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Day 06 [1700 hrs.] The Dance
[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Holodeck 5 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All!
The invitation had gone out, shipwide. There was to be a 'dance'. Holodeck five had been reserved for the evening and set up from top to bottom to serve as a good location for the match. There was a holographic bar set up, lined with various bottles and glasses. Some of which were synthetic alcohol, some of which were not. The holographic bartender was a tall, boisterous human, wearing what appeared to be the jumpsuit that marked the birth of the Federation. It was blue, with red stripes on the shoulders. His rank denoted that he was a commander. There was a nearby table, lined with food from various cultures scattered within and without the Federation. In front of the bar and food tables, were several folding chairs, set in front of some tables. Not far from those were more folding chairs, scattered around the perimeter of a boxing ring.

The walls and ground were from the same era as the bartender. They were situated in what appeared to be a launch bay from an NX-class vessel, though it had apparently been increased in scale. Whatever NX class the hologram was on, was massive. In any case, it was clearly for the aesthetics alone. Next to the ring, was another small table. On it was a box, devoid of contents but open for all to see. Another vintage-clad officer was standing next to it, with a small clipboard and a pen.

Lieutenant Amarik pushed her way inside of the empty looking holodeck and grinned. It'd been far too long since she'd been able to participate in a friendly fight. One where she wasn't actively attempting to kill her opponent or be killed herself. This was just what she needed to blow off some steam, and she assumed that she wouldn't be the only one that felt that way. "Thea, can you populate this with a mixture of officers. Various uniforms, various eras. Throw on some music too...era..." She thought, "21st century to present. Let's keep it upbeat." She grinned and removed her combadge, dropping it into the small box in front of the ring. Her attention turned to the officer, "If anyone's combadge goes off while it's in here, inform them immediately and have it brought to them. Can't neglect all our duties."

She started wandering over to the bar, shooting a glance at the bartender as the room began to populate with various random officers, clad in every Starfleet uniform the computer had on file. They ranged from the NX uniforms to the present. "Perfect." She glanced around, pointing to the Romulan ale as she made herself comfortable at a barstool.

She just had to wait for participants to start showing up. In the meantime, she sipped her drink and looked around. It was relaxed, which was exactly what she was aiming for. Holograms wearing the classic red, woolen uniforms of Kirks era with Admiralty pips were socializing with crewmen from the time of the Enterprise-D not far from her, comparing stories that had been pulled from random archive files. "Let's keep the arch showing and open." She addressed Thea directly again, as it materialized, she smiled, "Thanks."

Valyn herself was dressed in a relaxed fashion. She was wearing some cargo pants and matching combat boots, with a tank top. If she was going to be fighting she wanted to be able to move quickly and comfortably.


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Re: Day 06 [1700 hrs.] The Dance
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[ Lieutenant Arven Leux | Holodeck 5 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] @BipSpoon

Arven needed another kind of therapy after the day he'd had, things had been weird, to say the very least, over this week so far, and now, he needed to punch something and get punched in return. And thusly, Arven made his way walking through the corridors of the Theurgy, drawing stares, not only for his attire or lack thereof but for the impressively muscled physique that he had worked so hard and obsessively to build. And so it was that the towering Trill made his way into the holodeck for the fight night, certainly dressed for the occasion, he immediately swung by the table with the box dropping his comm-badge into the nearly empty receptacle with a satisfying clunk. Arven was dressed for the event, his fists and feet wrapped with cloth bandages, and wearing just a pair of standard-issue gym shorts in the medical teal. The only adornment aside from the row of natural spots that went all the way up and down Arven's powerful physique was a caduceus tattoo on his left deltoid, the words 'You are not forgotten' in a banner underneath the base of the staff. His powerfully muscled legs and broad chest and shoulders indicated that he had an extensive amount of weight training and athletic experience. The sharp definition of his muscles paired with his low body fat and the lines of spots made for a striking appearance in his mind.

The dull thud of his combadge hitting the floor of the box made the barest hint of a smile come to his lips, the rich violet eyes scanning the crowd looking for someone that belonged. The scattered holograms were a nice touch, but they didn't help him find who he was looking for. Eventually, his eyes settled on the Romulan that was nearly a foot shorter than he was sitting on a barstool drinking something vividly blue. Taking note of the impressive muscle tone she had, the smile grows just a touch wider. he sends a wink Valyn's way and joins her at the bar just long enough to speak to the bartender. "Sake, warm a double shot." Arven takes the larger than ordinary Sake glass and slugs back the body temperature liquor. The sensation of it warmed him instantly and somehow made him feel centered in the process. Warm beverages always did that to him.

"And you're the hostess for the night's festivities! Why wait for others? What do you say, lets get this party started, yeah?" Setting the empty glass down, he gave Valyn a polite smile and nodded towards the ring. He then cracks his knuckles and stretches his arms out a little, and he'd come to blow off some steam and relax in some small way even if he'd be paying the price with his body later. But that was his problem, and the man was getting the psychiatric help he needed, but something always felt good about physical training to Arven. He didn't reasonably expect that Valyn would be up for things before anyone else showed up, so he was taking the chance and moving towards the ring. The music that was playing had him smiling a little, some old nostalgic stuff. After the Party that Reggie and Kate had thrown, this particular brand of music was starting to grow on him.

Tonight would be a barrel of fun for the man, and his training wouldn't be relegated to punching a bag or fighting against a hologram. He'd feel something more visceral and real. Those were some of the violent tendencies that he recognized that he needed to control, but at least tonight, he might get knocked senseless, so that was a bonus in his regard for the night.

