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Chapter 3: Stand and Deliver [ Day 1 | 1258 ]

[ Ens. L’Nari | Diplomatic Council Offices | V. 1 | Deck 2 | The Helmet ] @Brutus  @Stegro88  @jreeves1701  @GroundPetrel  @Fife  @trevorvw  @P.C. Haring @Nolan  @Juzzie  @Eirual  @Ellen Fitz

Though she was loathed to admit any sort of appreciation for her new department head, L’Nari was at least thankful the chaos-incarnate woman hadn’t assigned her to any of the other missions. L’Nari had missed attending the “get to know your colleague’s skills” meeting Lieutenant Madsen had hosted in the days leading up to this mission but, not one to defy a direct order that didn’t require violence, L’Nari had forwarded her own answers. She’d not expected the lieutenant to respond to them or seek to engage her in a follow-up conversation regarding them either, but she had, and L’Nari had been disgruntledly surprised by that. Her personal views on her superior officer were complicated, to say the least, and any sort of time spent alone with the woman she – again, personally – found unfit for her position as head of this department was trying for the young Caitian. That Danvers seemed to have taken a shine to the human so-called diplomat only furthered L’Nari’s distrust and borderline dislike.

But, in all that, L’Nari still appreciated her current status – aboard the Helmet – while her colleagues were warping off on other missions more likely to meet violence and mayhem. Of course, that was also a likely fact here. They were entering into delicate negotiations after all, and at the threshold of a known area of discontent and borderline lawlessness by Klingon standards. L’Nari wasn’t naive enough to think there wouldn’t still be some sort of danger here but she truly believed that if they conducted themselves in the manner they were supposed to as diplomats, they could avoid further violence and ensure a strong alliance, one ready to stand against the Infested.

“Ensign,” L’Nari looked up at the sound of Madsen’s voice, schooling her feline features into an expression of open neutrality. The woman hadn’t done anything YET to rub her fur wrong. “Contact Chancellor Martok’s ship and inform them of the Ranger’s imminent departure.” L’Nari nodded, paws hovering over the console, ready to do as she was bid. “Also, ask them what time we can expect to meet with the Chancellor and his entourage. I believe a face-to-face meeting before Donatra arrives will aid our efforts to keep the peace.”

L’Nari nodded, surprised to find that she was of accord with the lieutenant’s assessment. As L’Nari contacted the Chancellor’s vessel, the rest of the crew still aboard the Helmet settled into the new reality of operating as one vector, surrounded by Klingons and, soon enough, Romulans as well. It was as if they were the needle seeking to prevent the haystack from igniting.

Notes: As Brutus is the GM of this chapter, he will go first. This is an opening chapter to get things going, so everyone involved in the Ch 3 Helmet mission should post at least once to establish their character onboard and in motion. Now that this chapter is in motion, you may refer to the calendar here:

Remember to make threads like this Ch # S  [ Day #  | Time  ] Title for supplemental threads.

The official NPC’s slated for this mission who need assistance getting onboard are: Jaya Thorne, Logan Hale, Vinata Vajona, V-Nine, Kala Marika, Kizra Tos, Drauc T’Laus. I’d suggest you take a gander at the other NPC’s that can be deemed useful for cannon fodder once things go south on the facility here: And for the record, all NPC’s are open for maiming and/or killing as long as it fits the story objectives and the narrative, and you ask nicely (TL;DR: ask the GM before you maim/kill a Theurgy-based NPC). If you have questions regarding this, please let any of the GM’s know. GM’s indicated earlier that if you are maneuvering an NPC, try to stick to NPC’s in your own department.

Also, for funsies, there is a list of serious and silly in-game “side quest” prompts that you can opt-in for to add to the fun and mayhem of the game. These prompts are considered “private,” so once you have your prompt, only you and the GM will know, and it’ll be your task to work it into the story to earn the credit. Successfully working four or more private prompts into the game during the chapter will earn 1 token.

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[Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Bridge | Deck 01| Vector 1| USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Stegro88 @jreeves1701 @GroundPetrel @Fife @trevorvw @P.C. Haring @Nolan @Juzzie @Eirual @Ellen Fitz 

Standing with her hands clasped firmly behind her back, Natalie Stark had to resist the urge to adjust something, anything. Her sleeves. The way her jacket set over her frame. How her skirt lay against her thighs. Her hair. Again.  Showing such visible signs of agitation and anxiety were not a luxury should could have afforded when she was Chief of Operations; doubly so now as she settled into what amounted to independent command once more.

