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Ch 5 S [D01|1800] Off Duty, On Duty...It's Complicated

[ Lt. JG Ashley Kerina | Krocton Segment | Ki Baratan | Romulus | Romulan Star Empire ] Attn:  [Show/Hide]

Sitting on the Romulan homeworld now for what was it now? A month? Two? Ashley couldn't be sure. She'd managed to stay off the radar as she traversed around but she did get some stares on occasion for her green complexion. Romulans while accepting were also xenophobic she'd learned on her journey into the stars. That and her time on the various ships she'd encountered their people. Especially during the Dominion War. Although they seemed more open to other specific when off world, she did stand out by quite a bit.

Keeping her combadge hidden beneath her tunic, she continued to a little shop to eat before heading to the unification movement to further inquire about her real parents. One she'd heard rumors and information about from her adoptive parents that they members of this same group. At least her father was.

Doing a great deal of reading up on them and Ambassador Spock caused her to be highly interested in the concept of the great and proud Romulans despite being happy she was raised where she was. But part of her wondered how different it might have all been had she been raised among her own people.

Part of her missed her Starfleet comrades and their drive to explore. Kerina didn't entirely hate this experience but it cause her to realize maybe a starship was home after all.

Finally arriving at her stop, she ordered a standard Romulan soup and thanked the woman at the counter before heading to a standing table. No doubt designed to provide them with straighter backs and the lack of slouching that humans were typically in common practice of. It was hot, red and smelled delicious. Her eyes closed as she took a sip of the soup before blowing on it and tasting it in it's entirety.

Glancing around, the surroundings were interesting but she still didn't fully understand the culture. Sure she'd managed to get around and visit some of their museums, and agricultural facilities, but it wasn't quite what she was looking for. Recently she'd discovered the unification movement and was supposed to meet someone here. As she continued to eat, a man appeared in a stately manner.

Makul S'Hauen, a Romulan in the movement walked up to the table, hands clasped behind his back as he approached. "What is your purpose for visiting?"

"Ahh, I am looking for information. And to learn more about our shared culture." She said while brushing the hair from her ears and touching the tips of her green ears with her fingers. Signaling she meant the Romulans and Vulcans.

"Very well miss. I believe you can learn that from the muse..."

Placing her hand up she quieted the thought. "I've already been there. And while I found it interesting, I think I'd like something underground." Smiling sweetly with a wink back at the man.

"And you are?"

"I'm Kerina."

"Ms. Kerina, if you would follow me please." He waved with his arm towards the direction of the unification location with a slight tilt of his head.

Muttering under her breath as she took her leave of her dish. "Okay Ash. Here we go..." Acknowledging the man she looked spoke louder. "Very well. Lead the way."

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[ Lt. JG Ashley Kerina | Krocton Segment | Ki Baratan | Romulus | Romulan Star Empire ] Attn:  [Show/Hide]

Ashley navigated the dark terrain through the tunnel system as they dodged low hanging debris and other damaged walls from the appearance of lack of use. She grew curious wondering if she may meet her real parents or not. But she hadn't expected that in the slightest yet at least. Her mind wandered as she thought of the whole reunification movement and wasn't sure if the rumors of it were true. She knew of Spock and his role with it and with the Federation over the past century but again, not sure if he too was present.

Finally emerging on the inside, she was scanned and allowed entrance. One of the officers glanced at another briefly which she took note of as she entered with the Romulan male. "We are here Kerina. Take a few moments as we bring a representative to you."

The man faded into another tunnel system as she wandered once more, taking interest in the cave, and the individuals within who gave her a glance here or there. She was used to this type of attention however and paid no attention to those glancing at her Romulan ears and Orion skin. She was fortunate to have inherited brownish, auburn hair instead of the traditional straight black from both her cultures. Likely a genetic mutation at the blended cultures. She didn't have to wait much longer before an individual in a gray tunic appeared, and lacked the forehead ridges of most Romulans in this region of the planet. His voice was deep, even toned and seemed to know have his curiousity piqued.

"You must be Kerina." The man paused with his hands behind his back. "I, am Ambassador Spock. And I knew your parents." He finished causing her to glance in surprise.

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