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EPIL: S [D06|2100] Old Songs, New Friends

[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @trevorvw

Shower or drink first?  That had been he first thought in Eliska Bremmer's head when she returned her gear, weapons and armour before knocking off for the day.  Hell, she hadn't even needed to do the return check on her stuff; in fact, she hadn't been allowed to.  It wasn't anyone she knew in the armoury, but it was some improbably fresh-looking types he had on hand to look after the damage control survey teams to send them to get some rest as quickly as humanly possible. 

And, when she got to her quarters, Bremmer decided neither would be first, she would combine the two... which meant a beer, while enjoying the luxury of a real water shower, something that apparently even NCOs had at least occasional access to... unless that is someone somewhere had made some noise to make sure an overworked crew would be rewarded somehow.  And that had led to a nap, and finally, when she got up, Bremmer found herself craving companionship in any way.  Dyan wasn't home; Sinny... she had to be busy, she wouldn't be one to relax in the first twenty four hours after battle, not like the old days. And Kino was back in stasis.  Mariner, as much as she disliked him, was dead.  And so many more.

No, she couldn't dwell on this, she had to go see people.  A quick pass at the replicator provided her with civilian clothes, things not much unlike what she would have worn on her family's farm back on Nova Kosice; twill pants, a simple dark tank top, and a linen shirt of a style that had once been known as Henley, a pair of pull-on boots, and that was it.  No vest, no jacket.  She didn't even braid her hair, choosing to just tie it in a ponytail instead. 

Before long, her feet led her to Below Decks.  As could be expected, there was some activity, but it was hardly raucous or wildly celebratory.  People were simply too damn tired for a party just now.  In a corner, a group had brought out instruments, and while she was hardly an expert in folk music, she could tell that was what they were playing; airs from home, music that brought comfort.  The kind of things people needed.

As she made her way to the bar, Bremmer's eyes caught on one person in particular.  A redhead, by herself.  She was like a dark cloud in the room, bowed over her wine glass with a carafe that had been well-started into.  Normally, someone like her shouldn't be lacking for company, but it was as though she was emitting a forcefield that kept people away.  But then, as a replicated pitcher of something that passed reasonably well for a proper kolsch and a full glass were handed to her, another tune started.  The guitar rang in notes that were familiar to her, and the group that had played wordlessly caught her eye, and the man with the guitar met her gaze, and recognized someone who knew what was being played, and instead of carrying on, led the musicians into replaying the first few bars again.  And Eliska's voice rose. 

The tiredness that had plagued it when she called for her drink was gone.  Much of her weariness lifted from her shoulder and her heart was buoyed.  This was a song she had grown up with, ad she could not help herself.

"Was wollen wir trinken, sieben Tage lang
Was wollen wir trinken, so ein Durst
Was wollen wir trinken, sieben Tage lang
Was wollen wir trinken, so ein Durst"

And, from one corner, came another voice, with an accent Eliska Bremmer had never heard.  The language was a different one, but her lips moved to he music, if somewhat unenthusiastically, and she could make out he words.

"Er is genoeg voor iedereen
Dus drinken we samen
Sla het vat maar aan!
Ja, drinken we samen
Niet alleen!"

That song, Bremmer had been told, had come from parts of the old country, long before spaceflight, let alone the colonization efforts of Nova Kosice.  Yet, someone else knew it, a different version.  Folk music spreading across the stars was not a new phenomenon to Eliska, but it was certainly a pleasant surprise!  And, if the ghost of a smile on the redhead's lips meant anything, it was something she herself was pleased about, too.

And it was with the third verse flowing out of her throat, a pitcher in one hand and a pint glass in the other, that Bremmer made her way across the bar to the table the lone redhead was occupying, and she invited herself to sit down.

"Es wird genug für alle sein
Wir trinken zusammen
Roll das Fass mal rein
Wir trinken zusammen, nicht allein"

The song in question is Was wollen wir trinken (in German), also known as Wat Zullen We Drinken (in Dutch)

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[ Annika Van den Berg | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] @CanadianVet

Annika sat at a table in the lounge, pondering the choices in life that led her to this point. Just minutes ago she had almost ended her life. It was almost as if she was in a dark hole somewhere and she couldn’t find a way out. Not only was she allegedly missing some of her memories, but she was also now on a ship that was allegedly branded as traitors by Starfleet Command. Her life had been upended in a whirlwind story that she had absolutely no recollection of.

