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Topic: CH07: S [D03|1723] Operation: 'Dinner Out' (Read 1130 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: CH07: S [D03|1723] Operation: 'Dinner Out'
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Lt. JG Dantius Thi Anh-Le | Intelligence Suite | Deck 05 | Vector 01 |USS Theurgy   attn: @stardust @BipSpoon   @Swift  @Pierce  @Stegro88

Anh-Le took the report in one hand while taking a sip of her coffee with her other hand.  (Well, she would call it coffee.  People not raised on Vietnamese cuisine would probably call it a coffee-based milkshake at this point.  That, or diabetes in a cup)  "Thanks, and good work, Ensign.  Give yourself a pat on the back."  She'd need  to give the Ensign a favorable write-up later. 

Dark eyes flicked over the PADD.  Sub-Level 03.  Anh-Le nodded to herself.  Secure.  Multiple locking chokepoints with biometric ID.  They would keep an intel officer down there.  Klingons weren't actually stupid, and the ones running their intel services, well...idiots didn't last long in this kind of job., she was going off on tangents easily.  It might be time for more diabetes in a cup. 

Anh-Le keyed her comm on.  "We have a possible lead.  Sub-Level 03.  The time index is consistent with when they brought Commander Fisher down."  This would be a lot easier if she could just peek through the enemy systems and verify the data, but beggars couldn't be choosers.  "Operate on the assumption that he's down there.  Lieutenant Pierce, Commander Rutherford, I'm forwarding relevant data."  The still-raw wound in her side throbbed.  Serves me right for getting into melee with a Klingon.  Now, if she'd had a few more sword lessons from Lillee...well, actual, full-length lessons, more than 'lessons' that quickly got taken over by stress, hormones, and Anh-Le's chronic problem with functioning around pretty girls (she still had no clue where she'd found that burst of confidence!)...

Might as well wish for a bow, arrows, and space to use them.  Beggars, she mused again, couldn't be choosers. 

Focus.  Job at hand.

"Expect an ambush when you get down to Sub-Level 03.  Just in case.  They might not have moved people into place yet, but better safe than sorry.  When you get down there, you've got at least three sturdy doors with biometric ID to get through.  This is the place they hold the important guys.
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Re: CH07: S [D03|1723] Operation: 'Dinner Out'
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Rutherford | The Apache | Hawk-class Runabout | Upper Atmosphere | Qo'nos ] attn: @BipSpoon @Stegro88 @Swift @GroundPetrel @Pierce

On the screen before her, the birds-eye view of the compound and the layers of structural data, heat signatures, com-badge signals and energy blooms, the Commander could follow the current developments in real time. Watching the individual players move across an asymmetrical chess field in whichever move their qualification afforded. So far there had been no energy discharges registered by the sensitive instruments on the Apache, still, at least two heat signatures just started to drop vital signs. Which meant the team was living up to its covert codex, for now. Letting delicate finger tips slide over the sleek screen, the blonde enlarged the current quadrant, getting a closer look at the layout, as Lieutenant Byrne was one of the first she picked up on the newly established comm link. Zooming back out at the audio cue, she found Lorad's signal still where he had been left of, receiving a text acknowledgment instead of an audio one, maybe he had been in no space to reply verbally to protect his cover.

"Petty Officer Lorad is in defensive position with oversight on the compound, he'll guard the exits for extraction." she relayed to the intelligence chief on the ground, all the while typing out orders to the Reman with one hand: 'Stay in position, relay any relevant movements on the exterior to command and stay in preparation for extraction. The shuttle will not be able to wait.' That being sent, Samantha returned her attention to the aggregated group of signals. Then, a Klingon communications stream was highlighted, tapping it sending the blaring snarl of a voice shouting 'Alarm'. The half Vulcan blood in Sam's veins threatened to freeze as her lips non-verbally voiced a silent epithet. "Guys, the perimeter just lit up like a Christmas tree! The jig is up. Your only chance is to push forward and deeper into the compound, we'll take care of an extraction plan."

It was in that moment that Anh-Le relayed her new intel on a possible location, which sounded extremely promising. Kind of like a spoon of water after a long pilgrimage through the northern desert on Vulcan. Pulling up the data, which was immediately available via the data link to Theurgy, the blonde overlayed additional levels on the viewscreen, scrolling through the available data. With the much closer proximity to the compound, within the shell of its dampening field, the Apache could get much higher resolution scans then its mothership in a shifting orbit.

