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Aldea Prime / Re: Day 17 [1800 hrs.] Come Sail Away
Last post by Number6 -
([Lt.Vanya | Down River | Small Sail Boat | Aldea Prime ]Attn:   @Brutus

As Nat pushed against Vanya, her boldness shook her off her feet.  As a unit designed for infiltration, and as one person told her, quite a cutie, she was capable of playing both the submissive and the leader, whatever got her mission fulfilled, or in later days, the sexual release that the android desired. 

But seeing Nat display such bold strength, no, not display, unleash strength was something entirely new for Vanya.  She suspected that the martian's shyness held her back, but this was more than Vanya could have possibly found herself hoping for.  Vanya felt tremors, tremors of anitciaption.    She had simulated them in the past, but again, it was like Nat's strength was triggering something in her too.  Something beside the gratification that sex usually brought to her.   

Finally she broke the kiss and whispered. "Be bold, my love, "

She softly kissed her way down along Nat's collarbone, again she got an eyeful of her friend's ample breasts, as gorgeous as they had always been for Vanya to look at, even play with in the past few minutes, she now wanted to pleasure whatever part of Nat's body.  She gave each [ert nipple a gentle kiss and hard suck.    Looking at the  muted console, she picked up Nat and rested her bare behind on top of it. 

"Tell me how you want to be bold, My Love"    she said, there was almost a mild plea in her voice. 
[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Intensive Care Unit | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift @Griffinsummoner [Show/Hide]

Seeing Lauren leave left Tessa slightly saddened but she figured they'd meet again soon. Although with everyone going off on different missions, she wasn't sure when that would be. She knew she would be staying put on the ship for some time to recoup. The smile was still strewn on her face as she listened to Kate's responses to her. A slight chuckle made her shake some much to her dismay as the pain in her head and chest felt a little more painful than it had moments before. The comment about not winning any beauty pageants hit her funny bone.

A flicker of concern showed on Kate's face with some reading. Tessa herself wasn't very concerned. She felt given the circumstances fine. Especially with the feeling she had as their hands were clasped together on the biobed. The warmth of their hands stuck together gave her an interesting sensation in the pit of her stomach that elicited a slight shiver but in a welcome manner. Decidedly she looked up into the eyes of the good doctor who had shared an exciting holodeck adventure with her recently and felt a charge wash over her.

"Well Kate, I feel fine. Or as fine as one can be after crashing her Valkyrie into the fighter bay to avoid a real explosive way to take me out." She smiled and concern came over her, eyes flickered as she met the gaze of Dr. Foster once more. "How are you doing sugar?"
Director's Cut / Re: [2371] Flashy Fish on a Blissful Evening
Last post by Tae -
PO3 Victor vanVinter, | Farruk Village | Vulcan] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Victor was not doing well after the attack from the creature, and he was barely on the edge of consciousness. The world was swimming for him right now, a kaleidoscopic array of shapes and colors, none of which made any sense to the man. If Victor was more experienced with psychedelic drugs, he'd recognize what he was experiencing as a 'good' trip. There was a softness and warmth to the world that made Victor feel as if he was trapped inside of a toasted marshmallow. Victor felt simultaneously slow and fast, as if he was moving slowly but almost as if his senses were accelerated. There was a radiance that suffused every living thing, a gently pulsing glow that had a tactile warmth to him, the feeling of 'love' as he thought of it. By comparison, the light from the stars and electrical sources had a bitter chaotic feel to him; there was something different about the feeling of what was the 'aura' of the living.

Outwardly, the vomiting and twitching had stopped, and a disturbing smile fixes itself on his face, a smile that was placed there by sheer chemical bliss and hallucinations.  Though his heart still had a highly irregular beat and he'd begun to sweat profusely, there was no doubt that victor still needed medical attention though it was clear that the toxin of the Vulcan creature had unusual side effects with his 'alien' bio-chemistry. Even though Victor had no idea what was going on, he was infinitely grateful for Enyd, or he would be once he was lucid again.

Enyd, was that her? no, there was no way that was Enyd, the softly glowing radiance that was coming from her, the light pouring from her eyes and mouth, the way that light made music that he could feel in his bones. How could it be anyone else? It had to be someone else though, a Valkyrie from ancient mythology come to carry him to the afterlife. And then victor's world went black as consciousness slips from his grasp. He almost hated to lose it, the world where things glowed and sang to him, though with the silence of the drugged sleep his mind was thankful for the lack of stimulation. In a very real sense, it may have been the sensory overload that knocked him out.