She moved toward the front of the bridge, setting herself next to the Conn station. In the last few minutes, Natalie, and the rest of the crew of Theurgy's 'primary' vector, the Helmet had just completed the separation procedure from the rest of the Multivector Dreadnought. Parting words had been delivered to the assembled crew, and then the countdown for separation had been initiated. Natalie had remained standing the entire time, stoic as they worked through the process. It had been smooth. Almost anti-climatic in her view, as she watched the other vectors maneuver away from the Helmet.

Looking down at Jaya Thorne, she smiled at the other woman. "Now that the Ranger has cleared local space, go ahead and move us into formation with our Klingon allies."

"Aye ma'am," the helm officer nodded, and the images displayed on the viewscreen shifted slightly as the nimble Helmet shifted its position relative to the Chancellors flagship. Theurgy had originally pulled away to grant themselves some extra room to maneuver as the vectors split, and the Ranger warped out on its mad dash away. She tried not to let herself think of that, of their mission. Nor of various members of her crew, scattered out in so many different directions, each racing off into danger. Once more, Captain Ives had left their ship in the hands of their senior staff, assigning themselves to one of the critical missions away from the ship.

More and more, the Captain is called away from here to oversee so much more than just our work. Coordinating with the Klingon's. Organizing operations with the Oneida. Managing their Savi allies. And now they're off to Romulus, of all damned places. So much more is on Ives' shoulders than just starship command. She repressed the urge to snort, the incredulity of it all nearly breaking her collected facade. In any just universe, Ives' would be a Fleet Captain at the very least, or a Commodore, with this kind of responsibility. God help us as to what that would leave me.

This time she did shake her head, deciding to focus on the amusement of that absurdity, instead of the fact that in any just universe, none of them would be in the mess, and she wouldn't be worrying about both the safety of her commanding officer and the woman she was growing to love very much, who was off on her own critical mission to a secluded research facility run by the Romulans. Not exactly the safest place to put Vanya in Natalie's opinion, but her skills would be critical there. And it was still less risky than inserting her onto Romulus proper.

"We're in position ma'am," Thorne piped in, drawing Natalie back to the moment. She could see on the screen a pair of Vor'cha cruisers moving in slow rotation to their starboard, fading from view. Natalie felt like a sore thumb sticking out, the one Starfleet Vessel - not even a full sized vessel, even if it is capable of independent operations - in a pack of Klingon attack craft. Then again, if she were going to be out here without the rest of her vectors, stuck in the Triangle region, between the boarders of the Klingon, Federation and Romulan space, on the edge of Orion territory, Commander Stark knew she could do far worse than to have Martok's personal fleet as an escort.

"Thank you Ensign," she replied and forced herself to take the center seat, squaring her shoulders and looking around the bridge, meeting the gaze of those that she could easily see. "I want regular sensor sweeps of the region. Let's see if we can boost the gain a little. And have our Tac-Conn escort ready to take up patrol routes at a moment's notice. We want to know when our...guests arrive, but we don't want to come off as too hostile. The Klingon's are more than capable of doing that for all of us"

That elicited a few laughs, which was her intention. Taking a breath in, she let it out slowly (once more resisting the urge to fix her hair, which sat in a bun, perfectly fine and hardly out of place at all, despite the way her fingers itched to 'correct' it) and offered up a small smile. "Stay sharp everyone. Let's see if we can spot our guests before Martok's fleet does."

OOC: Right o folks, let's get to it. Scans on the local region, establish where your characters are and what they're up to. Before you know it, Donatra will be here and all the trouble that comes along with her.

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[Kelistina Kavot Droga | Obervation Lounge | Deck 10 |Vector 01 | USS Theurgy
ATTN: @Brutus @Stegro88 @jreeves1701 @GroundPetrel @Fife  @trevorvw  @P.C. Haring  @Nolan  @Juzzie @Ellen Fitz 

Kelistina felt lost on the large vessel called Theurgy. She was glad they had saved her, but the loss of her own ship still weighed heavily on her thoughts. Except for the few items she’d managed to save, she had nothing of her old life left. She still had difficulty in communicating with the many different people that worked on the ship, although they were a lot less difficult than the Klin-onz had been.

At the moment, she also felt quite useless. She would offer to help maintain the vessel, but even she knew it was technically advanced well beyond anything she was familiar with. She feared she would not be able to contribute. Even cooking was not an option as she had learned the crew obtained their sustenance from what the called replicators. She had still not figured out how to make it work for her in the few days she had been on board.

