than on their ship, and the Main Sickbay biobed was also fitted with a genetic resequencer.

"Do we have a match on human DNA that we can use?" asked Lucan as Nurse Maal passed by, both his hands holding one of Sar-unga's.

"Yes, doctor," said the young Klingon, "We were able to recover a perfect sample of Lieutenant Rennan Cooper's DNA. It has the best compatibility in terms of body structure and internal organ layout. Doctor Maya is preparing the human DNA for re-sequencing the patient's. The bio-data should be formatted according to your specifications shortly."

"Good, go see if Maya is ready. Tell her to come here with the sample once it has been prepared." After Maal left, Lucan turned his opaque eyes back to Sar-unga, still suffering the draining procedure. "One more bag, that's all." Then, his thoughts returned to the conversation with Captain Ives.

"The only way I can explain the method of the DNA resequencing to you, Captain, is if I compared it to basic numerology. Its nothing like that, but it will serve to illustrate how it will happen."

"Please do," said Jien where she stood, hands upon the stasis unit.

"Let's give Ash'reem DNA the number 150 for its complexity, and human DNA 100. Suppose that the lower the numbers are, the more primal - basic - the DNA becomes. Like an evolutionary timeline starting from zero," said Lucan pacing around the stasis unit as he explained using simplistic terms, "Then, you could easily grasp that at some point - some number - the two genomes are aligned. They might not always be, but given the Aquatic Ape Theory, we could isolate the lowest common denominator. Indeed, we have isolated the DNA - let's say number 17 for sake of reference - in which humans and Ash'reem were roughly alike as creatures. Then, we change the Ash'reem DNA all the way from 18 upwards. Every higher number is altered to the equivalent number in the human genome. As we do, we are making sure to not change anything we shouldn't in terms of the patient's mind."

"I see," said Jien, turning to face Nicander fully. "So when this is completed, you will pump him full of the fluids of the Velsren sac and make Sarresh heal on his own?"

"Yes, but there is no telling how much corrective surgery we have to do to help him recover fully. Time will tell, Captain. All we need is your approval."

There was a long silence before the Commanding Officer answered. "Do it. If this is the best way to give him a life worth living, then so be it."

Finally, after a long time of draining the Asurian, the robotic arm with its muzzle lifted from her back, the hydraulics announcing the ending of the spinal tap. Lucan quickly produced his medical tricorder. "It is done.... How are you feeling?"

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Yesterday had been hell. Still the unexpected first contact had went better then she had expected. At least she hadn't ended up in a holding cell like she had half expected. The meeting with Captain Ives had gone better then she thought it would have. She remained quite through most of it letting the Captain and Lucan speak. Her only request was to meet with him once she was better to discuses what this would mean for her service aboard the ship. As the procedure continued she was quickly reminded why her people hated and feared it. To be honest it hurt like hell. Her hand gripped his tightly finding little comfort in the comfort he was trying to offer her. When the needle had first entered her body it had taken everything she had not to scream or fight. That first insertion like many other things was the most painful. Her hands clenched the bed as she felt the procedure starting. She did have to give them credit they had followed her orders to the letter hooking up an I.V. To almost constantly feed a high nutrition source into her body. As the first hour went by she would let out small soft whimpers of discomfort as her tail continued moving back and forth softly. As it went on and on the pain continued growing and the only thing that would bring her even the slightest amount of comfort was her pain would help bring someone a better life. A life they wouldn't have a chance for if she didn't hurt. By the time the first hour was over her pale skin would already be covered in a thin layer of sweat and her vital signs would have dropped slightly. Not enough to cause worry but enough that it would be clear it was having an effect on her.

She could remember her heart dropping slightly when they had learned that Ash'reem DNA was not as compatible as they had hopped. Still if they would have asked her to give as much as was needed and told her it was for the good of the ship she would have done it with out a seconds hesitation. Another sharp piercing sting on pain flood through her body making her whimper loudly as her body wanted to curler up in pain but that was impossible considering the fact they where harvesting from her. As the second hour rolled around much to her displeasure she had found herself screaming near the end her training to resist pain had crumbled away leaving only a squirming, whimpering, screaming mess. More then a few times she had found herself biting the pillow to keep from screaming to loud. Her tail had started lashing back and forth in rapid primal movements.

"One more? Thats it? Oh come its been so much fun," she growled out between clenched teethe as her tail slowly stopped moving her body growing weaker and weaker with every passing moment. Finally when it was all over and she felt the muzzle lift from her body it was a relief feeling the pain finally ending. She was worn down to the point she was sure she wouldn't be able to walk. It was all she could do now to remain conscious. Between her shoulder blades a massive nasty looking bruise had already started to form and unlike before it would remain until her body started to heal on its own. That wouldn't be for a couple days at the best. When he asked how she was feeling she would only smirk softly. "I feel like I have been keelhauled for the last two hours," she whispered softly her eyes heavy as she fought to stay awake. Slowly her head turned and she couldn't help but groan feeling bruised and sore muscles resisting the movements. "When are you going to start on him?"she asked her voice just above a whisper. Her vital signs would be low and it would be clear that harvesting five bags where enough to put her close to the tipping point where it would require long term recovery. "I would like to stay and watch for a little. I,"Her words slowly died off as she slowly slipped away into unconsciousness.

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At that moment, Maya was in the medical lab analyzing the DNA sample from the late Rennan Cooper.  It was times like this she was thankful for her strict and traditional upbringing, for it allowed her to shut her emotions off entirely.  She ran computer simulation after computer simulation and made minute changes based on the projected results. 

She didn't approve of the procedure but with both the captain and the chief medical officer behind it there was almost no point complaining.  She filed a protest and sent it to the CMO where it was probably erased without being read just like all the other wordless protests she had made.  It seemed like a waste of time but she kept a copy for herself and there was always a chance that those records would result in less prison time when all this was over.  She made a mental note to add a verbal protest before they started the procedure in order to follow protocol. 

"Doctor Maya they're ready for you," Nurse Maal informed her.

"Very well, I will be right there," Maya nodded slowly and deliberately before daintily picking up the vial of genetic material and following the young Klingon to the operating theater. 

"The DNA sample is ready Doctor," the little Vulcan announced calmly as she handed Lucan the vial.  She then cleared her throat and clasped her arms behind her back before speaking in a professional, almost conversational tone.  "Doctor, I mean no disrespect but according to medical ethics I am compelled to protest this procedure.  Even if we are completely successful, the psychological trauma of being transformed into a member of a different species will be devastating to Lieutenant Morali.  It will undermine his very identity and could lead to a complete breakdown in his personality.  The fact is that we are completely rewriting his very identity and most intelligent beings just can't cope."  Her demeanor was misleading.  She spoke as if they were trying to decide what to serve in the mess hall, but the words she used illuminated exactly what they were going to do to the time traveling Ash'reem.

Maya didn't really expect her verbal protest to change anything.  This wasn't Lucan's call; he had been against keeping Sarresh alive in the first place.  No matter.  If Sarresh Morali didn't want his life saved he could always commit suicide, but the disruptive effect that would have on the crew would be disastrous.

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"When are you going to start on him? I would like to stay and watch for a little. I almost... feel.. like..."

As Lucan watched her vital signs, he saw her drifting off into unconciousness, so all he had time to say before she did, was to smile to her and thank her. "Rest assured that you have saved someone today, perhaps all of us. We will begin as soon as we can so rest now... Sar-unga Neleo."

When she was out, Lucan went to a small linen closet and brought a blanket. He laid it over the Asurian where she lay on the diagnostics table. Half of her back was covered along with her lower body, including the suggestively bared area above her tail. The thing inside Lucan wished to strip her bare and see what their species truly looked like, yet like all such notions, they were not exactly helpful in a public area... even if some were quite intriguing.

At that point, Doctor Maya appeared - handing him the vial containing Rennan Cooper's DNA.

