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Topic: CH07: S [D03|1723] Operation: 'Dinner Out' (Read 303 times) previous topic - next topic

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CH07: S [D03|1723] Operation: 'Dinner Out'
[ Lt. Cmdr. Rutherford | Intelligence Suite | Deck 05 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BipSpoon @Stegro88 @Swift @GroundPetrel @Pierce

"Don't hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit soft!" ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Samantha had heard this phrase quoted first by her grandfather, when she was about eleven years old. It was part of his lectures in patience and self-control, but also in understanding the very polarity of Vulcan culture. Peaceful and logical to the brink, but relentless and unforgiving once pushed over it. And while her upbringing to this point had been innately human, for the most part, it was in this time that her dormant Vulcan character and ideology broke through, was groomed, and became a vital ingredient to her professional success. Because as much as people assumed that diplomacy was predominantly about understanding the feelings and sentiments of your opponents - and it was - the required professional skill to accurately quantify and exploit these was logic, not emotion. And it as exactly this duality in nature that made the blonde so perfect for the job: The ability to appreciate emotion, and the capability to factually categorize them.

But coming back to Roosevelt, his quote struck close to the core, especially in situations such as these, where the Commander felt as if negotiations had run their course. There was no shame in admitting that. There was, however, in conceding defeat, just because the answer was no. Because the appropriate reaction to that was a different kind of diplomacy, one that didn't rely on words and phrases to subdue the enemy. And in that regard, she was very much aware that you had to be decisive, strict and quick, if you wanted to catch your opponent still dizzy from the ambrosia that was victory.

Gorka had made one fatal mistake in dealing with Starfleet, or a rogue faction thereof, and that was limiting they ways in which a mutual understanding could be reached. He'd backed them into a corner, claiming superiority by doing so, but in reality only spaded out his own grave. Because to get a message across you never hit softly, you never half-assed something. To show your conviction the display had to be exemplary. And with all the cruelty and personal affection of Fisher's torture, it had done a half-assed job in sending a message. No, if you wanted to send a message, it had to shake your opponent to the very core, leaving them no way but to submit. And by not doing so, Gorka had shown a blatant weakness, his incapability to be the leader he saw himself to be, he had given them the opportunity to react. Samantha was not going to make the same mistake. She was going to hit the hollow pride and courage of the Klingon like a frilly piñata. And when honor and diplomacy had run their course, she never hit soft.

Walking into the Intelligence suite, like the woman on a mission she was, her entry and dominant air conquered the attention of the room in stride. Admittedly, it was not a very big one. Present were the Lieutenants Pierce, Byron and Anh-Le, all at their duty stations, as well as Amarik and Lorad, whom she had ordered up from security. Representing the stentorian slap of justice, she was going to send to Gorka. And if the mission to retrieve Martok's grandson had been any indication toward the woman's resolve in completing a mission, then he would be lucky to walk away with his life.

Pacing a few feet into the room and then halfway back and forth, like a pendulum slowly tuning into its resting position, hands clasping either extremes of her swaying hips, the diplomat finally turned to the group that had gathered before her.

"Alright, I'll make this introduction brief, as we're a little pressed for time." she started out, her voice slightly hoarse and panted. "We were just informed that Gorka has managed to take Commander Fisher hostage and demands cessation of our involvement in securing Martok's legitimate role as chancellor ... obviously, this isn't going to happen."

Although Stark seemed on the fence still, about whether following the extortionist's demands was maybe the better solution. So some unpopular decisions, and potentially in defiance with the chain of command, had to be made.

"Since we're running low on executive officers, as of ..." Samantha took a brief look at the chronometer. "... 1723 hours, I am taking command of the intelligence detachment and the security details necessary to complete its mission: The rescue of commander Fisher, and thus the continuation of our mission to stabilize the Klingon Empire and forge an alliance. I won't let this glorified trilobite take away the progress we've made with the sweat, blood and lives of every crewmember on this ship!"

Scratching the side of her forehead, right below where the small, untreated cut at her hairline had closed beneath a dark crust, now infusing a gentle itch of healing, the blonde readjusted her stance. While she did not have a firm plan yet, it would have to do if they could not come up with anything better in a timely manner. Because that was the only thing they did not have: time. Martok and Ives were potentially gone, Gorka under the impression he would now have free reign to claim the throne his own, while a heir to the chancellor's legacy was still unrevealed to the council, as was the traitor in their midst ... things were never this dire and that primed to blow up any second.

"Let's hear it, everyone."

