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Chapter 4: When you wish upon a star [ Day 1 | 1400 ]

[ Barpin qi Erudite | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] @Brutus  @RyeTanker  @ob2lander961  @Tae  @Eden  @Sqweloookle  @Griff  @Griffinsummoner  @Eirual

Barpin stood at the entrance to the aerodrome, observing how the Theurgy crew handled the transition into the jump. The drive installed on their own ship was passing fair, in Barpin’s opinion, but still nothing compared to what they had onboard the Erudite. While the officer on duty of the aerodrome, Tachgin, had given a succinct explanation of when each vessel would depart and what the crew could do in the meantime, that was only in connection to those crewmen leaving on the Apache and Allegiant. Barpin had been assigned as liaison with the Theurgy crew, who would remain onboard, traveling with them all the way to Hobus where they would challenge the Scions directly.

It was just as unsettling now as it always had been, this schism in the ranks of his people. This…civil war. The Infested had marred the perfection of the Code and would continue to be warped and twisted until they could finish this conflict once and for all. Barpin did not relish what was to come. Many would be lost who had never truly understood the underlying machinations of the Infested. There were so many among those they were about to confront who could be labeled as ignorant and blind, and it pained Barpin that they likely would not be allowed to “see the light” before they were destroyed as collateral. Or, Barpin sighed, they would continue to live in ignorance, potentially taking a sense of accomplishment at having destroyed Barpin and the rest of the “rebels” should this mission fail.

The fighter craft assigned to their mission were loaded off to the sides of the aerodrome, not exactly in front or behind the larger craft that would be used for the other missions. They’d been loaded in such a way that if they needed to deploy the fighter craft in the process of getting to the drop-off coordinates, it would be easy enough to do so without having to maneuver the larger craft out of the way. Because of the potential length of time, their mission would encompass, the Theurgy crew who would stay onboard to Hobus were given berthing quarters in the habitation hall in the aft recreational district. Barpin had the list of who would berth where on his data padd but had yet to speak directly to any of the Theurgy crew. He didn’t know which of those mingling in the large aerodrome would remain on board and which were assigned to either the Allegiant or Apache. He knew that those remaining onboard had been given directions to seek him out at the entrance to the aft habitation hall to receive their berthing assignments, so he waited. Waiting was one of his least favorite things to do, but such was his life at this point.

Notes: As Brutus is GM of this chapter, he will go first. This is an opening chapter to get things going, so everyone involved in Ch 4 Hobus mission should post at least once to establish their character onboard and in motion. Now that this chapter is in motion, you may refer to the calendar here ( and remember to make threads like this Ch # S  [ Day #  | Time  ] Title for supplemental threads.

Official NPC’s needing assistance getting onboard are: Ida zh'Wann, Nara Nueva, Sorek Morgan, and Amissa. GM’s indicated earlier that if you are maneuvering an NPC, try to stick to NPC’s in your own department. I’d suggest you take a gander at the other NPC’s that can be deemed useful for cannon fodder once things go south on the facility here: And for the record, all NPC’s are open for maiming and/or killing as long as it fits the story objectives and the narrative, and you ask nicely (TL;DR: ask the GM before you maim/kill a Theurgy-based NPC). If you have questions regarding this, please let any of the GM’s know.

Also, for funsies, there is a list of serious and silly in-game “side quest” prompts that you can opt-in for to add to the fun and mayhem of the game. These prompts are considered “private,” so once you have your prompt, only you and the GM will know, and it’ll be your task to work it into the story to earn the credit. Successfully working four or more private prompts into the game during the chapter will earn 1 token.

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[Ens. Faye Lint ah Eloi-Danvers | Aerodrome of the Erudite] Attn: @RyeTanker @ob2lander961 @Tae @Eden @Eirual @Sqweloookle @Griffinsummoner @Griff 

Not for the first time, as she watched the others milling about, various officers and crew scrambling to get aboard their assigned starships, Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers, Diplomatic Attache assigned to the USS Theurgy wondered, just what the hell was doing here, and what particular deity she had so egregiously offended to have her stuck aboard the Savi Precept-class vessel. A vessel currently maneuvering into position to drop off two support craft from the Theurgy, each with their own critical missions, before doing whatever it was you called it when a ship went into the nauseating swirling tunnel that was Slipstream, and spat itself out around a star deep in Romulan space that was, if she understood the briefing she'd been given, going to go Supernova in the very near future, thanks to machinations by other Savi under the control of their diabolical Scion masters.

"Exactly the tricky kind of situation where a diplomat could be the tipping point," Faye muttered to herself in a decent approximation of her commanding officers voice, bobbing her head slightly as she did with a scowl on her face. She watched two Andorian's touching base as the first of the support craft rose up off the deck, angling for its departure vector. She recognized each, both Lt. zh'Wann, and Lt. zh'Ptrell. The former was a one woman army and the later was...well. Faye almost blushed, remembering just what Zark was capable of. At least there's someone on this mission I know well enough to trust. Even if it's her fault I'm out here.

After all, Zark had been the one to certify her as fit for duty in regard to Away missions. After throwing her around the Security wing of the Theurgy, quite literally, as part of the security fitness test she'd been ordered to undergo. Lt. Madsen had been almost eager to inform Faye that her performance and the review that the combat medic had written up had been the deciding factor in assigning her to this particular mission. She was sure this was nothing but thinly veiled revenge for how Faye had begun to pry into certain off-duty activities of her superior. Wasn't her fault her boss went and ...well. She shouldn't think of that now.

Right now she had to deal with bottling up the notion that she was so very much out of her depths. She started to pace, making her way towards her duffle bag, which was in a pile with most of the other limited personal gear those that would be staying aboard the Erudite for this mission had brought along. She saw a few Savi enter the oversized shuttle bay, making their way towards the assembled Starfleet officers in some official looking capacity and sighed. She supposed that the best she could do was liaison between their hosts and the rest of the crew. Because it wasn't like Faye was all that well versed in combat tactics and warfare stratagem. That was what Ida was here for.

"Unless they need someone to teach them how to drop rocks on unsuspecting combatants," she mused, as she plopped her ass down on her bag and draped her arms over her knees, watching as the Savi approached the two Andorian women. Faye could feel mild spikes of anxiety coming from some of the assembled Starfleet personnel, and over top of that a sharp spike of...Fear? Anger?. The emotional shard was so jarring that it caused her head to snap back around. Feelings that strong, that they broke through the everyday barriers that she kept in place were a problem.

"Ah, shit," she whispered the curse she'd caught her mother using more than once growing up. Not that there was any visible sign of it, but she as certain that the momentary emotional turmoil, ruthlessly stomped down on, came from Lt. zh'Wann. That's going to complicate things she mused, just as the Savi came to a stop, drawing the gaze of pretty much everyone else in the room.

"I am Barpin qi Erudite. Which of you is to be in charge of the contingent remaining aboard. I admit I am not well versed in your ranking structure. I am to escort you to your berthings for the duration of this mission."

OOC: right kiddos, have fun talking to the Savi!

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[ Lt. JG Callax Valin | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn: @Tae @Brutus @RyeTanker @ob2lander961 @Eirual @Sqweloookle @Griff
"I am Barpin qi Erudite. Which of you is to be in charge of the contingent remaining aboard. I admit I am not well versed in your ranking structure. I am to escort you to your berthings for the duration of this mission."

Not me, Callax thought with satisfaction as the Savi introduced themselves to the Starfleet contingent on board the Erudite. While he made no secret in his desire to become a full lieutenant, this was one of those rare occasions where he was glad others in attendance outranked him. Simply put – Savi creeped him out. There were plenty of weird aliens serving in Starfleet, of course, and none of those particularly bothered him; but, something about the Savi just made him feel off and uncomfortable.

Standing towards the rear of the group, he wore his Lone Wolf jacket over the white collared duty uniform of his department. Hands casually resting in his jacket pockets, he cast a wide gaze across the aerodrome taking in the various points of interest. The Starfleet vessels were all there as was the mix of flight deck equipment that all hangar bays and aerodromes had in common. One point of interest in particular drew his attention.

A subtle gesture from Emerald caught his attention and he followed her gaze. She had noticed the same thing he had – a section of the aerodrome where several Initiator-class Interceptors were docked. They shared knowing looks and hid mischievous grins that Corsair would likely have caught onto if he were standing nearby.

Nobody had said they couldn’t just happen to walk past the advanced Savi stealth fighters en route to their own fighters. After all, it was such a large ship and so easy to get lost in or sidetracked on that surely they could not be held at fault if they wandered off the most direct routes to their destination. Was it strictly forbidden? Who was to say? Tachgin probably but mistakes happened all the time. Cal was certainly not one to cause an incident, but when a shiny foreign fighter craft was sitting in tantalizingly close proximity, any self-respecting pilot would be hard pressed to resist the urge to learn more.

Hoping Corsair had caught on, Cal leaned his head to the side and spoke in a hushed tone for just his flight element to hear. “Once we receive our berthings, we should return to check on the Valkyries.” By the way the Ardanan emphasized that final word, it was rather obvious he meant more than just an inspection of their own ships.

Emerald smirked and winked dangerously. It was in situations like these he was glad Starfleet had enforced pheromone inhibitors for active duty Orions. He suspected just the prospect of danger might have put her in a mood that others would find difficult to resist had pheromones come into play. Not him though. He was her flight leader and that put her strictly in the off-limits category for a slew of reasons. Besides, he had more particular and discerning tastes.

