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Topic: CH02: S [D03 | 0557] A (Slightly Violent) Morning Meditation (Read 12 times) previous topic - next topic

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CH02: S [D03 | 0557] A (Slightly Violent) Morning Meditation
[ Lieutenant Enyd Madsen | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | Holosuite 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Stegro88

Surely it would be a day for miracles. Not only had Enyd gotten out of bed without delaying her alarm a half-dozen times as she was wont to do, but she had also found her way to Deck 28 on the first try. Little successes warranted just as much fanfare as large ones, at least when they were accomplished in the wee hours of the morning by someone who loathed mornings. Enyd had every intention of rewarding herself with an ice cream scoop in her coffee once she returned to her quarters. Not the usual morning brew--typically she preferred it black to conform to her intermittent fasting schedule--but after this follow-through, Enyd knew she needed the little reward.

Enyd rolled her neck, then her shoulders, as she continued along the corridor. She personally felt underdressed in her standard-issued activewear combo of red shorts and a blue shirt. Born under a modest moon, as her grandmother explained, or with an old soul as her mother once said, Enyd had never been a fan of showing excessive amounts of skin. Of course, what she was exposing now would make a Ferengi man blush, since it didn't reveal quite as much as they preferred. Yet, she'd forgotten to pack anything aside from Starfleet activewear when preparing for this transfer and would have to invest in finding something else more tailored to her preferences a little later.

Aside from the sense of physical vulnerability which accompanied her every time she showed more than an ankle without leggings underneath, Enyd also felt over-prepared for the usual bout of Federation training with the tik'leth strapped to her back. Though her arm was still sore and healing from the cut Pa'Qis gave her in the tik'leth sparring, Enyd didn't particularly like not being at least adequate at something. She had a personal code of ethics to at least be adequate in new things, if not become an expert. Considering the context of their current mission and those coming, Enyd felt a personal push to become better acquainted with the Klingon weapon, if even just for a conversation piece, if not also for a demonstration. In her personal experience within diplomacy, she found that being adequate, if not expert, in something unique to the culture in focus was the perfect bridge point from which to launch. With the Klingons, both those 200 some odd on board loyal to Chancellor Martok, and those they would encounter in the coming days, Enyd knew she'd need every bit of ammunition possible to reach them without appearing wholly foolish in their eyes.

Tugging on the strap that secured the blade to her back, Enyd nodded to one of the few individuals she passed in the corridor. She'd met very few personnel on her journey, and little wonder considering the hour. No one would willingly be up and about without a personal or professional mission, and if they were a morning person cheerily floating about quoting how splendid the day was already, well then, in Enyd's opinion, they were not to be trusted.

Just as Pa'Qis had not trusted Enyd to conform to the Klingon methods of tik'leth fighting. What she'd told Pa'Qis was still true. Undoubtedly, she could not wield this short sword as a Klingon and hope to have the same percentage of success. She was less than half the weight of an average male Klingon, and even female Klingons dwarfed her to the point she'd felt like the ship's mascot before transferring to Theurgy. She needed to incorporate her background in gymnastics and dance with her basic hand-to-hand combat training required of her from Starfleet in conjunction with the skills gleaned from Pa'Qis back on the Kajunpak't. If she could successfully get that wrangled together, she might have a chance if an actual fight broke out. Which, knowing Klingons, would occur sooner rather than later.

So, it was for both professional and personal reasons that Enyd had abandoned her bed and sought the holosuite adjacent to the below decks lounge on Deck 28. The physical activity would help her remember all the names of the houses at stake, besides helping her have a better grasp on the blade itself. Drawing up outside the lounge and passing through its entrance, Enyd began to chant out the list of Houses she'd thus far memorized.

"B'Vat, DachoH, Delagh, and then Gorv. Grunnil, Kahnrah, Kang, and K'Gnor." Making a direct route to Holosuite 02, Enyd continued through her list in the strange singsong fashion she'd developed to aid memory. "Kolloth, K'Tai, Lorgh, and Noggra. Targesh, Tortek, and don't' forget Vrag, ah!"

Standing outside the holosuite, Enyd paused. She'd put so much effort into getting out of bed and getting here, not failing to mention developing a theatrically worthy song and near dance number to help memorize the Great Houses loyal to Martok, that she'd completely forgotten to think about what sort of setting would be best to assist in her tik'leth training. If she programmed a regular Klingon instructor, she'd get her arse kicked without learning a thing. But if she programmed, say, a regular fencing instructor, it would still not quite fit her needs. Enyd crossed her arms over her chest and frowned.

"Well," she sighed, "damn."
Lieutenant Enyd Isolde Madsen, Diplomatic Corps