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Topic: Day - 5 [1430 hrs.] Something in the Ale (Read 251 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day - 5 [1430 hrs.] Something in the Ale
[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh'Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Breshtanti Colony | Spaceport outside Colony Centre]

Attn: @Tae @SummerDawn @Pierce @UltimaImperatrixia

Shore leave isn't quite the same as Leave isn't it?  Lt. Zark mused to herself as she stepped off the shuttle Robinson main external hatch.  She was preparing for a whole lot of nothing after a great day at the gym and generally relaxing after the rock concert when she was pulled into a briefing on an investigative mission to Breshtanti in Delta Leporis, whose best known product was off all things, alcohol.    Lt. Zark had a little dumbfounded at being told to investigate why a brewery had gone silent, but orders were orders, so she'd packed up what she thought she needed into the Robinson and off she went with 4 other officers.  Seeing as how this was probably a straight forward investigation, it was also seen as a good chance to meld a several different ship's companies together.  There was herself and Lt. JG Kala Marika from the Cayuga, Lieutenants Arven Leux and Nick Chambers from the Oneida, and Ensign Cir'Cie from Theurgy.  Lt. Chambers had been told he was in command of this little jaunt.

Zark as the only security person on the team was the first one off the shuttle and took a quick scan of the deserted space port.  Considering how much ale the colony exported, the place should have been packed and extremely busy, but there was nary a soul.  Her antennae pointed in the general direction she was looking at, but she couldn't see or hear anyone.  "Hello! I'm Lieutenant Zark of the Federation Starship Theurgy!  Anyone here?"  Only silence answered her.  Taking a moment to shift her phaser rifle to her left hand, Zark pulled a tricorder and flipped it open only to furrow her brows in confusion as the screen only returned hash and snow.  Mentally cursing at this new mystery, she put the tricorder back in it's holder on her utility belt before tapping the combadge on her tactical vest, only for it to return the chirp of negative function.  Tapping it again to make sure it wasn't working, she felt her hackles begin to rise as she turned to knock on the shuttle hatch, hard.  She really wished she had her exosuit now, but the armourers had told her it would been down for repairs for a week.

When it opened, she addressed the team leader and rest of the team.  "Sir, I tried to use the combadge, but it looks like communications are out. Where do we go from here and what knocked out comms?"

The shuttle is named for John Thomas Romney Robinson, an astronomer and major contributor to the Amagh Catalogue, a record of 5345 stars, and inventor of the cup anemometer.

GM NOTE: Adding your posting order here for availability. /AL

1. RyeTanker (Lt. JG Zark)
2. Pierce (Lt. Nick Chambers)
3. UltimaImperatrixia (Ens. Cir'Cie)
4. SummerDawn (Lt. JG Kalika Marika)
5. Tae (Lt. Arven Leux)
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Lt (JG) XamotZark zh'Ptrell (Lt. Zark)


Re: Day - 5 [1430 hrs.] Something in the Ale
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[ Lieutenant Nick Chambers | Breshtanti Colony | Spaceport outside Colony Centre ] Attn: @Tae @SummerDawn @RyeTanker @UltimaImperatrixia [Show/Hide]

Lt. Chambers had been told that his first away mission should be rather routine. But as he'd learned in Starfleet and in recent times, anything was but routine. Especially when the Theurgy was involved from what he'd read up on after boarding the ship. Things seemed to be albeit normal upon landing. And with a brewery, hell, it gave them all the wee little chance at getting plastered too. So it was a win win in his eyes. After all, he loved Gin, and well, most other types of drinks. It helped him to focus on...well he'd know what if he'd just stop.

Having landed already and Lt. Zark currently scouting outside, they should know what they're up against he hoped. That is until a loud pounding could be heard outside. He activated the hatch as the Lieutenant appeared back within line of sight.

"Sir, I tried to use the combadge, but it looks like communications are out. Where do we go from here and what knocked out comms?"

He held his hand to his chin and jumped up quickly to his feet. Nearly startling the others as he approached the door well. "Well....let's start by scanning the vicinity. Look for any signs of interference and radiation. Do we know how close we are to the brewery? Or for that matter, who would want to shut this wonderful place of pleasure down?"

His quirkiness was a bit different for most he'd had the pleasure of working with but it was one of the things that kept them guessing over his methods. Usually, a good play but today he was simply testing the waters and looking to make this adventure a bit more...interesting...but by the book...somewhat.

The assertive look on his face only gave the appearance he was thinking about the day. The thoughts close behind the look, in reality, were still very much in an indecisive state. He took several steps outside and glanced around the shuttle before taking himself the rest of the way out. "Until we know what we're dealing with, we may want to leave a few here to mind the shuttle as we explore. Might be a good play to bring tricorders and phasers in case things get a little more nefarious here."

He paused. "Normally I'd suggest spreading out but with no comms, that may not be so wise. If we can discern the direction of the dampening signal we should head there first so we can discover what happened." He tapped his own communicator and saw no signs of life at least within the near vicinity. "I don't seem to have anything on nearby scanners in regards to lifeforms. Write that down."

Taking a few other steps he was now well outside the shuttle with a growing concern in the pit of his stomach.
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Re: Day - 5 [1430 hrs.] Something in the Ale
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[ Ensign Cir'Cie | Breshtanti Colony | Spaceport outside Colony Centre ]

Cir'Cie had been instructed to join the investigatory team that had descended down upon Breshtanti, and although initially she had shown hesitance and some annoyance at being made to leave her studies and routine work within the main hydroponic labs onboard the Theurgy, her logical side concluded that it would do her some good to 'stretch her legs' as it were. She had taken a satchel with her that, aside from containing the typical Type-1 Phaser and her TR-590 Tricorder Mark XI - she had brought a long some basic equipment for plant related study - more so just in case really, and if she could acquire some samples of the Breshtanti plant used to make the infamous Ale that was heavily enjoyed by one Kor of the Klingon Empire, then perhaps that in itself might provide a boost of morale to at least some of the crew members back home...

