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Topic: Day 03 [1930 hrs.] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite... (Read 860 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: Day 03 [1930 hrs.] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] | ATTN: @Scavenger01 @P.C. Haring @Tae @Swift @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Stegro88 @Lathaniel @Griffinsummoner @Auctor Lucan @Juzzie [Show/Hide]

[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] | [Show/Hide]

It was time for the big night. The party of all things and Tessa was not about to skip out on that. Her time was scarce, although come to think of it, they were on leave right now despite being in orbit of Qo'nos. But that was beside the fact. She was invited to this shindig by her good friend Kate who was one of the many throwing this party. Not that Tessa shied away from one of those types of events when the opportunity presented itself. She just hoped that her clothes stayed on no matter the amount of alcohol she consumed.

Knowing the event was coming, she replicated herself a little semi-formal dress with a crossover pattern over the chest, braless and in a somewhat girly color of salmon. It was near flesh tone which would be fun for her compatriots trying to decipher if she indeed was nude or simply testing their vision. Regardless, she'd placed the dress on herself and stood before a full-length mirror to straighten any wrinkles that may have appeared in throwing it on.

She tapped her console and keyed in an inquiry inviting her friend Lauren along since she was new aboard and likely had no one she knew. When she approached, however, a chime hit her door frame.

"Come!" Tessa yelled as she got her hair placed how she wanted it. Somewhat messy but cute nonetheless.

From outside came her friend Lauren Pierce, already dressed up and ready for the party. "Hey Tess! Damn girl, you look hot!"

"You don't look so bad yourself!" Tessa said taking in the redheaded woman's visuals. She was wearing an open red top with a black short skirt flowing and displaying her long model-like legs.

"Are you ready for this party? I know I am if you are."

Tessa nodded and took her friend's arm in hers as they exited Tessa's quarters and headed towards Holodeck 2 for the party.

Moments later the Holodeck door opened and the sound of music blared within. They glanced about the atmosphere of various crew at various stages of party attire and dress. Tessa stared about, furrowing her brow as she looked for a familiar face which was hard to do amongst the sea of crew and artificially created characters to add to the scene before them.

"I wonder where...." It was at that moment she saw her friend Kate from across the way. "Hey Kate! It's me and Lauren!" She yelled above the noise in an attempt to get her friend's attention. From the sight, she could see Scruffy had already made it too.

"Ready for this Tess?" She said with a smirk on her paled face, flowing red hair before her as she readied herself for the evening of cutting loose.

"Yep!" Tessa yelled as they ran towards where the other blonde woman who also happened to be the host was standing.

[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] | [Show/Hide]

Meanwhile, at Alana Pierce's quarters, she was stuck in the indecision of sorts. She sat back in the chair of her desk as she looked at the holo projection on the screen imagining her in various states of dress. Not wanting to embrace the womanly styles that she was told to do so by Stellan Foster at her counseling session, she settle for the option of using the computer to interpolate her look for the evening despite not wanting to display her female visage more than she had to.

"Ugh....fuck. Why oh why universe did you have to do this to me." Her somewhat southern drawl escaped her lips. Frustration clearly set in but she knew she had to partake in this party as to give the appearance that nothing was wrong and that she could let loose if she so chose it. She just preferred the company of work and her assignments anymore over the ability to participate in crew leave.

It was down to a red dress with some golden hemming above the chest, which had she been a male, she would have been all over this woman in a heartbeat. Hell, even as a female she'd likely still be over this woman in a heartbeat. But, she also was torn with a less than formal but clearly female attire of loose-fitting tan khaki, with a sleeveless black collared turtleneck. Damn womanly hormones making her actually somewhat want to try the dress. She opted quickly for the black and khaki outfit and a pair of shades upon her head. If she was going, she wanted to be comfortable. Her mind was ready as she'd ever be for the events of the day. With any luck, it'd be without drama.

Taking a last look around after she hoisted the clothing on her shapely body, she headed out in the direction of the Holodeck.

Within a short while later, she arrived at the opening archway of the Holodeck and promptly headed for the drink bar to seat herself. Pulling her sunglasses over her eyes, she sat down at the nearest stool, straddling the leather material, and ordered herself a rum and coke before staring into the abyss of the room.

Alana - [Show/Hide]
Lauren -
Tessa - [Show/Hide]
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Lt. JG Tessa May Lance
Lt. Jessica Alana Pierce [Show/Hide]
Ensign Lauren Pierce [Show/Hide]
Lt. Nick Chambers [Show/Hide]

Re: Day 03 [1930 hrs.] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
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[Lt. Regiene "Reggie" Suder  | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn:  @Tae   @RyeTanker   @Stegro88   @Ellen Fitz   @Pierce   @Swift   

Reggie chuckled after Zark introduced her to Victor.  "Actually he and I have met and yes.  He is proving to be quite the surprise." 

She raised her glass toward the Bajoran, before turning her attention back to the Andorian. 

"I'm glad you're enjoying the program and I hope you have a hell of a night."

She excused herself and took a look around.  More crew had arrived and Reggie knew that it wouldn't be long before the group started to splinter off into smaller groups.  She would absolutely return to the party in short order but first she really needed to say hello to T'Less and her companion.

The two were still at the bar, seemingly enjoying their solitude and as much as she wanted to pull them both into the party, she knew it would be better to let them come in on their own.  Still nothing wrong with a little bit of encouragement.  She did not know the Klingon by name, only by reputation as she'd heard that the woman had somehow played an important role in the goings on down on Qo'nos.

"Hey," she said as she sat next to the Klingon, intentionally putting some space between herself and T'Less.  "Glad to see you guys made it.  I'm Reggie Suder, by the way," she said more to the Klingon than to the Vulcan who already knew her well.  "When you're ready, feel free to come and join the conversation.  The more the merrier!"

