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Topic: [2374] (and other dates) The ramblings of Dr. Leux (Read 13 times) previous topic - next topic

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[2374] (and other dates) The ramblings of Dr. Leux
[Entry made in 2374]
POW (Lt. Jg) Arven Leux | Cardassia Prime | POW Camp #4

The following is written on paper, in the Trill language, the handwriting ins shaky and unsteady, as if the author is unused to writing things out by hand. spots of dark browns, greens, blues, and other colors mar the papers.

The Cardassians gave me a notebook the other day, actual paper and pen. No technology, we aren't allowed anything without strict supervision, but because they've given me "permission" to work as a Doctor, I need something to take notes with. I don't even know where to begin, or how long it's been exactly. When the Honshu went down, I thought I was dead. As it is, I still think that I may be.

If the heat doesn't kill me, the Cardassians or Jem'Hadar might. At least the Cardassians see the dubious value in keeping us alive, the Jem'Hadar though, the ones taken away by them are rarely seen again. They took Lieutenant Kerensky, the security Officer two days ago. He came back, or parts of him did anyway, apparently he tried to escape. I'll have nightmares about seeing those pieces of him for a week. It was one hell of a shock to get a molar in the rations this morning. That's how we knew.  I choose to believe that it was just an animal tooth, some creature that the Cardassians just dumped in whole. That's probably what it was.  Still, I don't think I'll be eating any of the meat dishes again unless I really need the calories.

I've been incarcerated for maybe two weeks at this point? They make it hard to tell time in here. We're in some kind of a warehouse I think, and the lights never shut off. There's no air conditioning outside of the buildings They stay in, we know it's day when it is hot, it's probably night when its cold. But it's just been warm for the last few days, it must be summer.  I've treated more cases of heatstroke in the last few days than I know what to do with. I'm only doing so well because I'm in the medical building so much.

I think the humans have it the worst, they're usually quite resilient, but the humidity and the heat isn't helping matters. I know they have problems much over 40 degrees celsius without any sort of relief. And we aren't getting any save for water that's barely better than sewage. And it has to be at least 65 in this warehouse.  I need to go, they're allowing me back into the medical building to treat more people. I'll write more if I'm still alive.

OOC Note: This thread will have no set logic to the dates, it will be written as the mood strikes.