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CHAPTER 02: Distant Cabana [2130 hrs.]

[Sten Covington] Attn Auctor Lucan

"Come on Ranger, I got an idea." And so did the grizzled veteran as he headed down the beach, though not before flagging down a holographic server to make sure a case of the India Pale Ale he'd enjoyed so far would be on its way to the destination he had in mind.

Part of Sten felt a little guilty at the thoughts that had been running through his mind. Evelyn was an attractive little thing, if young enough to be his daughter. And even though she was Scottish and he English, she was still from his native island and there were precious few people from the Old Country around. And in her, he felt this connection to the land that had birthed his ancestors and where he still maintained a home. And that made her even more appealing to him. Not to mention how she'd so casually mentioned she was wearing nothing but her skin under her flight suit and did not object to the comment he made.

It had been a bit of a walk, but before long pilot and Deck Chief reached a lone cabana that was set a little above the high tide line. It was a simple affair made of bamboo and thatched with palm fronds, set with a few comfortable chaises and some wicker furniture, as well as the case of beer he had asked for.

As he sat down, Sten unslung his guitar and adjusted its output again, instead selecting a traditional acoustic sound. "So Evelyn, anything you'd like to listen to? Something with a beat or something mellow?"

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After they'd reached the cabana, Rawley walked to one of the corner posts and leaned against it with her forearm  - looking out across the moonlit sea while Covington tuned his instrument behind her.

She did not know what she was doing; what had led her to this private place with the Deck Chief, yet she supposed that the night they shared was one for the unexpected to come true. There she were, regardless of what may seem odd any other day, and she would not rather be anywhere else. Music and alcohol imbibed at an exotic location with a man she had not been with before - with the tingle of promise that could not be ignored. She was promiscuous. Always had been. It was her prerogative and she put her desires in the first room, and 'propriety' being far down her list of priorities. After all, she challenged death in her cockpit ceaselessly and wanted to make sure she was truly alive when she kept surviving.

At the question posed to her, Rawley pushed away and rounded on Covington - taking a swig from her bottle of pale ale in thought. "I don't know," she said and grinned to him - kicking off her boots one at the time. Barefeet, she sat down on a chaise-long opposite him and ran her free hand over her shaved head as she looked off into the distance - memories of the old songs so dormant and nigh forgotten since her adolesence.  "Do you know the Scottish song 'Auld Lang Syne'? We used to sing it at Fettes Collage in Edinburgh to mark special occasions or holidays. Something I bloody missed at Eton Collage, not to mention Starfleet Academy, that's for certain."

Looking boldly upon the tall man she was in company with, Rawley tilted her chin back and smiled. "You play it right, I loose my cargo pants. If you play it wrong, you loose the shirt. I'll sing it with you though, regardless the outcome. Deal, Papa Bear?"

Cock favoured the bold, or so she liked to think when looking at Sten - for once being out of his overalls.

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Sten kept his eye on the pilot as he tested his guitar's sound. It was good, almost an exact match for the magnificent hand-made instrument he kept at home. Not that he wanted a true copy of its tones and resonance. It would be sacrilegious for a thoroughly modern guitar to emulate the song of an original masterpiece.

But when Rawley mentioned her idea of a contest, Sten couldn't help his smile. That was unusual, but it did sound like an interesting idea. And it would be fun. Oh yes, he knew of Evelyn's proclivities and she definitely shared Sten's intentions. Yes, she was far younger than he and it had been a long time since the last time he had been with a woman without paying for the privilege or being acted upon by an outside force.

"Auld Lang Syne? Seriously? I can't remember the last time I did that one this sober. But hey, why not?"

It was in no way an easy song to play and the Scottish lyrics had an odd character to them, thanks to Sten's Birmingham accent, and before long the Chief set down his guitar across his lap and proceeded to unbutton his sucker and peel it off. When the fabric left his skin, his powerful and hirsute torso was revealed. Perhaps he was pushing sixty years of age but he still had the chest, shoulders, arms and abdominals of a man half his age, thanks to his physically demanding work and a regular workout routine. 

"All right, my turn."

And, without warning, he started and upbeat and brutally swift version of 'Mary Mack', complete with the gradual increase in speed common to the renditions by various Canadian folk bands.