She put her empty on the bar and ordered another bottle for herself.  While she waited she took a look and noted that the party had kinda migrated more towards the bar.  Someone, it looked like Sorek, had stepped over to the dance floor, but the majority of the assembled crew had remained near the drinks.  Reggie turned, leaning back against the bar as she watched and listened and as she did, a very sexy looking redhead entered and made her way to the bar as well.  She'd taken a seat on the far side of the bar from Reggie, and the Betazoid watched as the human tucked into her drink and seemed to stare off in the distance.  She was about to head over and introduce herself, but Enyd made her way over, ordering a new round for herself and others and commented on the Klingon's performance in the Great Hall.

"I'd heard something about that," she said to the Klingon.  "I'd love to hear the story if you're in a mood to tell it."

Re: Day 03 [1930 hrs.] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring @Tae @Lathaniel @Ellen Fitz @Stegro88 @RyeTanker @Juzzie @Scavenger01 @Brutus @Griffinsummoner @Pierce

Sipping at the Bajoran Ale in her hands, Kate was happy to just hang out in the periphery of activity as more guests continued to arrive after her, populating the already crowded Chicago Arena, though these people were decidedly real as opposed to the holographic approximations surrounding them. First there was the exceptionally handsome  Lieutenant Morgan, who Kate could have sworn she'd detected a bit of a blush to his face upon greeting Reggie, an endearing and very cute moment she couldn't help but smirk in reaction to. Then again, Reggie was the sort of vixen-esque woman who could elicit such a reaction with little effort, something Kate might've harbored a small measure of innocent jealousy over. Still, she admired how quickly the Lone Wolf had managed to settle in aboard the Theurgy, and how she had so quickly made friends, though there were likely some holdovers from Oneida that weren't necessarily new friends. Yeah, it wouldn't have been far-fetched to say that Kate was growing to admire the Betazoid pilot and hoped that she and her would become increasingly good friends.

"Oh... oh yeah, I just figured I'd play it a little relaxed tonight." She explained as said pilot drew attention to her ensemble for the evening, a fair bit conservative considering her usual preferences for such an occasion. It wasn't that Kate wanted to appear prudish tonight, far from it, she'd just opted for something a little more reserved so as not to scare someone she was hoping to impress, or rather, two someones. "But I'm not the only one out of uniform by the looks of it." She winked in the direction of Enyd, whose appearance so distracted a greeting Arven, that he nearly shook hands with the air in front of Kate. Giggling as the good Doctor excused himself to retrieve a beverage more suitable to his tastes, his presence was soon replaced by the giant with a prosthetic hand, otherwise known as Victor, to which Kate smiled warmly up at. "Good to see you too, Victor! No worries about it, I just hope the new hand is working well enough. Not interfering with any aspect of your personal life?" she jested, sideways glancing at Reggie as though she were making some sort of a tease about men and their hands.

"Oh, there'll definitely be dancing." She answered Enyd's question, knowing well that she'd not be able to stop herself from indulging in the activity.

Once more, she was snapped back to the moment as a voice broke the noise of the sound techs and their incessant tinkering; it was Reggie, officially setting the concert into motion with a command prompt, and Kate turned to watch as the scene transitioned into one of activity, rather than the apparent limbo it had been mired within.

A moment later, a pair of stunning 'alien' women stepped into the holodeck, evidently making their way to the bar. A Klingon and a Vulcan, whom Kate hadn't immediately recognized, but then again there were likely to be a lot of people in attendance she didn't directly know. She did wonder though, if they had been invitees of Reggie, or if they were incidental guests that word of the concert had gotten around to. Tangerine hued-eyes trailing after the pair as they sauntered past, Kate blinked as a new voice spoke up, drawing her back to the small, gathered group she had been a part of, and there stood another 'alien' whom she'd not known. "Oh... hey, sorry! Hi! Nice to meet you, Zark?" she repeated, hoping she'd not heard wrong, as the simulated stagehands were finishing up with the acoustics of the arena, making it difficult to hear clearly. "I'm Kate!" She cast a softly sweet smile to the beautiful Andorian, followed by a cursory examination of her attire for the evening. "No worries. It was all Reggie, really. You look great! Thanks so much for coming!"

Taking another sip of her beer, Kate zoned out a little as she returned her gaze toward the doors that led into the arena, hoping to see a particular pair of faces enter through it sooner, rather than later, or at all for that matter. Her heart skipped a beat for a faint moment, as she almost mistook the movement of another entering person, dressed in a simple t-shirt and jeans, for who she was waiting for.

In addition to the loud noise of the crowd, the lights had dimmed in advance of he start of the show.

As the digital crowd excitedly screamed in reaction to an ear-splitting holler from an amplified musical voice, one which Kate recognized instantly, the petite chief of surgery spun on heel and watched as Ozzy, in all his youthful glory took center stage in the auditorium, a microphone clutched in his hands held right up to his parted lips as the familiar lyrics of Crazy Train began to escape them. "WOOOOOOOOO! Yeah!" Kate screamed out, overcome by sudden surge of adrenaline, her delicately slender hands going up in the air with nary a delay, one still cradling a bottle of beer, the other with extended first and forth digits in the traditional sign of non-verbally saying 'you rock'. It didn't take long for her to start bobbing up and down on the balls of her feet in time with the stinging chords and beat of the drums. This was an excellent choice of opening act, she immediately realized, and though she and Reggie had discussed their favorite artists prior to the events of tonight, Kate had little idea of what decisions the pilot had made regarding the setlist.

From there, it didn't take long for her to lose herself in the excitement of the moment, being inexorably drawn toward the stage and the surging digital crowd as they danced, head-banged, and moshed to every whim of the legend of rock performing before them. In the chaos of it all, she was shoved about, but that was to be expected in such a venue, and even though it had resulted in her losing her beer, Kate beamed with glee at being able to just let loose. One song led to the next, and Kate grew increasingly disconnected from the gathering of additional guests behind her. It wasn't that she didn't care to meet new people, or that she was being deliberately ignorant of them, but rather she'd simply been lost in the sea of activity. When they'd reach an intermission, if there was to be one, Kate figured she could take the opportunity to go around and offer greetings to them then. After all, this was to be something of a festival of performers, and as such would go on for quite some time.