"Thank you," he said turning to face the unusual Vulcan on his staff. Since she appeared to have something to say, he did not dismiss her, instead motioning for her to walk with him as he stepped towards the cryogenic stasis unit. What Maya said was hardly surprising, and since he had asked her for the refined DNA sample, she would naturally wish to point out her stance in the matter of the treatment they would perform. Coming to stand next to the stasis unit, Lucan smiled quietly and nodded once she had illustrated the potential consequences of the DNA resequencing they meant to perform.

"As you may have heard," he said in his exotic accent and took a deep breath - raking a tattooed hand through his long, dark hair. "I made a similar protest when Captain Ives ordered us to come up with a treatment plan for Lieutenant Morali. This was never ethical to begin with, but I actually think that - if we are successful - our patient will potentially have a full life with every chance to make a full recovery. The alternatives, where we would not use the Velsren sac and try to patch him together with donated internal bodyparts... grafting skin over his ruined body... that could only have turned out worse. We have no other Ash'reem aboard. The extent of the damage was too severe to just give him optical implants and wake him up. Were we to roll him onto the Bridge in a cart that would keep him alive? No, I agree with you compltely, he should have been allowed to die the man he were - critical mission importance or not."

Lucan shrugged in a gesture of defeat. "If it were not for Sar-unga's offer to help us, and the toll she was willing to take for these past hours in order to give Sarresh what we needed, we would be looking at a far more grim scenario... Something akin to patching together a monster from some decrepit holo vid. Like this, at least, we can chose a lesser evil. He has every chance to lead a worthy and dignified life. Counselling will have a field day with Morali when he wakes up, I am sure; struggling to help him to cope with his new existence. Yet still, I reckon we will be giving him the best possible prerequisites to live, feeling as whole as we can make him feel, and as we do, we might all be able to survive the Calamity."

Turning his eyes to Maya, he smiled to the Vulcan, not daring to hope for the smidgen of a smile in return. He suspected she did not like him because Câroon minds were not susceptible to telepathic or empathic abilities. "I have already received your written protest on this procedure, and it has been duly noted. I am pleased that you did rather than just let it be. It shows to me that despite all that we have been through, we still possess the ability to separate right from wrong."

Looking down into her big eyes, the sight made the parasite coil like a snake in his mind, and Lucan saw Maya looking at him with his cock in her mouth - his tattooed hands holding her severed head.

He blinked away the image, his face betraying nothing - quiet smile unfaltering. "Do you have any encouraging odds to tell me before we begin, doctor?" he asked the Vulcan, tilting his head where he stood before her.

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Maya stood before him with her head tilted to one side and her eyes wide open.  She believed this let the person speaking to her know she was listening to him, but reality it just made her look strange.  She blinked when she realized he was smiling at her, something very few people did.  Not only that, but he was tilting his head at same angle she was.  He was actually reaching out to form a momentary bond with her!

She frowned in concentration and her face twitched strangely as she struggled to recall the series of muscle movements necessary to smile back.  Previous experience had informed her that a smile was a sign of acceptance or an expression of positive feelings, and not a grimace or a predatory baring of teeth as she had first thought when she had first left Vulcan more than two centuries ago.  She had a little trouble.  How did Lucan make smiling look so easy?

After a heroic effort, she returned his smile; flashing a grin that one human had dubbed the 'Stepford Smile'.  When she had asked that human what he meant by that she had been informed that it was based off ancient tale about unnaturally perfect wives.  She had assumed that meant that a 'Stepford Wife' smile was perfect and saved them for special occasions.

As quickly as the grin appeared, it was gone.  She closed her eyes and gave her superior officer a respectful nod.  Despite the long hours and frustrating circumstances Doctor Nicander had managed to control his emotions as well as any Vulcan.  But unlike the people from Maya's planet, he was capable of rewarding his subordinates with a smile, even after receiving a protest they both knew was pointless.  It was obvious why despite his youth he was the chief medical officer, and Maya would follow his lead no matter what her reservations were.

"Strangely enough, our odds of success appear to be greater than 48.9 percent Doctor," she informed him as she opened her eyes and addressed him normally.  "Given the novelty of the procedure I did not expect our chances to be that high."  Even though it was impossible to read Lucan's thoughts or even the strongest of his emotions, Maya felt that she knew what they were both thinking.  Any reservations they had about the treatment were unnecessary since most likely it wouldn't work anyway.

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"Greater than 48,9 percent?" asked Lucan, sticking his tattooed hands in the pockets of his labcoat and considering this. "That would mean greater than 48,9 but less than 49, I take it? Specific enough I'd say if one might put all one's hopes in the odds of success, yet I am no fan of statistics limiting my success just because of the mistakes of others."

He winked at the Vulcan and walked away with the vial to a machine that would determine purity of the sample. "Oh, I know your estimation of odds is not limited to the efforts of other people, but based on mathematics and medical science. Still I would like to think that with this Velsren sac, and the tests we have conducted, modern medical science does not apply to the calculations. Perhaps even what kind of mathematics that may apply for the fluid remains an unknown varable, or at least unprecedented for our specific patient. However, this procedure we are undertaking is not exactly new in the regard of changing someone's appearence. It has been done thousands of times before, only this time, we will not do it so... superficially. Oh, speaking of which..."

Lucan snapped his fingers and rounded on Doctor Maya. He laid his tattooed hand on her shoulder. "Dermatiraelian plasticine!" It was a dermal regenerative agent used to after cosmetic surgery. "We may not have taken that into consideration for the final phase of the procedure after the effect of the Velsren sac has ceased to mend the patient. We should have some among or medical supplies, shouldn't we? The agent will need to be applied all over the patient to preserve his skin and outer flesh resilience, through direct application by hand if we do not have enough to submerge him in it..."

Considering this, Lucan returned his attention to the analysis of the vial, turning around and leaning over his desk and the apparatus there. "Would that not affect the odds as well?" he asked absently before he tapped his desk and straightened. "Perfect sample, doctor, well done."

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Although Maya was puzzled, she was also relieved by Lucan's irreverent jocularity to the upcoming procedure.  Actually it made sense.  When facing a long arduous task as unpalatable as they were accepting the absurdity was a viable way of handling the stress.  In addition, by assuming a positive demeanor, Doctor Nicander could raise the morale of his subordinates.  This wasn't mockery of the patient's situation, this was leadership.

Since it was impossible to make contact with Lucan's mind there was no harm in being touched by him.  Maya was telepathically sensitive in her hands anyway.  She could accept being touched on the shoulder as the intimate reassuring gesture it was meant as.  When he turned away, she considered his idea.  Dermatiraelian plasticine.  The perfect agent to act as artificial skin until Sarresh's human dermis had created enough epidermis.  It was quite brilliant.  This was an excellent time to practice grinning a polite, subtle smile.

"Would that not affect the odds as well?" the sinfully attractive chief medical officer asked himself while crouching over the genetic sample on his desk. 

The view allowed Maya to examine the way his dark uniform was fit tightly over his taught body and toned posterior.  Unlike most women she didn't harbor any romantic illusions.  As a Vulcan, Maya could admire beauty in a museum without fantasizing about taking the art exhibits home with her. 

He tapped his finger on his desk and stood up straight. "Perfect sample, doctor, well done."

"Thank you Doctor," she replied while nodding respectfully.  Her stoic 'Vulcan face' was back as a sign of respect because on her planet a show of emotion, even a polite smile, was considered profanity or a symptom of mental illness.  It was just the way she was raised.   "If you don't need me, I'll check our supply of dermatiraelian plasticine.  For your plan to succeed, Lieutenant Morali will probably need enough to cover his entire body."
In the meantime, Maya wanted to excuse herself so she could return to her quarters and put herself in a trance.  To apply the artificial skin by hand, Maya would have to prepare herself so she wouldn't empathically be overwhelmed by Sarresh Morali's sensations during the treatment.

