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Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Ch 3 : The Meeting of Heroes (or Villains) [ Day 1 | 1500+]
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[Kelistina Kavot Droga | Bridge Crew Mess Hall | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | 2000hrs]
ATTN:  @Nesota Kynnovan  @AbsintheDeux @Brutus @Stegro88 @Ellen Fitz @GroundPetrel  @P.C. Haring @Nolan @Juzzie @JacenSoloDjo 

Kelistina was uncomfortable, there was no denying that fact. She was actually debating with herself whether or not she should just go back and stay in her assigned room. Just as she was about to move someone walked over and stood next to her.  She looked down at the female, at first a little afraid, but the female seemed most friendly. Like her new friend Ni-Sar-i. She gave a small smile to the shorter woman.

”Hello there!” As she held her pace right next to Kelestina, Jaya actually had to look up just so she could look the other woman in the eyes. ”I saw you were standing here by yourself so I thought I’d say hi. I’m Jaya!” While she spoke, Jaya’s initial annoyance over being forced to attend the diplomatic gathering was completely replaced by a genuinely friendly smirk which was only further accentuated by the friendly tone of her voice while she held out her hand in a friendly handshake. ”I don’t think I’ve seen you around before, it’s nice to meet you!”

Kelistina looked at the offered hand a moment in confusion and then remembered seeing other of the crew use this as a greeting. She gave a slight bow and extended her hand as well. “I Kelistina Kavot Droga. I am…” Kelistina tried to find the correct phrase, “honored to meet you.” She still had some difficulty with words not quite matching her spoken language at times, but she tried to figure out what was being said. “Stand apart, yes, I here. Ship come me help, no more mine. No other place I go can I.”

She hoped her words were making sense. She glanced back at the roomful of people, “You no friends here too?”

She frowned slightly and leaned down to speak quietly, “Klin-onz no like me. Me no like Kling-onz.” She pointed slightly towards the Romulans , “Kelistina not know of those with pointed ears, though I see some like them, but not, on this ship. What they name?”
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Chapter 1: The (hopefully) Great Romulan Smash and Grab [Day 1 | 1800hrs ]
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[ CPO Dominic Lau | Romulan Space Station | Romulan Space ] [Show/Hide]
It was fair to say they were making a spectacle with no intention of being at all subtle about being on the station at all. It was not surprising that the Romulans were resisting intensely. His vision suddenly changed to the inside of a multi faceted gem stone and his memory carried him to a door frame where he had to pause as his vision became one of lights and colours. Whoa! he thought to himself as the hallucination registered. It didn't last long as the air cleared and the vision dissolved. He was going to ask Cheung what went down when he heard the Trill officer clarify the situation. "Chief, wasn't this like that time when passed that station near Palijas 5?" Bessir asked and Chief Lao wanted to agree with the sniper and tell him to shut up. The tech assured everyone the situation was under control, which was well timed as soon as the sound of heavy mechanical thumps could be heard.

There was no frame of reference for what they were hearing, but it did sound ominous and a collective 'Oh Shit!' took over the group. Hulking metal cyclops rounded the corner. "Cover!" The Chief yelled and people dove in all directions as green enegy blasted the hallway. The Chief tripped over his own feat as the door behind him suddenly opened. There was a scream outside, but it didn't match the scream of indignant terror from inside the room. Nor did it match the screech of a disruptor beam flying over his head and splashing the hallway outside, and tingling his nerves. The operative tilted his head back and hugged the rifle in his hands to his chest and pulled the trigger. Whoever the shooter was screamed as a pair of bolts from the second burst blasted his sternum to burned ruin and he flopped back lifeless on the ground.

The Chief rolled over as Bessir fired a burst down the hall before diving into the room. Green energy and fire chased the hybrid sniper into the room. "Run Chief!" the sharpshooter grabbed his leader's vest and ran towards the back as he gave the room a quick scan. "Bessir! Go right! Panel on the corner wall!" The Chief threw a grenade into the hall as he scrambled up. Bessir was unlocking the panel when a loud bang! could be heard outside followed by a clang as something fell over. The clack of the panel lock coming off was quickly followed with a metallic thunk as the panel was dropped Bessir quickly dove in. The Chief saw a metallic arm reach around the door frame and fire poured into the room, lacing the air with ozone.