Home - had she really started to associate the Theurgy with being what one would consider a place to truly settle down in, despite how chaotic their journey had been thus far? Her internal musings and philosophical ramblings were rendered null when the shuttle touched down. Observing Lieutenant Zark and Chambers leaving the shuttle - she would let out an exhale through her nose softly before adjusting her satchel and her uniform. Glancing over at the other members onboard the vessel, she took it upon herself to exit next and by force of habit - took a preliminary scan of the vicinity around them with her own Tricorder. But much like Zark had already concluded; there was little information on display in the initial area to give them any clue as to what might be going on.

Hearing Chambers give the initial assessment that communications were unavailable and that spreading out would be ill-advised, she made a note of the lack of lifeforms as instructed and then approached him, holding her satchel close as she briefly perused the area once more before glancing back up to Chambers with her sharp eyes, only to simply state. "It seems we have a habit of finding trouble; even when we do not intend too." Instinctively, she took out the small Type-1 Phaser from her satchel, but held it low down beside her thigh, ready to use it if need be. Being alone on a Klingon world didn't exactly inspire confidence in the Ensign, for now however; she would put trust in her commanding officers and remain stoic.
Ubi Concordia, Ibi Victoria.

Re: Day - 5 [1430 hrs.] Something in the Ale
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[ Lieutenant j.g. Kala Marika | Breshtanti Colony | Spaceport outside Colony Centre ]

To say Kala was a bit nervous as she stepped off the shuttle and began running scans of the facility was a slight understatement. It seemed trouble followed her everywhere she went, at least since she'd set foot on the Cayuga those few short months ago. Now she was investigating why a Klingon Brewery of all things had gone dark and while there were any number of benign explanations, she earnestly hoped it was something as simple as a power outage or knocked out comms relay, with her luck it would be something far more sinister. Which is why her tricorder was already out, and her hand hovering near her type two phaser.

She listened as the other's spoke, Lt Chambers suggesting there was some sort of dampening field in place affecting comm's, Ens Cir'Cie remarking about finding trouble, and she had to at least smile at the Ensign's remark. "Well, other then comm's being down and some sort of interference limiting the range of my tricorder, I've got nothing. My recommendation is we look for the facility's main control center, we may find this is just a simple power outage caused by a drunk engineer?" She looked over at Lt Chambers, "Did powers that be at least send along blueprints or even a map of this place?"

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Re: Day - 5 [1430 hrs.] Something in the Ale
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Lt Arven Leux | Breshanti Colony | Spaceport outside Colony center | @Pierce @RyeTanker @UltimaImperatrixia @SummerDawn

Arven had enjoyed the flight to Breshanti. The trip had given him plenty of time to organize the equipment that he'd brought along. Since the colony had stopped responding and contact had been lost, Arven had assumed the worst. So he'd come with a reasonably large amount of triage equipment. So Arven was busy checking his hyposprays and other medications, and considering that this was a Klingon colony, Arven had brought along more than a few doses of drugs that would easily be lethal to Klingon physiology. Nothing slow or painful. What he'd brought was designed to be as merciful as possible. The Trill had learned the necessity of those medications in the prison camp, and ever since, he'd always brought some along on away missions. The red-colored hyposprays had enough of the toxin for twenty Klingons. Those hyposprays were fitted with caps to prevent accidental use, and hopefully, there would be no use for those hyposprays, but he didn't hold out hope for that.

Since Arven was preparing himself for what he might have to do, he hadn't been especially conversant during the flight on the Robinson.  The shuttle making landfall, though, woke him up, so to speak. Lieutenants Chambers and Zark had provided some good information.  He wasn't wholly surprised that there was a dampening field active in the local area. He frowns though, already thinking about the situation at hand.

"No contact, dampening field, and this place produces a well-known and sought-after commodity? Probably pirates of some sort, maybe with hostages?" It was as much question as it was his opinion. It wasn't like Arven had done anything other than talking to people about their experiences during his imprisonment. And he'd spent more than a little time speaking with security officers and other crew members. So this type of situation seemed straight out of the stories that he'd heard. Which meant this situation wasn't anywhere near normal, not with the Theurgy. So it was with a wary readiness that Arven exited the shuttlecraft with the rest of the team, making sure that all of his equipment was secured and slung over his shoulder. The overly large triage kit sling over his shoulder. To keep the special hyposprays separate, he had them in a smaller pack with the 'special' hyposprays on a smaller red-colored pack strapped to his belt. While Arven looked worried, he certainly seemed to be ready. Or at least as prepared as possible.

Re: Day - 5 [1430 hrs.] Something in the Ale
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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh'Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Breshtanti Colony | Suspect Brewing Complex]

@Pierce @Tae @UltimaImperatrixia @SummerDawn

Lt. Zark was apprehensive as she stepped out of the hover truck the group had appropriated for the short journey to the brewery.  It had taken a bit to figure out which brewing complex was the source of the dampening field, but a bit of guess work and analysis had yielded a large complex that rejoiced in the name of the The Overflowing D'k tahg. How typically Klingon. Zark thought to herself as she slung her phaser rifle over her shoulder and proceeded to give the exterior a security over view.