Re: CH07: S [D03|17:43] Operation: 'Dinner Out'
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[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Intelligence Suite | Deck 05 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] | ATTN: @BipSpoon  @Stegro88 @Swift @GroundPetrel @stardust | [Show/Hide]

Alana Pierce was partially startled by the speedily emergence of Commander Rutherford into the Central Intelligence Suite, but she half expected it since news of Fisher's capture had hit the audio streams Ta'rom and that he was being sent planetside. She swiveled in her chair as she leaned forward to press into the console and stand upright. The woman had given that vibe that she was on a mission and wasn't in the mood for pleasentries or other people's bullshit, just answers. Not that Alana could blame the diplomat since the chain of events could have been prevented had the Klingons been a reasonable people and responded to her in kind.

Her hands pulled on her uniform to straighten it. Thankfully since her altercation with the Gorn in the security suite earlier she'd opted to change her skirt for some nice Starfleet issue slacks allowing her more mobility should the shit hit the fan as she expected to happen. Several of the security officers and what remained of Intelligence stood idle as they awaited what the Diplomat planned to divulge to them now about her plans.

Slight surprise struck her however as she heard that Rutherford was taking over at present of the Intelligence wing but not all that unexpected. As she stated, executive officers were on short supply at present. A little taken aback with the Commander's almost erratic behavior, she could sense something else was at play that she wasn't yet privy to. Had she been completely human, Pierce would have thought her to be both pissed and panicking.

Deciding to stake some claim to Intelligence, she stood at the ready lifting a dainty finger on her hand to signal she wanted to speak. As she was acknowledged, she placed her hands on the control board to send it to the CIS screen.

"Commander, although there are no senior officers here we at present we look to you for your guidance. Although many of us in the Intelligence department have had experience flying solo on the occasional mission. That being said, I have an idea. It would require a small group to travel to the surface. Something where we could potentially mask the signatures of several individuals. Maybe security would have something that masks bio-signatures from the Klingon's scanners." She paused to lick her dry lips and continued. "I'd suggest a diplomatic approach as a front to gain access to the planet and negotiate for Fisher's release." A slight smirk split her lips as she continued on once more.

"The Klingon's would likely expect a sneak attack from a cloaked vessel and so a more direct approach might warrant better results. I suggest sending a few officers down while on approach without a transporter but with anti-gravity boots and freefall skydiving from the back hatch of the shuttle. Masked in our impulse signatures we might be able to drop undetected close to the facility wherein Fisher is being held. From there we would need someone capable of hacking into the entry and along the way to retrieve the Commander."

Letting everyone soak up her suggestions, she paused and walked over to a rough visual of the complex. "As you can see the data on this facility is a bit outdated and we're missing exact specs. Exiting the facility we're going to require a vessel, possible cloaked with a high speed to rendezvous on the outer wall. Destruction of the facility is likely as we break the Commander out, and we're going to need weapons fire to provide the path we need for escape and transport back to the shuttle. It's crazy, but sometimes crazy works. The Klingons won't expect crazy when Starfleet typically follows a protocol on mission. We're renegades according to the Fleet so that gives us extra leeway."

She brushed her hair back and stepped back to allow for others to speak up. "I'm all ears for anyone's opinions or other options but this might be the most direct route with a little finessing."[/b]
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Re: CH07: S [D03|17:43] Operation: 'Dinner Out'
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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Intelligence Suite | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce @Stegro88 @Swift @GroundPetrel @stardust
Valyn had taken the call up to the intelligence suite without hesitation. Admittedly, it had taken asking a passing Ensign to figure out exactly where she needed to get to, but she did manage to arrive in a decent amount of time. She stood off to the side, and leaned up against a vacant console. She still looked a bit disheveled from the battle, but she'd clearly at least attempted to put herself together, her hair having been freshly pulled back. She was still armed with her pistol and the Tal Shiar officer's blade that was strapped to the back of her belt. Her uniform itself had been changed as well, luckily no longer being covered in Targ blood.

An eyebrow rose on her face at the mention of a kidnapped officer. She didn't know who he was but she was all ears. A kidnapped officer, be it in Starfleet or even back on Romulus was a serious matter. Perhaps for different reasons and motivations. With the Romulans, because of the risk of a potential breach of information. With the Federation for the same concern but there was also a larger aspect of loyalty and duty. It wasn't something to be left ignored. She gave an audible chuff of amusement when she heard their demands. Even if they met the demands, there was no guarantee that Gorka wouldn't just kill Fisher anyways. She'd seen what some of his soldiers were capable of, and Klingon honor or not, she'd seen enough war to understand that lust for power drove men; be it Romulan, Human, Or Klingon alike, to actions of madness. She looked to Rutherford, "I'm with you." A simple statement, but she didn't think she needed to say much else about it. The Klingons had done and taken enough from them. They weren't going to take another officer if she could help it.