Re: Day 06 [1700 hrs.] The Dance
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[ CM3 Samala & PO3 Lorad | Passwayway | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] 

"Samala, this is not a good idea," Lorad told his sister in their native tongue as they walked down the passageway towards Holodeck 05. "There is not a member of this crew that I cannot physically overpower in single combat through sheer strength alone. I would take increased injuries from some of the better trained ones but in the end, I only have to grab them and slam them into the ground to gain the advantage. I can lift most of them with a single arm," the hulking former shock trooper reminded his sister.

"Fine, you can sit back and watch while I have some fun then," she told her brother. They had both received the same invitation but it seemed that only she was able to see the fun that was hiding behind words. They were actually being allowed to hit each other, to test themselves in a way that you couldn't do with mock fights in the gym. And unlike her brother it seemed, she wasn't afraid to hurt her fellow crew. That was what sickbay was for wasn't it?

The two of them entered the holodeck and Samala immediately headed for the box near the ring that she had been told was where she needed to drop her combadge. As she did so, she asked openly, "So what rules are there? Any limits?"
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Re: Day 06 [1700 hrs.] The Dance
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[ Lt. ThanIda zh'Wann | Holodeck 5 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BipSpoon @Tae @Stegro88 
One good sign that it was shore leave were these initiatives, the present one being an open invitation for a fight night on the holodeck.

After the recent events, Ida was inclined to let her hair down. The hours she committed to her drawing wasn't cutting it, and she had no inclination to just imbibe synthehol in one of the lounges. The opportunity for a 'boxing' match, of which Starfleet hand-to-hand combat was closest in her own repertoire, suited her far better. She was still on edge after the mission to Azurite Station, and sparring always lent her a feeling of assertiveness and stability. She centred herself in something she had great experience with, and she hoped to alleviate any lingering anxiety.

Ida had no idea whom might be there, merely aware that it had been Lieutenant Amarik that had arranged the event. The Romulan had been a great addition to the Security Department, but with the opportunity to fall back on old experience and transferring to Intelligence, Ida could understand her decision. They had been on the mission to Azurite Station together, so Ida looked forward to trading a couple of words with her when she was able.

Stepping into the holodeck through the arch, Ida was dressed in a black sports bra and shorts, and she carried her gloves by the strings - knuckles already taped up. A quiet smile came to her as she looked around and saw the setting of the holo program. It didn't take long before she spotted where she'd put her combadge, so she headed there first. She took it from her chest and dropped it among the others, before looking around.

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Re: Day 06 [1700 hrs.] The Dance
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[Reggie Suder | Holodeck 05 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | U.S.S. Theurgy ] attn: @BipSpoon   @Tae   @Stegro88    @Auctor Lucan 

Reggie was not a fighter by nature.   Sure she flew Valravn and kicked ass in a cockpit if she did say so herself, but when it came to the whole concept of fighting someone inside a ring just... didn't do it for her.

Watching and egging on two people beating the crap out of each other was a whole different story however.   So when Valyn's invitation came, much as hers had gone out for the concert she hosted a few nights ago, she knew she would attend.  Would she throw her combadge in the box and step in against an opponent?  Probably not.    But would she go, watch the action, have perhaps too much to drink and egg on the fighters to hit harder and faster?  Oh hell yeas.

Tonights wardrobe had proven much simpler than the concert.  A pair of black leggings, a teal grey tank top over a sports brassier, a pair of socks and gym shoes, and her Lone Wolves zip up  was all she needed.   She hadn't yet changed her hair back to the black it had been before the concert, but as she tied it up, she considered the possibility of keeping it.   T'Less seemed to have appreciated it the other night, and Reggie sure as hell did.

The doors parted for her and she entered the gym program.  It was a far cry from her concert hall, much more stark much more harsh, but no less awesome in it's throwback look to what appeared to be just barely pre-Federation era design.  Already there was action in the ring, but she had a few stops to make first.

With her badge in her pocket, she moseyed up to the bar and ordered herself a beer.    The bartender obliged, popping the cap off before handing it off to her.   She took a swig, thanked the bartender and moved off.   She found Valyn and stepped over to her side.

"Thanks for setting this up.  Love the program."  She paused for a moment.  "Oh and these are for you."

She pulled a pair of cigars out of her pocket and held them up for Valyn.   There were a few more in her pocket, and while she suspected most of them might end up with the hostess before the night was out...she intended on smoking at least one or two of them herself.

"Thought you might appreciate them."

OOC - Reggie's look (without the Lone Wolves zip up)

Re: Day 06 [1700 hrs.] The Dance
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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 5 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] @BipSpoon @Tae @Stegro88  @Auctor Lucan @P.C. Haring

Her head jerking back and to the side, Enyd physically pulled herself from the intrusive memory and back into her bathroom in her quarters. Enyd refocused her eyes upon her reflection in the mirror, watching her chest shudder as she sought to regain control and calm her racing heart. Her knuckles were white as she gripped a towel between her hands. In the mirror's reflection, dressed as she was in a pair of black form-hugging high-waisted shorts and a moderately loose-fitted red t-shirt tucked into the shorts, Enyd saw her skin prickle with goosebumps as it reacted to the stimuli in her mind more than the moderate temperature in her quarters.

It was maddening, this awareness of what was wrong with her and yet feeling almost powerless to fight against it. Ever since she'd returned from Qo'Nos on the fun outing when they'd briefly been the recipients of the Tal Shiar's definition of "fun," Enyd had been plagued with recurring nightmares of her abduction by the Directorate on Cardassia and the subsequent weeks of torture, all culminating in Javec's dying breath being whispered out of his body while in her arms. She knew the symptoms--difficulty concentrating while on duty, trouble sleeping, increased irritability towards her colleagues, decreased patience towards herself, longer spouts of absent-mindedness, a general sense of emotional numbness while feeling the need to remain on constant guard against attack--well enough to recognize that she was dealing with post-traumatic stress. Enyd snorted as she dropped the towel and set about pulling her hair back into a tight bun at the back of her head.