Shaking his head mirthfully, he returned his attention to the group and Savi that had addressed them.

OOC: Amissa (Emerald) introduced.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Aerodrome of the Erudite]

@Brutus @ob2lander961 @Eirual @Griff @Griffinsummoner @Tae @Sqweloookle

Lieutenant Zark had been, to use the wonderful human phrase, as busy as a beaver for the last several days.  With the ship coming out of refit, she had been taking the time to prep as much of the crew for the coming trials and taking unabashed advantage of the heart of the Klingon Military Industrial Complex to stockpile munitions and other gear.  She'd just finished supervising the loading of a large number of pallets containing everything from combat rations, to medical supplies, to additional pieces of equipment that made things go boom.  Looking at the PADD, she couldn't help but think. Just like on Kalandra.  Good thing Bobby, bless his departed soul, showed me the best way to deal with logistics. The medic used a stylus to write 'GRENADES' on some space tape, then attached it to a crate before marking it off on the manifest.  Giving the list a final go over, she nodded then signed off on and transmitted the list back to Theurgy.  It was hard to say if all record keeping was really necessary, but it wouldn't hurt to have the list just in case they had to do whatever it was they were going to be doing on this jaunt.

Taking a moment to look around, Zark took in the assorted crew and unconsciously smiled as her gaze passed over Faye and Alistair for very personal reasons that she was completely satisfied with.  The surprising one however was the other cold faced Andorian that was approaching her and Zark couldn't help but feel a little nervous as her nominal boss, Lieutenant Ida zh'Wann approached.  Truth be told, there was little reason now for the nervousness, but the Deputy's reputation still preceded her. It also didn't help that Zark had been on the receiving end of that reputation just a few days ago.  Zark snorted and grinned anyway as Ida approached since she'd gone down fighting and it had been a lot closer than the Deputy was willing to admit.  At least the vivacious medic had won the follow up, that was for sure.

"Lieutenant"  Lieutenant zh'Wann greeted. "Sir" Lieutenant Zark replied with equal coolness, though Zark couldn't help but lighten the situation by smiling.

The Deputy frowned at her capable and unruly subordinate.  "You're incorrigible Lieutenant, but where do we stand?"

Zark didn't have to read the list since she could and did recite it from memory as her face went impassive as she began to recall.  "We're ready to begin loading and I've confirmed that we have everything we discussed taking.  40 Phaser Rifles.  80 Phaser Pulse Pistols with holsters, 800 power packs for the rifles, 400 for the pistols, five days rations for 50 people, 200 grenades of varying types, 30 sets of tactical vests, 24 security exosuits including the ones we're wearing now..........." the list went on and on and on as Ida mentally checked each item off against her own list and nodded along.  When the medic finished with 'a dozen medical kits'  Ida tapped her gauntleted arms to see if they were missing anything. "So, enough to start a small war?"  Zark's grin returned as she held up a hand and her index finger had a small gap from her thumb. "Just a tiny one."

Ida nodded her satisfaction despite the joke.  It never hurt to be prepared, especially with strife and potentiall bloodshed in the offing.  Tapping her armoured toe for a moment as she spun her mind to figure if they were missing anyone, Lt zh'Wann wondered for the umpteenth time if they were taking too much from the ship.  It wasn't the material aspect, but the personnel one.  Aside from herself, and Lieutenant Zark, they were also taking Ensign Dubois.  Arguably this mission was taking most of the ship's ground combat leadership and that was worrisome.  The fact that Zark had also managed to snag Chief Marcaida was also a good thing for the mission. The Deputy shook her head to clear her wool gathering and her vision settled on the other Zhen for just a moment to see her casting glances around and pausing on grumpy looking humanoid. "Control yourself Lieutenant."

Zark pouted then smiled back. "I promise to be good sir." Ida was sure she was going to be anything but. Still she was highly capable, so the other Zhen could have her foibles.

The musings were cut short when she heard a presence approaching and turned to see the grey being with large eyes and it took a great deal of her discipline to throttle the flare of passionate dislike. "I am Barpin qi Erudite. Which of you is to be in charge of the contingent remaining aboard. I admit I am not well versed in your ranking structure. I am to escort you to your berthings for the duration of this mission." the Savi greeted as he came to a stop. Ida took a few breaths to steady herself as her nostrils flared. Truth be told, if she hadn't took time to relieve her frustrations with Zark, she'd likely have taken a more aggressive stance. Instead, she looked around and spotted the muscular bald human, a Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt.  Technically since the two of them were of equal rank, command was joint, but Ida felt that since the mission was more technical than combat, Lieutenant Leavitt should be in charge while Security focused on keeping everyone else alive. They had four teams to do so, amounting to 24 security personnel.  A goodly chunk. Leaving Zark to her own devices, Ida gently grabbed the humans arm and led him to the Savi so he could sort out the details and help clear up anything else that got missed.

Lieutenant Zark in the mean time tossed her PADD onto one of the crates and was going to go pester Alistair for a bit, but seeing her actual boss go grab him first, she decided other wise.  Chief Marcaida was directing the loading under Ensign Dubois' supervision, so there was little left for her to do. Spotting Faye, it gave her an idea as she made her way over to one of the crates and double checked the manifest.  Popping it open, she dug though the pile of armoured vests till she saw the one with Eloi-Danvers on the plate and pulled it out then resealed the case. 

After having an encounters with another Betazoid, Zark had a better understanding of the telepathic senses of the species, so she dredged up a memory of their time together and gleefully projected a sense of salacious mischief at the diplomat if nothing else to get her out of the funk she seemed to be in.

Being in an exosuit made it hard to sashay her way over, so the Andorian just went over and settled herself on a crate next to the tanned diplomat. "Hey there gorgeous, I come bearing the latest in personal protective fashion. Taking a moment lay the vest next to Faye, her voice changed to gently concern as she crossed her arms over her armoured legs and leaned in.  "Aside from this though, how are you holding up?"

Space Tape = The all singing all dancing, Starfleet improved 24th century version of duct tape. Patches holes in space, resistant to micrometerite impacts, extreme pressures and temperatures. Can be used near stars and the void between stars. Can make space suits in a pinch.

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[ENS Mia Dunne | Aerodrome of the Erudite ]
ATTN: @Brutus @RyeTanker @ob2lander @Tae @Eden  @Sqweloookle @Griff @Griffinsummoner 

“Well, isn’t this fun… Not,” Ensign Dunne thought to herself as she lugged both her duffle bag and a rather large sciences kit into what she could only assume was a flight deck on the Savi vessel. Looking around it was obvious that the Wolves were checking out the Savi craft from afar. Mia didn’t care one way or another, as long as they did not expect her to get into one of those things, or any fighter for that matter.

It seemed odd that she was part of this team. After all, she wasn’t a combat pilot, or a combat anything. Just looking around at the Theurgy crew’s supplies gave her pause. Armor suits. Weapons. Explosive Ordinance. You name it, they brought it along. And of course the Valkyries.

She sat on top of the science gear box. Her duffle at her feet as she realized she had sort of segregated herself. She wasn’t alone, per se, but there was a definite gap between her and those who seemed ready to go to battle.  Her attention was caught by a Savi walking towards the more consolidated group of her shipmates.

"I am Barpin qi Erudite. Which of you is to be in charge of the contingent remaining aboard. I admit I am not well versed in your ranking structure. I am to escort you to your berthings for the duration of this mission."

“Umm, excuse me,” Mia said quietly, “Are we all being berthed together? Because while I am a crewmember of the Theurgy, I am in a totally different department. And I am a little nervous about being around all those weapons and stuff. And I tend to keep working on theories well past normal shifts, which might be… umm,” She glanced around at her shipmates nervously, “Well, they might not take it to well.”

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[Ens Victor "Corsair" vanVinter] Aerodrome of the Erudite] ATTN: @Brutus @RyeTanker @ob2lander961 @Eden @Sqweloookle @Griff @Griffinsummoner @Eirual

Unlike Callax, Victor was already in his Exosuit, with his helmet tucked neatly at his side. It might be uncomfortable to wear for days straight, but it was better than having something go wrong and losing favorite clothing or even the fancy jacket that Callax was wearing. Still, he paid attention to the greetings and questions from their Savi mission commander. Victor was comfortably the lowest ranking save for the redheaded Scientist with a Crewman tab on her collar. So he'd do little more than pay attention to his flight leader and keep an ear open.

He spotted Zark with the rest of the security team and raised a hand to have at her. "Hey there, blue, we get through this one. I'll owe you two drinks. Hell, I still owe you one for my antics on Qo'nos." Victor cast her a rogue grin, though there was a look of honest respect in his gaze, not just the sheer ridiculous humor he gave most people. He honestly wanted to survive this mission so they could finally have that drink.

The rogue grin that Callax gave on seeing the Savi fighters just had Victor shaking his head. However, he did smirk, letting the gesture distort the horrorshow that was his face, the only part of his body that remained heavily scarred since his transition to finally becoming a pilot. The look Callax gave him, and Emerald had him slightly worried.

"I know, they're pretty, but don't even think about trying to fly one of those things. It might be cool someday, sir, but let's do our best to keep from needing to use one of those." As it was, Victor had a deep and abiding love for the Valkyrie Mark 3s for all that he'd had a slight hand in their final design. Still, though, the tall man had a bit of worry about him, flying deep into Romulan territory to do god knows what while he and the other pilots provided cover. There was a feeling deep in his gut that Victor didn't enjoy having. He always tried to look on the bright side, but today, it was different for him.

