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Topic: Day 04 [0830 hrs.] Seeking Guidance (Read 646 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 04 [0830 hrs.] Seeking Guidance
[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Counselor Williams' Office | Deck 13 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] @Juzzie 

Seeking Guidance
Stardate: 57566.01
March 14, 2381 @ 0830hrs

There is still time to turn around... I could just indicate to Lieutenant Williams that I am unwell and will have to reschedule... No Vinata... He has taken the time to meet with you and that would be most rude... Vinata Vojona was currently outside of the Counselor's office and had regretted his decision to initiate this exercise immensely. He paced indecisively and had been doing so for nearly three or four minutes now. His appointment time was nearing and as the seconds grew closer Vinata's reluctance did so as well. It was not the most of Ovri of things to do, speaking about your feelings, especially to a superior officer. An Ovri was expected to do their job and duty without hesitation.

It had been a couple of days since the memorial service had taken place, the one that Vinata watched while in his quarters. The experience had provided a means of closure on some aspects of his internal self, however, it had also stirred up some emotional turmoil in relation to Doctor Lucan Nicander. Vinata could not get the former Chief Medical Officer out of his mind, despite much effort. It had become troublesome enough that he found himself distracted and less productive in his duties.

Something needed to be done, and so Vinata had put in a request to speak things through with a counselling officer as quickly as possible. You cannot have this whole thing become a hindrance on your duties, you are better than that Vinata... This will be fine... He thought things through some more, if only to help persuade follow through on this entire endeavour. Before he could change his mind, Vinata tapped the combadge emblem on the door panel control which would have alerted Lieutenant Williams to his presence.

Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

Re: Day 04 [0830hrs.] Seeking Guidance
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[Lt. Rhys Williams|Counsellor's office |Deck 13 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] @Aharon

Rhys carried his hot mug of tea from the replicator to his new desk. He sat and took a sip letting the pleasant taste cover his tongue as he sighed. His life, like the rest of the crew's, was completely upside-down and back to front. He had gone from being Chief Counsellor on his own ship, to being under another Counsellor with a second counsellor who in his view was out to get him. He was a fugitive now from Starfleet on a ship full of people who were beat up mentally and physically.

His diary and the diary of the other Counsellors was full to the brim, which in some ways was a good thing. It had kept Lt. Ejek well out of his way so far. Something about her rubbed him the wrong way, he always felt he was being assessed weighed in the balance and found sadly wanting. The workload heavy though it was, was a blessed relief.

Rhys put down his tea and looked at the PADD in front of him, with his next appointment on it. Ensign Vinata Vojona. Not a name he knew, but then there had been only a few names he knew on his list. The former crew of the Cayuga and the one or two members of the Theurgy he had interacted with since coming aboard. Vojona was an Ovri, that was interesting at least to Rhys he had never really met one before. Rhys had a bit of a fascination with other cultures and languages and would have to restrain that side of himself sometimes. There were half remembered texts about their Psychology, he could just about remember the basics and that would probably do. Everyone was an individual after all.

He heard his door chime, and Rhys unfolded out of his chair with his tea in hand. "Come in." His accent betrayed his Welsh blood, with its breathy sing song quality. He was softly spoken, but a tall well built man with a boyish face and neatly cropped redish blonde hair. He half sat on the front of his desk sipping his tea, with the relaxed air of someone at cocktail party. It was calculated as was many things that Rhys did. It was designed to radiate serenity and put his guest at their ease.

Re: Day 04 [0830hrs.] Seeking Guidance
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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Counselor Williams' Office | Deck 13 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] @Juzzie 

Come in...

Vinata had registered the two words after some effort. His feet did not follow for some time though, probably long enough that the Counselor would have wondered if there was anyone actually there.

"My apologies Lieutenant Williams." The Ovri stated this formally and in a somewhat uncomfortable fashion as he awkwardly moved into the space, in repentance of his tardy entry. It was a few seconds after this when Vinata looked up to see the most handsome of individuals perched on the edge of his desk.

Oh my... He is beautiful... Vinata thought this to himself clumsily, his mind immediately going to the 'gutter' so to speak. He couldn't help it, it was in his nature to do so. He had not researched the individual he had booked with - this Lieutenant Williams - had he done so he might have looked a bit more forward to this encounter, if even slightly.