Say what you will about Klingon culture.  They sure know how to market themselves.  Quirking an eyebrow, it was quickly apparent that the architects had used the monastery at Boreth as an inspiration for the entrance gate. It didn't quite totally work as she stepped closer to the barred gate and saw an imposing large industrial building with numerous pipes and liquid tanks in the back.  Her nose detected the subtle scent of cooking grains, spices, and yeasts.  The breweries obvious signs of activity totally belied the absolutely deserted nature of the entire settlement.  The group had not seen or detected a single life form on the way to the brewery and deepening the mystery.

Taking out her tricorder and boosting the signal, she could find no active security measures aside from the closed gate.  Taking another moment to hack the gate controls, she pressed a combination on the tricorder and the gate obediently unlocked and opened.  Looking through the gate one last time, Lt. Zark turned towards the group and signalled them to follow her.  Her eyes momentarily settled on Lt. Chambers. Hmmm. He does cut a very fine figure.  Whao! Where did that come from?  Worried her new shipmate would have caught her looking him over, she quickly shook her head as she led the group in.  The Andorian medic unconsciously took a moment to loosen the top of her tac vest as it was suddenly getting a little warmer than she anticipated while forcing her mind back to the task at hand.

Quickly heading passed the now open gate and towards the main entrance, Zark noticed the grounds of the brewery didn't quite match her impression of a Klingon building.  Flagstones, trees, and grass dominated their path and presented an almost serene environment.  The building seemed to loom out of the ground as they approached the main entrance and her trained eye picked out an object that didn't look it belonged in the facility.  It seemed to alien to the architecture and design ethos used by Klingons, and she unslung her phaser rifle before quickly using hand signals to direct the group to into a copse of trees.  When she felt they were far enough in, she took a knee consulted a map and beckoned Lt. Chambers over.  "Sir, something about this situation is strange, we haven't encountered a single life form and the plant is running full tilt.  Also, there a device on the main personnel entrance that I don't recognize. It could be a sensor, and I don't think it's Klingon in nature.  I'm going to check out the side of the building.  There should be stairs or a ladder to the roof.  Hopefully they haven't placed sensors there as well. I should be back in about 15 minutes." 

Signalling the group to stay in place, the Andorian disappeared into the trees at high speed.  Taking a moment to look at the building, she found what she was looking for, a set of stairs at the side that led to a fire escape to the roof. Pulling out her tricorder, she executed a passive scan of the area, but didn't find any more unidentified devices. Taking one careful last look and deep breath, Lt. Zark rushed out of the tree line to the building side.  She reached the stairs and pointed her rifle up at the roof in a quick sweep.  Her elevated heart rate was deafening in the silence surrounding the settlement. Carefully heading up the stairs then shouldering her rifle before gently climbing to the produced a new anxiety all it's own as she climbed.  Still nothing when she reached the top, and risking a quick peek over the top, there was nothing out of the ordinary as well.  Climbing onto the roof, she unslung her rifle again and looked began searching for a way in.  Each step on the stones that topped the roof felt far too loud as she looked at the various structures protruding from the building.  She briefly considered trying the skylights, but quickly discarded that idea as impractical as she didn't know how many of the team were capable or willing to rappel from great heights.

She soon found a fire exit and giving it a quick scan, she found the lock could easily be bypassed.  With this knowledge in hand, Zark headed back the way she came and into the woods to where she left the away team.  Breathing a little heavier from her solo reconnaissance as she reached the group, Lt. Zark quietly approached them to give an update. "Okay, it doesn't look like they were really expecting any visitors, so this copse of trees should be able to provide us concealment to the stairs and ladder on the side of the building.  From the edge, there's a fire exit about 100m to the right we can use to easily get in."
Lt (JG) XamotZark zh'Ptrell (Lt. Zark)


Re: Day - 5 [1430 hrs.] Something in the Ale
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Lieutenant Nick Chambers
| Breshtanti Colony | Suspect Brewing Complex ] Attn: @Tae @SummerDawn @RyeTanker @UltimaImperatrixia [Show/Hide]

Chambers stood at attention after getting off the lift at the brewery. The smell of the area had a particular aroma to it that was rather pleasing to his nose and his chest. His breathing was a little amplified as his chest grew and fell with each breath. Something was odd about this facility for sure, but what it was he was unfamiliar with. After-all, he's not a science officer.

The slightly built officer took special note of his female compatriots on their journey. Something about them he found intoxicating but couldn't quite put his finger on it. Taking a few added glances, he felt a stirring in his chest that made him somewhat curious. They certainly know how to crew this vessel. So hot too... He shook his head and returned his focus back at the facility before them. The oddity of his thoughts still lingered as he tried to focus on the task at hand.

He watched as Lt. Zark passed him and opened the gates of the brewery and placed a knee on the ground before summoning his presence towards her. Something about aliens seemed to be alluring to his thoughts as he drew closer to her to listen.

"Sir, something about this situation is strange, we haven't encountered a single life form and the plant is running full tilt.  Also, there a device on the main personnel entrance that I don't recognize. It could be a sensor, and I don't think it's Klingon in nature.  I'm going to check out the side of the building.  There should be stairs or a ladder to the roof.  Hopefully they haven't placed sensors there as well. I should be back in about 15 minutes."

He felt puzzled as the thoughts of what he'd just heard had time to finally sink in. "It is strange. However, I think what is more curious to me is the lack of Klingons. They never leave their booze." He stared into the corner of the facility as Zark looked to take off to survey the area. "Be careful." he stated as she continued on her way.

His thoughts were slightly fuzzy. He wondered if it had something to do with all the plant life present but couldn't be sure. "I really need to call the Klingon's interior decorator. These plants just don't go with their chosen aesthetic of grim and deadly." He turned one of them, "Write that down." He walked forward as he saw Lt. Zark approach again with her report.

