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[Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Counseling Department Offices | Deck 08 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan 

Handing off the sunscreen tube, Natalie pulled her hair forward, over her right shoulder, leaving her neck, shoulders and back exposed. Once again thinking that a hair tie would have been smart, she turned her face back toward the beach, glancing along the shoreline in the direction of the bar from before. She could just make it out if she leaned forward, catching the thatched roof top peeking over a smaller dune. Hints of music faded in and out on the ocean breeze, wafted away by the sound of the surf crashing against the sand. As the Lieutenant began to work the sunblock over Natalie's back, the Martian sighed and let her eyes drift close.

Her counselor was right. She was clearly tense, and could tell that Amanda was trying a slightly different track than the one Nat had used, applying targeted pressure in a light massage to ease some of that off. A more hands-on approach to counseling and therapy, the Executive Officer mused, but presumed nothing untoward in the intentions. She'd glanced at Ashby's file, and was aware that the woman had years of medical training, and thus likely knew what she was about. The trick was allowing herself to relax, for all the professional - and personal - concerns brought up in the moment.

Deciding she didn't want to delve into the reasons behind some of the tension - her questioning of her sexuality being chief among them - the brunette could only nod in agreement, acknowledging, "It's something I'm working on," and left it at that. She was wrapped up in her mental gymnastics over preferences and comparisons that - just as she had with Amanda's top - she failed to notice the knot on the back of her bikini beginning to unravel. The irony was not one that she would appreciate at any point that morning.

Glancing up - and getting an interesting view from below - Natalie saw the proffered hand and reached over to take it, allowing the taller woman to help her to her feet. Well-used to being on the shorter side of her species, Nat took it all in stride, dusting her shins off once she was upright (not that there was much sand on them to begin with) and wiggling her bare toes, having divested herself of the sandals she'd worn down to the shoreline. The suns beat down on them from above, and Nat eyed the water. "May as well..." she started off, not quite as enthused as her companion but not against the idea, but then the blonde shot off like a rocket, leaving Natalie to stare at her bouncing bum in the wake of the sudden departure.

"I am so not running in this," she said to no one in particular, and took off at a jog, which was about all she was willing to do on the beach. Even if there was no one around, she was well aware as to what running did to her chest when things weren't properly supported. And while her top was (or should have been) more structured and secure than Amanda's choice, as Natalie jogged she found her bust shifting about more than she'd expected. Which only reassured her that outright running would have been uncomfortable at best, and possibly painful. She did manage a smirk when she trotted past Amanda, who had stopped in confusion, but the other Martian still 'beat' her to the shore line.

Not bothering to break her stride, the brunette moved into the water in turn, though not quite diving down like Amanda. She failed to notice that her jog had loosened her own top, letting out a little yelp as the water splashed over her hips, but laughing all the same. It was hard not to enjoy the warm waters and she threw a hand up to shield her face. When she pulled it back down she was greeted with the jubilant cries of the counselor, and a shock.

Wow. Those are really, really nicely shaped. And bigger than mine... A wave of embarrassment followed the thought as Natalie brazenly stared at Amanda's bared boobs, the water rolling down between the two mounts and leaving trails over the blonde's stomach. She opened her mouth, shut it again, and turned slightly to one side as if trying not to look, but only half managing.

"Your top! She called out, but it was swallowed by the rolling waves that swept up behind Amanda, and rushed forward, swirling around Natalie's stomach. Her own arms flailed for a moment but the busty martian managed to keep her footing. She patted her chest, and called out again, "You've lost your top!"

This time, she thought she'd made herself heard. She bit her lip and looked back toward the beach, half twisting with the intention of moving back up to grab the towel to give Amanda some sense of privacy, when her foot slid across a slick rock buried just under the silt of the ocean bed. Her foot went out from under her as the tide rolled back, sucking her down and under the water with an undignified squawk. Fully submerged, Natalie was dragged out, a bit past Amanda, before she managed to twist and get her footing under her once more, bracing on the ocean floor before kicking up. She broke the surface a moment later, perhaps 2 meters further out into the sea than the counselor, now with the blonde between her and the shoreline.

What did not come back up with Natalie however, was her own bikini top, which had been dragged off her when she was twisting about and trying to right herself in the momentary riptide. Sputtering, the brunette swept her wet hair back from her face and blinked her eyes, looking down as she felt the relatively cool breeze ghost over her wet chest. Her nipples went hard, the orbs pale, clear tan-lines on display from her last outing. She blinked the water from her eyes, bobbing in the sway of the ocean as she rose up, every inch above the water line bared and on display, two perfectly plump orbs capped with her own pink nipple proudly pert.

