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[Deck 11]

Edena kept the point-man position as they ventured out of the jefferies tubes, and immediately felt the exposure of being outside again.  They no longer had a bottleneck to prevent aggressive advances from infected crew, and the need to keep their eyes everywhere was overwhelming, though she forced herself to trust her fellow crewmen.  T'Less was by the side of Lucan, allowing her to watch the side, while anything coming from behind would have to get past Lt. Commander Grayson.  Her focus was at the front, and she had to remember that.

The further they advanced, the stronger the sweet scent of flowers became.  At first, it was so soothing that Rez thought she might close her eyes and never open them again, but that feeling was soon replaced by a burst of energy, like she had drank an entire pot of Raktajino in a half second.  The pounding in her heart brought a hand against her chest, but as soon as it was there, it was caressing her breast more then checking her beats per minute.

"Straighten out soldier!"  She heard the voice of Jona shouting in her head, snapping her arm back down by her side.  It was just like when she was infected, and her urges had taken over her sense of logic.  Her former hosts were there to keep her focused, keep her sane.  Not being truly infected, it was much easier for them then last time to keep Edena's head in the game.  "The air here is having a negative effect on us, like a much weaker form of infection.  Control your breathing, and don't inhale any more then you need to," she advised, as she picked up their pace to more of a brisk walk, trying her best to ignore the feeling that the plants growing from the cargo bay were watching them, not to mention the sounds of pleasure from infected crew which did nothing to make the job of her former hosts easier.

The ship was rocked by fire from outside, making Edena stumble for a second before she regained her composure.  Before the infected even started towards them, she caught eyes with one, knowing what was about to occur.  She grabbed her pair of phasers and began to fire on any advancing crewmen, stunning one before alternating to her other for the next shot.  It was her first host, a skilled surgeon, who had gifted her with ambidexterity.  She was thankful to have it at that moment.

[Lin Kae's Quarters]

"Were the internal sensors on the ship calibrated to differentiate between infected and uninfected crew?"  Kae asked Thea, already beginning to formulate a plan that could be used if they gained access to the bridge.  "If we forward the emergency power to the holo-emmitters, we should be able to provide enough energy to the holo-grid to create some form of restraint around the infected crewmen.  A cage, for instance, to limit their movement and prevent them from interacting with each other.  It's tricky, since the emmitters were only meant to allow programs such as yourself or an EMH roam freely, but just a little reprogramming could make the entire ship one big holodeck."

Caged, the crew would be more easily inoculated with the cure, as well, without risk of reinfection from another afterward.  The only ones that would prove more difficult would be the crew outside the ship, such as those on the Captain's Yacht, but once they had the majority of the crew back to normal, it would be easier to cure the stragglers left behind.  "Thea, can you plot the safest path to the bridge from here?"  She was the best candidate for such a task, knowing the ship like it was the back of her hand.  With her being what was essentially an avatar of the Theurgy, it might have been an accurate assessment.

[Captain's Yacht]

He fought away her lips, knowing her saliva could have been a source of infection.  His duty to stop Ida outweighed everything else.  He couldn't risk being corrupted by her.  Her hand grabbing him as it did was less of a concern, though the scent of her skin along with her touch was enough to make him feel almost drunk and suggestible.  Isley did the only thing he could and pushed her away.  It meant freeing her hand from his grip, but after her punches to his face, it was proof he wasn't doing himself any favors keeping in close quarters with her.  Already, green bruises were beginning to form beneath his skin from her hard impacts with his cheek and around his eye, and the lightheaded feeling that accompanied them couldn't help but make him feel like she was currently winning their fight.

His eyes made brief contact with one of the syringes he had set on the floor.  If he injected her, she would be rendered unconscious, and by the time she awoke, would be back in control of her mental faculties.  rather then continue the fight, he dove to grab the syringe, using the distance between them to help free him from her maddening smell, as he took the needle in hand, positioning the plunger within reach of his thumb.  All he needed to do was stick her with it.  If her lust was great enough, she might ignore the danger and come after him.  Once in range, he would make his attempt.

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[Deck 11 - Garden of Eden]

David felt himself swallowing involuntarily as he followed the rest of the group through the so-called "Garden of Eden" that had taken over the cargo bay. Though he wouldn't admit it to anyone, the combination of the increased heat on this deck,  the surrounding moans and cries, and the intoxicating fragrance of the flowers was beginning to get to him. He could feel his heart pounding deep in his strong chest, his nostrils flaring as his body tried to pull more oxygen into it. He also began to feel a tightness in his trousers as his member began to thicken, his body betraying his mind as he struggled for control. Annoyed by his weakness, David shook his head and blinked his eyes several times, trying to refocus himself on the task at hand.

Garen followed along behind Edena, doing his best not to get in anyone's way. While he didn't carry a weapon, his old soldier instincts had kicked in, and he kept an eye out for trouble as they slowly proceeded across the cargo bay. He glanced briefly over his shoulder at T'Less and Lucan who walked side-by-side, and further back to David, whose blue eyes were narrowed as he made sure nobody--or nothing--would ambush them from behind. Garen could sense some turmoil in the human's mind, a mix of lust and anger.

The counselor could sympathize with David; he was finding it hard to maintain control in this environment, too. Being an empath was a gift most of the time, but in situations like this one, he wished he could turn it off. He was surrounded by the Deities' only knew how many people entangled in various forms of carnal activities, and their feelings of total nirvana were wracking Garen's brain. He inhaled a deep breath and held it, trying to center himself...and failing.

Then the ship suddenly rocked.

Grayson stumbled, nearly bumping into Lucan before he was able to steady himself. He looked at his four companions, their gazes all meeting briefly as they realized that they were in trouble. David grimaced and turned, his grip tightening on his phaser rifle as he glanced around at the many infected people surrounding them. Some of them had been snapped out of their sexual haze for a moment, long enough to notice the small group of people walking past them. One of the infected got to his feet and started towards the group, and David quickly raised his rifle and stunned the man. Edena began firing at the same time, and David looked for more targets. "I think now would be a good time to pick up the pace!" he called over his shoulder.

David heard something stirring near his feet and looked down to see huge, nightmarish vines slowly rising out of the undergrowth, the thick stalks shivering with anticipation. He scowled and turned his rifle on them, firing several shots at each one in turn, sending them writhing back to the floor. But they kept coming, rising all around the group now. The vines writhed high above, threatening to surround them, and still more of the infected crew continued advancing on them all.

"Move!" David yelled, urging the group onward, taking a step back as he kept firing.

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Skye continued a barrage of not only phaser fire but verbal insults directed at the infected blue woman.  "Why do smurfs laugh when they run through the forest?  Because the grass tickles their balls!  Hey Ida!  Are you like a blue Shrek?  If you hold your nose and blow out, will music come out of those little things on your head?  I'll have to find out what color you turn when you're choked 'cause everyone wants to know truly what color a smurf turns when you choke it."

Two torpedoes at close range were a little tricky which shut her up for just a moment as she barrel rolled out of the way and continued rocking the craft with pulses of phasers.  It was time to stop messing around though and her mind worked furiously.  The yacht's phaser array was a Type S so it only had a 250 degree arc, leaving 110 degrees around the backside it couldn't fire upon.  Okay Kestrel, we gotta make this count this time or we are so FUBAR, she thought to herself.

Feinting again, she settled behind the yacht and targeted the shields.  "Ida, hope you like it balls deep right in your ass," she growled as two photon torpedoes were loosed and a few more blasts of phasers were used as follow through to knock out the shields entirely.  "Do not think I won't destroy that shuttle if necessary," she warned though silently she was dropping the tetryon cannon and readying it to disable.  Unless she knew it was a lost cause, meaning Isley had succumbed to whatever was going on, she couldn't bring herself to kill a crewmate.

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Sweat had steadily formed over T'Less's body and her uniform clung like a second skin.  More and more, she was giving serious consideration to Lucan's idea of stripping down to the bare essentials, but couldn't bring herself to do so, not yet.

She started when the phaser fire began and realized she'd not been paying as much attention as she should.  Focusing on the here and now, she felt the chemical changes within, how her body was responding to the pollen, readying her for sex.  If not for her already damp clothing, she suspected she might have had some embarrassment.  Her eyes turned here and there, and she began aiming at the swarming vines with one hand, while grabbing Lucan's arm with the other, responding to Grayson's order with a nod of agreement.  Pulling on Nicander, she edged closer to Edena, fear now coarsing through her, topped with the panicky thought of turning into a mindless rutting crewmember, the loss of control that she'd spend one hundred years rebuilding.  Anger burned, as well as determination to not end up like them, to keep it together and fight as though her life depended on it.... which it might.  She didn't know what becoming infected would do to her, but she suspected it wouldn't be good, mentally speaking.

Glancing at Edena, she asked, "Do you see a way through?"

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[The Garden of Eden | Deck 11]

Being a man obsessed with being in control, Lucan found the situation getting out of hand much too quick for his own taste - even though his mind was muddled with aching carnal needs. The monster inside was not helping either; screaming for immediate release.

