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[2375] Mission on Mimas

[ Cadet Tessa May Lance, | Tessa's Quarters | Tactical Conn Academy | Emergency Evacuation Station | Mimas ]


Mere hours ago, Tessa and a few other Tactical Conn Cadets were whisked away by Starfleet Academy. Talks of some specialized training units that they were to become. She didn't feel so sure, but she was interested in becoming a pilot. In the Academy, she was good at nearly all the tasks they'd given her but the drive for a specific department really didn't draw her to it. Other than the excitement of getting to fly. She had apparently chosen correctly as the Dominion War was escalating. With the Breen invading Earth and the Sol System, she felt ripped away and alone, as well as uncertain about her future.

Starfleet seemed to believe heavily in their newly assembled Academy for Tactical Conn pilots or they wouldn't have torn them away from Earth so quickly. Tessa felt alone however as everyone she knew on Earth was on high alert and she was safe on one of Saturn's moons. The last time she heard anything outstanding about this place was during the fiasco in 2368 after a flight training accident. She believed it was where Nova Squadron pilots did some rather unorthodox training maneuvers that were highly dangerous and discouraged.

Putting her life on the line wasn't the issue, but being alone was and now, here she was. Sitting in her quarters where there was clearly enough room for another pilot trainee to bunk. The room was void of any personality being it was meant as a temporary means of training to off-board them to a Starship that could utilize their talents at the next available opportunity. Tessa was more than ready to continue her training, but so far, she'd not heard much about what was happening. The training itself was fairly close to being over but needed some final tests before she could get placed for her cadet cruise.

Deciding to lay back, Tessa placed her hands behind her head and lay down on the bunk. Closing her eyes, she began to drift to sleep. As her breath shallowed and she began to zone out, the door swooshed open and another female pilot, also an ensign entered the door.

Tessa's head shot up as she sat on her bunk, hair whipping forward into her face. Reflexively her hand brushed the hair to the side and back over an ear.

"Ah, Hello. Mind if I bunk with you roomy? I was told to report here." The woman was taller than Tessa by a few inches, had red hair, and was quite cute too. Her frame was slender but athletic, much like Tessa's but even more so.

Taken aback at the kindness and the fact a roommate entered the room, "'s fine. So what's your name?"

"I'm Cadet Lauren Pierce, and you are...?"

"Oh... I am Cadet Tessa May Lance. Nice to meet you."

OOC: Cadet Lauren Pierce is just an NPC for this thread but I have ideas to tie it into a future character with the same last name.

Re: [2375] Mission on Mimas

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[ Cadet Tessa May Lance, | Tessa's Quarters | Tactical Conn Academy | Emergency Evacuation Station | Mimas ]


Cadet Lance was a bit puzzled as she'd not heard much since being transported here from Earth. Let alone about anyone else coming to be a bunkmate. Things were quiet, but a little too much. This Cadet Pierce seemed to be a nice young woman though. Similar age to Tessa. She seemed sweet but a little slick too for a lithe fighter pilot.

"So what brought you here? Why Tactical Conn?"

The other woman placed her belongings in the other bunk and looked over at Tessa, slightly bemused, and a smile forming on the corner of her plump lips. "Well, to be honest, my Great-Grandfather was a member of Starfleet back in the 23rd Century. He was my inspiration before he went MIA on of his missions. No one knows what happened to him but since then. the rest of my family has been in the safer parts of Starfleet but he, well, he lived in the adventurous part of it all."

Her face glowing with admiration and energy Tessa only wished she contained. "Well, I wanted to do this because I honestly can't think of anything else fun to do right now. Plus the ability to pilot a ship of well, any size, excites me. Makes my heartbeat go faster with the anticipation of feeling in the thick of things. You know what I'm talking about?" She said with a glance as she leaned in to talk.

"I do! It's just, something in our blood. That's why I want to do this," Her face calmed as she finished unpacking her things and zipping open her cadet jacket, exposing her tunic.

Tessa was looking at the floor but gathered the courage to ask her roommate what was going on. "Do you have any idea what's going on out there? I mean, we've been stuck here for over five hours now with no updates or so much as a whisper outside these rooms."

The other woman leaned in close and pointed at their badges as if motioning that listening could be happening. She nodded yes and then spoke calmly, "Not that I know of. Hey, want to go get a drink?"

She looked perturbed, "Wait!? You mean we can leave these rooms?!"

Laughingly Cadet Pierce motioned to her, "No, but let's go investigate anyhow," she said winking back at the blonde woman.