He nodded and proceeded in that direction. "Keep your phasers at the ready. Put them on stun in the event we run into trouble." The eery nature of the area started to get to him as he stopped abruptly and shook before he continued his original pacing. "Something isn't right...." he stated as sounds could be heard in the distance but nothing discerning that could be identified easily.

"Something is definitely going on here. Let's move following Lt. Zark's suggested path." The plant-life appeared to be more thick and brushy through the small forest they passed through. The colors more vibrant, the waving more distinct. It was almost calming to him to be around so much of it. His breathing was feeling certainly affected by something nearby, but without long range scanning, it was hard to discern.

As they neared the doors, it appeared to have been blasted with some sort of disruptor-like device but not exactly Klingon in nature. "Scan those doors. I want to know what hit them. It isn't Klingon based on the scorching that was done here and here." He pointed to two distinct placements on the doorframes but was quickly distracted. His head leaned towards one ear as he pondered the sounds. "Does...does anyone else hear those sounds too? It sounds familiar but not at the same time."

Subconsciencely he knew what it sounded like but didn't want to come off as some sick pervert on a mission primarily with a female landing party. I'm sure that would go over well with the Captain. A female Bajoran, Andorian and Vulcan walk into a bar... He snickered as he continued to peer around corners trying desperately not to pay attention to their shapely bodies nearby.

Deciding to put his focus back on the mission as increasingly difficult as it was getting, "Anyone find anything of use yet?"
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Re: Day - 5 [1430 hrs.] Something in the Ale
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[ Ensign Cir'Cie | Breshtanti Colony | Suspect Brewing Complex ]

Cir'Cie would choose to remain close to Lieutenant Chambers, her slacks doing little to hide her nubile and curvy form as she paced slowly around. Taking readings with her sophisticated Tricorder - a knowing smirk would cross her lips briefly and she would start to take samples from the smaller plants in their vicinity. The distinct 'be-dut-de-dut' alert signal of the Tricorder confirming her suspicions. Still; she would get down on one knee and take a retrieval kit from her satchel, taking her time to carefully extract and collect samples of the Viral Spores that had found themselves upon the plants in their vicinity. Once she was satisfied with filling a few vials with strands of grass, types of leaves and a few stems here and there - she would tightly seal the contaminated items in a glass containing unit marked with a Biohazard sign before storing it into her Satchel.

She would slowly inhale sharply, her heart racing with anticipation and excitement - a few simple Viral spores like this were manageable, enough to be treated and handled accordingly - but that didn't mean she was immune to them. On the contrary she seemed more willing to allow the risk of pleasurable consumption to wash around her and she would glance over at Chambers with a wry smile before simply stating. "Readings indicate this area is contaminated, it is extremely likely that the suspect plant is nearby and waiting direct confrontation for faster means of infection. I would recommend we turn back and secure appropriate equipment...though something tells me you have no intention of doing so, do you Lieutenant?"

Standing with a slant within her stance, her thin hourglass figure now more so pronounced in her outfit, she would raise an eyebrow in a questioning manner, as if curious to see what orders or advise she would now receive. As tempting as it was to indulge in the lurid suggestions and images being projected into her mind which were already starting to have a slow but noticeable affect on her being - she would now tap into her teachings of Surak to hold the urges back. She fully intended to get off this planet and back to the Theurgy - Niga be damned or not. And so she chose to convey her initial thoughts to their surroundings and the task that lay ahead of them.

"If it were not for the implications with the Klingons, the eradication of this particular region with Phaser fire to eliminate both contagions and plant-based structures would have been the simplest and most logical decision...however; given that is not an option. I would propose we should consider breaking the tankards and brewing machines to flood the facility with the solution. It will anger the owners, but the alcoholic compounds will harm and stunt the growth of the Niga... The question is; which of us is willing to go that deep into the Complex? - if this option is viable at all..."

Folding her arms, she would close her eyes and take a moment to focus and compose herself, even if her stance suggested a lack of control potentially teasing her instincts.
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Re: Day - 5 [1430 hrs.] Something in the Ale
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[ Lieutenant j.g. Kala Marika | Breshtanti Colony | Suspect Brewing Complex ]

Something was amiss here, Kala thought to herself, moving to scan the doors at Chamber's request. She noticed Ens. Cir'Cie move towards some plant life to sample it, giving Kala a good glance at the Vulcan women's shapely ass. It was shapely and she wondered what it might look naked and in bed? Probably a frigid emotionless bitch, Kala thought to herself, Vulcan's weren't exactly the most sexually liberated species. Now why that thought popped in her head she had no idea, this wasn't exactly Risa at the start of the lolunhat festival, about as far from it as she could get right now.

The planet seemed warmer though, almost too warm, strange considering how cool it had been when they first landed. She felt stuffy, her uniform seemed to be holding in the heat and she reflexively unzipped the front of the outer jacket she wore. Even that seemed to barely help only in the slightest, she still felt hot under the collar, the temptation to undress even further, a prickly heat that seemed to permeate to her core. She resisted the urge, but glancing back at Nick Chambers for a second, she found that same thought as she'd had with Cir'Cie welling up, except the brief glance at Chambers had been enough for her to start mentally undressing him. She focused on her scans, but her mind wandered, undressing her Superior officer, imagining what lay beneath, toned muscles, washboard abs, a certain male appendage. The two of them hot, sweaty, and about to...