Enyd had once been bedmates with this anxiety and fear, and it had taken the "cruel to be kind" machinations of Anderson to get her head out of her own ass and back on track with her career and position. There was far too much at stake to allow this stress, this resurgence of tumultuous thoughts and emotions, to control her and put the rest of her department at risk, including the entirety of the ship. She had to DO something, and since pushing her body to its physical and mental limits had helped her purge the stress before, Enyd deduced that doing something similar this time might also help. A fun-filled holodeck adventure with Victor would not suffice, and neither would a training session with the Chief. She needed something visceral.

After leaving her reflection, and any doubts she had towards joining this sort of activity, Enyd pulled on her tennis shoes and headed towards the holodeck. Enyd knew she was no boxer. All her prior training had been martial arts in nature, though she had a rudimentary understanding of the art of boxing. As she walked through the corridors, Enyd did not engage with others. She was wholly intent upon getting to the holodeck and getting into the ring, lacking the emotional energy to engage in much else until she got her ass handed to her at least once or twice.

For Enyd knew herself well enough to recognize that was something she needed. She'd earlier been placed once more into a situation she'd been helpless to control, helpless to prevent, and people had gotten killed. By participating in this event with her colleagues and friends, Enyd would be reminding her subconscious that a feeling of helplessness was not a fact in and of itself. She was still alive. She had a supportive network already established on this ship. And she was still determined to live up to the legacy set before her by the grit and gumption of her ancestors. Everyone dealt with their stress differently and as punishing physicality had worked before, Enyd would damned if she didn't try it again.

Moving unfalteringly into the holodeck, Enyd didn't pause to see who else was milling about. She went with self-assured steps to the appropriate place and dropped her combadge into the jar. With the clattering reply of its drop, Enyd felt a weight lift from her shoulders. Only then, did Enyd reign in her thoughts enough to take note of the others in the room. Some were friends, others were acquaintances and almost friends, and still others were strangers.

Unlike her norm, Enyd did not engage in the frivolity of small talk. Instead, she moved to the bar and ordered a water, sipping at it slowly as she continued to study the room's occupants. Her fingers were almost twitching with their desire to be used in a fight, and without realizing it, Enyd's left foot tapped out a staccato rhythm. She was in it now and she would see it through.
Lieutenant Enyd Isolde Madsen, Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer

Lieutenant Commander Cross, Chief Tactical Officer

Re: Day 06 [1700 hrs.] The Dance
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[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Holodeck 05 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @All!

It had been more than ten years since Frank had stepped into a ring with an opponent that wasn't photonic, for anything more than a friendly spar. He was at least fifteen pounds heavier now than when he'd fought as a southpaw cruiserweight from a deuterium freighter at the academy, and across the inter-Federation planetary amateur league. Those had been real fights to be sure. He'd kept up on his training, but almost exclusively as a form of exercise. But when he'd heard about this little diddy, he'd been very excited. He was almost positive many of the true fighters of the crew could break most of the bones in his body in a knock-down, drag out fight. But this was boxing, boxing was a sport, with rules, and some of the best fighters in MMA circuits of times past, made for terrible boxers. Frank was mildly confidant he might have the most experience with the sport out of the attendees, even if he wasn't the best fighter. This lent him a fair amount of confidence he'd at least have a moderate showing, but moreso it armed him with a cheeky idea.
The thing that made the best boxers the best in Frank's opinion, apart from their ability to win matches, was showmanship. So Frank had decided to put a little number together, to have a show. He doubted the host, with everyone's fun on their mind, would be too perturbed. He'd spent half the night before and the one before that, once he'd been done getting decontaminated, giddily working on some holodeck modifications. Once he had figured out where the event had been, back-shunting his little show to write into Valyn's simulation had been relatively easy, his new posting had left him the authority for the well-meant override. He'd even gotten to employ some tricks he'd learned from his Orion friend.
When Frank arrived to the holodeck, he chimed the door to open, and spoke gently, "Arnold, the Show, Run One." Without further ado, there was a slight dimming of the lights on the holodeck, and complete with a little fog machine smoke, backlit by invisible flashing lights, Frank stepped into the room. He'd replicated a full length burgundy boxer's robe, embroidered in gold on the back with a saxophone, and the words 'The Brass Bruiser' a callback to his time fighting. He'd paired it with a pair of white shorts with black tie, and red Everlast gloves, the same style Ali had worn in Zaire. The music ((see attached)) that played was a mashup of callbacks to boxing legends from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries including pre and post draft Ali, Frazier, Tyson, Rocky Balboa, Manny Pacquio, and Kell Brook. Frank was particularly proud of the music, it made him giggle a little under his hood as he strode in flanked and followed by photonic renditions of Mickey Goldmill (Burgess Meredith), Howard Cosell, and of course Michael Buffer, carrying a mystically suspended wire microphone as they pushed through gaudy fog. As if over an imaginary loudspeaker sounded Buffer, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the contender, fighting at a weight of two hundred and seven pounds, Frank Arrrrnold, the Brass Bruiiiiiser. From the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, Let's get ready to ruuuumbleeeeeeee."
As the song concluded Frank dropped his robe which Mickey so graciously collected, which revealed his replicated outfit, arms raised with a shirtless barrel chest, and a healthy measure of severe burn scars stemming down the right side his chest and right arm. He approached the combadge box, his holographic posse dispersed to mingle with the other generated audience, and Cosell dropped his combadge with a satisfying clink into the box. He took a brief moment to study the ring via a walkabout, a standard four post on canvas, as was tradition.
He was here to have fun, and he'd already had a good portion of it, anyone who listened closely could hear him humming 'All of the lights' under his breath, as he maintained a childlike smile and enjoyed the occasional self-satisfied giggle. He scanned the room for anyone he might know, unable to enjoy a drink yet as his hands were tied up in bright red boxing gloves. He hadn't quite thought that one out. He spied Reggie who he'd spent an interesting afternoon a couple of days ago, trying to get unstuck from a decon chamber. He also spied the hostess she was standing with, who looked strangely familiar to him. He offered a polite nod if regarded, but otherwise hung off to the side for a moment or two, deciding who to make small talk with. He spied Than'Ida, by now someone he was fairly familiar with. He shrugged to himself and wandered over to Valyn and Reggie, looking a regular grinning fool in his Ali getup, boxing gloves, and no shirt, and offered, "Too much? I couldn't help it, showmanship is a dear part of boxing to me." He offered a polite smile to Reggie, and a nod, "Fancy seeing you again so soon."
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Re: Day 06 [1700 hrs.] The Dance
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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Holodeck 5 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ]  [Show/Hide]
Valyn sat there quietly, surveying her handiwork as she idly watched the holodeck arch for anyone to come. First among them, was a trill with whom she was unfamiliar with. Truthfully, she was still getting to know much of the crew. Her experience with trill too, was somewhat limited. "Interestin' choice." She gave a quick nod towards the Sake, before she smirked at him. "That'd be me. But...I'm a bit keen on waiting for others, not so fun kicking the livin' shit outta each other without an audience. 'Sides, still gotta finish this." She gave her Romulan ale a little shake. She gave the bartender a wave and pointed to the empty cup that Arven had set down. Currently playing was some old-earth hiphop, a song named 'Amatz'. Probably not for everyone, but the mix really was a massive blend of different genres, the next song would likely be some rock music.