Her attention shifted to Pierce as she spoke up, and her head tilted to the left as she listened, eyebrows narrowing slightly in thought. "A jump?" She finally spoke up after a while, letting the ghost of a grin hit the corner of her lips. Clearly amused by the idea, she said nothing else, and listened. She let her eyes trace over the specs a few times before she did decide to speak up. "Sounds pretty good." She gave a nod and took a step towards the image of the specs, to get a closer look.

"I have some experience with hacking but I'm by no means an expert." She looked around those gathered, to see if anyone else was perhaps a bit more skilled. "If we do manage to get into the system, we can probably try and find some updated specs, not that it helps us much here, but once we get down there it'll give us an idea of where the hell we're goin' at least." She turned her attention away from the monitor and then back towards Pierce with a small smile, "Might want to bring a few charges for the door just in case though." For a Romulan, it was obvious that she had a strange, and very Human accent. She spoke with a fairly strong Alabama accent, not a hint of Romulus in her voice.

"What's the saying...hope for the best, plan for the worst?" She crossed her arms and gave another glance over the schematic. "As for crazy, I'm all for it, when it's warranted. These bastards have done enough damage for one day." She pushed herself off of the console she had been leaning on, and pulled her uniform down.

"How do we go about concealing ourselves down on the surface?" She wasn't sure what tech they had on board, not completely anyways and thought it best to just ask instead of assume. "And are we going to steal a cloaked ship to get out of there, is that what you're suggesting?" She had saved all of her questions for the end, but she did have questions, though she wasn't against the plan, quite the contrary, she was all for it. She just wanted to execute it perfectly.
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Re: CH07: S [D03|17:43] Operation: 'Dinner Out'
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[ Petty Officer Third Class Lorad | Intelligence Suite | Deck 05 | Vector 01 |USS Theurgy | Orbiting Qo'noS ]  attn: @stardust @BipSpoon @Swift @Pierce @GroundPetrel

Lorad had just finished suiting up in a replacement security exosuit when he had been paged to report to the intelligence suite on Deck 05. Checking his equipment a final time, making sure that he had everything that he needed, he picked up his accipiter rifle and slung it across his back. The oversized weapon was bigger than he was used to, but he was growing to like its utility in situations where a phaser or disruptor would be more of a hinderance than help. And if that failed to work, then he had his new blade, a kukri, strapped to his left hip and thigh.

Arriving, he had stood at the back, staying motionless in the shadows of the room as much as possible while others had arrived, and the briefing had started. The Romulan's presence was curious to him, but Lorad understood that she was not his enemy. Not anymore, and perhaps never was. Still, she was not inexperienced, and her questions were valid. Fortunately, Lorad believed he had the answer to at least one of them.

"The Apache," Lorad's distinctive voiced sounded out in standard from the corner where he stood. Shifting his weight, he stepped forward, turning his head away from the screens to shield his eyes as best he could. Looking about, he saw that everyone had their combadges so he switched back to his native Reman tongue. "My sister Samala is preparing it for battle, going so far as to send me away. She would be our best option for escape as we cannot rely on a craft being present for us to utilise," Lorad proposed as another thought occurred to him.

"As we cannot transport the commander free, nor use them to deploy us, forcing us to either fly in ourselves or jump, as you have described," Lorad said, looking down at the flame-haired female. "They must have a transport inhibitor at this place. We must prevent them from turning it off or we will be overrun with Klingon reinforcements. Samala can provide support and interfere with any that seek to approach the facility conventionally." Having said his piece, he glanced at each of the faces present before reaching the slender sand-haired female that was now in command.

"If you want in," Lorad said in gravelly Standard once more. "Lorad get you in."
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Re: CH07: S [D03|17:43] Operation: 'Dinner Out'
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Lt. JG Dantius Thi Anh-Le | Intelligence Suite | Deck 05 | Vector 01 |USS Theurgy   attn: @stardust  @BipSpoon  @Swift @Pierce  @Stegro88

"It's a good plan," Anh-Le said.  Pumped full of painkillers and with the itchy sensation of newly-protoplased skin over her half-repaired  oblique muscles, she wasn't in the mood for talking too much, but there was work to do.  "We've got our hands on a map of the facility that Commander Fisher's being held in, and I'm fairly certain it's up to date.  Since I got my ass kicked pretty good by a Klingon for insulting his mother, I'll be here on coms to guide the assault team through.