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"I will accompany you," said Lucan, turning away from his desk and setting their pace towards the storage room for medical supplies, "I want to go over the post-resequencing treatment. I think that with your Vulcan neuropressure affinity, you would be the obvious choice to apply the dermatiraelian plasticine."

Entering the white-walled storage room, the lights in the ceiling activated gradually, revealing compartments with small HUDs from floor to ceiling. The inventory used to be alphabetical, but over the duration of their crisis, less used supplies had to be make room for the more frequent ones, so it was all a matter of reading the glowing blue displays all around them. Sure enough, the common substances were numbered and stocked so that they were easy to find, but the rare agents? It was anyone's guess at that point, and they had not the time or manpower to spend a full day moving things around again. Much less go over the changes with the personnel. Not when they still had so many patients and too few medical personnel.

"Consider, what if you were to combine the two treatments? The idea came to me a while ago, but I need to ask first, how might your neuropressure techniques help the patient in the post-resequencing treatment, Doctor Maya?" Lucan asked, running the fingers of his tattooed hand over the wall as he deciphered the contents of each small compartment. As crowded a space as it was, it might still be more effective to be two people searching for the healing agent. Lucan tried to ignore the whispers in his head to rape the Vulcan. No one would see. With her background, she would not make a big deal out of it. No, he could not risk it. How was he to keep her from talking if he did?

"When you do this treatment, I think it might be best that Lieutenant Morali is sedated, even if he runs the risk of waking up if you are not careful," he said turning to face her in the small room. "Added with his trauma, I do not think touching him would be too welcome. While I surmise Vulcan neuropressure would be welcome any other time, someone who is unfamiliar with his body and thinks he is still down on Theta Eridani IV might not be too keen on the experience. Do you concur?"

In his mind, he struck her head against the wall. Ripped her clothes off. Yet he would not let the strong inclination become reality.

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Maya suspected that she would be the one selected to apply the treatment.  Of all the medical personnel aboard the Theurgy, she was trained in the most specialized 'hands on' approach of any of them.  Because of the telempathic nature of her neuropressure technique, it was the one form of medicine that no emergency medical hologram could duplicate.  She had studied the human nervous system and no one aboard knew it better.  It almost had to be her.

When they entered the medial supply room, she wondered if the next generation starship would have an emergency hologram specializing in cargo inventory.  She knelt to begin searching the HUD's for dermatiraelian plasticine, stoically ignoring Lucan Nicander's close proximity.  Although his thoughts were as impossible to detect as a Ferengi's his manly scent and flippant demeanor were strangely reassuring.  He didn't stink like a sweaty human; his musk was reminiscent of the sandalwoods of her home world. 

His flippant and sarcastic demeanor would be uncomfortable to most Vulcans, but to Maya it was his way of letting empaths know that even if they couldn't sense him that he wasn't an empty shell; there was someone alive in there.  Maya's people put up their psychic shields to keep their thoughts from being broadcast in a ten kilometer radius and suppressed any indication of emotion, projecting the image of a planet of dead men on purpose.  At least Doctor Nicander made an effort.

"Consider, what if you were to combine the two treatments?" her young superior proposed as he scanned the displays.   "The idea came to me a while ago, but I need to ask first, how might your neuropressure techniques help the patient in the post-resequencing treatment, Doctor Maya?"

Maya blinked and rose to her feet to stare at him with wide eyes.  An emotion was overwhelming her.  To be honest, her emotions were so muted that she really didn't feel them most of the time so she decided to let this one consume her.  She had left Vulcan centuries ago in order to live her life as she chose and feel sensations after all.  Emotions weren't appropriate in front of the patients but surely a display of feelings in the privacy of a storeroom couldn't hurt could it? 

"That's brilliant," she admitted quietly, her 'outburst' of emotion as subtle as an autumn breeze.  "My ability to control his nervous system will keep him stable during the process, increasing our chances of success to at least 84.5 per cent.  I had not realized you were so familiar with the application of telepathic neuropressure.  Congratulations Doctor. I believe you have just saved his life." 

It was no mystery why Doctor Nicander was lieutenant commander and she was an ensign, despite the fact that they had been in the same class in both Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Medical.  She doubted he remembered her; she tended to avoid those whose minds she couldn't sense.  Yet he had been promoted three times in four years and she hadn't been promoted once.  It didn't matter how skilled or talented one was if they didn't have the will and initiative to put it to use.

Now she knew why the young doctor had been promoted so quickly.  He was a genius.  Some people found him cold, but unlike the people Maya grew up with, he made an effort to be warm and sociable.  He strove and succeeded to be more than he was, and that was why Maya was in awe of...

Awe.  That was it.  That was the emotion she was feeling.  Awe.  It was the same feeling she felt for Captain Ives.  Or was it loyalty?  It didn't matter; it was one of them.  She wanted to smile at Lucan but her traditional upbringing forced her to compose herself into an emotionless Vulcan out of respect. 

At that moment, her superior officer turned and addressed her. "When you do this treatment, I think it might be best that Lieutenant Morali is sedated, even if he runs the risk of waking up if you are not careful," he decided. "Added with his trauma, I do not think touching him would be too welcome. While I surmise Vulcan neuropressure would be welcome any other time, someone who is unfamiliar with his body and thinks he is still down on Theta Eridani IV might not be too keen on the experience. Do you concur?"

Maya tilted her head and considered his query.  "The sedative mustn't interfere with his biosystems or I won't be able to program his nervous system properly," she admitted.  "A drug might throw off my telepathic readings and give me a false picture of what's optimal for his new body.  He should be drug free for the greatest chance of success.  I can instill a paralysis that won't interfere with his treatment, but it is imperative that I am free of all distractions.  I need to devote all my mental processes to ensuring his body resets itself properly."

Doctor Nicander was examining her with an unreadable expression on his sinfully handsome features.  It shouldn't have mattered.  Maya often found it challenging to interpret people's facial expressions.  But her inability to even telepathically sense Lucan's presence increased the difficulty from 'challenging' to 'impossible'.  Was this the way other people saw her?  It would explain why forging and maintaining friendships was such a challenge for her.  To them she was just another soulless Vulcan.

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Nodding slowly in hearing the Vulcan's judgement in regard to the neuropressure treatment, Lucan was looking around, continued to search for the healing agent they were after.

"Induced paralysis," he mused as he crouched down and ran his fingers over a few more HUDs. He shook his head. "No, high risk of being too terrifying for the patient. I think it's utterly important that we do not cause any alarm to Mr. Morali. A paralysis suggest that he is semi-awake while you treat him. Either we postpone neuropressure and dermatiraelian plasticine treatment until after he wakes up and has been given the proper chance to acclimatise himself to the situation and his body, or, the... No... Unless..."

Lucan raised his eyes and saw what he was looking for. He stepped closer to Maya in order to be able to reach with both his hands to a compartment high above her head, tapping in his security clearance before the pressure sealing hissed and it opened. He took down a box of hypospray cartridges and held it between their faces. "Amoelacin, use 0,2 ccs together with..."

Lucan went off farther down the room and repeated the process with another compartment, returning with a new box. "...with 3 ccs of Svantenalin, but you may know it as Umoxon. Mixed, it will guaranteed keep the patient docile and in a dreamlike state of utter comfort. He may open his eyes, but not give any credit to what he sees. Minor mobility, but he won't be able to tell that what he will be experiencing isn't an utterly pleasant dream, regardless what may be happening to him. Even better; no effect upon his neurological system. No spinal inhibitor that block the signals from his nerve roots. Your neuropressure treatment will not be inhibited to the slightest degree. The best part; this will nullify any risk of traumatising the patient."

Giving the boxes to Maya, he smiled and explained. "On Aldea, where I earned my degree prior to Starfleet Medical, we used these two components to better monitor the patients' post-operation neurological performance. Never thought there would be an opportunity to use it again since Starfleet seem to prefer inhibitors and strong sedatives in all their medical practice."

In truth, he had actually come to use it for other things that were better left unsaid....