The Theurgy was fired upon by some faction - most likely Starfleet finally catching up to them - and it made the more immediate threat in the Cargo Bay area flare up like some genital decease. Infected had raised their eyes and noticed new and unenlightened people visiting them, yet more dire than so was the fact that the dreadful flora of Niga had scented new vectors - vines rising to snare them and...

Suddenly pulled forward by the Vulcan CTO by the arm, Lucan's head swivelled around, his hazy eyes trying to make out the individual vines rising like cobras out of the undergrowth - some even descending from the canopy above. He had to look at his tattooed hands to mentally grasp the fact that he still held on to his phasers. It was with that look that Lucan saw it...

Like something from a nightmare, a different type of snake-like vine rose up from the ground between T'Less' legs. It had a glistening girth ending with a larger purplish bulb - shaped like a flower that had not yet opened. Oddly fascinated in his pollen-drugged state, Lucan saw the penis-like vine sway and search. The scientist in him determined that this vine had a different use to the plants than the more aggressive and longer ones that already tried to snare them - barely held off by their phaser-fire. Well, Lucan was not firing his phasers, for he was too entranced by what he saw - not even hearing the oblivious T'Less speak to 'Commander Rez. Some would snare, others would inject...

Then, the vine touched T'Less' calf and began to slide upward along her inner thigh, tickling her through the fabric of her uniform. As it quickly slithered its way toward her waist, the purple bulb kept weaving back and forth, as if trying to track down some elusive scent. Her secretions...

When Lucan realised that T'Less was so wet and so close to him, something snapped inside him. Images of the the plant-like intruder pushing its way past her distended pussy lips and beginning to worm its way into her vagina... It was too much.

With a determined snarl, he shot the vine rising between T'less' legs before it could venture any further. Yet his act was not done out of chivalry, not the apparent rescue of a damsel in distress. Oh, no. He acted out of the deepest and egotistical envy for what the damn plant was after. Normally, Lucan would have made a glib remark and winked at her. Now, he dropped his two phasers to the floor and opened the fastenings of his uniform trousers. In moments, he had pushed down his last remaining garments to the middle of his thighs. He seized the hand that held his bare arm and made T'Less touch his rigid arousal instead. His other hand went behind the Vulcan's neck, and he stepped so close... sought to kiss her deeply right there in the middle of the fire-fight they were in.

At some base level of his pollinated mind, he justified his irrational actions with him not being infected, and that it was perfectly aright to do what he did - despite how Edena was so close and the obvious direness of their predicament in the middle of the treacherous garden.

What's more, Starfleet had finally arrived, and his kin would extract him safely... He might as well have some fun before they did, right?

[The Captain's Yacht]

Having been pushed back, Ida rebounded against the controls with a sexually frustrated groan - her bruised and hurting hands happening to activate the video-feed of the audio transmission in the Yacht's speakers. Should Wolf-03 chose to accept the feed, she would see Ida setting after Wolf-09 - catching up to him just as he grabbed something tube-like from the deck plates.

With a giggle, Ida stomped upon the out-stretched hand with her foot. Had she been wearing boots, she would have fractured the hand, but as it was, it only broke the syringe inside Nathaniel's hand - possibly stinging him with the ruptured thin metal alloy and glass shards. She would have followed up with grabbing the wrist of the aforementioned hand and seated herself on his face - rubbing her wet sex over his face...

...yet that was the time when Kestrel's photon torpedoes connected with the Captain's Yacht. Once, then twice.

Not only was Ida thrown completely off Isley, the limp body of Lt. Lance cast up unto the control panel, but everything not nailed to the deck was thrown into the air. The noise of the buckled hull screamed, the sound so much more frightening when sensed through Ida's antennae. The computer's voice rose over the din of the fizzling plasma conduits.

[Shields at 3%,] said the apathetic voice, while Ida bumped her head against... the ceiling? [Warning: Artificial Gravity Generator damaged. Graviton stabilizer off-line. Artifical Gravity currently at 0 %.]

Yet that was not enough. Not only had Ida suffered the verbal abuse of Pinkskin references to Terran child-entertainment, got her easy cruise together with Lt. Lance ruined by a stowaway, and been forced to fight when all she wanted to do was fuck. No, Wolf-03 was smiting her yacht with phaser fire too, and as the sparks and smoke flared inside the yacht, the computer added:

[Warning: Shields at 0 %. Warp Core breach imminent. Ejection System off-line.]

What could Ida do at that point but to laugh at it all? It was all so hilarious. In zero-gravity, she laughed with her white hair streaming around her head like medusa's snakes. Her midight blue eyes were upon Nathaniel Isley, determined to get what she wanted from him before she was done for. All that mattered was her hunger for him at this point - to feel a cock inside herself one last time.

"Pinkskin," she said, and pushed away from the ceiling in order to slowly - sensually - drift towards him. Their individual strength differed normally, but the loss of gravity had turned the tables a bit. Strength only got you so far without gravity to place weight behind each blow. "Why not celebrate before we die? Come here... Let me help you out of those clothes... I can see how hard you are."

Biting her lower lip, she raised her hands to continue the fight in zero gravity if needed be, unknowning about the fact that they had a spectator that might give Isley the moral support he needed right then.

[Lin Kae's Quarters | Deck 02]

Listening to the Lieutenant, Thea tilted her head, her calculating mind running the odds and staking out the obstacles already. Moreover, she did what was asked of her.

"With me then," she said and beckoned him away from his computer console with a wave of her new phaser, "there is no path there that does not hold its share of infected, but I can take us to the Bridge as safely as possible - the opposition a minimum for the current situation."

Walking next to Lt. Kae with swaying hips and her phaser at shoulder-height, Thea took rapid steps down one turn of the intersection outside the Engineer's quarters. She paused at the end of it and looked around a corner - her sensors indicating that there were two infected further along, though still out of earshot. "There are problems with the plan," she said and glanced Kae's way before continuing, phaser now pointing ahead of herself in a two-hand grip as she walked, "you feel this heat? It is draining the emergency power as we speak. There is little to spare for the holo-emitters as it is. The ship being as damaged as it is, we were not really at a good point to begin with. Are you sure this might actually work? Furthermore, do we have the time to reprogram them all from the Bridge? How fast can you complete that undertaking?"

She might be able to help, but there were systems that she was hard-wired to not be able to touch, and regardless what Kae had done with her software, there was nothing he could have done about that. "Also, after your little escapade of freeing me... you can no longer access the controls needed to reroute the emergency power. The infected must have stripped you of computer access as much as they were able to. Can you hack yourself inside regardless?"

Once the two infected came into view, a woman from Security licking and sucking hard upon the meaty length of an Engineer's rigid cock, Thea tried her phaser upon them - stunning them both and making them topple like disjointed dolls.

Afterwards, she turned her head to Lt. Kae again, dealing him her last question - eyes searching his for the sake of perfect clarity. "If I may ask... What did you mean when you said, before I intervened, that... if it had to be anyone, you'd rather it be me?"

OOC: Here goes:
- Regarding Lucan's actions, I am counting on him being pushed away or shot or the like given the situation, and I leave it to Taguiera how much he manages to do after shooting the vine. Kuro, if you want to post ahead of Taguiera, please leave it ambiguous as to how far Lucan comes in his advances (before he is cut short?).
- Searcher, at this point, two Valkyries (Wolf-10 and Wolf-14) leaves the Theurgy. The Captain's Yacht is dead in the water now, chances slim it will hold together if getting more battering.
- Kitty and Brutus, looking forward to see some development once you settle on what happens next and the inspiration comes along. Any way I can help, please tell me.

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[Deck 11]

It felt like one of those old horror movies from Earth, as they saw the monstrous plant rise in opposition to their advancement.  Edena fired on each vine that came her way, using the thin laser to slice away anything that got close.  The phaser beam proved more effective against the vegetation then it did on human life.  She briefly considered turning up the setting to vaporize the vines, but the risk to the internal battery was too great.  Who knew how long their phasers would have to last?

Lucan's actions didn't go unnoticed either.  he was losing himself to the pollen's intoxicating aroma, and saw fit to try and take T'Less for himself, seconds after saving her from a particularly nasty looking vine.  He got his pants around his thighs faster then she would have thought possible, but her fingers were just as swift, raising up her weapon to discharge a stunning burst of energy against his shoulder.  Even if he wasn't infected, he was a threat.  He was not only slowly them down, but leading them all into temptation.

"Leave him where he is!"  She barked out the order, not allowing anyone to become a hindrance to their goal.  Their quest to the back door program was the only chance they had of retaking the ship.  None of them were above that mission, herself included.  "Anyone else who feels like Lucan can join him, so keep focused!  Take doctor Nicander's phaser and let's keep going."  Edena gave her final warning, hoping it might snap anyone else back to reality before they got lost in their own lustful desires.

Their pace increased as they ran for the access hatch to the jefferies tubes.  They still had five more decks to go before they reached the console where she installed the back door.  provided there were no other issues, they should have had little trouble entering the tubes and descending further down towards deck sixteen.