She switched to her best High Rihan for Lieutenant Amarik and Petty Officer Lorad's benefit; the main Romulan prestige dialect was mostly intelligible with Havran, and though Anh-Le wasn't good with Havran idiom, pronunciation, or grammatical idiosyncracies (you didn't get many intercepted comms in Reman dialects, whereas there were a lot of files that had to be translated from High Rihan...and then  examined for code words and phrases once the cipher was dealt with...there were a lot of frustrated nights that she could remember all too well, damn.)--well, she could speak enough High Rihan to get her point across, and not so much that she'd get lost on a tangent. 

She'd been doing the latter a lot recently.  Missing  too much sleep, probably. 

"<I'll try to help you make it fast so we don't leave your evac waiting on you for half an hour,>" the Orion said.  Well, she was pretty sure she said that, she might have mispronounced the slang for "evac".  Then it was back to Federation Standard for the whole group, and hope that the universal translators caught her previous comment.  "Security's going to be tighter than usual, but if our hacker can get into the defense network we can probably shut down most of the grid from here, it's a pretty well-interlinked system.  That'll let us take out automatic disruptor turrets, laser defense grids, forcefields, gravy traps, all that.  Downside is, there'll be a silent alarm, which means we're on a clock the moment automated security goes down.  It also means that our end is responsible for distracting the enemy and making sure that that clock lasts as long as  possible.

Hopefully this would go off without too many hitches.  Anh-Le liked Fisher, he seemed to be pretty competent and just enough of a hardass to get the job done without being an asshole.  And while Rutherford and Pierce seemed fine, well, a good CO wasn't something you wanted to lose, no matter the replacement.  "Obviously," she said in conclusion, "if you see something I either didn't mention or don't quickly mention, tell me immediately so we can start figuring a way around it.
Really enjoying writing a halfway stable character for once...

Re: CH07: S [D03|17:43] Operation: 'Dinner Out'
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[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Intelligence Suite | Deck 05 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] | ATTN: @BipSpoon @Stegro88 @Swift @GroundPetrel @stardust | [Show/Hide]

Pierce took all of this information into account as she stood at the conference table looking at the diagrams Lt. Dantius had fashioned for them. The fact she'd gone toe to toe with the Klingons only improved her opinion of the woman. Having had a few bouts with the Klingon's herself and the current predicament no exception, she was amused by the remark about her recent expeditions and the status of the map. A crease appeared near her reddish lips as a smirk broke out of it.

Intending on taking things into consideration as she'd done in past missions, she wanted to assert her dominance here and now. Regardless of whether she was in charge or not, she knew that in order to move up again in the fleet, she needed to be commanding. Or it could simply be the male thought patterns that she still possessed which made her compete for control. She wasn't sure which.

"Great work Lt. Dantius." Alana turned and placed her other arm resting beneath her bust for support so her remaining elbow had a place to lay itself as she thought. "We don't have the time for much debate everyone. As Commander Rutherford stated, time is of the essence. Lt. Amarik, we'll definitely need your specific skillset once we're planet side. Lorad, I like your thinking. Bring a small security detachment with us. We'll need stealth and speed people."

She waltzed over to another panel before turning back to the group. The Apache would do nicely she thought to herself. This ship certainly has very, very qualified individuals on staff. Too bad the brass at Starfleet HQ were likely untrustworthy with the exception of Anderson.

As if forgetting something she faced the group again as she stood in close proximity of Samantha. "Those of us going planet side. We're going to need special ops suits. The Klingons will know and suspect a likely rescue attempt. Let's make it a little harder to pin on the fleet. Let's meet in the shuttle bay and be ready for sendoff."

Remembering that she was new and didn't want to ruffle too many feathers, she deferred to Samantha. "That is if everything sounds good to you, sir." She had an almost childish grin when she was sure she was done with the conversation, but returned to a somewhat stern look as she addressed her direct superior.

OOC: Likely this will be the last post I have prior to going on vacation unless there's a need and time tomorrow for me to write before leaving.
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Re: CH07: S [D03|17:23] Operation: 'Dinner Out'
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Rutherford | Intelligence Suite | Deck 05 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BipSpoon @Stegro88 @Swift @GroundPetrel @Pierce

Over the years, Samantha had learned that to any negotiation, and to any presentation, you could never turn up without a plan of your own. For if you wanted to show the resolve and integrity necessary for a position of power, you could not be caught with your pants down. Figuratively and realistically. That's why she'd formed a strategy to free Andrew, and deal with the potential of Martok's death in one fell swoop. In that order, no matter what she let on professionally. But granted, her plan was not fool proof or perfect, she'd only had about ten seconds to cook it up when the current situation presented itself on the bridge. But it was a good enough going off point should everyone else fall flat on their asses ... which she also knew, was only a minute possibility.