Still, Victor had a small kitbag with him, not that there was much in it, a spare uniform he'd grabbed, and toiletries, nothing irreplaceable. An actual berth would be nice, but he didn't hold his breath that it would be used too much. So he prepared to be shown to his cot, slab, or whatever the Savi had for him, still casting a wary gaze at his flight mates.

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[ Lieutenant Elro Kobol | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn: @Tae @Eirual @RyeTanker @Eden @Brutus @Ellen Fitz @Griff @Griffinsummoner

It was unsettling being aboard the Savi vessel, especially after knowing that some Savi were responsible for altering members of their crew. Elro felt so overwhelmed by their medical knowledge and technology that he couldn't completely undo their manipulations. He was sure most of his fellow Medical officers had similar feelings.

While it was a grand opportunity to learn as much as he could about their knowledge and technology, he had doubts they'd willingly share it. Another issue which he realized was he might not fully comprehend any of it, he didn't know his telepathy would help him in any way. He wasn't even sure he could understand their thoughts much less pick up on them.

He wasn't quite willing to try, for it might put the mission and the alliance at stake for simply wanting to find out. Elro doubled his efforts on keeping his mental barriers maintained, though allowed anything that was little more than a surface thought enter just in case. Especially should his fellow crew attempt covert communications, perhaps he could be used as a relay along with...

A spike of Fear and Anger alongside his, Elro sensed and could tell that Faye did so as well. Likely left over from the experiments and alterations other Savi conducted prior to this alliance he concluded after the Savi 'Captain' addressed them. "I am Barpin qi Erudite. Which of you is to be in charge of the contingent remaining aboard. I admit I am not well versed in your ranking structure. I am to escort you to your berthings for the duration of this mission."

He received interesting musings from Ensign Faye Eloi-Danvers at that moment, the Diplomatic Attache, regarding her knowledge of combat and tactics, the other Betazoid in the room was a comfort to Elro as they had multiple telepaths that could help with discretion. Should the Theurgy crew need it, Elro was happy to oblige.

Elro 'heard' Callax's 'not me' a second after Faye's musings and smiled as he shared the pilot's 'creeped out' reaction to the Savi. They have a mythical quality to them and not the good kind.Then came the discussion between zh'Wann and Zark, Elro wasn't quite sure what it was about but watched nonetheless. The banter was refreshing and enjoyable which helped distract him from their current situation, location and company.

Afterwards Ensign Dunne voiced a good question as Elro wondered about the same thing the moment Barpin mentioned berthings but it's not like the Savi could alter their vessel's interior to appease the Starfleet living style, though he waited to hear Barpin's response to it. There was also the issue of privacy as well, hopefully that will be accommodated for.

He stepped up to Barpin and smiled. "Hello, thank you for letting us join you on this mission. As Chief Medical Officer of the Theurgy, I must inquire that may we count on your medical equipment and expertise for our injuries during the mission?" Elro questioned firmly but friendly.
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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn. @RyeTanker @ob2lander961 @Tae e @Eden en @Eirual ual @Sqweloookle eloookle @Griffinsummoner


The Erudite's aerodrome was a huge space, but even so, in one area reserved for the Savi's allies, it was full of activity. Dozens upon dozens of people milled about, almost all wearing Starfleet uniforms or armour. The various brightly-painted Federation shuttlecraft and fighters made a stark contrast to the dark Savi decor, as did the enormous Allegiant, which dominated the area. It had taken a good half hour to dock the various craft and beam everyone over, but now, it was all done. The Theurgy had already separated, with two vectors speeding towards the Neutral Zone while the final vector, the Helmet, prepared for its own departure.

Alistair, feeling very small in that moment, wished that he could see the Helmet, but the aerodrome's doors had been closed in preparation for flight. Enyd was aboard the Helmet, as was Natalie and a half dozen other friends whom he'd met over the past weeks. Seeing the Theurgy one last time would've been nice. To say goodbye.

After all, ever since being given the mission brief, Alistair had begun to seriously doubt that he would live out the day. He had been living on borrowed time for a while now; surviving the horror on Betazed, surviving the nightmare on the Eclipse, surviving the madness on Praxis. Mounting a desperate raid on a heavily defended Savi space station, a raid that he was in charge of, was surely a step too far. That would explain the incredible morning sex with Enyd and Zark. It was the universe's way of sending him out on a high.

Among the crowd, Alistair frowned, recognising the poisonous nature of his thoughts, and took some deliberate breaths. There was work to do. Fretting over his own survival was a minor concern compared to the billions of lives that depended on this mission, or the dozens of lives that he was directly responsible for. Panic later. Work now.

"I am Barpin qi Erudite. Which of you is to be in charge of the contingent remaining aboard. I admit I am not well versed in your ranking structure. I am to escort you to your berthings for the duration of this mission."

With a resigned sigh, Alistair turned to head to the Savi, only for Ida to grab his arm and lead him there faster. Seeing that she was in a foul mood, he decided to not object. Two people had already asked Barpin questions before he and Ida arrived, making Alistair wince in sympathy at the Savi's discomfort. He clearly had very little experience talking to aliens.

"Excuse me," he said firmly, raising a hand as he stepped up inbetween the others, "I'm Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt, temporal specialist. I'm in command of the mission to Hobus." A terrible idea if there ever was one, although he didn't voice it. "This is Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann, in charge of the tactical element. Now, uh..." he turned to the blonde woman in science blue with a kind smile, "Ensign, I don't like weapons either, and I appreciate your concern for disturbing others, but we'll just have to get by, okay? We should be arriving at Hobus in six hours, so I don't think that sleep shifts will be a big problem. I'll help you figure out a solution as needed, I promise."

With that, Alistair turned to Elro, projecting confidence that was very much unlike his usual self. "Doctor, I've already checked over the details about medical treatment in the mission brief. Our...uh..." he glanced at Barpin in askance, searching for the right word, "our hosts will assist with life-threatening injuries only, and even then, only with their own doctors. They're worried about exposing more of their technology to less advanced civilisations, a bit like how we are with the Prime Directive. For non-critical injuries, I'm afraid that you'll have to make do with the supplies that we brought with us until we get back to the Theurgy."

Alistair glanced at Barpin. "Have I got that right?"

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn: @Griff @RyeTanker @Sqweloookle @oberonfrost @Griffinsummoner @Tae @Eden @Eirual 
Barpin qi Erudite

It seemed that the species represented by the crew of the Theurgy had a tendency to jump over one another to address a superior life form in a position of authority, or so Barpin concluded based on the evidence before him, as more than one of the primates (they were mostly primates, he noted absently) shuffled forward for attention, each with their own query. Never mind that the liaison has specifically requested the person in charge. Perhaps his studies were wrong, and these Starfleeters practices some form of militarized anarchy? One of the blue skinned ones with the antenna broke off from the other, who seemed to be gathering up yet another primate - human, he reminded himself, they preferred to be called humans, not primates - and ushering him over. His bulbous head bobbed about as he tried to look in three different directions at once.

A female of the species with straw colored hair clamored up for his authority on the subject of berthing's, and he opened his mouth to inform her that they would all be sequestered together in the smallest confines that were reasonable to still provide sufficient room to move about and not feel like experimental subjects in a cage (this of course, to limit their exposure to advanced technology, and the rest of the crew of the Erudite to the exposure of such limited beings, when a male hu- no, this was one of the telepathic races of the lesser species, a Betazoid - chime in.

Barpin parsed the mans words, and frowned, understanding where he was coming from. All doctors shared certain base traits, primarily that of a desire for the best care they could acquire for their charges. In that aspect at least, this creature shared some similarities with the medical staff of the Erudite. Feeling something akin to the surprise and unease one of these self same primitives' might feel when discovering they shared a similar outlook on a matter with that of an ant, the Savi Liaison again opened his mouth to respond, only for another interruption.

This time it was the balding male human that had been ushered over in part by the blue-skinned one - Andorian - who stood at his side. This one asserted his own position of authority and promptly dealt with the questions that had up to that point been lobbied at Barpin.  With a mixture of resentment and relief, Barpin focused his attention on this...Lieutenant Leavitt. Affecting one of the gestures he had observed to be common place with the humanoids, Barpin slowly dipped his head forward, held the position for a moment, and then pulled it back, resuming his full height and proper posture. He believed they called that, a 'nod.'

"That assessment is accurate. You will all be housed together for the duration of your stay aboard. Accommodations have been provisioned based on the aggregate needs of your collected species. In an effort to reduce potential downstream contamination of your people's natural progression, you will all be housed together in secluded, secured quarters. Your dislike of weaponry is irrelevant to the situation." This last comment was directed to the female 'ensign' that had raised an objection on some nebulous moral grounds, if Barpin followed. If he did not follow, he did not care.

Understanding their need to mutual cooperation, Barpin added, to the self-identified doctor, "It is commendable that you seek out our services. We will intervene to save lives, as that is in both of our mutual interests. But just as you have your Prime directive, we have ours as well." Ending that there, and glad that the telepath would not be able to sense his own thoughts, he turned to the bald man.

"Lieutenant, you will contain your personnel's inquisitive nature for the duration of this mission. This is for their safety. We will need to work closely to deal with the situation upon arrival at Hobus and we will require some of your underlings to be present when we observe the details on hand once in system.  IF they have needs that must be addressed prior to this, they are to b ring them to you. You are to bring them to me. Any further immediate questions will be addressed now Otherwise you will gather those personnel remaining aboard for the journey to Hobus and follow me to your temporary accommodations."