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When Covington failed at the first challenge, Rawley was rewarded with his shirtless company on the cabana, and he certainly lived up to her expectations. He even succeeded them, having thought the years would have deteriorated his physique a bit more than it had, yet it was certainly a fortunate mistake to make about him given the circumstances. She could not help the lewd wolf-whistle she made before laughing and drinking from her bottle. Her eyes did linger, which underscored the unsaid attraction before the next song began.

"Mary Mack?" she exclaimed and cleared her throat, the challenge asserting itself as the tunes began to roll. She put the bottle aside and tried to focus. "Bloody hell, okay...

"There's a nice wee lass and her name is Mary Mack
Make no mistake, she's the miss I'm going to take
There's a lot of either chaps ...  that would get up on her track?
But I'm thinking they'll have to get up early..."

Laughing, she threw up her hands and got up on her feet, and having already lost at the third line, she began to unbutton her cargo pants in a playful way while the chorus came. Her raspy vocals did not err this time, however, and she made a show out of rolling her hips with each button popped.

"Mary Mack's father is making Mary Mack marry me
My father is making me marry Mary Mack
And I'm going to marry Mary to get married and take care of me
We'll all be making merry when I marry Mary Mack"

Her pants open, she turned her back and looked at Covington while she wiggled the garment down her legs, all the while trying to keep up with the song. Her movement were not so much sensual as they were playful given the tune, yet her eyes were still a bit bold as she bared her legs and her Starfleet knickers.

"This wee lass she has a lot of brass
She has a lot of gas, her father thinks I'm class
An I'd be a silly ass to let the matter pass
For her father thinks she suits me fairly."

In the end, she kicked away her cargo pants and picked up the bottle, dancing while she tried to deliver the last part. Yet at this point, Covington played much too fast and her tongue couldn't keep up, especially not with all the pale ale she had been drinking.

"Now Mary and her man.... and awful lot together
In fact you never see the ... or the man without the other
And the fellows often wonder if it's Mary or her mother
Or the ... of them together that I'm.... Gah! Fuck it."

Growling in defeat even as her grin lasted, she paced a turn on the floor of the cabana while she sipped some more from her bottle - thinking of some way to get back at the Chief. "I tell you what," she said and rounded on him, pointing towards him with her bottle. "Let's go over the Atlantic and see how you fare, you old Irishman. Do you know the Blue Oyster Cult's  'Astronomy' from their album 'Secret Treaties'? I think it was later sung by another American band named Metallica too. If you can nail the music and the lyrics, I will toss it all. Likewise, if you don't, I want to see just how big you really are, or if you are compensating for something with all that physical training you must put yourself through."

Her stare was bold as she drunk some more, and her grin remained as she dared him back down.

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Perhaps Mary Mack was a dirty trick from Sten, but it was only fair after Evelyn had subjected him to Auld Lang Syne. But something he would not admit was how his hands were protesting the abuse involved with this most energetic song and he was more than a little winded by the brutal speed of the lyrics. However, there was a serious benefit to this as he watched the pilot dance her way out of her pants.

Damn, she had beautiful legs! Legs the older man would definitely not mind seeing wrapped around his waist. And her backside, so nicely framed in her underwear.

With the song over, Sten opened himself a fresh bottle of beer and unceremoniously began to drink from it, emptying it fairly quickly. There was a good thing to being older and his size, and that was his alcohol tolerance. And when another challenge was issued, he smiled. Of course he knew of Blue Oyster Cult. And he could indeed play a fair selection of their songs. Although, he had to admit, 'Don't fear the Reaper' was his favourite.

But when she referred to him as an Irishman, he fairly choked on his drink and offered a broad grin. "Irishman? Seriously? Maybe the Micks got better songs than we do, but I'm from Birmingham! How would you like it if I called you a Welsher?"

There was definite good nature in Sten as he spoke, rising from his chaise and closing the distance with Rawley, leaving his guitar behind and walked behind her. As soon as he could reach, his large, hairy arms went around the pilot's waist and a hirsute and scarred hand slid up to cup a breast. "So maybe we skip the song for now and find a way to make up for those fighting words?"