The moment the diplomat had relayed her rundown and query, Lieutenant Pierce had sprung to action, the way she'd anticipated her to. The young redhead had earned a token of respect from the blonde in the little amount of time she'd been on Theurgy so far. Not only in extension of whatever professional pride Fisher felt, over her being on his team. Her plan was falling in line closely with what she had thought out herself, only proving that the two women thought much alike strategically. But it went even further than that, because Sam had actually intended to let the mission take care of itself, once the away team had landed at the compound. At which point any planning would likely have to make room for improvisation anyways as the situation unfolded before them.

Giving the woman a faint smile and appreciative nod, the commander's attention moved on to Lieutenant Amarik next, a capable security officer, from what she'd hard. Keeping appraised of the gems in Theurgy's all-star team was a favorite past time of the duty obsessed 1/4th Vulcan. The Romulan's conviction, in line with her species' resolve, was impressive. No matter how at odds their respective ancestries stood. Planning for any contingencies, certainly, was where everyone's personal experstise came in. And it was sort of poetic, almost, that the mention of backup explosives cleared the floor for Theurgy's resident Gorn, Lorad. Another capable security officer.

The line of conclusion, in its habitual grammatical incorrectness, almost made Samantha snort a gentle chuckle with easy glee. But she had to also conceded that it was a great idea to involve the Apache as an extraction plot, maybe more.

Then the plucky Orion officer, Lieutenant Dantius offered her professional remarks. And while the blonde almost regretted her staying behind, after getting to know the woman as a rather capable hands-on person TWICE now, she nodded gratefully at the proposed support given. It seemed there were talents to the green-skinned lass that she hadn't yet discovered, but soon would.

As Alana brought the conversation full circle, with a glance at the clock, Samantha gave one definitive nod, before crossing her arms in a stance of defiance to the odds they were facing.

"Great work, everyone." she said with a telling glance around the team. She thoroughly appreciated everyone's selfless involvement, even after days of being stretched as humanly thin as possible without going completely postal. "I have already instructed my new assistant chief and Ensign L'Nari to prepare for a diplomatic mission to the great hall. There is a time-sensitive matter that needs to be resolved there as well. They'll be your decoy. A Type-11 is being prepped as we speak. Officers Amarik, Lorad, make sure we get 4 security exo-suits to pad C. They should mask the team's bio signs."

Moving forward to the large wall of screens the commander pulled up a haphazardly drawn out flight path from her short moments on the turbolift between alerting her department peers, sending a message to K'Tal and coming here. It showed a slightly curved line from Theurgy through the atmosphere that leveled out towards the first city. Indicating a target point about three quarters of the way there.

"Away team will jump from the shuttle here, while on final approach to the Great Hall. I have sent notice to our ally K'Tal, head of imperial intelligence, to grant us landing privileges. Once Ensign L'Nari has arrived, she will establish a secure diplomatic channel that Lieutenant Dantius can piggy back our communications on. I will follow in the Apache with Crewman Samala, to disguise the cloaked craft's atmospheric turbulence in the shuttle's wake. We will stop here at the jump-off point and remain stationary to oversee both missions, giving operational oversight and awaiting the signal for exfiltration. There we'll be able to lend air-support as well."

Erecting her slim figure back up straight, from where she'd let dainty fingers brush over the sleek console, the commander turned to face the team once more.

"Once you're on the ground you'll have to improvise, but I have full faith in each and everyone's capability to do so. And as this is an intelligence operation, if not a matter of honor, I'll put Lieutenant Pierce in charge of the away time, while Lieutenant Madsen will be in charge of the diplomatic mission to the Great Hall. So, if there is nothing else, let's suit up and get ready ... we depart at 1740 hours."

A definitive nod as the blonde detached her posterior from the console she'd been leaning on the past minute or so. Clutching the PADD she'd brought once more, giving an ear to any last comments, Samantha excused herself out of the intelligence offices to make last preparations, including a small briefing of the recently decided plan to Crewman Samala before departure.

