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Day 01 [1000 hrs.] The Federation Embassy


[ Captain Ives | Federation Embassy Grounds | First City | Qo'noS ]
Attn: All OOC
Once the Oneida's aeroshuttle settled down, Captain Ives exchanged a nod with Captain Jackson, and then he turned his head and looked towards the officers behind him. "Everyone ready? Let's go."

The airlock opened, and a breeze met the delegation of officers when they stepped out. The air smelled of war, the fires yet to fully settle in the First City. With a frown, Jien adjusted the cuffs of his uniform as he tread unto Federation soil for the first time in many months, and he did so with the protection of two platoons of Klingon warriors lining his path. He paid the security arrangements no mind, Martok having insisted on showing the Empire's support. Instead, he raised his oaken eyes to the structure before him, and Jackson did the same.

"Impressive," said the Commanding Officer of the Oneida, and Jien had to agree. The Federation Embassy was a large - soaring two hundred metres above them - rust-coloured and shaped like an inverted pyramid with the corners supported by high columns. It was the permanent presence of the United Federation of Planets in the Klingon Empire, and the formal workplace of the Federation Ambassador and his staff. The Embassy grounds was surrounded by a ten meter high fence, and while the powerful force emitter that protected the building was lowered for their arrival, but the gate ahead was a formidable line of defence. Jien knew that in order to gain entrance to the embassy, there were multiple security systems to breach, and even if such an attempt was made, the embassy maintained constant contact with Federation space through its stand-alone subspace transceiver. He knew for a fact that it had the capacity to launch a cloaked probe into orbit in times of emergency to send distress beacons, and he did so because that was exactly what had happened the day before, when the Theurgy reached Qo'noS and the fighting between Martok Loyalists and House Mo'Kai raged in the streets. The reaction to the development was understandable, yet still, neither the Ambassador nor his staff had been evacuated.

"There they are," said Jien, seeing the large gates open, revealing a gathering of figures surrounded by Starfleet security forces, all dressed in exosuits. He recognised Ambassador Annup Bommu, a human of Indian origin, and Ms. Barnum, Bommu's assistant and also from India. The third one was Iris Hume, another Federation Embassy staff member, and they slowly approached the two Captains and the officers that had come with them down to Qo'noS. Once they came into earshot, Jien raised his voice. "Greetings, Ambassador. I'm Captain Jien Ives of the Federation starship Theurgy, and this is Captain Jesse Jackson of the USS Oneida. Please forgive Chancellor Martok. He insisted. Zentai Natauna!"

Jien turned to look at the El-Aurian woman that had been placed in command of the House Mo'Kai platoons of Klingon warriors. The Klingon Empire Liaison, whom had just received the honour and rank of Brigadier, had already been present on the ground when the aeroshuttle landed. "Could you please ask them to stand back," he requested, and then looked back at the Ambassador. "We do come in peace."

Bommu was cautiously silent at first. "Guards, at ease, and stand back," he said with a faint accent. "I'm Annup Bommu, Federation Ambassador on Qo'noS. This is my assistant, Ms. Barnum, and this is Representative Hume."

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance," said Jien, and then turned to the officers behind him. "Please, introduce yourselves."

OOC: I will be posting an OOC thread shortly for Interregnum 01-02, but those who wish to participate in this thread should PM me on the forum! :)

Image: The Embassy in the wejDIch Quarter of the First City. Artists: Livid Ramondelli & Peter Markowski, Hidden Universe Travel Guide, by Dayton Ward.

Re: Day 01 [1000 hrs.] The Federation Embassy

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen |  Outside the Federation Embassy ] attn: @Auctor Lucan

Enyd had been more a little bleary-eyed when reporting for the mission this morning. She'd "happily" volunteered for it when Rutherford had made mention of the outing, not at all interested in remaining cooped up on board when there was still so much to resolve back on the planet.

Her late night DTR conversation with Victor in the lounge post-holodeck training and adventuring had only been one factor in her sluggish awakening. Likely connected to seeing Victor again, unexpectedly, after so many years, memories she’d long since processed through emotionally had dislodged from their neat mental boxes, and her night had been plagued with images and snippets of conversations traded between her younger, more naive self and Victor, and then later, between her and Javec before his death. They hadn’t been nightmares, but they also hadn’t offered the sweetest of slumbers either, and she was operating on four cups of hastily gulped coffee and a good dose of “let’s not get everyone killed today” gumption.

Following along just behind the captains, Enyd studied their surroundings as they approached the Embassy. Or at least, she studied what she could whilst looking past the lines of Klingon warriors they walked between. Though it had technically only been a matter of hours, not even a day really, since she’d last been on this planet, it felt entirely different, and it was yet to be determined if that difference was a good thing or not. Oh, of course, not having assassins take off the arm of one of your security personnel or being thrown out of the way of an Infested were both grand improvements. Yet, as they approached the tarnished-looking inverted pyramid that was the Federation Embassy, Enyd still wondered if the revelation of the Infested in the Great Hall had been shared with those here, if it had been accepted, or if yet another Infested was about to weave another web around them.

Enyd had never met Ambassador Bommu, and though she had briefly met his assistant some years before, she doubted the woman would remember her. It had been at a crowded symposium after all. As Captain Ives spoke, she took the time to study the subtle shiftings of those who faced them, from the security personnel to the Ambassador himself. Enyd did what she could to note their micro-expressions and other details that often betrayed true feelings and intentions. When the captain turned towards them, Enyd straightened in response. She still felt like an idiot over the way she’d thanked him for his save back in the Great Hall, but as he’d not said anything, she wouldn’t either, and let well enough alone.

“Lieutenant Madsen, diplomatic corps.” Enyd gave a polite nod to the embassy members. She had previously thought to draw attention to the brief acquaintance with Ms. Barnum, yet she refrained now that she had the opportunity. Best keep that nugget tucked away, for now, to bring back as a test later if need be.
Lieutenant Enyd Isolde Madsen, Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer

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Re: Day 01 [1000 hrs.] The Federation Embassy

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[ Brigadier Zentai Natauna | Federation Embassy Grounds | First City | Qo'noS ]  Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Ellen Fitz

Zy tried to push an aura of her commanding presence to dominate the 26 warriors immediately at attention behind her. Only hours ago they had been hell-bent on taking over the Empire and destroying the Theurgy and all who had aligned themselves with the Chancellor. Had you told her then that she would be commanding a contingent of usurpers as a Brigadier of the KDF and a senior advisor to the Chancellor himself, Zy would have said you were fucking crazy. But then again, the whole journey from the right-hand side of Drex to here had been a cluster fucking dumpster fire sliding down inside the caldera of a volcano preparing to erupt acid.

"mevyap!" she exclaimed in as commanding a voice as she could utter. She wasn't sure that the thick ridges of the warriors would allow for them to follow the commands of not only a female but of a non-Klingon. Ever since joining the KDF, the best respect Zy could garner from subordinates was at the level most Klingons gave to the QuchHa',  the name used for Klingons who lacked cranial ridges.

Their hesitation was obvious to those familiar with the speed at which warriors of the Empire typically moved. What should have taken fractions of a second, took three. But the warriors did comply and fell at ease and took a thunderous step back and with a boisterous shout of "luq, Zentai!"

Yep, that would definitely take some getting used to Zy thought. But the thought was fleeting as the urge to pull the wedgie forming in her ass crack from the tight-fitting uniform grew with each passing second. New rank and title equaled new uniform for ceremonial purposes. The tailor at High Command insisted she wear the formal attire of her new office consisting of thick leather, heavy boots, and fur sleeves. Some verbal gymnastics later and she convinced him of the errors of his ways.

Damn this better not take long.
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[ Captain Ives | Federation Embassy Grounds | First City | Qo'noS ]
Attn: All OOC
"I'm Thea," said the Ship A.I. next, without adding anything further. She was being projected by her mobile emitter in order to be present before the Federation Embassy. Since she was the scapegoat for Starfleet Command in how they forbid communications with the Theurgy crew, citing that she would be able to take over any system through such a subspace link, Jien had asked her to come along as well. The holographic interface, the digital soul of the ship, was projected with her standard black bodysuit, having her hands behind her back in a relaxed stance. Her simple name was infamous, and the pause she gave the representatives from the Embassy was undeniable, even though they didn't say anything.

"Lieutenant zh'Wann, Deputy Chief of Security," said Ida next. She was to attend the Azurite Station mission later that day, having been recruited for it by Commander Cross, but she was effectively acting as Jien's bodyguard during the visit to the Embassy. Though she wasn't wearing an exosuit, the Deputy was armed with a pulse phase pistol holstered at her hip, and Jien was confident the Andorian had all she needed for her assignment. Whatever else required could likely be handled all the other present officers, not to mention Thea, who had her own unique abilities.

After the small delegation behind the two Captains had introduced themselves, including a couple of officers from the Oneida - Chief of Security Rodrigo Rivera and Chief Counsellor Murphy Caldera - Jien supposed it was time to address the present situation and how to proceed. Given that up until yesterday's battles, there had been a conflict of interest in that the Ambassador and his staff still believed Starfleet Command's word over that of the Theurgy crew's, there was now a discussion to be had. Another starship has joined the Theurgy's mission, and the High Chancellor of the Klingon Empire openly supported the renegade crew, spreading word of the true threat to the Federation. Jien spared no time addressing just that, having no interest in wasting time to molly-coddle the Ambassador about the truth.