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When she was corrected, Rawley had just chuckled and palmed her own forehead - realising that she had just made a brain-fart in saying 'Irishman' when she knew quite well that Covington was from England after they years they'd spent together in the Theurgy's flight hangar. She glanced at the bottle in her hand, seeing that it was empty, and then looked out to the dark tides of the sea as she replied. "I will freely admit that real alchohol is not the best bloody way to go after spending weeks in Sickbay's recovery wards, so cut me some fucking slack, Sten."

Yet instead of an immediate reply, she felt him come up behind her. A bold move... considering that regardless what they were doing in going off into the night, he had just made a physical pass on her - the craziest bitch among the Lone Wolves. She might have broken his thumb and disentangled herself if she had not been in the mood, yet that night, when she was feeling so very much free and alive again, so she had no inclination to stop him. No, she leaned back against his chest a bit, tilted her head to the side as she looked out towards the horizon, and she bit her lower lip in anticipation of what the Chief might do next.

"Yeah," she said, a lop-sided grin forming as he fondled her breast, and she let him - feeling how her tits were already firm and aching for more touching of that kind. "I think you have just taken this beyond the need for singing songs."

She took a deep breath, and found herself shivering a bit as she exhaled - her back melting against his powerful frame behind her. Her white tanktop was rumpled by his calloused and scarred hand, though she hardly noticed. Her mind was reeling a bit with intoxication and imagery of the two of them rutting like animals in heat. It had been so long since she had a nice and juicy cock to play with, the latest having been a series of diversions with the Chief Medical Officer before she was injured and after she 'lost' Soo Young Seung in action. Dr. Nicander and her were no longer on speaking terms after she'd had to be his patient though, even if she realised she should be thankful for him that he saved her life twice - pulling her back from the embrace of death.

Problem was that she had long past ceased to fear death - defying it every chance she could.

 "Can you really make a woman like me feel good, Chief?" she asked teasingly, and she raised her arm behind her head, laying the cold and empty bottle against his neck in backwards embrace. Eyes still on the sea, her other hand went up to his cupping fingers - her smaller hand guiding his down her toned abdomen and to the apex of her legs. "Here... Continue..."

She wanted his hand where she ached the most - setting her feet a bit wider as they shared the vista as well as themselves.

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It had been some time since Sten had been with a woman. At least one where the interaction was completely consensual. Last time he had this sort of contact was in a cramped compartment with a junior technician, thanks to the Ishtar entity and that was definitely not a mutually agreed-upon encounter. And it hardly took a lot for his groin to stir, his member starting to engorge at the combination of the firm breast and its hardening nipple beneath his hand to the attractive woman pressing against him.

Yes, his move had been ballsy, but a thing any senior non-com was good at was reading a situation. Sten knew how unwanted advances tended to end with Rawley not at this point, be was reasonably certain she would welcome it. And welcome it she did all right.

When she dragged his one hand down to her crotch, Covington opened his other hand and let the mostly empty bottle of beer he had been holding fall to the sand. He was blessed with two hands, so using both only made sense, right?

The appendage the pilot had drawn down began to do its work, his fingers beginning to rub and press between her legs outside of her underwear, gently eager to start things. His free hand, however, went up. But instead of simply reaching for Evelyn's breasts, he slid it beneath her tank top and sought to make contact with bare flesh.

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Once his hand reached its destination between her legs, Rawley was positive that Covington would feel the heat of her core radiate through the thin layer of cotton panties she was wearing. His fingers were a marvel, and if he kept it up, she was certain that he'd feel her damp desire soaking through as well.

"Oh, fuck it has been a long time..." she whispered into the seaside air and her eyes fluttered shut. She felt caught in the undertow of the evening, where the music had led them on and now taken them far out from known shores. He'd dropped his ale in order to use his other hand, and Rawley could feel his hardening arousal against her back even as the Chief's hand stole underneath her tank top. As his calloused hand moved up her abdomen, the hem of her tanktop shifted upwards - baring her to the air. She made no move to resist him, enjoying the feel of his rough palm against her own scarred skin. A hoarse and excited noise came up her throat, and the siege he had laid upon her body with his hands were making her rub her bottom against the evidence of his arousal. Undulating. Teasing him back just as he was teasing her.