If only Scruffy and Tessa would show, the thought lingering on in the back of her mind as she let the 'Prince of Darkness' besiege her ear canals with vocals like only he knew how to.

Remembering how she had wandered away from the group a little while later, she turned back with a gleeful smile evident on her face and gradually made her way back to them, though they had for the most part dispersed to enjoy the evening with their preferred partners. "This is awesome!" She commented aloud to no one in particular, her voice barely audible over the loudness of the music. Lost to her, had been the entrance of one Scruffy LeBlanc, though as she scanned some of the new faces around her, she caught sight of a mop of hair which could only have belonged to the aforementioned systems engineer. Narrowing her eyes, she approached him slowly as they managed to lock gazes from across the venue. The brightness of her expression increasing in luminosity as she drew nearer to him, pointing a teasingly accusatory finger in his direction when she felt she was close enough for him to hear her over the music. "You're late!" She stopped in her advance, trying to play it up, but when her assessment of his attire trailed down and then back up, she dropped the façade and crossed the last few steps between them with some haste, and planted a soft but lingering kiss against his left cheek.

"But you look so damned hot that I'll let it slide." she added prior to pulling back, a soft whisper against his ear meant solely for him to enjoy as it tickled his lobe. Once she'd pulled away though, she grinned, starting to dance in place before him, swaying her hips side to side commensurate with the rhythm and tone of 'Mama, I'm coming Home', wanting to give him a show of her own attire. "Can I get two shots of Jim Beam?" She ordered from one of the digital bartenders as they approached her and Scruffy, Kate winking to her real companion once the tender went to fulfill the order. "Any word from Tessa?" She asked him as the tone of rock-n-roll behind her accelerated and grew far more aggressive in advance of what would be Ozzy's last song before he'd shuffle off and give way for the next act. Before he could answer though, the bartender placed two wide-mouthed shot-glasses of the amber-hued liquor on the counter in front of them, and Kate instantly grabbed one of them to throw-back, leaving the other for Scruffy. Slamming the empty glass down, she nodded to the digital bartender as way ordering another round while the burn of synthehol made it's way down her esophagus. "I wonder if she'll bring her friend Lauren; they seem to have a history together, and I think she could use some fun too."

And, as if on cue, there they were, Tessa and her crimson-haired friend scampering over to where Scruffy and Kate were situated at the bar, the latter of which called out to announce her arrival. Turning as she heard herself called, Kate just about stopped in place when she saw what Tessa was wearing, her mouth going agape in awe of just how incredible her fellow blonde looked in the sheer cut dress she was wearing.

"Whoa!" She said aloud, casting an awestruck glance back at Scruffy in amusement, and to gauge his own reaction.

"Oy... ohlright, that's it for me. I'm magonna fawk-awf 'fore they ask me to keep goin." Said Ozzy into the microphone once his set had finished, and the crowd had given him some modicum of a silence to speak in. Though as he began to step away, a stage-hand ran out to whisper something into his ear, and seemingly taken aback, the holographic Ozzy looked him up and down with incredulousness in his face. With the microphone still turned on, albeit not held up to his lips as he was speaking, the projected voice of the singer could still faintly be heard over the speakers. "Whadd-you mean I'm the fawking Emm-Cee? Where is... shut it, SHARON!!!" he hollered as he stormed off stage, the whole scene playing out in the background as the digital crowd laughed and screamed in reaction to what they were seeing, it all speaking to the intricacies of the program that Reggie had put together. "Am I gettin' paid for both jobs?" Ozzy asked as the stage-hand and Sharon Osbourne tried to explain the situation to him, the expression on his face growing increasingly aggravated and confused as they went on.

"Tessa! You look... wow!" Kate commented, herself ignorant of what was transpiring on the stage in the distance. "Oh... and so do you, Lauren!" Kate added, one of her hands going up to brush back her hair. Waving the two of them over to join them at the bar, Kate reached out to wrap an arm around Tessa's shoulder when she was in close proximity, hugging her friend warmly, and similarly planting a soft kiss on the side of her cheek.

"Un-fucking-real!" Ozzy mumbled into the microphone as he went back to center stage, the crowd screaming in reaction once again. "Mmmaking me Emm-Cee this shite ass concert... right well'em, here're... who the fuck'or Guns and Roses?" He looked around in apparent confusion once more, the young Ozzy every bit the man he was in his older age, having never really not been who he was. Shaking his head, he dropped the microphone with an audible clunk onto the floor of the stage and stormed off, pointing aggressively at one of the two stage-hands as the came out to try and reset things for the next act, which didn't take but a minute or so as Axl, Slash and the rest of the gang made their way out onto the deck from the left curtains, Slash plugging in his signature Gibson Les Paul as he planted black combat boot unto the top of one of the stage speakers, fingers plucking at the strings while Axl brought a new microphone to his face.

"Let's turn this place into a jungle! Yeeeeeeeeoooooooow!" screeched Axl as Slash's guitar echo faded in along with drum and cymbals.

Raising long index and middle fingers in the direction of the bartender, Kate then pointed down at the shot-glasses on the table as though to order additional servings for both Tessa and Lauren. "Hell yeah!" Kate announced as the first stanza of 'Welcome to the Jungle' began, grinning broadly as she playfully poked Scruffy in his toned midsection in order to coax him from being seated, her hips starting to gyrate in accordance with the swaying guitar chords. The second order of drinks showed a second later, and Kate immediately began handing them out to both Tessa and Lauren, retaining one of them herself which she raised upward in sign of making a simple toast. "To sexy friends, and to a rocking night! Wooooooooo!" She giggled gleefully as her eyes went from Lauren, to Tessa, and then Scruffy in appreciation of her friends being there to enjoy the evening with her and one another, throwing back the shot afterward.