"The parasitically infested Admirals in Starfleet Command has denied us to speak for a reason, a reason terrible and with repercussions that might shake the Federation's trust in its fleet...," Jien said quietly, to the point, and without preamble. " but the voices of my crew and I will not be silenced now, for the Klingon Empire has recognised the very truth that Command seek to suppress. This new enemy seek to divide and conquer, to raze everything we have built over hundreds of years, and they do so by hiding behind the eyes of those we trust, those we believe to be beyond suspicion. They seed lies and doubt, yet we come to you today, Ambassador - as two Commanding Officers of entirely different ships, and with the support of the High Chancellor. Instead of crossing the RNZ, as the defectors that Starfleet Command claim that we are, we are here, before you, hoping that you will listen to reason."

The Ambassador's accent seemed to have thickened when he spoke, be it because of the concerns of the implications or not. "Tum-he kyaa lug-taa hai?" he asked, looking like he'd swallowed something sour. "What do you think, Captain Ives? How are we supposed to respond to these kinds of allegations, after all these months in which we have learned about the atrocities you and your ship has committed? All the starships that you have destroyed, with lost officers numbering in the thousands, and all their surviving families on Federation worlds? Your attack on Starbase 84, and your involvement in rendering the Azure Nebula into a zone of space void of any subspace travel or communication? How are we to balance all that, with what you are saying now?"

"You could listen to something else," said Jackson next to Jien, speaking for the first time to the representatives, "than what Starfleet Command and the lies they make the FNN peddle every day. Neither of all those events are what they have been made out to be, and Martok has broadcasted the simulcast that was supposed to have left Starbase 84. It was tempered with, out of fear for the truth provoking a civil war within the Federation."

"And perhaps rightly so," intoned Iris Hime, "for what is the citizens of the Federation to think about Starfleet now? The trust in their operations - if handled as bluntly as it has - is about to be undermined. This will undermine the confi-"

"Forgive me the parable," Jien said, his tone cutting off the representative, "but at this far belated point in time, the snakes have to be cast into glaring light, because they have already sunk their teeth into our collective neck. The poison has spread for years, and unless we find a serum, it could be too late. The Praetor is one of them, and with Command's help, all the millions of citizens of Paris have turned to ash. I ask you, if the surviving families of those Federation citizens doesn't deserve to know what happened?"

Jackson had folded his arms across his chest, adding in a quiet voice, "The truth is known by far too few, but with greater numbers, this enemy can be challenged where they currently are. We need more resources, people of influence in the Sol System, that can expose them."

The Ambassador was silent for a moment, looking between the faces of those present. "So if this enemy's nature is what you claim it to be... what makes you so sure none of us whom you speak with are one of them?"

"Deputy?" Jien said, and the Andorian turned on her heel and returned to the aerowing behind them. "The fate of Councilor Kopek was regrettable, but if you saw what happened to him, he is also you answer."

ThanIda zh'Wann returned with a device, which was hardly considered a weapon.

"This is anyon emitter. It emits sub atomic anti-phase particles," Jien said, and looked towards the Ambassador, "and I am afraid that all staff within the Embassy will have to be screened by it, starting with the three of you. We kindly request permission to step inside, so that we can screen everyone, and continue this conversation further."

The Ambsassador was silent at first, before nodding. "Very well. There is no point standing out here in the courtyard anyway. Do what you have to do. Will... the Klingons have to come inside as well for this?"

"If we find one inside the Embassy... they might not be enough to prevent it from killing everyone in sight. So my recommendation is that they accompany us."

"Very well... Come."

OOC: So! Posting order: 1) @Ellen Fitz , in your next post, could you cover some ground in which Ida uses the emitter without any effect on the three officials, and then narrate in broad terms of they all go inside the Embassy for further use of the emitter? The most efficient way to screen them all with the anyon emitter would be to round up all the people inside, so perhaps you can NPC the Ambassador for this purpose, giving the order? 2) @jreeves1701 , could you then have Zy have the Klingons set up a perimeter around the gathered Embassy staff, in case one of them turn out to be Infested? 3) @Tae , you are next after that, in which Nara is introduced in this situation. 4) I will then post after that with Ida and the emitter, unless we have more writers joining!

I was hoping for more writers to participate already, but I think we can do this still. Looking forward to your posts! :)

Re: Day 01 [1000 hrs.] The Federation Embassy

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen |  Outside the Federation Embassy ] attn: @Auctor Lucan  @jreeves1701  @Tae

Enyd couldn’t help the subtle jerk in response to Zy’s yell, followed quickly by the Klingons echoing shout. Their presence, as well as Thea’s, created quite an atmosphere that Enyd feared may not color their approach as peacefully and genuinely as they might hope. For more than one reason, it was important that the Ambassador receive them under a flag of peace. They needed the freedom to test the Embassy personnel for Infested, they needed to brief the Ambassador on the true state of affairs in the Federation and potentially win him over as an ally, and Enyd had a little side quest given to her by none other than Rutherford, an errand for the department.

Just a little trojan plant in the Embassy systems to ensure uplink access should Rutherford’s access through Starbase 133 ever become compromised. It wouldn’t be the first time they had asked Enyd to do Intelligence work while on diplomatic deployment, and she knew it wouldn’t be the last. As much as she “hated” to admit it, Enyd knew her babbling feigned timorous mannerisms defused situations and threw targets off the scent, making it not so difficult to accomplish missions when need be. She would never count herself as a spy, or even a good Intelligence operative—she HAD been caught on Cardassia after all—but she wasn’t the worst at it either. Not that she had any intention of ever telling Victor about Rutherford’s request, and not because of clearance issues either; Enyd knew the now-pilot would completely flip his lid if he found out she was putting her life on the line, again, and for the sake of Intelligence. It seemed dearest Victor had as much love for spooks as her grandmother had had.

Enyd’s eyes widened then resumed normal size as she resumed a neutral expression, momentarily taken aback by how quickly Ives had gotten to the point of their visit. She knew Rutherford would probably have balked at the captain’s lack of finesse, and perhaps L’Nari would’ve tucked tail and wanted to run since such bold words typically brought about bold actions. Yet, Enyd appreciated the straightforward nature of the captain and completely supported his approach with all its risks attached.

Based on the Ambassador’s response, it seemed the reception was mixed. The descriptive words used by the Ambassador told much about how the man felt towards Ives and the others and it was a curious thing for an ambassador to be so telling in how he expressed himself. But then again, perhaps that was his strategic approach as well. The captain squashed Representative Hume’s attempt to win over the conversationin, causing Enyd to busy herself with readjusting her uniform jacket, thereby hiding the subtle smile from all present.

When the Ambassador asked about proof, Ives had Deputy zh’Wann retrieve the anyon emitter. The Ambassador and those with him all squirmed a bit in their own ways, uncertain if this “weapon” would be used against them, solidifying their assumptions against the Theurgy crew as their deaths became more fodder for the jaws of treachery. But after Ives gave his explanation, the Ambassador gave his reluctant acquiescence to both the request for screening and for the Klingons to accompany them.

The problem was, however, that the Ambassador and his aide, and the Representative, had not been screened yet and so they had no way of knowing just yet if an Infested was about to lead them into a trap. Glancing at the captain, alerting him with subtle gestures, and nodding towards the Deputy, Enyd cleared her throat and like an elementary student raised her hand in the air to draw attention to herself.

“Miss Barnum?” Enyd shifted closer, plastering as awkward an effervescent a smile on her face as possible. “I hate to interrupt this but, considering the threat of Infested, checking one’s memory is another test.” Enyd hoped Ives didn’t mind her little fib here as she continued. “I remember attending a symposium on critical xeno-relations theory back on Earth near the Academy, nearabouts 2375. Do you remember?”

The woman blinked at Enyd, looking more confused at Enyd’s audacity to interrupt an important change of venue than anything else.

“We sat next to each other during a Professor Rylin’s presentation on Ixor VII’s state of affairs, and I remember we shared a good giggle over his mixup of gender terms when referring to the ruling members of their government.” To her credit, for as vague a memory as it was, the woman standing next to the Ambassador seemed to remember the shared moment. Instead of verbally responding, she gave a hesitant nod, as if she recognized Enyd’s intent to continue further. “I was curious if you could tell me what flavor of ice cream we shared in the café downstairs after the presentation.”

The Ambassador looked sternly at the Miss Barnum. In fact, most eyes of the group honed in on the poor woman and she felt the pressure, it seemed, evidenced with her neck rubbing and hair tugging as she wracked her brain for the requested information. It took only a few awkward moments of silence for the woman to frown and shake her head.

“I don’t recall eating ice cream with you, though I remember laughing with you in the presentation. What I remember is we expressed intent upon getting coffee at the hotel breakfast the next morning, only I never saw you. You sent me a note though,” she scowled a moment as she recalled the details, “apologizing that we were staying at two different hotels and to forgive you for the oversight.”

Enyd smiled and heaved a sigh. “You are correct. And may I say again, Miss Barnum, how very sorry I am for that misunderstanding. My grandmother, rest her soul, raised me to pay greater attention to such details and I guess I was just so thrown off-kilter by that Professor Rylin’s gaff’s that I made one of my own.”

Enyd’s efforts to stall their movement into the Embassy just yet proved fruitful in the end. A slight nod from the Deputy reassured all Theurgy crew present that at least these three officials standing before them were not Infested and they could proceed without fear of an Infested ambush. At least not an ambush led by these officials.

The Ambassador gave Enyd one last look of vague confusion before he seemingly came to some mental conclusion regarding either her or the content of her rambling and led the group towards the Embassy. Miss Barnum also glanced askance at Enyd, but kept her thoughts to herself as they progressed towards the Embassy grounds.