ShiKahr District Medical Center | Xeno-medicine ward | Many hours later

Victor awoke with a jerk, and a cough, the pain in his head hitting him before anything else, that alone nearly knocking him back out. The toxins injected from the creature's spines had been flushed from his system, but he still had the side effects to deal with. Then the stark lighting and decor of the hospital assault him, the clean, smooth lines that made it impossible to gauge distance or size from his position in the bed.

Blinking to clear his eyes then, he finally speaks in a hoarse tone of voice. "I'm still trapped in that damn marshmallow but it's too bright." That would have made no sense to anyone listening. The lights in the room were currently dimmed to allow him to rest. But with as overcharged as his mind had been, and now with the recovery, things just wouldn't feel right, not for several hours, or perhaps days.

Victor didn't know if he was alone or if there was anyone else in the room. He looks around, seeing only the gauzy privacy screen around his bed that looked like it was being hung from a rack on the ceiling. That was why he couldn't judge distance or the shape of anything. The screen must have a holographic effect to be relaxing, and it was in practice soothing to some degree. Victor takes a deep breath as he tries to remember what happened, but all he remembered was being in the arms of the Valkyrie when he thought he was dying. 

He speaks in a slow, unsteady voice Victor speaks in reverent and unsurprised tones. "Only a Valkyrie could cause so much chaos. Was I found worthy I wonder?"
Main OOC Board / Re: Main OOC Thread
Last post by Sqweloookle -
Welcome aboard @Cheshirewild
Main OOC Board / Re: Main OOC Thread
Last post by Cheshirewild -
Welcome aboard!  Currently we have a lot going on XD.  I'm sure you can find something fun to do!  :)
Thank you! I'm currently spinning in circles not sure what to pounce. SO. MANY. SHINIES!
[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh'Ptrell (Lt. Zark)  | Shuttlecraft Tesla: Buggy | First City Streets | Qo'nos]  @Tae @Griff @jreeves1701

The explosion of fire that came from the front came as a complete shock.  One second she was sitting in her seat keeping an eye out potential threats while Chief VanVictor drove like madman through the streets.  Next, they'd stopped and the team leader had decided to see what was going on ahead.  Lt.Zark was about to tell Arisaka to get back in the vehicle when a mass of energy fire erupted at them dropping the team leader in an instant. Rivard, Marcaida , and Keyah sprang into action and began returning fire.  Explosions rocked a building in the distance.

"Chief, back us into cover!" Lt.Zark screamed as her unconscious caught up with the fact that command of the team had just landed on her shoulders.  The vehicle suddenly lurched into reverse around the street corner covering the vehicle from the masses of hostile fire.  If Rivard's return fire had reduced the volume of fire, it was hard to notice.

Kicking her door open, she activated the comm on her wrist PADD "Team, maintain perimeter, starting CFA" she rushed to the seat where Lt. Arisaka was down and slumped.  Pulling out the medical tricorder she began hastily scanning the injured team leader. The results that came back were not good.  His armour was scored in several areas and had taken the majority of the strength of the shot, but an ugly blackened crater covered his shoulder where the shoulder joint met his chest plate.  In other words, it was damned unlucky shot that had penetrated a weak spot on the suit.  The combat medic grimaced at the damage, the shoulder was cauterized, essentially gone, and his life signs were fluctuating madly. 

Ripping his helmet off, the Andorian was greeted by the sight of a Arisaka bleeding from the nose and mouth.  He was also turning slightly blue. "Rivard, get me a med kit!" Grabbing Arisaka's arm, she punched in a combination that overrode the chest plate and pulled it off, then pulling out her combat knife, she cut the heat insulation, sending a spray of liquid in all directions.  Grabbing a hypospray with a combat stabilizer from a pouch, she quickly injected his chest, removed her own helmet, and pulled the unconscious human out of the vehicle onto the ground, then knelt and began madly compressing his chest rapidly to start CPR.  Rivard soon arrived and dumped the med kit next to Lt. Zark before going back to man the vehicle weapon. Finishing her compressions, she tilted his head back, bent over and placed her mouth over his to pump two quick breaths into his lungs.  Looking at the med pack, Lt.Zark quickly opened the kit and found the cardiostimulator and slapping it on his chest.  The on board computer quickly responded. "Scanning, no heart beat detected, initiating charge, stay clear of body, stay clear of body. Delivering charge."  Arisaka's body jumped with the charge when the computer continued.  "Scanning, no heart beat detected, initiating charge." "Computer set charge to 350 millijoules." Lt.Zark overrode the computer. "Acknowledged. Charging. Stay clear of body, Stay clear of body. Delivering charge."  The Lieutenant's body seemed to jump a bit more with this charge. "Scanning, heart beat detected, continue administering medical aid."