'Chunk Chunk'

The metal behemoth rounded the door frame and the Chief fired a pair of bursts, the scowled when the protective shield flared to to life. The robot didn't seem to notice as it arm aimed at him with the Chief back peddling into the maintenance tube as fire shredded his firing spot. Cradling his rifle close to him, beads of sweat began to form on the Chief's head as his mind raced to figure out how to get out of their predicament.  First was the simplest way as the sound of metal grinding could be heard where the mecha was trying to force its way into the room.  Checking the charge on his rifle, he set it to maximum and leaned out.  It was still a snap shot, but a well aimed snap shot as a much brighter bolt struck the droid and the shield flared to life.  It was still more than what the robot had been designed to deal with and it staggered backwards from the hit.  Smoke and steam were violently ejected from heat sinks in the rear as the system worked to dissipate the sudden blast of energy.  Another shot was fired and the robot staggered again, regenerating its shields at a ridiculous rate.  "I just hit the thing twice and it barely budged!"  Lau called.  Then the free flow comm link let him know what Pren had in mind and in that moment, it seemed like a good idea.  "Bessir, set a grenade for full yield and toss it when I get across to that door. Makr sure it lands behind the robot!"  There wasn't even a pause as the sniper replied. "What door?"  The Chief responded by lowering the power then firing across the room and obliterating a door that led to a bed room.  Changing settings once more, the Chief began spraying fire at the mecha.  The robot responded by raising its arm and chasing the human with fire which barely missed his head as he dove into the bed room.

"Grenade!"  Could be heard from behind Chief Lau as a beeping sound got slightly dimmer.  There wasn't much time as the Chief dropped the power cell and inserted a new one.  A massive explosion could be heard then the high powered roar of venting plasma jets as EPS relays vented themselves into the atmosphere.  Changing the power setting back to maximum, the Chief rounded the corner and swung the rifle towards the mecha.  The first shot hit the eye area and the shield flared to life.  Another shot from Bessir quickly followed and the staggered shots pushed the mecha backwards. The robot tried to avoid the gaping hole behind and leaned forward as if to ram the door frame.  Two more shots put an end to that idea as the shield had to be used.  Briliant orrange could be seen radiating from the back of the mecha as it tried to dispel the built up energy in its systems, but there were too many threats and an arc of energy crashed against the shield, making the mecha an energy circuit.  Another shot and the robot's shields flashed, then faltered under a local failure, blasting off chunks of metal chassis.  The robot staggered backwards again, right into a plasma fire jet.  A leg quickly melted and the two operatives fired off another pair of shots as the robot slipped backwards into the plasma fire.

One second, the pair of Operatives were looking at a mech in the throes of death with an arm sticking out like the mast of a sinking ship, then suddenly both men were slammed back against the wall as the reactor suffered a catastrophic failure and exploded.  More emergency alarms wailed as the section was torn apart.  A Romulan security team on the floor below didn't even have time to scream as the ceiling exploded, venting shrapnel on them a second before the fireball removed them from corporeal existence.

Shaking his head, Chief Lau grunted as he picked himself up off the deck.  His ears were ringing and he shook them to get rid of the sound that was preventing him from thinking.  An echoey voice could be heard and the Chief closed his eyes as he tried to focus. Soon the voice began to register.  "Chief! Boss! Are you there?  Please respond!"  Cheung called out in a voice of worry.  The Chief grunted as he felt pain all over his body.  "Oof, yeah. I'm here."  The breath of relief was audible over the comm link.  "That was too close.  I don't know what you did, but I can't find the mech on sensors, but there's also raging plasma fires in that section, and a few decks up and down."  Lau took a minute to digest this.  "I take it the direct way out is blocked. Do you have a way for everyone to rendevous?"  There was a moments delay.  "Yes Chief.  There's going to be some crawling through maintenance tubes, but I can get everyone together."
Director's Cut / Re: [2381 USS Theurgy] Cohabitation
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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Personal Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Okay, essentials only, Kino told herself. Moving in with someone wasn’t exactly new, insofar as she remembered how it worked thanks to all the other lifetimes Jeen had lived, but that didn’t stop a bubbly feeling of excitement and anticipation from filling her up. She already knew that there wasn’t much in her room that was “essential”; almost everything she owned could easily be replaced via replicator, and the things that had once held value to her as Kino Taer – especially after recent events – didn’t seem so important after all.

I’m still me though, Kino grew still, and blinked. A shake of her head dismissed the moment of introspection, and she moved again without further hesitation – but the feeling lingered. The bow, her medals and clothes, the odds and ends of EDDI scattered over the desk; these were the possessions Kino valued, but none of it seemed to really matter. None of it had ever brought as much joy into her life as Reika did; truthfully, some of it carried a great deal of pain. Do I really need any of it, the non-com wondered, even as she moved with such purpose to gather the items up, like a stage performer collecting his props after a show – an act of muscle memory with no greater emotional resonance than a beggar collecting scattered coins.

A stack of her favorite tee’s, tanks, cargo shorts and jeans was set on the bed; Kino let her hand rest on the faded cotton of a smiley face with a bullet hole in its head, a nostalgic smirk on her lips – it was Taer’s, her style, her attitude – but it was also very much Kino’s. How odd, it seemed, how so much could change in such a short amount of time, yet still remain the same.