She sighed, not knowing what her future would entail was making it difficult to relax. For all she knew, the captain was planning on dropping her off on the first habitable planet they found. She wasn’t sure if she would be pleased with that outcome.  Standing here in the room they called the Ob-serv-a-zon Lounge was both somehow pleasing and terrifying at the same time. The room felt welcoming, even to one of her stature, but the large windows that looked out into space made her nervous.

She was looking out those windows now and the sight of part of the ship breaking off was what had her terrified. But no alarms or damage seemed to have accompanied this event. Soon, she could see one the Klin-onz vessels moving beside them. She could tell the ship, or at least the part that she was on, was moving under its own power. Where they were going now, she had no clue, nor was she brave enough to inquire.
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[ Lt Reggie "Gemini" Suder || Upper Shuttlebay (Lower Level) | Deck 11 | Vector 1 |USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88‍  @jreeves1701‍  @GroundPetrel‍  @Fife‍  @trevorvw@Nolan‍  @Juzzie@Eirual‍  @Ellen Fitz‍  @Brutus


Reggie knew she was running hot before the words were even out of her mouth, but as she heard the news from Khalil, she couldn’t help herself.  She knew it wasn’t his fault, that he was just the poor unfortunate soul who happened to be the bearer of this bad news.  But in this moment, she didn’t give a damn.

“Of all the stupid, dumb ass, inattentive things,” she said, her fist banging uselessly on the paperweight that her ship had become.  It was embarrassing enough that her ship had to be tractored mid-flight during it’s transit from the FAB to the Helmet’s main shuttle bay.  For the cause of it be due to stupidity, oh that just burned.  "Get a hold of Herrold and find out who the hell was detailed to my ship!  I'm going to have someone's ass for this, and if he won't give me a name I'll take his!"

“Everything okay?”

Reggie turned as Wraith approached.  It was an exercise in self control that she didn’t yell at him for asking such a stupid question.  But, it also was not his fault.

“Not really,” she said in a huff.  “You remember I told you a few days ago that my port thruster assembly was a little hot on the fuel burn?”

Logan nodded.

“Well, the deck crew finally got to looking at last night ahead of today’s ops.  But someone left the ship on line in diagnostic mode while keeping the engines powered down.”

“Oh fuck,” Logan replied.

“Yup,” Reggie snapped.  Nothing more needed be said.  With the ship’s electrical systems operational all night, Wolf-13’s energizer was out.  In theory, if there was enough power to start the fusion reaction within the engines as there had been when she launched from the FAB, the energizer would build and maintain a charge, but the math apparently got sketchy when the energizer reserves dropped below two percent.

“How’s your fuel?”

“Deuterium is topped,” Khalil replied.  “But we don’t have enough power in the energizer to start up the reaction.”

“And we need the reaction to push power into the energizer,” Logan confirmed.

“I can’t imagine this is the first time we’ve come across this problem,” Khalil said. 

“I’m sure not,” Logan replied.  “But usually it’s the deck team’s problem.  Since we have no deck hands with us…”

That was the other mistake that had been made.  With the majority of the Lone Wolves staying with the Ranger, most of the deck crew had stayed with them.  Only a pair of junior deckies had moved with wolves 13 and 14 and by the looks of them, they were just there for show.

“We’ve got fuel, but no power to ignite it,” Reggie said, her voice trailing off.

The whole thing seemed absurd to the Betazoid, both in the cause of the problem and the odd familiarity she sense.  There was something…someone…  was it back in the academy…maybe.  What was his name?  Nick?  Kevin? Tom?  She couldn’t remember.  But he was an upper clansman during her freshman year.

“I know how to fix this,” she finally said.

Everyone looked at her waiting, and she wondered just how much she needed to share.  She didn’t care if anyone knew she’d slept with this senior cadet whose name she couldn't remember.  But, she realized, she was much more reserved about sharing how they used electrical stimulation to ‘jump start’ one another as foreplay.  They'd had fun with it, but the fourth night they played with electricity, things had gone so horribly wrong that she’d almost needed to call medical.  That, would have been one hell of an explanation.  That was the last time she ever played with electricity as an aphrodisiac.

“Back in my Academy days I met this guy, kinda charming actually.  He was a fan of 20th and 21st century automobiles.  Back then they used an internal combustion engine to power the mechanical components while at the same time using a battery to power the electrical systems.  Even though there were redundancies built in to charge the battery while the main engine was on, sometimes the battery charge would fail which would prevent the car from being able to start it’s engine.

“Wow,” Logan replied, “Thats like exactly what’s happened here.  How did they fix it?”