"You have got to be kidding me!

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[Lieutenant JG Amanda Ashby | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy]
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As she looked at Natalie, Amanda could see how the other Martian made an attempt to call out. From where she was standing however, the blonde-haired Psychiatrist had an amazing view of Natalie getting surprised by the incoming waves and she couldn’t help but laugh as the other woman flailed her arms around to keep herself from falling over. In response, Amanda simply waved back while laughing; a move that made her now bare 34E-sized breasts jiggle proudly. It wasn’t until the brunette called out again, this time while patting her own ample chest, when Amanda turned her attention down to her own breasts and discovered what was wrong.

In response to the sudden realization that she’d lost the already somewhat sheer upper half of her bikini and was now topless, Amanda gasped and instantly brought her hands up to cover her firm breasts. It had little effect though, as a little part of her rosepink-coloured areola peeked out from above her hands; their sheer size making it unable to fully cover them up like that. Regardless, the blonde-haired Martian tried her best and, while she attempted -and mostly succeeded- to maintain a calm appearance, she quickly looked around to see if anyone had seen her. As luck would have it however, most people seemed to be around the tiki bar and that left her and Natalie with a modicum of privacy on their little corner of Chiffon Beach.

While a soft, almost relieved sigh escaped Amanda’s lips, a strange squawk drew her attention back to the general direction of Natalie. However, when her blue eyes came to rest upon the place where the Executive Officer had been mere moments ago, all she could see was warm water. A lot of warm water. ”Natalie?” As she spoke up, Amanda took a step in the direction of where the brunette Martian had been mere moments ago. ”Nat? This isn’t funny!” The tone of Amanda’s otherwise so friendly Martian-accented voice now betrayed a little bit of concern, mostly because she partly expected that the Executive Officer would pull some kind of prank on her; something like suddenly shooting out of the water right in front of her or suddenly pulling her down under the water.

If there was one thing Amanda Ashby did not like, it were jump scares.

It was exactly what she got just mere moments later, when something indeed emerged from the water just a little under two meters behind her. With a shocked yelp, Amanda spun around in the direction of the sound only to find a sputtering Natalie Stark standing there. ”Natalie? Tha-…” While she spoke Amanda began to approach the woman, still making sure to keep her hands in front of her bare breasts (which were adamant at drawing attention to themselves by proudly jiggling with each step) but, halfway through her words, she suddenly realized that the Commander was just as topless as she was.

And a beautiful pair of breasts they were too. While she approached Natalie, Amanda couldn’t help but stare at the other Martian’s breasts in awe; they were a little smaller than her own, albeit barely, but equally defiant of the laws of gravity and donned by a pair of lovely pink-coloured areola that were a little smaller than her own. The blonde-haired Psychiatrist couldn’t help but think -somewhat bitterly- that Natalie would at the very least be able to cover hers with her hands. In spite of herself, Amanda could feel that the sight of Natalie’s breasts stirred something inside her and, at that point, it wasn’t just the exposure to the air that kept her own rosepink-coloured nipples so hard.

Tearing her blue-eyed gaze away from Natalie’s breasts, lest the brunette Martian would catch her staring, Amanda closed the distance between them in just a couple more steps. ”Natalie, are you alright?” As she spoke, the blonde reached out with her right hand and gently placed it on Natalie’s shoulder. While she did that, she quickly placed her left arm over her own ample breasts; barely covering the areola of her right breast with her hand while a large portion of the areola of her left breast peeked out from above and below her arm. ”Well, I don’t know what happened…” In an attempt to make light of the situation, Amanda quickly changed her tone and accentuated her attempt at humour with a big smile. At the same time, knowing that she wouldn’t be successful in covering up her breasts anyway, she dropped her left hand to her side and once more bared her E-sized breasts for Natalie to see. Covering up might only make it more awkward and embarrassing for the both of them, or so Amanda reasoned to herself. ”…but let’s be honest, you know how to make an entrance.” A gentle laugh escaped the blonde’s lips; making her perky breasts jiggle ever so slightly as she laughed.