Reika drew close then, and the Trill’s face turned to her with a smile, knowing the Andorian had been watching the whole time – because if the roles had been reversed, that’s exactly what Kino would have done. In those loving orbs of glacial cerulean, Kino saw her whole life. It wasn’t the words she spoke that seemed to dilate time; it wasn’t the way her platinum locks fell and framed the infinite shades of blue skin – it wasn’t even the way her beautifully sculpted form leaned in close to fill the air with her heated scent, like air charged with electricity before a storm.

It was the effortless sincerity in her voice, the warmth promised in her touch, the loving promise in her eyes; it was just...Reika– loving her, Kino, in a simple, adorable, but oh so meaningful way – just one moment of all the future moments to come. Kino raised her hand to cup the Andorian’s cheek while she moved to close the small distance between them; an instant before their lips met. The kiss was gentle, earnest; filled with all the emotions the non-com felt but could never find the right words to express: gratitude, longing, adoration, wonderment – topped off with a dimpled smile that lit Kino's face up. The touch and taste of Reika’s lips lingered as Kino pulled away, just far enough for them to gaze into each others eyes. 

“Stop being so damn sweet – it’s very distracting,” the Trill purred through a grin, then then tilted her head a bit as if she reconsidered. “Actually, no, don’t listen to me. Do that again, please, I’d like more of that; like...a lot more,” Kino nodded enthusiastically. “A lifetime more,” she whispered through a smile and cradled Reika’s face with both hands, and spoke between the series of soft kisses that followed. “This is...not it?”
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Ch 4 S [ Day 01 | 1915 ] The Remains of a Crew
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Ensign Sash Kreshkova | Unnamed Cell | Alternative Asteroid Station | Romulan Space | Attention @Ellen Fitz

Sach had never been prone to panic.  Instead, the recent Academy graduate, had thrived on the thrill of the chase, the adrenaline rush of pushing the inertial dampeners in her fighter to the max.  Those things focused her.  And that focus brought a sense of calm even if she thought she was fighting for her life.

This was exactly the same and at the same time, completely different.  She was in a life or death situation.  But she had no focus and because of her lack of focus, she had lost any of the sense of calm that always washed over her when she was in a fighter.

She continued to struggle for air.  She was no longer aware of anything going on around her.  The room had begun to spin.  Her stomach had decided to summersault in time with her head.  And then, her eyesight began to close in on her from the sides of her eyes and moved inward.

But during that time, though she wasn’t even aware of it, Sach heard something in the recesses of her mind.  A rhythmic incantation began to beat inside her head.  The darkness that was encroaching from the sides of her eyes stopped - though it did not yet recede.  But the intonation grew within her and began to radiate outward.  First through her head, then down through her shoulders, across her chest, down her torso, through her fingers which began moving in a a similar timing.

As the mantra spread throughout her body several things happened simultaneously.  Her breathing eased - partially because the graduate wasn’t focusing on that anymore.  The chant distracted her, but it did more than that.  There was something in the chat that soothed her spirit, that placated her fears, and slowed the tears that had fallen.  The blackness in her sight also receded and though her sight was blurry, it was no longer black.

Once her body began to relax from the rigidity of the position she had taken up, Sash was able to lean against the wall and once again lower herself to the floor into a semi-seated position.  She closed her eyes and her head slumped back against the hard surface of the wall. 

“Saahssshh.  You beettttter?”

It was all she could do to open her eyes and look into Ehfva’s.  The young woman nodded once.  “Thank you…”  Tears nearly welled up in Kreshkova’s eyes again, but the chant still played in her own head and she was able to focus on that - those rhythmic intonations and that made all of the difference for the youngster.

Once the girl with green hair had better control over her own faculties, she looked over at her companion.  “What was it that you were singing?  Where did you learn that?
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Chapter 1: Triggered Much? [ Day 1 | 1800hrs ]
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Lt Reika Sh’Laan | Maintenance Corridor | Romulan Space Station | Romulan Space ]
@Stegro88  @Number6  @Nesota Kynnovan  @Ellen Fitz  @RyeTanker  @P.C. Haring  @Hans Applegate

Reika had methodically been making her way through the large storage room.  She was aware that others had entered the room behind her.  From her days in Tactical, she knew that she had to continuously be aware of the location of all friendlies at any given moment.  To not do so, could have disastrous consequences.  But while making mental notes of the different locations of the others in the room, everything seemed to happen at once.