“Well,” Reggie said as she tried to remember the details herself.  “When they couldn’t just change out the battery outright, there was a technique to transfer power from an operational vehicle, to the inoperable one.  It was called a ‘jump start’.  The technique was pretty simple, and I think we can adapt it.  Here’s what we need.”

They spent the next several minutes gathering the electrical line, pulling the hull panels on Wolfs 13 and 14 and then tying in the line from the power output lines on 14’s energizer to the same relative location on 13.

“All right, I think we’re ready,” Reggie said as she ran the diagnostics with her tricorder.

“So what next, Reg?,” Logan asked.

“Hop in the cockpit and start up.  If we’ve done this right, it’ll push power into Wolf 13, which I can use to start up it’s engines.”

“And if we’ve done this not right?”

Reggie played dumb.  The risks were higher than she was comfortable with, but she was even less comfortable with sitting on the deck with a dead ship.

“We got this, Wraith.  Start slowly.  Bring the engine up to one percent and hold.  I’ll signal for more power when I need it. Khalil, stay on the tricorder.  If anything goes wrong, you abort this.”

“One percent, aye,” Logan replied as Khalil offered a silent nod.

It seemed the prudent thing to do.  In theory the energizer could take more than one percent, but since Reggie didn’t exactly know the threshold, she had decided to err on the side of caution, and just get the ship back up and running so it could balance itself out.

“Okay.  Fire it up,” she said as she climbed into the cockpit.  Next to her, Logan powered up Wolf 14, but with such a low output, it barely sounded as if the ship were running at all.

“Connection is stable,” Khalil reported.

She checked her console. It was still black.  “Take it up to five slowly and hold, Wraith.”

Logan acknowledged and the engine power increased.  After another minute, the power light illuminated on her console.  She waited another few seconds before hitting the key. 

The cockpit rumbled around her as Wolf-13’s fusion reactors came online and pushed power to the engines.

“We’re up!”

Logan clambered out of the cockpit as Khalil began disconnecting the transfer cable.  Reggie stayed in the cockpit, monitoring the energizer charge progress.  By the time it hit fifteen percent, she felt comfortable, and powered down.

Then, as another test, she fired up again.  This time, the ship responded immediately and for the first time since she’d landed, Reggie smiled.

“Suder to T’Less,” she said into the Comm unit.  “Be advised that Wolves-13 and 14, are on line and ready.  We can launch within thirty seconds of receiving the launch order.”

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[PO 3 Valerii Anhel Arkhipiv | Deck 06 Vector 01 Engineering | USS Theurgy: ATTN @Brutus @Stegro88 @jreeves1701 @GroundPetrel @Fife @trevorvw @P.C. Haring @Nolan @Juzzie @Eirual @Ellen Fitz

Chief.... That's what he was now. Valerii stood at his console in the Engineering compartment of Vector 01 and cursed softly to himself, leaving his lips in his native tongue as he reattached his combadge. "Nekhay Boh i vsi yiyi anhely pomyluyutʹ nashi dushi.*" The string of Ukrainian getting an odd look from one of the crewmen passing by. Valerii felt out of his depth. He wasn't an officer any longer, the ancient man barely even an NCO now, and yet, here he was, Propulsion Chief. As it was, even people on the deck now outranked him. Valerii was indeed one of the lowest ranked, but he had earned this position, and without a real Chief or Assitant Chief, it was him.

He knew that he could take charge if needed. He'd done that time and time again, and all Valerii had to do was remember how he'd had to take command of his Flight during the War so many times. This wasn't attrition, though. It was splitting up. This wasn't a flight of five or six men, and this was a third of a Starship with hundreds of souls aboard! Valerii could do this, He could...

Vomit, that was the next thought that crossed his mind. The night before had been burdensome, and he was paying the price. Valerii wasn't even hungover, but the thought of being responsible for so many souls was eating at him, and yet there was one thing he did so many centuries ago in a far distant land. A series of claps rang out as Valerii did his best to get the attention of the other engineers on the deck.

"Come on, people, we know what our jobs are. Stop standing around and start doing them. Make sure our comrades have a full ship to come home to! To your tasks and follow procedure."  Sure Valerii had been the one to distract everyone, but at least he didn't feel like vomiting now! Small victories.

OOC Translation:
*May God and all her angels have mercy upon our souls

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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Observation Lounge | Deck 10 |Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus @Stegro88 @jreeves1701 @GroundPetrel @Fife @trevorvw @P.C. Haring @Nolan @Eirual @Ellen Fitz @Tae

Rhys was reading quietly to himself in the observation lounge. He ignored some of strange looks he got for holding an actual physical book. Physical books in his view would always be superior, there was something more pleasant in holding such a tactile object. Even the smell of the pages was appealing. He realised this was considered strange by those around him but he was getting used to how he sometimes struggled to fit in.