At the same time, Faye was hit by an awareness of someone else skimming across her thoughts. The mental touch was both familiar and not, at the same time, and Faye sent a welcoming salutation back along to her fellow Betazoid.  She wasn't terribly familiar with the doctor, beyond a few passing encounters, but at the same time the small reminder of the openness of her home culture was refreshing, in such an utterly alien environment.

That momentary contact was pushed away by a much more targeted and downright salacious presence making itself known on approach. Not quite a full telepathic exchange in the fashion that Faye would have been able to indulge in with a member of her own species (such as Dr. Kobol), but a valiant attempt from the approaching Andorian all the same. It spoke of a passing understanding of the capabilities of her own species and an attempt to make herself known to Faye before coming up upon the diplomat. Smiling wanly, she turned to watch Zark clunk over in that metallic armored suit that the Security section of the Theurgy was so fond of these days, and watched as the other woman set a tactical vest on the decking next to Faye.

Gathering up the armored garment, Faye looked up as the Andorian settled in next to her. "If this is what passes for fashion these days, I think I'd rather just go nude." She paused, and then amended her statement. "Okay, poor comparison. I almost always prefer to go nude when I can. Far more freeing and entirely inappropriate for the situation on hand. I feel more like myself already."

That last bit was said deadpan, a jab at her own attitude of the moment as much as the situation she found herself in. Still, the Andorian combat medic's presence was a welcome one, both in that moment, the proximity of a friendly face and welcoming emotional presence, as well as in the overall sense that Zark was a proven factor in an equation full of unknown variables laid out before them. Faye had first hand experience of both Zark's tactical prowess, having been thrown about by the Andorian, who had then run her through a series of increasingly grueling combat traning scenarios, as well as knoweldge of her medical skills. After the tune up and control exercises Zark had put Faye through, the latter felt far more comfortable using her mechanical hand for tasks that required a certain level of precision that she had been struggling with before.

Being intimately aware of how talented those hands of hers are when it comes to more enticing engagements is just a bonus, the diplomat mused. The wane smile still on her face, she answered the question that had been asked. "Better now that you're here, of course. But I'm mostly feeling as if I am something of a third wheel in all of this. Our mission is almost an even mix of tactically applied violence and the kind of science required to stop a star from going supernova early. Our hosts need our advice in combat tactics and infiltration. They don't have much need for a junior diplomat. I worry I'm just going to be in the way."

If she couldn't be honest with someone who had both kicked her ass, and thoroughly licked it in the recent past, who could she open up to?

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[ENS Mia Dunne | Aerodrome of the Erudite ]

Mia  listened  the Chief Medical officer also made a request of the Savi. Before Barpin could respond, two officers moved forward, one apparently being dragged by the other. Mia watched as Alistair introduced himself and the lieutenant to the Savi representative. Her first thought was why the hell was a temporal specialist in charge of this mission her second thought was and what the hell am I doing here? She had been hoping for a response from the Savi on her question but instead was pretty much chastised for her opinion on weapons and her ‘concern’ for her departmental concerns. She felt her face heat up, not from anger so much as from embarrassment of being dressed down in front of everyone. But she did learn one thing at least. They were headed to Hobus and would not be staying on the Savi vessel for more than six hours. After that she really was still in the dark.

But at least she wasn’t the only one that got a ‘talking’ to. Alistar also gave the CMO an answer. If Mia had been the CMO she might not have liked the answer about not being there to treat more seriously wounded due to the Savi’s fear of divulging any of their medical ‘secrets’. Once the team leader finished, Barpin actually answered her question. 

As a scientist she could understand the concern of contaminating the ‘Natural Progression’ of a species. But by her way of thinking they Savi had already done that a few times, considering it was the Savi technology and medical lifesaving knowledge that had allowed them to get her out of stasis in the first place. She was personally a bit miffed at the accommodations being based on the congregate of the collected species, and weapons were not considered. Secluded and secured quarters sounded like being in prison to her. She just hoped the congregate shelter was sufficient for them to have just a bit of space so they were not on top of each other all the time. While six hours sounded like a short amount of time, it could seem like an eternity if they could barely move without stepping on each other.

Mia sighed as they were told, or rather Leavitt was told to, for lack of a better term, muzzle the crew in the future. The Savi then instructed them to gather those remaining on board for Hobus. Which made Mia wonder who else was on the Savi vessel that wasn’t going all the way. Well, that was actually none of her business, so she just let it slide.

She only had to concern herself with one other thing at the moment, and so she looked at Alistair, “Excuse me Lieutenant Leavitt, are we to bring all of our equipment into this segregated housing as well? " She motioned to her rather bulky supply crate,  "Because, quite honestly, If they don’t trust us enough to share technology or knowledge, I certainly don’t trust them enough to leave my science gear somewhere I can’t keep an eye on it!” She purposely gave Berpin a side glance that relayed her ire.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn. @RyeTanker @ob2lander961 @Tae@Eden @Eirual @Sqweloookle @Griffinsummoner @Brutus 


"Ensign," Alistair said sharply, fixing the scientist with a hard look, surprising himself with his temper. "That's enough. The Savi are our allies, and we will treat them as such. Am I understood?" Waiting for her to answer, he then sighed, immediately regretting his outburst. "We'll leave most of our gear here or on the shuttles, except whatever we need to bring with us. There's no sense carrying it all back and forth. We'll need continuous access to this area to prepare for the mission, so our hosts will be granting us a path between this bay and our accommodations."

He looked at Barpin in askance, and the Savi irritably made a hand gesture that Alistair interpreted as acceptance. He glanced at Ida with unease, powerfully tempted to ask her to take over, but that niggling sense of responsibility could not be ignored. Instead, Alistair looked out at the crowd of Starfleeters and tapped his combadge.

"All personnel assigned to the Hobus mission," he said, wincing as his voice echoed from dozens of combadges at once, "report to the main entrance of the aerodrome immediately, directly aft of the shuttlecraft Rosalind Franklin."

With that, there was nothing to do but wait as various people trickled in to join the growing group. It quickly became apparent that most of them were security personnel, distinctive and sleek in their exosuits, as were the four fighter pilots. Others, the 'mission specialists', were distinctive for just wearing their normal uniforms. Alistair knew some of their names from the rushed briefing. Faye Eloi-Danvers, diplomat, Elro Kobol, doctor, Callax Valin, commanding the fighters, Mia Dunne, xenoanthropology. It only occurred to Alistair then that the tempestuous blonde was surely Mia.

Something else quickly became obvious: confusion was everywhere. Some people knew what was coming, but most of them clearly didn't. It was easy enough to figure out which was which; the ones who knew were either stoic or, like Alistair, resisting the urge to throw up. "We need to tell them," he said to Ida, then sighed, closed his eyes and braced himself for the inevitable. After glancing around, he found a supply crate and clambered atop it, receiving a few baffled looks from the two nearby security officers.

"Attention, attention!" he called out, hating how feeble his shout sounded, but it silenced the crowd regardless. There had to be at least twenty of them on the Hobus mission, maybe even thirty, including a sizeable chunk of the Theurgy's security department. Alistair's voice carried easily in the vast aerodrome, which was a blessing, at least. "Okay, everyone, I know that mission prep for Hobus has been a bit...well, very rushed, so I'm going to clear some things up, alright? I'm Lieutenant Leavitt, in command of this mission. Over there," (he gestured at Ida) "is Lieutenant zh'Wann, running the tactical element."

Alistair hesitated, searching for the words. "We'll have plenty of time before we arrive to get into details, but the important bit is this: the Infested Savi, the Scions, are trying to make the Hobus star go supernova. If they succeed, the blast will destroy dozens of worlds, including Romulus. Within a week, more than twenty billion people will be dead." Alistair took a breath. "We're going to stop them. No matter what it takes, no matter what it costs, we will stop them. There will be no option to retreat or abandon the mission, no matter what happens. If you aren't..." he trailed off, cleared his throat and began again. "If you don't think that you can handle that, then you all have the option of staying here. This is a volunteer mission only. If you choose not to go, you have six hours to tell me or Lieutenant zh'Wann. There'll be no reprecussions for staying behind."

After giving everyone a moment to process, Alistair spoke again. "Our Savi allies are helping us, and they'll fight alongside us, so please treat them with every courtesy. Do not access any of their technology without permission, minimise contact with the Savi, and do not wander outside the assigned areas. Any concerns or requests should be made to me or Lieutenant zh'Wann, and we'll pass them on. Otherwise...uh..." he paused, frowned, then shrugged. "I think that's it? Yeah, that's everything. Barpin," (he gestured at the Savi) "will lead us to our accommodations."

With that, Alistair hopped off the crate and returned to Ida. "I don't know about you," he muttered under his breath, "but I really want to throw up now. That was horrible."

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[Lt ThanIda zh'Wann (Lt. zh'Wann) | Aerodrome of the Erudite]

@Brutus @ob2lander961 @Eirual @Griff @Griffinsummoner @Tae @Sqweloookle @Eden 

The hard faced security officer stood next the bald human and projected a cold wall to everyone as her sapphire eyes swept the motley assortment of personnel working to get themselves arranged.  A nod towards some of the armoured security personnel helped the process along with getting people chivied towards Lieutenant Leavitt.  She nodded mentally as the armoured figures made sure to be gentle with the unarmoured crew members as they gathered around. Listening to the team leader, the Andorian crossed her arms as she watched.  This was mainly to get a sense of people and their reaction to the news of what they were going to be doing.  There was trepidation and confusion all around and she felt sympathy for the ones like the diplomats, and the scientists.  She felt the pilots, security, and medical had it easy since they knew under what circumstances they were going into action, and their actions would be very direct.  The rest would have to figure something out as the mission progressed. 