Through the thin fabric of her panties, the Chief soon found her clitoris, and Rawley was struck breathless by his ministrations. She arched into his touch, hips moving against his hand flagrantly. Besides the cold bottle of ale she held against his neck, she soon reached behind her and down between their bodies - made him feel a firm hand wrap around his cock. Squeezing hard in demand for it before the stroking motions began. Through the textile of his trousers, she slid her fingers from base to tip repeatedly. "Wow..." she said thickly, "this is a bloody impressive fellow. Mind if I say hello?"

By that point, her tank top had ended up underneath her armpits. She turned around in his embrace, and even as she was bereft of his hard fingers between her legs, her need for something larger demanded that she moved to investigate. Looking up briefly, her mischevious grin caught the moonlight, and despite the great height difference between them, Rawley still sunk down unto her knees before Covington - her bottle of beer still in hand. She needed only one hand to undo his trousers and yank down his underwear - freeing the beast above her shaved head.

"Oh, my... Chief. Have you been hiding away this guy all this time?" She chuckled and outlined the rigid arousal with the neck of her cold bottle - running it from base to tip along several angles as she took in the sight. Only after taking one last sip from the bottle did she put it aside... and laid her hands against his strong thighs. With no hands touching it, she began to lick off the trails of condensation that she had drawn with the bottle.

Then... she'd take the head inside her mouth, and suck hard upon the slick gland for a couple of seconds. Savouring it. Soon soothing it with her swirling tongue.

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It was not because Sten was getting older and had once been married with children that he was out of touch with his sexual urges. However, between his heavy workload, his age, rank and position occasions were rather thin on the ground. To go for a roll in the sack with one of his techs would simply not be professional and conducive to a good working environment. The pilots, they preferred to stick amongst themselves as a rule and despite the close cooperation between the deck crew and those who flew the Valkyries, there was still that ages-old divide that started when flying machines first became effective fighting platforms. And the rest of the crew? There were simply too few senior female non-coms around.

So this rare occasion was one he would definitely not waste.

Under a callused hand, he could feel Rawley's underwear dampening. Under the other, her nipples hardening. And in response, she ground against him, her firm backside taking his cock from beginning to harden to seemingly being made of solid duranium.

He could only groan in approval when the pilot's hands began to explore his length, and only with rushed breathing when she pulled down his shorts and underwear. And when she took his head into her mouth, Covington grabbed hold of the back of Evelyn's head and sought to push more of his length into her mouth.

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The warm evening breeze swept into their private cabana, and Rawley felt it against her chest - above her bra and below her hiked-up tanktop. She felt how it teased the dampness betwixt her legs where she was kneeling on the floor, and how it touched her wet lips as they enveloped the thick girth of Covington's cock.

His large hands came to rest upon her shaven head, and since she was in an indulging mood, she bobbed her head down as far as she could go. The male taste of him made her groan, yet she could not fit all of it inside. Though when she retracted her lips, she sucked the head hard - almost to the point where she'd imagine he'd feel pain. She did that three more times, and then retracted her lips far enough to make it pop free from her mouth - allowing her to give him a cheshire grin in the moonlight.

"Fuck you taste good..." she said hoarsely and took the opportunity to disentangle herself from her disheveled tank top - leaving her in bra and panties where she knelt before her unlikely partner for the night. She tossed the top aside. Her toned body was still feminine enough, yet she figured the scars from her recent battles took away from the impression. Not that she gave a fuck about what anyone thought about her decision to keep her scars, but having been without sex for months made her feel a bit out of practice. She did not want to scare away the Chief now that she'd gotten so far with him, so after giving him another quick glance, she seized the base of him so that she might resume  - slowly sucking her way down his shaft anew.

Teasing him she did, she was using lightly scraping teeth in dare and then her tongue to reassure him. She lost track of time in the rhythm, but at one point, so much of him was inside her mouth that she felt like she was about to gag. Then she stopped, looking into his eyes while she got used to the size - suction still hard. Seconds later, not lowering her gaze, she pulled back - keeping the suction as best as she could. She did it again, now slowly making her way back down - getting a bit further. She did this until she was almost at the base, and only then did she stop - gasping for breath while letting her right hand stroke the length instead.