Enyd looked over her shoulder at the flanking ranks of Klingons moving with them, for a moment wishing she was a mind-reader to know what it was these warriors were thinking and feeling about the present situation. So quickly the tides had turned and now they were escorting Federation officials onto Federation grounds, when just days before they’d very nearly been enemies.

“If we had all personnel report to the atrium adjacent to our receiving hall,” the Ambassador’s question, spoken over his shoulder to those trailing behind him, “having them walk through it, would that be enough for the emitter test their integrity?”

Interesting word choice aside, when his question was confirmed with many nods of assent, the Ambassador gave the order to Ms. Barnum to see this action through as they moved through the entrance doors and entered the Embassy proper. Now all Enyd needed was a clever diversion to separate herself and an excuse to access the system, and her side quest would be complete.
Lieutenant Enyd Isolde Madsen, Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer

Lieutenant Commander Cross, Chief Tactical Officer

Re: Day 01 [1000 hrs.] The Federation Embassy

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[ Brigadier Zentai Natauna | Federation Embassy Grounds | First City | Qo'noS ]  Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Ellen Fitz @Tae

The wedgy the form-fitting uniform was creating crept ever deeper into Zy's rear. She dared not reach back and try and mine it out. Instead, she focused on the task at hand. Observing awaiting any sign of trouble.

"veH chechenmoH,"[1] she commanded. "bIHvaD jatlhlu'.[2] Hur suq paghla'.[3]

These warriors had much to prove. Gorka's actions had sentenced them all to serve as members of the quvHa[4], "the dishonored", warriors seeking to regain their honor. In an effort to reinforce that Zy added, "mo'qay tuq quv wIqem!"[5] as the warriors under her command began to disperse around the embassy compound.

Speaking Klingon caused much tension in Zy's vocal track and she couldn't wait to be back in the comfort of her quarters with a cool beverage and maybe some company. She definitely wanted to get out of this damn uniform.

She watched as Barnum, Bommu, and Hume each were scanned by the anyon emitter with each receiving a negative result. If there was an Infested present, it had chosen a more deceptive host. The thought of an enemy in superb disguise reminded Zy of the Founders of the Dominion and their ability to blend almost undetectable in order to infiltrate an enemy population. The tactical thought was enough to distract her from the growing chafe her leather uniform was starting to cause. Perhaps a dip in the hot tub was in order as well when she got back on Theurgy
Klingon: Create the boundaries.
Klingon: Secure the embassy.
Klingon: No one gets outside.
"quvHa" literally means dishonored and is the name of a battalion of the Klingon Defense Force composed of dishonored warriors seeking to reclaim their honor.
Klingon: We bring honor to House Mo'Kai!
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CM1 Nara Nueva | Federation Embassy Grounds | First City | Qo'noS ]  Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Ellen Fitz @jreeves1701

Nara was having a day best described as "interesting" it had begun with the cessation of the Red Alert status that the Embassy had been on the night prior. And then all nonessential personnel had been confined to quarters for their safety. Nonessential meant her, among a plethora of others around the Embassy grounds, but not her roommate V'Qol, the Vulcan was part of the security team and deemed essential. Well, Nara hadn't seen her since the Klingons had started shooting at one another. And then, not all that long ago, she'd heard the sounds of a shuttle buzzing the Embassy, maybe coming to rest at the landing pad. It was quite possible that the Embassy was being evacuated. She was packing her duffle bag just in case. There wasn't much from the Embassy that she cared to bring with her. a few datapads with notes on them, several paper notebooks that had some sketched research notes, and spare uniforms. One bag was not a lot to leave a world with. But good riddance to...

And her train of thought gets immediately derailed when her door opens, and it reveals a large Klingon Warrior without any kind of weapon drawn. So this wasn't an attack. The lack of klaxons and disruptor beans rending the air was proof enough of that.

The Klingon quickly searches Nara's shared room, finding V'Qol's belongings but no sign of the Vulcan. The bunk bed gave away the fact that the room had two occupants. "Your roommate, where are they?" The sudden shouting of the Klingon seemed to echo down the hallway with slight variation. It wasn't just this lone warrior. The sudden entry and shouted pronouncements clearly designed to rattle the staff.

"She's Security, Crewman First class V'Qol. I'm Nar.." The auburn-haired woman begins to explain, doing her best to keep the conversation brief, but she's interrupted by the imposing warrior shouting at her again.

"Conference hall! Brigadier's orders!" The Klingon warrior was satisfied by what he'd heard. But there was something in his tone of voice, a sneer of something that might be disrespect. Apparently, he didn't think too highly of this brigadier, whoever they were.

Nothing to say there, Nara complies by exiting her quarters and proceeding to the conference hall along with the rest of the staff that she saw. The strong woman walked proudly down the hallways, doing her best to not present the air of a captive, or that she was beaten. None of that would go over very well, so while she might be in custody, she didn't want to 'appear' beaten.

What mattered now was surviving the next few minutes and seeing what her life, short as it now seemed, had in store for her. The sounds of a thunderstorm off in the distance and the promise of a warm rain would bring some relief to the beleaguered city. The thunderstorm seemed to be only a few minutes away, the dark clouds roiling angrily, becoming the horizon. Purple and red streaks of lightning were lancing through the air paired with peals of thunder as deep and powerful as a warrior's drum. The ominous presence created by the storm sat heavily on her as she was marched into the Embassy conference hall along with most of the other embassy staff. A peal of thunder rattles the building, just over head creating a cacophonous sound that shook people to their bones. Nara didn't see V'Qol anywhere, here yes narrowing slightly as she scans the crowd. The sight of the Aeroshuttle through a window raised more than a few questions. Some of which were answered by the fact that it was the only shuttle on the Embassy grounds.

So it wasn't an evacuation; seeing only the one shuttle just made matters more confusing. Finally, Nara spotted Captains Jackson and Ives across the conference hall. Jackson was new to her, and she didn't recognize him. Captain Ives, however, that face she recognized. "Ives the Insurrectionist," as the tabloids and FNN had called them.  She'd seen their face on an almost weekly basis, coupled with the admonition of "See something, Say something." But here and now, with Ives so casually standing around and talking with Ambassador Bommu, the situation was significantly stranger than she could have imagined.

Out of the corner of her eye, Nara caught sight of the Andorian security officer with an Anyon-emitter. Now that made her perk up. She'd used them for cleaning particle traces as well as detecting the presence of other particles. But the primary use was for detecting and eliminating chroniton fields. Her eyes narrow then, not having anything explained to her as of yet. Nara set the burning questions raised by the strange days behind her aside for the barest of moments. But still, the Anyon emitter bothered her more than anything else. Since Captain Ives was here, she presumed that he was the one in charge of the situation. So it was with a sudden brashness that Nara spoke up, her voice loud and clear.

"Captain Ives, what are you trying to find? If you were the Insurrectionist that the news is painting you as, you could have started a war by turning the city to Glass. And you're here with Anyon emitters of all things. What is going on?" While the outburst had been Brash, the timbre of her voice was as respectful as was possible for a Scientist that wanted answers. Whatever answers she'd get in the next few minutes would likely determine her fate. If not that quickly, it was liable that the entire Embassy staff would be deemed traitors for not shooting Ives on sight. While it was undoubtedly presumptive of a Crewman to question a Captain, she had to get these answers. And now she waited with breath caught in her throat, her heart nearly caught between beats.

OOC: @Auctor Lucan let me know if I need to change anything.

Re: Day 01 [1000 hrs.] The Federation Embassy

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[ Lt. ThanIda zh'Wann | Federation Embassy Atrium | First City | Qo'noS ]
Attn: All OOC
"If we had all personnel report to the atrium adjacent to our receiving hall, having them walk through it, would that be enough for the emitter test their integrity?"

"That would be sufficient," ThanIda zh'Wann said, walking behind the three representatives and having activated the anyon emitter. The Diplomat's precautionary exercise in delving into one of the representatives' memories was prudent, even if for all they knew at the moment, the Infested retained all the memories of the Hosts. They just knew too little, and Doctor Nicander was the only source they had on discussing the inherent nature of the enemy, the problem being that he was an Infested himself. Ida wasn't sure any more about how much they ought to doubt the word of the former Chief Medical Officer, since he's done nothing but been helpful for the mission after his mind was - allegedly - severed from the collective consciousness of the enemy. She wasn't about to take any chances, and the Captain had already told the three that Ida would use the emitter on them, so she did while they approached the entrance to the Embassy.

Quietly, she observed how Zyrao Natauna - whom had earned the rank of Brigadier after her many years of faithful service to the House of Martok - whilst she ordered the Klingons to secure the Embassy. The El-Aurian, whom Ida had first met on the Coreless Moon, was supposed to be a Commander in the El-Aurian army early in her long life, and it seemed that despite the many years since then, military doctrine had withstood the test of time. Difference being the Klingonese, Ida supposed, but she was confident the tattooed pinkskin knew what she was about.

Once inside the atrium, the proceedings were quickly arranged. Captain Ives and the rest from the Theurgy and the Oneida stood with the three representatives, and the Security Officers that were working at the Embassy coordinated themselves with the Klingons to secure the perimeter - making sure that there were no way to avoid Ida and her anyon emitter - cutting off all exits from the atrium. She had stepped up to the side of the entrance, and as the Embassy personnel filed through it, she had the emitter light them up with the sub-space particles. Having fought Infested a couple of times at that point, both at Starbase 84 and in that mining facility on Praxis, she was on edge, and had her free hand on the handle of her pulse phase pistol - light blue eyes darting to each newly arriving personnel. Any one of them might react like Councilor Kopek had in the Great Hall, when Sarresh Morali had activated the anyon emitters that Councilor K'Tal had helped hide throughout the chamber. Each new face she saw could be that of the enemy.