Someone could write a fricken biography about me and make themselves very famous, Annika thought to herself sarcastically.

Her comfort came in the fact that they had plenty of wine in this lounge and no one had made any attempt to talk to her. She appreciated the fact that there were people around and that brought her some small comfort, even if she wasn’t into dealing with people right now.

Annika realized that not only was her life spiralling out of control, but she was also really homesick at the moment. What she wouldn't give to be sitting by the Nieuwe Maas in Rotterdam, taking in the warm, crisp air. She would give almost anything to feel that again right now.  She sat at the table, alone, wallowing in her misery while being comforted by her new best friend, red wine.

She had just finished the glass in front of her and ordered herself another one, when some more music had just started playing. She paid it no attention at first, as she received her new glass of wine. She let it sit on the table in front of her, as the music, accompanied with singing, got her attention. She listened more intently as she recognized the tune of the music and picked out a few of the words.

The young woman sat there and realized that what she was hearing was an old song from her homeland, but the words seemed to be German. She didn’t speak German, but the German and Dutch languages shared a common ancestry. Hell, they were practically similar, so there were some words she could pick out.

When the time came for the next verse, Annika couldn’t help but sing, albeit a little quietly.

"Er is genoeg voor iedereen
Dus drinken we samen
Sla het vat maar aan!
Ja, drinken we samen
Niet alleen!”

Annika wondered how it was possible that someone else on this ship could know this song, even if it was in German.

The woman who was singing in German was singing the third verse and making her way over to where Annika was sitting.

Aw fuck..I don’t want to people Annika thought to herself as she pretended to not notice the approach.

The black haired woman either didn’t notice Annika’s body language or didn’t care, but whichever it was, she had sat down opposite of Annika. Annika was looking down at her glass of wine as the woman sat down. She slowly looked up and the woman across from her.

”Look, I don’t wanna be rude, but I really don’t want to talk to anyone right now,” Annika said in hopes it would scare off the newcomer. The woman didn’t budge and this had annoyed Annika.

She sighed as she wondered how dense the newcomer was. Annika relented slightly as she held back her urge to roll her eyes. She hoped if she made quick small talk that the woman would just leave her alone.

”Okay, fine. I need to ask, how do you know that song?”

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @trevorvw

She's in a rough way, Eliska thought as she settled herself down across from the redhead and set her drinks upon the table.  It did no take a counselor or a telepath to see this; all it would take was someone who's seen this sort of things enough times.  For all the world, to Eliska Bremmer, it was a classical example of someone trying to make sense of a thoroughly fucked up situation, and not managing much success towards it.  In fact, she had the clear notion that the wine on the table was there to act as a numbing agent, and would probably be imbibed until said redhead would be found in a heap under the table. 

Now, Bremmer knew as well as anyone alcohol was hardly the healthiest way to deal with any kind of stress; not that she didn't partake herself, as evidenced by her own drinks, but she had learned the art of consuming just enough to take the edge off so she could rest, and face it with a clear head after some sleep. 

And while she did say she wanted to be left alone, Eliska was ready to bet it was the last thing she needed.  No certainly does mean no, and she knew to respect that... unless it was for the best.  And while she was expecting the silent treatment, the colony girl pulled from her beer, which happened to be a close enough substitute to the real thing, and a question was asked, one that made her smile.

The redhead had an accent she had never heard before, and if she was any judge, her mother tongue was the one she had sung in, which was also alien, but somewhat similar in cadence to part of Bremmer's native Silesian, which someone familiar with the source languages would recognize as a patois of German, Czech and Polish. 

"That song came from the Old Country when my ancestors left Earth," she answered, her own accent clipped and sharp and her pronunciation indicating that Federation Standard was at the very lease a distant second language for her.   "Is it a song from your people too, and what language was that?"

Re: EPIL: S [D06|2100] Old Songs, New Friends

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[ Annika Van den Berg | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ]


The newcomer that was sitting across from Annika seemed genuinely unaware of where exactly her language came from, at least its Earthbound origins. To Annika, the words the woman had sung sounded distinctly German, but she could have been wrong. The accent that escaped the woman’s lips sounded strange to her; not quite German, not quite one of the Balkan languages. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but it was intriguing to her nonetheless. Annika felt like she should answer the woman’s question honestly and as descriptive as possible.