Letting out a slight sigh of relief, Lt.Zark didn't feel the corners of her mouth twitch into a grin as she scanned the wound again. Spraying it with a general anti-sceptic to stave off infection, she grabbed the cellular micro-sture to seal off the worst of the damage.  Taking a moment to inject a pain killer, she let out another breath of relief.  Lt. Arisaka would live, but he was definitely out of this fight and probably several more after this.  Movement and a war cry caught her attention as several Klingons came charging out of an alley across the street from the buggy.  Rivard was looking the wrong way and there was no time to swing the vehicle weapon around.  Grabbing the phaser rifle off her back, Lt. Zark quickly threw herself onto the ground blocking Lt. Arisaka with her body and pulled the trigger sending a hail of phaser fire at the attackers.  The wild spray of fire managed to hit most of them, stunning them.  The combat medic grunted as a disruptor shot from the last Klingon hit her square the in the chest knocking her into the unconscious human.  Mildly stunned, her actions were like being mired in syrup to get her rifle back on target. A sudden shot came from above and hit the Klingon in the head causing him to to collapse bonelessly on Lt. Zark.

Breathing hard "Shelat! That was too damned close." the Andorian exclaimed.

"No kidding" came back the Keyah over the team net. "The idiot was going to try to gut you.  Good thing I hit him."

Lt. Zark's breathing began to steady and the mad grin she'd been holding relaxed. "That was a good shot. Thanks".  Pushing the body off and standing up she took stock of the situation, Lt. Zark had some decisions to make.  With a quick nod of her head, she began issuing orders.  "Bloodwing, see if you can plot us another route around the blocking position ahead of us, pass it to Chief VanVictor soonest. Rivard, help me load Arisaka into the buggy.  Keyah, Marcaida maintain overwatch till we're ready to go.".

CFA = Combat First Aid
Main OOC Board / Re: Main OOC Thread
Last post by GroundPetrel -
Welcome aboard!  Currently we have a lot going on XD.  I'm sure you can find something fun to do!  :)
Main OOC Board / Re: Main OOC Thread
Last post by Cheshirewild -
Welcome @Cheshirewild - and as @Stegro88 said, if you need any help or mentors, feel free to reach out. There's a lot of us here willing to get you on your feet in the Sim. As @Ellen Fitz said, sometimes scenarios don't go as planned in character, with it though despite that aspect, it's always fun.
Siyo Pierce! In fact, I have already sent you a PM since I saw in the newsletter that your character was soon to be Rem's Dept Head. I also saw you in the list of mentors, convenient, no? I look forward to getting to know you better. Thank you again for all of the warm welcomes.
[LCdr Blue Tiran | No Home | Changes | Mother Fucker!!!! | Where is My Shit?!]

Exhausted, was truly an understatement. 

The young woman hardly walked so much as she forced her way through the corridor on her way back to her Quarters for the first time since she had said an official goodbye to Ducote.  Coming home had been on the very bottom of her list.  She had been pushing her body to the most ridiculous lengths by just trying to stay awake.  Subsisting on pure sugar, energy drinks, and will power, she had managed to keep herself pushing forward for days.  Now, she had to go home.  She really needed a shower, she needed to change, and she probably needed to crash. Albert had all but kicked her off her deck by threatening that he would inform the entire crew and the Captain of her biological shape.  She had no choice but to leave her deck in the hopes that everything would be able to hold the shit together because she didn't have time to be down there until she got some rest and did her best to re-center herself. 

