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Day 05 [14:00] Logical Strategy

[Lt. Cmdr. Hathev | Arboretum | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | U.S.S. Theurgy] Attn: @UltimaImperatrixia 

It might have been an illogical choice to depart Vector 2 for Vector 3 for little more than the simple reason of the ascetic of the Arboretum.  However as she walked, Hathev realized there had been at least one other reason- she preferred the environment to her quarters.  While it was not in her nature, or that of any Vulcan to get ‘stir crazy’ or experience ‘cabin fever’, Hathev had spent the better part of a week in her quarters convalescing.  She had hosted patient sessions and staff meetings in her quarters, taken her meals in her quarters and essentially lived in her quarters for going on four days straight.  The only time she had left her quarters was when she was due in Sickbay for follow up appointments and her daily dermal regeneration treatments.  Those were going well, and she suspected that within the next few days, that regimen would be complete.  The repair to her musculature would take a little more time, but even after four days she was already experiencing substantially less discomfort than she had before.

The change of scenery not withstanding, the Arboretum also permitted her an opportunity to walk.  Hathev  knew the value of exercise, even if it was little more than a brisk walk.  She often recommended it to her human patients.  For as resistant as most were to the act of a structured meditation to bring their minds into focus, she found it quite easy to provide other activities for her Human patients that would serve a similar, albeit less effective, purpose.  Hathev found herself considering the possibility that she might find more enjoyment out of her walks and a different kind of meditative focus herself now that her emotions were no longer fully in check.  Which presented it’s own level of consideration.

After her night with Cross, there was no longer any question as to the state of her emotional self.  That, however, did not clarify or evaluate the state of her logical abilities in the wake of all that had gone on. 

The Kal’Toh board in her hand would help her to determine that answer.

The Counselor had not had much opportunity to see or speak with Ensign Cir’Cie since she had come aboard.  It had been the ensign with whom Hathev had mind-melded in order to determine the veracity of the Captain’s claims about Starfleet and the infested.  At the time she had seen no evidence that Cir’Cie was concealing anything,  and she chose to accept that the crew of the Theurgy believed in what they were saying, even if it might not have been the actual face.  But during the time at Aldea, and the events of the recent days, any lingering doubts Hathev might have had about the objective truth of the matter, had been erased.

But in all that time, she had not properly reconnected with the Ensign, something she now considered an error on her part, one she needed to correct.

So Hathev was pleased…yes pleased when Ensign Cir’Cie had agreed to her invitation to the Arboretum for a game of Kal’Toh.

The last time she had been here, she had sat on the grass while she helped her gorn patient tend to the gardens.  She might have chosen to sit on the lawn once again, but such a setting was not appropriate for Kal’Toh.  Instead she found a small game table with seats on all sides.  She took her seat, and prepared the board for Cir’Cie’s arrival.

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[Ensign Cir'Cie | Arboretum | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | U.S.S. Theurgy]

The doors closest to the Hydroponics Bay would open and stepping out into the simulacrum of what was the closest thing the crew of the Theurgy had to a real outdoor environment, Holodecks excluded, Cir'Cie would promptly begin to make her way towards the section where the game tables were located within the large park like area.

Much like Hathev, Cir'Cie's own thoughts had been somewhat all over the place as of late, aside from her usual thoughts and self-doubts about her own dedication to the teachings of Surak, she had been finding the routine of things to be growing somewhat stale. Most of her days were comprised of tending to the same plants and going over the same notes in regards to her crop growth potential research. The one thing that kept her interest and piqued her imagination for untapped potential was the Niga. That same plant that had plagued her all those months ago was now a source of inspiration, and with Zephyr's work in her hands now, a number of vectors for study and possible exploitation had come to light.

It was something many a Vulcan yearned for after all - to seek knowledge in itself was a reward...but to crack open a Pandora's Box and master the chaos within and use it to benefit the many as opposed to just the was something Cir'Cie wanted to fully explore. She knew however not many, if any at all, onboard this ship would hear her viewpoints or understand her goals. Everyone was so enamored with the Federation...why they wanted to strive to save something that had clearly betrayed them and was still susceptible to parasitic take over, despite the precautions they learned from the Bluegill incident in the 2360's, she did not understand.