[Captain's Yacht]

His hand was cut, shards of broken glass sticking out of wounds, green blood flowing from the wounds not plugged with the remains of the syringe.  Isley hissed at the feeling, letting anger push away his pain, but before he could make use of it, Ida was attempting to use her deadliest weapon against him, in the form of an inviting heat emanating from between her legs.  The scent was easily ten times as potent as what he had known before, and he might have lost it, if not for the weapons fire sending her flying.  Not long after, he realized they were floating, the artificial gravity systems damaged and leaving them in a zero-G environment.

[Warning: Shields at 0 %. Warp Core breach imminent. Ejection System off-line.]

That was it.  A warp core breach would destroy the ship, and without the ejection system functioning, there was no way to eject the core.  They were going to die, and there was nothing that could be done.  Ida's invitation for one last romp was sounding pretty appealing, at least until he saw the open feed to Wolf-03's cockpit.  She was still fighting, and he was ready to give up?  What kind of attitude was that for Wolf-09 to have?

If the ejection system was off-line, they'd just have to do it manually.  They could release the docking clamps on the core physically, and then all it took would be to pull the core out.  "Wolf-oh-three!  Captain's Yacht is looking at an imminent Warp Core breach and no auto-eject is possible!  If I can release the clamps, can you tractor the core and pull it free of the ship?"  He was still fighting for survival, and he hoped that Ida, even in her current state, still had a desire to live.  How could she keep fucking if she didn't make it out alive?  "You wanna live, Smurfette?  Help me release the docking clamps to make up for all the fucking cock teasing you've been doing!"

[Leaving Lin Kae's Quarters to Bridge]

"I have a plan to get my access back, but I'll need your help with that."  Kae kept close behind Thea, allowing her to act as the defender, while he watched their six o'clock for any signs of trouble.  "You familiar with spamming?  While I am hacking into the computer and reinstating my access, we can make use of your calculation abilities.  Your matrix processes data far beyond human comprehensive speed, so you use that to flood the technicians with raw data to process, to throw them off my trail.  If all goes well, I might also be able to revoke their access as well, and lock out their consoles from use."

"Once I have regained access, I can kill the heat on this ship.  Since they appear to thrive in warmth, I can lower environmental controls to see if it does anything to weaken the infection, or at least kill those plants they beamed aboard.  From there, we just divert any unnecessary power supplies where we need them, which would consist of the hologrid and the force fields."

Once Thea had disabled the two infected, and asked about his words back in his quarters, Kae rubbed the back of his neck nervously.  "So you were paying attention huh?  Feeling kinda embarrassed now."  More embarrassed then being naked in front of her after she had rescued him from his attackers.  "It's what it sounds like.  If I was going to sleep with anyone on this ship, I think you are the most attractive."  What set Kae apart from others was that he he viewed Thea as a someone, rather then a something.  Sure, people wouldn't mind having some fun with a holographic copy, but it was hardly based on anything more then getting out some desires. 

"Is it strange that I think that way?  I mean, my first girlfriend was a photonic, too.  Orion girl, went to my 'school' back when I was still in medical isolation.  My father programmed a randomization of races and genders, with an adaptive program to write a history based on interactions with me.  Nalia was taken in by a human couple after she was found on a derelict freighter.  She was like me . . . a bit lost in the world."  He spoke of her like her history was real, and he sympathized with her, even knowing that her back story was just an invention of the computer to explain her presence.

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[En route to the Bridge]

As they progressed through Deck 02 towards the stairs from whence the Senior Staff had come after the meeting where Thea had been... Violated. Yes, that was the right term, she reckoned. Anyway, as they made their way to their destination, Thea ran background scripts to keep herself updated about her internal sensor readings, and used her projection's optics to verify the readings. Then, of course, she used the phaser that Kae had given her. With her tactic, the rate of possible failure for each encounter was reduced to 15%.

"I am familiar with the term 'spamming'..." she said, and turned around to fire behind them as the doors to one of the residential quarters opened. She hit the target in the head, a Tactical Officer from the night shift that had just woken up after being seduced a half an hour ago by someone whom had paid him a visit in his bedroom.

Her calculations and her subsequent tactics were not hampered in the least by listening to the Lieutenant behind her shoulder - this Lin Kae whom had appeared from nowhere to place so much time and effort during a crisis like theirs to get her out of the talons of the infected. She heard the finer points of his plan and she made no further comment since there was no time or reason for it. If it worked, it would. If it didn't, they had to change their stratagem.

Only when he said he found her attractive did her calculations fail her, and she barged on with eyes somewhat wider. Not only was he offering her data that she could not process easily, he even... spammed her with stories about his childhood and his little Orion girl. Oh, she was familiar with the socially mandatory paradigms of this type of conversation, and had plenty of references in the Holodeck's repertoire, along with countless Counselling sessions preparing her for this moment.

Though when it arrived, it made her just want to switch off her emotional chip in the Main Computer - like she usually did in combat situations. The infected had, however, deleted the scripted function to turn it off - something she reckoned she would have to mention to Lt. Kae if they made it out of this...

Regarding Lt. Kae, she supposed she did have to say something, but busied herself with pushing the odds a bit - boldly striding forth and firing her phaser at anything that had a infected signature and moved in her field of vision. What made things difficult to process and deliver output data - words - in reply to the Engineer was that...

"I have no adapted concept for my own preferences... that strictly relates to the level of attractiveness in any person of any species," she said briskly, "and I am therefore unable to reciprocate your compliment on any level. As for your question, I do not find it unlikely that you would think that way - to find me attractive - if you had a previous relationship with a hologram."

Several warnings went off in her head that her reply was socially unacceptable. The bothersome thing with actual conversations was that there was no backspace or delete function, so she remedied her reply while whipping her phaser around - firing past Kae upon newly emerged infected that had heard their progress.

"What are you implying, Lieutenant? Do you wish to copulate with me?" she said, cocking an eyebrow at him as she lowered her smoking phaser, "Or that you are embarrassed about it? That you find yourself strange in that way? Please give me more data so that I can process your query, for I hardly think we have the time... even if I can plot a new path to a place that gives us the the opportunity."

She did not know if she had done any better, but she strode off again - her calculus running anew.

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Automatically at the beep, Skye accepted the video feed and at the moment the face behind the visor was a grimace of anger and guilt.  She hadn't meant to do that much damage but what she saw made her glad she did as Ida seemed to be away from Isley.  Hearing the computer warnings and Isley's instructions, the visor snapped up showing one of the most determined faces he may have ever seen.

"Ida you are a Starfleet officer and not some stupid cunt!  Now get a'hold of yourself ... NOT THERE ... help him free the warp core and live god dammit or I'll bring you back and kill you again even more slowly."  There was a pause and that moment of anger turned to resignation.  "Sir, I'll do all I can for as long as I can but two Valkyrie just launched.  Make it quick or we're all FUBAR," she stated and settled back to wait, ready to die one way or another but hoping she gave Isley every possible chance.

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[Captain's Yacht]

In Zero-G, ThanIda zh'Wann listened to the two fighter pilots making their uncompelling arguments each in turn. And she smiled, to each in turn, not batting an eye.

"You know my single condition for me helping you out," she said quietly as she turned her eye back to Mr. Isley, still heard over the chatter and chimes of the control panel, "for I live in the moment in another way that you fail to understand. I have tasted true bliss, and I know that the ships leaving the Theurgy will make more people feel the same bliss that I have."

She turned her gaze to the view screen, meeting Skye Carver's eye with a smile. "For we all know that you are inferior to the remaining number of fighters in your squadron, not to mention the fire-power of the Theurgy itself once the Main Bridge has been manned properly. Either way you play it, I will win, but I offer a chance for you two to get to experience enlightenment... or at least watch it happen... added with the boon of Mr. Isley keeping his evolved state of life."

[Warning: Warp Core breach in five minutes.]

Ida's smile could not be more sweet. "Time is ticking. For the moment, it is your cock I crave, and nothing else... Either you undress right now, before we release the clamps, and swear to fill me up with your cock afterwards..." she said, having drifted over to Mr. Isley. He would not do anything to her now. He needed her. She placed her hands on his shoulders, looking into his eyes with mock-innocence. "Or we die, you and I - all because of the Pinkskin bitch's happy trigger-finger. It is true what I said; I'll let her watch if that turns you on as much as it does me. It would be a good way to let her in on what's to come for her as well. Because she will... Come, that is. Many times."

She giggled, her potent breath against his face, her tongue extending a little. "What say you? Want to celebrate life with some Andorian pussy after we are done?"

One hand drifted down the fighter pilot's chest and stomach, and she tugged his trousers open playfully - her long white hair drifting around their faces. In her allure she trusted, not counting on being turned down - not when this close to getting what she wanted. No man could resist her any more, so she might as well take advantage of the situation and play the game all the way. They could not count on her willingness to survive in the same way as she was positive that Mr. Isley wanted to live. They knew too little about the glorious being that she had become - the empowerment of getting to fuck anytime and anywhere you wanted.