"Lieutenant Dantius, I'll patch you into the Apache's main sensor array and reroute emergency power to boost scanner resolution. We should be able to penetrate at least two sublevels and get a rudimentary image of Sub-Level 03." Giving Samara a fleeting apologetic look the commander let her fingers dance across the sleek stage once more, supplying their sensors with additional energy. Almost immediately the outlines of hallways and rooms started appearing ghostly beneath Sub-Level 02. But without the additional oversight, it was hard for the diplomat to make much sense of it. Luckily, Anh-Le would be able to get the very same data. On the screen it seemed as if there was a single corridor shooting off the elevator here, easy to defend and a colossal trap if unprepared. There were a few intermittent life signals in the area as well.

"Away team, pending Lieutenant Dantius' detailed analysis, I am sending you the life sensor feed available on Sub-Level 03. Proceed with caution, seems like the ant-hive is abuzz."

Re: CH07: S [D03|1723] Operation: 'Dinner Out'
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[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Klingon Compound | Qo'nos ] | ATTN: @BipSpoon @Stegro88 @Swift @GroundPetrel @stardust | [Show/Hide]

Pierce watched as the Romulan woman easily downed the two Klingon soldiers. In the meantime, she heard a communique come alive in her comm systems of the suit. It was Anh-Le who keyed her comms on.  "We have a possible lead.  Sub-Level 03.  The time index is consistent with when they brought Commander Fisher down. Operate on the assumption that he's down there. Lieutenant Pierce, Commander Rutherford, I'm forwarding relevant data."

The navigation display on her suit lit up with the schematics which she promptly hit the forwarder to the rest of the team headed for the infiltration. "Message received. We're moving into the lift system."

Alana didn't have much time however as what she didn't know was that the Klingons had already noted their presence. Disruptor fire and phaser fire could be heard outside the perimeter of the building. The next communication from Anh-Le came through promptly informing her of the situation at hand, despite her already gathering that information based on sensors and her ears.

"Expect an ambush when you get down to Sub-Level 03. Just in case. They might not have moved people into place yet, but better safe than sorry. When you get down there, you've got at least three sturdy doors with biometric ID to get through. This is the place they hold the important guys."

"Reading loud and clear!" A few Klingon soldiers rushed out of the lift as Pierce and her comrades nearby came to the bulkheads nearby it for cover. "Concentrate your fire on their torsos. We don't need them getting back up!" She yelled to those in listening range. Pierce landed a solid shot, lighting up the Klingon's armor in a blazing gold hue before he collapsed.

Her internal comms kicked back up this time from Rutherford. "Petty Officer Lorad is in defensive position with oversight on the compound, he'll guard the exits for extraction. Guys, the perimeter just lit up like a Christmas tree! The jig is up. You're only chance is to push forward and deeper into the compound, we'll take care of an extraction plan. Away team, pending Lieutenant Dantius' detailed analysis, I am sending you the life sensor feed available on Sub-Level 03. Proceed with caution, seems like the ant-hive is abuzz."

Not what Pierce expected to happen so soon, but she wasn't surprised it occurred. "Aye Commander. Message received loud and clear! Pierce out." She dodged another shot from the nearby Klingon as part of it connected with her shoulder, damaging part of the suit and causing some blood to char on her arm. The pain shot through her left arm sharply causing her to collapse before grasping the bulkhead for balance. She looked about, at Lt. Amarik.

"If you have a blade, find the lead Klingon..." she paused briefly and discovered him behind the others. No doubt a dishonorable targ. She pointed at him. "Don't harm him, he likely has the biometric codes to get us below this level. If we can manage to incapacitate him, we need his handprint. How we get that hand I'll leave it up to you. Fisher likely doesn't have much time."

Checking internal sensors for the facility, she saw Lorad's position. She tapped her comms, "Give cover fire to Lt. Byrne and the other security officers on site. Be ready for us. I anticipate we won't be long inside but hard to tell yet."

After turning the attention back to the Klingon grunts in the facility, she was able to approach a console and tap into it for better readings. Thankfully she had some experience in Klingon tech, which unsurprisingly hadn't changed much in a century. Her fingers danced on the controls as she placed a codebreaker into the system. "Pierce to command, patching you into this console, provided they don't lock us out. I need intel on a way out once we get below levels. We may lose comms below the surface so we'll look for a sign from the you on how to get out." She scanned the facility briefly between disruptor fire. Thinking she found the area Fisher is in. It appeared to be...some sort of poor excuse of a holding cell.