"Thank you for taking the time to see me Lieutenant." Vinata continued to be rather formal in his approach. "I am not very good with things like this. I hope I perform to a satisfactory manner. I am not even sure if I need any help. I do not even know where to start." He continued to mumble over himself a bit, not really having noticed that there was literally no room for the Counselor to get a word in edgewise since his entry into the office.

Perhaps a tell tale sign of just how uncomfortable and foreign this whole process was to the Ovri.
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Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

Re: Day 04 [0830hrs.] Seeking Guidance
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[Lt. Rhys Williams|Counsellor's office | Deck 13| Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Aharon

As Vinata entered, Rhys remained blissfully unaware of any attraction being displayed by the ensign. Rhys was intelligent but could be pretty dim about anything pertaining to himself. He did however pick up on a lot of other things. He had been about to indicate to the Ovri that there was not need to apologies when floods of words seemed to sweep up and over him. On a couple of occasions his mouth opened as he was about to reply before shutting again.

Instead Rhys simply waited patiently until the tides of words had slowed to a crawl and finally flowed away. Rhys had learned how to help all sorts of people engage. Some needed to be persuaded to say something, others let their words come freely. Vinata was talking animatedly but it was not a sign of confidence. Clearly the young officer would need to be relaxed in some way. Rhys put on his best, winning smile beaming at the Ensign. "It is no trouble at all. Drink?" He said indicating the replicator and moving towards it. "There is no need to worry. Its not a test, I am not here to trip you up."

Rhys' voice was soft and melodic, it was hard to ever imagine he being the sort of person to raise his voice above a conversational volume. "Recent events... well I am sure you are aware." He paused for a second finding the right words "Recent events have been challenging and myself and the other counselling staff on board think that chatting with a few members of the crew would be beneficial. Consider it a medical for the mind." He said smiling charmingly.

He took in his visitor really for the first time. He was of an attractive shape and Rhys having never met an Ovri before found the eyes in particular quite striking. "I am here to be of help to you, and I want you to feel like you can speak to me about anything ok?" He ran his fingers through his hair a sure sign that he was thinking hard about something. "Let's get to know each other a little, tell me about yourself.... If you feel comfortable to do so of course." This poor nervous ensign would clearly need to be eased into things.

Re: Day 04 [0830hrs.] Seeking Guidance
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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Counselor Williams' Office | Deck 13 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] @Juzzie 
[Show/Hide]Having opted against something to drink, Vinata had just shook his head with a polite smile, listening to the human talk about the intentions of the meeting. It made sense, and at the request to tell the Lieutenant about himself, Vinata nodded.

"Well," he chirped before he adjusted his seat, "I'm and Ovri, and I cam aboard the Theurgy from the Harbinger, which to make a long story short was a dreadful affair. I think I will have to leave the reading of reports about those events to you, else I fear I would not be talking about myself as much as the Calamity and Captain Vasser."

What to say? He blinked with his large, black eyes and steepled his four-finger hands in his lap. "My sister and I are the only Ovri in the fleet as far as we know, lest another few joined after the Harbinger fled and fought Admiral Sankolov and his task force. Hylota Vojona - my sister - was the Head Nurse here on the Theurgy before she was granted leave to return to Dejino with her unhatched egg. It was believed that since the Ovri have yet to join the Federation, and our family might protect our identities, she might bring the unborn child to safety. Furthermore, Hylota could help a few Endeavour survivors back to Federation space without their affiliation with the Theurgy ruining their lives back home. After all, their involvement in this mission was arbitrary, with merely us knowing they came aboard from the Runabout Niger or were saved from the Versant."

At the mentioning of the Savi dreadnought, Vinata shivered a little, the memories all too recent and vivid.

"I was one of those abducted as well, the Savi taking interest in my sister and I. They corrected our bodies to the standards of most species, with..." It was quite embarrassing to speak of what had happened, and he had yet to decide what to do. V-Nine's offer was there to be considered. "I don't know how much you know about Ovri, but appearances aside, I am actually a male. Our upper bodies have evolutionary traits reminiscent of most females in other species, but until the abduction, I did have a... I had male genitalia."

By the Stone Mother, could there have been any more embarrassing way to start a counselling session?

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