[ On The Stage ]

Part 2 - Guns N' Roses
1. Welcome to the Jungle
2. Knocking on Heaven's Door
3. November Rain
4. Paradise City
5. Sweet Child O'Mine

Naturally, the digital crowd went crazy as the set transitioned from Ozzy to that of Guns N' Roses, the second of many acts that were to take the stage tonight, and another staple of any kickass festival like concert of the era. Slash, in his traditional tight black leather pants, black tee, and his signature tall hat with long curly locks that obscured most of his face as he worked the guitar like few other in history could have. The front man, Axl Rose, in his early 90s representation, his glory days as it were, swung the microphone from side-to-side as he worked to rile up the crowd. All while the lighting of the auditorium flashed and swirled in myriad colors to accentuate the performance as it was unfolding.

"Sha na na na na na na knees knees!"

OOC - Okay, on to act two, enjoy! Sorry for the length of this post, but so much has happened since my first one, and I wanted to respond to as much of it as I possibly could. Apologies to anyone I didn't catch, or might have missed, it was just so much. Thanks for joining this thread that P.C. Haring and I put together, it's already off to a great start, and I can't wait to see how else it unfolds! Have a great time everyone!
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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Chief Surgeon | USS Theurgy NX-79854 ]

Re: Day 03 [1930 hrs.] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
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[ Ens. Jaya Thorne | Holodeck 2| Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

Jaya emerged from her shower wrapped in a plush towel. She'd earlier finished a shift on the bridge which by any standard was light duty. After all, they were in a standard orbit above the Klingon homeworld who was their ally of the moment. After that, she spent a good couple of hours working off pent-up frustrations against a sandbag in the gym. That poor sandbag didn't deserve her abusive hire. She was still upset about the disappearance of her friend Jennifer Dewitt. Her boss from the Black Opal might never return from her hero's play with the Breen. Jaya would have to find a way to deal with that nagging uncertainty besides beating an innocent speed bag helpless, she reasoned.

Dabbing at her face with a plush towel, Jaya took a look at the news display on the wall of her quarters. That invitation to the Rock and Roll Show kept drawing her attention. She had the time. She had the inclination for something, anything that wasn't centered around duty for a few hours. And she had punched enough things for today,  thank you very much.

"All work and no play makes Jaya a royal pain in the ass...." she murmured to herself as she stroked her cheek in thought.

If Jaya's terminally annoying family did anything good for her back on Deneva, it was exposing her to the classical music of 20th century Terra. It was raw and exciting and memorable even after the passing of centuries of upheaval on the human homeworld.  .

Of course, there was a vast variety on the musical spectrum of what was called Rock and Roll by the contemporaries. Jaya loved it all in her youth. Being a kid with rebellion in her heart with no foreseeable future, she'd embraced so much of it. She'd even dressed the part, which only made her family that much more devoted to trying to control her. They'd failed miserably.

Attending this event had a massive amount of appeal for the scrappy pilot. In the course of recent events, Jaya had decided to be more spontaneous when it came to getting out of her quarters and getting to know her shipmates better. This was the perfect venue to exercise that ambition.

"But what to wear....." she said as she sat down at her computer station and began to access the historical records.

When it was time to go to the rock show, Jaya had been forced to miss the first part of the show due to having volunteered to help the Engineering team with some of her workbee expertise on some external repair work on the ship. It had been worth it. The extra duty made Jaya feel as if she were contributing more to her adopted family and home aboard the Theurgy. If she lost the Theurgy and somehow survived, she really had nowhere else to go.

Jaya had dressed on the bounce and arrived just in time to hear the distinctive guitar of Slash from the great rock band Guns N Roses. She felt a thrill go up her spine as she heard that distinctive high pitch wail of the band's frontman, Axel Rose. Like many of the stars of the genre, Axel had been a comet across the musical starscape, burning bright and fast and fading quickly. But at least we had these recordings of him in his prime, she reasoned. Not everyone could be a David Bowie, someone who defined the cutting edge for decades rather than a year or two of dazzling brilliance.

Jaya thought she looked quite appropriate for the era. She'd done more than enough research on the Goth subculture of the time period back in her teenage days, and that was paying off dividends today.  The pitch-black ballerina dress that left her shoulders bare matched with fishnets and high-heeled platform boots was perfect for the setting. Giving herself a stylized messy hairstyle gave her just the right look to fit and be a departure from her usual appearance. This was about having fun and she was going to dance all night, even if it was just dancing by herself.

Jaya recognized a number of faces in the attendees, none of whom she knew well. But she hoped that tonight would be a good start to changing that. No more retreating into her cabin like Achilles in his tent. Jaya wanted friends, people to count on, and who could count on her when things got rough. She gave them all friendly waves and nods as she cut towards the bar.

She chuckled to herself as she contemplated what she wanted. What would be the best thing to go with this setting?
"A bottle of Jack Daniels....", she mused.
She laughed at herself. The last thing she wanted her crewmates to think was that their bus driver was a total lush.
"Make that Jack on the rocks."

With that, she turned to listen to the raucous music and take it all in. She leaned back against the bar and sipped her drink, enjoying the smooth bite.

OOC>Jaya's outfit




Re: Day 03 [1930 hrs.] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
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[CPO 1 Scruffy LeBlanc | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @Swift  @Pierce

Scruffy started to smile at Kate when he saw her finally notice him, but his amusement turned to fear as she narrowed her gaze and approached him.  He even threw his hands up when the good doctor pointed a finger at him.  He relaxed when she covered the distance between them and planted a kiss against his cheek, though her next comment definitely made him blush.  He didn't miss the opportunity she gave him as she gave him a little show, and when she turned to order he stepped alongside her and slid one arm around her shoulders.  "Sorry, Kate.  You know how it goes when duty calls.  Couldn't get away any sooner."  When their drinks arrived, he grabbed his just after she did, though he had barely lifted his before she was able to slam back the whiskey.  "No, I only briefly stopped by my quarters to change, I haven't heard anything from her, either."  He didn't join her in slamming his shot back, but he took a healthy drink from it as he waited for the follow-up she had ordered to arrive.