He raised his eyes momentarily as he felt a slight rumble spread through the deck. The separation had begun. The Klingon vessels following them close, they almost flew in a paranoid way. Rhys was not fond of Klingons it was a fault in his character that he was not proud of.  He didn’t have time for them and avoided them if he could. However, soon they were going to be getting all of them they could handle. Even more so than on their ill-fated shore leave. Romulans were a different matter he found something appealing in them… well in one Romulan certainly.

As he considered this, he spotted Kelistina. He knew very little about her other than she had joined them at Qo’nos. She seemed nervous and agitated. A soft-hearted man with a sympathetic frame of mind, Rhys could not avoid having an encounter with her.  He slipped a dog-eared book mark into the novel he had been reading, and approached her.

“Are you ok.” He said warmly in his singsong intonation. Rhys was tall, but there was a slight hunch to his shoulders as if he wanted to appear as unthreatening as possible. Under his arm was tucked the book he had been reading. The Vanguard, by Captain David Forrester.

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[Kelistina Kavot Droga | Obervation Lounge | Deck 10 |Vector 01 | USS Theurgy

Kelistina had watched as the klin-onz ships came closer. She had feared they would not be happy with the ship breaking in their space, but much to her relief they did not act aggressively.  She still had no idea what she was supposed to do now that she was without her ship. They had provided her with a room, however the sleeping area was extremely small and she had ended up trying to rest on the floor, which was not comfortable at all. But since she was not certain if they would allow her to remain, and she had no idea who to speak to anyway, she would learn to adjust. She was lost in her own thoughts as to what her future would hold when she heard a voice behind her.

Kelistina turned to look down at the being who had spoken to her, her head tilted as she attempted to understand what he was saying. While the universal translator had picked up a lot of her language there were still a lot it did not know how to translate so she could understand and merely repeated what was said, such as the word he had just spoken. She did not know what ‘okay’ was. Was it a name? Somehow, she did not think it was that, however she tapped her chest once before speaking, “I am Kelistina of Kavot on Droga. I not know ‘okay’.” She sat down so that she was not looking down on the man speaking to her, “Is broken the ship? Now more pieces it is.” She looked out the large windows for a moment then back to the man, “Is Kling-onz not mad?” She poised her query as she pointed out to the Klingon ship she could see nearby.

OOC: I apologize for taking so long to respond, as well as the brevity of the post. RL decided to throw a wrench in my life and been spending way too much time dealing with the medical profession as of late.

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Ensign Jaya Thorne | Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy
Attn: @Brutus, @Stegro88, @jreeves1701, @GroundPetrel, @Fife, @trevorvw, @P.C. Haring, @Nolan, @Juzzie, @Eirual, @Ellen Fitz

Ensign Jaya Thorne couldn’t help but feel somewhat… odd as she manoeuvred Vector One into a holding position relative to the Chancellor’s flagship. It wasn’t the duty station itself though; while it had taken her a while to get used to piloting the USS Theurgy after getting shanghaied into the role of Assistant CONN Officer, the role had grown onto her over time. Not that she’d ever admit it though, most definitely not while she was given ample excuse to be sassy over finding long red hairs on the back of the seat which couldn’t possibly belong to Dullant and she could still smell a very vague hint of strawberry on the headrest that undoubtedly originated from the particular brand of shampoo which Strawberry Shortcake always used.

Regardless, Jaya was used to piloting one of Starfleet’s most advanced warships either while it was whole or, when the situation called for it, from the Battle Bridge of Vector Two. At least from there, it still felt like she was still flying something worthwhile whereas now it felt like she was only flying half a ship. That or, if she combined Strawberry Shortcake’s vague hint of strawberry with Dullant’s particular brand of sourness, it felt more like she was flying a big cheesecake.

A cheesecake containing nuts, if she had to take some of the crew into account as well.

Just that thought brought Jaya’s signature smirk to adorn her face. While she sat there, amused by her own private train of thought, Jaya manipulated the flight control sticks on both armrests of her seat in order to keep Vector One in formation with the Chancellor’s flagship. While the navigational beacons on either side of the ship aided the computer in navigating (with the red beacon on the port side and the green beacon on the starboard side continuously feeding the ship’s position relative to any other objects into the navigational computer while also screaming “I’M HERE!” to anyone with a sensor beacon so their navigational computers could calculate their bearing relative to them), it sometimes required just a bit of manual input to keep the ship in formation. And that was exactly why Jaya felt odd behind the controls of the ship; normally, the USS Theurgy was much heavier and, while Thea might completely disagree, somewhat sluggish in responding to the controls. It would often take the ship just a fraction of a second before she responded to the controls and, when she did, it definitely took some getting used to the risks of overshooting or overcompensating when that happened. Without the rest of the ship attached to Vector One, it quite honestly felt like piloting a big, oversized escape pod.

