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Amatras gave a slight salute and then approached the replicator happily partaking of the water, creating two glasses.  One that she placed her 'hair' into dipping the long silky strands deep into the fluid so that they might absorb it completely and act as a reservoir for her once more.   The other glass she rose to her lips and drank from allowing the cool refreshing fluid pour down over her tongue and throat.  Rapidly soaking into her tissues and seeming to bring releif to the symptoms of dehydration. 

She took a seat across from Captains Ives and watched her with interest, it was rather boring to listen to her service record, given that she'd lived it let alone read it a few times to confirm it.  "Yes the Celsius, although forty years is a rather short time for my species.  I disagree with your decision on the Niga situation but I understand why you made your choice.  In the end, I have a general understanding of what changed in my daughter, and I can work back from that.  Any good scientist knows that all actions leave traces, and one merely has to understand what they are seeing to recreate what they've found."

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[ Chief Tactical Officer's Quarters ]

Ida watched T'Less body move as the hot water cascaded off her, a moan escaping her when the Vulcan's thigh pressed into her warm velvet moistness. She arched her back in response to the intensity, then thrust her hips forward again - encouraging the hunger awoken. Together they moved under the shower, the hot spray beating down upon their skin, heightening the intensity of that which is already sensitised from teeth and tongue. The bite upon her dark blue nipple made Ida cry out gutturally.

It was wonderful, even the contrast between the cold air and the colder wall, and T'Less warm wet skin. The transmission of heat from her made her somehow the most real thing in the world at that point. It emphasized every curve, every growling and needful sound, and every passionate movement she made as she shifted against Ida. For the warmth of the water may have been flowing over the Andorians abdomen; rivulets separating and joining across smooth skin, pooling with blue flesh pressed against pink, the fog submerging everything in a dreamy haze. Yet the heat of the tactician was all that mattered. The cold of Andoria was nothing compared to this.

While Ida had decided to let T'Less be the aggressor, she could not help herself. There was pleasure to be derived from a submissive role, but the grind of T'Less' thigh awoke desires too deep to quell. The Vulcan was ready for her. Thus, Ida simply raised her right hand from its white-knuckled place against the glass wall. Without transition, yet not forcefully, Ida stroked her - reaching forward and finding her most sensitive place. She placed one finger on each side of it and rubbed up and down. She parted her easily - coating her own eager fingers with the tactician's wetness. As she did, Ida leaned her head and antennae forward in challenge - eyes finding T'Less' gaze above panting lips.

Them both aggressors in their primal dance, the movements of her own hips against the Vulcan's thighs never stopped. Running her free hand over one of T'Less' breasts, Ida rolled an already hard nipple between her wet fingers. Reaching with her mouth, leaning in under the spray of water, she hurriedly kissed a trail down her lover's shoulder to her chest - savouring the taste of slick skin. Pausing for just a moment - her mouth so close to T'Less' nipple - then darting her tongue out and rolling it around the hard peak. Pulling it into her mouth.

As the water rained down upon them, Ida delved with her fingers, eventually penetrating - flexing and manipulating fingers to give the greatest pleasure. Her own climax was already pending - so little more needed before her eyes would take on that glazed and distant look. Before her cry would echo against the walls.

[ Captain's Ready Room ]

As Amatras had hydrated and seated herself, Jien raised his eyes to look into hers when she spoke.

The Ash'reem species was interesting for a Chameloid. Not only in how they posed a challenge to mimic bodily down on the biological level that Jien had come to reach with his two human Chosen Forms. His brown eyes scanned the mother of the Neotin family now, in ways a shape-shifter might, to gauge that challenge. It was an idle task, bordering to sub-concious, and not something unique in his daily interactions with people on their ship. Beyond the intriguing aspect of wearing such an exotic humanoid form, there was also the interest in how that biology indirectly affected the people around them. The pheromones of an Ash'reem had to be safely contained underneath their unique Starfleet uniforms - garments appearing to be the standard issue to the causal eye. Yet they had to be denser, of synthetic and water-proof fibres. Underneath them, they wore a plastic top that gathered secretions that were unfit to be released openly in the fleet's focused and professional environs. To the non-Ash'reem, the effect would be quite... distracting.

Yet despite the precautions taken and the mutual understanding between the fleet and the Ash'reem for such measures, it was not quite enough to contain the pheromones when seated so close opposite one. The causal observation might not pick it up, yet Jien did now, since there were only them in the ready room. No distractions save what was said. What was heard. What was thought. What was felt. The effect was that which most Ash'reem dealt upon species of other origin and nature. Their drives laid upon another subconsciously through their dampened secretion of pheromones. Their drives were in accordance with the nigh desperate need for their species as a whole - to reproduce and facilitate survival.