"I'm Valyn. Amarik." She gave him a nod and offered a hand out to him. "Intelligence." Because, of course it'd be an intelligence officer hosting a large gathering of officers to punch one another.

She heard the arch open again, and her face fell as she saw the pair. The Reman and the halfling. She took a large swallow from her drink and let out a deep breath. Of course, she had experience with both of them, given the rescue of Fisher that had taken place nearly a week prior. The holographic officer next to the box would recite the rules plainly for Samala, "You're here to blow off steam not maim anyone. Anything excessive and you're out. Keep it to boxing, not MMA." He shrugged then went to count the badges in the box, taking down the names of everyone enrolled thus far.

Despite her irritation and distrust of Remans, Valyn was at least a polite host...or knew how to pretend to be polite. She offered the pair a wave. Didn't hurt to let people know who was real and who wasn't. Again though, the arch hissed open, and this time another officer she knew breached the doorway.

Lieutenant zh'Wann had more than earned Valyn's trust and respect. They'd served together on the mission to Azurite Station, and truly, both of them were born warriors to the core so far as Valyn was concerned. Valyn gave her a nod and a quick once over as she too dropped her badge in the box. Valyn raised her glass to the woman, and took a drink from her ale again. Before the night was over, she fully intended to have her fair share of bruises, matched with the alcohol-induced inability to feel the majority of them.

It seemed that people truly were beginning to pour in, in earnest. Another face she was unfamiliar with had entered. This one was clearly one of the Wolves. It'd been some time since Valyn had had the ability to sit behind the cockpit, so she looked forward to the chance to talk to some of the pilots. The last time she'd flown had been with the Tal Shiar, in one of the newly minted Snake-head fighters, or rather, a prototype of one.

"Anytime. I'm Valyn." She offered her hand out. "Oh-" She noted the cigars, and a grin plastered itself across her face. "It has been way too damn long since I've had one of these." She pocketed one of the cigars, and brought the other to her nostrils, running it lengthwise along her upper lip. "Hmm-" She nodded, approvingly. "Thea, can I get some clippers and a torch lighter?" She held out her hand, and like magic, they materialized. Valyn was evidently no stranger to cigars, and she clipped the first one, bringing the torch to the end of it, a small plume of smoke erupting as she made several sharp inhales on the end of it.

It tasted great, and made her mouth slightly tingly. No doubt soon enough she'd be nursing a nice little buzz from that as well as the ale. "Appreciate it!" She gave Reggie a clap on the shoulder. She took a deep draw, bringing the smoke into her mouth and upper throat, but not fully inhaling it.

Enyd, of course, was recognized immediately. "Enyd!" Valyn called over the music towards the woman, who really, she considered one of very few friends aboard the ship so far. She waved at her, but didn't pressure her to come over, "Ready to throw some punches?" Last time they'd spoken, Valyn had offered her some fighting advice, and was excited to see if the woman had acted on it. She also intended to set up those lessons that she'd promised her. Valyn held the cigar in one hand, and motioned with both arms, covering her face. A silent way of telling the other woman to keep her guard up. She winked, and leaned against the bartop.

She turned to Arven and Reggie, but as she opened her mouth to speak, the lights dimmed. "The fuck..." She trailed off as she was overtaken with a loud voice, blaring through her ears. The smoke from the machines began to pour in, and immediately, Valyn realized someone must have made some of their own 'additions' to her program. Really, she didn't care. The whole evening was based in good fun after all.

"Frank fuckin' way." She froze, and grinned, head slowly shaking. "No. Fuckin'. Way." She repeated, and she laughed, audibly and watched as the man began to parade into the bay. The officer at the box added his name to the register, and his eyes followed the man as he walked to the bar. Clearly, the hologram was impressed with the show. As was Valyn.

She didn't bother masking her look of confusion, impression, and maybe even a little annoyance at the man. Not because of his entrance, that she was clearly happy about. It was nice to have a touch of genuine boxer panache to the evening. However, he didn't appear to recognize her. "Showmanships a real part of boxin'." Her accent cut through harshly as she addressed him, she didn't yet remind him who exactly she was though.