"It does not appear like any of our staff are reacting to that device," said the Ambassador, hands folded behind his back.

"Not anyone yet," amended Captain Jackson, while Captain Ives remained silent - looking intently at the new faces filling the atrium.

When the trickle of Embassy staff was receding, one of them spoke out while Ida was using the emitter on her. "Captain Ives, what are you trying to find? If you were the Insurrectionist that the news is painting you as, you could have started a war by turning the city to Glass. And you're here with Anyon emitters of all things. What is going on?"

Ida's eyes narrowed, but she didn't say anything. Captain Ives took the question in stride, answering even though the Ambassador and the other representatives weren't at all impressed with the untactful outburst. It was clear they thought the crewman wasn't reading the room, didn't know her place. Ives, however, smiled faintly and gave his succinct answer, even though the tone was clear that this was not a time for discussions. Instead, he was addressing the whole Embassy staff within the atrium. "Your question is your answer. We are not what we've been made out to be. The reason we have been hunted across Federation space is the same reason Gorka, Son of Margon, challenged Chancellor Martok. He had been manipulated by the same enemy that possessed Councilor Kopek as well as Starfleet Command. Currently, an anyon emitter is the only available means we have at our disposal to address the threat of this enemy."

Until we can make more of those kemocyte-powered light cannons, Ida added in her thoughts, knowing that the thing was hardly something that could be carried around until something more portable was invented.

When no more people were arriving, Thea turned to the Ambassador. "May I have access to the internal sensors of the Embassy grounds to verify that all personnel have been accounted for?"

"No," said Hime, a little bit too quickly - showing her distrust towards the presence of the holographic projection. Hime looked towards the Ambassador before continuing. "This... is too early for that kind of trust. We do not know what you... We have been issued protocols about preserving the integrity of our systems from external influences. This is an Embassy, and..."

"By all means, please verify this yourselves. The importance is that everyone are accounted for," Captain Ives intoned without missing a beat, and Ida admired the Chameloid's restraint in how he didn't call out Hime on the specific distrust she had towards Thea - the woman clearly having a bias towards the A.I. from all the stories that had been made up about her. Ida wasn't just going to stand idly by either, for she hadn't scanned everyone in the atrium yet. Her antennae and her eyes shifted to those in exosuits around the area.

"Please remove your helmets while I make the rounds," she said, her hand still loosely resting on the handle of her pistol while she approached the guards, all in turn. Whatever the Ambassador thought of the development was unclear, because he was looking at the present staff, being quite thoughtful.

"We have a Starfleet Intelligence operative stationed here, but he is not present. He must still be in the operations centre."

Hime, whom was checking the internal sensors at a control panel, looked up. "Ambassador... that' classified," she said, but after her superior gave her a look, she acquiesced, "I... can't view that area. This thing doesn't let me access the lower levels for some reason, but of the 147 that work here, only 145 are present, so he is either down there... or he has already left the building."

"Who is the one unaccounted for?" Captain Jackson asked, since it was clear the numbers didn't add up.

"Someone we have incarcerated in wait for transport, having caused trouble with too many Klingon Houses. A certain Doctor Marlowe," sighed Ms. Barnum, "Dr. James Hudson Marlowe. I suppose your Deputy will have to use that... thing on him too. He's held not far from the Starfleet Intelligence Ops centre. Can someone show the way?"

Meanwhile, Ida had been making the rounds among the present Security detail, looking into the eyes of the guards that she used the anyon emitter on. The last one in the line spoke up. "Lieutenant, I'm Crewman V'Qol. I volunteer. I can show the way."

Having finished her scan of the Vulcan, Ida nodded and looked towards Captain Ives, who inclined his head to the Deputy, leaving it in her capable hands to address the situation. Ida deactivated the emitter and holstered it behind her phaser. "Thea, will you remain here?" she asked the A.I., who nodded in assent, effectively taking over the responsibility of protecting the Captain. Ida looked towards Natauna next. "We need to go down there. I could use your help, along with as many warriors you can spare for it while also protecting this atrium. If the officer unaccounted for is one of them, he knows we're coming, and he's prepared."

Captain Jackson looked towards Lieutenant Rodrigo Rivera, his Chief Security Officer. "You go with them."

Thea, who took her new assignment in stride, only had one question. "I cannot find any reference in my database about a Starfleet Intelligence officer posted at this Embassy," she asked, turning to the Ambassador. "What is his name?"

OOC: Posting order: 1) @Ellen Fitz , in your next post, could you have the Ambassador name this enigmatic Starfleet Intelligence officer hiding in the basement? :) Furthermore, feel free to have Madsen either join the party or just provide some context about Marlowe for the readers if you feel that makes better sense? 2) @jreeves1701 , could you then narrate the decent into the basement levels of the Embassy, as shown by Crewman V'Qol? Ida will be in stride with Zy on the way down there, and Rodrigo Rivera is available to be NPC:ed as needed. 3) @Tae , while I cannot fathom any reason why Nara would logically volunteer to head down into the basement, given her profession, I figure you could NPC her roommate in order to still partake in that action? :) Either way you want to NPC the Vulcan or not, back in the atrium, Nara could instead ask a few more questions since they'd be waiting for the fallout there anyway. If you want to do that, could you please have the Ambassador show the real Simulcast and the speech Martok made in the Great Hall, which Martok would have sent out. This would clearly be news to most of the gathered Embassy staff, and the very reason why the Ambassador is being cooperative towards Ives and Jackson. :)

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Federation Embassy ] attn: @Auctor Lucan  @jreeves1701  @Tae

The memory of literally flying through the air in the Great Hall playing out in her mind, Enyd watched with more than a little trepidation as one-by-one, the embassy personnel moved before anyon emitter. So far, no one was reacting like Kopek had, but Enyd, like the rest of those in her group, was not satisfied enough to let down her guard. She appreciated Ives’ comment of “not yet,” and concurred with his caution. It was soon after that a dark-haired woman broke the otherwise silent proceedings with her bold question, and Enyd watched as the captain responded with as much diplomacy as someone who’d been in her department for years. Of course, the captain would have some diplomatic tendencies; one did not get to his rank based on brassy behavior and bold moves alone.

Hume’s quick response to Thea’s request had Enyd narrowing her eyes ever so slightly. While she was still growing accustomed to the AI herself, there was no reason to exhibit such behavior. At least, unless Hume was trying to hide something and it was prejudice at all that fueled the reluctance. Enyd’s lips itched to pull back into a smile when the Ambassador himself revealed the missing person: none other than a Starfleet Intelligence operative. Enyd inwardly snorted. It would figure that one of the most likely to be Infested, in her opinion, would be the one clever enough to avoid being present for these proceedings.

Enyd’s attention faltered, derailed, then snapped back into place at Barnum’s naming of the incarcerated. Memories of long lunches, later afternoon coffee breaks, and hours of laughter, debate, and discourse briefly filled Enyd’s mind, and despite the gravity of the situation, she couldn’t help the momentary smile that touched the edge of her lips. That he would be incarcerated at the Embassy for causing trouble did not surprise Enyd in the slightest, as Marlowe had always had a flair for troublemaking, but that he would be here at this time and under these circumstances had the smile dying from her lips as quickly as it had begun. What if James was Infested?

“Captain,” Enyd shifted closer to Ives, “I am acquainted with this Doctor Marlowe. We met while I was finishing my studies at the Academy, and even then he had a reputation amongst his peers as approaching his work with a less than traditional, slightly more unorthodox perspective. Since then, he’s become quite the celebrity among the civilians for his scathing critiques on Federation practices, and despite his ousting from more academic circles, his opinions still carry clout among the more open-minded of his peers.” Her eyes gliding over to the Deputy then back to Ives, Enyd added, “I would like to join the Deputy.”

Moving to join the beautiful Andorian woman who exuded a similar badass aura as Valyn, Enyd heard the Ambassador reply to Thea’s question, “Darcel Spiaire.”

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply.
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[ Brigadier Zentai Natauna | Federation Embassy Atrium | First City | Qo'noS ]  Attn: @Auctor Lucan  @Ellen Fitz @Tae

Zy took in a deep breath and held it, momentarily closing her eyes so that she could roll them back without anyone noticing. Within the amount of time it took to blink she opened them again and stared directly at Crewman V'Qol. It looks like peeling out of this very tight leather uniform would be a highly anticipated event that would have to wait. Zy already began to calculate where and when her quickest opportune time would be and who would be there when it happened. Perhaps Foval, Lillee, or Sera.

Snapping back to the situation at hand. "bI!" she commanded with a gesture to a nearby warrior. "bI!" she commanded another and gestured for them both to come to her side.  "Crewman, you will lead us to this covert operation center. Should you try to deceive us, know that your fate is in the hands of the Klingon Empire, not the Federation." The fact covert operations were being conducted on Qo'noS without knowledge of the High Council put an already tenuous Alliance in further jeopardy.  Imperial Intelligence tended to be ahead of the curve in countering anything Starfleet and the Federation attempted. But on occasion, they were surprised.

Zy's thoughts soften when Ida joined her side but quickly hardened again at the approach of the Oneida's Security Chief. He smelled different from other humans. Perhaps it was his Iberian heritage. Zy had read a few Terran classics and Klingon Opera had adapted one such Terran classic entitled Don Giovanni. She became curious what musk gland on a human would release such a scent to drive a female to swoon so.