When Kate's name was called, Scruffy turned with her to see Tessa's arrival.  Scruffy smiled appreciatively at Tessa, though he struggled to pull his eyes away from her companion once they caught sight of her.  Finishing off his drink, he pulled himself around toward the bar to grab the newly arrived drink.  He was about to take this one a bit faster, when Kate poked him in the side, prompting him to stand.  He listened to the swelling music and Kate's toast, and smiled.  "I can certainly agree with that sentiment," he said, joining her in slamming back the second shot.
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Re: Day 03 [1930 hrs.] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
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CPO Victor vanVinter |Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02] @Ellen Fitz

The comment from Kate made him lift an eyebrow. He smiles politely to her. "No, not at all Doctor, though I haven't written any new letters since I got this. thank you for the reminder though, I'll have to get on that. and it doesn't affect my fencing at all." Yep, Victor had totally missed what the implications of her comment was. And he did need to start writing letters again, that was something He'd have to do after retiring for the night. the thought actually brought a smile to his face.

Victor mainly was enjoying the conversational flow around him. And he gave a polite nod to Enyd then, with a cheerful smile on his face. "I'm going to go get a seat and watch the show. Feel free to join me if you want. This is quite a lot for me. So many new faces, and I want just to watch and observe the show." Victor smiles cheerily to the others in the circle and raises his beer in a toast to all of them. "To new friends, old friends, and to a cool rocking party, yeah?"

Arven leux @Lathaniel

"We do indeed live in times of Miracle and wonder Sorek. I'm glad that we all get to share a collective one like this. It's nice seeing you here, by the way." Arven sips more on the Bajoran ale, letting the conversation flow around him. Asra and the others all seemed nice, but Arven found himself drawn more to Sorek than the others. A smile tugged at the corner of his lips when he was near the man. But then he caught sight of how Owen seemed to look at the pilot. And Arven realized he had to be 'someplace else.'

"I think I'm going to go get a mosh pit started if anyone doesn't mind getting a few bruises and covered in sweat. Come on!" Arven was certainly enthusiastic with his outburst. But he still had some issues with large groups. That and it seemed like Sorek and Owen might be something of a couple. And that he couldn't deal with right now. Sorek was cute, and alcohol, even the synthetic stuff, made him dumb, so best to work out that point of frustration with some exercise.  The old saying said it best, in vino veritas. And it applied to synthetic alcohol as well, at least for the Trill. Arven made a sprint towards the stage then and shouted some words that might become fateful.

"Computer, Mosh-pit." and just like that, there was a mosh pit at the stage, to which Arven joins right as Slash cuts into the opening chords of the first song of their set. Arven wasn't quite in his element, but the crush of bodies, sweat, and general bouncing felt good. This was something he hadn't indulged in for quite some time. And he could get lost in a mosh pit, so to speak, anyway.

Nara Nueva @Griffinsummoner @Swift @Pierce

Getting the invitation to the party had been a surprise. Nara had seen it in her inbox only after getting off shift. The details presented were puzzling, but Nara knew what she liked. So instead of going with anything from Earth anywhere close to the appropriate timeframe. Nara replicated some clothing that could best be described as a metallic mishmash from hell. The resulting fashion choice looked like a combination of cyberpunk and hip-hop. Known best to Nara as 'Post Colonial Vegan-rock.' It was simply put, unearthly in the overall design. But to her, it was Rock and roll incarnate. Finishing the attire was her hair getting put into a single long braid draped over one shoulder. The auburn of her hair clashes perhaps violently with the gold and purple of her outfit. after checking herself out via holographic mirror, she frowns, still not complete. Some temporary tattoos were in order then. Keeping with the theme she was trying to go for, the lab tech replicated and applied some temporary tattoos that featured a geometric and floral pattern. The mash-up of design elements might strike others as odd, but they all said Rock and roll for Nara. At least the 22nd-century stuff from Vega colony anyway.

All of this had made Nara late to the party quite literally. So she found herself walking in on Ozzy, giving the introduction to Guns n' Roses. The idea of that made her smile, though. Nara knew that her boss wouldn't be here tonight, or shouldn't be anyway. But not knowing anyone and needing a drink, Nara heads over to the bar and shouts over the music, something from home to settle her nerves.

"Melonberry wine, please, with a splash of ginger ale." The holographic bartender hands her a glass of a noxious-looking purple beverage with a fizziness from the ginger ale. While the stuff looked toxic, melonberry wine was still very much a Vega-Colony staple and almost unknown outside of that world. So the beverage usually got some strange looks when a human, especially one as clearly athletic as Nara, was caught drinking something that looked like it could strip paint.

Having acquired her drink, she spotted Scruffy sitting reasonably nearby. Nara walked over, figuring that she should break the ice with someone at the very least. And with the wild hair and grooming, it looked like he'd gone in for the 'Rock look' as well.

"Hey there, good to see someone else didn't neglect the hair for this event. I love the look. I'm Nara, just transferred in from the Embassy, you? Also, who are your friends? They're both pretty cute." She smiled sweetly to Kate and Tessa, the athletic woman quite appreciative of the clothing that most had adopted for the evening.
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[ Lt. T'Less & CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Passageway | Deck 08 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy | Orbiting Qo'noS ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @P.C. Haring
"Any preference on a drink, ma'am?" Mickayla asked as the two of them stepped up to the counter.