The two young women walked near each other arm-in-arm and waltzed up to the door which swooshed open. The light from the hallways was lit brightly but yellow alert lights were flashing on the walls further down from their quarters as to not disturb them should their doors open. Taking one last look into their rooms, they looked at each, smiled, and then proceeded down the halls in search of a drink, and hopefully some answers.

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[ Cadet Tessa May Lance, | Tessa's Quarters | Tactical Conn Academy | Emergency Evacuation Station | Mimas ]


The corridors were quiet as Tessa and Lauren snuck around. Oddly enough, no one was present in the halls. The yellow alert lights flashed on the mid-panels as they traversed through the brightly lit hallways of the station. Doors all over the place were closed, some of them seemed locked by a timer, which again was odd. Lauren leaned on the controls and it beeped loudly. Startled, both women heard footsteps. As they jumped back, they fell into another door frame as it opened behind them.

Their bottoms a little sore as they had stumbled and finally fallen to the floor inside the room. Getting back to their feet and rubbing their keesters, they continued on, glancing around the room. Both turning to take it all in.

"It appears to be some sort of control center." She said in awe as her hands toggled various buttons. Tessa walked up beside her and the two women examined the display showing the reports of the war. It didn't look good. There was definitely a stirring closer to Earth than suspected.

"Think we should go back to our rooms?" Tessa asked with slight concern in her tone.

Smirking back at the blonde, "And miss all this? Not on your life! Computer, where is the nearest shuttlebay?"

...Shuttlebay is located on Deck 4

"Want to skip that drink and take a trip?" Pure adrenaline coursing through her veins at breaking a direct order to stay confined until they were asked to leave their quarters for classes. "I have a wicked idea on what we could do. If nothing else, we could get a better look and scan their ships for a starship to take them out." She laughed.

Feeling more unsure at the unsafe methods of her newfound friend, she hesitated, "I don't think that's such a great idea, Jenn. We should head back and let the professionals handle this."

"We are the professionals. Granted we're not fully trained yet but still, we can handle this. Let's go, with you as my wingmate, we can do this!"

Tessa was still unsure but followed the other woman. They closed down the panel and reset it to standard appearance to hide their tracks. Taking steps, they headed to the doorway just as the door opened and they dove under a table as another officer walked in. Tessa hid behind a table and Lauren snuck up behind the Lieutenant and chopped his neck and upper cutted him. He was out cold before he knew what hit him.

Stunned with her mouth wide open, Tessa stood up. "What?! just decked a senior officer!"

"Quiet down Tess, we can't risk getting caught until we have some good intel for these guys. I had to lay him out. We'll be fine." She said calmly in her attempts to calm Tessa's nerves. Grabbing his phaser, Lauren waltzed into the hall with Tessa in tow behind her. This was going to get more dangerous and troublesome than Tessa could imagine.

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[ Cadet Tessa May Lance | Tessa's Quarters | Tactical Conn Academy | Emergency Evacuation Station | Mimas ]


Mortified at her new friend hitting a senior officer, she responded by grabbing her arm, which caused her to lurch forward before bumping into Tessa.

"Hey! What the hell Tess? I was just about to get a move on here. What's wrong with you?"

Tessa was disturbed to say the least. She didn't want to risk her career before it'd even gotten started but she didn't want to wimp out either. "Honestly, I think this is a terrible idea Jenn. We've already got a court-martial on our tail if not brig time."

"If we get some good intel, then that will be swiped away. This war is taxing enough. If we can get them something they can use, or even if we can't, it's all over regardless."

She hadn't thought of it that way. "Well, okay. I'll come along for now. But I don't like it."

"Good enough for me!" the other woman said before charging off with Tessa in tow.

The two women dashed across corridors leading to the shuttle bay. Making sure to avoid any sounds that may be going through the halls as they made their approach. Their feet were light as a feather as they made the journey in no time at all. The door for the shuttlebay swooshed open as they stepped inside. There were multiple flight trainers, Valkyrie Mk I, standard Runabouts, and Type-8 Shuttlecrafts.

"So Tess, what do you want to drive?"

Apprehension subsided as some of her wanted to test out the Valkyrie but she opted for a Flight Trainer to be safe. Although not fully equipped, they were the fastest in the ships she'd been trained for thus far. They also had emergency transporters built-in to get her back to the station if needed. "I think I'll take the Flight Trainer. They're the fastest I know how to fly right now and I can get away."

"Whatever suits you Tess. I'm trying out the Type-8 Shuttlecraft. You know, you could be my co-pilot if you want." Lauren said trying to entice the other Cadet to join her crusade.