"Brigadier, excuse my candor but I didn't expect a non-Klingon to be a flag officer in the Defense Force. The Klingons must have high regard for you." Rivera remarks upon reaching Ida and Zy.

Zy response only with a smirk of a smile leaving Rivera's curiosity hanging.

The security team followed V'Qol into a nearby turbolift. "Access to the lower levels is highly restricted. It takes a retina scan plus voice and palm print verification." V'Qol explained as he responded to the computer AI's requests to verify his identity. As soon as it granted V'Qol access the turbolift began to descend into the lower levels of the Embassy.

Zy pulled her Klingon PADD/Tricorder device from her belt and began to scan the area and compare the results with the building schematics on file in the Defense Force's database. What was the Federation hiding on Qo'noS and who were these two unaccounted for individuals who lacked the courage to show themselves when summoned?
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CM1 Nara Nueva | Federation Embassy Grounds | First City | Qo'noS ]  Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Ellen Fitz @jreeves1701

Nara lifted an eyebrow with the response that she got from Captain Ives. She'd expected just about anything except an actual answer to her questions.  That had thrown her drastically, and Nara shifted on her heels slightly, looking uncomfortable. A bit of surprise showed on her face then, but she took it in stride as best as anyone could when presented with new information. She'd caught the looks that she'd gotten from others, but at the very least, her composure and manners were polite.

"Gorka wasn't Gorka then? That's... I'll look through the information, thank you." She frowns then and looks to the PADD she's presented with. Nara grimaces slightly and goes over the information submitted with no other words, after giving a polite nod of thanks as she departs to a corner of the room. Nara was never the sort of person to not go over new data or information. She took a position against the wall and took a seat to read through the data. She'd had her suspicions that the Theurgy and the situation wasn't what it seemed, so having good information like this certainly helped her to put some pieces together.

All of this information led to one conclusion. Nara needed to take an opportunity to request a transfer to the Theurgy. For that, she'd go through the proper channels. If the Klingons and Starfleet were both compromised, then the Romulans surely were as well. And with news from Earth about Paris, her expertise with Thalaron radiation would surely be helpful on a renegade ship. Of course, any situation where she got to work in the sciences would be a significant improvement over the Embassy. Nara had quite a bit of reading to do, but she kept glancing towards the Captains and the Ambassador. There was so much that she wanted to ask. Most of which would probably be answered by her reading material.

CM 2 V'Qol

V'Qol had volunteered because it was the right thing to do. It was only logical that she assist the Captains. And performing this duty had the benefit of getting her away from the embarrassing aura that Crewman Nueva had. Going up and questioning a Captain like that had irritated the young Vulcan. At barely twenty years of age, V'Qol had been lucky to receive a posting as prestigious as Embassy Guard while being fresh out of the Academy. And while it might be unusual for a Vulcan to choose a career as Enlisted security personnel, she had her reasons and felt them be quite logical. So taking this task in stride was something that she'd do lightly. With calm professionalism, she entered her credentials to take the turbolift down to the security center.  Mindful of her looks from the Klingons, V'Qol speaks up, looking more to Ida and the Brigadier.

"You'll pardon the security precautions we take here, but we're simply taking advantage of the local geologic benefits that are offered by the rock formations present in the local area. As you're all aware, there can be instabilities politically and militarily that require that any sensitive equipment be protected. It is only prudent. However, I personally only know that the room exists and that for emergency duties, I have access to the turbolift. However, my security clearance is..." She trails off, looking at the Brigadier, her lips pursing slightly for a moment, and her eyes narrow slightly in concentration.

"It would be logical to assume that your clearance will be approved in a moment as soon as the Ambassador updates the security protocols." she coughs awkwardly then, the young Vulcan finding all of this most unusual. She did her best to keep her composure, but overall the situation was highly irregular, and a look of worry managed to slowly work its way onto her face during the turbolift ride. V'Qol looks to Lieutenant zh'Wann with a curious expression. And she speaks up with a curious tone in her voice, her eyes narrowing slightly as she weighs her options.

"I would presume, Lieutenant, that the official story is incorrect in whole or in part. And that I would also presume that after the Theurgy departs and no record exists of me having taken action against you, an investigation into my conduct may ruin my career. Would it be illogical to assume, Lieutenant, that I might potentially find a berth on the Theurgy before your eventual departure?" The presumption of her questions for the Lieutenant surprised even her. And while V'Qol was relatively young, she knew what 'collaborating with traitors' would do for her career. As young as she was and as short as her career was, any 'misconduct' on this level would ruin her career. To hide her worry, the young Crewman makes a show of checking over her equipment, making sure everything was correctly seated. But if anyone cared to look, the concern in her deep blue eyes was plain to see, the lapis blue eyes. The Vulcan's eyes were as deep a blue as the waters of an ocean currently held a tempest worth of turmoil. Not placid or calm, but from the way her eyes were moving and the micro expression flickering across her features, V'Qol's eyes were a storm-tossed wine-dark sea.

OOC Note: Not planning to have V'Qol be a PC, buts he's weirdly an NPC that I'm becoming attached to. (No idea why). Please don't kill my Vulcan bab.

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[ Captain Ives | Federation Embassy Atrium | First City | Qo'noS ]
Attn: All OOC
When Madsen had requested to accompany the Deputy and the Brigadier to the lower levels of the Embassy, being familiar with the prisoner kept down there, Jien had inclined his head in approval. Jien had heard Marlowe's name now and again over the years, but never put his mind to learning what the man was about. As for Darcel Spiaire, that was a name he knew he hadn't heard before.

"Who is he?" he asked, turning to look at the Ambassador while the man was working at a console. Ms. Barnum was with the Ambassador as well, having brought PADDs at his request, and it seemed like the Ambassador was uploading information to the tablets from the console.

"Lieutenant Commander Spiaire has been stationed here for a couple of years," the Ambassador said quietly while he worked, "but he keeps to himself, barely making time to report on his activities with Starfleet Intelligence. He has fulfilled his duties and sends us information that pertain to the Embassy's function here on Qo'noS, but he has always been a bit of a recluse. He hurt his back during the Dominion War, the surgery wasn't successful, and his body has been rejecting most kind of treatments. Not fit for field work, I think he's resentful about his desk job. Irritable, but meticulous."

"I see. What are you doing?" Jien asked next, inclining his head towards the console.

"Representative Hime has reminded me that she hasn't been briefed about what happened at the Great Hall yesterday," the Ambassador said in answer, earning a quizzical look from Iris, but she didn't say anything before the Ambassador continued. "With your visit, it would seem I will have to do this before discussing the implications further amongst ourselves. I am uploading the footage from the Great Hall and the Simulcast - as it was meant to be - to these tablets. Ms. Barnum, transfer complete. Please pass around the PADDs and bring more from the back office."

Jien looked at Ambassador Bommu, coming to realise why the man was more forthcoming and cooperative than he'd expected when they took the shuttle down to the Embassy grounds. "My gratitude," he said, and glanced towards Iris, whom had started to read the brief from Chancellor Martok about the event on her own PADD. "Learning about yesterday from you goes a long way, Ambassador, rather than us having to convince them all that the evidence we bring isn't false."

"Of course," said Bommu with a terse smile, "but reading the Chancellor's words won't be enough."

The Ambassador hit a couple of buttons on the console, and having accessed the atrium's holo-projector, he displayed the recording from the Great Hall, which began with showing the real Simulcast, with Ives words about the Infested resounding through the projected interior of the Great Hall and the present atrium alike. Then, there was the commotion, wherein Councilor Kopek - one of the Infested - fought to reach and kill Chancellor Martok. It showed the crew of the Theurgy fighting to protect the leader of the Klingon Empire, putting their lives on the line to try and prevent the Infested from getting to the Counsellor. It showed the immense strength that one of the possessed inhabited, not being restricted by the limitations of the host body. After Kopek finally fell, as if his strings had suddenly been cut, Jien supplied the information that the present Embassy staff didn't know.

"Councilor K'Tal, the Head of Imperial Intelligence, had installed hidden anyon emitters through the Great Hall, and what you see is when the subspace particles bring the parasite into phase with our present reality."

He said naught more, because next, the projection showed how Gorka made the attempt to try and kill Martok, and Jien raised his oaken eyes to see himself step in Gorka's way, and taking the blade to his shoulder. It was an unpleasant reminder about the pain, and the risk to the integrity of his morphogenic matrix. He'd spent hours in sickbay, but he needed to return there soon enough. A gasp has gone through some parts of the present crowd, but that was nothing compared to the reaction when - at the end of his speech - Martok cut Kopek's body open and pulled out the parasite that had fused with the Councilor's innards. The Klingon High Councilor roared his words, and thrust the dead creature into the air. Iris Hime visibly paled, and one of the Embassy staff fainted.

The Ambassador stopped the recording after Martok had thrown the thing unto the stone floor and stomped on it, and the echo of his last words hit the walls of the atrium. "Heed me, and spread the word to every world, every fleet and all lesser Houses not present here today... that the Klingon Empire will stand ready. These demons can hide no more, because this hour, from here on, our eyes are open! 'ang'eghQo' quvHutlhboghjaghneHghobtaHvISghaH!"

The silence that followed spoke for itself, wherein the present Starfleet officers began to ponder their situation, and that of the past few months.