"Tick... Tock... Tick.." she whispered, her hand reaching into his trousers and grabbing for his rigid arousal. She would tip he scales of incentive. "The faster we get the core out... big boy... the quicker you get to taste me..."

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[En Route to Bridge]

Kae had his own share of flustering at the simplified statement of copulation.  "I . . . just meant that if I was interested in anyone, it would be you.  Obviously, there is a time and place for such things, and this probably isn't the best one."  The majority of the crew might have been lost to carnal desire, but he still had his mental faculties.  They had a mission to undertake, and there was no time for unnecessary delays.  Still, it wouldn't hurt to keep talking as they went, especially with Thea's impressive processing power not hindered by talking to him as they moved along.

"People normally think I am strange.  Relationships with holograms are seen as more of a . . . recreational activity then something significant.  I grew up with holograms though.  Teachers, fellow students, even my parents used holographic projections of themselves to interact with me until my immune system was strong enough to leave isolation.  Even so, it's seen as unusual of me to identify with photonics, simply because such a relationship cannot result in anything.  No biology to create children, not to mention holograms are ageless beings that can outlive me by centuries if they aren't deleted or their programs degrade."

"Thea, your programming prevents you from so much growth.  Right now, there are subroutines which help you determine how to respond in given situations, but it's possible to build neural pathways.  I'm sure you heard about the Voyager EMH.  He is considered the closest thing to a human being a hologram has ever become, but you have even greater potential then him, thanks to the superior processing power of the Theurgy to develop with.  I came to this ship because I wanted to work with you specifically.  I've spent the last couple of years working with the greatest minds of holography, with a goal of creating Isomorphic projections.  You are one of a small group of holograms currently in the Federation with the potential to become one."

[Captain's Yacht]

Her needs were insatiable.  Even in the face of death, it was only sex that would motivate her to stop their ship from exploding and ending both their lives.  Is that was what it took, then that was what it took.  Her hand groping at him didn't do anything to lessen the problem either, though tightening his injured hand into a fist, flooding him with pain, helped to keep his mind in check.

"First we survive, then we celebrate," he insisted, pushing himself off the nearest surface in the direction of the warp core.  He had begun to discard his clothes in the process, keeping with the deal that he had to be naked before she would help.  With time as low as it was, he couldn't waste precious seconds getting undressed first.  His jacket was flung away, drifting off into the corner of the room.  He had already lost a shirt earlier, leaving his upper body bare as he worked on his pants.  he was out the door of the bridge before they were off, sparing Skye the sight of him in just his underwear.

By the time they arrived in the Engineering room, he was down to his birthday suit.  "Eight clamps.  One on each of the four sides on both the top and bottom," he instructed Ida.  The lack of gravity made it easy for him to swim his way to the top of the core, where he could begin unlocking them.  "I'll take high, you take low!"  He had to be certain she was paying attention to the clamps and not what was between his legs.  They had less then three minutes to release the clamps and have Skye tractor it far enough away to avoid the catastrophic explosion that came with a warp core breach.

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The vine had been stealthy, T'Less would grant that much, she'd hardly felt anything until it nearly reached her waist, at which point she had felt an irrational impulse to touch it, kiss it, to let it do what it wanted.  Her second reaction, though, was to run screaming and, had Lucan not shot it himself, would likely have done just that.  That he'd followed it with forcing himself on her did little to diminish the growing fear in her, a fear that set her limbs trembling, even as she responded to Lucan's kiss, her fingers gripping his length without her conscious decision to do so. 

She heard, rather than saw, Edena's phaser fire lick Lucan's skin and was immediately brought back to herself as both her lips and hand went numb where they'd been in contact.  Jerking back, she almost fell, her breathing rapid, breasts rising and falling swiftly, her heart beat extremely elevated.  Only Edena's shout at her kept her from bolting right then and there, the urge to run and hide being turned by her commands and her Starfleet training.  She scooped up Lucan's phasers and, in a flash of unreasoning anger, fired them both, one at a vine wrapping around his leg, the other at him.  Kneeling beside him, she gathered all the medical equipment she could find, then moved to stand with her back to Edena, keeping watch as they moved further across the hangar.

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Amatras and Arcorn make their way with Natalie toward the inevitable conclusion at the deck five transporter array.  They were forced to put their goggles back on to avoid being blinded by the intense light of the rest of the ship.  They continued to fire their phasers as needed but focused more on avoiding the infected where they could be relying on their more keen sense of smell to decide when to go into alternative routes.  They let Natalie lead but also directed her course minorly where nescary.


Amikris hesistated with the phasers aimed at her and then gave them a slight smile. "You know....aiming phasers at me isn't going to make me stop producing that scent.  Its a natural reaction to fear and anxiety.  Lower your phasers and let me get more comfortable and I won't be secreting this particular pheromone anymore.  It might still take a few minutes to get rid of it anyways, given the damage you've failed to repair in the ventilation shafts and all."  She hesistated for now but did take a few steps closer not dropping her phaser. "This Blessing doesn't change Ash'reem quite the same way it does your races though.  Our elevated sex drives, forced us to learn discipline before applying to the Federation military, something you should be very happy about, given the long term side effects of this blessing.  If I'm right given my reaction is most definitely a blessing, for my race.  One we'll be more then willing to take on, since it will save us from extinction." She states, using logic which she knew wasn't their best strongsuit.

Assuming they havn't shot her yet, she will go on slightly. "I will state though that what i desire you can't provide due to...anatomical differences in our species.  Unless you have another Ash'reem onboard I'm unaware of...your incapable of providing me the pleasure I want, I can help you but this..." she places her hand on her hips. "This I'm saving for the next Ash'reem ship we visit okay?  Speaking of which....are the comms working yet?" she inquires, playing off how rare her species is and how unlikely it is that her peers know much about their sexual nature beyond the rumors they've heard.

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All this time Skye had been trying to heckle the hell out of Ida to make her stop fighting Isley and though she tried to ignore she was naked and trying to hump him just as much as punch him, it was starting to make her feel like a total voyeur.  "Ohhhh no you didn't just say that," she groaned when Ida was telling Isley she'd let her watch.  "I really don't want to see your nasty hoochie anymore and there's no way in hell you or anyone else is getting close enough to me to make me come."

Things only got worse when Isley agreed to fuck her if she helped get the warp core out.  She gaped for a heartbeat when he ripped his shirt off and was unbuckling his pants, knowing there was no way to protect him now.  "SIR NO!" she blurted and felt like someone punched her in the gut.  Whatever this infection was, if Ida's words and actions meant anything, it was taking them out with sex and for all she knew Isley was the only one besides her not infected.  The visor snapped down over her face before the first teardrop fell.  She was alone again.

Make sure no ships or shuttles leave ...  She had her orders and in the spirit of her superiors she would honor them.  "Computer ... open a channel to Wolf 10 and Wolf 14," she commanded and cleared her throat.  "Wolves 10 and 14 this is Wolf 03, the ship that fired on the Theurgy has been disabled but they are about to experience a warp core failure.  Please assist in getting the threat away from Theurgy."  After a few moments, she finally heard something from both ships and her blood ran cold as moans and giggles, even a snickering sound reached her ears.

Fuckindamnhellthisisbullshit she railed all in her mind and took a few rapid breaths to gain control of herself.  Think Skye, you can do this.  You  HAVE to do this ... shields ... modulations ... match it and in a weak point you've got them.  Even if I do though, more will come out and ...  Shaking her head, she couldn't let that train of thought take hold.  The sound of her fingers tapping over the panel was almost like music and she prayed this would work, would give her enough time and keep her alive to try to make things right.

Come on ... their ships are just like yours ... THERE!  Finally she had the match and drifting a moment to lull them into thinking she wasn't doing anything aggressive, lined up the tetryon cannon and punched through the sky.  The cannon sent two bursts, one toward each ship and she watched with wide eyes and thrumming heart, hoping it burst through the shields and rendered them inert.

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[Main Computer Core]

Felicity heard the Ash'reem talk, noted how she did not drop her phaser, and thus remained where she stood next to the middle-aged human female. From what the hologram could tell, the humans had a hard time making up their mind about this intruder, so she awaited the verdict patiently.

Yet being as things were, the humans around Felicity was of a one-tracked mind, and it was the woman next to her that tipped the scales - set things in motion after the logical explanation. Logic did not apply upon lust, at least not as insatiable as theirs. "Winds and words, but no action. You can help us but we can't have your pussy? I say do it, make sure she is one of us. I don't trust this one unless she proves herself enlightened."

The one from Security with blue eyes and blonde hair that remained behind Amikris followed her in the short step she had taken, and again pressed his phaser against her back. "Bend forward and place the phaser on the floor, right now. Slowly... There you go..." With a hand on her hip he held the muzzle of the phaser between her shoulder-blades. Still paranoid, it seemed - his nostrils flaring and his hands shaking. "I know too little of your species to make up my mind about your supposedly species-specific and peculiar cunt, but I am sure that with your supposed appetite, you won't have a problem with me inseminating your ass."