"Fancy seein' you again, Frank." She threw her arms to the side, and took a small puff from the cigar. "Really, dive bar...tequila...Romulan...Enterprise? Nothin'?" She smirked at him, having some other choice things to say, but in present company, she decided against it. She feigned true upset as she spoke though, and shook her head, turning instead to take a good drink of her ale. "Can I have a refill?" She shouted over to the bartender over the music as it slowly started to return to the music the DJ had been selecting for the event.

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Re: Day 06 [1700 hrs.] The Dance
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[ Lieutenant Arven Leux | Holodeck 5 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] @BipSpoon @Ellen Fitz @Auctor Lucan @Stegro88 @uytrereee @P.C. Haring

Arven sighed, remembering that he needed to actually relax. This was a party, it was fun, or it was supposed to be anyway. So Arven smiled and took a spot at the bar, giving a polite nod to her, and he went ahead and ordered a shot of whiskey, something to help keep him numbed for the fight. Or that was the idea anyway. So, for now, whiskey and conversation.

"Doctor Leux, good to meet you, but you can call me Arven." He smiled at Valyn then and extended a meaty hand to her. "I have gotta admit, a Romulan in Intelligence is fitting, so how'd you get posted to the Theurgy? I'm guessing you're another wayward soul that the ship picked up along the way? I just came on board last week from the Oneida. So, what made you organize this anyway?" He smiled, then sipping on his whiskey, watching the others slowly trickle into the holodeck. Mostly new faces to him, but all in all, it was nice to be here for some relaxation and enjoyment. He could get the crap beaten out of him later. Mostly everyone was what he expected. The Remans were an exciting touch, he'd seen the medical records saying they had Remans on board, but he didn't believe it.

And then the music changes, and Frank makes his entrance. The show that was Frank Arnold was undoubtedly amusing and a hell of a spectacle. Arven smiled and slugged back the rest of his whiskey, looking to the gruff man.

"So, Good to see you Frank. Now please tell me that you've still got the skills to back up that showboating? I can't believe they let you anywhere near this tub, me either for that case. But that's how it goes, right?" Arven smirked, then extended a meaty fist to Frank. The Trill had put on some significant muscle mass since they were both at the Academy. His face was wearing a brilliant grin, and shaking his head in disbelief.

Arven smiles politely, nodding to Enyd, having seen her at the party a few nights prior. And there was Reggie, she gets a nod to, but she offers a cigar to Valyn, and then Valyn lights in. the Doctor that just happened to be standing right there by the both of them rolls his eyes and chuckles.

"You know, I can't suggest you do that. But it's your body, right? Just don't make a habit of those." He winked politely then. While he was serious about the statement, it wasn't like he would do anything more than scold the pair. At least as good-natured as that was. With a bit of a cough, Arven points to the box and then looks over to Valyn.

"Come on. It's time to start this dance, yeah? This isn't a waltz, so it's time to start having some fun, yeah? Go on, shame up and grab me a badge, blondie!" With that, Arven cracked his knuckles and popped his neck slightly, more than ready to get the party finally started. There was a barely concealed excitement to Arven now, the man was very nearly itching with excitement as he felt the moment to throw the first blows was coming.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 5 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] @BipSpoon  @Tae  @Stegro88  @Auctor Lucan  @P.C. Haring @uytrereee

Now that she was here, in this environment where she intended to get the tar beat out of her--though yes, of course, she was going to actually try to fight and try to improve in her boxing skills in the process--Enyd felt some of her tunnel focus fall away. At least enough to spy Valyn and hear her call out to her, watching as her Romulan friend mimicked the punches Enyd would likely be throwing soon enough. Valyn looked powerful and assured, sitting there next to the newly arrived doctor, Arven, whom she'd met just a few nights before. She was dressed for the fight, exuded confidence in her skills, and Enyd thought she looked beautiful in all that. Likely, if she said something like this to the Romulan, Valyn would laugh at her and tell Enyd to have a few more drinks, but it was true. Just as Chief Mickayla exuded a certain cogent beauty, one that may leave weak men feeling almost threatened and strong men desiring pursuit, so too did Valyn.

Enyd then noticed that Reggie had also come to the holosuite, though it was likely the woman had already been there when Enyd arrived. She'd been so intent upon getting there, throwing her badge in, and waiting for the right opponent to challenge, that Enyd hadn't really noticed anyone else, or anything else. In fact, if there had been one there at least, it would only be now that Enyd would notice a maraca playing, tutu-wearing, roller-skating hippo in the middle of the boxing ring. And now that she was picturing said mammal, Enyd was almost sad that it wasn't there in reality.

But then it seemed the Enyd's fleeting thought had influenced the program as the lights dimmed and fog spilled out from unseen machines. Through a series of flashing lights, and to the sound of a rumbly voiced announcer, a man Enyd had not yet met entered the holosuite. Dressed and moving as a professional boxed, Enyd found him perfect for her plans for the evening. As he approached the bar, Valyn on his heels, Enyd set aside her water and also moved to stand next to him. She waited until after Valyn sought to jar a memory from the much taller man before Enyd tapped on his elbow to draw attention to herself.