Get it to together Kala, she chided herself, now is not the time to be getting aroused by your coworker, even if he is a hunky, sexy, Andonis. Even trying to focus she was having troubles. "Lieutenant. These scorch marks, they don't correspond to any know weaponry or tools used by Alpha & Beta quadrant races. Best guess is whomever shot at this door used some form of coherent graviton beam. Not something I've ever seen before." She stood to face him, glancing between him and Lt Zark, the Andorian female, trying to focus, finding her thoughts wandering lewdly again. "Whatever they did, it fused the door circuitry, we'll need to find another way in, a side entrance or some such."

She glanced at Cir'Cie when the women suggested they needed to secure proper equipment and venture deeper into the facility. "If it get's us to the bottom of this mystery and back to Theurgy, I'll volunteer to go into the facility." She wasn't quite sure why the sudden testy outburst, the Ensign only stated her observations. The Vulcan women did seem to have some inkling about what they were facing, if only from how certain she seemed about this Niga plant. "Let's find a way in, get comms restored, blow these brewing machines, and get out."

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Re: Day - 5 [1430 hrs.] Something in the Ale
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 Lt Arven Leux | Breshanti Colony | Suspect Brewery | @Pierce @RyeTanker @UltimaImperatrixia @SummerDawn

The Trill barely paid attention to the conversation around him, more focused on how the to unform felt too tight against his muscular frame.  It seemed to chafe in all of the wrong places and stimulate in all of the right ones. the way the fabric brushed against the lines of spots adorning his body felt good, maybe a little too good. It was with a start that Arven caught himself looking at Lieutenant Chambers and Kala far more than he should have while on a mission. He was daydreaming about both of their asses for a brief moment. He imagined that Lieutenant Chambers, in particular, had a rather lovely rear. It looked like he could have played Volleyball. Arven imagined the man all oiled up and wearing aviator shades like in that ancient earth film, Top Gun? Yeah, that was it. Chambers in the role of Tom cruise, and then Kala was the Doctor in an illicit affair with the woman, Cir'Cie. While Cir'Cie had more hair than the woman in that film, Arven could imagine the two of them hooking up. But that meant she'd get kicked out of the Navy for being gay? That had been a crime? Yeah, that had been a crime back in the United States, at least in the military. Why was he even casting the other members of the away team in movie roles in his head, and why was being gay ever a problem? And there was Zark, the blue skinned woman with the white hair, he was imagining her walking down from a spaceship, clad in something akin to tinfoil. a spacesuit that revealed her midriff, probably  well toned abs, Zark looked like she had toned muscles. There would totally be abs.

"What the fuck Arven..." His voice is barely more than a mutter as he slaps himself. And he groans slightly then. he recognized the groan as one more of pleasure than exasperation, and his eyes go wide with shock. Some medical reports he'd read in the last week flashing through his mind.

"Alright, everyone, let's hold here for a moment while I do some scans." His voice was firm and authoritative, not the calm, composed bedside manner, but something harsher, something a bit more urgent. Arven was clearly rattled at having out of the fugue state of his daydreams, the man's cheeks flushing a rich red as he does his best to keep his eyes on the ground. Arven couldn't look at the other away team members right now, not until he confirmed his suspicions. His breathing was hot and heavy as if he was aroused, which he very clearly was.

Whole Arven was very new to the crew; he had taken time to review the significant medical incidents the crew of the Theurgy had experienced. And the Niga Virus was at the top of the reading list. The Trill grumbles as he pulls the medical tricorder from his kit, starting with himself, and then goes around the group to take readings and confirm them. At times while performing this task, Arven's mind seems to wander, and his rich violet eyes linger perhaps a bit too long on his companions for the mission.  A small smile here, a flick of long lashes there. Arven was not, past tense, a very discriminating individual, and with his chiseled good looks, he'd made use of that when he was younger, before the USS Honshu and his subsequent internment anyway. Since then, well, the Trill was beginning to realize just how many years it had been since...

No, now wasn't the time for thoughts like that. Arven had readings to look over, but the very fact it had taken him almost a full five minutes to scan five people. And the state of arousal he was currently at confirmed it.

"Shit, masks on people, there's Niga in the air."  Arven drops to one knee to play around with his medical kit, the full triage kit he'd brought with him. Thankfully he had stocked it with masks, and he slips one on his face first and activates it. The sound of sucking is audible as the mask vacuums itself down onto his face and the filtration system starts up.

"Alright, everyone, I need you all to take one of these and put it on. If you don't know how to use these, let me know. These are what we call quarantine masks. They protect our soft tissues, eyes, nasal passages, and mouth from droplets and other contaminants. I'm also prescribing everyone 5cc's of Beta Niaxaline to tamp down on sexual urges.  And Delta Niaxaline for you, Ensign. Cir'Cie. And speaking of you, Ensign, you've dealt with this craziness before. Do you have advice on how to proceed now that we've confirmed the presence of the virus?"  While Vulcans were mostly similar, their physiology and biochemistry were non-trivially different from those of the other red-blooded away team members. And when speaking to the Botanist, his tone of voice was a forced professional tone. His violet eyes flitting over her slender figure. No, he wasn't breathing that air anymore. His emotions and urges were his to control, not some Virus. He could do better than this; he had to and would do better.