"When you say that you want to be undisturbed, would you require to be alone with the patient?" he asked, not yet having found the dermatiraelian plasticine.

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When Lucan invaded her personal space in order to reach for the amoelacin, Maya's eyes widened but she didn't twitch or move a muscle.   It wasn't unwelcome, it was merely unexpected.  Her senses alert, she witnessed him solve the problem of keeping Sarresh Morali comfortable and docile without Maya having to split her attention or throwing off her telepathic neurological readings.  She blinked at him with wide open eyes as he handed her the boxes of medications.

Truly this man was brilliant.  He knew how to use his resources in a timely manner to their best effect, and remembered to add the irrelevant comments necessary to bolster the morale of his subordinates.  This man was both a genius and a leader.  It was unfortunate that the Theurgy was forced to go on the run before Lucan could attend Command School and be promoted to commander.  He would have made a good commanding officer for a starship.  She frowned as she concentrated on getting her expressionless face to reward him with a smile.

"When you say that you want to be undisturbed, would you require being alone with the patient?" he asked her.

Amazingly, she managed to keep her rather stilted smile on her face this time, at least until she spoke.  Then her face was as unreadable as a cat's.   "Since it won't be necessary to divide my concentration in order to maintain his cooperation, a small distraction shouldn't affect the procedure.  As a matter of fact it would be good to have someone in there monitoring his progress if anyone could be spared."

It was then she realized that neither one of them had found the dermatiraelian plasticine.  She had spent so much time admiring this fascinating man that she had focused all of her attention on him.  Without a word, she dropped to her knees and checked the displays of the storage compartments for the illusive compound.  Logic would dictate that the supplies used the least would be stored in the lower compartments that were the less convenient to access than those at waist level.  With a box of medication in each hand, she was a strange sight crouching down at Lucian's legs like that, but somehow she managed to keep her poise.

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At the request of having someone monitor Maya's application of slippery dermatiraelian plasticine all over the patient's bare body - not leaving the slightest square millimeter untreated - while she performed the neuropressure massage... Lucan felt that it was such an important task that it better be handled by the Chief Medical Officer of the ship. How could he possibly let someone else be thus burdened by the grave duties of their medical practice?

"Of course, that can be arranged." He did not let his private humour show in his exotic features, yet he could not help wishing he'd someday earn the same manner of treatment... and the idea made the thing inside him stir. It coiled in the darkness of his soul, and images flashed before him where Doctor Maya applied a transparent gel all over his prone form - using her own naked body in the thorough application. She slid up and down his body, hands and breasts pressing against his tanned skin. Brushing across his corrugated abdomen. Tantalising his rigid erection where it lay trapped between their slick bodies.

As the parasitic being fueled his thoughts with desire, Lucan had remained standing and busied himself with looking for the dermatiraelian plasticine - not realising for the images shimmering before his eyes that Doctor Maya had crouched down. At the point where he realised she had, it might have been too late - his bodily reaction evident. He stepped away to look at another part of the small room to try and undo the demon's work upon him - cursing himself in his thoughts for his lack of attention. It were mistakes like that which might ruin his impeccable facade. He could not afford to let the beast betray him. In fact, it were in his kin's best interest that it didn't. Albeit his reaction may be a forgivable one, perhaps deemed perfectly natural, who knew how the parasite might affect him in the worst of times?

Hoping she had not noticed, Lucan tried to act as if nothing had happened - finding the dermatiraelian plasticine at last. "Here it is," he said and retrieved it from the compartment, turning to face Maya again. With a step in her direction, he opened up the large box to see how much they had available. "Three canisters, 500 ml each, giving us 1500 ml, and sadly nowhere near enough to inundate the patient. It will have to be applied manually, as we feared."

Handing over the opened box, laying it on top of the other two Maya carried, Lucan stuck his hands in his white lab coat. "I think we have all we need now. I should return to Dr. Duv and Nurse Jenkins to see how the resequencing fares. I estimate that we should be ready to introduce the 'blank cells' in ten hours, leaving you plenty of time to prepare your part of the treatment."

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As Maya searched only inches from Lucan's legs she breathed in his sandlewood scent that made her think of home.  He reminded her of the men from home.  When Vulcans had their psychic shields up, they were nearly impossible to read, and Vulcans almost always had their psychic shields up.  When she was growing up, most Vulcans were unable to do the simplest mind touches because they had been trained since birth to keep other people's thoughts out.

Aside of when a Vulcan made contact with another mind, the only time their mental barriers dropped was when they were suffering the phenomenon known as pon farr, the time of mating when adult Vulcans undergo a neurochemical imbalance that takes on a form of madness culminating in the plak tow, or blood fever in Federation Standard.  The rest of the time their minds were as unreadable as a powerless datapad, and they didn't use nuances in facial expression or body language to assist in communication either. It was a wonder that Maya's people could communicate at all.

Doctor Nicander was a different matter.  He used body language, facial expression, and pheromones to make up for his lack of empathic communication.  Maya's heightened sense of smell was picking up some kind of pheromone from her superior but since they were different species she had no idea what biochemical message it was meant to convey.

It was ironic that her superior officer was the one person she could never truly understand, even if she attempted to mentally invade his privacy it was impossible.  She was unable to even psychically detect his presence.  He was the one person aboard who could sneak up on her.  But when she thought about it, maybe that was for the best.

Since she couldn't sense his intentions, he forced her to listen to him.  With everyone else onboard, Maya tended to misinterpret the emotional data she received and inadvertently offend them.  With Doctor Nicander she couldn't assume anything and was forced to pay attention to every nuance and detail of his words and actions while he was present.  Oddly enough, she never seemed to suffer from miscommunication with the one person aboard whose mind she couldn't read. 

It was efficient but disappointing.  Lucan Nicander's medical genius was impressive and Maya could never eavesdrop on his emotions at the moment of discovery.  But there was no point praising him.  Great minds didn't need praise.  If he wanted praise he'd tell her, and she would give it willingly.  To praise Lucan Nicander wasn't flattery it was merely stating the truth. 

Maya noticed a distinct phallus shaped bulge in her superior's trousers with her peripheral vision but didn't turn her head or react in any visible way.  She didn't know what he had in his pants but it wouldn't surprise her if it was dermatiraelian plasticine they were looking for.  To think it was an erection would be ridiculous.  Three minutes in conversation with Maya was usually enough to subdue the urges of the most lustful Ferengi.  She seemed to have a quality that turned men 'off' when talking to them.  In any case, any idea of a physical relationship with Doctor Nicander was absurd; without a telepathic link, she wouldn't know what he wanted.  Despite her training as a sexual facilitator centuries ago, Lucan was the one man aboard she probably couldn't satisfy in the bedroom.

Sure enough he was stepping away from her while clearing his throat uncomfortably.  That was not the behavior of a man who was sexually aroused.   Maya had been silly to entertain the notion in the first place, and the last thing she intended to be was silly in the presence of the one person who seemed to enjoy her company. 

It was comforting when Lucan found the compound they were looking for.  Apparently he had stepped away because he spotted the dermatiraelian plasticine, not out of any wish to distance himself.

"Here it is," he announced as he took out a box and turned to the little Vulcan. He opened the box and surveyed the contents. "Three canisters, 500 ml each, giving us 1500 ml, and sadly nowhere near enough to inundate the patient. "It will have to be applied manually, as we feared."  He stacked the box dermatiraelian plasticine, on top of the other medications Maya was holding and took a breath.   "I think we have all we need now. I should return to Dr. Duv and Nurse Jenkins to see how the resequencing fares. I estimate that we should be ready to introduce the 'blank cells' in ten hours, leaving you plenty of time to prepare your part of the treatment."