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[Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Counseling Department Offices | Deck 08 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan 

Some would call the fallout of the moment funny, amusing, and laugh it all off. Some were more comfortable in their own skin than the Theurgy's XO, who was experiencing a wave of frustration and embarrassment, and to her mortification, arousal as well. Thankfully the water was cool enough and the breeze strong enough to use as a reasonable excuse for why she was suddenly so nipply above the water, and damp below. That wouldn't stop her from knowing that at least part of her found this whole thing a turn on in a fashion she did not want to analyze, but it should hopefully not make the junior officer accompanying her on this perhaps ill advised venture from being too embarrassed. Never mind your own discomfort, must make sure the subordinate isn't put out.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, she turned, ran her hands through her wet hair and growled out at the rather striking sea, which lapped gently around her waist now, the waves seeming to have subsided for the moment, leaving a sparkling, calm expanse as far as she could see. Shutting her eyes she breathed deep (doing wonderful things for her now exposed bust) and turned around to watch as Amanda seemed to rally herself and approach, reaching out to check on Nat. The former Ops Chief's skin was covered with goosebumps that only had a little to do with the breeze and the water and much more to do with the exposure, as she squeezed her legs tightly together under the surface of the ocean waters. Ironic, considering she had spent a few days practically living in a swimsuit - or much less - on a boat not too long ago. The differences in that situation and this were legion to the younger Martian, though perhaps not so from an outside perspective.

Pursing her lips, Nat scowled back out to sea for a moment, her gaze focusing anywhere but on the blonde, who seemed to have decided that covering up just wasn't worth the effort. Natalie meanwhile had her arms crossed tightly over her chest. The result was a rather petulant looking commander, soaked head to toe and bobbing topless in the cerulean sea around them. She sighed again and shook her head. "I am mildly mortified and utterly mystified as how this could happen, but beyond that I'll be fine."

Not exactly a lie, but not the whole truth. She was not going to tell her counselor that she was fighting off unexpected arousal at being partial naked with a colleague and struggling to remember that she was in a holodeck program and not actually on a Risian beach where real people might be ogling her at a moments notice. Never mind that she was still exploring her own sexuality and all the mess that came with that.

Sighing again, she let her shoulders slump and a smile graced her face, that didn't quite reach her eyes. "An entrance huh? Is that what we're calling it? Falling flat on my face in the water and ending up with my tits out after? I'll update the Federation standard dictionary with the new definition of entrance." She shook her head and added a soft, "Sorry. I'm just out of my comfort zone," by way of an apology.  Looking back at the shoreline she could make out the crowd around the tiki bar that was mentioned earlier by the holographic representation of the program's creator, and let her eyes sweep along the beach, back to their umbrella. No one was clustered around that for the moment at least.

Without warning she stuck her head under the water, dropping down for a moment then popping up again, sweeping her hair back from her head with both hands. If Lt. Ashby wasn't bothered by the fact that they were both topless then Nat figured as the senior officer she ought to try to pretend that she wasn't turned on and that this kind of thing happened all the time. Projecting confidence she didn't feel, she tried not to stare too much at the blondes chest, nor compare the size and shape to her own, or her girlfriends for that matter. Having not had all that much experience with getting eyefulls of plump busts, she had little to compare to.

This is going to be a hell of an awkward conversation with Vanya later, she mused, gesturing back toward the beach and starting to wade through the hip deep warm waters, being far more careful with her steps this time. "Maybe we should retreat a bit closer to the shore before another wave kicks up and somehow leaves us with even less on than we already have. At least there are some towels we could use to cover up on shore." She shook her head, wondering belatedly if by simply putting the words out into the universe, the universe would respond in a less than desirable fashion. Dismissing that notion, she looked back over her shoulder, wet hair spilling down her now bare back, at Ashby as a question rose from her lips.

"This program isn't...designed to try and trick its users into ending up naked is it? Some weird 'embrace Risa as Risa was meant to be embraced' subroutine?" There was a mix of both suspicion and outright curiosity in her voice that she couldn't hide, wondering how exactly she would go about coding something like that into a program. A fascinating challenge from a technical standpoint, and an exercise in comedic absurdity on a practical front. She didn't know the Aurora's Operations Chief well enough at all to make any assumptions, however.