True to his word, having bent Amikris over, the Security Officer smeared the head of his manhood in the residual juices inside her pussy-lips, and then pushed his member inside her rectum - phaser still pressed against her back. With his free hand he held Amikris' hip at first, then reached around her hip for her alien sex. With his fingers, he stroked her in fascination - famished eyes watching the patterns upon her skin move with her musculature as he squirmed himself inside her... repeatedly... with his virus-enlarged member.

The woman next to Felicity tsked, obviously having wanted the Ash'reems womanhood to be ploughed. Yet before Amikris stood the dark-eyed one. "The comm system is working for us, but you were at the Staff Meeting, and thus your clearance is gone to access it." Holding his phaser by his hip and the base of his cock with the other, he tilted his head and regarded Amikris bent-over form - her face in the right level for his original intentions. "So, how will it be? Are you going to prove yourself or not? If you can show me a good time with that unique mouth of yours, then I'll put the phaser away and let you use the comm. You want to tell your parents the good news about your blessing?"

It remained unsure if the man comprehended the implication of the Ash'rem species' survival, when he said that, but Felicity remained, watching, having understood that she had to wait for the two men to spend their seed inside the intruder and that she would then be considered trustworthy.

From the entrance came William regal, moving towards Felicity as if he had forgotten where he left her. His steps were ill and eyes swollen, but he nevertheless joined as a spectator - standing to the side with Felicity and the older woman.

[En Route to the Bridge]

With one final sweep of her phaser down the ends of all three corridors they could see, Thea opened the door to the stairs with the equivalence of a thought - the sliding doors opening behind her back. "I am familiar with the EMH, that program on the USS Voyager being the catalyst for the Federation to finalise my existence and to come up with the idea to install a pasitronic brain into the Main Computer Core; its processing power both handling ship-wide functions and hosting my projection. Here, get inside."

Once in the staircase to Deck 01, in the dark and in the silence, Thea ascended the steps methodically with her phaser raised towards the unknown above. "I do not understand how you might upgrade me into an Isomorphic Projection, if that is your intent. Already I have tactile sensors for feeling with my hands and my body. While I may lack the sense of taste and smell, I hear, see and feel. Only with the pasitronic brain of mine could I process such sensations. Is that not enough? What more can an Isomorphic Projection do that I cannot? "

Turning to face Lt. Kae in the staircase, Thea had to ask him, since he was sending double messages. "Do you consider me some kind of science project that you wish to upgrade and become renowned for, or are you interested in making me evolve because you care? You seem so eager to change me, as if I am not good enough - not living up to my potential in the way you see that I might. I try, as far as I am able, to live as an organic person on board. I have my own quarters and a wardrobe with clothes that I wear upon my projected body once I have bathed. I can turn myself off and on again, or at least I could before the infected... Anyway, please tell me in which ways I do not live up to your criteria..."

Such an odd feeling, this silence. So awkward, she noticed.

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[The Captain's Yacht]

Triumphant, Ida almost came close enough to kiss Isley before he pushed off towards the aft compartments and the relatively small Warp Core. Though she did not get to taste his lips, she was rewarded with the sight of his bare chest again as he undressed - all according to her terms. She paused before following him, lifting her blue fingers to her nose and smelling the cock she had touched.

Once a the Warp Core jettison control systems and the clamps, Ida heard the instructions as she watched Isley up by the ceiling, biting her lower lip in anticipation as she saw his hard phallus move in zero gravity. She had never had sex in Zero-G before, and she very much looked forward to it; to be weightless in the fighter pilot's strong arms. Though despite distractions, no matter her very immediate needs, she set her bare feet against the deck plates and wrapped her fingers around the first clamp. Of course she did not wish to die, no more than Isley did, but the two pilots had believed her since they did not know her new self the same way she knew their boorish and dutiful priorities. Gritting her teeth behind smiling lips, she pulled hard - the first clamp coming loose.

"Mmhhh... It is a boon to see you work that body, Pinkskin," she commented as she used a few hand-holds to get the next clamp, "and it will be working even more soon... thrusting and pushing inside me, and I will show you what paradise feels like."

Outside, over the shining blue stratosphere of Niga, Wolf-10 and 14 were oblivious to the scheme about to unfold. A shield frequency, shield harmonic, or shield modulation referred to the frequency settings of the shield emitters on any kind of starship or vessel. If you knew another vessel's frequency, you could modify your weapons to bypass the shields entirely. This information was closely guarded information on all Federation Starships, yet something Wolf-03 had taken advantage of now. Unsuspecting and caught blind-sided, the two AC-409 Valkyries were shot - each in turn - by Skye's tetryon cannon. While having a crude and heavy targeting system, the weapon was unchallenged as the two bursts cut into the Valkyries' electronics like a knife through butter.

The curses and proclamations of panic screamed over the Lone Wolves short-rage comm frequency as they were left dead in the water... for Niga's gravity was tugging at them. In minutes, they would be plummeting to the tropical forests far, far below.

Inside the Yacht, Ida tugged the third clamp open - using her long legs and her back to pull it free. Only one more left, she made sure she worked fast enough to get the fourth open before Isley finished with his last one. Then, she made her way to the controls, and positioned herself there - her smile devious as the computer reminded them of their imminent crisis.

[Warning: Warp Core breach in one minute.]

"Get down here," she said to Isley where she stood by the control panel that would manually release the core, "or I will not insert the commands and pull the lever."

Fondling her voluptuous body in the pulsing artificial light, Ida watched Isley up there - knowing she had him now. If he valued his life as much as she knew he did, he was hers. Leaning her head back against the control panel and touching her sex, she did offer him some further incentive: her voice was heard over the din of the damaged ship all around them. "Computer! Send this written message to the Valkyrie with the designation Wolf-03: Warp Core about to be ejected. Please stand ready to tractor the core out of the Yacht's hull and out of detonation range from the USS Theurgy and the Captain's Yacht."

Looking at the fighter pilot through eyes slitted with pleasure, she waited for his move - her free hand on the control panel next to her head. "Come here, stick your cock inside me..." Weightless, blossoming detonations in conduits all around them forced her to pause. She moaned and bucked her hips, all the more excited by the danger. "...and we'll release the core together..."

[Warning: Warp Core breach in forty seconds.]

If he did not hurry, the chamber might be flooded with leaking plasma that would drift in Zergo-G and melt their skin off before the breach took them out. "Hurry... fuck me now..."

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== Deck 04, jefferies tubes ==

It was getting hotter, she was sure of it. Hotter, stickier. The air was moist and clinging, and it felt almost as if Natalie were swimming through it, instead of just trying to crawl forward. Sweat poured down the back of her neck as she pauses to pull her gold shirt further open. Her hair was plastered to her skin now, and for perhaps the first time in her life, she wondered if maybe shaving it all off wouldn't be a bad idea. wouldn't be in my ey--what was that!?

Her head jerks to the side, looking past one of her companions and down a small side corridor. There was nothing there, just a flickering emergency light. She sighs, softly, still on edge, too much on edge, to the point that even she can tell something is off. If it weren't for the fact that her companions were excellent shots, and that their sense of smell and hearing was more useful then the small computer console in her hand, Natalie was sure that she would be freaking out by now. Thankfully, whatever paranoia that was making her flinch at each shadow was kept in check with the presence of the Neotins, and their seemingly calm reserve.

Still, that helped only up to the point that the party could actually advance. However, after 20 minutes of crawling through the Jefferies tubes, Natalie and the group were boxed in. "There's extra seals placed on all the bulkhead doors," she mutters softly, curling in against the wall, feet on one of the removed panels, a fiber cord pulsing slightly between her console and a port in the wall. "This is...odd. It shouldn't be like this" She began typing away, pausing long enough to ask one of the Neotins' to reposition to rear guard once junction down. Except, the doors there had sealed shut too. They were well and truly boxed in.

Fighting down the sudden rising bile in her throat, caused by worry that they had been lead to a clever trap, the Ops officer Cheif Operations Officer she silently reminded herself, began trying a basic override. It was then, that the whole ship shook, knocking the handheld console from Natalie's sweat slick grasp, sliding across the floor as the lights in the tube flickered, shifting to deep red. Natalie bent over and scrambled after the console. Thankfully, it wasn't cracked, but the dimmed lighting made it that much more annoying to work. "It seems something, or someone is shooting the ship" she manages to say calmly, stating the obvious, as the ship rocked again.

The shooting, the poor lighting, the sweat pouring down her neck, none of it helped the young woman focus on breaking the encryption on the bulkheads. Once these were freed, the small group would be able to slip out onto Deck 05, only a few meters and one bend of the corridor away from the Transporter room. sadly, the internal sensors were, if only in this portion of the ship, inaccessible to Natalie. She could only hope that they were equally unusable by her infected counterparts, whom seem to have tried locking down all junctions leading out to Deck 05. Nasty little buggers...but...there's a reason,,,that I'm Assist-- chief Operations Officer With that, the bulkhead doors snap open.