A soft sigh escaped Jaya’s lips as she manipulated the flight control sticks again and fired up the starboard manoeuvring thrusters; changing the position of the ship by a couple of meters. Not because it was necessary, but because it simply alleviated some of the boredom that came with maintaining a static holding pattern. Flight control sticks were fun like that. 

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[ Ens. L’Nari | Diplomatic Council Offices | V. 1 | Deck 2 | The Helmet ] @Brutus  @Stegro88  @jreeves1701  @GroundPetrel  @Fife  @trevorvw  @P.C. Haring  @Nolan  @Juzzie  @Eirual 

While L'Nari continued to communicate through the many layers of gruff Klingons to wrangle their first meeting, Enyd tugged on the various lines of Qo'Nos-based contacts for any updates that were too important to be relayed via official channels. Aside from wishing her happy sexing with his recent gift, Klar had little else to share. Pa'Qis complained of some middling government official who was starting to annoy her and her husband about something to do with his daughter and warned that the man was important enough to be a factor in upcoming negotiations but not so important as to lose sleep over. She offered to gut him if Enyd wanted. Rik'evet inquired after Cal's health, leaving Enyd with a light blush, and wished them all well, but like Klar, had little else beyond pleasantries to offer. Probably much to his own chagrin and begrudgingly so considering all he'd had to deal with because of Enyd, Colonel Hauq offered up some useful information about a Mo'Kai rebel cell being sighted heading off-world toward the Triangle, purpose uncertain. Considering they were presently in the Triangle, it was likely due to their presence and the coming meeting with Donatra, but Enyd kept this to herself when she expressed her wish for Hauq to have peaceful days while she was otherwise engaged on the ship.

"Martok's aide confirms his availability at 1500 for the meeting. Shall I confirm the time or do you wish to convey the information to Commander Stark first?"

While the question had been asked in a neutral tone, the person asking it had Enyd mentally rolling her eyes. Likely the Caitian figured Enyd didn't know how to follow procedures. "Inform Commander Stark. I'm sure the time will be fine but in case she has something else competing for her attention, we should wait and see. Thank you, Ensign."

The Caitian gave a haughty sniff before turning back to her console, leaving Enyd to resume her string-pulling on her contacts, both official and unofficial.

The events mentioned in the post are story prompts and a reminder that the story prompts for this chapter are open to be claimed!

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[ Lt Cmdr. Thomas Ravon | Upper Shuttlebay (Top Level) | Deck 11 | Vector 1 |USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 @jreeves1701 @GroundPetrel   @Fife   @trevorvw   @Juzzie  @Eirual  @Ellen Fitz   @Brutus @P.C. Haring

The ship had come out of warp and now the waiting game began. Thomas had been in his flight gear just before the Vector One had jumped out of warp. He had run diagnostics on his ship first before letting it stand idle. He was at the nose of his fighter now, just inspecting the fuselage for God knows how many times. There wouldn't be anything different to the last time he had inspected it, yet it soothed the nerves.

This would be his first mission together with Donna and he had all the faith in the universe to fly along the skilful woman he had learned over the past few days. Talking of which, he had not seen Donna yet and he wondered where she might be hanging out. He tapped his combadge and decided to find out.

"Wolf 06, what's your twenty?"
he enquired and waited for a response whilst he circled around his ship and checked the hardpoints next. Eventually Thomas just settle back against the side of his ship, looking down at the deck as his thoughts were ravelled in much more things than just the mission at hand.

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[Kelistina Kavot Droga | Obervation Lounge | Deck 10 |Vector 01 | USS Theurgy]
ATTN: @Brutus @Stegro88  @jreeves1701  @GroundPetrel @Fife @trevorvw  @P.C. Haring @Nolan  @Juzzie  @Ellen Fitz  @Nesota Kynnovan 

Kelistina watched as the different crewmembers of this vessel called Thur-ji seemed to come and go. More and more were coming into the room with the big windows. She was amazed at how many different species were on this ship. Some with fur, and some with two thin tubes coming out of their heads and blue skin, and many were smaller pink skinned. But they all worked together. She wanted to see more of the ship, but she was reluctant to wander too far.
It was getting a little crowded, well not really crowded but she was uncomfortable around a large number of people after being alone for so long. She bowed in respect to those around her and left the lounge and tried to remember her way back to the room they had given her. It was a bit small but at least she was not around so many stangers.