"I would like to partner with you, Mr. Arnold." Enyd didn't care about height and weight difference. She needed and wanted the assurance that she had to fight to get anywhere in the fight, even if it was a guaranteed loss. Though quite likely any others in the room would also beat her at boxing, especially Valyn, Enyd wanted a for sure thing and seemed to have found it in the hulking presence of Frank Arnold.
Lieutenant Enyd Isolde Madsen, Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer

Lieutenant Commander Cross, Chief Tactical Officer

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[ Lt. JG Logan Hale, callsign "Wraith" & Lt. RraHnam | Holodeck 5 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @BipSpoon @Tae @Stegro88 @Auctor Lucan @P.C. Haring @Ellen Fitz @uytrereee 
The two men were visibly happy about the opportunity to interact with other people once again in an informal environment. The last few days and weeks had taken a lot out of them. The events that had led to their professional separation were still all too present. But Logan was grateful that Zeke remained a friend to him, even if he was partly responsible for the fact that his former RIO was no longer able to perform his job and had transferred to air traffic control. He missed the man in his backseat a lot and it was strange to admit, but he also kind of missed his whining. Sure, he had found a more than adequate replacement for Ezekiel in Alith, but the two men were bound by the magical bond of friendship. Logan patted the man of about the same height on the shoulder.
"Today I'm going to give you a good beating, my friend."
"Your barking is much worse than your bite, Logan." Zeke bared his teeth. "I hope you brought your sippy cup, Nomad. Cause you're gonna need it."
"I see. That was meant for me. I had assumed you were planning for your future?"
"Dream on, Hale. Dream on."
The two men, wearing the loose sportswear of the Lone Wolves Squadron, wrapped each other's hands with the boxing bandages on the way to the venue on Holodeck 5. They both made sure the fabric fit properly. There was nothing worse than having to worry about whether the bandages were holding in the middle of a fight. Of course, the two men had no desire to do that. In a boxing match, you always had to stay one hundred percent on task and on your opponent. Logan was looking forward to a punch or two. The last time he had boxed, he was still studying at the academy. So, it had been a few years and the pilot knew he was certainly out of practice, but in the end, it was like riding a bike. You don't unlearn something like that, and he was sure he would find his rhythm again after just a few moments in the ring.

As the doors of the turbolift began to close, the muscular Caitian's mind was already on this interesting-sounding event. A boxing tournament, everyone was welcome. Ranks didn't count. She was eager to see how that would unfold. She was also excited to learn what was behind boxing in the first place. She knew it was a human combat sport. A contact sport where opponents fought each other with gloved fists. The athlete would surely enjoy it. After all, she had been studying several martial arts of her homeworld for several decades, and perhaps earthly boxing resembled one of them. Perhaps it was even like Vra'shan? RraHnam was curious.

"Stop the elevator!" a masculine-sounding voice called, and the security officer instinctively pushed her hand through the narrowing door gap. The elevator doors realized they were meeting resistance and immediately opened again. The Caitian tensed. Did anyone need help? Fortunately, no. There were simply two male humans who were also still trying to board the elevator. They were wearing loose sportswear.
"Thank you." said the man with the cranial implant. The other man just nodded gratefully. "Holodeck 5, please." The computer acknowledged with the usual triad and finally started moving. RraHnam eyed it curiously until the cyborg noticed her gaze. They all had the same destination.
"Oh. Sorry, Lieutenant. We were going to the boxing match. Standing before you are the champion of the evening, Logan Hale." He extended his hand to her. "And this is Ezekiel Jackson."
"Pleased to meet you, Lieutenant."
Somewhat irritated at the confidence in the man's voice, RraHnam introduced herself as well and returned their gesture. She asked about the bandaged hands and learned that that were part of the sport. Her interest was piqued, and she began to question the two men.

After only a few moments, they arrived at the venue. Holodeck 5 was appropriately prepared and resembled an older-style hangar. The center was dominated by a large square ring with ropes stretched all around. Holographic audiences from throughout Starfleet history populated the vast space. It actually reminded the Caitian of Vra'shan. The atmosphere, the people, the crackle of anticipation. She walked lightly to the bar and ordered a synthehol-based cocktail she remembered from Academy days: "Catnip, please."

Meanwhile, Logan and Zeke immediately mingled and made their way to the ring. They both dropped their combadges into the box, signing in as participants. Logan squared his shoulders and loosened his muscles. He jumped up and down every now and then to loosen his muscles. The two boys, egging each other on, made their way to some more familiar and some not so known faces. Logan greeted them all.
"Hey Reggie! Zeke here said you couldn't hold a candle to him by a long shot. You don't want to let that get to you, do you?"
He tried to provoke Gemini and laughed in amusement because he could do the same thing to Zeke in parallel, but Zeke didn't respond to his shenanigans.
"Don't listen to him. He thinks he actually has a chance."

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[ CM3 Samala & PO3 Lorad | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] 

"What is MMA?" Samala asked, completely clueless as to the term. The holographic figure, thankfully emotionless, proceeded to explain the rules of the event in concise terms that the two siblings could understand. Something that both appreciated. "Right, so no teeth, claws or feet. No grappling either. Just plan old-fashioned thumping at each other. What's not to like about that?"

"Are you going to be able to contain yourself sister?" Lorad asked knowingly, concerned that his sister would get carried away as she had done in the past. Even their own sparring sessions had become derailed in the past due to his sister's turbulent emotional control. "I hope you do not make me regret bringing you here."

"I would have just come on my own Brother, and you know it," Samala retorted with a toothy grin. "But yes, I think I can control myself. Only a Romulan, or maybe that Klingon if she is around, would be a serious threat to me."

"Remember the rules for this 'boxing'," Lorad chastised. "With the limitations involved, we both lose many of our physical advantages. Yes, we are still stronger, and to a degree, more resilient, but not so much as before and your opponent will be able to defend against you more easily."

"You worry too much, brother," Samala declared as she turned away to watch the next bout in the ring.

"Or not enough."
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[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold & Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 05 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @all

Standing next to Valyn, staring up, up, up at this stranger called Arnold, Enyd realized how ridiculous this might look and how quickly this man might decline due to her size, or worse yet, Valyn might step in and try to dissuade out of a desire to protect Enyd. Shaking her head against either argument, Enyd clenched her teeth against the desire to back down and cower back next to the bar.