"Uh...I think I'm good here."

Lauren waltzed up to the console and scanned for officers. Somehow the controls showed not many were actually here. They just wanted to safeguard their best and brightest pilots in this secure location. As she looked down the window to the vast amount of shuttles on the deck plates, she opened the space doors and activated the forcefield. "Ready Tess? Let's get out there!"

Cadet Lance was still unsure of what to do but her curiosity was getting the better of her the longer she hung around the other officer. "Sure, why not!" Her giddy behavior sparked and off the two young women went. Their hair waving in the air as they jogged to the turbolift and after it re-opened on the floor below, they entered their ships. Excitement and energy beaming from their faces as they climbed in and started up.

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[ Cadet Tessa May Lance | Tessa's Quarters | Tactical Conn Academy | Emergency Evacuation Station | Mimas ]


Climbing into her training vessel, she felt somewhat at home. Despite it not being allowed, they were doing what they were trained for and that was going after the enemy. She belted herself in as she sat down in the cockpit. Hope and fear filled her heart as the engine roared to life. Oddly enough the klaxons didn't sound and no one was going after them. Were the officers not tracking them? Were there too few to actually worry about just them? Or was this a test scenario? Tessa didn't really know. She lifted the joystick and throttled the flyer into space. Her compatriot was also already side-by-side with her.

About to speak, Lauren interjected on the comm systems on a secure line. "Hey Tess. How does this feel?"

"To be honest? Thrilling but wrong. I am still not sure we should be doing this."

"Nonsense! Don't be such a party pooper Tess. Just a quick jaunt around the solar system and back here. What can happen?"

Her brow furrowed slightly as she thought about it. "A lot actually. But let's go." Not wanting to lose momentum with learning about her new friend, she decided to inquire more as they traveled out together. After all, in these crafts, it'd take about an hour to hit where the Breen were located.

"So tell me a bit about yourself. What brought you to Starfleet? You mentioned a Great-Grandfather was the cause?"

Leaning back as she activated her ship's impulse engines and launched out of the bay as well to space, she thought about it before responding. "Well, he was a great officer. I believe he was the Commander of the USS Eagle too. He'd served on the original Enterprise with James Kirk for a while before being promoted to XO of the Eagle though. I don't know. Some of the mystery of his endeavors and the unknown from that time just intrigues me."

Pondering this new information about her new friend helped her to gain interest too. "I can see that. I really don't know all that much about my family back then, unfortunately. I do envy that knowledge of your ancestor though. Sounds fun and something to live up to. Whatever happened to him?"

The intercom on Tessa's trainer shuttle buzzed back on, "Well, rumor has it he was on a secret mission in Klingon space. Doing what, I don't know and neither does my family. But he was marked missing in action as they never did find out and neither did Starfleet. So it was tough on my Grandfather growing up without a father. I wonder what my Great-Grandfather would do in this situation?"

Approaching coordinates. Several Breen battlecruisers are attacking Earth.

"Be ready Tess! Incoming!"

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[ Cadet Tessa May Lance | Training Shuttle Near | Mimas ]


Tessa and Lauren were on the approach of the Breen battlecruisers near-Earth and they were monstrous in size. Tactically, these vessels were very efficient and the vessels they were flying were no match if there was a firefight. Especially for Tessa's. "I'm reading four Breen battlecruisers and several scout ships. I think we should turn back!" She yelled into her comms as they flew closer. Tessa decelerated her vessel to hide behind one of Mars' moons to not be detected. Lauren on the other hand was not slowing one bit.

"Oh, come on Tess! This is fun! Plus I'm scanning them now to send back to command!" As she scanned the Breen vessels, a scout took notice of her scanning them and broke off formation to pursue. Weapons fire was soaring all around her shuttlecraft. Although she dodged them with ease, this was not going to go unnoticed by the rest of their armada. "I sure wish you picked a ship with weapons!"

Tessa was becoming more apprehensive of joining in by the minute. She didn't want to leave her friend hanging but she couldn't let herself get killed either. The conundrum they'd both placed themselves in now was uncanny. "Honestly Jenn, I didn't want to come out here to begin with!" she yelled as one of the scouts spotted her too and began firing on her tiny ship. Despite it having no weapons armed, it did have a great capability for speeds over the norm to which she was a pro at managing.

Enemy fire was surrounding them and slowly drawing fire from the Mars and Earth stations. Tessa flew circles around them avoiding contact, but Jenn wasn't faring so well. Her ship was taking potshots left and right with more enemies breaking formation to follow them back to their launching area.