"When my Senior Staff and I decided that the Oneida would join forces with the Theurgy," said Captain Jackson, standing next to Ives, "we did not do so lightly. We understand if you find all of this hard to believe. I can but add that everything we have seen so far implies that the situation is exactly as bad as it might seem, if not worse. Yesterday, my crew and I fought a Romulan warbird that meant to deploy a thalaron bomb into the First City, and the Praetor's forces haven't even reached the Klingon border yet. While Martok will be forced to defend his Empire's border, Ives and I are doing what we can to prevent another war, and instead fight the real enemy. Praetor Tal'Aura is one of them, and we hope to reach her before too many lives are lost."

Jien inclinded his head to Jackson's words, and looked to the crowd to see if anyone had any questions.

[ Lt. ThanIda zh'Wann | Federation Embassy Basement Levels | First City | Qo'noS ]
The Vulcan security officer seemed to have drawn the logical conclusion that everything wasn't as the FNN had led the citizens of the Federation to believe, and already asked if it would be possible to transfer to the Theurgy instead of remaining at the Embassy.

"Your career ruined?" she said with quiet chuckle, checking the energy setting on her pulse phase pistol in the turbolift, "If your career is your priority, then the Theurgy is the last ship you would want to serve on. I have no illusions about having a career if I make it through this, knowing that in defending the truth, the Theurgy has been forced to protect its crew against other ships in the fleet. The surviving kin of all those dead will demand justice, regardless the parameters of the mission. No, crewman, don't do it for the sake of your career. This is war. Do it because you care about restoring the Federation and Starfleet to what they once were, before the enemy corrupted both."

That was when the turbolift doors opened, and they stepped out into a corridor. "Which way to Doctor Marlowe?"

"Down the hall, to the right, Lieutenant," said the Vulcan, no sign of being perturbed by the Deputy's words showing, "we are keeping him detained to our brig. It only has three holding cells."

"Lieutenant Rivera," Ida said and turned to the Oneida's Security Chief, "will you accompany Lieutenant Madsen to the Doctor? Contact the officials in the atrium if you need any additional security clearance. Since we only have one emitter, and the Doctor has yet to break out - despite the events of yesterday - I think the likelihood that he's one of them is low. Far lower than officer Spiaire. Either way, I suggest you set your phaser to the highest setting, and don't hesitate if he makes any sudden moves."

"Understood, good luck, Deputy." Rivera had his phaser ready and headed off towards the brig.

"I suggest you try and learn what he did to enrage the Klingons, Lieutenant," Ida said in parting to Madsen, inclining her head and antennae to the woman before turning in the direction that the Vulcan meant to lead them. "Are you ready, Natauna? Let's hope you don't have to save my life a second time."

Having split up, they would soon learn whom of the two might be one of he enemy. Still, having fought their kind before, Ida hoped neither of them were.

OOC: So! Posting order: 1) @Ellen Fitz I can write Rivera in the scene with Doctor Marlowe! 2) @jreeves1701 feel free to have them arrive outside the classified Starfleet Intelligence Ops Centre? Fun with some banter on the way, since Ida and Zy haven't really interacted since the Coreless Moon 3) @Tae Up to you with Nara, really, and as for the Vulcan crewman, perhaps having him request the clearance needed to enter the mall Ops centre, only to find that the access codes have been overridden? The next available option is to phaser the thing open, after which we can have all hell break loose, haha 4) I will then post after that with Ida and Ives. :)

Sorry for the delay, the forum clone, the subsequent upgrade and the bug hunting stole my time. Apologies!

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Federation Embassy Basement Levels ] attn: @Auctor Lucan  @jreeves1701  @Tae

Waiting until after the nod of confirmation from Ives, Enyd moved to join the others as they vacated the room and headed towards the turbolift. She glanced over her shoulder when she heard Ives talk to the Ambassador but the contents of their conversation was quickly lost the further they moved from the group. Enyd returned her attention to her present companions in time to overhear the officer Rivera speak to the Brigadier, catching the last of their exchange before the Vulcan leading their group spoke up, her attention trained namely on both the Deputy and the Brigadier.

Enyd hid the smile of amusement but allowed her nod of agreement at the Deputy’s response to the Vulcan’s confession slash request. Even Enyd knew that her own career in Starfleet hung in tattered shreds once it became known where she was and whom she allied herself with. While Anderson had taken some pains to conceal her transfer for the sake of sparing Yew Valley Farms from being absorbed as a Federation asset, there was assuredly the risk of it becoming well known now that they’d contacted this Embassy. Even more so now that they were headed towards one of the greatest troublemakers to the Federation Enyd had ever known.

Once they emerged from the turbolift and separated, Enyd moved just a pace behind Rivera down the corridor toward the brig. She recalled the last time she’d seen James. It had been a hurried late lunch, or was it early dinner? He’d been leaving town, fast, after having stepped on one too many toes at the Institute, but had taken the time to bid a fairly proper farewell to Enyd (passionate kiss included) before launching himself into the great unknown.

Only after their parting had James made it big with the trans-Federation networks as a traveling anthropologist and civilian critic of both Federation politics and Starfleet tactics. In the time Enyd had been personally acquainted, he’d been a disgruntled member of the Federation but not quite a full-blown critic. Something had happened in the days following that afternoon meeting slash parting to drive James to become the massively popular Federation influencer Enyd knew he’d become.

When Enyd first became aware of his popularity, she’d already been embroiled in the politics of post-war Cardassia and then, in the dark days after that, Enyd had known very little beyond her own pain-filled psychological borders. Only after she’d recovered on Vulcan, just prior to her transfer to the starbase, had James been brought back to her attention via a colleague fairly in love with the eccentric former-professor. It had been strange listening to the man gush over how handsome and charming James was, verbalizing his fantasies for spending quality time with the influencer. Enyd never revealed her own connection with James, for fear of pressure from colleagues to use that years-distant connection to solicit a personal response.

And now they stood just steps shy of seeing each other again. Enyd believed like the Deputy that the chances of James being Infested were low. Unless this was a new ploy on their part to infiltrate the Theurgy ranks, Enyd didn’t believe the Infested forward-thinking enough to purposefully throw one of their own into the Embassy brig just before the showdown in the Great Hall.

It took only a few moments of convincing and double-checking between the brig guards and those still in the atrium above before Rivera and Enyd were granted full access to the brig. In the sterile environment, dimly lit as fitting for such a place, Enyd could make out empty cells in every corner except one. Though still a few paces away from standing in front of the cell properly, Enyd would recognize that voice anywhere. The trilled r’s, falling diphthongs on the vowels, the clipped bass acoustic quality, all the distinctive qualities combined and matched with the equally unique persona of James Hudson Marlowe.

As they drew to a stop just shy of the cell, and glancing at the “borrowed” officer from Oneida, Enyd smirked and nodded. “Yes, he is singing.”

Peering into the cell, Enyd’s amusement grew when they spied the professor lying on his back on the bunk, straightened legs leaning against his cell wall, head towards the cell entrance. He was still completely unaware of his would-be visitors as he held his hands over his head and made odd shapes with his fingers. It took Enyd a moment, and a few side-stepping head tilts, to realize that James was making shadow puppets on the wall next to his bed. The chosen song was an ancient Earth nursery rhyme, one that her grandmother had taught her, and assuredly one Enyd thought never to hear sung in the likes of an Embassy brig on Qo’Nos.

“The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout.” James moved his hands to mimic first a spider, then a water spout. “Down came the rain, and washed the spider out.” His hands again moved to display relatively accurate looking shadows to match with the lyrics. “Out came the sun, and dried up all the rain..”

“And the itsy bitsy spider,” Enyd interrupted James, finishing the song as his head jerked up off the bunk and his gaze swiveled around to take in both Enyd and Rivera standing side-by-side before his cell, “went up the spout again.”

“Enyd Isolde Madsen!” James’ eyes light up as bright as the Earth’s sun. “As I live and breathe!” Twisting onto his side, James first curled into an awkward ball before shoving off the wall with his feet and unceremoniously dumping himself onto the cell floor. Enyd could only watch with continued amusement as the professor turned influencer and social rebel pulled himself to his feet with much the same grace as a newborn foal and with the same gait walked closer to the cell barrier. “I never thought I’d see you again.”

“Because of your own chaos or because of mine?” Enyd couldn’t help the wink, old habits of speech and mannerisms easy to fall into with a man as effortlessly charming as James.

A half shrug was all he offered as a response before his bright gaze moved to the officer at her side, “Don’t tell me you’re here to transfer me to another brig!” His eyes narrowed then, and he took a half step back. “Are you with ‘them’?”

“’Them?’” Enyd raised a single eyebrow, glancing to Rivera a moment. From their knowledge, no true knowledge of the Infested had been detailed or relayed to Starfleet or Federation members prior to the day before, so just who were the “them” James spoke of? “If you mean am I a member of the crew of the renegade ship Theurgy, then yes, I am one of ‘them,’ but if you mean some other nefarious group of individuals, I’ll have to say no.”

Her mentioning of the ship and the intentional use of “renegade” served its purpose. The momentary defenses wavered and soon enough James was much the same affable eccentric they’d first seen.

“You’ve developed a taste for rebellion as well then, eh?” James chuckled as he crossed his arms over his chest and took to a subtle leaning back and forth on his heels. Enyd couldn’t recall a time she’d ever seen the man completely motionless. “If you’re so busy playing renegade, what brings you to my charming neck of the Federation? Were you looking for me?”

Smiling, Enyd mirrored his stance but not his incessant movement. “An answer for an answer, James.” She waited until he gave a nod of agreement before replying. “In truth, until a few minutes ago, we knew nothing of your presence here, though your reputation precedes you. Your fan base is extensive and we are well aware of your efforts to bring the Federation to heel for several policies and tactics on both Federation and non-Federation worlds. Not to mention your more recent episodes transmitted where you claimed Starfleet was suffering from internal corruption and had lost its way, citing fleet mobilizations and weapons manufacturing.”