”That was Dutch. It’s from the Netherlands, back on Earth” Annika said a little more matter of factly than she had intended. She meant to be a bit more descriptive. The fact that she wasn’t could have been blamed on the alcohol, her shitty life situation, the fact she didn’t want to people or some combination of the three. Either way, she didn’t care at the moment. When Annika stopped thinking, she looked across the table at the woman who had a blank look on her face as if she didn’t understand what she had just said.

Annika wondered slightly if her accent, which became heavier when drinking or tired, was stopping her new tablemate from understanding her.

”The Netherlands is my home country back on Earth. Those words you were singing sounded German. Germany is a country right next to mine…so I guess you could say we share an ancestry way back” Annika said, trying her hardest to eliminate her accent at the moment, but realizing she was likely failing.

She once again looked across the table, trying to figure out what the other woman was thinking. She studied the woman’s features, looking for something to talk about. She noticed the woman was maybe the same height or a little taller. Annika found it hard to tell, because they were seated. The one thing Annika could notice was the fact that the new person had much more muscle mass.

There was one thing crossed off the list. Clearly the newcomer worked out and Annika…well..didn’t.

Annika looked down at her wine glass and noticed her best friend was getting lonely, so she picked up the glass and took a sip before setting it back down on the table.

”I get that you’re trying to be friendly and all, but like I said before, I really don’t wanna talk to anyone right now. Ik ben nu een puinhoop en ik wil gewoon in vrede drinken.” Annika said to the newcomer and saw the look of intrigue on her face. She was slightly confused as to why the woman was seemingly intrigued.

Then it hit Annika that she had switched to Dutch halfway through what she was saying.

Shit, she thought, How many glasses of my best friend have I had? 5? 6?.

Annika realized that she had way too much wine in such a short period of time. She stopped seeming to mind though, since she felt like less of a fuck up. The young woman decided to play nicey-nice with the woman across from her.

”I’m Annika by the way” she said as she extended her right hand in search of a handshake and a proper introduction.


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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @trevorvw

The redhead had a very interesting accent all right.  To Eliska, there was a distant family resemblance to that of some of the families back home, but it was tenuous, like a very distant cousin one could only discern a relation with if they used a genealogical chart.  But all in all, it was entirely unlike anything she'd ever heard before, but she did like it all right. 

And finally, there was an answer.  Dutch?  From the Netherlands?  German?  Germany?  Those words and the geographic relations meant very little to Bremmer.  Obviously, it all had something to do with Earth, but she'd only been there for her recruit and initial security training and she'd never returned since; perhaps officer trainees had all the time in the world to wander the planet in their downtime, but enlisted recruits faced a hard and fast training regimen and were pretty much restricted to the immediate area of their training facilities while they learned how to do their jobs.  However, 'Dutch' sounded a lot like 'Deutsch', which was a term she knew, for it was the name of part of her native tongue. 

Silesian was an interesting language, with three distinct components that were strung together; some terms, particularly in Deutsch, could be exceedingly precise and a pain in the ass to write down, while others featured a rather startling lack of vowels but interesting letter combinations. 

But, there might be a hint of a common ancestry; that was, in a way, interesting and even pleasant.  It had been years since she'd had any kind of link to her native Nova Kosice, and even though this was a tenuous one, it was something.  Oh, how she missed home!  A real gravity, not the weak pull of Earth or that found on starships, open skies, real wind, the sun, the twin moons, stars she knew.  And now, there was no telling when, or even if, she would ever swim in the river at the edge of the west field, or feel grass under her bare feet ever again.  Real slivovice made from the plums in her uncle's orchard, kolsch from barley and hops raised the next village over... 

But then, her musing was interrupted again when there was what she perceived was a half-hearted attempt to push her away again, followed by words in the woman's home language, this 'Dutch'.  Of all of them, only one sounded remotely familiar, 'drinken'; well, if it was drinking she wanted to do, they were in the right place all right! 

Then a hand was extended across, with an introduction.  Annika, that was a nice name, and one that would not have been amiss back home either.  So, Bremmer reached out and her own hand, tanned, callused and scarred from a lifetime of physical labour, very active living and combat closed on the pale, smooth one.  Nice skin, she had; skin not used to tools or hard work, but nice nonetheless, and skin that never spent much time in the sun either.  But, it did go well with the red hair, that was for certain. 

Shaking that hand, she smiled.  "I'm Eliska, glad to meet you," she said before reaching for her own glass and draining much of the pale beer before refilling it.  "Oh, I needed that," she said as she felt the cold brew settling in her stomach.  "Now, think those guys would mind playing that song again a few more times?  I'd really like to hear what it sounds like in this 'Dutch' of yours.  And it makes me feel like I'm closer to home, you know?"