Something hissed through the ventilation system on the station along with the breathable air.  Some of the others had removed their helmets.  While Reika hadn’t, she could still hear the serpentine sound that was produced.  Before she could wonder what it was and how it could or would affect the others, she heard Cameron yell, “Contact.”  She and Okafor had engaged with … what was that thing?  A Mech? It was a large metallic creature.  It wasn’t a humanoid - or one at least as she understood it.  The lone feature on its head was one large red eye in its center.  The eye seemed to have the ability to do more than see the visible light spectrum.  It likely had heat sensors and infrared capabilities. 

She watched it fire something from its hand into Okafor’s body which fell limp to the ground.  She wanted to yell at the creature - not that it would do any good.  But she would be damned if she let the man whose life she had recently saved, die in such a manner if she could help it.  ‘Okay,’ she thought, ‘The thing has a type of energy cannon in its hands.  Lovely.’ 

But while her brain was processing what happened.  She once again heard Henshaw yell.  This time it was, “Okafor is down.  Need backup.”  Reika was already on her way.  But as she moved both Rez and Ashby opened fire on the monstrosity.  So Reika took the opportunity to grab Okafor by his EV suit and drag him into the corridor.

Chaos reigned.  Voices cried out.  “I need more firepower in here.”  “3-2-1 NOW.” Phaser fire flew in against the creature from every direction.  Maybe it was slowed, but it wasn’t taken down.  Once Reika had Okafor out of the room into the relative safety of the corridor, she returned. 

The OPS officer had a thought.  Creeping back into the room while the firestorm was still underway, Reika sought concealment that would allow her to stay hidden until she was ready.  Crouched behind some kind of metal storage container, Sh’laan leaned her head back against the crate.  The move she was about to make was risky, and it was taking her a moment to psyche herself into action.   A picture of Kino popped into the Andorian’s mind, but she pushed it away.  ‘No,’ she told herself trying not to dwell on the picture of the voluptuous Trill with creamy skin and spots that wanted to fill her mind and thoughts.  Reika took a deep breath, and from her position, the OPS officer stood with her phaser rifle at the ready.  Taking careful aim for the creature’s eye.

As Sh’laan stood and raised her rifle, the monstrosity was alerted to her presence and raised a hand once again - this time toward her.  But the Andorian wasn’t paying attention to that.  Training took over.  Slow steady breath.  Place a finger on the trigger.  Gently squeeze.  And breathe again.  Two things happened at virtually the same time.  Reika hit the creature’s eye dead on, blinding it.  Whether permanently or temporarily, she didn’t know.  But at the same time, the creature fired on the Andorian.  Reika tried to dodge its shot - and almost did, but it tore through her suit and caught the outside of her left arm which went limp and her suit was now exposed to whatever the toxin in the air was.

The Andorian never cried out despite the searing pain that radiated throughout her whole arm.  She tried to inch her way toward safety once again, but she wasn’t sure if she would make it.  Blue blood flowed freely from the wound.  Through her microphone on her helmet, with tremendous effort Sh’laan called out, “A little help?

Parallel Universes - "What if?" / Re: Theurgy: What If...? Below Decks Lounge
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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | Holosuite 01| USS Theurgy] @AbsintheDeux @Dumedion @Juzzie @Dree

Zark didn't quite breathe a sigh of relief, but the sexual tension was definitely running high and as much as she'd tried to leave the ball in Reika's court, she was more interested in jumping the Shen's bones to be honest.  Still, Jeen's interruption was a little inopportune and the Zhen pouted a bit.  She grinned though at the display that Reika had given of her smooth legs and linked her arm around Kino's. "I'd be happy to Reika."  A hand gestured in an airy manner at the white haired Trill.  "This here is Kino Jeen, explosives Petty Officer extraordinaire.  If there's an obstacle in the way and you want to use straight line to get to your destination, you set her to making that straight line through all the impediments."  Zark gave Jeen a smile then took a sip of her sapphire coloured ale.

"She's also a smooth talker, and that comes from having and unfair number of lifetimes stuck inside her in the form of a symbiote. Technically it should give her an advantage in fisticuffs, but like my bruised self, she hasn't managed to best totally best our esteemed boss yet."  Zark shrugged since this was normal. "The closest we could get in an argument is who got closer to getting a tie."  The medic looked at Kino contemplatively for a moment as she rummaged through her memory. "Yeah, hard to say. I think you're technically ahead though. Was there that one time she sent you to sickbay with a broken nose?  I don't think you've been knocked out yet."

The Zhen continued grinning as she took a bigger sip of her drink. "I think we got carried away since I broke her nose that time." Zark rubbed the tip of her nose in embarrassment. "Anyway, that's not genial to the conversation about Kino here. " Zark turned her attention back to the Trill, but also sparing a glance to to see how Rhys was doing in his darts game.  "So, what have you been up to?"
Alternate Universe Stories / Hobbit Meals for a Day - A LB3 Drabble Saga
Last post by AbsintheDeux -
New crew, I've been mulling over. I cheated and made the base images for the crew with a cheap AI, but it helped me start to visualize the characters. You can check out the image I made here. Please keep in mind it's very rough and not worthy of any real critique.