Thus, seated across from Amatras, Jien had to swallow and focus on the words spoken - perhaps especially sensitive after the ordeal they had just been through. He adjusted his seat a little, and picked up his trail of thought.

"While I am glad to hear you have come to understand the need for caution in the matter of the virus," he said quietly with a faint smile, "and how it was dangerous to all other species - including the Ash'reem - I hope you understand the gamble of trying to recreate that which we destroyed."

Of course she does. She was much more a scientist than he would ever be, yet because of what happened at Niga, and the possible ramifications of another outbreak, he felt he had to explain himself. "Please don't misread me, I am not going to stand in the way of scientific research made with the basis of your daughter's DNA, because it might just be the only way to save your species from extinction. I merely urge you, though, to conduct your research openly so that your whole department might be able to safeguard the development. With or without the support from Starfleet Medical back on Earth, you might find a means to cure your species, and it is something I would not try to prevent. The Prime Directive may make it a grey area, yet I still think your people deserve a second chance despite your genetic defect."

Hands folded on the desk, Jien resumed to scan the texture of her skin, the fullness of her lips, the exotic mystery of her eyes hid behind her goggles. He knew what the pheromones was doing to him, yet he would not dismiss her because she was affecting him. It would be disrespectful to do so, despite the discomfort of getting such inclinations. He merely swallowed, his brown eyes unblinking as he looked into hers.

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[Eve - Sickbay]

Eve blinked, a little bit disoriented as she looked around sickbay.  A glance at the time made her brow furrow as her memories told her it should be quite a bit later than indicated.  There was that wonderfully rough romp with Khorin ... that thought had her peeking inside her uniform to confirm the bruises so the sensations were phantom and a quick striding to the room where he was proved he wasn't there anymore which meant he really had been healed.

The goddess had healed him and then basically kidnapped them all from the bridge.  It was strange but it all went by so fast, her demands and then they were 'rescued' by other beings.  Everything was chaos but she knew they were supposed to remember and move on, which she would do gladly if she only knew where Lucan was since he'd been missing before.  Was he safe or hurt?  What had happened to him all the time they were tangled up with a goddess she wouldn't have minded worshipping to some extent?

Then his voice came across the comm and her eyes nearly rolled back in her head with relief though it was tempered by his request.  "Lt. Jenkins here," she replied quickly.  "I'll have everything ready as requested, Sir," she stated professionally even if her heart didn't feel professional.  Moving quickly to two biobeds, she began preparations for the neural scans which gave her a little worry.  Did he not experience something with the goddess or had something else happened?  Too many questions that would just have to wait until he and whoever was with him got there.

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T'Less threw her head back as Ida moved against her, her entire body seeming to her to throb with the needs she had never dealt with.  Oddly, in her entire life, she'd never had a lover.  In over a hundred years, she'd never taken anyone, male or female, to her bed, to embrace the animal passions of their combined desires.  Because of her accident when she'd been young, she'd had no control and thus no appeal to the Vulcans around her when she'd returned to Vulcan and she'd been isolated from other species while there.  It was only now, when she'd left to try and reintegrate with the galaxy as a whole that she managed to find she was attractive to others.  She still doubted any other Vulcan would have anything to do with her, intimately, but as Ida's fingers curled against her voluminously flowing sex, she loosed a scream of pleasure, the sound of long, long pent up and suppressed sexual hungers.

Her hands moved to either side of Ida's head and pulled the blue-skinned woman's lips to her own, feeding hungrily at the Andorian's mouth, tongue teasing and thrusting into her lover's mouth.  Her left hand moved to the back of Ida's head, holding her close as her fingers slid into platinum hair and, while her legs parted to give Ida more room to do as she please, T'Less's other hand roamed Ida's body, tweaking a breast, fingernails scratching stomach muscles as she worked her way downward, until she was able to caress Ida's labia and, without preamble, thrust two fingers into the Andorian's wet sex.

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[ Main Sickbay | Deck 07 ]

Relieved - for some reason - to hear Eve Jenkins answer when he called to sickbay, Lucan turned to Commander Stark and nodded - keeping eyes away from her body despite what thoughts might linger on what they had undergone together. "Come, let's go."

