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PRO: S [D01|0845] A Conversation Among Comrades

[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Deck 16, Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy Vector 2 | Cockpit | AC-307 Mark-II Valkyrie “Hellcat” ] Attn: @Griff

Daniel was sitting in the cockpit of his fighter, going over his flight logs for the past week, it was busy work mostly, anything to keep his mind off the fact that K’Ren had gone MIA, she had quickly become a lover and one that he was happy to have had but now she was gone, with no warning, no reason, just gone.  Miri, Cammi and Becky had all offered their support, as did Uriah but right now what he needed was to keep busy.

He sat back as he watched the logs, his mind kept wandering to K’Ren, remembering the last time he saw her, her smile, the way she walked, remembering her beautiful voice.  His attempt to try to keep busy was failing as all this was doing was making him miss her more.  Knowing that she’d no longer be his wingman made things even worse, he’d have to break in someone new and he wasn’t really in the mood for that.  First Meony had disappeared and now K’Ren was gone, his friends from the Resolve were growing fewer and fewer as time went on.  It seemed that Fate was fucking him over some more and there was nothing he could do about it.

There was a little activity in the FAB as technicians got fighters ready and did maintenance work.  He’d offered to do the maintenance on his fighter, more busy work meant to help keep his mind off K’Ren, not that his current attempt was working all that well as it was.
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Re: PRO: S [D01|0845] A Conversation Among Comrades

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Fighter Assault Bay| Deck 16 | USS Theurgy] Attn:


All things considered, Lillee was in a good mood when started work that day. The past few weeks had passed remarkably peacefully, despite being in orbit of the Klingon homeworld. Klingons had only tried to kill her twice since the battle, which was considerably less than she'd expected. The war between the Romulans and Federation had been restricted to border skirmishes so far, much to Lillee's relief, and Donatra's survival offered hope. It was meager hope, to be sure, but hope all the same. Day by day, the odds of Lillee returning home to her babes increased, although the constant worm in her gut never stopped churning.

In all fairness, a wonderful night with her magnificent girlfriend certainly helped her morale too.

It was ordinary busywork that sent Lillee to the FAB that morning, PADD in hand. The place was abuzz with activity as always, with pilots and deckhands milling to and fro. A squadron of sixteen fighters required ten times as many crew to function optimally, which ensured that the FAB was always much busier than the two shuttlebays that Lillee worked in. As she walked in, Lillee smiled as nostalgia hit her. There was something undeniably fantastic about warp fighters.

She looked around, hoping to see the SCO, but he was evidently not on deck. Instead, Lillee spotted the one unique craft in the FAB with its ladder lowered, an older Valkyrie that had somehow survived the many battles since its arrival onboard the Theurgy. The engines were off, no munitions were loaded and no crew were nearby, so it was clearly not about to launch. On a whim, Lillee headed for the fighter, earning a few odd looks at her red shirt but no challenge. Former Wolves held a measure of respect in the FAB.

Hopping up the ladder with the PADD in one hand, Lillee sure enough spotted Havenborn in the open cockpit, her old element leader. "Good morning, Lieutenant," she said brightly.

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