When Lt. Leavitt finished, she gave him a nod of approval and a tight grin. "You did well Mr. Leavitt. Clear, consise, the point. Since we know very little, being honest has a certain confidence in itself."   Ida placed an armoured hand on his shoulder.  "Now just hold your lunch in to give the troops confidence and we'll be fine."  She patted his shoulder a couple of times before jumping on the crate.

"Excuse me. May I have your attention!"  Ida called out in a loud voice.  When she saw she had their attention, she folded her arms in front and her eyes settled on the smaller tanned woman with a red collar standing next to her mission exec. It took her a moment to recall her name. "As you can see, security has brought a great deal of equipment with us which we earnestly hope we don't have to use since it will mean your lives are in danger.  Ensign Eloi-Danvers will be getting the room assignments from our Savi hosts and letting us know which rooms we'll be staying in."  This was very likely going to be a surprise to the diplomat, but she'd just have to roll with it. "Security Officers will be coming by with tactical vests, utility belts, and issuing your weapons as well.  They'll be a standard type 2 phaser and a combat knife.  It's better to be prepared than be caught unprepared.  They'll also work on getting your equipment adjusted so it's comfortable on you."

Lt. zh'Wann paused for a moment as her eyes swept the group once more.  "While we do hope that nothing happens, if things go badly, remember your training and follow the instructions of the security personnel.  We want everyone coming home in once piece."  With that, Ida nodded and jumped off the make shift podium.

[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark)]

Zark was still smiling as Faye brought herself back to the usual prurient self, something much more preferable to the dark broodiness which she had been wallowing in before.  Having gotten to know Alistair a little better, she could see that he was nervous where as Ida was cool as a glacier.  She knew Alistair had a hidden core of strength though when the shit really hit the fan, it was just a matter of time till it came out, so not much to worry about there.  The medico did take a moment to quirk an eyebrow at Faye as the rooming assignment got dumped on her and she couldn't help but grin when Lt. zh'Wann informed everyone that Security would be doing the fitting of the armour and belts.  She leaned over to the side of Faye's head.  "I'll be gentle."  She breathily whispered into the Betazoid's ear then winked and turned her attention back to the rest of the truncated briefing.

When Ida stepped down, she turned to the smaller woman and gently placed her arms on the diplomat's shoulders and she smiled warmly. "Seriously though, you'll be fine and you're not a third wheel. I think you're one of the most important people we have on the mission.  I can use violence to solve a situation, but that's always a short term solution for a very narrow cause."  The Andorian paused for a second to let the Betazoid absorb that. "You on the other hand have the power of words and ideas. That. Is what moves fates.  If we get into the crapper out there, it'll be up to you and that delectably talented tongue of yours to get the Savi and anyone else who comes along to dig us out of trouble. Okay?" 

She didn't bother to wait for a response as she wrapped the tanned woman in an armoured hug then straightened up. "Now, we both have work to do." Leaning over, she spotted a grumpy looking blonde scientists. "And it looks like someone else also needs bucking up, so I'll catch up with you in a bit." Giving one last smile, Zark made her way over to Mia and gave her a quick greeting before guiding her to the piles of crates containing military gear. She'd let Mia run her mind to vent while she tried to figure out if they'd gotten her measurements right on the body armour.

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[ CM1 Nara Nueva | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] ATNN: @Brutus  @ob2lander961  @Eirual  @Griff  @Griffinsummoner  @Tae  @Sqweloookle @Eden

Nara knew to exhibit just enough physical manifestations of paying attention to keep the brass off her back so that she could conveniently get lost once the major announcements were done, and she was gifted a brief reprieve to spend time as she saw fit. There was so much to scan and so little time to do it in! The challenge was in not getting caught by the all-mighty, all-powerful Savi who would then tattle tale to their mission leads who would then put her on yet another report and make it that much more difficult to get out of the hole she'd ben thrust into by the powers that be who didn't take too kindly to being wrong when she was right. Having caught sight of a few of the pilots and other team members likewise eyeing up some of the Savi tech on the outskirts of the Aerodrome, Nara smirked. She may have some assistance in her efforts after all. Besides, for as teched-out as the Savi were, they were terrible at solving their own problems -- hence this whole civil war slash Infested issue and their need for Theurgy crew to literally fight their own battle for them. Rolling her eyes at the silliness of their allies, Nara continued to bide her time until she saw the perfect opening to act on.

[ Lt. JG. Sorek Morgan "Chaos" | Aerodrome of the Erudite ]

The natives were restless. And for once, it wasn't just his pack of wolves who were propagating that restless feeling. It seemed everyone who'd either been assigned to this mission or who'd walked into it willingly was exhibiting some semblance of restlessness. The reasons may vary, but everyone around him seemed to be vibrating with unexpressed energy. If this had been back on Theurgy, and they'd been given free time, Sorek might've suggested to some of the others to knock off some steam in a holo novel or a simulation of one of his favorite cave dives back on Thembes II. But they were relegated to whatever the Savi was willing to bestow upon them, and he highly doubted the aliens were as keen on physically inclined pastimes -- more likely, they got their rocks off by sitting back and judging everyone else not Savi.

Just a friendly reminder that the story prompts for this chapter are open. And like all the other chapter thread up currently, look to start the next major event later this week so try to get in your last posts on these threads so you can refocus your inner chaos making elsewhere. Cheers!

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn: @ob2lander961 @Ellen Fitz @Eirual @Griff @Tae  @Sqweloookle @Eden @RyeTanker  @Griffinsummoner
Barpin qi Erudite

Understanding that as a superior being it was up to him to set an example, Barpin stood tall, hands clasped behind his back, listening magnanimously to the balding human - Leavitt - as he instructed his crew to, put bluntly, behave. He nodded his head in the slow fashion he had adopted whenever the man said something he agreed with, and allowed his dark eyes to scan the assembled primitives. A part of him was irked that they needed the help of these creatures, but the truth was they did excel in certain facets, and he could not deny that, if not for their actions, the revelations of the changes to the Code, and the machinations of those creatures from beyond their prime reality that so infested the Scion council to the point of breaking the Savi to their will would have gone unknown. 

For that alone, they had his gratitude, and what patience he could spare. Slim though that was. 

The explanation of the issue at hand was sufficient enough, and in principle he agreed that it was unconscionable to allow the Hobus star to Nova at this time. The star would eventually destroy itself. All stars did. There was no true justification for rushing things. Should his counterparts wish to study the effects of the death of a star, there were plenty better, more isolated systems to conduct such experimentation. To do so in a situation that would destroy populated worlds was wasteful of the scientific possibilities of observing those worlds. (This of course was not even taking into account the desire of those infesting the Scion's to cause general mayhem - scientifically speaking it was appalling all on its own).

A small sigh escaped his lips as he realized he would have to speak with one of the other primitives about the rooming assignments. There might be a need for the survivors to have a place to rest, presuming their success in the mission ahead, and some might wish to...what did they call it? Nap? yes, that, nap on their way.  He noted the pause in statements from the two yellow collared officers, and looked out at the group. Reluctantly, he added his own voice back into the mix.

"Well said." That didn't hurt too much. "Once you have been issued your defensive garb, I will lead you to your berthing. As noted, you will be permitted passage between that location and this, and nowhere else aboard until such time that your presence is required at other locations, when we arrive at Hobus."

Barpin nodded again, feeling as if he had gotten an understanding of the gesture and its proper use.

Alistair and Ida were certainly capable of drawing everyone's attention, and Faye listened with more than passing interest in the disclosure that followed. Gee, no pressure, she thought, wanting nothing more than to be far, far away from the prospect of an exploding star. Then again, with stakes that high, how could she stay back? A frown marred her face. This mission was going to stuck, but there was nothing much she could do about it, other than put her best foot forward.

Having just reached that conclusion, the diplomat's head snapped up when she was informed that she would be handing out room assignments. Wait, what? she looked surprised, and then resigned. And after a moments consideration, amused. If it were up to her, she would be able to assign whomever she wanted to share a room with her. That had promise, and her eyes darted to a certain Andorian. Still, there was every chance that their Savi hosts had already made assignments and she was just going to be the messenger, so there was no real cause to get her hopes up. 

I'll be able to put names to faces this way. That could be important later, she decided, focusing on the practical side of the equation. A mental impression of mirth passed over her as Zark leaned in from behind, murmuring words that sent a shiver down her spine.

"Tease," she muttered back. That was usually the role she took, and did not mind being on the receiving side of things, though she doubted that there would be an opportunity on this suicide run for that kind of thing. If they survived, however...

She let that thought settle away for the time being and felt Zark turning her around to face her, blue hands resting on her shoulders. Faye looked up at the other woman, her head tilting to the side as she listened to the Lieutenant explained the facts of life as it were, and more specifically, her role in the upcoming mission. She frowned in confusion at some of what was said, taken aback by the clear faith she heard - and sensed - from Zark in her abilities and just what she brought to the table. This surprised her, and she couldn't hold back the wave of emotion that rolled off of her, and the watery smile she flashed to the Andorian. Offering up a small chuckle, she nodded her head, and quietly said, "Okay. Thank you."

