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Day 06 [0915 HRS] Close Encounters of the Savi Kind

Stardate 57669.17
April 24, 2381
0915 HRS

[Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby | First City | Qo'noS]
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Attn: @Hope @Luciain

The day was still young –and the two Klingons who briefly slowed their pace to stare at Amanda in silent astonishment even younger so- but it was already a warm day in the First City. If there had ever been a battle for dominance over the Klingon Empire, which literally happened just a little under a week ago, the First City had clearly grown so accustomed to these kind of things by now that the resulting fallout hardly seemed to bother the civilian population. At least not in the Waterfront District.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby, the Resident Psychiatrist aboard the USS Theurgy, took a hold of the guardrail in front of her and closed her blue eyes before leaning backwards and tilting her head up towards the sun. There was a soft but nonetheless very refreshing breeze coming from the Qam-Chee River that caused ripples on the calm surface water, and the Klingon who had prepared their provisions for the day and brought them aboard their little sloop had made quite a show of swearing on the honour of his House that it was a beautiful day for a boating trip through the Waterfront District.

Standing on the boulevard just next to the pier, it wasn’t hard for Amanda to believe him even though she had yet to set foot aboard the small cabin sloop. This was going to be an absolutely wonderful day, and the blonde-haired Martian knew that the company would be even better.

It all started two days earlier, as a rather unexpected but far from unpleasant surprise when Amanda suddenly found herself standing face-to-face with Sarah Bjørge; the person she’d shared a room with and subsequently befriended during her last two years at Starfleet Medical Academy in San Francisco. Despite promising to stay in touch, they lost contact following their graduation and hadn’t seen nor spoken each other until they both tried to round the same corner on Theurgy’s Deck 11 at the exact same time. Even though they didn’t had the opportunity to get thoroughly reacquainted at that very moment, with Amanda on her way back to her office on Deck 08 for an appointment and Sarah, now Ensign Bjørge, on her way to Main Sickbay for an appointment as well, they promised to stay in touch once more. This time however, the promise did hold water as Sarah reached out that very same evening; inviting Amanda to join her and one of her other friends, a certain Ensign Katherine Locke, for a boating trip on the Qam-Chee River.

And so it was that Amanda now found herself standing on a boulevard in the Waterfront District, enjoying the weather while awaiting the arrival of Sarah and her friend Katherine. As the sun warmed her face, the blonde-haired Martian was glad that Sarah’s invitation had mentioned wearing off-duty clothing for the day; wearing the regular Starfleet black would have been torture in direct sunlight, especially out on the water. Instead, knowing they would go out on a boating trip, Amanda had put a lot of effort into replicating herself a brand new sun dress just for this occasion. The cotton dress was gold coloured with an intricate white pattern and sparkling sequins, sleek and tight fitting around her natural curves, but at the same time remarkably light and extremely comfortable. Maybe it was a little on the risky side as well, given that it was definitely a little low-cut and only further accentuated the ample curves of her breasts –Amanda hadn’t failed to notice that she’d drawn a lot of stares since her arrival on the boulevard- but given that they would be out on the water all day long, the Martian Psychiatrist hadn’t really been overly bothered by it. Amanda’s outfit was finalized by a small golden purse which contained some personal items, including her combadge, and an elegant white sun hat that matched her dress.

Amanda didn’t know how much time had passed until she heard the movement behind her –according to the discreet golden chronometer around her right wrist it was exactly the time which Sarah had mentioned in her invitation, so it couldn’t have been more than mere minutes- but when she turned around to the sound of heels clacking on the pavement she was met with the unexpected sight of two slender brunettes, a tall one and a smaller one, who approached her with friendly expressions but also with a hint of reluctance and uncertainty in their movements. Deducing after a couple of awkward seconds that they were indeed looking to talk to her, Amanda also took a step in their direction and opened her mouth to ask if she could help the two women.

Only the voice that left her soft, pink glossed lips wasn't her own. It was a low, eerily soft voice, almost like a whisper, with an unsettling staccato echo.


That was when Amanda’s blue eyes opened and she awoke with a sharp, shivering gasp.

Posting order for the participants will be:
-Nesota Kynnovan (Lieutenant JG Amanda Ashby)
-Luciain (Ensign Katherine Locke)
-Hope (Lieutenant Sabrina Lail)

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