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[ Annika Van den Berg | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ]

Ah, the newcomer [i[did[/i] have a name. Annika looked down at her delicious best friend. She was shocked to find she had drank all of her best friend. Thankfully she noticed that she had a new best friend just to the right of the old one. She looked at up at the newcomer again.

Shit..what was her name? Alyssa? No, that’s not it.

Either way, Annika felt the newcomer staring at her as if she expected something from her.

Is her name Annika? No you dumbass, that’s me the woman thought to herself. She was feeling less depressed. In fact, she wasn’t feeling much of anything except for being tipsy, borderline drunk.

Annika realized that the newcomer had asked to hear the song in Dutch. The young woman had had enough alcohol to kindly oblige the newcomer.

ELISKA! Annika had thought to herself as she had finally remembered the newcomer’s name, even though she was told it no more than a minute ago.

I must be drunker than I thought Annika thought to herself before convincing herself she shouldn’t listen to drunk Annika.

Annika grabbed her new best friend, and Eliska and made her way over to the band. She walked up to the band, wine in one hand, Eliska in the other.

”Boys..can you play that song again?” she said, batting her eyelashes at the band while putting on a big smile. The band clearly listened to Annika’s request and immediately started playing the song.

As they started playing, Annika took another drink and licked her lips. She looked at Eliska and gave her a quick warning.

”I’m not a very good singer” and rather than giving Eliska time to object, she started into the song instead.

”Wat zullen we drinken, wat een dorst
Wat zullen we drinken, wat een dorst
Er is genoeg voor iedereen
Dus drinken we samen,
Sla het vat maar aan
Ja, drinken we samen, niet alleen
Ja, drinken we samen, niet alleen
Dan zullen we feesten zeven dagen lang
Dan zullen we feesten met elkaar
Dan zullen we feesten met elkaar
Dan is er bier voor iedereen

Dan is er bier voor iedereen
Dus drinken we samen, zeven dagen lang
Dus drinken we samen, niet alleen
Dus drinken we samen, niet alleen
Er is genoeg voor iedereen
Dus drinken we samen
Sla het vat maar aan,
Ja, drinken we samen, niet alleen
Ja, drinken we samen, niet alleen”

Annika had sung the whole damn thing. Her throat was parched. She downed the rest of the glass of wine. She looked at Eliska and burst out laughing, not directed at the newcomer, but at herself. Annika knew she wasn’t a very good singer, but she had too many glasses of wine to care.

Sorry @CanadianVet for how long this took!

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @trevorvw

Dragging Eliska Bremmer was generally a non-trivial challenge unless one was extremely strong or massive, assuming it wasn't plainly ill-advised.  But in this case, she was more than willing to let herself be taken along for the ride, even snatching her just-refilled stein as the redhead pulled her along.  She had expected she'd just call out to the musicians, not go straight to them.  But, this was, in a way, much better.  It would get Annika moving, away from that table where she'd been nursing a whole lot of unpleasantness. 

When she issued her warning, all Bremmer had the time to do was shrug and lubricate her own vocal cords with a slug of beer, and she listened.

Annika didn't have a bad voice; untrained and definitely not used to singing anywhere but privately, but it was nice, and while this Dutch was different from Deutsch, there were indeed similarities, and that was fascinating in its own right.  And when it came to an end and the singer burst into laughter, Eliska joined in and wrapped her free arm about her waist, draining her beer even as she drained her wine. 

This was good.  A few moments ago, Annika had been alone, depressed and drowning her sorrows in wine; now she was singing and laughing, and no longer alone.  If that was how far the evening went, then Eliska would consider it a job well done.  She'd been in enough nasty spots and around enough people dealing poorly with them, herself included, to know that it often didn't take much to  get someone out of their own heads and seeing the brighter things in life.  And songs helped; get one that's easy to learn and has a good rhythm, and quickly you could truly turn a surly bunch into something of a crowd having a reasonably good time. That had been something else being raised on what could be charitably termed as a Luddite, backwards, back-end-of-beyond colony had given Bremmer an advantage: traditional forms of entertainment were still very popular back home, and often enough the only game in town.  And she knew many songs.  Learned more, too, over the course of her career, and taught others as much of her repertoire as they could learn.