One did not need to be a telepath to hear the gratitude in her voice, and feel the appreciation the junior diplomat held for Zark in that moment. The words bolstered her, and meant quite a lot. She hugged Zark back, tightly, lamenting the armor that her friend wore, and took a step back, her smile more controlled this time. "Yes ma'am." 

Turning around, she watched Zark move off to the blonde that had been vocal earlier, and chuckled. She had nice curves, and for a moment Faye was tempted to catcall out to Zark and say something suitably inappropriate, but after that pep talk, she thought better of it. She'd save the brazen flirting for later. Instead, she went over to the Savi representative and spent the next few minutes in what she hoped was a polite exchange. She couldn't get a read on his thoughts or emotions, so it was hard to tell, and the Alien was so reserved that getting a fell for him through her other skills was...taxing. Still, he handed off the room list to her, and she began to flip through. 

Hmm. Interesting. Oh. ha, that'll be funny yeah, I'll leave that alone. But that ...nope, nope, they'll kill each other. Can't have that, she started fiddling with the list, before stepping up onto one of the crates like Ida had done earlier and waving the Padd up in the air. 

"Hear yee, hear yee, room assignments right this way. Form up as soon as you're ready to head out and get your room number. Line starts to the left."

OOC: I don't have an actual room list so feel free to have fun with this ;)

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   [Ens Victor "Corsair" vanVinter] Aerodrome of the Erudite] ATTN: @Brutus @RyeTanker @ob2lander961 @Eden @Sqweloookle @Griff @Griffinsummoner @Eirual

Victor stared at the Lieutenant, who had just said they would try to stop a supernova. Victor scanned the room, quickly searching for Enyd; nope, no joke, no prank, no diminutive bit of chaos incarnate. His eyebrows slowly rose and he stepped forward.

   "Stopping a Supernova is crazy as fuck, Lieutenant; you can count me in on this. Though if I get another prosthetic out of it, you can be sure I'll shove my shiny new metal foot up your ass for this." The words came as a distinctly Dutch-flavored drawl, with humor in his eyes and a ghastly smile twisting his scarred face into a horror show of melted flesh. Victor was in; he lived for this kind of stuff, so why not? What was one more crazy ride into the fires of hell? At least this time, it wasn't a date with Enyd, so there was a chance he'd make it out unscathed.

   There was much else to do, so he shrugged and turned to Eden since he was the ranking Flight officer on this little nightmare flight. "Lieutenant, after we're shown to our berths, I'd like to return here and ensure all of the birds are in working order. If someone's making a star go supernova, that takes resources, so I'm smelling combat. I don't want us to have sluggish thrusters or controls out there. Everything checked out before we left, as you know, but..." Victor trailed off, looking back at the fighters. This was his way of dealing with stress: working on the problem, making sure everything was perfect, and then trying to get some rest.

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[ Lieutenant Elro Kobol | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn: @Tae @Brutus @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Griff @Griffinsummoner @Eirual @Eden @ob2lander961

The projected confidence Elro picked up off Alistair was a slight concern, but Elro knew that he'd probably be in the same state if he had to lead a mission like this, so he smiled softly hoping to give the Temporal Specialist some moral support as he listened. It was good that the Savi would help save lives of his shipmates and he was more than capable of doing the rest, though he'd have to pack for most possibilities. He nodded to Alistair.

Though before he could respond Barpin spoke, Elro mentally cursed himself for not being more specific as it seemed his words were interpreted a different way then he wanted them to be. He nodded to the Savi in understanding and that's when he realised his fellow Betazoid, Faye, returned a salutation along the telepathic ping he had softly running. Elro made a quick glance over at her and made a half smile. He wanted to keep an 'eye' on everyone, who knew what would happen while they were on board the Savi vessel.

Elro turned back to Alistair after Barpin stepped away, ”Understood sir, and just to be clear I was only referring to our… Allies assistance in providing Medical services where I may not be able to. I apologise for not being specific.” He frowned. ”Perhaps not the term hosts,” he whispered to their mission leader with a wink, hopeful that he'd link the word with the galaxy state of affairs. A somewhat dark joke to lighten the mood, it felt odd but it seemed to him if one can't find humour in the darkness then all hope is lost.

Soon Barpin was pushing for all the Starfleet crew to now move to their accommodations for the short trip to Hobus, he heard Alistair shut down any further questions and comments to and about their Allies and called all those going to Hobus. Elro, being one of them, made his way over to the shuttle Rosalind Franklin. All those assigned arrived promptly. Alistair got to explaining their mission and that it is purely volunteer, too late for that now, Elro mused. He doubted the Savi would actually participate physically in their missions based on what he knew of their previous interactions.

Though considering they didn't know much about their destination it was hard to know what the plan of action would be in any great detail. Elro wished they had more information but he let that pass and listened to zh'Wann as the Andorian added explaining departmental responsibilities after the meeting regarding equipment and that the diplomat will be giving out the room assignments. He wondered who'd help him with his armour when the time came.

Before he knew it Faye was calling for everyone to follow her to the designated 'Aliens' area. So he after doing a last minute glance over at the medical supplies and gear made his way over. He heard one of the fighter pilots talk about supernovae being crazy and prosthetics as he walked from the shuttle.
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[ Lt. JG Callax Valin | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn: @Tae
"Lieutenant, after we're shown to our berths, I'd like to return here and ensure all of the birds are in working order. If someone's making a star go supernova, that takes resources, so I'm smelling combat. I don't want us to have sluggish thrusters or controls out there. Everything checked out before we left, as you know, but..." Victor trailed off.

“Do it, Corsair.” Cal said, himself also coming to terms with the expectation that they will be halting a supernova. “Who knows what this recycled air is doing to the birds.” He added knowing full well it was doing nothing. Still, he suspected there was another motive behind Victor’s request. As a former mechanic it was very possible that working on the ships was his way of dealing with stress and Cal was glad to give him the excuse to do it.

“I will be in the crew quarters. I am curious to see what the Savi consider to be homely.” Though he was talking quietly to Victor, his words could easily be overheard. “Let me know if they give you a difficult time. Especially if you just ever so mistakenly totally not on purpose manage to find yourself near a Savi fighter. Hypothetically, of course.”

He winked and joined Emerald and the others with their escort to the crew quarters.

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[ENS Mia Dunne | Aerodrome of the Erudite ]
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Mia looked about as unhappy as she could get. This whole mission sounded too crazy to be real. She still didn’t like that she felt like she was so out of her element. How the hell was she supposed to help stop these crazy infested Savi from blowing up a star. Her thoughts turned to what little she had learned since she was pulled out of stasis. Nope, nothing that she had learned was going to help here. And how the hell did anything she already know fit into all of this? It was downright insane, at least as far as her being useful, in her opinion.

She was standing  there, in all likelihood looking as though she wanted to throttle someone, and feeling like she was definitely on the wrong mission. Her arms crossed under her breasts as she stared daggers at the Mission lead.  Maybe he would realize she was so wrong for this mission and send her back to the Theurgy.

Her attention was drawn to a movement drawing close and she realized that Zark, in full gear, was approaching. She relaxed a bit, and greeted the Andorian woman, “Hey Zark. I am glad to see at least one person I know.“ After a few pleasantries Zark began helping her get her gear and while it was a bit snug, it at least allowed her some room to breathe. She still wasn’t sure why she needed the vest, since she was certain that someone would realize she shouldn’t be here and ship her off, or make sure she stayed ‘confined’ to the assigned ‘berth’ on the Savi Vessel. “Zark, I’m glad you are here. Maybe you can talk some sense into someone,” she said quietly to her friend, “Lord knows I can’t fight worth a damn, and while I might be in science, I know very little about stellar sciences which would be important to know. Don’t you agree?”

Mia sighed in resignation as she was distracted by a loud voice calling everyone over to get their berthing assignments, “I guess it’s too late to do anything about it anyway.” Moving over to where Faye was holding court, she stood in line to get her room. Looking up at Faye when it was her turn, “Hi Faye, did you have a room for me?”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn: @Eirual @RyeTanker @Griff @ob2lander961 @Tae @Eden @Sqweloookle 
Barpin qi Erudite

Intrinsically, Faye knew there would be time to panic over the scope of the mission later. She had been bolstered by Zark's faith in her abilities, and how she would have a role to play in the events that were to come. She had been dumped with the task assignments by Ida and Alistair, and while it was a bit of a hassle, at the same time, she appreciated having a duty to focus on. A job to complete. Plus she was having fun creating a little bit of controlled chaos with the room assignments. They were meandering toward the allotted containment area (she probably shouldn't think of it as containment, but in truth thats exactly what it was, containing the primitives) and people were forming a walking line behind her to get their rooms squared away.

Ahead of them, she could see the towering, alien form of Barpin qi Eruidite, their chaperon, doing his best to hold himself aloof as he lead the way. Content to let Alistair and Ida handle the party from the Theurgy the Savi liaison kept out of the conversations flowing about. Which suited Faye just fine. It suited Barpin just fine too. In fact, she imagined that this arrangement was preferred by just about everyone, from the folks mad at Barpin, to the people that she sensed were going to be engaging in a bit of discreet espionage over the next few hours. Nothing overt, and in theory nothing that would cause trouble.

Faye would pretend she knew nothing, and by refusing to probe as more than one eager companion stopped in with her for their berth, she could be fairly honest about it. OH no sir, I don't know anything at all about who went where and who did what and all the desires to learn more in the group, well, who can say who actually acted on them. Nope, sorry, nothing here for you. She giggled to herself, drawing a few looks, but flashed one of her more charming (and disarming) smiles, and waved the more curious on.