Somehow, she made a wrong turn, or several and now she was completely confused as to where she was. This area did not feel like the level with all the rooms for the crew. She jumped a little when doors opened in front of her and she could see a large open space where many smaller ships were parked. Stepping inside she stood all the way up and smiled. She didn’t feel like she was going to hit her head on anything in here. She looked around a little and saw several tools similar to those she had on her own ship. She moved over to one of the tables where the tools were and just ran her hands across them.

A sad sigh escaped her lungs as she thought about all that she had lost, and all that she had been looking forward to learning to become a master in her field. A future that she no longer had and knowledge that she had nothing to use it on. Her own ship was in billions of little pieces. Another link to her home gone forever. Kelistina did not realize that tears had begun to fall from the outer corner of her eyes as she stood there lost in her past with very little hope for her future.

She spoke in a defeated tone to herself, and the computer translated for anyone nearby to hear "Kelistina no belong anywhere now."
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[Lieutenant JG Kala Marika | V1 Engineering | Deck 6 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy] @Brutus @Ellen Fitz @jreeves1701 @Fife @trevorvw @P.C. Haring @Nolan @Juzzie @Eirual @Stegro88

The slim Bajoran Engineer stood at the auxiliary status display and stared at all the readouts as they flooded in from the rest of the ship.  It looked like a lot of information, but it was all fairly routine.  This was a good cover for the engineer since she was officially on her own.  She was diligent and a highly organized individual, but she didn't feel the easy confidence Chief Arnold had or the waves of energetic brilliance that Lieutenant Azrin Ryn had.  As long as she had time to figure things out, she could be described as.....solid.

An enlisted crewman brought over a status report on the matter injectors and being a generalist, she didn't see any real problems with how they were working, so she nodded and went back to gazing at the status board.  Yep, all green like before. she thought to herself.  Everyone was working on something and she felt like she should be doing something, but wasn't sure what.  Despite the repairs and upgrades, they'd drilled the department well so they knew their jobs and with nothing more to do except wait for Donatra to arrive, it was very very boring.

A Senior Petty Officer stopped by and put a cup of tea next to her and she blinked in surprise. The PO nodded and handed her a PADD which she read. Drink your tea occasionally so you don't look so nervous; it read. Lieutenant Kala sucked in her lips and nodded. "Thank you Petty Officer." To which he nodded and went on his way.  She dutifully took her cup and took a sip. Hmmm, must slow down how fast I drink the tea or I'm going to be using the head a lot. A small grin formed on her face and she held a bit tighter on to the cup, feeling much better with something to do with her hands.

Head = bathroom

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Ensign Jaya Thorne | Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy
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Jaya looked at the data displayed at the CONN-console in front of her. Her brown eyes took in the readings, which indicated that the Helmet was still in a holding position relative to Chancellor Martok’s flagship, and a distinct look of boredom began to appear on her face. They were at the exact same position that they’d been in last time she checked the data, which was roughly five minutes ago, and the ten minutes before that; the navigational computer made sure to maintain the programmed distance down to the meter.

Attempting to suppress a yawn and half-succeeding, the brown-haired Ensign turned her brown-eyed gaze to her left. Warrant Officer Vasill Nirya was sitting at the OPS-console and, judging by the concentrated look on her face, the red-haired non-commissioned officer was monitoring her long-range scanners while listening to the available communications frequencies to monitor for anything of relevance. In absolute silence, of course. Even the Main Bridge itself was silent, but Jaya knew better than to turn around and look at what the others were doing. Instead, and with a soft sigh, Jaya turned her attention back to her own console; it featured a display of the ship’s short range navigational sensors which was frequently used to coordinate anomaly avoidance and diversion planning, but even that just showed the various Klingon cruisers at the same distance they had been all this time.

Fighting off the urge to yawn again, Jaya moved her hands over the CONN-console and input one particular command. Outside the ship, the bright light that illuminated the section of the bow which displayed the name USS Theurgy and the registry NX-79854 directly underneath it flashed off and on several times. Contrary to the navigational beacons, these lights were pretty harmless and were mainly used for identification within visual ranges. And, while it took several seconds, a smirk appeared on Jaya’s face when she saw that one of the Klingon cruisers within visual range suddenly flashed one of their visual identification lights as well; she clearly wasn’t the only pilot who was bored of maintaining a holding pattern.