But this?  Sharing a song that predated spaceflight and was common to both her own and Annika's ancestral homeland?  That was a rapport she could not possibly have hoped for when the night had begun.  Nor, she would bet, had Annika expected it either.  But, it certainly was good!  "That's the spirit!" 

Eliska's own day had immensely improved with this most fortuitous of coincidences, and she meant to make it count for all it was worth.  Hell, she wanted to sing some more!  And, well, there was one tune she knew she wouldn't have to teach... 

"Boys, once more," she called out and raised her empty stein.  "And more drink! For us and the band!"  Sure, she might make a bit of a spectacle of herself, but she needed the release, the fun.  The sense of being home again.  As the holographic staff saw to empty glasses being replaced by full ones, she leaned towards Annika and grinned even as she drew her a little closer with the arm about her waist.  The structure of the song would yield itself very, very well to two singers in two different languages... "Sing with me?"

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[ Annika Van den Berg | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ]


Annika had felt the arm around her waist, which felt both slightly unnerving and a welcome feeling all at the same time. Eliska had asked for them to duet the song together, each in their respective languages Annika had assumed. Another glass of red wine was placed in her hand as she thought about it. She clearly had enough drink to not really have any inhibitions so she gladly accepted Eliska's request to sing the song together.

The young woman downed all of her best friend that was in the glass, cleared her throat and looked at Eliska and smiled.

"Ready?" she asked and got an acknowledgement in return.

The two then proceeded to sing their hearts out, each in their own languages. Their singing voices, while admittedly not professional, harmonized well together. As the song progressed they got louder and at least for Annika, more confident. Annika wasn't sure if she was more confident or drunker, but for now, she didn't care in the least.

"...Ja, drinken we samen, niet alleen!!! the young Dutch woman had finished the song and was feeling happy and felt a sense of belonging, even if for a little bit.

She threw her head back and laughed at how much fun something so small had been. She was clearly missing home and feeling out of place, but she found it amazing how a simple song from centuries ago made her feel at home. She also realized the odds of someone else knowing that song on board a starship many light years from home, were more or less infinitesimal. Not only that, but Eliska wasn't even from Earth.

noodlot... Annika thought to herself before realizing she forgot the English word for it.

Annika threw her arms around the neck of Eliska and hugged the woman, who had been a complete stranger just minutes ago.

She hugged tight as she said to Eliska, "Dank so much! I haven't had this much fun in a long time...I guess I needed it!

Annika released her arms from the hug to Eliska and started backing away when she kissed Eliska on the left cheek as she did. The young woman then stood maybe 30 centimetres from Eliska when she smiled and playfully bit her lower lip, unintentionally but Annika didn't stop herself from biting her lip when she realized it was happening.

"Now what?"

noodlot = fate

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @trevorvw

"Wir trinken zusammen, nicht allein!"

The last line of the song, having joined Annika for the very last verse to provide a strange sort of harmony in two different languages, was followed by a peal of clear laughter from Eliska's throat as she threw her head back, joining her new friend in that as well.  That had felt good.  Just a little bit more than the long pulls from her beer she wasted no time in swallowing afterwards. 

Battle took a toll on everyone.  Even the most hardened veteran would feel it afterwards, and there were ways to deal with it.  And one way Bremmer had found worked best was to give death and the horrors of the battlefield a hearty 'fuck you' by way of an act of defiance, that of having a great time and showing them they didn't win. 

And before she knew it, Eliska found herself hugged, and she responded in kind, grinning from ear to ear.  She knew what she'd been doing from the start, and if anything, Annika looked like she desperately needed to get out of her own head.  The music had just so happened to provide the ice-breaker. 

"Well, having some fun was the idea," she replied... and found herself kissed on the cheek.  Well, that had been thoroughly unexpected.  But hardly unwelcome.  And, given the question that followed and this biting of her lip, Eliska had a fairly clear impression left in front of her. 

Raising her free hand, she cupped the Dutch woman's cheek and she stepped forward and leaned in to briefly kiss her lips. "How's that for a start?"

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[ Annika Van den Berg | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] @CanadianVet

Eliska had kissed Annika, albeit briefly, on the lips. The kiss had sent a surge of tingles throughout her body from the lips all the way down to her toes. She wasn't quite sure what to think of what had just happened.

On one hand, it was surprising and completely unexpected. On the other hand, Annika found it intriguing and a welcome evolution of the night.

The young woman stood there with a blank look on her face and looked at Eliska. She wondered internally whether that had actually happened, or if the copious amounts of wine she drank had made her imagine it.