Looking into his intelligent eyes, Maya made a confession.  "Doctor Nicander, I think that you should oversee my part of the treatment.  Since I can't detect your psychic presence, you won't affect my concentration in the slightest.  In addition, I believe I have a solution to the problem of tissue rejection.  The main difficulty I see is that Lieutenant Morali's cerebellum and pituitary gland will still be attempting to maintain Ash'reem biosystems while in a human body.  I believe I can reprogram his nervous and endocrine systems to maintain human biosystems but I'm going to need help.  Your help.  While I'm reprogramming his nervous system I'll need someone monitoring to keep on top of everything.  That person will have to be the best medical doctor available.  You are that person."

She paused and took a breath.  "In addition I will be in such a deep trance to maintain and reprogram his nervous system that I will not be able to keep track of everything without shutting out the world around me.  We need a failsafe.  That failsafe should be you."

"When I put myself into my trance I will give myself a post hypnotic suggestion allowing you to override my will by voice command," she explained.  "That way you should be able to give me instructions while monitoring Lieutenant Morali's progress.  In effect I will be a medical instrument for you to operate during the procedure.  You will have total control at all times."

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The idea of complete control over another was one that Lucan, especially, fancied. That the Vulcan offered to utilise a state of hypnosis during the treatment resonated with the Chief Medical Officer, and as he considered this, he folded his arms and brushed a hand over his jaw. He looked towards the ceiling in thought and considered what auxiliary uses that could have. Not just in treating Lieutenant Morali, but in other aspects as well.

"I am unfamiliar with this technique," he said quietly and frowned, "and I am disinclined to use it unless I know more. I would not like to endanger the patient because I don't know how to use the 'medical instrument', so to say."

Feigning further thought, adapting a look of contemplation, Lucan tilted his head and finally looked towards Doctor Maya. "I lack the time to learn how I might instruct you during this state of hypnosis too, since I need to return to the patient and continue the DNA resequencing. However..." He paused for effect again. "How easily can you reach this state of mind? Can you do it now, and surrender control to me before you enter the trance? Give me a word to use in order to bring you back, and I can give you a couple of easy commands."

Frowning, he looked around them briefly in the supply room. "In that case, should we do it here, where there is a modicum of privacy? I think we'd be in the way if we did it out there, and you'd be too distracted as well."

What he did not tell her was that he had some experience with hypnosis, and her offer had peaked his curiosity. "Here, let me take those..." Retrieving the boxes from Maya, Lucan waited with anticipation to see if she was able to give him the demonstration.

Inside, the beast was attentive, following the development...

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Maya couldn't blame Lucan for being skeptical. 

"How easily can you reach this state of mind?" he asked.  "Can you do it now, and surrender control to me before you enter the trance? Give me a word to use in order to bring you back, and I can give you a couple of easy commands."

"Usually I meditate in my quarters for nearly an hour to put myself in a deep enough trance but since I won't be treating anyone, I don't see the harm in a small demonstration," she replied while tilting her head.  "If you wish I could put myself in a similar state now, but I must warn you; to subject myself to such a suggestible state without taking the time for thorough meditation would reduce me to merely a puppet.  I would likely be useless even as a 'medical instrument'."

She saw Lucan purse his lips and frown as he glanced about checking the privacy of the supply room. "In that case, should we do it here, where there is a modicum of privacy?" he asked her.  "I think we'd be in the way if we did it out there, and you'd be too distracted as well."

"I agree," she replied with the smallest nod.

"Here, let me take those..." Lucan muttered as he relieved the little Vulcan of the boxes she was holding.  Apparently his home world, unlike Maya's, had something the Earth people called 'gentlemen'.

"I shall put myself in a trance now Doctor," she told him as she spread her arms.  "The word to bring me back to normal consciousness is 'birdcage'.  I shall require a moment of quiet." 

She shut her eyes and took a deep breath, raising her arms to clap her hands together above her head.  Pressing her hands against each other, she slowly lowered them until they appeared to be in a strange praying gesture.  Her hands parted as she stretched her fingers out and made slow circular motions in the air before clasping her hands together once more. 

The entire time her pupils were moving under her closed eyelids as if she was in a state that humans called 'REM sleep'.

Suddenly, her whole body seemed to relax.  She stood before him perfectly still and slowly lifted her head until it she was facing straight ahead.  Her eyes opened slowly and looked at him without seeming to see anything at all.

It wasn't difficult for the little Vulcan to use her preternatural control over her own nervous system to reduce herself to a pliant obedient slave.  Maya was normally a very passive and trusting person who had difficulty taking initiative.  Most of her life altering decisions had been either been made after careful planning and consideration or suggested to her by a charismatic individual.  Her conscious self was already a pushover, and she tended to objectify herself even in the best of times.   She was now open to any suggestions that weren't obviously counter to her nature or blatantly self-destructive, but with her accommodating personality that covered a great deal more than expected. 

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When Doctor Maya eventually entered her state of trance, having suggested that she would respond to simple commands, Lucan kept his grin from showing in his face, for it was not entirely his own smirking triumph that would show.

"Raise your chin," he said quietly, for starters, and after he had set the boxes down, he was watching the Vulcan and reading her face. "Put your hands behind your neck." While Doctor Maya seemed sincere, he would be a fool to take even a Vulcan's word for granted. They mightn't lie, yet it was not like Lucan would take the word of a Vulcan that could actually smile. If Maya could infringe upon her cultural indoctrination even to the slightest degree, he would be an idiot to think she couldn't deviate in other matters.

"Put your hands upon your hips," he said next, and he produced a small medical palm beacon from his lab coat. As she performed the actions he instructed her to do, he checked her pupils to see if they reacted like a hypnotised person might. "Look at me."

Indeed, the Vulcan was in a hypnotic trance, and a deep one too. Slowly, he lowered the palm beacon. "Look straight forward. Drop your hands to your sides." While no expert, he had great interest in mind control techniques of various kinds for obvious reasons, and he knew how he might use the situation to his advantage. Thinking, he walked around Maya so that he came to stand directly behind her...

Lucan's piercing opaque eyes regarded her profile from where he stood, and put his hands on Doctor Maya's shoulders - speaking quietly into her pointy ear. "It would seem that simple commands of no consequence works, yet I wonder how compliance might be for more complicated tasks." When he was done, she would not remember what was about to happen. Not in any way or fashion. Any physical effects upon her could be made to be ignored too, just like any kind of residual signs of what may transpire. Hypnosis had such versatile uses for those enlightened.

"Forgive me if I try something a bit more... unconventional." His soothing, deep voice reverberated in his throat - his lips an inch from her ear. His breath stirring a few strands of her hair. "Something simplistic... natural to all species... yet not done on a whim." After he spoke, he watched her profile for any reactions. While he did, he had an outer-body experience, questioning himself in his ambitions - or rather the ambitions of the beast that had now seized control. He remembered the soothing words and touch of Eve Jenkins, and tried to reclaim the initiative in the development. Alas, it was too late, and he could but be a spectator that was unsure if this was truly what he wanted to do. What merit would there be to take the advantage of the Vulcan?

Yet other thoughts pointed out the potential usefulness of the Vulcan in the greater scheme of things, far beyond the petty import of Sarresh Morali's recovery.

"Computer, lock the door," he murmured next, the chirp acknowledging the command. Since he had destroyed the internal surveillance system during the first battle against the Calamity, he knew that there would be no eavesdroppers either. No video log recordings. Just the present. Just him... and his new slave.

"Turn around," he told her as he dropped his hands from her shoulders. "Face me."

He was about to see what he might expect from her, ignorant as she would be made to be about her servitude.

"Undress me. Then undress yourself."

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For all intents and purposes the only things that existed were Lucan and his voice.  Maya's personality was dormant, and what little will she had remaining was focused on obeying her superior's every command.

"Raise your chin," he said quietly.

Maya slowly raised her chin until she was looking at the ceiling.  She had a blank expression on her face but it wasn't really that different from her normal expression.

"Put your hands behind your neck."

Gracefully and languidly, the little Vulcan complied.  With her elbows at the same level as her head, it made her chest bulge against the fabric of her uniform.

"Put your hands upon your hips," came the next command.