Frank looked over Valyn then, and clearly had to think for a moment. For him their random evening had been before a long and eventful trip to Scotland, and of course while he remembered her figure, his penchant for details hadn't been as sharp. It wasn't her prompting that got him, not the words she chose anyway, it was the classic southern drawl that jogged his memory. For a Romulan to speak like Dolly Parton, that was a once in a lifetime find.

Immediately he broke into a wide and vibrant smile, "Tequila Jane!" He gave a chuckle and threw his bearlike arms around her for a hug, whether she allowed it or not, and would even pick her up off the ground a little before setting her down. "We did have some fun! I uh, don't have the bike anymore though, had to leave it behind when I joined this motley outfit." He chuckled softly, and rubbed the back of his head with his glove awkwardly, "So uh, you're obviously not on the Enterprise anymore." Enyd however cut short any more questions he might have for an old ship in the night.

Enyd raised a single eye brow at the Valyn's nickname and for the first time this evening felt something akin mirth touch on her nerves. She recalled their first evening together, how they'd both gotten more than a little tipsy, and proceeded to "raid the pantry," so to speak. The boxer's nickname fit, all things considered.

Clearing her throat Enyd opened her mouth to speak but then Arnold turned his attention to others he knew nearby, others that Enyd only barely knew. She clenched her teeth again, her fists as well, battling the desire to interrupt the discourse with her own desire for violence. Violence won out.

"Enyd Isolde Madsen, by the by." Enyd extended her hand toward Arnold in the traditional Earth greeting. "Please, be my boxing partner."

Frank chuckled as he saw the hand, and would bump it with his gloves. Tying these things on early had been silly, but it was necessary for his entrance, after all, the biggest boxers all came in at the eleventh hour, in a big way. He turned and looked at Arven then, and realized he was among a smatter of old...not exactly friends but people from his life. "Believe it or not, they let me run part of this bucket." He gave a wide smile and bumped his fist as well, and offered lightly, "You can't have forgotten that in the Academy, this is what I did." He gave a slow grin, "Among other...more debaucherous pursuits." He grinned, "Almost got that belt anyway." He would motion up and down, "You're less scrawny these days."

Enyd felt a smattering of embarrassment when her potential partner bumped her hand with his boxing gloves. She'd been in such a sure fire hurry to secure him as a partner she'd completely overlooked his otherwise engaged hands. Squaring her shoulders and tipping her head up and to the side, Enyd maintained her composure and determination.

"Based on your entrance, Mister Arnold, you are perhaps one of the most knowledgable opponents I could choose from who will remain objective in training due to our lack of prior acquaintance." She threw an almost apologetic glance at Valyn.

He shook his head as if he was suddenly woken up and realized he hadn't responded to what Enyd had said. He almost thought he'd misheard as he offered, "You want to...fight me?" He looked her up and down, and then offered, "I mean I'm no chauvinist, I'll happily go in there with you, but..." He motioned to her desperately with both hands as if to say, 'but I'm half a foot taller and twice as heavy as you'. Instead what came out of him was, "...I did do this somewhat competitively, against some really good boxers, admittedly a long time ago."

As Arnold explained his background in an almost stuttering fashion, Enyd smiled an almost predatory smile. Arnold probably would not understand that his confession to superiority was further proof that he was exactly what she needed right now. If anyone could push her past her physical limits and exhaust her to a point of mental and emotional emptiness, it would be someone taller and twice the weight and with professional experience in boxing. He was perfect.

"I believe you, Mister Arnold, and know that I am neither a competitive boxer, nor am I a good one. All my prior fighting experience has been martial arts and blades fighting," her eyes moved toward Valyn then and once more a glimmer of genuine warmth came through the uptight mess she felt to be, "and of course, standard Starfleet self-defense grabbling and throws. I know for tonight's event none of that is allowed as this is not MMA. I have basic understanding of boxing, and would appreciate learning from your experience in the ring by way of a bout with you."

He gave a polite shrug, and then offered, "If you insist, I will." There was no way he was going to go into the ring and clobber her, but he'd give her the bout she was looking for, in one way or another.

"I appreciate that, Mister Arnold. Before we get in the ring, would you mind giving me some pointers? I am right-handed, so I feel more comfortable standing like this." She held up her hands in what she knew was a technically correct upright stance but knew all likelihood Arnold would correct her, "but I also feel like I could work with this the left side too." She switched sides and again brought up her hands to guard her face, keeping her feet firmly planted on the floor. "When I play racquet games, I am a better player with my left hand." Enyd looked back up to Arnold and waited, curiosity and hope winning out over the latent pain for the first time that night.

Frank gave a polite nod, and would offer to Valyn and Reggie, and the others that had gathered close, "Excuse us." With that he led Enyd off to the side. Once they were away, he would square off with her and offered, "Okay, well I'm left handed, so. But you'll be working with both hands, lead jabs with your off hands, save your dominant for power." He nodded, and adjusted her ever so slightly, "You always want to keep your hands up, cover your face, elbows low to deflect to the body." He waited, and then stood next to her shoulder to shoulder, "You're small, so you're going to be fighting opponents with much longer reach than you. So you need to get inside their reach, keep your stance low." He'd get onto his tippy toes and then start bouncing, foot to foot, surprisingly light on his feet, "Stay nimble, stay mobile, never stop moving your feet, and remember, you're little, move inside their reach, throw a couple quick jabs, and dance out of range. Do this enough, your opponent will get tired, and then you can wallop them when their guard drops. Overcommit, you'll get flattened. You're too small to be rooted to the canvas."

He'd demonstrate, keeping his head low as he slid forward, the well practiced form making him almost glide across the floor, he threw a combination of three jabs, each punctuated with a tight hiss of air from between his teeth as he threw them, and then danced back. "Always watch that south hand, that's usually where the power comes from. Eyes up, cover your face, and stay off the ropes, you're going to have to move to stay alive."