The walk to sickbay might have been a very awkward one for most people, yet Lucan was not the kind to feel such things. No, he was concerned about having been in a situation out of his tight control. He had been helpless to the events that unfolded, and he did not like that at all. Nor did the beast inside, whom wanted to interrogate the Chief of Operations in very intricate and gruesome ways to learn the truth about what she knew about it all. Lucan, however, wanted none of that, yet was not sure what was the best thing to tell her as they walked the corridors to their destination.

"Worrisome, this is," he commented and glanced to Natalie, "yet I cannot understand what the ultimate purpose would be for making us revisit the past. Whom would benefit from subjecting us to a fate we just barely avoided when the USS Relativity arrived?"

Yet speaking of it made him think of the vivid images of Natalie. He remembered the vines. Being penetrated and infected. Vivid recollections of her and him entwined in the undergrowth, slick with sweat from the humid atmosphere of the cargo hold. Thrusting himself inside her with a body and an organ warped to match the viral signature. He had spent himself inside her, climaxed together with her just before being returned to the Gymnasium. Frowning at these thoughts, Lucan realised that his mind was still back there, memories somewhat kept despite the infection. This, even if their bodies were restored, for he were not satisfied.

It became harder not to look upon the human walking by his side in scant athletics clothes, yet eventually, they reached sickbay and the awaiting Head Nurse.

"Eve," he said and trailed off, looking around - seeing that sickbay was exactly in the state it had been by the time he left his office and met with the aforementioned Head Nurse in the Hydroponics Bay. Exactly, as in that the control panel even stated a time in line with that observation. There was more to this than Stark's and his own head. As much was evident, the neural scan perhaps not needed.

"What happened?" he asked Eve as he stepped up to her, wondering if she knew more than he did. Ignorant as he was, the urgency did not merit much room for thought on what words they had spoken earlier that morning - when they had been alone and breaking regulations together.

[ Chief Tactical Officer's Quarters | Deck 02 ]

Ida gasped into the spray of water, against T'Less' lips - groaned long and loud when the tactician deployed her fingers inside her sex.

She undulated her hips against the hand, tried to answer in kind with the same intensity - her middle finger grinding across the hard clitoris and entering her with each kneading motion of her hand. Their nipples were pushed together, and their moving bodies made them chafe exquisitely against each other - the heavy and taut mounds of their breasts moulding and pressing together. Vulcan and Andorian coming together in a way unforeseen not many decades past, the Federation joining them together with it its historical legacy.

The passionate pace of their copulation sent Ida's head reeling - eyes rolling in their sockets. The Vulcan had already made her head swimming, and the sensation of the two fingers thrusting inside her and pressing against her clit made her breaths increasingly more ragged. She was about to come there in the shower, and the desperation to feel it sooner rather than later - along with the wish to make the Vulcan climax as well - made her free hand roam as it willed. Framing one breast, mouth descending to suck hard on the Vulcan teat, grabbing the neck for more taste of the mouth.

"You have me..." she managed, signalling joyous defeat, and she cried out loudly - legs shaking as the orgasm smote her thoughts to dust.

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[Captain's ready room]

Amatras watched Jien with a practiced eye.  It was always important to observe body language even if it didn't completely translate over between species even if it was fairly consistent across species.   The swallowing and slight difficulty in speaking hinted at several things but she wasn't going to call him on it yet. 

She smirked slightly at him and then comments. "I am well aware of the dangers of the viral DNA.  Especially if its not contained properly.  I consent to the concept of working together with the rest of the science department.  It actually isn't that hard to identify the changes. With both Arcorn and my genomes, uninfected portions of Amikris's genome, and altered samples of Amikris's genomes.  Comparing the four samples, and eliminated natural mutation, for transcription mutation factors...the requisite genes can be isolate and understood.  Having the cure on hand, encase the infection gets out of hand, would further allow for controlled release in the general population of a control ship without the risk of the infection spreading.  First, the genes must be isolated and examined carefully, to determine the nature of the alterations.  Why they work, are any ineffective or pointless, and more importantly perhaps, are any to high a risk to implement, and can other variations on the coding be used to create the same result in those cases?" She explains. 