Once again, Arven treats himself first, pressing the hypospray into his neck and activating it. The sharp sting of the injected substance brought with it the sharp clarity of having received something into his system. The focus brought on by the caffeine was welcome, and he took a deep breath before going around the group to administer the hypospray to everyone, assuming that they all consented to it. The Doctor kept his ears open now, doing his best to focus on what was being said by the others, trying very hard to keep a greased-up Chambers from running through his mind.
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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh'Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Breshtanti Colony | The Overflowing D'k tahg]

@Pierce @UltimaImperatrixia @Tae @SummerDawn

Lt.Kala's behaviour did not escape Zark's notice and a shapely eyebrow piqued in interest as the normally staid engineer suddenly unzipped her uniform jacket.  Kala's following strange aggressiveness and sudden act of bravery to explore the facility more deeply took the shapely Andorian by surprise causing the other brow to join first.  From their time on the Cayuga Zark couldn't remember the Bajoran ever being quite so...passionately fiery.  The Andorian's cheeks darkened intensely as a series of lurid images started to form in her head involving a lantern lit ice hotel, herself, Kala, and Chambers lying between the two women, all sans clothing.

A small moan of desire escaped Lt. Zark's throat and this snapped her back to reality after mere moments and the combat medic's eyes grew wide in shock as she physically shook her head to clear the images. The Andorian hadn't even noticed she was biting her lower lip as she took several deep breaths to try to bring calm and focus back to the situation as forcibly unlatched her teeth from her lips when said lips began to tell her she was biting too hard.  There was also some pointed pressure in her chest as well.

Lt.Zark closed her eyes as the hot embarrassment coursed through her.  She did her best to calm herself while crossing her arms across her chest.  Oh Shelat!  There's Niga Virus on this planet and we breathed it in.  Fuck! No pun intended. Opening her eyes, she gratefully took the proffered mask and exposed her neck for the recommended shot from Lt.Leux, she quickly affixed the mask to her head and began deeply breathing in the cleaner air. The night in the hotel attempted to intrude into her thoughts again, but knowing the threat now, Zark firmly stepped on her imagination, though the physical reaction in her chest didn't appear to want to settle any time soon.  She turned to thank Lt.Leux Hmmmmm, never seen purple eyes before, they're really quite enchanting... The Andorian closed her eyes firmly grinding on the urge to grab the trill's hand and shove it inside her uniform to help her diagnose where the pressure on her chest was coming from. This time, she concentrated on her breathing, counting to 45 by 3s in the hopes that the Niaxaline would kick in soon.

When she was reasonably sure she had control over her voice and she felt her facial features settle back into a professional demeanour,  she turned to Lt.Chambers. "Lt.Kala's right sir.  Cir'Cie's findings on the Niga virus make this facility too dangerous to the galaxy at large. The last outbreak of the virus was bad enough that Captain Ives ordered the planet Niga annihilated as Ensign Cir'Cie' can attest to.  We should annihilate the place then pour antimatter on the ashes to be sure "  She had to continue to make her point. "I'm willing to bet latinum bars to tubers that everyone here is having ummmmm.. uninhibited thoughts of varying intensities.  With a full strength virus in effect, people will act on those thoughts and do nothing else.  Sir, when we reestablish communications, we may need to get the Captain's permission to destroy the place.

Lt. Zark paused as a thought started to form about the virus itself.  Wiping the brewery off the face of the galaxy would be the easy solution, but it wouldn't answer how the virus and the associated flora even made it off Niga in the first place.  Dropping her head for a moment as her brows furrowed together as her mouth frowned in contemplation of the deliberateness of the act of recreating the virus at this very location and how far could it have gotten.  Not to mention the original mission to investigative the team sent by the Klingons to find out what was happening.

Raising her head once more and looking steadily as it became easier for her to not mentally undress Chambers, she continued. "Sir, we need to find who setup the virus in the plant either through the security systems, or any other clues or technology left behind by the perpetrators so we can find out how far they plan on carrying out the destruction of life in the galaxy.  I think we all heard the orgy going on inside, so I think we can move around the plant while they're all busy with each other, and we do need to rescue them.  I'd suggest that we head to the security centre to get a better read on the situation.  If the plant is still running, there could be an alternative energy source keeping production going that we should shut down to safely stop the spread of the virus while keeping any survivors alive for treatment."

Turning to Trill doctor as he made his rounds.  Lt.Leux, I'd recommend that we issue a hypsospray of Nixaline to each person just in case we need to innoculate again.  Though thinking about it, do we have enough to use on the Klingons and anyone else we find inside?".  Lt.Zark inquired of the Trill doctor as she hoped her voice sounded as steady as she wanted it to.
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[ Lieutenant Nick Chambers | Breshtanti Colony | Spaceport outside Colony Centre ] Attn: @Tae @SummerDawn @RyeTanker @UltimaImperatrixia [Show/Hide]

The air was oddly intoxicating to Chambers. His mind was in a fog as he tried to focus on the tasks at hand albeit difficult with all those with him on the away mission. He grasped something about a particular plant that shouldn't be here or even exist anymore, and yet it was here. He watched the Vulcan's slender form bending down to take a sample of the plants and confirming suspicion. He shook the fog briefly from his mind as she mentioned turning away from the direct route where the plant life was likely waiting them. But he knew that they must forge onward despite the imminent danger unfolding before them. "No, let's proceed on but if it comes at you, kill the dinner salad and do not eat it."

He stared at her more as she shifted her weight but was broken from his thoughts quickly which were devolving by the minute. Her suggestion about destroying the tanks and the machines being viable, he nodded and walked on contemplating the recent revelation that they'd all been infected with Niga. Something he'd heard some rumblings about when he looked into the Theurgy but had no first hand experience with, nor inoculation for.

His gaze followed her arms to her chest and he could feel his heart beat that much faster. If he was going to make it through this, he was going to have to find a way to reduce his gazes at the crew or punch himself in the balls to counter the brewing feelings welling inside him. Neither option seemed that great at present. The heat inside his uniform caused him to unzip the overcoat of it and leave it flowing like an opened jacket, and he exposed more of his neckline with the gold uniform partially unzipped. Either the virus was causing this or the machines nearby.