But that loyalty had cost many their lives and perhaps worse yet - their freedom. Being marooned on the Theurgy wasn't something she was particularly fond off...but moments like the one she was about to experience now - made it seem a bit more worthwhile in the long run.

She would approach the game table, carrying with her a small pot of Vulcan Spice Tea and two Steel made cups.

"Commander. It is most agreeable to see you here... I have not played Kal-Toh since my days in the Vulcn Science Institute... I hope to be a worthwhile opponent." she simply say, her voice carrying an acceptable level of emotional masking. Placing the teapot and cups to one side on one of the spare seats, she would then take her own seat directly opposite of the older woman and look at her intently with her piercing Jade Green eyes.

"I took some time the other day to make the Arbetorum a bit more presentable for our occasion here today. I hope it is pleasing to your eyes."

True to her word, the plants seemed more fertile and supple while the bushes had been trimmed to give them a more orderly look. It was clear that while Cir'Cie was an uncertain mess interms of her ideologies and feelings, she at least still kept and maintained an adherence to physical order.
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[Lt. Cmdr. Hathev | Arboretum | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | U.S.S. Theurgy] Attn: @UltimaImperatrixia‍ 

“Greetings, Ensign,” Hathev replied as Cir’Cie took her position at the board.  “It is indeed agreeable to see you as well.


The word sliced her like the Klingon’s weapons had just days ago.  Odd how after just a few days of acknowledging her newfound state of emotion, she had started to develop an understanding of just how other species saw vulcans.

“The arboretum grounds look well cared for.  I appreciate your effort.”

Was that so hard? 

Yes, though not as difficult as might have been in the past.

She met the young Vulcan’s eyes as she finished setting the game.  “It has been some time since I have played as well and recently I have come to suspect my logic may be flawed.  I suspect our game will be interesting to say the least.”

She shifted in her seat, seeking a more comfortable position before they began their game.  With everything going on, Hathev had not realized that she had been missing one critically important aspect of her life..socializing.  She had her patients, and she interacted with the crew as her duties demanded, but by in large she had not chosen to socialize outside of that context.  He had Cross, of course, but she had disturbingly few individual upon whom she could call outside of a professional context.

Perhaps Cir’Cie might become one of those for her, as she might become one for Cir’Cie.

“I regret, that we have not had cause to meet like this sooner, Ensign,” she conceded.

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[Ensign Cir'Cie | Arboretum | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | U.S.S. Theurgy]

"You know the Ferengi have a tome containing the Rules of Acquisition called Golden Knowledge... If my time onboard the Theurgy has taught me anything; it is Logic, like Gold, is rather malleable. I'm sure your Logic will prove to be sufficient, even if it is has become unconventional."

Cir'Cie would open with, reaching over to the pot she had placed upon the spare seat to their left just earlier and then carefully pour out two cups of Vulcan Spice Tea, cautiously offering one of them to Ha'thev once this was done. Sitting back and re-adjusting her own position, Cir'Cie would take a moment to crack her neck and roll her shoulders before looking towards the Kal-Toh device between the pair of them.

"It is all too often I find that the tasks of maintaining the others onboard the ship takes the most precedence in our work. Yourself for their mental stability, myself for nutritional supplementation that the replicators cannot match. But...this, I find quite...agreeable. I intend to enjoy the time we have here." There was that word again, "agreeable", but what else should have Cir'Cie said? Nice? Pleasant? That would have been a touch too personable perhaps...then again, the two had mind melded before. And although that was quite some time go, Cir'Cie felt some level of trust towards the older Vulcan.

It was strange, she hadn't really expected to feel this way - but a small yet noteworthy surge of competitiveness coursed through her and she gave a very small smile.

"I must confess, I find myself...excited to play. Who shall go first?"

The younger Vulcan would look over the Kal-Toh device once more, seeming eager, if a Vulcan could appear eager that is - to play.

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