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[Lieutenant JG Amanda Ashby | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy]
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Attn: @Brutus

While Amanda was initially somewhat worried about the brunette Martian, especially because she had no way to know how Natalie would react to suddenly finding herself standing topless like this in the middle of a public setting, a soft sigh of relief escaped the blonde Psychiatrist’s lips upon listening to the other woman’s joking remark about updating the definition of the word ‘entrance’. The smile on Natalie’s face further reassured Amanda that the Executive Officer wouldn’t have a nervous breakdown right in the middle of the holodeck, and that reassurance prompted Amanda to take her hand off the other woman’s shoulder. As she did so, Amanda also took a careful step back so she was no longer directly standing in Natalie’s personal space. At roughly the same moment, as if on cue, the brunette leaned forwards and put her head under the water; thus prompting Amanda to wait for a moment before she spoke up in response to the joke. ”Well, if that becomes the new definition I’m glad that I don’t make a lot of formal entries.”

Almost instantly, her mind wandered to the Chief Diplomatic Officer and Lieutenant Madsen’s penchant for causing chaos in even the smallest things. Her own personal experience in dealing with Enyd Isolde Madsen, in combination with what she’d heard during her long talks with Ensign L’Nari, left her with no doubt that the woman would agree to that definition and find some way to incorporate it into her daily work.

A soft chuckle escaped Amanda’s lips and she shook her head before she began to follow Natalie back to the shore. As they waded through the water however, the brunette suddenly made a casual remark which instantly drew Amanda’s attention. It was when the Executive Officer looked over her shoulder and asked about the design of the program. While it was an innocent question, it nevertheless gave Amanda a brief respite for thought when she took into account the other elements that surrounded the question; the tone of Natalie’s voice and that equally semi-innocent look in her blue eyes, the earlier casual remark about ending up with even less clothing and covering up with towels on the shore, the fact that Natalie instead took her sweet time wading through the surf and no longer covered her breasts anymore, and the woman’s hard nipples which seemed to almost beg for attention. Everything combined made that Amanda raised her left eyebrow just slightly while she observed Natalie for a couple of seconds, and she soon recognised what had drawn her attention. Mainly because she was struggling with it as well.

You like what is going on.

Deciding that discretion was the better part of valour, Amanda just shrugged. It was a move that made her bare breasts jiggle in proud defiance of gravity once more, but at this point the blonde-haired Martian stopped caring about it. ”There are no tricks as far as I know. When Hailey, the real Hailey Bennion I mean, gave me this program she told me that this program has three settings though.” As she spoke, Amanda counted the three settings on the fingers of her right hand. ”The real Chiffon Beach is a topless beach, as are so many beaches on Risa. That’s the default setting of the program. However, Hailey wrote a somewhat safer mode for this program because it would eventually run on Starfleet holodecks, and that’s the mode we are running now. The mode where normal bathing suits are allowed. Then we have nude mode, but I’ve never tried that one before.” A soft laugh escaped Amanda’s lips and she shrugged once more. ”I don’t think that one requires any explanation. Talking about Hailey…”

The lone person that came strolling towards them was rather hard to mistake for anyone but Hailey Bennion. While the woman had discarded the loose-fitting white shirt and beige-coloured shorts which she’d been wearing before in lieu for a yellow bikini, the large, wide-brimmed white sunhat was still firmly planted on top of her head and the woman’s long, slender legs made her hard to mistake for anyone else. That, and Amanda was pretty sure that the characters of this program weren’t meant to actively approach them on the beach itself unless somehow provoked, and the woman who approached them was happily waving at them.

”Her timing sure couldn’t be any better, hmm?” As she spoke, Amanda briefly gazed at her own breasts before turning her attention to Natalie’s bare globes. After a brief moment the blonde-haired Martian laughed softly and turned her attention back to the approaching woman before returning the wave. It was a move that made her bare E-sized breasts jiggle much more furiously, and it wasn’t something that went unnoticed by Amanda either; the idea that Hailey was about to catch them in such a state of undress was quite honestly starting to turn her on even more than she already was given the circumstances.

”Hey you two!” Their state of undress clearly did little to curb Hailey’s enthusiasm when she held her pace right in front of them. Hailey smiled her usual happy smile and, as the blonde held out the tray which she’d been holding in her right hand, Amanda noticed that the smile worked quite contagious. Or maybe it was what was on the tray instead. On top of the tray was a plate with something that looked like various kinds of sashimi, and right next to that were three cocktail glasses containing some kind of orange liquid, complete with ice, straws and paper umbrellas. ”The barbecue is about to start, so I thought I’d pay you a visit and give you a taste of what’s to come!” While Hailey spoke, Amanda didn’t fail to notice that the other blonde’s bright blue eyes briefly rested on not just her own breasts, but those of Natalie as well. The effect was almost instantaneous, as Amanda could see how Hailey’s own nipples began to harden against the fabric of her yellow bikini top in response to the view. It was… strangely arousing to see that her nudity had such an effect on Hailey though, especially because she had never seen her friend in such a state before, and as Amanda bit her lower lip she could feel how she was getting more damp inside her bikini bottoms.