Slowly and smoothly, Maya obeyed.  She now appeared to be posing for a statue.  She heard Doctor Nicander approach and a blinding glare shone in her eyes.

"Look at me," he ordered so he could examine her large hazel eyes. 

She looked at him, her transparent secondary eyelids sliding down until he removed the palm beacon.

"Look straight forward. Drop your hands to your sides."  

Maya's arms dropped abruptly as she impassively stared straight ahead.   Lucan walked out of her line of sight, but soon she felt his strong tattooed hands on her shoulders as her nostrils were enticed by his familiar and comforting sandalwood scent.  She didn't move or even flinch as her ear was tickled when his deep soothing voice spoke softly:

" "Forgive me if I try something a bit more... unconventional."

The tiny part of her that was still in control accepted this request without hesitation.   Doctor Nicander's creative and unconventional approach to medicine had saved lives and the little ensign had witnessed it herself.  He was a genius.  Her trust in him was absolute.

"Something simplistic..." Lucan purred in her ear, "natural to all species... yet not done on a whim."

Maya's semiconscious mind approved wholeheartedly.  Since visiting Denobula as part of the Interspecies Medical Exchange, she had become a strong supporter of holistic medicine and believed in natural and drug free treatments for patients.

"Computer, lock the door," he murmured in her ear.

Maya remained perfectly still, for the command was directed to the computer and not to her.

"Turn around," he told her as he dropped his hands from her shoulders. "Face me."

Maya rotated to face him with the smoothness of a dancer.

"Undress me," came the next command. "Then undress yourself."

There was no hesitation as Maya's long spidery fingers reached out and opened his lab coat before walking behind him and gently moving his arms back so she could remove it from his shoulders.  Her subconscious mind detected nothing unusual about the request.  As a doctor she had undressed several patients and as a patient she had been undressed by medical personnel.  There was no conflict in the little Vulcan's mind whatsoever.

She then moved in front of him and knelt before him as her long graceful fingers grasped his right calf and gently pulled up.  When Lucan raised his foot she slipped his boot off and set it aside before she repeated the process with his left boot.  Wordlessly she rose to her feet and reached for his collar, momentarily brushing his throat with her fingertips as she opened the seal on his uniform.  She ignored his bronzed toned chest and his chiseled abdomen as she pulled the shoulders on his uniform down over his arms.   Without a word, she crouched to her knees as she pulled off his body and down his legs to pool at his feet.  There was no hesitation or the faintest hint of emotion as she put her dainty digits into the waist of his undershorts and pulled them down his legs.   Despite the obscene rigidity of his manhood, she didn't flinch of even blink. 

She knelt before him before moving her legs in front of her to sit on the floor and remove her own boots, exposing her tiny white feet.  Then she stood up in an unnaturally fluid motion and looked in his direction with a face as unreadable as a cat's.  Without blinking, she opened her uniform and pulled it off her shoulders to expose her black undergarments.  Her dark sports bra and regulation briefs made her pale skin seem to glow in contrast.  Bowing like a supplicant, she shrugged off her sports bra before sliding her briefs down her legs as she bent her knees to crouch before him. 

Her order executed, she stood up straight and looked at him, her slender petite frame exposed to view.  Without her uniform her nipples were revealed to be a dark moss green rather than the Terran reddish pink.  A tiny thatch of dark hair partially obscured a slit of similar darkness between her legs.  The blank look on her face was ironically similar to her normal expression.  If no one tried to engage her in conversation a casual observer wouldn't realize she was in a trance at all.

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Evidently, the trance was sufficiently deep enough for the Vulcan to not object or reason her way out of the commands given. Afterwards, she would be made to forget it all, but for the time being, Lucan would see just how much she was willing to submit herself as his subject. The beast inside wanted to do violence, to forego commands and instructions for the sake of savaging the bared body before him. Indeed, his hardness sprung from these ideas of ravishing her. Far more so than the sight of her and the situation of her undressing him.

"Kneel," he said, a simple command. Then he stepped forward, looking down upon the Vulcan slave he had found in his own department, ideas for her uses coming to him unbidden. It made him twitch, and he found a need for Maya to begin. "Perform fellatio treatment upon me, using your hands as well."

Giving this command, Lucan raised his tattooed hands over his shoulders and laid them upon the two walls on either side of him. He would let her linger in this treatment for quite some time, relishing it yet not too keen on having to keep the shadows in his mind from growing. From overtaking him. Then, it was no telling what might happen...

"There... That suffice..." he'd say eventually, "Now go to the farthest wall and set your hands against it."

OOC: Pardon the relative shortness of this reply, but its 2.30 am and there was only so much to add to giving commands in this fashion, lol. Still over 250 words at least.

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Even though both the little Vulcan and her superior officer were naked in a storeroom, Maya's subconscious mind detected nothing amiss.

"Kneel," Lucan ordered as he approached her.

Without hesitation or an acknowledgement on her empty face, Maya descended to her knees and bowed her head in one smooth flowing movement.  Apparently the Vulcan had dancing lessons.

"Perform fellatio treatment upon me, using your hands as well."

Even this order brought no resistance to her semiconscious psyche.   Her mind went instantly into 'sexual facilitator mode' without the slightest pause. 

Maya's face rose from the floor as she stared at his twitching manhood with wide empty eyes.  Her long, graceful fingers reached up to caress his shaft as her lips parted to tease the tip of his member with her tongue.  She slipped the head into her mouth and her tongue increased its attentions as her fingers danced across his shaft as if it was a flute.

As she stroked him her telepathic fingers strove to make contact with his nervous system to provide her subconscious with data on how to pleasure him exactly according to his desires, but it was impossible.  She couldn't make contact.  This was the first actual conflict her subconscious encountered since the 'exercise' began.  In the past, she had used her partner's arousal as a shortcut to her own arousal.  It was a way to make sure that she was ready to begin when her partner was ready to begin and a way to ensure satisfaction when her partner was satisfied, but now she was lost.  She was on her own, without guidance from her paramour's body.

A glimmer of consciousness flickered in her eyes before they frowned and her attentions to him became more intense.  Her lips sealed tightly as she sucked on him and her gentle fondling became vigorous stroking.  Unable to telepathically sense him, her other perceptions became preternaturally sharp.  The cold floor beneath her feet and shins.  Lucan's overpowering sandlewood musk, his labored breathing, his warm salty taste, the pulse flowing through his veins.  She seized his hips and rose to her feet to bow awkwardly before him as her head bobbed up and down on his masculinity. 

Still no contact.  She couldn't feel him.  Grunting in frustration, she dropped back to her knees as her fingernails pierced Lucan's buttocks.  Her arched upswept eyebrows, uncannily suited for frowning, now perfectly matched the narrow and steely eyes beneath them.  Her mouth, once so gentle and graceful, had now become bestial and uncoordinated as she desperately tried to make contact with him.  With a frustrated cough, she released his member before taking it in both of her hands and carefully licking up on and down it as she searched for a nerve cluster that would let her in.

"Ungh!" she growled when she still couldn't find him.  She was going to lose the patient if she couldn't make contact!  This man was going to die!   Unable to contact and guide Lucan's biosystems Maya turned her amazing control of her nervous system on herself.   In an emergency such as this, according to her training the only thing she could do was enter the blood fever and invoke the full symptoms of the mating sickness upon her own person.  It was an emergency procedure, right up there with the cardio defibulators of the past and the neural stimulators presently used to save a terminal patient.

Wincing painfully, the little Vulcan shivered and writhed as her body ached for him, her blood boiling under her flushed greenish white skin.  She stood up and bowed before her master as she slid him in and out of her throat with a desperation completely out of character for Ensign Maya.   Nothing mattered anymore except this man!   She wanted him, she needed him, she hungered for him!  She had to have him and couldn't see, hear, touch, taste, smell or pay any heed to anything except...

The failsafe, her master's voice.