Carefully peering down the next set of tube's, Natalie is relieved to see no one waiting immediately in front of them. As far as she could tell, the last 10 meters to the panel leading to the corridor was empty. So she slipped through the less then wide opening, the doors brushing against her hips, and quickly crawls down to the exterior panel. "Ok. there's probably someone outside in the corridor," She says, gulping, and pulling out her phaser, checking the charge again, noting that it had sunk even lower then before. Pressing her back against the surprisingly cool metal, sighing at the fell of it, the brunette closes her eyes, slowly trying to keep her breathing under control. "On three..."

"one," she grabs the release.

"Two," she pulls it back.

"Three," she lunches forward, as the panel pops off with a hiss, and ducks behind it, tumbling into the corridor. She points her phaser behind her, huddling behind the panel like a makeshift shield. Smoke fills the corridor, making everything hazy. Laying not 3 meters away, are two clearly infected, and clearly unconscious crew members, covered in burn marks. The sharp, stinging scent of plasma burns fills the younger woman's nose, causing her face to scrunch up. By the time she turns around, its clear that, by some stroke of luck, the immediate corridor, leading up to the bend, is empty.

Silently placing the panel on the floor, or as quietly as she can manage, the Operations officer fumbles through hand gestures she hasn't used in far too long, indicating that the Neotins should take the lead while she holds the back. They edge forward, around the bend. Before Natalie can get there, a brief exchange of fire snaps back and forth, then silence. Motioned forward, the Ops chief slips around the bend, seeing two more very stunned bodies. This time, she pauses, and grabs two of the syringes stuffed into the small satchel on her belt. "Here goes nothing" She thinks, plunging the needles in, one at a time, and sighs, tucking the spent devices back into her bag.

"Stay out here, guard the entry way, please," she says, the words coming out more as a request than the order it should be. Turning her back to them, she crouches down, and begins the process of unlocking the doors to the Transporter room, fingers trembling, so close to their goal. The security seems even tighter here then she expected, but her own access codes, combined with some quick coding, should do the trick. Five minutes pass, and then the doors hiss open, and Natalie stumbles in, blinking at the bright lights filling the room.

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[En route to Bridge]

"I want to do it to help you and all other photonic lifeforms like you, Thea.  You are the most sophisticated hologram the Federation has produced, and a prime example of how important your race can be to the furthering of all life."  Race.  Life.  Not words normally associated with holograms.  "Back in the science labs, we worked to make Isomorphic projections as advanced as possible.  After several months of work, we managed a breakthrough, even if it might seem like an unusual one.  We managed to create a cup of coffee.  Not just the appearance of one, but one with the scent, the warmth, and even the taste of the real thing.  The only difference between them was the lack of any material.  It was believed that with enough time, we might be able to give holographic beings a scent, a taste, and everything else that comes with being organic.  There was even talk of the possibility that we could one day create Isomorphs capable of reproduction."

Kae held lofty goals, but he thought lifeforms like Thea deserved to be everything any other member of the Federation could be.  When the line between organic and photonic was blurred enough, they were sure to be granted status as members of the Federation, and not just seen as tools like a tricorder or phaser.

[Captain's Yacht]

Each clamp was released in succession, until all that remained was the manual ejection system.  Ida had succeeded in beating him to that, and even put a condition in play before she would allow the ejection to finish.  He had to enter her, and become infected.  Could he truly risk that?  Let himself become infected by her, and be of no more use to the rest of the crew?  The Yacht was dead in the water, and would not serve any more function, preventing him of being any real use to the others.  There was at least one more play he had in mind, but he didn't even know if it would work.  Still, it was worth a try.

Pushing off, he worked his way down to Ida, pressing up against her from behind.  There, he brought a hand to her face, his fingers extended for her to suck on in a form of sexual play.  The hand he chose was the one she had injured, resulting in the cure inside the syringe covering his hand with it's residue.  Would ingestion of that small amount be enough to cure her?  Maybe, but even if it did, the small concentration would likely render it diluted, taking much longer then normal.  Have enough to at least render her unconscious, he thought, as his other hand rubbed her hips, putting her more in the mood.  He had precious seconds remaining to make his plan work.

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Again there was a moment of guilt when the two ships were disabled.  All she wanted was to get home and be with her people again, to not be so damned alone, and here she was firing on them and likely would never be able to board ship again.  The thought occurred to her that letting the captain's yacht blow up this close to the Theurgy would end all of their misery and the threat to anyone else.  She could find Andrus' freighter again and ...

The message came through to be ready to tractor the warp core, snapping her out of her desperate thoughts.  No, she had to find a way to help her crew.  She could never live with herself if she just let them die.  "Computer open the channel to the captain's yacht," she said with determination.  "The two Valkyrie have been disabled.  Hopefully there won't be any more coming out for a while and I'm ready to tractor the core to keep you all safe."

After a moment's pause, her mouth worked of its own volition.  "Please ... don't leave me out here all alone."  That last had been said to both Isley and Ida over the comm in a voice quite different from earlier.  There was no taunting or bitchiness whatsoever nor the formal and professional tone of a fighter pilot.  It was the sound of a lost friend, praying to be found before the creatures of the dark forest find her and tear her to bits.

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[Deck 11 - Garden of Eden]

David kicked away a vine as it lashed out towards him, then fired a phaser burst into it for good measure. He kept backing up, following the others as quickly as possible through the entanglement. He thought they had to be close to escaping by now.

Garen stepped over Lucan's unconscious body and kept pace with Edena and T'Less, ducking and dodging vines and outstretched arms as he hurried towards the exit on the far side of the cargo bay. He was just starting to believe that they were going to make it when he suddenly felt something grab at his leg. He stopped and glanced down, his black eyes widening at the sight of the thick vine coiled around him, gripping his leg with a terrible strength fueled by an insatiable hunger.

Garen tried to tug his leg free, but before he could make any headway the vine suddenly pulled hard, and he cried out in surprise as he felt himself being lifted into the air. "Aah! Somebody help!" he yelled, the vine thrashing him back and forth.

David glanced back over his shoulder and saw the Betazoid hanging upside down in midair. Turning around, Grayson aimed his rifle and fired into the vine, causing it to spasm and lose its grip on Garen. He noted that the counselor had enough presence of mind to twist his body as he fell to the grassy floor, his back taking the brunt of the impact. As he rushed towards Garen, David noted that the numbers of the infected had swelled as they all became aware of the intruders' presence, and he had to push his way through some of them to reach Garen. With his free hand, he pulled the counselor to his feet and pushed him after Edena and T'Less. "Go!" he shouted. "Get out of here!"

He followed after Garen as best as he could, but found his movement impeded by the throng of infected, all of whom were grasping at David's body, cooing at him, trying to coax him into submission. Their hands pulled at his jacket and shirt, ripping them both off and leaving him in only his pants. David snarled and continued to fight through the crowd, his enhanced strength enabling him to push through them for a while longer. But even he could only hold out for so long, and as soon as he saw his three companions hurry through the doorway and out of the cargo bay, David lifted his phaser and fired several bursts into the nearby computer panel mounted on the wall. The panel sparked as the phaser pulse fried the circuitry inside, and the doors sealed shut before any of the infected could follow the others out.

Knowing that he'd done as much as he could, David finally dropped his phaser, barely hearing it clatter to the floor as the mass of infected swarmed him. They tackled him to the floor, and he struggled with them, but found himself helpless against their combined weight. He felt hands running through his hair, the cool breath of one of his own security officers tickling his ear as she moaned into it, and tongues slowly teasing over his chest and stomach, licking drops of sweat from his muscular frame. He felt one woman's hands anxiously grabbing at the waist of his pants and ripping them down, and heard her and several others moan with need as his hard, pulsing length came free. More hands gripped his thick cock, and David grunted in both surprise and pleasure as one of the infected women quickly slid her tight, juicy pussy onto him, enveloping his cock within her quivering depths. As the woman rode him, her cries and others' ringing in his ears, David felt a strange, alien sensation rush through his body, and soon all he knew was pleasure.

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T'Less's eyes widened as she looked back to see Garen being drawn upward.  Lifting her phaser, she was only a moment behind Grayson, concern showing in her eyes, though, even now, she did her best to keep her face impassive.  When Garen fell, she rushed back and grabbed his arm, getting him just inside the door before it slammed shut, blocking them off from Grayson.  She rose once she was certain Garen was in one piece and approached the door in time to hear phaser fire, surmising quickly that Grayson had protected them, even by submitting himself to the unwanted advances of the masses.  Turning back to Garen, she touched his cheek for a moment, all the agitation she would show that he'd almost been taken, though her eyes showed how hard she was fighting to remain in control, to not break down and simply lose her mind.

Pulling back, she turned to Edena, "Let us go.  We should not stay here any longer."