The basic pitch is as follows: Outpost LB3, lovingly called Lebowski, is a supply beacon located near the neutral zone with the Klingon Empire. It has a small crew of 6; A Commanding Officer, 2 Communications Officers, An Engineering Chief, and 2 Technicians. It is a dull and nearly pointless posting, but every once in a while something interesting happens! It is set in the rising tensions right between seasons 4 and 5 of DS9 (so 2372 for you nerds).

- Hobbit Meals for a Day -

1 - Breakfast Coffee

Captain Ryana LaCrosse stepped onto the tiny bridge holding two cups of coffee. “You’re up early.”

“Got a receiver down and I want to get it up before noon,” Crew Cheif Jonathan McHowle replied looking up.

“Sounds like you’ve got a busy day,” Ryana said walking over to him and holding out a cup.

Here? Busy? Nah, I have a day in which I have something to do, so that’s a bonus.” Jonathan gladly took the offered beverage.

“You make it sound like this is a boring posting,” Ryana snorted in laughter.

What? Me? Say that?” Jonathan replied sardonically. “Never!”

2 - Second Breakfast Croissant

“Right, we have a receiver down, so we have a volunteer to go on a spacewalk,” Jonathan said walking up and clapping his two young technicians on the shoulders.

2nd Tech Mikey Howard and 1st Tech Heather Jovanka looked away nervously.

“Okay, sounds like you both get to do it!” Jonathan exclaimed and shoved a box of croissants at them. “Eat up!”

That’s not fair!” Heather complained taking a croissant.

You’ve got to be kidding!” Mikey said in between bites of pastry.

“Safer this way. Glad you had the idea!” Jonathan chuckled.

The two humphed and ate in angry silence.

3 - Static for Elevensies

“Anything new to report?” Ryana said walking over to the comm officer.

Taikutsushita Hana looked up. He was called Taiku by the crew, for somewhat obvious reasons. “She is quiet today, only humming her sad song...”

“Does she really sound sad today?” Ryana asked.

“Only in that she sings of longing and fulfillment,” Taiku replied.

“You hear all that on those things?”

“One hears many things when one listens for them,” Taiku imparted wanly.

“If you hear her sing of any Klingons in the area, you let me know, okay?” Ryana nodded and turned.

“I most certainly will,” Taiku intoned.

4 - Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch

“Was it really that bad?” Charlie asked grabbing her tray and turning to look at the only other woman on the outpost her age.

“He hummed the whole time!” Heather huffed and grabbed her tray.

Hummed?” Charlie asked looking for a place to sit.

“With the comm line open.” Heather quickly found an open spot and sat.

“And what did you do?” Charlie asked as she followed.

“Well, nothing, but I’m telling you, if he had kept humming a minute longer, I tell you what, I would do it.”

“You would do what?” Charlie asked quietly.

Heather muttered, “Well, something.”

5 - A Drop of Afternoon Tea

Ryana sat down in her tiny quarters with a steaming cup.

"Computer, begin recording," she said calmly taking a sip of her tea.

"Dear Dad,

"I know there was a lot of hope I'd get a better command than this, but let's face it, any command is something that looks good on a record form.

"And it's only for a few more rotations.

"Very little is going on out here. We're lucky if we see freighter a week come by. But I have a good crew, a little odd, but what else can you expect?"

She leaned back and smiled.

6 - A Typical Family Dinner

"Can you not do that?" Heather scowled.

"Do what?" Mikey complained.

"You're humming again."

Mikey retorted. "Am I not allowed to hum?"

"You know what?" Heather snapped.

"Children, peace!" Jonathan interjected, holding up three containers of steaming food. "I've got takeout."

"Why do I have to work with such a twerp?" Heather asked as she took her food.

Mikey took his and gave her a look. "Why do I have to work with such a bit-"

"Hey! No! We're a family here!" Jonathan said sternly. "Like all families, we didn't choose the one we got, but it's still our family."

7 - Soup for Supper

"Soup again?" Charlie asked walking up to the table.

"There a four hundred types of soup in that dispenser, I have had a different soup every evening and not sampled half of them," Taiku replied not looking up from his bowl.

"So... A long way left to go?" Charlie took a seat.

"A very long way," Taiku replied and at last looked up. "I see you are having dessert for supper again."

"Hey, it's nutrient enriched, it's not terrible for me," Charlie shot back.

"You should try soup."

Charlie shrugged. "Make me a chicken soup mousse and I just might."