Chambers moved his stare to Kala who also had adjusted her uniform to suit the heat. He locked eyes with her briefly and smiled but quickly broke it as he felt a stirring in his nether regions. He secretly wished that she'd unzipped her uniform a little further down, but there wasn't time to picture that now. They had to make it past this mission and then see if what he was feeling was real or a virus induced fever amplifying his desires.

Looking at the door, he acknowledged Kala's scans of it and grunted when she mentioned the fused circuitry. "Well, if that isn't a kick in the pants. We can..." he was abruptly interrupted when she mentioned going in to the facility herself to explore. Not his first option but what choice did they have at this point? "Go, take someone with you. I don't want any of us separated at any time. But keep your distance too. With these plants affecting us, I can only imagine as you are what we'd do in our current condition. Just don't picture it right now. Oh wait, too late. Damn. Nevermind. Let's continue onward."

Head shaking, his thoughts returned to normal after that visual he'd accidentally planted in everyone's heads. Lt. Leux was next to speak however as he stood looking onward. His mention of scanning the away team and his appearance at looking at each officer told Chambers that he was hot and bothered too. Not a bad looking individual if he had to say so himself. The spots of his species were also something that intrigued Nick.

"Shit, masks on people, there's Niga in the air. Alright, everyone, I need you all to take one of these and put it on. If you don't know how to use these, let me know. These are what we call quarantine masks. They protect our soft tissues, eyes, nasal passages, and mouth from droplets and other contaminants. I'm also prescribing everyone 5cc's of Beta Niaxaline to tamp down on sexual urges.  And Delta Niaxaline for you, Ensign. Cir'Cie. And speaking of you, Ensign, you've dealt with this craziness before. Do you have advice on how to proceed now that we've confirmed the presence of the virus?"

Peering down into the medical kit, Nick quickly grabbed one of the masks and overlapped his face with it. It felt odd but good knowing it would filter their air from this. Not a permanent solution but a good fix short term. Reaching forward, he took one of the hypospray's from Arven and administered the 5cc's of Beta Niaxaline. Almost immediately after the prick in his neck, it began to tamp down on his sexual urges. His brain feeling the cleared thoughts for the first time since setting down out of the shuttlecraft. A small part of him wanted to see what would have happened but being this was an unsafe and potentially unstable situation, he decided not to make that part voiced at this time. He took a deep breath and felt more like himself again.

"Thanks doc. That makes me feel great again. Like I'm snorting my own flavorful lunch over and again instead of good plant pheromones. Not that I want to go back there."

Chest still unsettled, despite the shot, he was ready for what came next. Looking forward at the security building, he saw a tear in the siding. Like something ripped its way through the side of the facility. Not sure if it was inward or outward but what he could be sure of was that was the way in. He listened in as from behind him Lt. Zark pointed out again how everyone was having urges and how a fully infected person with the virus would be no match for the acts or thoughts. He turned to face her and he was shocked by how close she was and how beautiful the Andorian woman was to him. He hadn't been with someone non-human before, but she was very enticing to his eyes.

Thoughts to her speaking he heard her explain about the situation as she saw it. "Good idea lieutenant. I just spotted a hole torn in the sheet metal walls there. One of you follow me, I'm going in. Cover the door and look out for any life or hungry salad coming for your organs."

He pulled out his phaser and readied it but dropped it to his side holster as he walked in through the torn wall. There was no one inside and the lights flickered. He glanced around and took note of the status and called for the others to enter. "Everybody into the pool. Coast is clear and grandma's not skinny dipping." He was unsure if they caught his drift but figured they'd come in regardless.

Activating the console, he tapped a few junctures and turned on auxiliary power to the room as the room lit up to normal line of sight. Tapping a few other controls the security feed came online as well. Glancing over the various screens, he knew something was amiss when he saw the Klingons.... "Looks like someone started the party without us. Mom always said, never get in the middle of a hungry or horny Klingon."

He turned to the doctor. "I doubt we have enough of that cocktail for the Klingons, let alone ourselves. Is there a way we can filter some sort of gas or anesthesia into the system to knock them out since we have these to protect us?" He said knocking lightly on his face shield. The sight on the screens had Chambers a little preoccupied as he stared at the orgy before him on the screens. "Whatever you do, don't turn on the sound. No one needs to hear this. Definitely what we heard some of earlier too. But this explains why they aren't producing anything either."

Nick looked around as the others piled in and inquired. "Next we need to find the tanks, detonate those or overload them. Keep looking for options on the communications array. And see if you can identify any relevant footage on these security cameras. There has to be something to explain what is going on here. I'm not overly familiar with Klingon tech so if someone else can find those, that'd be great..."

Tearing his eyes from the screen, he walked back to wipe his eyes as if he'd been staring for far too long or just tired. Either of which he wasn't yet sure about. "I just know we need to be quick or we're not going to be much better off than those in that monitor. Not a bad way to die, but not ideal either."

He paced the room as the others went to work and Nick awaited some answers.
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[ Ensign Cir'Cie | Breshtanti Colony | Spaceport outside Colony Centre ]

Dealt with the craziness

If only that statement were true - Cir'Cie looks towards Arven for a moment before reluctantly taking the injection of Delta Niaxalin. She shuddered lightly at the sensation of the drug beginning its journey through her circulatory system, after which point she stated in a blunt tone. "I was part of the craziness. My memories of the event are hazy at best. Though since the Virus propagates quickly, I would estimate we have a few hours at most. It should not take us that long to complete our assignment here...that being said, the Virus is more effective in those who have weak impulse control...or potent libidos. This will now be a test of will power, as much as a test of your regular training. The masks won't really help, now we've been infected."