"You like that, oldtimer?" she asked with a rueful smile, picking up her bottle to drink some more while her hand rubbed his hardness - washing down the taste of cock in her mouth. Slowly, challenge in her eye, she got back on her feet without letting him go, and she bit her lower lip playfully, getting the idea that the Chief might still be thirsty as well. She put the bottle to his lips to let him take a sip, yet pulled it away before he got a drop of the ale on his tongue.

"Oh, you want some?" she asked in mock-innocence, playing the clueless girl archetype she could never be. Then she poured the heeltap of the IPA over her tits and her bra - the cold liquid making her abdomen concave and a laugh escape her as the sudden chill soaked into her panties as well. Her hand still played with the full measure of his cock when she posed her challenge. "Come get it then..."

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How long had it been since he'd had a blowjob? Sten couldn't remember, but it had been some time all right. His ex-wife was a pretty straight-laced sort and their sex life had been of the vanilla variety and her idea do spicing things up typically involved keeping the lights on, a striptease of sharing the shower. Never anything as daring as oral sex, let it be from the giving or receiving ends.

Rawley, on the other hand, was giving herself with great abandon to this task. And it felt good. Yes, there were times when the suction was just bordering on the edge of being painful and the dragging of her teeth along his length was making him shiver, but overall he found himself arching his back and tilting his head backwards and he was nearly ready to fire his load when she stopped pleasuring him with her mouth and attacked him with his latest tease and poured the contents of the bottle of beer on herself and challenged him to get some from her.

But at this point, while some of that IPA might be tempting, the mounds of flesh beneath her bra were even more interesting to him. As such, he grinned himself. "You asked for it."

Without further ceremony, the Chief's powerful hands made for Evelyn's tits and freed them from the fabric that confined them and then wrapped about her waist and he lifted her up high enough so he would not have to bend down as he took one nipple into his mouth.

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The startled sound that Rawley made when her feet left the floor drowned out in laughter.

She wrapped her legs around Covington's waist by sheer reflex and she finally dropped her bottle of IPA to the floor when she wrapped her arms around his neck. His rough hands had freed her breasts to the touch of his mouth, and her laughter turned into a sultry chuckle as he began to treat them with his lips. Sucking the Chief's hard cock had turned her on more than she thought, and feeling his powerful shoulders underneath her arms only made her needs stronger. Her breasts ached for the touch of his mouth, and the peaks of her ale-soaked mounds scraped against his tongue and lips in their aroused state.

A state which the veteran Chief obviously shared, hard as he was underneath her... bereft of her touch now that she clung to his powerful frame. The ministrations of his mouth made her moan in a ragged way, since these feelings she felt had been long time coming since she was injured last - fighting Task Force Archeron with her fellow Wolves in the Borderlands. Indeed, she was so out of practice she had no mind to draw things out much further. Covington's mouth upon her bared chest invoked a greed in her - a glutton need to finally have him inside her. 

She let one arm still hook his neck - her chest still thrust forth against his mouth - yet her other hand reached down and behind herself. Her fingertips touched the throbbing length of him - fumbling desperately for a grip on it - finally seizing it's heat.

"Now, now," she managed breathlessly while she tried to stroke him anew, and she paused only to hook her thumb into her panties and pull them aside. Fumbling, she tried to align his swollen head against her dewy nether lips, and once she felt his rigid arousal pressing against her hungry sex, she tried to spear herself on his length - rocking in his hard grip upon her short frame. "Take me, take me now."

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Firm and warm and tasting of beer. Sten had never been considered the most adventurous of lovers so this encounter with this wild woman was a bit of a first  for him. And, truth be told, he was also decades past his twenties when his desires were at their hottest and even then he'd never had this torrid a seeking with a woman.

The small hand that reached for his erection was something he welcomed, and even more so when it was to guide his proud member into the hot, slick passage of Evelyn's sex. Sheathed to the hilt, he barely heard her words, but he did not have to be told twice.

As if the woman weighed nothing, the Chief walked to the nearest chaise and carefully lowered the woman so she would be supported and granting him some leverage so he could thrust in and out of her.