"It is all for taste," T'Less commented indifferently, her mind distracted still by Reggie. "Nor do I have an extensive knowledge of beverages, so I bow to your indulgence." At Mickayla's blank look, the Vulcan added, "I leave it to you to choose for us."

"Right," Mickayla acknowledged, turning to the holographic bartender. "Talisker, 25-year single malt, served neat, for two thanks," Mickayla ordered. The bartender said nothing, merely reaching down for a pair of glasses from under the counter before turning to grab a black bottle off of the shelf behind him. Mickayla couldn't see the contents but as the fluid was poured into the glasses, the Klingon recognised the distinctive hue and aroma of the whiskey, even if it was synthehol. As their drinks were set before them, Mickayla looked down the bay and recognised the Andorian, Zark, also in attendance. 

Even as the two of them paused, taking in the atmosphere that had been programmed into the holodeck, the Trill doctor, Leux, appeared beside them and ordered his own set or drinks. Or rather, his own and some for them as well as he presented two of the three shots that he had to them, despite the drinks they already possessed. He even tried to explain away his actions as 'Doctor's orders' but all it did was to annoy Mickayla as she flashed back to a similar event aboard the Artemis and ex. It had been real alcohol then, with different stakes.

Others approached the bar, acquiring their own drinks for the start of the evening before settling in to talk to other arrivals or departing but the Vulcan and the Klingon were content to sit and wait, nursing their drinks and so far ignoring the shots presented to them by Arven.

"Is it common to be given drinks at an event like this?" T'Less asked Mickayla.

"Pretty much," Mickayla confirmed. "People are either friendly or think you are hot and want to get in your pants. Either way, I can get my own and I prefer them straight. Up to you if you want to indulge in that concoction though," Mickayla said, noting the irony in her words. Nothing about her recent life could be considered straight and normal. Her musing was interrupted when she felt someone sit down beside her and she turned to gaze at the new arrival. Bajoran, given the eyes.

"Hey, glad to see you guys made it.  I'm Reggie Suder, by the way," the woman introduced herself confidently. "When you're ready, feel free to come and join the conversation.  The more the merrier!" Mickayla was about to reply when Enyd stepped up to the bar as well and ordered an Andorian Mule before turning to look at the Klingon.

"Nice to see you again, Chief, and may I say again how spectacular you were back in the Great Hall. Even with the threat of the Infested bearing down on us, I wanted to give a standing ovation to your performance," she complimented as her drinks were set before her.

"I still ended up bleeding again, so I can't have been that good," Mickayla pointed out as Enyd took a sip from one of her beverages. T'Less had taken the time to review the events within the Great Hall and herself had also been impressed with the forthrightness of the woman beside her to step up and confront Gorka as she had done. 

"I'd heard something about that," Reggie said to the Klingon.  "I'd love to hear the story if you're in a mood to tell it."

"Another time maybe. I don't want to spoil the night," Mickayla pointed out, before choosing to act as the gracious go-between. "Have either of you met Lieutenant T'Less here?"

"Hello Reggie," T'Less said, answering the Chief's question, at least in part.
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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye", Ensign Lauren Pierce, Lt. Alana Pierce | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] | ATTN: @Scavenger01 @P.C. Haring @Tae @Swift @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Aharon @Stegro88 @Lathaniel @Griffinsummoner @Auctor Lucan @Juzzie [Show/Hide]

Tessa blushed as Kate mentioned how much she enjoyed the look she was currently sporting. It wasn't like she was used to looking like this either which had to be the reason for the excited reaction from her friend. She noted how Lauren smiled also when Kate complimented her attire which was slightly less dressy in this sort of crowd which oddly enough was filled with various types of party wear.

Lauren was grinning as she saw Scruffy. Something about him just kind of drew her eye as well. Clearly he liked what he saw based on his attention to her since their arrival. Although she was uncertain who he was exactly, he was still someone she wouldn't mind getting to know more during this event and afterwards. As she turned, she caught a glimpse of Kate reaching over Tessa's shoulder and hugging her while planting a kiss on her cheek. A smile washed over her as the thought of how much had changed since she'd been away from her friend. She was happy whatever was going on.

The ladies headed over to the bar where another female with red hair could be seen. She sat with clothing that really didn't jump out as party clothes but looked more relaxed than anything else. Tessa looked on and couldn't place where she'd seen the crimson hair before aside from Lauren's but shook it off for the moment. Her head still fogged in particular memories from the Valkyrie crash she'd recently recovered from.

As Kate ordered from the bartender, pointing at the glasses and back to the two women with her and Scruffy, the holographic waiter nodded and began to bring their drinks over as well. The music heard overhead made the insides of their chest feel lighter and increased the adrenaline for sure. Something typically only experienced in battle or fast flying but in this case it was all fun and not worries. At least for the moment.

The second order of drinks arrived quickly and as Kate dished them out to her friends, Tessa and Lauren, they looked on as she raised her glass in a toast. "To sexy friends, and to a rocking night! Wooooooooo!" The feeling of excitement shot through Lauren and Tessa as they were happy to just let loose after all they'd endured in the last week. Scruffy's reaction to Kate's speech made Lauren giggle a little as she and Tessa downed their drinks too.

"Thanks for the invite guys! I was so excited to get to have some fun in here again. Always nice seeing you Kate..." She peered at the only male at the standing table. "You too Scruffy." She winked to the both of them.

"Now I feel left out of whatever..." she waved at the three of them in a circular motion. "This is!" She laughed as Tessa joined her.

"Don't worry, we will include you, if you're daring enough!"

"Don't tempt me Tessa. Who do you think taught you to be bold? Hmm?"

A slight comment could be heard with a slight southern drawl at the counter of the bar. The grumbling and the yell to the bartender to refill her drink triggered a memory. That was when Tessa heard it and remembered... She was the officer who saved her hide on the Daqchov before all the mess broke out on the Theurgy. Tessa placed her glass down and walked over, knowing that it might not be the best of choices given her proximity to the individual who was drinking and displayed a general distant distaste for her on board that vessel before they barely escaped with their lives intact.