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[Reggie Suder | Holodeck 05 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | U.S.S. Theurgy ] attn:  @BipSpoon  @Ellen Fitz  @Stegro88  @Tae  @uytrereee  @Nero

The night had barely started and already was proving both interesting and entertaining.    Valyn was more than happy to accept the Cigars she offered and had immediately lit one up.

"May I," she asked.  Valyn acquiesced, handing the Betazoid the cutters and the lighter.  "Reggie Suder.  Nice to Meet you." she said by way of introduction as she took the first drag and handed the tools back to the hostess of the night.  It had been a long while since she had lit anything up and over time she had forgotten the nuances of the practice and she was forced to give a small cough or two in response.

Then Enyd Madsen arrived on deck.  Of all the people Reggie had expected to see tonight, Enyd was possibly the last person she would have bet on.  She had only met the woman a few nights ago at the concert, but in those scant few hours Enyd had struck her as much more of the 'lover' as opposed to the 'fighter'.  Yet the woman had a look about her, one that told Reggie she meant business and was here for a purpose.  Yet, Reggie sensed something else from the human.  Anxiety.  Fear.  Self Doubt.

The dimming lights distracted her from her study of the Diplomacy officer and she watched in as much joy and amusement as Frank Arnold made one hell of an entrance.  The new Chief Engineer seemed quite in his element and between this moment and their deconamination session a few days ago, Reggie was growing to like the man more and more.

"Frank," she said when he arrived.  "Never let it be said you don't know how to make an entrance.  Good to see you again, and... under much better circumstances."  She took another drag of her cigar, taking care not to blow the smoke in anyone's face.  "Um...sorry about that incident in Decon.  I'm sure we can both come up with much better ways to hang out.  I look forward to seeing you in action."

And then the strangest thing thus far happened.  Enyd approached Frank and challenged him to a fight.  The only way Reggie could have been more surprised would have been if Enyd had challenged one of the Remans.  The woman was more than a little insistent and for as much as Reggie wanted to step in and suggest to Enyd that fighting Frank might not be the best of ideas, she knew two things - first that Frank was a good man and wouldn't intentionally harm her, even in a fight and, second, that for whatever reason Enyd needed to do this.

Then Logan Hale and his former RIO Zeke showed up. 

"Hey Reggie! Zeke here said you couldn't hold a candle to him by a long shot. You don't want to let that get to you, do you?"

Things had been a little tense between her and Logan since she'd been named flight leader over him and while things seemed a bit better since their training flight, she wondered if this ribbing was more than just some friendly bantering.

"Don't listen to him. He thinks he actually has a chance."

Reggie chuckled at that.  "Well on this ship anything is possible," she said, the thoughts of her unexpected reunion with T'Less coming foremost to her mind.    "So yeah, I'd say he has a chance.  About as much of a chance as I have of winning a head-butting contest with a Klingon."

She took another sip of her drink followed by a drag on her cigar.  Truth was either of them probably had a sure fire win against her.  Sure she was combat trained, but her expertise was in martial arts and in swords, not in boxing.  Still, a small part of her almost wanted to get into the ring with one of them.

"All my prior fighting experience has been martial arts and blades fighting."

Reggie noticed that while she and Hale and Zeke had been chattering, Frank and Enyd had moved off.  Did Enyd just say she had similar fight training as Reggie?  Interesting... 

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh'Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 05 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | U.S.S. Theurgy]

@P.C. Haring @Tae @BipSpoon @Ellen Fitz @uytrereee @Stegro88

Lt. Zark stepped through the holodeck arch with two things in mind.  First off, someone was bound to get hurt and if the intensity of the action was any indication of how things usually went, it was likely even friendly matches had a good chance to  draw blood.  Next, she's been seeing far more hand to hand than she'd really expected, so it paid to keep in practice.  The air of the holodeck quickly brought her back to a temperature that she was more comfortable with as the ship was usually quite warm for her.  Eschewing the usual athletic wear she'd found on ship, she arrived in a black tank top and shorts, boxing shoes and MMA striking gloves.  Much more different was the med kit she carried on her shoulder.  She'd loaded up on what was needed to deal with cuts, bruises, broken bones, and maybe more importantly for the night's entertainment, smelling salts to rejuvenate those that wanted to keep going even though they normally could not.

Lt. Zark's eyes swept the crowd, it definitely seemed like good crew for friendly fight.  Her eyes suddenly snapped back and almost bugged out when a familiar brunette caught her attention.  Lt. Frank Arnold was giving her tips, but the hair and facial profile were very distinctive.  Oh Shelat! I never thought Madsen would be one for the fisticuffs..  The Andorian's eyes narrowed in speculation from the way that Lt. Arnold was interacting with her.  Tilting her head to one side, she began to wonder if the diplomat had deliberately chosen the much larger engineer as her opponent.  Motivations and possibilities cycled through her head as she made her way towards the tables and the ring.  Shaking her head in wry disbelief, Zark continued looking around till she found the person she was looking for. Spying a box, she detoured and peered in to confirm her suspicions.  Smirking, Zark pulled off her combadge and tossed in into the box to hear a satisfying plunk of metal on metal. I think my services are going to be needed soon.

Continuing on towards where Valyn Amarik was standing, another familiar sight caught her attention and a smile creased her lips.  Spying the muscular form of Dr. Arven Leux  "Well, well, Doctor, fancy finding you here, especially so soon after  Breshanti."   Looking around him, but only seeing the Doctor ready to issue a pummelling and nothing else.  Her smirk grew into a smile.  "I take it your not here as the fight doctor?  Care to go a few rounds?"
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