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Rawley groaned long and loud when Covington finally filled her with his hard, male heat. Once he was inside her, she wrapped both her arms around his wide shoulders so that she could ease herself down onto him. "Yes..." she said and shuddered in need. "It has been so long..."

Breath quick as Sten carried her somewhere, she was intoxicated by feeling him glide upward - deep inside her. His masculinity was overpowering, tall and lean as he was, and despite her quirks and her toughness, she felt a bit small and feminine when carried in his arms. It was not like it went to her head, but she could appreciate the feeling for what it was. She might be the unruly tomboy girl grown into a swearing and drinking fighter pilot, yet that did not mean she preferred to take the initiative at all points.

So when she was laid down upon the chaise - his rigid erection not leaving her sheath in the process - Rawley was at first content to let her legs remain wrapped around his waist in order to encourage him to move. Yet her needs for more did not let her remain still and pliant where she lay. No, not when she was so close to coming already. "Come on... Come on..."

As if her words were not enough to make him see her need, she moved as well, began the age-old rhythm and lifted her hips to accept him - arching toward him to take him further inside. The moonlight outlined his powerful frame above her, and he was so different from the last man she had been with - those idle on-and-off hours with Dr. Nicander faded memories. He had been fun and was one of the most practised men she'd fucked, yet he seemed to take her affection for him for granted, so she had already decided to seek her fun elsewhere even before her injuries and him becoming her 'captor' so to speak. They both might be drunk, yet to Ralwey, Covington seemed a slower-paced and gentler lover, which might be for the better considering the size difference between them.

"Harder... I'm already... Oh, you ar... making me... Fuck, yes! Yes!" She bucked beneath him, and she ended up bringing her knees up to accommodate him in the last moments. She couldn't lie still, jerked violently with punctuated gasps for air at the onset of her first climax in far too long. She reached up and grabbed for something, her nails digging into his arms as she tried to take hold of him, teeth grinding together as the waves rolled in and shut her mind down.

She did not cry out as much as she choked on the power of the feeling - her whole body clamping down upon their joining as she came harder than she could remember doing in many years. Her ragged breaths came with a stream of curses, and she groaned ruefully as the seizure finally passed.

Rawley did not stop moving afterwards though, merely falling into a measured, insistent rhythm that she could handle and still make her happenstance lover feel good.

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Sten needed little encouragement. Once he laid Rawley down onto the chaise, his hips began the familiar rocking motion that drove his member in and out of the pilot' swarm and most cavern. As he pumped, adopting a steady rhythm, he brought one hand to Evelyn's breast. The large, hirsute paw, keeping pace with Covingron's rocking, squeezed and released the firm orb beneath his palm.

Her climax was almost a surprise to him, unused as he had become to willing female companionship. And she her orgasm exploded, Covington himself was not far behind and it was the rocking of her hips that took him over the edge and his pumping stopped, accompanied by guttural grunts as his seed pulsed out of him in hot jets.

As his ejactulation exhausted itself, Sten let himself lean forward, one arm supporting his weight and his other hand, still on Rawley's breast, teased at the firm flesh and its proud nipple. "Bloody Hell. It's been too long."


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Chuckling in a throaty way, Rawley ran her fingers through Covington's hair when he put his mouth to her chest. "Likewise, Chief," she admitted and gasped when he teased the sensitive peaks of her aching breasts. He was still inside her so he teased him in kind by rolling her hips against him - shifting and milking his post-coitus hardness. "Thank you for letting my little wolf feed again. She has been very hungry of late..."

As they lingered in the cabana, the moonlight caressed their bodies while the waves rolled ashore. In the end, when he finally slipped from her, Rawley moved to stand - not exactly being the cuddly kind of person. She went looking for her garments after she got another beer, her grin still present.

"Are you heading back too, or do you want to stay here?" she asked languorously and picked up her bra, the option that she'd stay right there with him obviously not present. She put the bra on and had the tank top in hand when she glanced at him over her shoulder. "I'd say the night is still young, don't you?"

The wink she gave the Chief was of her trademark mischievousness, and she hoped he would not let her walk back alone. Then again, she did not know Chief Covington well enough to guess at his preferences.

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