Tessa's hand tapped the redheaded woman on the shoulder as she spun around, red flowing hair whacked Tessa in the face as she still held her glass. "Oh, it's just you. What do you want?"

Treading delicately, she responded, "Aren't you Lieutenant Pierce?"

"Yeah, and your point?" Irritation clearly welling within her but still able to hold it at bay due to the experience she had as an intel officer.

"I have someone I want you to meet...I'm unsure if you're related but wanted to introduce you if you'd be willing." A cheesy smile was on Tessa's face as she tried to coax the other woman to their table.

Alana spied a look again at Tessa's attire and was impressed the Lone Wolf had as stacked a body as she did. Something she'd have been attracted to or still might be. Time will tell on that verdict. She stood up and faced the table and Tessa. "If I do this, will you leave me be in peace?"

A grin formed on Tessa's face as she knew she'd won. "I swear!"

"Fine, let's get this overwith..." She groaned as they walked towards the table and the group.

"Hey guys, this is the woman who saved me on the Daqchov the day before...well everything fell apart. Allow me to introduce Lt. Alana Pierce."

Lauren stopped mid drink and fell silent briefly in shock.

"Hi. Nice to meet you all. I'm only here because Stellan Foster basically forced me to show up to this event. Said I needed to get out of work more and "enjoy" life outside the uniform." The word enjoy placed in air quotes as she rolled her eyes and continued to drink. "He cornered me in an impromptu therapy session and said I'd be taken off duty if I didn't get out more."

Tessa let the others introduce themselves to Lt. Pierce as it finally fell to Lauren for hers. Jaw still hanging open, she was struck by some weird feeling. Almost like a familiarity but couldn't place it. "You''re a Pierce?! I'm a Pierce! I'm Ensign Lauren Pierce."

This struck something in Alana as she stood there with a slight eye reaction and a squinting stare at the other crimson haired woman at the table. Tessa was about to speak when Alana placed her hand over the other woman's mouth. She looked at her. "Sorry, force of habit." Releasing her hand, she returned her eyes to Lauren to inspect her like she was an android analyzing the situation. "When were you born? What's your family history?"

"Isn't that a bit much for a first meeting?"

She ignored Tessa and stared more intently at Lauren. Curiosity and real worry welled inside her. "Answer me please..."

Unsure why the woman was asking such pointed questions, she answered having nothing to hide. "I was born September 7, 2354. I was born on Mars. My family wasn't happy that I joined Starfleet. You see my grandfather served in Starfleet and disappeared mysteriously in the late 23rd Century."

The synthehol she'd recently downed was starting to loosen some of her training. She started to feel a panic well in her chest. "No...." She whispered. "Was your grandmother's name, Denielle Craig by any chance?"

Her face went white as a ghost as the question struck true for her. "Yes...WHO ARE YOU!?" Frustration and fear welled inside Lauren creating a whirlwind of emotions as she began to cry.

The adrenaline of the situation fueled Alana as she took a deep breath, exhaled and figured she might as well come clean. "Keep this quiet you four. I mean it or I'll have to come after you." She whispered as quietly as she could to the four before her. "Lauren, I am your grandfather. I was born originally as Alan Pierce. Served on the USS Eagle, the original Enterprise."

Tessa looked on in one of the weirdest WTF moments she'd ever experienced as she tapped Lauren on the should as if saying they were gonna bounce with all the recent family drama to which Lauren only nodded. "If you need me, I'm just a short jaunt away." She said leaving her friend to deal with that and hang out with Kate and Scruffy. A look of relief struck her as they left. "Wow... that was rich. So what now guys?"

As Lauren stood face to face with Alana, they just analyzed each other. "Bullshit. Can't be."

"I assure you, it's true. I was on a covert mission in Klingon space and when I was escaping I hit a temporal distortion. It spat me and the small ship out. I attempted to beam out to any world, ship, or space station as the small vessel experienced cascading systems failures and a impending warp core breach. I was knocked out by a bulkhead rupture, and the contents I was sent to retrieve unfortunately sprayed me with the compound as I laid sprawled out on the deck. "

She breathed calmly and then returned to her story. "Within drifting range of Starbase 82 in I think the year was 2380, the transporter officers couldn't beam me off the shuttle due to interference from the deteriorating shuttle. They managed to access the onboard transporter systems remotely and got a lock on me. That's when it get's weird. Due to a pattern buffer malfunction with the compound covering me, a lot of issues happened and mutated my chromosomes, which led to a change in my cellular structure mid-transport. It caused my DNA and the compound to combine. So this is how I came out the other end. As difficult as this is for me to wrap my head around. I am your grandfather...of sorts."

The situation was weird and Lauren softened up as did Alana and Lauren lept forward into a hug on her ancestor. "Your story sucks, but I'm just so glad to meet you!" She said holding Alana tight as she cried. Alana reached her arm around the woman and patted her back as they held one another.

From the view where Tessa and the others were, she looked back at the two Pierces. She pointed with her thumb. "Well. It looks like those two made up."
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Re: Day 03 [1930 hrs.] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh'Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | Vector 2]

@Juzzie @Scavenger01 @Tae @Ellen Fitz @Lathaniel @Brutus @Stegro88

As predicted, Reggie, moved off to play hostess with several other and vanVinter went off to find a place to sit and enjoy the ambience of the evening leaving Zark along momentarily to savour the flavours of the peat and the North Sea in a glass.  Taking another sip and rolling it around her mouth to savour the complex flavours, she turned around and leaned her back and elbows on the bar.  Taking the chance to simply be and observe what was going on, Zark noticed that most of the people here seemed to be meeting each other for the first time and her thoughts wandered to the fact that so many could meet for the first time despite the attempt by the fates to destroy the very ship they were standing on.  Looking heavenward, a moment of unseen bleakness crossed the Andorian's face as her thoughts took a new direction despite the music to the Cayuga and how she had essentially never been heard from again.