8 - A Bite Before Bed

Jonathan was on the observation deck absently looking out at the stars when Ryana found him.

"Did you get it all accomplished?" Ryana inquired as she walked over to him.

"What all?" Jonathan asked turning to face her.

"All that you set out to do today," Ryana pressed gently.

"Oh, that? Yeah, I got it all done," Jonathan nodded.

"That's good," Ryana hummed softly. "Got big plans tomorrow?"

"Same thing I do every day," replied a shrugging Jonathan.


Jonathan smirked. "Keep her royal highness's castle from springing a leak."

Ryana could not help but smile, at least a little.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 16 [2200hrs] A shore for shore leave
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[ PO2 Kythalie Benmual | Holodeck | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus

"I can imagine that the humidity could prove to be challenging for non amphibians." Kythalie answered after giving it a brief moment of thought. This of course didn't sway the curiosity of knowing more about Sarresh's home world. A planet she hadn't heard of before and by default hadn't visited.

In the meanwhile Sarresh made the option of what they'd be doing next quite clear. Getting redressed for a hike wasn't on the top of his mind and Kythalie secretly had hoped to enjoy a swim in the waters. The man chose that option and his gaze went unnoticed by her as he took in the swell of her breasts for the briefest of moments. Kythalie followed him with her eyes as he came closer and passed her as he made his way to light waves that ebbed back and forth. She turned to follow in his footsteps, watching his footprints in the sand as they left a trail for her to follow. Her eyes moved over Sarresh's body, taking in his physique yet at the same time wondering how it must've felt for the man to be in this body. To be within a form that wasn't his natural self.

It would be a conversation to have at a later date. Not during R&R for sure. She followed a good five steps behind him and when they reached the water, she closed her eyes for a second as the warm feeling water enveloped her toes, ankles and chins. She strode further into the water and once the water reached her tummy, she dove in to refresh herself entirely. Lazily, she swam a little deeper and kept aware of where Sarresh was.

"The water feels great no?" She smiled, the composition of the Betazed oceans was similar to Earth, though it held less salt. If one were to accidently gulp in some water, it wouldn't taste as salty like Earth's seawater. It still had that salty tinge to it, yet one could drink it and not end up vomiting it out a few hours later.
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Ch 2: S [D01 | 1642hrs] The Spare Tire
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[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Cockpit | Wolf-4 | Space, near Conclave Convoy] Attn: @rae @Havenborn 
Shadow ran.

There was no hesitation; no time to think - no time for anything but action. All the self-doubt and fear, evaporated from her mind in an instant. She flew by rote, by muscle memory blended into desperate instinct; faster than she ever dreamed – body and ship pushed beyond anything she ever dared – because death was literally on her six, trying to bludgeon its way through her shields and rip her ship to shreds. Whatever the bogey was, it wasn’t wasting time with energy weapons or missiles. Sparks flew from an overloaded relay over her shoulder as the shields screeched under the kinetic impact of the things armored tentacles, drowning out Anahi’s monotonous warning: “Shields falling to 29 percent – failure imminent.”

“Four, evading!” Shadow cried out, unsure if anyone could even read her; only distorted, static filled noise filled her helm. “Somebody get this fucking thing off me!”

Talia clenched her entire body, breath pitched into strained grunts under the G’s while she rolled under, around, and over transport after transport in a blur – trying to clear the convoy. Several ships had warped off to who-knew-where; Shadow didn’t care – she just had to get clear, to gain some space to fight and fire – away from so much collateral damage. After the hull of one of the largest ships fell away, she flipped the fighter over on its side and yanked the stick back to her chest, aiming the Valkyrie’s nose to open space.

But then everything shook so hard Shadow had to grip the stick with both hands.It hammered into her again, and again – each strike somehow more powerful than the last in a devastating series of impacts. While Talia struggled to outrun it, power fluctuations rippled through the cockpit, consoles flickered out of time, then synced and stabilized.

In her helm, all Shadow could hear was her own heart pounding in between ragged breaths. She weaved in and out of turns, bank after bank, roll after roll, trying everything and anything to lose it. Dark eyes narrowed in absolute focus, fingers raced across a console dominated by yellow and red warnings; power relays were engaged, flows altered to force new life flowed into her shields taken from auxiliary and secondary systems. Both hands flew to the stick an instant later, and Talia rolled again, harder, into a looped corkscrew – while flares exploded into life in her wake, hoping the distraction would shake the chrome bogie off. While the void spun around her, a glance behind forced a hissed curse out of her gritted teeth: it was still right there – dozens of metaled claws spread to shred into her ship – like something out of a deep-sea nightmare.

But she had cleared the convoy.

