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These are the current sim news, updated as of the top item in the list:

Interregnum 01-02 is underway, as the Epilogue has been posted in Episode 01: Advent of War. You can now both write closures for Episode 01 as well as the time of shore-leave and repairs in the Interregnum.

In order to keep track of the space-time continuum in Interregnum 01-02, here is a handy calendar! Use it to set up when your Supplemental threads take place.

Did you know that you can write your characters in the past, on the Director's Cut board, and even in a parallel universe, on the What if board?.

Did you know that you can change the ship displayed on the site in your Look and Layout settings? Pick your favourite ship or warp fighter! You can also add writing requests to your Forum Profile.

If you check your character page, and click on the Academy Class link at the bottom of the page, you can see who your character went to the Academy with. Perfect for Director’s Cut board shenanigans!

Unless you've already made a request, would you like character artwork? Then make your request here!

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