”Ensign Thorne!” A sudden voice right behind her made Jaya nearly jump out of her skin and she inhaled sharply as she spun around in her chair; ready to speak up and explain herself for flashing the visual identification lights. Instead of a superior officer however, she was met with the sight of a black-furred Caitian Chief Petty Officer wearing a red uniform. If Chief Petty Officer Sh’ow was aware that he just caused jump scared Jaya, his black-furred face and deep green eyes failed to show it however. ”I am here to relieve you.” For a brief moment Jaya turned her brown-eyed attention to the chronometer on the lower-right side of the navigation display, surprised that the Chief Petty Officer showed up half an hour earlier than he should have. Under normal circumstances Strawberry Shortcake would relieve her for the next watch, who was (just like Jaya herself) never that much earlier than she really should be, but with Lauren Pierce off to do other things with the other half of the USS Theurgy that task now befell the hulking Caitian Chief Petty Officer and the enlisted personnel assigned to the CONN Department. Never one to question being relieved early however, Jaya just skipped away from behind the console and took her booster seat out of the chair before magnetically reattaching it to the inside of the CONN-console’s support pylon. ”Have fun, Chief. There’s nothing of note to report, just be careful you won’t get too stressed.” A smirk appeared on Jaya’s face as she gave Sh’ow the mandatory briefing for anything of note, but the hulking Caitian only grunted in acknowledgement as he sat down behind the CONN console.

And with that, Ensign Jaya Thorne began to make her way off the bridge to do other things; she had just finished a scale model of an Aurora-class Light Research Cruiser and was looking forward to painting it.


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[ Lt Reggie Suder | Upper Shuttlebay (Lower Level) | Deck 11 | Vector 1 |USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88@jreeves1701‍  @GroundPetrel‍  @Fife@trevorvw@Nolan@Juzzie@Eirual‍  @Ellen Fitz@Brutus@AbsintheDeux

By the time she had gotten off the comms with Herrold, Reggie had calmed down.  Herrold on the other hand had only angry and in much the same way they had transferred power from Logan’s ship to hers, she felt she had transfered her anger to Herrold.    Liam had, of course, refused to give her the name of who had serviced her ship the night before, as she had anticipated.  She could, obviously check the logs herself, but something told her that by the time she did, the only name she’d find was that of Liam Herrold. 

That was, she decided, one of the things she respected most about the deck Chief; his willingness to fall on the sword in front of the pilots to protect his deck crew.  Of course, Reggie was not so naive as to think Herrold would let it slide.  No, someone was going to get an ass chewing but it would be the Chief of the deck who provided it. 

That, she supposed, was how it should be, but even so she disliked yelling at Herrold.  The error had not been his fault as he had not been on duty last night and she much preferred to direct her anger at those who deserved it.  Sure the argument could be made that as chief of the deck, he deserved to be chastized for any agregous error as he was in charge of the team, but the Betazoid stopped herself from falling down that rabbit hole if for no other reason than the cascading affect it would have that could lead to her trying to yell at the Captain.

That dog did not hunt.

[[Stark to Lieutenant Suder.]]

The call from the Executive officer took her off guard not only because it jarred her out of her thought process but also because it was so rare that the two of them spoke directly. 

“Suder here, Commander.”

[[Gemini, I just received word from the IKS Kolath.  They have a crewmember aboard who is transferring to us, a Petty Officer First Class, Artimis Saugn.  Would you mind to grab a shuttle and bring her aboard?]]

Reggie frowned at the order veiled within the form of a request.  Taxi duty was not often something assigned to a Wolf, but with the crew split up, everyone had to chip in where needed.  Plus, Stark likely knew that Wolf-13 was still charging back up and wouldn’t be truly flight ready for a bit yet.  So, it was easy for her to grab a shuttle and bring the crewman aboard.  But something else stuck in her mind.

“I can do that, Commander.  But if I may, why do we need a shuttle?  Wouldn’t a transporter be quicker and more efficient?”

[[Apparently the Klingon transporters are incompatible wit her species.  I don’t know if that’s bullshit or not, but it’s  what they’re telling me.]]

“I’m on my way, Commander.”

The comm went silent and Reggie pushed herself out of the chair she’d been using while talking to Herrold.  After informing Khalil what was happing she crossed the deck and found the standby shuttle ready and waiting.  The two junior deckies jumped as she boarded Shuttlecraft Faraday.  Likely they were hiding from her earlier fit of anger but they seemed to relax considerably when she dismissed them, and took her seat to begin pre-flight.

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