A large shadow appeared above her as someone shot him and the body thudded hard. She turned and fired another shot off incapacitating another Klingon soldier nearby as he dropped his bat'leth nearby. Quickly she dashed to the fallen soldier, reached to his bladed weapon, and charged another grunt clearing the way for Amarik to complete the task of the biometrics.

"Move in!" she yelled as she dashed into a sliding posture beneath another soldier and sliced the next Klingon before she left it impaled on him on her way to the lift. The stench of blood and filthy Klingon's filled the air. The other officers
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Lt. JG Tessa May Lance | Wolf-07 [Goldeneye] | USS Theurgy NX-79854
Lt. Jessica Alana Pierce | Intelligence Officer | USS Theurgy NX-79854 [Show/Hide]
Ensign Lauren Pierce | Flight Control Officer | USS Theurgy NX-79854 [Show/Hide]

Re: CH07: S [D03|1723] Operation: 'Dinner Out'
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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Klingon Compound | Qo'Nos ] Attn: @Pierce @Swift @Stegro88 @GroundPetrel @stardust
Valyn looked at the approaching man, and gave him a nod. Two teams wasn't ideal, she had a feeling they'd need as much firepower as they could pack into one assault if it came to it, but she knew she had to be adaptable in that sort of situation. She looked up the hall one more time and narrowed her gaze, scanning it once but her attention returned to her sector, and albeit briefly, to Byrne.

"Yea..." She trailed off. "Or even if we find one, where the hell it leads to." She adjusted her rifle and looked at Pierce.

Dropping the first two guards was quick. Simple. An old habit that boiled straight to the surface with minimal effort. The ease of it disturbed her on some level, but not enough to break her attention from the mission. She'd spent nearly her entire life doing exactly the sort of work she was doing then, this time though for what she once considered her greatest enemy. This time, she was rescuing the Starfleet agent, instead of being the one sent to kill them or disrupt their allies.

As the map popped up on her wrist, she gave it a quick look. He was all the way down there? She studied it for a moment before letting out a deep breath. She slowed her breaths, and along with it, her heart rate. She was bringing herself into a different state entirely. She wanted to be able to execute each maneuver with perfect precision, and was falling back on an old method of bringing her focus to the forefront. However, it wasn't in the cards for her to get all the way there.

"Guys, the perimeter just lit up like a Christmas tree! The jig is up. Your only chance is to push forward and deeper into the compound, we'll take care of an extraction plan."

She heard the weapon fire, and the warning in her earpiece and immediately sprang to action. She verified the setting on her rifle, and adjusted the dispersal pattern of the energy blast it emanated to her comfort. It only took her a second. As the live scan came to the forefront of her wrist display, her eyes widened a bit. "Fuck." She muttered, all to herself but those right next to her probably heard it anyhow. She brought her body down slightly into a ready position, and her cheek rested against the side of the weapon. Her body language shifted into that of a soldier, ready to fire at just about anything that wasn't confirmed to be friendly.

She looked to the side for cover. It was minimal at best. As she heard the doors to the lift hiss open, and the heavy footfalls of the Mo'Kai warriors, her rifle spun to focus on them. She fired twice, hitting the same soldier both times. He went limp after the first round connected with his chest, the second round slamming first into his abdomen, and by proxy, the Klingon himself into one of his allies. The Klingon that was struck with the corpse of his comrade tossed the other to the side.

Valyn watched as a round connected with Pierce, and she used the moment to lay down covering fire. "Cover me!" She shouted at some of the other officers as she ran towards the injured officer. Her finger repeatedly slammed into the trigger, sending a show of fatal lights down the hall. The bolts functioned as moving torches, a faint yellow hue painting the walls as the progressed forward, momentarily forcing the Mo'Kai to take cover.

She reached to her side, for her emergency medical kit and produced a small, metallic probe. The tip of it lit up with a squeeze and she ran it over Pierce's shoulder as she filled the Romulan in. "Got it." She stuffed the probe back into the designated spot and looked towards the leader. She'd run a regenerator over Pierce's arm but it wasn't exactly a permanent fix. "You need a hand." She gave the woman a nod and smirked slightly before she brought her rifle back up, this time holding it with the knife stuck to its side, ready to go.