OOC: So we can skip forward to where both craft depart from the shuttle bay, if no one has anything to add, or to play out in between ... though of course anyone can bridge the gap by filling in how your characters got on to the shuttle and how they've prepared.
Madsen, L'Nari and Sarresh - the diplomatic decoy crew - can be mentioned in passing, piloting the Type-11, as they will be predominantly writing out their part of the mission in the "All or Nothing" thread.
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Re: CH07: S [D03|1723] Operation: 'Dinner Out'
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Fisher | Makeshift Holding Cell | Sub-Level 03 | House of Mo'Kai Staging Compound | Qo'nos ] Attn: @Stegro88 @BipSpoon @stardust @GroundPetrel @Pierce

As he lay unmoving upon the cold hard floor of his makeshift cell, arms bound behind his back and ankles similarly tied, Fisher struggled to determine his current surroundings, as even though he'd managed to maintain a level of consciousness during the transfer from Gorka's ship to wherever this was, the Klingons had wisely opted to hood their ensnared saboteur. Yet he still had some clue, thanks to details that he'd pieced together; he was on Qo'nos, affirmed by the inane chatter of several unwitting Klingons that he'd overheard, and furthermore he could discern by the distinctive scent of trees in the air and the ambient sound of wilderness that he was among a forest of some kind. It'd been a little while since he'd perused any geo-political intelligence reports regarding the surface of Qo'nos, but he felt comfortable in assuming that he had been brought to a facility or compound wherein he could be held captive, and his interrogation could be conducted without the threat of Starfleet interfering. Though, that latter assumption depended on whether Gorka and his retinue could effectively encrypt any communications which might have mentioned the captured spy in their midst.

In his experience, Fisher had found that Klingon Intelligence, if it was under the right lead, could be just as difficult to counter-opt as the Tal-Shiar or Obsidian Order, but again that was under the right lead. More often than not however, Klingons succumbed to pride and brazen arrogance in the conduct of their duplicitous activities, just as Gorka had, and it was then that the cracks and holes in their defenses could be capitalized on.

Grunting as he attempted to roll onto his other side, a surge of intense pain wiped clean any course of thought he'd been attempting to focus on and explore, as any pressure against the numerous fractured ribs within his chest assailed and overwhelmed his senses. Everything hurt. Everything ached. His head was throbbing from having been thrashed about without let or hindrance, at least half of the ribs on his right side were broken, and he felt certain that his left orbital had been decimated by a gauntleted fist at some point during previous interrogation sessions. Through it all though, he had thus far maintained a level of snark, sarcasm, and subterfuge which had effectively driven his interrogators insane with rage. Rage that they had been all to happy to alleviate with brutality and violence against him, but in a way, it was his satisfaction at so thoroughly frustrating them that was helping to assuage any thoughts of giving up any useful information.

'Eventually, everyone breaks.' He remembered Hurley's warning once again, the sentiment haunting him.

With a reverberating metal clank, the latch to the only door leading into his cell unlocked and it swung open as a trio of Klingons strode in. Through the blur in his vision, at least through the eye that hadn't been swollen shut, he didn't recognize any of them from before. Shifting so that he could curl his legs underneath of him, he strained against pain as it shot through him, causing a wince, but he rose up enough so that he was in a kneel at the center of the room, rather than just having been laid there.

"Mister... Hogan? Or was it Bourne? Or Bond perhaps?" one of the Klingons, evidently the leader of this trio, began listing all of the names that Fisher had thus far offered up to them, which naturally drew a smile from the spy. "I am Commandant Kle'enk. I am in charge of this facility." Looking to his companions, they soon snatched up their captive at either side of his arms and manhandled him until he was sat upon a simple steel stool that had been bolted to the stone floor. "High Chancellor Gorka has entrusted me with the remainder of your stay on Qo'nos." Stepping around so that he might stand behind Fisher, Kle'enk cast a short glance at one of his guards, who responded by grabbing a handful of Fisher's thick mane, painfully contorting, and twisting his head so that he could face Kle'enk again. "I should inform you of course, that your ship... this, Theurgy, has been destroyed, and that Martok has been expelled from the Chancellorship as a traitor. There is no one coming to rescue or trade for you. As such, you have been declared an enemy of the Empire, and sentenced to execution upon the completion of your interrogation." With another glance, the guard released Fisher's head.

Gritting his teeth as his neck now ached in addition to all the other pangs of his body, Fisher recognized the schtick being leveled at him. It was an old technique, as tried and true as they come, meant to deprive a captive of any hope, and elicit their cooperation. As thinly veiled as it was though, he decided not to entertain the notion at all, and kept quiet as with one sage-green eye he glared at the Commandant.