Sighing lightly, she banished the bleak expression and eyed Rhys Williams for a moment.  It looked like he was fumbling along in his interaction with several other new comers to the party.  It sounded more like the guy was going through an interview.  Not fun at all.  I really ought to have a chat with him to see how things are going. She stood there in uncharacteristic indecision when the music helped tip the scales in her mind, it was after all a party, not a funeral.  Taking a moment to inquire what Rhys was having from the holo bartender, Zark grabbed another drink for herself and one for Rhys before sauntering over to where the counsellor was doing his best impression trying to go back being a fly on the wall. Can't have that! the now smirking Andorian thought to herself.  She quickly moved around a newly arrived Trill and cut off any avenue of escape for the shy counsellor, placed the fresh drink near him before taking his partially drunk gin out of his hand and placing it behind the bar.

With mischief written across her face, in a truly horrendous impression of Scottish accent, "Aye laddie, ya look like ya gonna drag the Dreich in with ya. Put some fire in ya belly for the lady here!"  Not even waiting to see how Rhys responded, mainly wanting to see how the new guest responded, Zark turned to the new Trill with a full toothy smile and held out her glass for a clink. "My full name is XamotZark zh'Ptrell, but I just ask everyone to call me Zark. Pleased to meetchya!" Zark greeted cheerily and probably thankfully in her regular voice.
Lt (JG) XamotZark zh'Ptrell (Lt. Zark)


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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02] attn: @Tae @P.C. Haring @Stegro88 @RyeTanker  @Juzzie  @Scavenger01  @redshift316 @Swift @Pierce

Enyd smiled at the handsome man with a most delightful accent, "Nice to meet you, Rhys." Enyd nodded to Victor when he told her about his general heading and watched as more crew members entered the holodeck.

She excused herself from Rhys' side soon after and headed to the bar. It struck her not for the first time just how large the ship was and also not for the first time Enyd realized it could take literal years to meet everyone enough times to place a name with a face. And as she took a quiet moment to track the movements of the newcomers, those more gregarious and those more restrained, Enyd was again fascinated with just how drastically different they all were from one another. And not just in the form and function of their departments and roles. But in their background experiences, in the tragedies they'd survived, the successes they wore on their sleeves. Still leaning against the bar, standing close to the Chief and others, she glanced back to Rhys, and Enyd almost envied him for but a moment. The stories he was privy to, the opportunities to assist in healing, all of it must be so draining and yet so satisfying when it came together well.

The Chief's decline to share the story here was understandable, and Enyd nodded. When her companion was introduced, Enyd gave another nod, this one accompanied with a friendly smile.

"Pleasure to meet you, T'Less. I'm Enyd, diplomatic corps." She continued her evening trend of not sharing rank as that had been one of the instructions in the invitation. The new music had Enyd looking over her shoulder and watching as the crowd shifted in demeanor in connection to the song switch. Tapping her foot along with the new beat, Enyd smiled before looking back to the trio of beauties at her side, "I like this new song."

A slight commotion over at one of the tables drew Enyd's attention, but she didn't know those surrounding the table enough to feel confident in approaching. Whatever the matter was, it seemed to resolve itself rather quickly, however, and Enyd was left to gaze at the others saddled up the bar, including a young woman nursing a drink standing by herself. Smiling to those closest to her, Enyd excused herself before moving closer to the dark-haired woman wearing a more goth version of something similar to her own outfit.

"To skirts and fishnets," Enyd saluted the woman with her own drink as she drew closer and smiled, "I love your outfit. I'm Enyd."
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[ Lt. Asra Tek | Holodeck 02 | Vector 2 Deck 08| USS Theurgy ]attn: @RyeTanker @Juzzie

To say that Asra was overwhelmed would be an understatement, the entire holodeck was filled with noise and movement which made hearing some people a challenge. That being true, Asra still had a small chuckle at Enyd's description of herself, chaos wrangling and instigation were very definitely the bread and butter of the diplomatic corp. Her chuckle almost immediatly morphed into a small coughing fit at the wink that got sent her way, though the sentiment was appreciated Asra was definitely not ready for playful winks to be thrown around, especially when she wasn't sure whether to stifle the grin or let it grow.

Recovering with a quick glance around Asra caught sight of the tail end of a wave from her fellow introvert, internally she was glad for the action, it prompted her to focus and hear the tail end of the greeting that accompanied it. Sliding around the back of Arven as he announced his desire to go form a mosh pit she came into easier hearing range of Rhys. "Nice to meet you Rhys, what dragged you from your cabin? You look about as ready to make a break as I feel.  "

Rhys and Asra's little introvert corner was quickly interuppted however by the appearance of the energetic andorian. The second the first sylable left Zark's mouth Asra knew that this would be eventful, especially given Zark's liberal handling of Rhys' drinks. The following stream of attempted accent Made Asra feel sorry for every scotsman that she had ever known a look of shock and horror easily visible spread accross her face, the sudden switch back to her native accent and greeting that followed showed that the entire point of the exchange was to provoke a reaction. Asra also felt her hackles rise unitentionally at the insinuation that she would be unable to deal with Zark's full name and so she fell back on the crutch of all introverts everywhere in an awkward situation. Gently clinking her glass against Zark's Asra schooled her expression into a deadpan stare before responding " XamotZark I believe it is fair to say that a voice actor isn't in you future careers plan" her pronouciation of the andorian name was accurate although accented as if she knew what the sounds should be but hadn't stretched her vocal chords that way for a while. Asra tried to maintain eye contact even as she felt a familiar burn start spreading up her cheeks, taking a gulp she turned back to Rhys " So what department do you belong to?
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