With that, she rubbed her neck where the injection had pierced her fair bronzed skin before proceeding to follow in Lieutenant Chamber's steps. Despite her reserved actions so far - she was definitely feeling the same heavy feeling in her chest as the others were, it didn't help that the light layer of sweat she had accumulated on her skin made her seem somewhat more appealing in a hot and bothered way. Yet despite this she didn't unzip or expose any part of herself, she was more so focused on the mental implications as part of her psyche was now practically screaming at her to try and have her way with one of the crew members in the team - any of them would do.

The drug helped to sooth her, but it was only a temporary measure. She would use her Tricorder to compare her information on the original Niga strain with the one they were facing now, attempting to see if there was any notable differences to be concerned about. Her 'work' was interrupted however upon seeing the Klingons on the various security screens above her - her cheeks tinged a noticeable green as a blush came to her and she had to shake her head to try and re-compose herself. "I see the Klingons are further along in the stages of infection, yet I do not see any physical indicators of the plant yet. Perhaps this variant is more airborne?" she would ponder, more so to herself than to anyone else.

Cir'Cie had taken note of how Chambers had been eyeing up Zark earlier and rather than feeling jealousy or anger, she felt encouragement - they had only been infected for several minutes and yet everyone was certainly considering throwing protocol to the wind and enjoying to speak. It did feel extremely tempting. Months of being adrift on a, for all intents and purposes, rogue Federal ship, with no real place to turn too and a mission that was heavily stacked against them...Logic and Libido for Cir'Cie certainly kept asking, what was the point? Why not just...let it go.

Shaking her head once more, she would even let out a soft grunt, her pupils having dilated somewhat. "We're running out of time - I do not think we can safely purify this sector without directly confronting the Niga...fortunately, I do have a weapon on hand...but it would require getting close to the nexus of the plant." she informs Chambers, looking up at him intently, though the way her eyes would gaze at him with desire did not help the situation.
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[ Lieutenant j.g. Kala Marika | Breshtanti Colony | Suspect Brewing Complex ]
Unlike the others Kala wasn't as up to speed on this niga virus. She gathered from what she heard around her, especially from what Lt Leux and Ens Cir'Cie were saying about the effects and impact of the virus. It explained a lot, why she was feeling hot under the collar, why she was looking at Lt Chambers, her mind dreaming up ways that the five of them, yes even that frigid b*tch of a Vulcan, could wile away some time in the back of a shuttlecraft after this was over. And that wasn't exactly that bad of an idea she thought, five hot sweaty humanoids in various states of arousal and postures within the...

She felt a hiss as Arven administered a dose of Nixaline to her neck. Almost right away she felt a bit of clarity in her thoughts, Chambers was still a hot Adonis, and she still wanted to hide in a closet somewhere with Zark... Fuck, even with the dose it seemed like those thoughts were still there, just a bit of an edge off more than anything.

She nodded to Lt Chambers when he volunteered to be on point. She'd volunteered to go in herself so she could very well had to at this point. And if there was more Niga on the other side of that door waiting to compromise them even more then they were already... "After you Sir." Kala remarked, "I got your back," ~Or numerous other parts,~ she thought. This was becoming difficult, and she wondered if fighting the mental thoughts, chiding herself every time, or just accepting them for what they were, and rolling with the thoughts was the best option to stay sane. Neither option was really appealing.

Kala was in right behind him, the room was empty thankfully, and it looked like they were in some sort of control center. Bit odd it was deeper in the building, but then again this wasn't a military facility with layers of security and checkpoints, this was a brewery staffed by Klingons, not a fortress on Kronos. While Lt Chambers got some power restored, Kala started working on getting power up to the rest of the room, glancing around at the large control center, his eyes drifting up to security feeds.

She chuckled at his joke about worse ways to die, "I can think of a few bad ways Lieutenant, dying in the midst of a sexual orgy, definitely one of the better ways to go." Ensign Cir'Cie's words were back of mind as she worked on seeing what else they could glean form the controls. The virus being more effective on those of weak impulse control or higher libidos hit her on both counts, and she was feeling it. She wouldn't say she weak impulse control, but when you've not been laid in a few months, looking forward to time off to hopefully correct that, and now a virus infects her that's breaking down her inhibitions with each passing moment.

It was hot in here though, and Kala unconsciously unzipped her uniform shirt a bit, exposing her chest and some of her bra to the air, feeling the beads of sweat forming. It felt good, and if she wasn't on an away mission, she might shed the rest of it. When Cir'Cie remarked they were running out of time, she turned to the Ensign, looking the Vulcan over, noticing her stoic gaze wasn't so stoic anymore. "Well, if we need to get this weapon into the Niga's nexus or whatever you're calling it Ensign, I might as well volunteer. Seems the universe is out to kill me, so why not go on my own terms, I kill the plant with the weapon, you lot escape the and nuke this place from orbit. I get remembered for saving your sexy asses and go out with my mind blown. Win win for all involved."

She glanced around the room, "I mean, unless anyone has a better suggestion? The Nixaline seems to be less effective on me, or maybe I'm just more susceptible to it's effects. We need clear heads to fight this, and my head is anything but clear." She leaned against the console, trying to focus her mind away from sacrificing herself, "As far as a big boom goes, the facility is using reactors from the last century, we could rig them to go up, Klingons weren't known for their use of safeties on high energy equipment. Couple timed failures of the reactor containment, you get a nice display of fireworks from orbit."