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[ Main Sickbay | Deck 07 ]

Despite the doctors clearly professional manner as they walked along the corridors of the starship, heading towards sickbay, Natalie felt extremely awkward indeed. She wanted to pinch herself, convince herself that everything that she had just gone through was in her head. after all, her clothing, even her leg, were perfectly fine. No skin rupturing break of her ankle. No strands of melted fabric clinging to her otherwise naked body. And certainly no overdeveloped hips and breasts. Everything was as it was before she walked down into the gym. She certainly wasn't sore from some of the ...activities she remembered, and there was no way a body could go through something like that without feeling sore, right?
 And yet...and yet. She could see it in Lucan's eyes when he glanced at her. Oh, he was the perfect gentleman. Kept his eyes off of her form. but she could tell he had seen her, bared on the jungle floor. And she had seen him...felt him. A shiver that had nothing to do with the environmental systems on the Theurgy ran down her spine and she blushed. She was a silent companion as they slipped into the turbolift, but once the doctor asked the question, she felt compelled to speak, to say something, at the very least. But she couldn't fathom why, and said as much.
 She fell into step with the Doctor, blushing and looking away. Why, why, she couldn't even begin to comprehend what could be gained from the two officers being transported back to that damned planet. She had been infected the first time but not to the point that she could recall anything, for sure. This time tho, despite the lack of physical change, she could remember it all. As the sickbay doors whisked open, the Operations Officer shook her head from side to side to scatter the few remaining lust filled images, and look around, wary. Her eyes fixed in on the nurse, a new addition to the crew. One she had not yet met. The woman seemed friendly enough however, and the CMO had gone straight into questioning the other officer. So quietly, Natalie moved off to the side of the two, so she could listen in, without interrupting.

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[ Captain's Ready Room ]

Listening to the Ash'reem made it evident that she had long-evolved plans that related to the different phases of the research. Jien smiled faintly and nodded his head, knowing that the point where ships of Ash'reem could be tested might be some time yet because of the nature of their mission.

"Your family is then, perhaps, the most important key to the survival of your species. Samples of your DNA might survive should the Theurgy be destroyed, yet the knowledge of what to do with it would be lost," he said, eyes still scanning minutely in the way his own species might - taking in the form of the woman across the desk visually. It did not help his situation with her secretion of pheromones, yet he did not mind it either. Quite the opposite.

"I would offer to do something about that, if you feel that your research has come far enough for it," he continued and leaned back in his chair a bit. He realised that mistake too late, given the... growing problem of being so close to Amatras added with the influences of the day's ordeal. He corrected this without comment or alluding to the problem with his facial countenance, leaning forward again as he continued. "Before we leave this asteroid field, I would leave behind a microprobe that would contain all the relevant information, with samples, your research notes and everything related to the cure. I would set a delayed activation on it, letting us get far away before it sent its automated course towards Ash'reem space - by then acting as a beacon with a frequency easy for your ships to pick up."

Jien hoped that this might help somewhat. That it would be a relief for the Neotin family that they were not safeguarding something so vital on their own.

"Furthermore, we would naturally add the information about Starfleet Command's true nature, and perhaps... if we are fortunate... your people will become allies in this campaign of ours. It would depend on you and your family to convince them about the truth with the message stored in the mircoprobe. As for the research and the cure, do you think this solution might help ease your mind about our current situation in relation to the survival of your species? Also, is it too early a stage of research to deploy the microprobe at this point?"

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T'Less's skin took on a deeper green as her blood began pounding, sensations running rampant.  She wanted Ida as she had wanted no other, Garen aside.  As the water rained down around them, she felt the Andorian's release and almost reached her own, simply from the knowledge she'd brought Ida to such heights of pleasure.  Her own pleasure was amplified by her emotions, her ecstatic joy and happiness, her long-suffering and seemingly now-broken loneliness.  Desires she'd never know about flooded her, as well, everything coming as new and curious for exploration.  As Ida cried out, T'Less covered her lover's mouth with her own, capturing the sounds of intimate gratification, swallowing them as though she could swallow the pleasure, consume it in some way to feed her own.  She slid a hand behind Ida and held her tight as the Andorian's quivering went on and on, and wondered if Ida would allow her to meld, to feel telepathically such intensity?  Had it ever been done before?  A mind meld between an Andorian and a Vulcan?  She didn't know, could recall never having read anything of the sort.  It would be an interesting experiment, especially during such a heightened period of bodily function.

As her logical mind began to reassert itself, she realized what she'd been doing and, instead of the shame at having let her emotions so free, she only found a desire for more.  She wanted to feel her own body respond to Ida's, as Ida's had responded to her own.

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[ CTO Quarters | Deck 02 ]

By way of her knees being weak or willing to do so, Ida sank to her knees in the shower eventually - her hands sliding down the Vulcan's sides for support. The motion made those two delightful fingers slip free from her sheath, and her lips leave T'Less' mouth, but it presented her with a solution to her predicament: Having yet to make the Vulcan climax with the same or greater effect than she had herself.