One of the officers in science blue approached, and Faye glanced behind the blonde, seeing Zark lingering near by. Mia Dunne, the name came to her, along with the sense of self that every person had. And this self is feeling conflicted I see. After Zark had finished boosting her spirits, she'd gone to do the same to Mia. Faye smiled, wondering if the Andorian had been as successful.

Turning her attention to the scientist, Faye put on that winning smile again, pretending as if this was nothing out of the ordinary. They weren't rushing off to try and stop a supernova by a race of aliens as far above them as they were above a particularly intelligent alligator. Nope. Nothing out of the ordinary, everything just fine. She was projecting pretty hard at that point and would probably have to give Dr. Kobol an apology later on as he likely picked up on it.

"Hi Mia," Faye kept her tone just shy of bubbly. "I have a list here." Up to that point, she'd been assigning rooms to whatever whim she felt. If someone asked to be paired with a particular compatriot, Faye tended to make it happen. There were a few that did not care, so she played...well, not quite match maker, exactly, but she did put people together where she thought it would be amusing, in whatever form that might be.

"I have a few open rooms at the moment, plenty of options. Was there someone you wanted to bunk up with in particular? I can tell you're feeling a bit stressed about all of this," she turned her voice down to a whisper, "Which, lets be real, so am I, because... well, everything, right?"

Returning to her regular tone she wrapped up with, "So if there was someone you wanted to bunk with and they aren't already assigned, I can make it happen."

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[ENS Mia Dunne | Aerodrome of the Erudite ]
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 Mia shrugged as she gave a quick glance around the room to see if there was anyone she knew. “Stressful is an understatement, but yeah because... everything. And to answer your question, I don’t know of anyone in particular that I want to share quarters with.” Mia’s shrug was more indicative of her own insecurities than any stress she may going through.
Another quick look around the room and then back to Faye, “Besides, it’s only six hours, or so we’ve been told, right? It’s not like I have to share a bunk for days on end. Just point me to a room so I can sit. As for the roommate, I’ll leave that up to you. But please, no crazy fighter jocks. I beg you.” Mia offered a small smile while she juggled all the personal protection gear she was carrying.

After getting her assigned room, Mia trudged down the hall with everyone else to find her berth. Once she entered, she was shocked by the extremely limited space being allocated for two people. The Savi might say they were their allies, but this would feel like torture if she had to be confined in here with another person for six hours. There was barely room to move around for one, never mind two people. Mia dumped her gear on top of the so-called bunk, which appeared to be nothing more than a shelf just wide enough to accommodate her frame. The seating, two very uncomfortable looking chairs were stuck into corners. A bare bulb gave the room it’s illumination. All in all, you couldn’t ask for much less!

She sighed and pulled off her jacket and tossed it over one of the chairs. She was sorely tempted to remove her bra for comfort’s sake but she would just have to deal with being restrained till later. Perhaps much, much later.

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix |Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn: @Eden  @Juzzie  @Brutus @ RyeTanker @Ellen Fitz @Eirual @Sqweloooklel @ Griff @Tael

Via stared intently at the weird alien fighter that was in front of her. Ever since she had been selected for this mission to work with these "Savvy" aliens whom she thought were anything but, Via had been absolutely weirded out. She couldn't quite explain it but the Edudite gave her a very uneasy feeling, whether that was because its design both exterior and interior was just so alien to her or she just didn't like the fact they had been messing with her stuff from the time she stepped onboard she didn't know. What she did know was that while it looked weird Via really really really wanted to get inside the Initiator-class Savi fighter she was 2 feet in front of. It was just her as far as she knew in that section of the aerodrome. The young pilot somehow wandered off from the main group a while back and went exploring for herself while listening to music and drinking an overcaffeinated energy drink while she did so. She was in her exosuit, hair tied in a messy bun as usual, with a curious look on her face.

"Ain't no one told me I can't." She said to herself as she approached the stealth fighter's hull and laid her metallic glove-covered hands on the smooth surface. A mechivious child-like gin covered her face but subsided when she realized Charles wasn't there to wine in her ears about doing the right thing. He was sick with the Targarrian flu. When Via saw him last he looked like a zombie from one of her holovids she almost felt bad. Without her RIO and any available replacements that weren't already on duty, Via was forced to be Wolf-16's sole member on this operation.

Via sighed at that thought again but quickly forgot about it when she had thought to scratch a small "starfeet wuz hear" under one of the wings of the stealth fighter as a little prank using her exosuit glove. Snickering as she did the young woman went ahead and did the deed but was alerted by a faint call for 'attention' back across the aerodome.

"Shit." she said audibly. Not wanting to miss out on whatever was finally happening (or getting abducted by aliens again) Via casually made her way back to the group of Starfleet officers, purposely not trying to draw attention to herself and sneak back in so they wouldn't notice she had left in the first place.

She arrived just when the group of Starfleet officers were being escorted out of the Aerodrome and to their quarters. Via situated herself in the back of the group, duffle bag and drink in hand looking bored. From where she was she could see a few familiar faces, and a few new ones too. Via hoped they wouldn't be too busy trying to manage everything to have some fun while they were there. If they were maybe the Savi had excellent booze she could grab off them to pass the time. Either way, Via was going to make the most of her stay here or die trying.

While they were walking the young pilot overheard someone talk about room assignments which made her eyes widen. Via practically rushed out to the front pushing people out of her way as she did until she reached the Betazoid Ensign who seemed to be in charge of the group.

"Put my ass with someone cool!" she said to Faye after cutting off whomever was actually up next. "I know how this dumbass thingie works. I ain't no cadet anymore I'm first this time! I wanna be with someone like uh...Zark or uh...I dunno my ass will take Corsair and his pirate ass. Don't put me with some dumbass egghead or somethin'."  Via paused and studied Faye's features a bit and squinted. Besides looking quite pretty the Betaozid had an air of familiarity to her that Via could not quite put on her tongue. It bothered her. "Does my ass know you some somewhere or somethin'? Your ass looks really familiar like..." she said placing her hands on her hips and judging her up and down.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Aerodrome of the Erudite]

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Lieutenant Zark felt somewhat better as she'd worked to try to bouy Mia's spirits.  To be honest, it was generally easier said then done since the security officer hadn't totally been paying attention to what Mia was going on about.  It wasn't the scientist's fault either, or if it was, it was indirect as Zark had been forced to spend more time and effort than anticipated in getting the blonde into her tactical vest.  She thought they'd gotten the measurements right when they were making the things, but it turned out to be slightly off, and since the vests were designed to survive the possibility of violent physical trauma, it did take some doing to get the things loosened enough so Mia wouldn't be sandwiched and suffocated. Still, it was nice to be appreciated for just being there and at least the utility belt hadn't required too much adjustment. Getting Mia to take the survival knife, well that was another story altogether.

This left Zark behind when fitting everyone else, but not too far, so the Andorian continued a pace while people made their way through the process.  A few had tried to duck the fitting, and been promptly dragged back. One quite reluctant human, a blonde that reminded the Andorian of Talia, had needed her personal attention.  This had come in the form of blocking the woman and staying just out of reach while making it plain she wasn't going anywhere till Security was done.

The process of issuing gear went on and on and on with Zark and other crew members pushing aside crates for stacking and maybe barricades. A familiar loud voice could be heard and the medic took a look to confirm that Via was indeed with the group. Since she didn't seem to realize what an indoor voice was, the medico grinned when she heard the pilot's preferences on roommates. The Andorian put down the crate she was working with and gave a pointed glance to the Betazoid to get her attention. This was followed by a focused sense of personal aggrievement. This negativity was quickly dropped as shit bit her lower lip and white eyebrows bobbed up and down quickly.

"Lietuenant, go check on Ensign Dubois.  She needs help with one of the fittings." came behind the Zhen in a mental splash of cold water hit as Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann walked passed towards the Betazoid.

[Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann (Lt. zh'Wann or Ida) | Aerodrome of the Erudite]

Lieutenant zh'Wann had also been stuck working to finish outfitting everyone, and thankfully, she hadn't run into too much in the way of complexity.  This had given her a chance to observe the crew at the same time.  The pilots were  small saving grace since they had their own flight suits on which were much more sophisticated, if somewhat less armoured versions of the security suit.   With tha time, she'd been able to observe the young diplomat make order out of chaos, while at the same time keeping an eye on the whereabouts of people who wandered around.  She was much too far away from one of the pilots who was standing close to a Savi fighter craft, but a quick nod and Crewman Lewis did shift his attention the petit pilot. 

Good thing he hadn't actually needed to restrain the Wolf, and she kept an eye out as she approached the Betazoid to make her opinion known.  Despite seeming aloof, Ida was well aware that Zark and Faye had slept together, more than once, and the Deputy was also aware that the diplomat could look to take advantage of the travel break to renew their acquaintance once again.  Noisily and messily for sure.  Thus came to the debate on whether to squash the diplomats ambitions.  Part of the quandry though was that Zark and Ida had also spent a very long night together, and the medic did seem to be more effective because of it.  Heck, she was honest enough to admit, she felt a lot better.