Before Amanda could properly observe Natalie’s reaction to these events however, Hailey reached out with the tray as if to push it into her hands. As she turned her attention back to the holographic Chief Operations Officer, the blonde-haired Martian noticed that this was indeed the case and took over the tray in both hands. Once she was rid of the tray, Hailey happily spoke up once more. ”I see you’re both having a blast here though! If I may,” Amanda noticed how Hailey turned her attention to Natalie. ”Going topless will work wonders for your tan lines, Natalie!” The grin on Hailey’s face was hard to miss, and Amanda noticed that the blonde-haired hologram of her friend turned to face her. ”Mandy! You should have told me that you wanted to run this program on the default settings.”

Amanda didn’t exactly knew how to respond to that, but Hailey saved her from that by speaking up once more. ”That’s alright though, because I’m the Catalyst!” While Hailey spoke, the blonde-haired Psychiatrist noticed that the hologram reached behind her back. For a brief moment she didn’t knew what Hailey was about to do, but when the hologram suddenly began to unfasten her own bikini top Amanda felt how her breath caught in her throat. ”You see, if I take off my top it will automatically revert the program back to default settings.” With those words, Hailey undid her bikini top and pulled it off; freeing her perky 34B-sized breasts. They were already perky by nature, but now even more so as her pink-coloured areola, which were a little over an inch in diameter, were perked even more by Hailey’s hard nipples. Amanda didn’t failed to notice that the yellow bikini top vanished into thin air once Hailey had taken it off, even though her blue eyes were mainly glued to the petite breasts of her holographic friend. Whereas her own breasts had more of a bounce to them, Hailey’s actually jiggled and it was almost hypnotic; Amanda could feel how she grew even more damp and only managed to tear her gaze away once Hailey spoke up like this was the most normal thing in the world. ”See? Now everyone is topless and you don’t have to dress up before attending the barbecue!”

It was only at that moment when Amanda realized that she was still holding the tray. Unsure of how Natalie would react to the idea of attending a barbecue topless, and unsure if she felt bold enough to do so herself, the blonde-haired Martian coughed softly before speaking up; intent on buying them all some additional time to make up their minds. ”Now Hailey, I’m sure we have some time to enjoy our food and drinks before the barbecue, right? I mean, I’m not sure about Natalie, but I could use a bite. What about you, Nat?” With a smile, Amanda turned her attention to the brunette standing right next to her and offered her to pick something from the tray.

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[Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Counseling Department Offices | Deck 08 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan 

Humans had many sayings; they were as a species fond of being able to pull something out of a hat and sound wise about it. One in particular came to mind for Natalie as she and Amanda waded their way back to the sandy shores of the holographic Chiffon Beach: Fake it till you make it. In this instance, Natalie had to do her best to pretend that she was perfectly fine with the wardrobe malfunction when she was not at all pleased about being topless around a colleague - a subordinate, and someone who was supposed to be her therapist. Given that the blonde seemed rather unperturbed and found the whole thing mildly amusing (or so the XO inferred), throwing a fit was not an option. She was aware that a part of her brain was hyper fixating on how she should act in the moment, like a record stuck on repeat, over and over; 'act like everything is fine and you'll be fine.'

Gee, maybe this is the kind of thing you should be talking to your therapist about, Nat? She ruefully acknowledged that her inner voice was completely right, but while she was inadvertently half naked with said therapist was empathically not the time to bring that up. Especially not when she had to guard against her apparent desire to sneak peeks at the proffered display of said therapists bust.


Pushing that unhelpful thought aside, she watched Amanda as the blonde counselor considered Natalie's suspicions and countered with a reasonably well thought out dismissal, full of plenty of shrugging and more than a little eye-catching jiggling. If the other Martian noticed the small, almost unconscious glances and the determined gaze aversions that always followed, Natalie failed to pick up on being caught out. In any event she did her best to focus on the words as they neared the beach, and not the form of the person saying them. She didn't know much about the Lieutenant who coded the program they were 'enjoying' currently, but she would have to take Amanda's word for granted that this Hailey Bennion had no ill intent. It made a certain amount of sense that the program would have a variety of comfort settings, if it was designed to mimic a Risian beach, a people known for their hedonistic tendencies and welcoming warmth. She had to wonder if she would feel as awkward as she did now if she were on the actual beach where everyone was walking around without a top on.