She knew that she would eventually have to move out of the Quarters, one of the reasons she didn't want to return.  Also, it was the fact that everywhere and everything in there would remind her of Ranaan.  She knew that she would expect to see him around every corner.  Smell the food he made for them for dinner now that she drug herself home.  She would expect to hear his deep snores in the night and snuggle against him as she always did sharing their sleep space.  She would expect him to be ready to watch their favorite movie and enjoy a quiet evening together until being still did what it normally did for Blue; made her pass out.

Finally, she reached the doors and palmed the biometrics scanner beside them.

[Access denied, unauthorized request.]

The fuck..?

She tried again.  [Access denied, unauthorized request.]

The doors opened and one of the purple support officers exited.  Eyes widened surprised to see Blue who stood there staring at a completely empty Quarters.  It was all gone.  Her things, his things, all of it.  She stood there as her body began to tremble, her eyes staring as though they weren't seeing and yet they were taking in everything.  Someone had come in and taken all her shit, they had just fucking moved her out without giving her warning or anything that this was coming.  She deserved to be notified, she had not been assigned this Quarters completely but they had been given to Ducote and as his wife they shared them.  She could not even imagine how they could just come in here while she wasn't here.. what if they had packed her shit wrong?  Where they FUCK had they taken it?!

"Commander." the woman in front of her said seeing the blood drain out of Blue's face.  She put her hand gently on the Commander's shoulder.

"Where ... is ... my shit." Blue said in a voice that was so close to sucker punching a bitch that you could almost feel the fist reverberating in space and time waiting to land somewhere.

"Ma'am, I'm so sorry about your loss," The woman tried.

"Where is MY SHIT!?" she cried out in anger, blue eyes flashing dangerously. 

"Commander Cross... he.. he heard they were going to reallocate the room, and came to pack up and took your things with him so they would be safe."


Blue looked away for a moment as she took in this new information.

"We thought.. you knew, and you and the Commander are friends..."

"You just gave him my shit?!  You didn't even fucking ask?!"

"I-" she clearly didn't know what to say. 

Blue pulled her shoulder harshly out of the grip of the slight blonde woman who stood there a moment with a shocked look on her face.  "I thou-"

"No you didn't fucking think at all." Blue said turning her harsh gaze back on the woman.  "Those were my fucking things, and my hu-" her voice cracked.  She shook her head.  "No mother fucker should have touched my shit besides me!"

She turned nearly hitting the woman in the face with her hair, she would certainly feel the breeze from how fast she turned as she headed off to go find the culprit.  She adored Cross, he was all she had left, but she was going to have to draw the line at him just taking her shit.  Blue had more energy now, though it was only anger fuel as she tore through the corridors and headed to go find Cross' place.  She knew where it was, she was familiar with it she had been there several times, but now she was there to confront her best friend to see what the hell he was thinking.

Blue had not had to knock or ask permission to walk into Cross' place since the Versant.  He had always had an open door policy for her, one that she had created for herself through hacking, but still.. she didn't have to ask anything.  She just walked to the door and palmed the panel next to it.  She was not surprised when the door opened to her.  Inside, the place was a fucking mess.  Cross never owned much shit, but she did, and some of it was Ducote's but at least 98.9% of it was hers.  She swallowed as she stepped in looking at all the boxes, the crates, her things put into compartments waiting for her to show up and figure out where the fuck she was going to store all this shit and where she would be living from now now. 

Living alone terrified her. 

How was she to hold herself together when she could barely hold herself together as it was.  If it wasn't for Ranaan she would have slipped back into her old habits of forgetting to care for herself a long time ago.  But, he had made sure that she slept, ate, took care of herself and gave her a reason to come home.  Living alone she would have no one to do that except Albert and she was the only person that could shut the fucker down.  She looked around and saw the Vulcan in question surprised to see her standing there half-dead and staring at him with flames shooting from her ice blue eye balls.

"What the fuck!?" she said pointing at all her shit laying around.  "What in the fuck is all this shit, wh.. I don't even understand why the fuck all my shit.. is here and they told me you went and picked it up!?  I'm going to need to explain ... now." she said it was a testament to how much she cared about Cross that she didn't punch him.
Main OOC Board / Re: Main OOC Thread
Last post by Pierce -
Welcome @Cheshirewild - and as @Stegro88 said, if you need any help or mentors, feel free to reach out. There's a lot of us here willing to get you on your feet in the Sim. As @Ellen Fitz said, sometimes scenarios don't go as planned in character, with it though despite that aspect, it's always fun.