"That is unless you know something of value that can atone for your crimes against the Empire." Raising a thick pointed eyebrow higher than the other upon his ridged forehead, Kle'enk waited for a response, but when nothing but silence permeated, he once more cast a glance at one of the two guards, who on queue slugged Fisher in the left side of his face, further aggravating the injury to his likely broken orbital. A second, third, and fourth punch followed immediately, tearing away any scabs that had formed in addition to a plethora of new wounds that began to bleed profusely. A simple nod later, and the assault ended, leaving the human-man slumped over on the stool that he'd been perched, the world seemingly spinning about him as they had brutalized the left side of his face. "Well?" asked the Commandant, the Guards grabbing and wrenching Fisher's head so that he could see Kle'enk again. "Anything to say now? No? Very well." A fist was drawn back, ready to resume the punishment.

"Wait!" interrupted Fisher, and the attacks were momentarily halted. Spitting out a rope of crimson saliva down the center of his bared chest, he breathed with raggedness as a shit-eating grin soon crossed his face. "Did you say your name was Commandant Kle'enk? Then that would make one of you, Sergeant Schulz, right?" a bout of laughter soon escaped him at the absurdity of coincidence at play, aware that his amusement would result in more torture, but uncaring.

"Insolent worm, stop your bellowing!" barked the Commandant as he back-handed Fisher hard, knocking him from the stool. He didn't know the references being made by the spy, only that he was being toyed with, and that enraged him.

Landing in a heap, pain surging throughout him, Fisher felt renewed with enough piss and vinegar to go at least another bout or two.

"I've had enough! Administer the drug, and shut him up!" ordered Kle'enk, and the two guards descended on their prisoner with violent intent.
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Re: CH07: S [D03|1723] Operation: 'Dinner Out'
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[ Tesserarius  Lorad | Shuttle Bay | USS Theurgy | Orbiting Qo'noS ]  Attn: @Swift @stardust @BipSpoon @GroundPetrel @Pierce

Lorad stood on the deck, looking across at the craft that he and his sister had used to flee Romulan space. It had saved their lives several times over and now Samala was going to take it into battle once again, this time to save someone neither of them knew. The Apache was built by Remans to go where only those same desperate Remans would be willing to go. And with his sister at the controls, he held no fear that they acquit themselves well. Yet, there was still the concern that one or both would not return. 

Seeing that the others of his team had gathered, Lorad cast a last glance at the Apache before boarding the Federation Type-11. 

[ Samala | The Apache | Hawk-class Runabout | USS Theurgy ] 
Samala reached across and made a subtle adjustment to one of the manoeuvring thrusters. It had been damaged during their escape from the Ta'rom and been hastily repaired once they finally made it back to the Theurgy but she hadn't had time to test and calibrate it and now, wouldn't get to. She could only hope that her experience had allowed her to do it correctly the first time.

"Samala," came a nervous voice from behind her. Samala spun her seat around and looked at the Terran that sat at the console on the port side of the cockpit. "I think I have everything ready to go like you taught me, but can you check it just in case?"

"Of course," Samala acknowledged, standing and moving over to lean over the console, her eyes playing across the screens. "Perfect. Just remember that while the Apache is based off stolen plans for the Danube, it isn't one. This craft is capable of a few things that will surprise you if it is given the chance."

"I will," the Terran said. Satisfied, Samala moved back to her own seat, her confidence growing at the first member for her cockpit crew. Crewman First Class Tashanna Ford was a shuttlecraft engineer that also had decent flight aptitude results and Samala was counting on being able to cross train her for all three roles on the ship.

"Any idea where our third is?" Samala asked the ebony-skinned Terran.

1740 hrs

"This is the Apache. We're cloaked and clear," Samala announced, both for those in the cockpit and the Theurgy's benefit. Glancing back at the Starfleeter positioned at the Tactical console, familiarising themselves. She'd been told their name, but it hadn't stuck yet. "How are you coming along with the controls?"
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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Intelligence Suite | Deck 05 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift @Stegro88 @stardust @GroundPetrel @Pierce
Valyn took a long look at the Reman. It had been a long time since she'd seen a Reman, particularly in a peaceful manner. The last time she'd been in the presence of the Remans it had been on the Enterprise, and before that during the Dominion War. Both times, under the brutal watch of Shinzon, the human pretender. This time however, he was notably absent, and the exchange was noticeably more peaceful. Still, old prejudice was hard to break.

"A good idea, but we might wanna have a contingency. If we need to get out o'there in a hurry we may want a way to take down the inhibitor ourselves." She raised her brows and gave him a nod. Her attention then shifted to Anh-Le then and her jaw tightened when her voice shifted to Romulan, just slightly, and her face soured with it. She didn't elaborate on why. It was a sound plan.