You would think this would be easier because it's all holograms, but at the same time, it's you and Amanda, and you're both real and topless and that's why it's awkward. If everyone was like this...I'd probably still be a basket case. Never mind. She gave no verbal explanation for the wry, rueful grin that now graced her features as she watched the arrival of the Holographic Hailey, decked out in a fetching yellow bikini that quite suited her frame, moving in to intercept them as they came up to the shore. Immediately self-conscious, Natalie wrapped an arm around her waist and latched onto the forearm of the other, trying to resist the urge to cover up. She's only a hologram after all, and not a sentient one.

"With timing like that she ought to be a comedian," Natalie murmured, not so quiet that Amanda wouldn't hear but hopefully quiet enough that 'Hailey' wouldn't pick up on it, or comment if she did hear it. Surely the sound of the surf gently lapping about their ankles would be enough to cover that up? As the Aurora's Ops Chief greeted them, Natalie wondered just how awkward this was for Amanda, who knew the woman the visuals were based on. She felt a momentary spark of sympathy for the counselor, before her head snapped down to gaze at her own tits, and she finally gave into the urge to cover up.

"What's wrong with tan lines?" Nat asked the hologram, rather mulishly. It was true that a large portion of her breasts and stomach were much lighter in tone than the rest of her, giving hint to the fact that she spent most of her time on Aldea in a tasteful one-piece swimsuit. Most of your time naked was below deck, or under the stars, she reminded herself. So caught up in that train of thought as she was, Natalie failed to notice the signs of arousal in their holographic host, which would have had her questioning just why that was programmed into the characters code. I'm getting teased by a hologram!

Before she could say anything else, Hailey explained how, in short, her avatar was the control focus for the program's clothing settings. As if to demonstrate this, the blonde hologram deftly disrobed her own yellow top, to which Natalie watched with rapt attention that would later embarrass her. She immediately compared and contrasted the two blondes and found much to enjoy about both of their 'builds', before blushing and looking away. Nat did turn back when the hologram informed her everyone was now without a top. Sure enough, she could just make out a few now topless figures milling about the tiki bar area, where the sounds and smells of a cookout emanated freely. Men, if they had shirts before, were now clad only in shorts. Women, whatever their tops might have been, were pleasantly bouncing about unbound and unbothered.

The only person feeling awkward and aroused is me, Natalie mused, before pursing her lips a bit. She noticed that both Amanda and Hailey were sporting taut peaks for their nipples, so maybe she wasn't the only one, but then that could just be a reaction to the breeze coming off the water. Shaking her head, the brunette of the topless trio reached over and grabbed the orange drink, pulling it to her mouth and using that as an excuse not to say anything while she tried to calm down somewhat. The drink was fruity and sweet, not unlike something she had tried (what seemed like a lifetime ago) on Theta Endrani IV. There was the ever so slight burn of what she presumed to be synthohol that helped it all go down.

Swallowing, and not at all noticing a bit of the drink dripping down from her lips to fall between her breasts, she looked at the hologram and tried to keep her eyes on Bennion's face and not her exposed bust (with mixed levels of success). "I think I would like a moment to get collected by our umbrella. Towel off and the like, you understand?

"Oh of course. Let's head right that way. No time like the present! We won't start the party without you, of course. It would be rude to exclude the only users of the program from the fun!" If the hologram was bothered at all, her sparkling smile and cheery demeanor didn't seem at all put out by the detour, inviting herself along and setting right off, giving Natalie a view of her yellow clad ass and bareback.

"Is she this cheerful in the real world?" Natalie asked, sounding resigned, as she fell into step behind the slender hologram who seemed determined to make sure Natalie and Amanda enjoyed themselves. She's not real. It's not a problem to ogle her a bit. Just don't get caught and sort all this out later with Vanya. Who is going to laugh her ass off at you. Natalie was fairly confident that her girlfriend was going to find the whole thing hilarious, given that she thought Natalie got entirely too hung up about such a small thing as nudity.