She fired once, hitting one of the Klingons with the leader in the hip. He let out a roar of agony but after a second shot, that contacted his pronounced forehead, her nearly backflipped and ceased all sound and movement. She watched Pierce run forward, picking up the Bat'Leth and...she was clearly a bit impressed. Valyn didn't need telling, and kept herself close to the mission CO. She dropped her rifle, letting it connect to the suit on the chest and instead brought her knife out, moving quicker without the task of keeping her rifle trained and ready.

She leapt over the corpse of the man who'd been impaled, and aimed her feet at the chest of the leader. They connected, slamming him backwards into the wall. She kept her momentum going, and rolled to her feet as she connected with the metal floor. However, the Klingon wasn't far behind her. His own knife came out in a flash and he swung it at her, eyes wild with fury.

"bIHub 'e' Damevchugh!" He shouted at her. She just shook her head at him.

"Not today, big guy." As his knife came out to start a powerful blow, she slammed her knee into his thigh, and brought her elbow forward with all the power she could. It connected with his cheek, splitting his cheek open. However, he hardly reacted and instead thrust his knife forward. It was the opening that she needed. Her eyes flashed up, noting a pipe hanging over her. She jumped straight up and grabbed it. She had hoped it would hold her weight, and it did, but only for a moment. She'd given herself the power to get up on his shoulders, which he responded to only by slamming her against a wall.

However, she had not dropped the pipe. She released her legs from his neck, and landed on her feet. A knife in one hand, and a metal pipe in the other. He roared at her, and swung. The knife connected with her face, drawing blood from her own cheek in kind. The moment of elation however, granted her a blow. She swung the pipe forward, straight into his jaw, and on connection she heard an audible 'CRACK' to join the hum of the vibrating metal. He screamed in pain, words entirely indistinguishable from nonsense. She swung again, this time as he began to double over, sending him to the ground at once as she panted. He wasn't dead, he was moving, sobbing. Blood poured from his mouth and dripped from his ears. Using the moment, she fell upon him, grabbing him. She gripped him by his braid, and pressed his hand against the console in the lift, granting them access to the lower levels. "Let's move!" She shouted as the console flashed green. She took no chance however, and as she released the Klingon and he fell to the ground, she brought her rifle up and verified the kill with a single flash. Then she removed his hand with the knife, using a strip of fabric from his uniform to secure it to her suit. "In case we need it again." She had no intention of dragging a screaming, fighting, Klingon into the depths to gather help from his friends.
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Re: CH07: S [D03|1723] Operation: 'Dinner Out'
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[PO3  Lorad | Klingon Compound | Qo'noS ] 

Disruptor fire piercing the night was not a sound that Lorad was unfamiliar with. The number of times he had heard, or even caused it to shatter the peace of the darkness was unknown to him but each time he heard it, his reaction was the same. This time was no different as his heartrate picked up and his head automatically began searching for the source of the weapons fire. It was made easier because before the trio of disruptor bolts was heard, Lorad had heard the pulse of a phaser rifle. That and the second burst of disruptor fire. Samuelson, Hildebrandt and Jones were taking fire but also returning it.

"ALARM!" a guttural voice boomed across the courtyard and Lorad turned back in time to see a Klingon disappear back into what he had identified as the control room for the compound. It was on the highest level of central tower. Pierce's command to cover the three below was understood and Lorad shifted to the other side of the tower and glanced down just in time to see the three officers using their suits to scale the wall. Below them, two cooling Klingons lay unmoving.

"Cover the courtyard," Lorad ordered, knowing that he was breaking the chain of command but there were more important things to care about. "I am going for the control room," he advised, activating his own boosters to send himself over the parapet and down to the wall walk. Glancing at the courtyard, Lorad jogged off as Klingons began to stream out and phaser rifles began to fire behind him, activating his comms. 

"Lorad is going for Control Room."

[ Crewman Samala | The Apache | Hawk-class Runabout | Upper Atmosphere | Qo'noS ] 

Samala had tried to be as patient as possible, just sitting there, knowing that that was her job but now, with things starting to go wrong, she wanted to be on the ground instead of sitting in the pilot's seat. But that was where she needed to be.

"We have a problem. Two ships, just appeared on sensors, coming this way low and fast. Too far to tell what they are but they'll be here in 12 minutes," Samala advised. "Want me to deal with them?"
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Re: CH07: S [D03|1723] Operation: 'Dinner Out'
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[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Klingon Compound | Qo'Nos] | ATTN: @BipSpoon @Stegro88 @Swift @GroundPetrel @stardust | [Show/Hide]

Lt. Pierce watched as the Klingon hand was swiftly cut from the arm of the solider, used on the security panel and carefully placed on Lt. Amarik's suit. The dangling limb was hopefully unneeded on but one could never tell. With an extraction of this magnitude and the limited time, everyone was expected to take added precautions and think for themselves in this situation.