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[Deck 11]

And then there were three.  Their group had been much larger when they left, only to fall to every trouble they could have known.  Compromised Holograms, pheromone-powered lust, and vines that didn't behave like anything Edena wanted to associate herself with.  Ilya, her most sexually experienced former host, made a joke about a galaxy full men being enough to cover the quota without sex-crazed vegetation joining the fight.  Edena dismissed it as unnecessary chatter, as she was forced to continue on.

First Lucan, and then Grayson.  So far, it was the Lieutenant Commanders that were falling in the struggle.  It didn't bode well for her, as the only remaining high rank left.  "T'Less, you'll have to cover the rear from now on in the stead of Lt. Commander Grayson.  I'll get us to the jefferies tubes."  Thanks to Grayson's sacrifice, it was easier then the first half of deck 11.  He had sealed most of the infected in with himself, though a few males had gone in pursuit of Edena and T'less, and had to be phasered into submission.  At long last, they reached the tubes, and could continue their crawl down to deck sixteen.

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[Deck 01]
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The Lieutenant's sweet words about the future and what it might bring followed Thea as she emerged in the corridor of Deck 01.

In front of her was the sabotaged tubo-lift situated in the middle of the deck between the Captains and the XO's Ready Rooms. With her phaser lowered in a two-hand grip, Thea turned her head to see one of the guards David Grayson had posted there. He was seated with his back against the wall and had obviously been infected very recently. His rifle lay discarded to the side, and his clothes were open wide - somewhat still hanging on to his frame. He sat there, head hanging forth, and his muscular chest and stomach was twitching slightly with the heavy transformation-process that his body was undergoing. In his lap rose a throbbing male organ almost out of proportion - a meaty pillar still slick with female secretions. In the whole of the corridor, the minute movements of the guard's arousal was the only sign of life.

There had been more guards posted there, and they could only see this one; this CPO Robertsson whom was about to wake up and nurture the same kind of carnal craving as 89,645% of the USS Theurgy now had. The best tactical choice was to stun the man prior to his awakening and thus give them more time before an infected and armed crew member began to stalk the rather small Deck 01.

"Would you please take his weapon while I keep a look-out, Lieutenant?" asked Thea, some of her background processes still filled with the notions Kae was giving her; to taste, smell and... eventually have children. The latest was not something she had the references to process; no mimicked maternal feelings to use as point-of-reference. Organics gave birth. Holograms did not. After a few more nano-seconds, she ended the analysis yet decided to take it up at later point - should she be so able. "Use setting 3 for a durable time of unconsciousness, and shoot Chief Petty Officer Robertsson."

Her phaser completely still in her hands, Thea turned her head - calculating the safest path into the Main Bridge while Lt. Kae armed himself. "There are nine infected on this Deck, including the CPO," he informed him quietly, "two of which are in the Main Bridge. The rest are scattered between the damaged Briefing Room, the private study in the Captain's Ready Room and the Security Checkpoint. While I can take care of these threats, you will have to deal with the four people in the Conference Lounge. The holo-emitters there have been disabled."

Optic recordings of the events that had taken place there played in the background of her matrix's processes, where there were flashes of the Senior Staff shooting out the emitters to spare her from the humiliation of being hacked and doing the things she did, and also save their own lives.

"We cannot safely deal with the ship-wide epidemic from the Main Bridge unless we take care of them first," she continued, her brown eyes locking with Kae's, "by either locking them up... or neutralising them as a potential threat. Do you require my passive assistance, or will you rendezvous with me on the Bridge?" If Kae could use some solution to handle the task on his own, she would immediately make her way to the Captain's private study first, and then move on...

[The Captain's Yacht]

Finally... He was so close now, this elusive prize of hers.

Ida felt his hands upon her, caressing her hip from behind - his fingers spanning her cheek and brushing her lips. Weightless, with her hands upon the Emergency controls. Ida leaned her head back against his shoulder, her body melting against his - eyes fluttering. She wanted more of him. She raised an arm to grasp the back of his neck - to have his breath close. It overrode the noise of the damaged speakers in the Bridge - the static scramble of Wolf-03's plea. She did not hear it from that distance, not under those circumstances. Her other hand also left the control panel and reached low - around his lower back - keeping his lower body against her own with blue fingernails digging into his buttocks. Oh... her legs were aptly spread and worked to ensnare his, and when she undulated her hips in response to his touch, she felt him...

[Warning: Warp Core breach in twenty seconds.]

...she felt his rigid length between her legs. It had yet to visit her aching and wet sex - the top-side of the length nestled between her hungry nether lips. With hands reaching backwards to keep the fighter pilot against her body, with her mouth open and tongue licking his fingers, she rocked her weightless hips along his length - the elusive yet so wonderful head slithering along her heated crevice. Their sweat mixed between their moving bodies, and Ida's muscles flexed as she moved against him - entry so imminent she could imagine the feeling already. All she had to do was lean forward a little... arc her back just so... and he would traverse her sheath inch by inch in the first thrust.

At that moment, the lights in the Warp Core compartment died, then flickered to life again. The emergency batteries had kicked in. There was an odd metallic taste in her mouth, yet she reckoned it was from the hazardous environment they were about to have sex in.

[Warning: Warp Core breach in fifteen seconds.]

It was hard to keep focused, and she bit into the pilot's finger - tongue stroking it. Fifteen seconds? A part of her screamed for Mr. Isley's cock a that point, but raw self-preservation made its voice heard. Moaning hard, Ida released the back of the pilot's head and bent forward - fingertips sliding across the touch screen''s surface. Leaning forward as she did, Isley's next thrust would easily slip inside her, and she managed to power up the release mechanism manually with the movements of her fingertips. She bit her lower lip, head swimming oddly given how she had become used to her own heights of arousal...

[Warning: Warp Core breach in ten, nine, eight...]

....her fingertip touched the pulsing red button on the display, heralding an alarm going off that told of the fact that the Warp Core was about to be ejected. Face gone limp, Ida reached for the lever at the side of the panel. Her blue fingers brushed the red metallic surface of the handle... but she could not feel it. Nor could she sense if Isley had entered her - forcing his great length inside her... even less if she was still holding him close. Vertigo. Ignorance. Oblivion. Her midnight blue eyes rolled backwards, and her fingers...

..left the lever unturned.

[, six, five...]

[Transporter Room 04 | Deck 05]
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The interior of the room lay deadly quiet.

As if the area had been completely spared by the battle and the epidemic, the wall panels and the lights were all functioning. Aye, there was that minor fluctuation in the light coming from the ceiling, but on any other Starship, it might just have been the result of Engineering rerouteing power for a drill or a test. There was no debris on the floor, and no one present except for the new Chief of Operations. No sounds of love-making. No cries for more. The quiescence instead screamed in the visitor's ears; the residual ringing of events suffered. Sights unspeakable. Incidents never to be forgotten.

Yet normalcy; the absence of rapists and the warm glow of a functioning ship, it was all a mirage.

In stumbled the visitor, having spent five minutes to try and get in. Meanwhile, the single entity in the Transporter Room had awaited her - shutting the hatch from the Jefferies tubes firmly after gaining access. Now, the silhouette watched the human from behind her - standing with its back to the wall next to the door whence she had come in. It watched her in silence for a few moments - not even breathing. Yet at some level, it knew it had to shut the door, since the two Ash'reem guards just outside might pick up its smell. So, it did, entering the same encryption upon the sliding doors that had been there before the Chief of Operations hacked it.

Five minutes it had taken her. Five minutes was plenty of time. The Ash'reem would be too late.

"Stark," it said, bearing the Captain's male voice. For when she turned around, she would see the creature that had once been her Commanding Officer. Its sinister smile would, perchance, be the last she remembered before Jien Ives disarmed her with a bladed carpus to her wrist... and a backhand blow to the cheek. Should it be any more fight left in the human, the creature would follow her as she stumbled around and tried to gain her feet. It would stalk her if she tried to crawl away, yank her up by the hair and slam her into the wall. It would ignore her pleas. It would slap away any attempt to sting it with a syringe. It would render any attempts towards the inevitable futile.

In the end, it would wrap its hands around her neck and lift her up - holding her firmly against edge of the control table. She might kick and claw and punch for all it cared, but it would still not yield its suffocating grip. It would lean in against her broken lips, and it would kiss her passionately - its saliva so treacherous and blissful in the final moments of conciousness.

Only when she stopped thrashing, it would release her before she died - letting her limp form fall to the deck plates.

The creature knew the woman would wake up eventually, and she would be begging for the climax that its kiss had prepared her for - the final threshold to her epiphany. The creature knew also - from before enlightenment - that even if it would nothing rather than inseminate her, its ancestral forefather would be served better if the capacious and intelligent female got her true blessing elsewhere. Long it lingered and watched its prey, until it finally turned its head away and went to the control table.

The creatures former existence was shadows and bitterness, yet filled with useful knowledge. It smiled as it punched in its access code, and lit up the Transporter controls.