While the last transports streaked off into warp, a pulsed stream of phaser fire lit up the void behind bogey like flares in darkness – Talia couldn’t tell who was shooting, but the fact that they had opened fire was all she needed to know.

“Four, re-engaging,” Shadow called out again. “Rear phasers,” the pilot groaned and banked away, “lock and fire!” Lances of orange-colored fire streamed out, the energy beams painting her canopy in flashes of flame.

Shadow didn’t wait to see if they hit – she banked again, cut thrust, then spun her ship around like a top. Two hundred meters. It might as well have been right on top of her: Talia’s finger squeezed the trigger the instant the HUD’s targeting reticle touched it's outstretched tentacles, firing everything.

But nothing happened.

A silver-metallic blur raced past her canopy through a haze of blue-white energy as her shields absorbed even more punishment.

Talia hissed a stream of curses, throttled up and rolled to pursue. “Weapons to manual,” she growled, disengaging audible control; something she should have done the instant she had engaged – but hadn’t. There wasn’t time to stop and bitch herself out about it: a flare of white-hot light forced a wince as someone scored a torp hit, which caused the thing to tumble off askew; Talia pitched up and around, trying to gain a lock. She watched it recover an instant later, trailing a few limp and broken tentacles. Soon as her HUD flickered red, Shadow opened up, adding more streaks of fire into the void.

Off her port wing, she saw another Valkyrie align with her in a blur of motion; diving into firing position. Talia fired again, an attempt to drive the metallic bastard into their firing arc: pulses of fire-orange energy struck home then flew wide as the bogie rolled into the angle of attack, impossible for anything biological to live through. Out of the corner of her eye, Shadow watched as the Valkyrie boosted ahead rolled up and over her, mid-turn, through her fire; an impossible, perfectly timed and executed maneuver – but also the craziest shit she had ever seen. Despite the fact that it was indeed a mk. III, and she’d seen the smoking wreck of Javert’s bird seconds before – the IFF ident on her HUD erased all doubt about who the pilot was.

Fuck me, old man can fly!

“You're lead, Janus,” Talia breathed out, cut her thrust and rolled onto his wing; a scissor maneuver that mimicked his earlier stunt, without the crazy added in for flavor. Static answered her in a distorted wash, but Shadow could just make out his voice; the EM flash must have screwed up her transmitter somehow. There was nothing for it though – coms would have to wait, which left Shadow flying her heart out just trying to keep up with him; Janus would open up with his pulse phasers to box the bandit in, which allowed Shadow to hammer it with a salvo of micro-torps – then the pair would switch positions on the fly.

Tracking it was hell – it kept shifting in and out of target lock – it’s metallic hull phased in and out of visual, like a fluctuating cloaking device. Sparks of energy arced from it with every hit, but it wasn’t showing any signs of actual damage. Worse, the coiled tendrils that trailed behind it seemed to be absorbing everything they threw at it.

“Four, in the blind,” Talia’s voice strained while she maneuvered, hoping Janus and the rest could hear her. “If anyone has any ideas how to kill this thing, now would be a great time!” Of course as soon as she said that, the damn thing flipped itself over and decided to launch itself directly at them, covered in blue-white lightning that danced across its chromed hull as it surged forward in a menacing blur of mechanical threat. Talia banked hard to port and lost sight of Janus as it rolled between them and vanished.

“No joy, no joy,” Shadow called out as her eyes searched the void, then re-oriented and leveled out off Janus’ port wing. Taking advantage of the lull, still panting and dripping cold sweat, she released the death grip off the throttle to begin emergency repairs – but felt her entire body trembling. “Keep it together,” she breathed out, then started working to restore her coms.

[Lilioqoan, Director of the Oaarian Arkship]

“Data received; analyzing,” it’s machine voiced rasped as the Conclave ships leapt off into warp. The Oaarian Arkship drifted along sedately, too preoccupied with the mysterious attacker, and determined to aid in its destruction if necessary. “Chronometric particles detected; confirmed. Processing.”

The giant jelly-fish-like bulk of its form was clouded with trillions of sub-dermal pinpricks of multi-colored light while it processed the incoming data streamed from the Conclave’s new-found allies. If it were possible for such a creature to appear anxious – with no discernable face, or expressive features at all – it certainly would be. Tendrils thrashed and coiled around it, manipulating the bio-electric interface of it’s fluid-filled globe in a frenzy. Data fed conclusions, yet those conclusions violated rationality; Oaarians were the scientific backbone of the Conclave – utterly logical, unable to comprehend anything beyond the cold rationality of their reality – and yet, the data led to only one definitive outcome:

A drone, highly advanced beyond anything they had ever imagined, had gone rogue; severed from the collective consciousness – operating of its own will.