The sounds of the klaxons and soldiers firing disruptors were overbearingly loud. The lift doors closed in the peculiar fashion that Klingon stations generally held. A few security detail with Pierce and Amarik, although a few had been hurt during the firefight. The pain in their eyes Pierce felt burning into her soul. The former XO of the USS Eagle knew that it was growing the possibility they may not make it back in their current condition. Her own shoulder not withstanding. Yes, the dermal regenerator repaired some  of the damage but on a whole, she still needed a sickbay briefly when they returned. Or if...

Lift doors grinded open as the machinery likely neglected over the years whined as heavy pieces of metal separated them to the floor Fisher was residing. Klingons ran to their position and as quickly as they ran, they were dropped on the deck. Hard metal making thudding sounds as the bodies hit the floor, leaking the purplish fluid that gave the monsters life. Pierce stood from her crouched position and motioned her fingers forward for the security detail to give cover fire around the next corridor.

She ran out and motioned for Amarik with a nod, almost saying to her to do what needs to be done with the security system to get to Fisher's location. Her internal comms on her suit still had static but the occasional blip of an updated signal from above the surface. Over 400 years since radio technology had been created and signal was still an issue with depth and thick walls metal walls.

Alana leaned into the next doorframe as she watched several other Klingons get phasered to the floor. Amarik was out of her line of site at this point. She peered at her wrist mounted map and was disturbed by a bright blast of disruptor fire close enough to her head that her left ear lost hearing briefly. A quick tuck and roll later and she was in the next door frame, clutching her phaser rifle in hand now, and ready for a fight.

She leveled her rifle off of her knee as she steadied the shot. The end of the corridor was dimly lit but not too dim for her laser scope. Unfortunately she wasn't quick enough when one of the security detail screamed as the disruptor fire met his torso, rendering him limp. She fired unsure if it connected or not. A distant thud was heard ahead. Another short scan and she ran forward to connect with the last security officer left since the brawl took place.

With any luck Fisher was still alive. As they approached the final door, the screams and yelling of a human male could be heard nearby. Clearly something the Klingons had either done to him or drugged him with were giving the man agony. Turning to her wrist mounted comms she yelled into it, "This is Pierce! I hear Fisher ahead! If you can hear me, extraction is welcome as soon as you can. I'm going in!"

As Alana finished her comm, she failed to take notice of a Klingon soldier coming from behind her with a D'k tahg in hand. He lifted his hand and was about to strike the killing blow as the final security officer, Lewis, took the blunt end of the blade in an attempt to hold back the warrior from stabbing his mission leader. He dropped into Pierce as she backed up right into another Klingon. The life left Lewis as she pulled the blade from his now lifeless torso and threw it at the Klingon in front of her right at his face as he bellowed in agony before falling too. Leaning back, Pierce grabbed the Klingon around his neck in an attempt to throw him over her shoulder but ended up getting held by her arms instead.

"Argh!" Pierce yelled.

The Klingon held tight. Pierce failed to estimate her current level of strength in this body she had now compared to earlier fights she'd been involved in. He held her tight. "batlh chomuSHa'ghach."

"batlh tlhIngan!" she yelled back smirking beneath her helmet.

The Klingon grunt laughed and led her off to the same chamber Fisher was in. Pierce tapped a homing signal on her wrist mounted map as the Klingon dragged her to the room. The door opened and Fisher sat in a chair. Beaten, bloody and rambling to himself in some form of hysteria. She couldn't help but wonder what they'd injected him with. He looked definitely rough. "Fisher? Commander! Are you okay? We're here to rescue you."

"Worry about yourself fe-male! We have much bigger plans in store for you! Hehehe!" The sound of his disgusting gutteral laugh made something inside Lt. Pierce squeamish as he pulled off her helmet. "Hahaha, an interesting fe-male too. Very... beautiful..." he spoke, sniffing her crimson hair.

She felt sick to her stomach at the sound of his words and the proximity of his face to hers. Fear briefly glimpsed her eyes as she retained focus enough to ignore his words. She just had to wait long enough for Amarik and or someone else to zero in on her position now that Fisher was in her line of sight. If help didn't come quickly, she was going to have to improvise.
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