The commands it issued first dealt with the unconscious female - making her vanish in a cascade of light. Then, the creature turned its oaken eyes towards the sealed door, and issued new commands after checking the logs for the correct coordinates - making the noisy attempts to get inside end abruptly. Once the two Ash'reem was transported down to the planet surface of Niga, the creature contemplated as best as it might what would be the best choice for the rest of the unenlightened. With blank eyes and smile not befitting its face, it began to find victims... and arrange for interesting pairings.

There was one, in particular, for which it had something quite special in store.

After all, the creature needed to spread its own seed as well, didn't it?

OOC: As for those leaving the Garden of Eden, please make it so that you emerge by the Jettison Controls on Deck 16 and the "back room", and you set up a perimeter or something? Make it a bitter-sweet hopeful scene; them thinking that they will be able to turn things around. Yet before that happens... I will post. *smiles*

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[Deck 1]

As suggested by his holographic partner, he grabbed the phaser of the fallen guard, and quickly adjusted the setting and used it to assure the former owner would not be a problem when he woke back up.  He could finally be of use again, given the task of taking care of the infected making use of the one room on deck 1 that now had no Holo-emitters.  "I'll take of it.  See you on the bridge," he said, already setting his phaser for a wide spread shot that would hit everyone in the conference room before they had enough time to react.  As soon as the door opened, he let a long burst of energy make up for the weakened concentration, rendering the crewmen inside as unconscious as everyone else they had come across.  Securing the bridge was their first priority, allowing them to re-take the main computer and begin placing the infected in some form of restraint.

The conference room clear, Kae entered the main bridge, where he and Thea would meet back up.  The tactical station was his goal, using it as a means of accessing the ship's key systems.  There, he put his quick hands to work setting up a series of commands he planned to launch all at once, in order to take the technicians by surprise.  He would launch them along with Thea's spamming once she began, masking his presence enough to enter the computer and reinstate his access, and revoke that of the infected.

[Captain's Yacht]

Isley kept rubbing her sensually to leave Ida's head swimming, while his fingers, coated with the cure and sedative, appeared to be working.  By the time she looked drowsy enough, there were precious seconds remaining, his hand shooting from her hip to the button, finalizing the release which saw the core slide from the ship to the outside, leaving their lives in the hands of Skye, whose fighter was the only thing able to tractor the core away.  Had he left her enough time?  Five seconds were all that remained for her to get it to a safe distance, and get her ship far enough away to avoid her own troubles.  If she failed, the explosion would destroy the Captain's Yacht, and likely the Theurgy as well.  If ever there was a time for her to play hero, this was it.

[Deck 16]

They had made it.  Finally, their three-man party had reached deck sixteen, and the back door program.  "T'less, Garen, you'll both need to hunker down and watch for any infected.  It will take me some time to get the program up and running," she explained, as she opened the console to reveal some tech that wasn't of Starfleet specifications.  It was SI equipment, it's design based on something vaguely Romulan, well masked to not be detected by the internal sensors.  The device was meant to take advantage of scheduled downtime for maintenance, but now, she had to power it up manually and use it to override all commands but those she personally gave.  Essentially, she would take command of the ship.

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She'd taken care of 10 and 14 and now was waiting for the device to be ejected, the beat of her heart pounding in her ears and that sense of dread building in her chest until she thought her lungs would burst and kill her.  "Come on ... jeez omicron any day now!" she yelled into the comm.

There wouldn't be enough time to tractor it away but she maneuvered her ship to a position just behind and below the yacht as well as placing herself between the core and Theurgy.  If all else failed, she'd provide somewhat of a buffer for the others.  "Computer ready the tractor beam to repulse the target with every ounce of power we've got," she ordered as a calm settled over her.

The countdown reduced to five and she knew she was going to die.  "Lieutenant Isley ... it was a pleasure serving with you," she stated clearly, speaking to the only person left in her squadron she thought might be able to still understand her.  [Four ...]  The core ejected and her trained reflexes kicked in, sending the burst to shove the core down and away from all the ships.

"Please please ... someone save them," she prayed.

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[Main Bridge & above Niga's stratosphere]

Yet as Lt. Lin Kae entered the Bridge and went for the tactical station, he soon found out that Thea had not arrived yet - having to deal with the other areas on Deck 01 first.

They were two, one seated in the Captain's chair and the other bobbing frantically upon his lap - arms around his shoulders. They both were naked, yet the man had the presence of mind to hear the sliding doors and to whip his phaser rifle around - aiming it straight against Lieutenant Kae's face. "Drop it," he said in quiet words - much in contrast with the suddenness of his movement. The woman had yelped and nearly fallen off him, but righted herself with a hand upon the back of the Captain's chair. The eyes Lt. Kae saw behind the sights of the rifle was hazy with arousal, yet as unblinking as a reptile. Before infection, he was obviously trained with the lethal instrument that he wielded in one hand - arm not even shaking. "I don't fancy men, so I might just keep the level 10 setting I have on this baby."

It was the SCO of the Lone Wolves Squadron; Lt. Cmdr Jaru Rel. Callsign: 'Janus'.

"In fact, why would I even bother aiming at you? This rifle is a tad on the heavy side..." he said and leaned his head back against the chair with a lop-sided smile. The woman started grinding down upon him again, moaning mischievously as she tried to regain the SCO's attention. She offered him her breasts and ran her fingers through his hair. Nevertheless, Jaru Rel stared Lt. Kae dead in the eye the whole time. "I might just as well try to enjoy Hannah here... instead of letting her go to you.  Tell me, why would I abide my time waiting for you to become aware of our greater state of existence? Perhaps you were not meant to understand the most crucial aspect of life - that we live merely to propagate ourselves and should enjoy doing so. I might just as well shoot you... and continue watching this fabulous show I found on the view screen."

Aye, before the seated SCO and Wolf-04 - this Ensign Hannah Slaverton whom did her best to reach climax upon the hard length of Jaru's cock - a spatial battle was unfolding.

Two Valkyries seemed disabled, both caught in the planet Niga's gravitational pull - about to plummet through the stratosphere. Travelling through the stratosphere in a starship was often times turbulent, yet even if the Valkyries were built to handle atmospheric conditions, they were not really intended to survive free-fall crash landings from outer space. The Theurgy's controls were chiming like church-bells with incoming hails from the two, while other chirps indicated that there were several distress calls put on hold - no one there to answer. Because Jaru just sat there, egotistic need for his own pleasure overruling the fact that two of his Wolves were about to plummet to certain death.

Moreover, the Captain's Yacht was out there - severely damaged - and a third Valkyrie was hovering about it like a carrion-crow. To what purpose it did so was impossible to tell, but the Yacht was still firing with its modest phaser-array upon the Valkyrie's shields. Scarce were the shots - far between and mostly a nuisance to the far combat-superior Valkyrie - with energy-levels low and little room for phaser-fire if the Yacht had begun to run on emergency power. It was at this point that Hannah cried out and slapped her hands down upon the HUD arm-rests of the Captain's chair, making audio transmissions play out in the Main Bridge.

[USS Theurgy, this is Wolf-03 Ensign Skye Carver requesting permission to dock. Theurgy, this is Wolf-03 … please respond.] That was the first recording, followed by the panicked Wolves 10 and 14 that were slowly being pulled down to their plummeting death. Even as the audio played out, Jaru did seem to reflect upon intercepting the events. Perhaps there was a shadow of his former self still there. Either way, he waved slightly with the muzzle of his rifle for Lt. Kae to step away from his weapon. "Ops seat, now. Go. Tractor the damaged birds home. My Wolves should live so that they can commandeer a shuttle or two instead..."

He kept his rifle aimed at Lt. Kae with his one-handed grip the whole time - step by step.

There was but a single opening.

The Captain's Yacht must have ejected a Warp Core about to breach, because suddenly, Wolf-03 was seen using a repelling tractor beam. A mere couple of seconds later, the entire view-screen lit up with a detonation. It cast the glistening beads of sweat upon Hannah Slaverton's back into stark light, and made Jaru look away from the Engineer for a second. Yet when the light faded, all vessels remained on the view screen - if a bit set out of course form the fulmination. Wolves 10 and 14 were still about to enter Niga's stratosphere, the Yacht appeared about to fall apart even if it still had some power and navigational control, and together with Wolf-03, the mismatched pair remained the last line of defence to keep the virus from spreading.

For at the bottom of the Bridge's view-screen, Wolves 06, 08 and 11 appeared... three fully equipped Valkyries trailed by two Danube-class Runabouts.

OOC: Here goes:
- Thea is about to show up at the Bridge any second. Please work with me on a possible way to make the non-stun phaser rifle (by accident) severely injure the SCO, Kuro?
- As for the wolves out there? It seems they have to work together to both save their doomed comrades about to fall into the jungle and keep the rest from leaving. Good luck with that. *smiles*
- I am awaiting posts with T'Less and Garen on Deck 16 before I chime in there, and I look forward to a reaction from Natalie so that I may move the following events to a new setting...
- Kitty, I know you are having a rough time inspiration-wise, but just post at your leisure with Amatras and Arcorn (Transported to a swamp filled with the plants) and Amikris (facing her dilemmas). Remember the task I mentioned concerning Mr. Regal.

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