"You got it." She smiled lightly to Rutherford, a bit of anticipation evident. She'd been itching to get in one of the suits ever since she'd come aboard, and she was getting the chance pretty quick into her assignment abroad Thuergy. She crossed her arms and stood a bit taller, her expression growing more serious as the final details were laid out. It was how she was wired, in the lead up to a mission, part of her shut down, and she focused. She looked at the screens and looked at the jump point and the stationary point, judging the distance and response time.


She took a breath and as soon as they were dismissed, she took note of every face there, and made her way to suit up.

[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Shuttle Bay | USS Theurgy | In Orbit of Qo'noS ]
Valyn made her way into the shuttle bay, in the undersuit of the exo-suit that suit on the pad waiting for her. Strapped to her side, was her usual officer's knife, clearly Romulan, Tal Shiar for those who paid attention to such things. She was never without it. Her weapons were slung over her shoulder, her rifle by a strap, and the rest in a small hardcased bag. She walked up to the suit and ran a hand across it, gingerly. An impressed whistle escaped her lips and she started to put it on.

It fit perfectly and she moved her arms around in it, watching the joints move perfectly. She smirked and gave a nod as she prepped her gear, then walked into the shuttle, taking a seat towards the front.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Rutherford | Intelligence Suite | Deck 05 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BipSpoon @Stegro88 @Swift @GroundPetrel @Pierce

Right after leaving the intelligence suite Samantha made her way back to the diplomatic council to brief both Enyd and L'Nari on the plan they had just hatched. Even though they only were a distraction to the grander scheme. Which didn't make their contribution any less valuable, of course. Professionally the mission the great hall was the diplomat's priority. To ensure that the relations with the Klingons would continue to prosper and not fail at the mere demise of some of the chess pieces. Through Enyd she would be kept appraised of the goings on at the council, all while focusing on her second, much more personal mission.

Truth be told, the blond had never felt this divided. Taking care of two departments concurrently was a first, and it only reminded her of how difficult it must be for Stark to currently be overseeing a whole myriad of them. Granted, diplomatic and intelligence departments were somewhat in the same zip code of subjects. They were both after the same thing, albeit in slightly different manners, and she would never be able to appreciate it any more than she did right now.

So, after getting her department prepped the blonde briefly sent crewman Samala a summary of their plan as well, so she didn't have to do the majority of explaining on the way. Joining in with Enyd and L'Nari subsequently, the three made their way to the shuttle bay where their paths would diverge. Wishing both of them their best, alongside Sarresh who had joined them, she gave the man a gentle smile before turning on her heels to cross the remaining few feet to the Appache in stride. The two had met only a couple of days ago and had grown considerably close in a short amount of time. Yet so much had gone down the past few hours alone that there was now a certain feeling of neglect present, in regards to how their last engagement had ended 2 nights prior ... a perceived measure of weeks seemingly spanning between. But, that was a matter which had to wait. Samantha could only oversea two issues at once.

Slipping into the back of the Reman shuttle, the commander made her way straight through the hold and corridor onto the bridge, where last pre-fight preparations were already underway. Ver well so, considering the chronometer was just skipping to 17:40, as the shuttle bay doors slid open to indicate their take-off window establishing. Taking up the last remaining console, tactical ironically, Samantha placed a couple of PADDs with data pertaining to both missions into the designated tray to the side, before shooting both Samala as well as her co-pilot a thin-lipped smile, cocking one brow gently at the inquiry.

"Not exactly my forte." The blonde replied, letting her pale blue eyes sink to the Reman console, while clasping her hands together behind her back. Leaving it open whether her comment was hinting at the alien symbolisms or the tactical designation. "Let's just hope I won't have to use it, shall we." Not really a question, the diplomat looked back at the pilot again. It would've been a failure on many levels.

"Crewman, open a comm line to the Rosalind Franklin." she prompted at Tashanna Ford, readjusting her stance as if she was going to address a foreign envoy, rather than talking to her peers over and audio connection. "We're ready to depart. Franklin, take the lead and follow the predetermined trajectory. I've transmitted the landing permits to you, in case you're being contacted by traffic control. Everyone, keep communications silence until Ensign L'Nari has been able to establish secure communications with Lieutenant Dantius from the surface."

Taking a small moment to let a dramatic pause sink in, Samantha let her blue eyes transfix to the black void beyond the glowing frame of the shuttle-bay door. The crescent of the Klingon homeworld below. Somewhere down their not only Theurgy's destiny was hanging in the balance, but that of Andrew, Martok, Ives and his team as well.

"Good luck everyone, Appache out." A deep exhale left her lungs, causing her squared shoulders to dip back into a more feminine curve. "Take us to the drop point."

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