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[Lieutenant JG Amanda Ashby | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy]
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As she fell in line right next to Natalie, Amanda couldn’t help but chuckle at the other woman’s question. ”Who, Hailey?” The blonde-haired Martian made sure to lower her voice so the holographic Hailey wouldn’t hear them, and she closed the distance towards the brunette so her voice could still be heard over the sound of the waves. ”Yeah, she’s always quite cheerful. It’s rather refreshing, really.”

In truth, during her first weeks aboard the USS Aurora, Amanda had often found herself wondering if Hailey Bennion was truly as cheerful or if it was just a pretence; her way of coping with situations as they arose. It was likely that being positive and cheerful was just Hailey’s attempt to stay ahead of the curve and give her enough time to come up with an answer to anything that might be required of her, but at the same time it could be something else entirely. Without reasons or indications to suspect something darker however, Amanda had eventually concluded that Hailey’s almost annoyingly cheerful attitude was just who she was, and that’s why they became such quick friends in the first place. After all, Amanda very much preferred cheerful optimism over depressed pessimism as both were contagious and the former was definitely a lot better to contract than the latter.

When she thought back aboard her days aboard the USS Aurora, when things were still peaceful and relatively uncomplicated compared to the USS Theurgy, a smile began to adorn Amanda’s face. ”Hailey is alright though, she’s an amazing and dependable friend.” While she spoke, Amanda’s shoulder brushed up against Natalie’s due to the close distance between them. At the same time, she could feel how the side of her 36E-sized right breast pressed against the surprisingly soft skin of Natalie’s left breast. It felt surprisingly good and, at that very moment, when her blue eyes were drawn to that droplet of orange liquid which was about to trail its way down between those ample E-sized breasts, Amanda realized how close they truly were. That, and how amazing Natalie’s breasts were from up close. Like her own, they proudly swayed ever so softly with each step and the Commander’s hard pink nipples only further added to the almost hypnotizing jiggle. Amanda felt how the dampness between her legs only became worse and began to itch a little, but in an attempt to hide her growing arousal she coughed and continued speaking. ”You’d like the real Hailey Bennion.”

While Amanda spoke, she noticed how the holographic representation of Hailey turned around as she reached the relative privacy of their umbrella. ”What are you two gossiping about?” There was a certain tease in Hailey’s cheerful voice as she spoke and, as Amanda quickly took a step away from Natalie, the blonde-haired Martian noticed how the holographic Hailey reached for the tray of drinks and took one for herself. ”Thanks for carrying our drinks, Mandy! Let’s get ready to party!”

Amanda simply smiled in reply to Hailey’s words and, having reached their bag first, quickly bent forwards to carefully set the tray in the sand and retrieve their towels from the bag; completely unaware that, by doing so, she was giving both Natalie and Hailey a pretty nice view of her ass in doing so. Within a couple of seconds she stood up straight again however, before turning around and handing Natalie one of the towels. ”Here you go, Nat.” With a friendly smile towards the brunette, Amanda brought her own towel up to her head and began to dry her blonde hair. In doing so, her unsupported breasts jiggled furiously in plain view of the two other women. Once she was done drying her hair, Amanda began to dry her arms and turned her attention towards Hailey once more. ”So Hailey, what’s on the menu tonight?”

Hailey had been looking in the direction of the tiki bar but, upon being addressed, Amanda saw that the hologram immediately turned around to face her once more. ”Oh, tonight we have Earth night! We have corn on the cob, baked potatoes, a variety of different salads and various meats. We have hamburgers, steak, sausages… you won’t leave hungry!” Amanda noticed how Hailey, still sporting a cheerful smile, raised her arms above her head and began to stretch her back; pushing her perky 34B-sized forwards. It was already hard not to notice the hologram’s hard, pink-coloured areola, but a part of Amanda wondered if Hailey wasn’t just doing it on purpose now. One look at Hailey’s face was enough to show Amanda that this wasn’t the case though, given how she was looking at the tiki bar with an absent-minded look on her face. ”It’ll be fun.”

At that point, Amanda was already rubbing the towel over her breasts and nodded in response. ”I’m sure it will be, Hailey.” While she spoke, the blonde-haired Martian couldn’t help but briefly pay additional attention to rubbing the towel over her nipples. It made her briefly close her eyes as she stifled a gasp, but as she felt a shiver run down her spine and the dampness between her legs turn into even more of an itch, she quickly regained herself and proceeded to dry the rest of her body; sheepishly throwing a glance at both Hailey and Natalie to make sure that neither of them had noticed.


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