Impossible, it’s translucent skin flashed with bright red and orange flares of discord – unable to reconcile the evidence of its own logical process. Such a thing cannot be. But it was, and their allies needed to know what they were facing. Lilioqoan re-opened the coms channel as it began to feed power into the launch matrix of hundreds of loyal combat drones.

“Alert: analysis concluded – subject design and alloy composition verified. Base structure, behavior, and aggressive attack methodology confirmed. Subject comparison estimated at 78.789 percent; advise extreme caution – data suggests subject is Oaarian drone of unknown temporal displacement, most likely some centuries or millennia in the future. Aggressive behavior suggests it is intent on disruptive action against current time-line.” While it ‘spoke’, Lilioqoan simultaneously began to upload its vast accumulation of scientific knowledge to its sister Arks – the entirety of its species wisdom and genius – for preservation and service to the Conclave, should the worst consequences come to pass.

We will not suffer this abomination to exist, it decided. The fluid of Lilioqoan's artificial womb turned blood-crimson as it activated the Ark’s defensive systems, built in secret against the stipulations of its fellow Conclave directors.

“We stand ready to assist,” Lilioqoan’s machine voice droned, as the void around its vast Ark filled with hundreds of vastly smaller craft like a swarm of flies; each drone was barely two meters long, silver-hulled, and armed with a single cutting beam and proximity charge. The mass of them flowed around the Ark’s hull in a nauseating blur of synchronization – bound to Lilioqoan’s control.

[The Drone]

It registered damage and initiated repairs; mission parameters had altered in the wake of the unknown and unanticipated arrival of additional hostiles. These had proven more difficult to eliminate and threatened its primary directive – which was unacceptable. Success/failure ratios were calculated; threat assessments concluded. The desired outcome of mission completion overruled all other priorities; It would prosecute its primary directive immediately: The Creator must be eradicated.

Cloaked in a bubble of dark energy, It sent out a sub-space screech of scrap-code that severed the Creator’s will from its distant kin, enslaving the primitive reflections of itself. These It willed out in all directions to deal with the remaining defenders – each tendril several dozens strong, more than enough to eliminate their threat. With the Creator's ship rendered completely vulnerable, It shed the bubble of void energy like a cocoon, which cracked apart like a crystal orb of dark glass, and leapt onto the hull of the Oaarian Ark – every clawed tendril splayed wide – to tear it apart.

OOC: Our number of targets has increased a bit. Each ship (3 Valks, 1 Runabout) now has ~40 or so little drones to worry about, not to mention Chromie is now really pissed off, and taking it out on big papa squiddy. Cheers, have fun :)
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 6 [ 1300hrs. ] Let's Get Physical
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[ Lieutenant Elro Kobol | Hirek's Quarters | Deck 17 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz I think a fade to black situation would be a great end this thread ;)

Elro laughed at the implication that the wine would be the cause of any debauchery that suddenly happened between them. Like either of them wouldn't embrace the effects wholeheartedly. He smirked at Hirek a few times the two made eye contact during their eating. Mostly during swallowing and not the actual eating which Elro was glad for, the mix of food and pleasure is not something he knew how to merge with any degree of sensuality.

Though a few times tongue swirling and lip licking had been swapped between the two men at times when using the cutlery, Elro seemed to be getting better at the flirting side of things. Soon things got quiet then Hirek asked why Elro had become a healer, it was pretty much his entire life since his parents were healers and so felt like an obligation. Or maybe it was that he found the medical subjects interesting enough as a few did plug into Sciences. He'd probably be into Sciences if not Medical. It was hard to see his life in other directions then it was now.

He mulled over the question and truly many Betazoids do go into psychology since empathy and or telepathy are a great asset for such a career. Perhaps that did play a somewhat unconscious factor in his family going into medical fields. He couldn't say for sure. "I'm glad to hear your parents didn't force any direction on you, I don't think I was able to be anything else but a Healer. My parents are healers and so I've always been exposed to all things Medical my whole life. My extrasensory abilities were one of those highly observed cases and so I guess I wanted to learn all about everything biological." Elro spoke as he stared at his plate, not really focusing on the plate but off in memory.

After a moment he looked up, he smiled. "I had a talent for it and so after the Dominion War and losses I threw myself into the career more to help me deal with the pain. I'm proud of what I have accomplished and glad I could save those I did." Elro frowned but it disappeared as he stared at Hirek. "Perhaps when all things are done and said I might look into doing something else." He laughed and smiled again. "Afterall you did just that, you're a bioengineer now from a spy, well officially I guess which is like your dream profession right? So anything is possible. I may just have to borrow you for a few chemistry projects in the future."

Elro leaned back in his chair after a few more mouthfuls of his meal and he sighed, contently filled. Well only for now that is, soon a new hunger will probably be back in full force, aided by the wine of course.
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