 "There... That suffice..." she heard him say.  She didn't know if he was grunting hoarsely, hyperventilating, or falling asleep.  Maya just didn't know anymore.  She had simply heard the voice of her master, Doctor Lucan Nicander, the man in whom she had placed her trust in entirely.

Maya released him to stagger backwards and shiver as she stood at attention.  Her eyes, once so glazed over and empty, were now blazing with emotion as facial tics marred her normally placid features.   Her subconscious mind started a neural override to bring her body back under control.  There was no semiconscious mind anymore, not right at this second.   Her pointed ears ached as the blood pounded in them for a command of any kind, for she was temporarily without rational thought and need desperately to take action, any kind of action!

"Now go to the farthest wall and set your hands against it."  her master ordered.

"Mm," she briefly whined as she shuddered once before stiffly turning to go to the far wall.  Her movement, once so languid and graceful was now jerky and deliberate like a marionette's.  She spread her fingers wide and closed her eyes before reaching out to shakily place her hands against the far wall.  She wanted to bend over and spread her legs but the failsafe was overriding her body's instincts.  Twitching and trembling, she remained as still as she could until she received another order.  The muscles on her slender legs and peach shaped backside flexed and clenched as her body worked through the conflict between her pseudo-ponn farr and the failsafe trance.

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The development after Lucan gave the command to perform fellatio upon him was unexpected... and perhaps not just out of the regard that it was a Vulcan performing it, but that she did so during a state of deep trance. At times, thoughts would venture to what kind of training she might have gotten, and a fleeting realisation about what it truly was she had been doing in the century she was originally from. Doctor Maya's resume did not allow for much detail. Certainly not a first-hand experience.

At first, the promise of what was to come enticed him, her slender fingers sending burning signals of pleasure right to his core - fanning the flames awakened by the thing within. Momentarily, Maya had engulfed him in her mouth. It was inside; smooth, warm and inviting as it was there. Her lips would come to press against its base with a quiet but insistent pressure as she rolled her tongue against his pulsating girth. So, with growing appreciation for her craft, Lucan watched as she began to bob her head slowly up and down its length - the slick sounds of her slurping loud to his ears in the privacy of the storage room.

Then, however, Lucan felt Maya clamp down on his cock a bit differently, in how she gripped the shaft in a vice - jerking it at a ferocious pace. Little had he known the Vulcan's frustration until it was hinted in the growing fervour of her actions; hands and mouth seemingly unsatisfied in some regard. The almost brutal nature of the development aside, her hair kept lashing against his skin, whipping his nerves into a frenzy. Her tongue was still lapping under his swollen head, though, and the familiar, imminent feeling was rushing up his spine from the head of his cock. Down her throat he went, and it made Lucan feel his semen boiling in momentary release in his sack. Light-headed and more than a little overwhelmed, the CMO groaned as she pumped the shaft faster until...

He had to bid her stop... and she did, without a moment's hesitation - leaving him to stand at his spot with his breathing laboured and rigid arousal twitching with need. It had only been right to continue. The beast seemed merciful for the moment, though, and that made Lucan continue - asking her to stand as he had. So when she had her back to him, hands against the farthest wall, Lucan did not delay in closing the short distance - his tattooed hands spanning her waist and running up her abdomen. He cupped her breasts in his fingers as he lay his jaw against her shoulder - speaking in but a hypnotic whisper. "Yield yourself completely to me. Comply with every whim."

And it did not take many moments before Maya would feel, as much as she might 'feel' in her trance, how Dr. Nicander's slick manhood was sliding back and forth across the wet crevice of her sex - not visiting her yet. Lucan teased her as much as he teased himself, and finally, he ceased her hips and made her arch her back - first sliding his swollen head into her... then followed with the rest of him. The initiative was and remained his, and now, he sated the beast as best as he might by fucking Maya... stopping just short of spending himself inside her prematurely. At that point, a minute or two later, his thrusts made her heels leave the floor.

He had been too close when she performed the fellatio, so he could not linger. As much was evident by his laboured breathing - beads of sweat forming on his body. If nothing else, how much harder his grip became in the moments before he pulled himself free. He sat down on the floor, to catch his breath, but could not help lying down on the deck plates and propping himself up on his elbows - watching her stand against the wall.

"Turn around," he said thickly, "ride upon me."

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Maya shivered as she felt Lucan's strong tattooed hands stroking her waist and abdomen.  The part of her that had been attempting to stop her pseudo-ponn farr gave up and concentrated on the failsafe trance.  Maya's breath caught in her throat as the hunger took over her body once more, for until she received a command from her master there was nothing she could do about it but suffer.

Her mouth opened and her jaw trembled as his strong hands cupped her breasts.  His comforting sandlewood aroma was overpowering now, creating a longing as her blood thundered in her ears.  She felt his chin on her shoulder and his mesmerizing voice whispering in her ear.  "Yield yourself completely to me. Comply with every whim."

"Yes!" she painfully choked out as she leaned forward and spread her legs.  It was the first word she had uttered since entering the failsafe trance and her hoarse voice didn't sound like her at all.  It barely sounded like a word.  It sounded more like a sob.

She gritted her teeth as a spasm rocked her slender little body.  Lucan was sliding his warm, slick member across the sensitive lips of her virtue.  Her back arched as she rocked her pelvis against him, desperate for the comfort that his manhood could provide.  She still couldn't feel him, couldn't make psychic contact, and her body was demanding physical contact in compensation.  She grimaced as she felt his strong hands grip her as his masculinity poked her, searched for her, and she actually smiled when she felt his swollen head slide into her.  This wasn't a stilted or artificial smile that she gave everybody else.  This smile was the real thing, conveying joy, bliss, and gratitude.

Her smile vanished and she pushed against him forcing his burning member into her tight, hungry body.  Gritting her teeth, she grinded against him, desperate to feel as much of him as she could.  He thrust into her with a strength that made the heels of her feet leave the floor.   She ground against him, no matter how much it hurt no matter how rough he was.  She was his now and she was nothing else.  She had given herself completely to a man she couldn't mentally sense at all.

She could hear his labored breathing, she could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck, she could smell his intoxicating odor and feel the strength of his arms around her and the heat of his body.  She lost herself in the ecstasy of the moment when he suddenly pulled out.

Maya whined as he left her, her arms and legs trembling as she remained standing helplessly against the wall without him.  It was bad enough that she couldn't sense him psychically, now she couldn't even feel him physically.  She wanted to collapse to the floor and weep in frustration but she hadn't been given an order aside to comply with his every whim.  If she didn't know what his whim was, she was helpless.  As she rocked back and forth against the wall and suffered, she heard some him say something that made her heart soar.

"Turn around," he said thickly,... "ride upon me."

With shaky uncertain legs she turned around and opened her eyes to stare at him with an expression that most people would consider frightening.  With an inhuman purr she spread her slender legs to position herself over him.  Her hands darted down for his manhood but when she seized him her grip was surprisingly gentle as if his masculinity was the most precious thing in the galaxy.  With a grunting hiss in her throat she pushed herself onto him, her torso undulating like a snake. 

A satisfied moan escaped her throat as she languidly moved her hips.  Her lips were pursed as if savoring a new kind of confection.  Her long spidery fingers tickling up and down his chest and torso before rubbing them with her palms.  She leaned forward and gasped in ecstasy as she gyrated over him.

Her eyes popped open as Lucan moved against her.  Her rocking, once slow and languid became quick and frantic.  Her flesh made a slapping motion against him was they collided against each other.  Her agonized expression was plainly visible as she leaned forward over him, gasping and panting the entire time.  Soon she closed her eyes and grit her teeth as her breath came in fast, quiet grunts.

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It was as if the Vulcan was possessed by an alien entity, watching her having transformed from the meek Medical Officer into the ravenous creature upon him - bent on the purpose to please the master of her trance.