James nodded his head in time with her words, his lips rising and falling in self-satisfied smiles until Enyd’s voice lulled.

“And your question?” He asked in the brief silence.

“Why are you in the brig?”

The cell filled with James’ laughter after an almost startling handclap made by the professor. He shook his head as he continued to chuckle, turning to move back to sit on the messied bunk. James ran both hands through the already disheveled locks of dark hair sprouting about his head like Medusa’s snakes.

“Have you ever tried to tell a Klingon official that his culture’s mating rituals bore great resemblance to the ancient First Hebitian civilization on Cardassia?” Enyd’s eyes felt ready to pop out of her skull as they widened. James noted her astonishment and nodded in confirmation. “Yes, oh yes, I did indeed make that statement, and more, and to more than one Klingon official. It seems Klingons don’t like being told they have anything in common with ancient Cardassians.” He gave a feigned grunt of confusion. “Who would’ve thought? In short, I managed to do what I tend to do, and I angered a few individuals who, being Klingon, would rather separate my head from my body than listen to me spout more such nonsense.” He pointed to the cell boundaries then and gave another snort. “The Ambassador felt it safer for my head and intergalactic peace to put me here for the time being.”

James scratched at his neck, his gaze again wavering to Rivera before coming back to her. Though manically eccentric, and often intimidatingly brilliant, James had a way of slowing down enough to make you feel you were cornered intellectually, if not physically, and there was no way out except via the truth. This was one such moment, only Enyd felt no fear and had expected the sudden shift in the professor’s demeanor.

“You never answered the other question of why you’re here.”

Enyd looked to Rivera then. Raising an eyebrow, she waited a moment to see what he might want to contribute to the situation.
Lieutenant Enyd Isolde Madsen, Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer

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Re: Day 01 [1000 hrs.] The Federation Embassy

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[ Brigadier Zentai Natauna  | Federation Embassy Basement Levels | First City | Qo'noS ]
Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Auctor Lucan @Tae
Zy hated secrets. She really hated organizations that operated in secrecy. "'ang'eghQo' quv Hutlhbogh jagh neH ghobtaHvIS ghaH,"[1] she whispered under her breath. The thought of a covert Starfleet Intelligence operation in the heart of the Klingon capital rubbed her in all the wrong ways. The chaffing of her leather uniform was more pleasurable than the thought of what lay ahead of them.

FlasIhback memories surfaced in her mind of the betrayal she had experienced at the hands of someone she cared greatly for, someone she believed cared equally for her. Zy subconsciously touched her right ear lobe where a Bajoran d'ja pagh earring once hung. A gift from Corbin that she had cherished until the day she learned the truth. Corbin had been an agent of the Cardassian Obsidian Order and the earring belonged to a Bajoran female that he had tortured to death. The horror of the memory sent a tingle down her spine, bringing her senses sharply into the present moment.

"It gives me great honor knowing that your blue-skinned ass survived because of my efforts. I surely thought you were damn well beyond saving because it is always the brave ones that fucking die." The phrase meant more to Zy than anyone would ever know. From the Borg attack on El-Auria to the current situation, she had seen so much death. The scars across her body were a testament to both the internal and external conflict.

Zy focused her mind on Ida and the thought of that blue-skinned physically toned ass. "I'm glad you were too damn stubborn to die, like some other Andorian I used to know." The Andorian in question was a fellow champion in the gladiatorial arena of the Kzinti. "I would love an opportunity to study your training methods. Maybe learn a thing or two."

Eventually, the duo reached the double door entrance to the classified Starfleet Intelligence Ops Center, Zy recalled the Andorian Lieutenant's statements to the Vulcan in the turbolift. Zy pointed to the bulkhead signage reading:  LEVEL B1 CARGO BAY  SECTION 31. Of course it wouldn't say TOP SECRET STARFLEET SPY ROOM INSIDE COME ON IN.

"Do you trust pointy ears?" Zy replaced her hand scanner and drew her disrupter, thumbing it up to its highest setting. "Every sense in my body tells me this might be a trap."

"Only an enemy without honor refuses to show himself in battle."
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Re: Day 01 [1000 hrs.] The Federation Embassy

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CM1 Nara Nueva | Federation Embassy Grounds | First City | Qo'noS ]  Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Ellen Fitz @jreeves1701

Nara was seated in the corner of the Embassy meeting hall, working her way through the documentation getting shared with her. Nara didn't need to ask questions. Just about everything was here at her fingertips. All of the actions of the Theurgy are fully explained and well justified. Now and again in the course of her reading, she glanced over to the Captains and the head Diplomats. Frankly, though, this evidence had made up her mind. And she walks back over to the small group, nodding to Captain Ives and the others.  The holo recording of the actions in the great hall certainly cemented her actions. Seeing Captain Ives step in taking a blade meant for Gorka, that alone spoke highly of them. If the crew of the Theurgy were willing to take such amazing risks to prove what was no doubt true, then Nara should absolutely do the same.

"I'd like to join the crew of the Theurgy, and I am superfluous at best here on Qo'noS. My expertise is in High energy physics, and I can be of use to any actual Scientific facility, which we don't have here." While it wasn't a by-the-book way of ask, and probably annoyed her immediate superiors, it was take this chance or potentially get left behind. Sure, this was a calculated risk for Nara's career, but she currently had no career to speak of anyway, so asking this question risked nothing. Nara noticed some of her fellow staff members giving her a mix of looks, ranging from shocked to expected. The Crewman was a bit of an opportunist looking out for ways to advance her own career or rebuild it. So while what she was doing was dangerous, it was 'safer' than playing along and then hoping it would blow over.

CM 2 V'Qol

Crewman V'qol was at the vanguard of the small troupe to the security center. The Klingons had built this place in a different time. Deep within Qo'nos, the construction was sufficient to make it a secured functional area in an old lava tube. While it hadn't been constructed by the Federation, that hadn't stopped them from using it as a spy center or whatever it was. Even providing relief for the guard stationed here had been awkward. Sounds bouncing off the melted stone walls, and the bare metal of the few furnishings in the area made it a creepy assignment. Every sound her echoed, the groups' footfalls on the floor were echoing hard and sharp. The words from the Brigadier burn her ears as she approaches the control panel. V'Qol didn't like the sound of that, the Vulcan coming to a few conclusions, only a few of them logical.

After entering the 16 digit passcode, V'Qol frowned and shook her head. It didn't go it, and she'd probably entered a digit wrong. Pulling up the passcode on the Visor of her exosuit, she entered it again and didn't get a response except for the panel to go black and shut down. Usually, it allowed three attempts and didn't shut down until the third attempt. Come to think of it, where were the two sentries that should be here, and where were the very violent alarms triggered when the panel shut down?

V'Qol slams her communicator to place a call with quick reflexes, but it only gives the poor chirping that signaled a lack of contact. The communicators sometimes didn't function down here, but Vulcan sighs heavily after trying again and getting the same response. This wasn't going to be good, and there were two ways this could go. One involved a diplomatic incident, the second involved V'Qol torching her career. Looking to Ida and the Brigadier, V'Qol shrugged since facial expressions wouldn't do it behind her faceplate.

"The door is not responding, and it locked me out. That should not happen until after the third incorrect input. Also, there are no sentries, nor are there any alarms. Something is very wrong. And I do not know how bad the consequences will be if we blow the door open with phasers. It is supposed to be magnetically sealed, but clearly, I haven't tried manual opening yet. brigadier, would your soldiers care to assist me in opening the door that way before we shoot it down?" And those were the words that probably just tanked V'Qol's career for all time. Shooting open a door for a secured facility was terrible enough. Doing so with Klingon's assistance was tantamount to treason. Or a diplomatic favor; politics were weird like that and frankly above her paygrade.

Re: Day 01 [1000 hrs.] The Federation Embassy

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[ Rylan Sil | Federation Embassy Atrium | First City | Qo'noS ] @Auctor Lucan @Tae @Ellen Fitz @jreeves1701

Rylan had waited patiently along with the embassy staff and others in residence at the time the gates had been sealed. He’d gone through the scanner just like the rest, and made a mental note to find out more about what kind of equipment the ambassador was allowing this renegade Starfleet crew to use on them all. Not only that but he knew he would want to learn exactly what it was they were looking for. He found himself being shuffled to the perimeter of the room along with the less important beings assembled there. Rylan had greedily accepted one of the PADDs being passed out by Ms. Barnum, and began to pour through the contents, doing little more than scanning headings and looking for keywords really, as he backed away.

None of this was making sense. It certainly didn’t jive with everything he’d heard about the U.S.S. Theurgy over the last several months. His own FNN colleagues had positively vilified the crew in articles and holocasts transmitted throughout the Federation. Yet here they were, being treated by the Federation ambassador and the Klingons alike like conquering heroes, not dissidents raging against law and order.

When the ambassador began the display of the ‘real’ simulcast Rylan quickly pulled Mera, his multi-functional camera drone, from one of his oversized jacket pockets. “Start recording,” he said in hushed tones, eliciting an [Affirmative] and corresponding chirp from the drone.

Ives’s voice cut through at one point, “Councilor K’Tal, the Head of Imperial Intelligence, had installed hidden anyon emitters through the Great Hall, and what you see is when the subspace particles bring the parasite into phase with our present reality.”