It all came down to a basic question. Should she let Zark and Faye indulge themselves?  She was still deciding when she walked passed the medic to remind her to keep working and still thought about it when she reached the diplomat. Ida fixed the Betazoid with her stare. "Keep the pilots together.  If they need to launch quickly, at least they'll be near each other.  I will stay with Ensign Dubois and carry on."  With those orders, Ida turned around and grinned as she headed in the direction of the rest of the Security staff.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn: @ob2lander961 @Eirual @RyeTanker @Tae @Sqweloookle @Eden @Griff 
Barpin qi Erudite

Offering Mia another one of those understanding smiles, Faye slipped further into her role of 'matchmaker' and chaos agent and started to flick through the available options. She pursed her lips for a bit, crossing out a few options for Mia. She'd asked not to be stuck with any of the pilots and Faye was happy enough to oblige. "Here, go on ahead and take room...22d-5c. No, i don't know how they came up with the naming convention," Faye added with a shrug. "Wasn't up to me. If it was it'd just be a,b,c,d," she glanced down, "Doulbe-D? Sorry, you probably get that joke a lot. Anyways, go take a load off. I promise, no crazy, no fighter jocks, and definitely no crazy fighter jocks."

She sent Mia off with her room number and the promise of a roommate that didn't suck, and had every intention of doing that. She'd just made the selection, and was talking to the next person in line, when chaos completely out of her control and not of her making descended upon the diplomat with all the subtly of a bull in a china shop. Via came in like a wrecking ball, shoving in front of the poor sod who had been next to Faye, and announcing to all the world her desires for a roommate. For half a second, Faye thought about giving the girl what she asked as quickly as she could in hopes that her tone would drop an octave or three, but first, that would be cruel to Zark, and secondly, Via shifted her focus from room assignments to Faye herself, getting in very close. 

Confused, Faye turned to try and look at her own ass, then leaned around to try and see Via's "Can't tell, too much clothing. I'm not sure if I've seen your ass before or not. I went naked on Aldea a few times so if you'd been thawed by that point you might have seen mine. I'd be impressed if you recognized it though." It took a bit of effort to keep a straight face through that. Faye could tell that the girl - Via she noted - wasn't actually talking about their rumps, but that Faye looked, well, like her. Or near enough that they could be related. But it was fun to get a little back after the audible assault to her ears.

"Honestly though, unless we were at the Academy together, I don't have any other idea. I'm all over the ship, so we could have passed each other a time or three. And I'll admit you've got a great look going on," she waved her hand up and down, indicating Via, with her padd in her other hand braced on her hip, almost mirroring the pilot, "But unless you've got some Betazoid in your family tree somewhere I think the similarities are just blind genetic luck."

She opened her mouth to say something else and caught sight of Zark, and nearly devolved into a fit of giggles. The Andorian got her pretty good, and she nearly cracked. Thankfully she mastered that before Ida zh'Wann reached her, and she stood a little straighter. "Lieutenant."

Something about the other Andorian's presence around her made Faye feel as if Ida could see right through her. Impressive for someone who wasn't telepathic, and doubly so to have that effect on Faye. She wasn't sure she liked it, and reigned in her impulsive nature. If only to set herself apart from Via, whom she wondered if impulse control was even an option for. Quick and to the point Ida made her proclamations and there was not much else Faye could say to it. She got the strangest feeling that she ought to be thanking Ida? "Understood Lieutenant. 

"Ensign Wix, I guess you're getting your wish. I'll see if Corsair is available to bunk with. Don't do anything I wouldn't do,"
she admonished, knowing that there was very little  she wouldn't do, but figuring that Via wouldn't have a clue about that. Which, given the reaction that Zark had to the notion of bunking with the energetic ensign, Faye decided to take advantage and book herself with the other Andorian in Security Gold. 

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Aerodrome of the Erudite]

@Brutus @ob2lander961 @Eirual @Griff @Griffinsummoner @Tae @Sqweloookle @Eden  @ob2lander961

LIeutenant Zark finished outfitting the final group, a batch of engineers who were going to back up the science and ops people in bypassing systems and creating fortifications as needed.  Most of them had taken to the armour and weapons the way the rest of the crew had, it was a strange foreign implement that was not their forte. The tactical types had taken it better since shooting and being shot at was part of their trade. The Andorian finished up and watched as Lt. zh'Wann issued final instruction on storage and separation of the gear. With a final instruction for everyone to relax as best they could, she helped to dismiss the crew.  The Zhen turned her attention towards Faye and was going to make her way over to see if she could distract the Betazoid, but the Ensign was swamped, and probably shouldn't be bothered. Too much.

Zark lifted up all her gear and walked over and stood next to the Ensign as she read off rooms.  Seeing there was barely enough room, the Andorian gently nudged Faye to the side so she could step up, then when she stepped up, she not so serriptitously placed herself somewhat behind so she could see over Faye's shoulder.  This was a good oppurtrtunity to peruse the list and place her head against the dark mop. Zark hummed idly as she gently brushed aside Faye's hand and scrolled through the list to see where their room's location.  While she could totally have used her eyes to scroll along, it was simply more fun to move her head up and down, while rubbing her head against Faye's and sharing the warmth between the two.  Finding what she was looking for, Zark pulled her head back and breathily whispered to the Betazoid. "See you soon."  

It wouldn't due to pinch her butt while leaving, so Zark simply jumped off and made her way out of the aerodrome.  Navigating the strange ship wasn't easy since they didn't follow any conventions for ship location identification that the Starfleet crew understood and she had to wait for a guide to come get the gaggle she was a part of. Next was the twisting, and turning through oddly shaped corridors that seemed bereft of easily recognizable identifying markers.  IT was just all so strange.  This added to a sense of unease which didn't quite abate when they entered the living area.  It seemed like a large drab mess hall, the likes of which she'd seen the last time Zark had to attend a Marine related course. There were rows of tables with a dozen chairs near each one.  Electronic alcoves were nearby, though the lighting was decidedly odd. "This is pleasant"   Lt. Zark remarked dryly and someone chuckled nervously next to her. Their Savi guide stopped. "Here is the common eating area. There are matter synthesizers in the alcoves from which you can order food. We used the information from your database and loaded it into the computers, so you can order items that your normally eat." A crewman raised his hand for attention "Are there any recreation facilities?" The Savi looked at him. "No.  There are data devices for you to select some pieces of your literature and videos.  I will now lead you to your sleeping spaces." Zark looked into the space once more and noticed a few people were sitting with some stuff in front of them, and they all seemed somewhat dejected as they stared at their trays, and the Andorian's antennae shot up at this as a bad feeling started to creep into her belly.

There were several rooms that Lieutenant Zark had to wait for till they arrived at here's and she was given a code to punch in.  The room didn't have much to recommend it and it certainly wouldn't have passed for guest quarters aboard any Starfleet vessel.  It looked more like a simple dorm; a pair of beds, some closet space and a couple of desks.  There was a matter synthesizer on one side, and another door that led to a refresher unit.  It wasn't much, but as far as troop quarters went, it wasn't bad either. Deciding it would be much better to be out of the room and being seen by the troops, Zark quickly organized her items then lifted up her arm to punch in a code into the built in console.  The system beeped and the back of her armour separated, allowing her to step out of the hard shell.  It was always a relief to get out of the equipment and be free to move without restraint. A short debate followed whether she should get out of her protective unitard, but she didn't see to much point of that and grabbed an equipment belt and some boots.  The Andorian quickly pulled her hair into a pony tail instead of the bun that she normally used inside her armour helmet and headed to the mess hall.

It seemed like several other people had the same idea as the hallway began filling up with bodies headed in the same direction. Others had lined up to get something as well and Zark joined one of the lines.  Looking around, the room still looked the same as the first time she saw it, but somehow it felt different.  She wasn't a telepath, but Security Officers were trained to examine people's behaviour and she paid closer attention to how everyone was walking.  Each one that went by seemed to be perplexed, or unhappy in some way.  It was soon apparent, this only happened to those that had walked away from the replicator and Lieutenant Zark's sinking feeling got worse as she got near the alcove and heard the person in front of her gasp, then curse at what she'd recieved. The Andorian was tall enough to look over her shoulder and her face scrunched up in disbelief as she was sure she was looking at a plate of pasta, except the noodles and sauce seemed to have taken on a grey-purple tinge. The crewman lifted the food up to her nose and gave it a sniff, then another one before walking away confused.  "It doesn't smell like anything, strange." she commented.  Zark sighed and steeled herself as she got to the alcove and braced herself for whatever shaped nutrient paste was going to be delivered to her.

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix |Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn: @Eden  @Juzzie  @Brutus @ RyeTanker @Ellen Fitz @Eirual @Sqweloooklel @ Griff @Tael

"Shitt...I dunno maybe." Via said in reply to Faye's explanation. Considering how her Mother was quite liberal with her sleeping habits and how she had never met her father, there may have actually been a chance there was Betazoid somewhere in Via's family tree. Not like she made any attempt to find out. Her medical records from before she join Starfleet were nonexistant in part of being born on a non Federation planet and being born into a crime family. Her actual father likely wasn't even registered with the Federation. Didn't stop the young pilot of considering the prospect. Maybe she had been part Betazoid the entire time.

"Hmm..." While Faye was distracted talking to Ida she squinted her eyes and tried very very very hard to read her mind. It almost look liked she was about to blow a blood vessel by the time Faye turned her attention back to her. Caught off guard Via promptly resigned her back to a "normal" state and pretended she wasn't just trying to see if she was telepathic.

"Huh? Oh! Fuck yeah!" she said with a child-like enthusiasm and sprinted beyond her, but not before looking back and stating "My ass totally wasn't readin' your mind by the way!" and turning the corner out of view

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