As she struggled internally with the question running through her head, she realized that Eliska had asked her a question. It was then she realized that the quick kiss had actually happened. Annika silently lifted her glass of wine to her lips, emptied the glass into her mouth, swallowed the wine and sat the glass down on the table all without saying a word.

Annika looked deep into Eliska's eyes and studied them. She wasn't entirely sure what to do next, but all she knew was that she would stop trying to overthink it and just go with the flow.

Annika leaned forward to whisper into Eliska's ear.

"For a start huh? You sound pretty confident" she whispered as she pulled away slowly while breathing a little heavier than normal.

Annika's face was back in the spot it was before, just twenty or so centimetres from Eliska's face. She was close enough that she could feel the warmth of Eliska's breath. She could smell Eliska's intoxicating aroma and it aroused Annika.

She almost stopped herself from proceeding any further, but then she reminded herself that she was going with the flow.

Annika then undid her uniform top a little bit and winked at Eliska.

"This uniform is a little warm, I think I'm gonna go change" she said as she turned towards the exit. The young Dutch woman took two steps towards the exit before stopping and turning her head back towards Eliska.

"I could always use your help..."

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @trevorvw

Eliska had no real idea what to expect from the kiss she had delivered.  Would it be returned in kind, or even with more fervor?  Would it be unwelcome?  Would it be a thanks-but-not-interested of some description?  Given Annika's frame of mind, it could really go any given way.  Of course, 'no' most definitely meant 'no' and Bremmer was woman enough to accept that as an answer.  Even though, the redhead definitely looked like she was filling that uniform like it was nobody's business.  So, she was an officer... not generally the sort Eliska went after, but there was something about her, and there were no ranks in the mess; at least unless Havenborn was involved... but that was another thing entirely, and hardly what she wanted to think about.

Annika's whispered response drew a grin from the other Human, and she nodded. "That's because I am," she replied lightly.  Oh, she was reading her all right.  Breathing a little heavier, a bit of a flush that looked a little too rich to be just from wine, meeting her eyes... Oh yes, that kiss had been welcome all right. 

And if that hadn't been enough, her wink and opening up just enough of her uniform to show a bit of skin below her throat would be enough to cement the deal.  And the invitation as she pulled away juuuuuuust enough?  Yep, the kiss had been a good start! 

"And I'd be happy to help, too," Eliska said as she caught up and they started walking towards the door.  Once more, she draped her arm about her new friend's waist.  "And you know, I get the feeling your place might be a little warm, too.  Think you can help me out of those civvies too, make ourselves good and comfortable?"


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[ Annika Van den Berg | Corridors outside Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] @CanadianVet

Annika thought back to the kiss they shared, as she was trying to recollect her thoughts. She realized it had been a very, very long time since she let anyone in. She hadn't really opened up to anyone on board since she was picked up, most of her thoughts being too fuzzy to remember much of anything some days.

She thought back to what had brought her to the lounge in the first place. It was the same thing that brought most people, to forget. But forget what? For a moment in time she had actually had some fun singing, reminiscing about home. But now that her buzz was beginning to wear off, she was realizing why she went in the first place.

"Our civvies sure are uncomfortable," Annika said, eyeing Eliska down. She gave her a very obvious look that told what was on her mind, as she pushed her against the bulkhead and kissed her. It was a very passionate kiss, as Eliska was obviously enjoying it back while their lips intertwined.

Annika was overwhelmed by her thoughts yet again, as she saw the sparking phaser hitting the floor in her mind. She couldn't help but be ripped away from the moment as she saw it, engulfing her very essence, bringing her back to what had just happened.

She pulled away from Eliska, as she was being looked over. She zoned out momentarily, holding herself up on the bulkhead, trying to refocus herself. She hoped she simply looked like she was in the moment, but her thoughts were slowly taking over. The red wine buzz was beginning to lift, as Annika's sobriety was beginning to return.

Annika looked back at Eliska, pushing herself back upright and regaining herself. She returned to normal as she looked back up; there were a million thoughts circling in her head, but none she could put her finger on. Annika was overwhelmed by what she wasn't sure. Sadness? Drunkenness? Anger? Embarrassment? She knew any decisions she made now she would regret, but in the moment, she didn't much care.

As she turned back to Eliska one final time, she made her decision just as they entered her quarters.

Annika bit her lip and looked into Eliska's eyes, "You're's hot in here..." she said as she started to kiss Eliska again.


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