“Well, that’s two questions answered, and at least three more to replace them,” Rylan said to himself as the simulcast continued. “Oh… oh, shit,” he sputtered, enthralled by the image of Martok slicing open his adversary and pulling what had already been referred to as a parasite. As the Klingon’s boot came down on the thing splattering its… blood?... on the floor of the Klingon’s Great Hall, Rylan looked over his shoulder at Mera and said, “Please tell me you’re getting all this?”

The drone chirped. [Recording active.]

Then the bomb dropped. “Praetor Tal’Aura is one of them,” Captain Jackson from the Oneida said matter of factly. It was a hell of an accusation. Rylan stuffed the PADD in the same pocket he’d pulled Mera from, wondering if there might be some proof of that in the data contained on the device. He wasn’t returning it to Ms. Barnum after all this was done, he knew that. That seemed to conclude the presentation and it seemed like the captains and the ambassador were willing to entertain questions.

Rylan started toward the front of the atrium but stumbled as he worked to get his holographic FNN press credentials ready for presentation. The short delay allowed a young crewman in a blue tunic to reach them first. He rolled his eyes when she tried to use this situation to find a way to get herself a transfer off Qo’noS. He was thankful Mera was recording what was going on around him and not his face. “Rylan Sil, FNN,” he said finally, putting his press pass out where the others could easily see the spinning holographic logo along with his image. “If you don’t mind putting your personnel decisions on hold captains,” he tossed a sidelong glance at Nara, “this all runs pretty contrary to what Federation citizens have been seeing in the news over the past few months. The Theurgy and her crew have been branded renegades, dissidents on the run from Starfleet and the Federation. Now we’re supposed to believe you’re the conquering heroes instead. So here’s my question. How much of this is on the record?” Rylan pointed at the camera drone hovering over his shoulder with a sly grin on his face.


Re: Day 01 [1000 hrs.] The Federation Embassy

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[ Captain Ives | Federation Embassy Atrium | First City | Qo'noS ]
Attn: All OOC
In the Atrium, Captain Ives looked at the gathered members and visitors of the Federation Embassy - gauging their reactions to what the Ambassador had shown them. It was eerily quiet at first, and Jien understood how that might be the case. The implications of what had happened to Starfleet Command alone was a lot to wrap their heads around. How did one come to terms with the realisation that an invisible enemy could be hiding behind the eyes of anyone around you? What Jien hoped, in the revelation, was that those present could see how this enemy wasn't unopposed, and that it could actually be defeated.

Eventually, the first speaker came forth, and it was one that has already shown herself to be rather outspoken. It was the crewman who had questioned what was happening before, and Jien found himself smiling faintly. He was just about to answer her when another spoke up instead. This time, a reporter saying he was from the FNN. The very broadcasting network that had smeared Ives and his crew for six months. Naturally, Jien found his smile fading, but after the Ambassador had shown what had happened in the Great Hall... perhaps this correspondent might play a role that could aid the mission rather than undermine it.

"Let's speak later," he said quietly in the scientist's direction, before addressing the man in front of them. "Aye, this evidence is quite in contrary to what the FNN and other networks have been broadcasting across the Federation, so I am afraid that beyond the answers you may get now, you ought to direct some scrutiny towards what manner of sources you and your colleagues have used. I wouldn't be surprised if Starfleet Command has supplied their version of events, and the FNN has failed to question the information beyond face-value. Perhaps we can help you ask the right questions in that regard, and when you get your answers, you can evaluate the information with an unbiased mindset."

Jien didn't quite like the sleazy, sly grin on the face of the correspondent, thinking about what the FNN had done to help Command establish a collective loathing towards his own crew. The FNN had helped make mothers and fathers ashamed of their sons and daughters - brave officers who were fighting with their lives on the line to save the Federation. Splitting families apart, in gullible belief that whatever came out of Starfleet Headquarters was considered gospel.

"Thea," he said, turning towards the hologram, "would you mind supplying this gentleman with the tactical logs from our escape through Federation space?"

"Aye Captain," she said in answer and stepped towards the correspondent. She passed by Barnum on the way there and picked up a PADD from her, and she accessed it on the way towards Sil. It took only a couple of seconds for her to gather the logs from her shipboard database, downloading it to the tablet. She smiled when she handed it over to Sil, before turning on her heel and returning to where she'd been.

"When reviewing the logs, I think you will find how Admiral Sankolov's task force refused to answer our hails, preventing us from conveying what we learned about Starfleet Command. You ought to find that we always fought on the defensive, protecting ourselves and the truth we carried. Moreover, with Thea being one of the fastest ships in the fleet, and even when having every chance to escape beyond the RNZ, we didn't, which should put the lie about us being Romulan defectors into question."

Captain Jackson added, beyond what Ives had said, some other venues of query. "Fighting at Ives side, the Klingons and the Theurgy stopped a Borg invasion through a wormhole in the Azure Nebula. No doubt the Klingons can corroborate that. As for Starbase 84, the Theurgy was on the defensive even then, and would have been able to send the real simulcast through the starbase's broadcast system if their message hadn't been tampered with - instead showing the false one that spread across the Federation."

Jien could think of many more ways to corroborate the claims made, but he paused to let the reporter speak.

[ Lt. Rodrigo Rivera | Federation Embassy Brig | First City | Qo'noS ]
Watching the Doctor and the Diplomat speak, Rodrigo had begun to feel like the fifth wheel, but in spite of that feeling, he was keeping a watchful eye on the man. Unlike those of the Theurgy crew, Rodrigo had never fought one of the Infested, but he had read into the reports. Strong, quick and unmerciful. The parasite existed in a state of flux, and if it took over the host body completely, it was not bound entirely by the restrictions of the present reality. They derived pleasure from pain, and even if the host body sustained injuries that would normally kill them, the parasite kept the body alive still, making them difficult to kill unless the head was severed from the body, or they were entirely vaporised.

This ran through Rodrigo's head while he listened to the exchange, phaser at his side, until Enyd turned to him. The question from the Doctor was a pointed one, and if the civilian was known to cause unrest... Rodrigo wasn't sure they could be entirely transparent with the situation. Still, he could tell the truth without implying the scope of the situation.

"We have reason to believe the Embassy might be infested by a neural parasite, and we are conducting scans of everyone." Rodrigo stepped to the control panel next to the force field. "We're waiting for someone with a scanner, so you can just stay right where you are until then."

Rodrigo wasn't prepared to let the Doctor out of his holding cell, that was for sure, and he hoped the Andorian Deputy would show up soon enough. In fact...

"Lieutenant Madsen," he rumbled and turned to Enyd, "without the scanner, there is naught more we can do here. Do you wish to remain, or accompany me as I join the Deputy?"

[ Lt. ThanIda zh'Wann | Federation Embassy Basement Levels | First City | Qo'noS ]
On the way to the hidden Starfleet Intelligence centre, Zyrao had suggested an exchange in training, wishing to learn Ida's methods, to which Ida had chuckled quietly. "With your experience, it might be me learning a thing or two from you," she said idly, and when the question about a possible trap. She glanced towards the back of the Vulcan, who was leading the way, and kept her voice equally low. "I have the same feeling, but I doubt it is the crewman we have to worry about. Rather, the officer who didn't come to the atrium."

Upon arrival their guide spoke of the password being overridden, Ida cocked a hip and put her hand on it. There was nothing strange about the situation. It was all rather expected. "The Ambassador had accounted for all personnel in the atrium except for Darcel Spiaire and Doctor Marlowe, so that's where the sentries are." When the Vulcan failed to get the door open, Ida heard the suggestion about trying to pry the door open with the help from the Klingons rather than shooting it. It made the Deputy sigh, straighten her stand, and raise her phaser instead. "There is no time for that. Step aside and stand ready. Now."

As soon as she had a clear shot, not wishing to grant the possible Infested another moment to prepare for their arrival or to finish what he was doing, Ida blasted the door - the highest possible setting on her phaser breaching it.

The sparks from the demolished door had yet to settle when Ida stepped through, leading the way inside the modified cargo hold. With her eyes along the sights of her hand phaser, held in a two-hand grip, she swept the immediate area before her. The large, open space housed a lot of computer hardware, monitors lining the walls and showing different feeds from surveillance units - appearing to display both areas off-world as well as the Embassy interiors. She picked up movements on the other side of the computerware obstructions. Someone running.

"Zyrao, fan out. Crewman, follow me," Ida said, wasting no time to start the search before the officer could...

She had yet to finish the thought before all the monitors on the walls powered down, along with the overhead lights - emergency lighting spilling through the cables that littered the floor plates. Within a second, the cargo hold had become a dark maze, data storage and computer consoles obstructing the view, sound bouncing between surveillance equipment and whirring processors.

"Shelat..." Ida murmured, antennae angling forward as she pressed on, determined to catch the officer before he could escape.

"Do you want to play, skin-puppets?"

Oh, how Ida hated being right. She'd heard that kind of eldritch voice before - the syllables clawing at the bounds of the present.

OOC: So! Posting order: 1) @Ellen Fitz Your call on what Enyd does! Rodrigo isn't prepared to lower the force field, that for sure. Haha 2) @jreeves1701 This would be an ideal time to have one or both of the Klingon redshirts bite the dust? The Infested use the darkness to his advantage and means to pick them off one at the time until they are all dead. 3) @Tae Up to you if you want to continue writing Nara here, but as for the Vulcan, either kill the NPC off in a grandiose way or have it be a close call? The Infested can use the computer equipment as weapons too, throwing large things at his guests, for example? 4) @oberonfrost , your call what Sil does or asks! :) 5) I will then post again! :)

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