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Topic: Chapter 07: All or Nothing [ Day 03 | 1555 hrs. ] (Read 1628 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: Chapter 07: All or Nothing [ Day 03 | 1555 hrs. ]
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[ CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Klingon High Council Chamber | The Great Hall | First City | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

It was over. The relief that flowed through Mickayla was muted by the pain that emanated from her shoulder. Gorka's d'k tagh was still embedded there, the crest of the House Mo'Kai glistening in the firelight as it stared back up at her. Mickayla imagined that it was both crestfallen that its owner had died while also happy that another Mo'Kai was now in possession of it. The Chief couldn't decide which it was. Both perhaps?

She stayed back, next to Gorka's corpse as Martok, at Captain Ives' urging, addressed the council. She had understood the importance of the roar that the gathered Klingons had bellowed at the ceiling but had not joined in despite her blood calling for her too. It was a foreign act to her, no matter what her body was telling her. Then she had watched as Martok had carved the body open, revealing the fused parasite within that had controlled the fallen warrior and manipulated the Klingon Empire to the brink of civil war.

Blood seeped through her fingers where she held her wound, not daring to withdraw the blade knowing that it could be keeping her from bleeding to death. As Martok addressed everyone, thoughts rippled through Mickayla's head at what the future might hold for her now that Gorka lay dead at her feet.

"What will become of House Mo'Kai? I have uttered the challenge and Gorka now lays dead at my feet," she wondered. "Will my father come to claim his birthright? Is he even still alive? And if he does come, do I want to meet him?"

These and more thoughts swam through the security officer's mind as she also considered if she would return to the Theurgy or nor for medical treatment.
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