Lucan would have diagnosed it as pon farr if he'd a mind to it, yet the beast demanded satisfaction, and such Doctor Maya provided without restraint - gyrating her pelvis in full abandon while Lucan's whole length filled her slick sheath. At a frantic pace, Lucan was loosing control of his tight restraint, and his tattooed hands ran up from her hips to cup her bouncing breasts in the blue light of the hundreds of HUD displays. He pinched those dark peaks between the sides of his fingers, and his pale grey eyes drank in the sight of her slender body while it fell into a rapid rhythm - a pagan pace far too wild to maintain for long.

His release was imminent even before it began, and his hands ran down her sides to seize her hips anew - to push her down hard against his surging movements. With grinding firmness, he pushed his phallus far up her slick sex, and when the loss of his last sliver of restraint came, he gasped - eyes rolling in his head as he came inside her.

Still moving, he gushed his Câroon seed into her warm depths - the molten feeling of his semen filling her gradually. He spasmed as he moved, breath hitching and hands releasing her hips to roam her pale flesh in the artificial light. While the enduring climax lasted, and his fractured mind eased into blankness, images came unbidden to him. The face of Kisane, stare blank and broken of mind. Then came Eve Jenkins, hurt and disappointed with him -  jealous in her love for him. He saw himself naked, stabbing Garen Nelis to death. Making Arcorn Neotin fall to his death before his daughter. He did not know what images hurt the most in the moments of clarity, only that it was there: the lost man he had once been. The remorse he never felt otherwise. He should not be doing this to Eve. She was his salvation, his means to...

Then it was gone, leaving him confused as to why he as conflicted about his actions.

In the end, he found voice to speak, even as his manhood twitched inside her in its semi-erect state. "Stand," he would rasp eventually, when she could hear him. He propped himself up on his elbows again, swallowing as he looked upon the Vulcan. "Use your vaginal muscles... squeeze it out into your hand... then clean it up by using your mouth. Then, you will clean me as well in the same fashion."

Heart beating wildly in his chest, Dr. Nicander watched her perform his commands - the beast for once having been merciful.

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As Lucan's warmth filled her tears trickled out of Maya's blazing eyes.   She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as if in a silent scream as she climaxed with him, her body desperately drinking as much of his life bearing nectar as possible.   Her skin normally pale to the point of bloodlessness was flushed a dark green as she seized the tattooed hands that were gripping her hips and squeezed them to tighten his hold on her. 

She whimpered as his warmth filled her belly.  Even though he had physically climaxed she could only feel the experience from her side.  She did not know what he was feeling, didn't know if she had satisfied his need and saved his life.  The little Vulcan didn't get the psychic climax the accompanied the mating ritual and a part of her hunger was still unsatisfied.   She could only wallow in the physical sensation and hope it would be enough for both of them.   

A low groan escaped her throat as her body drank him in.  Even when he was finished she refused to give him up, taking comfort from his manhood twitching inside her in its semi-erect state.   Running her fingers up his chest she leaned forward until she bowed her head enough to touch his glistening chest as her long delicate fingers reached out to touch his face.

"Stand," her master rasped, breaking her out of the comforting warmth of her afterglow.  She didn't want to stand, she didn't want to lose contact with him, she didn't want any of the seed he had planted within her to spill out.  It was hers and she wanted to keep it, but she didn't hesitate to obey the order.  With a smooth unnatural movement she rose off him and stood with her legs astride him.

"Use your vaginal muscles, he ordered hoarsely, squeeze it out into your hand... then clean it up by using your mouth. Then, you will clean me as well in the same fashion."

Her frown was homicidal as her abdomen clenched, pushing his warm goo into her hand.   She didn't want to give him up.  She didn't want to lose any part of him.  While inside her, his semen still comforted her as she tried to recover from her pseudo-ponn farr.   She cupped her hand beneath her and attempted to catch as much of him as she could.  Another tear trickled down her face was his life giving treasure oozed out of her trembling body.  She couldn't sense his thoughts, she couldn't feel his body up against hers, and now she couldn't keep the gift he gave her!   Still she shuddered and grit her teeth as she pushed his seed out.  When one hand became full, she used her other hand to catch the dregs. 

Cupping her hands together, she brought them to her lips and drank before she ordered to part with his cream.  It was hers now and there would be no taking it away!  Desperately, she licked and sucked at her hands in order to devour as much of her master's salty goodness as possible.  Afterwards she wiped her mouth and sucked on her fingers.  An angry flash in her eyes was visible as she glared down at him defiantly.  No one was going to take this away!

She crouched down and put her mouth around his manhood.  There was some of his juices still on his body and he had been kind enough to give it to her.  Her tongue worked greedily as her delicate fingers fondled him, hungry to taste as much of him as she could.  She still couldn't sense his feelings and lost herself in his touch, his scent, and his taste.

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The reaction of the Vulcan when she was commanded to part with his seminal fluids was another clear indication that Doctor Maya had come to enter a trance-induced state of pon farr.

Yet as he lay there, Lucan saw her do as she had been told, her body flexing with the effort to do his bidding. Muscles rippling under her pale skin. Soon, the somewhat morbid display of her hunger for his male milk would please the dark being at the back of his mind. Not to mention the way she eagerly crouched down and cleaned his throbbing partial tumescence from all the juices that covered it - daring him to stop her with the fiery look in her eyes.

When he judged she was finished, his heart rate had dropped to something that resembled normalcy, and while he did enjoy her mouth and tongue roaming over his sensitive length and his sac, he knew he had to end this interesting experiment. He had learned a great deal, though, and could already derive potential uses of the Vulcan in his grand scheme - able hands at his disposal when he could convince her to enter this kind of trance for him once more.

The thing crawling inside him wished to continue, to draw blood and maim her in the throes of prolonged coitus, yet Lucan knew that it was not his kin's time to play just yet. Eventually, though, they would all rejoice in a future without law or structure. When there was no good. No evil.

Just flesh.

It made him hard again just imagining it - swelling in the Vulcan's mouth.

"Stand," he said though, reining in the bloodlust for sake of cunning pragmatism - his host body's skill to manipulate the cattle taking charge for sake of his kin's greater good. "Put on your clothes."

Lucan rose as well, methodically donning his own. While he did, he looked around the storage compartments and found something he needed. He withdrew a small package of gel and squeezed it into his left hand. "Wait, spread your legs a bit where you stand," he said and stepped up to Doctor Maya - looking into her green eyes with an unreadable expression while he tugged at the hem of either panties or trousers that may be in the way. Reaching down between her legs, he applied the numbing gel against her outer labia, kneading the transparent agent into her sex and letting it be absorbed. He was very thorough, and knew that it would prevent the Vulcan from feeling that she'd just had sex after he broke her trance.

In fact, he had used it before for similar purposes when he'd allowed the being inside him to sate itself with sedated patients.

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The part of the little Vulcan's mind that was semiconscious was too busy trying to control her pseudo-ponn farr to register anything approaching thought.  Her nervous and endocrine systems were trying to cool her blood until she felt his member growing rigid in her mouth.

"Stand," her master's voice ordered.  "Put on your clothes."

Maya rose with a jerky mechanical motion as her subconscious worked to bring herself out of her pseudo-ponn farr.  Even though she was physically sated she still hadn't felt him; she still didn't know if she satisfied him, she still felt incomplete.  As she put on her top and stepped into her briefs, tears flowed out of her anguished eyes.  As she was sealing her uniform she was stopped as her master approached her.

"Wait, spread your legs a bit where you stand," he ordered as he opened her uniform again.

Maya's eyes flicked back and forth without seeing as he reached between her legs and applied a numbing soothing gel on and into her green and raw vagina.   Maya blinked as her rapid eye movement ceased.  The numbing sensation allowed her subconscious to bring her out of her pseudo-ponn farr much quicker than it would otherwise.  The burning in her blood ceased and her nervous system ran diagnostics and began clearing her neural pathways.   The anguished expression left her features and her face became a calm unreadable mask as she stared straight ahead with unseeing eyes.

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