"Hey Tess, in case I don't make it out of here alive, I'm transmitting the data to you so you can send it to command. It seems that you've got a better handle on things from what I can tell. I think I bit off more than I can chew." The somber reality hitting her like a ton of bricks now as she was realizing this wasn't supposed to happen.

"Don't talk like that! We'll make it out alive. Just follow me! We can't let them know where we launched from. Let's draw their fire towards their own vessels!" Phaser blasts igniting all around her as she swooped the small ship through the lineup and past another set of scouts as they began to adjust.

The data finished transferring as Tessa downloaded it to an isolinear chip and pocketed it in her uniform jacket. She had the schematics in hand now as she continued her flanking maneuvers.

A few good blasts hit the shuttlecraft Lauren was in, and she lost power and started slinking behind Tessa at a fast rate. "Hold on Jenn! I'm coming around!"

Realizing she wasn't going to make it, she yelled into her comms, "Negative! Get that to a local Starship or Starbase if you can! Don't let them catch you! I'll take as many out as I can here! It was nice meeting you. I only wished I'd gotten to know you more bef......." Static hit the comms and a giant fireball in space ignited as her warp core breached taking out the scouts surrounding her vessel.

"NOOOOO!!!!" Tessa yelled as tears ran down her face and she felt the gravity hit her hard. Despite not knowing this other woman very long, she realized out here, she could make a difference. It was here that she could avenge her friend someday...but not today. She wiped the tears from her face and cleared her eyes as she headed back towards MIMAS station.

Approaching quickly, a Breen battlecruiser broke off formation from attacking the Enterprise near-Earth and began heading towards Tessa to find out where she came from after seeing their scouts decimated. It locked weapons and fired on Tessa's small ship and ignited it, but not before Tessa could activate her emergency transport that was installed in these training ships. The Breen vessel scanned the area, detecting no more ships and course-corrected back towards the fight near Earth.

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[ Cadet Tessa May Lance | Tessa's Quarters | Tactical Conn Academy | Emergency Evacuation Station | Mimas ]


Tessa rematerialized in the middle of Mimas Station's transporter room. She stood still dumbstruck at what she'd witnessed, lost, and yet what she had achieved. Her personal mission was a success but at what cost? Her mind was in agony as she contemplated the ramifications of her actions out there. She could be court-martialed for what they'd done.

The transporter operator looked stunned at having a lowly Cadet standing before him. He glanced at her and noted she was holding an Isolinear Chip in her hand and it looked to be loaded with some data but what he could not be sure what it contained. She stepped forward from the pad and fainted. The other officer took her before she hit the deck, also grasping the Isolinear Chip.


A few hours later, Tessa woke up in her quarters, as she started before meeting her friend. The bed had been scrubbed and there was no contents there anymore. She sat up and looked in awe and confusion at the scene. "I...I don't understand. Jenn's things were here just before our mission. I know it!" She got up and moved around still confused about how she ended up in her quarters again.

As she approached the doorway, the door opened with a swoosh and a Lieutenant walked up. "Cadet Lance, the station Commander would like a word with you."

"Oh, okay." She said timidly as she followed him to the corridor and the commander's office. She looked around noting things were a little more lively but she wasn't sure whether she was going to be continuing into Starfleet at this point.

The door swooshed open and she was face to face with Captain Androvich. She stood at attention and awaited her punishment.

"At ease Cadet. As you know, you and Cadet Pierce were entirely out of line today. I could have you both court-martialed for this. However, she never made it back and you did albeit with this Isolinear chip."

"We tried to scan for the Breen and Jenn, I mean Cadet Pierce was destroyed and I nearly was. I mean I could have been but the training vessel had an emergency beam out function and I was saved from death too and..."

"Enough!" he interrupted her as Tessa held firm with a slight tremble. "What we discovered is exactly what we needed to fight the Breen. Someone not actively engaging in battle who received specs on their ships. So rather than punishment, I'll make a commendation on both of your records for this. For now, we'll mark Cadet Pierce as MIA. Thank you Cadet. Despite your inclination to not go and the dangerous mission you both undertook, we now have something to turn the tide of the Dominion War." He breathed a sigh and then calmed his face. "For now Cadet, rest up and prepare for training. I think you have the makings of a great pilot. Dismissed."

Tessa headed back to her quarters slightly relieved she wouldn't be punished and that she'd been a help in the war without ever firing a shot. "A pilot he said...I wonder what he has in mind."

- FIN -

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