The water washing down her blue skin - making her white hair stick to her cheekbones - Ida groaned and slipped one arm and shoulder underneath T'Less' thigh. Slowly, yet insistently, she hoisted it up in order to get access to the apex of those olive-toned legs - her mouth going for the wet heat of T'Less sex immediately.

In order to not imbalance the Vulcan and to apply her tongue more firmly, she made T'Less lean against the opposite wall - her own hands roaming free until focusing on the same place her mouth was. With one hand on her lover's hip to support her, the other revisited her love channel with slick yet hard fingers. Tongue flicking against the pearl of T'Less clit - rolling against it and sucking at it to clear the water off - two fingers delved even deeper inside the tactician - squirming inside and rubbing the walls of her warm sheath.

"Mhh, you taste good, Vulcan," Ida whispered in a throaty voice, the words almost drowned out by the noise of the shower. She looked up into the rain of water to seek her lover's gaze once more, before she had to close her eyes and savour the nectar that threatened to become washed away by the water. "So  good..."

Head still swimming from her previous climax, she meant to make T'Less come just as hard.

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[Sickbay - Eve]

Eve couldn't help feeling even more relief when she saw Lucan and greeted him and Natalie warmly, a calm and soothing aura about her.  There was something in their eyes that bespoke of something most unsettling and even as Lucan asked what was going on, she was taking a breath.  "We've had a visitor, a godlike being who wanted our subservience and wallowing about in carnal pleasures to free her from her prison.  She wreaked a lot of havock," she informed them both.

"The captain's sexes were made separate so we essentially had two captains.  The trill was split from several of the previous incarnations.  Several people were brought together and undeniable urges set upon them."  She paused at that one, not a blush forming but a ghost of a smirk lifted one corner for a split second.  "There was also a case of gender swapping with Carver and Kae.  I'm dying to talk to her about that one," she grinned in spite of the severity of the issue that they all suffered.

"I'm guessing the two of you fell into one of those categories or something similar.  Some other godlike beings took care of things, it's all still a little hazy to me because it was just so surreal.  It was decided on both sides that everyone would remember what happened, not sure why but here we are remembering every detail.  And yet we were returned to the time just before the entity began her quest for pleasures.  There were some good results, I have to admit.  Lieutenant Junior Grade Khorin Douglas is completely healed and actually in better shape than he was before his accident."

All the time she looked from one to the other, doling out the information in a professional manner that gave no evidence to her improprieties earlier with Lucan or Douglas.  "I have the beds readied as you requested, Sir," she gestured toward them.  "I suspect we'll find everything normal but if you'd still rather double check things, I'm ready to assist."

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[ Main Sickbay | Deck 07 ]

It was much to take in, that was certain.

Yet at the same time, Eve offered the only plausible explanation for what had happened to Lucan and Natalie, and therefore, it was easy for the CMO to draw the connections; to understand the possibilities without wider range of speculation. Therefore, he was quite confident that there were few things that could be learned from a cortical monitor's scan of his and Commander Stark's brain activity.

On another level of conciousness, Lucan admired Eve's professional attitude about it all - the unphased stand-point that she would still do as instructed should her CMO find it necessary. Beyond his own personal hell and his ambitious and dark nature - merely thinking along the lines of the façade of being a Starfleet Officer - he thought that his choice to ask Eve to become his new Head Nurse had been a good one. Strange, why he would care, and yet it did serve him in the sense that he would not have to defend her and argue to prove to Captain Ives that she belonged in sickbay aboard the Theurgy. He was reassured that his personal agenda in manipulating things so that he might have her close was safe as long as she proved her worth.

"I understand," he said simply after processing it all, and turned to Commander Stark, "It seems we have our explanation, so I think it would suffice if Lt. Jenkins would make sure that our physical health has been restored to us. Since this was no ghost or mirage of our brains, and we actually did suffer under the circumstances we were, I think a medical scan is in order - just in case."

Perhaps 'suffer' was a strong word, though it was prudent during the circumstances.

"Please, seat yourself on the biobed and let Eve do a medical scan." He gestured and showed the Chief of Operations to the indicated area in sickbay. "I'll do the same. There is no need to change out of your attire, so just let Eve get the medical tricorder."

As for himself, he remvoed his lab coat and his uniform jacket, folding the two garments over the bed before seating himself - wearing his teal undershirt as he awaited Eve Jenkins' diagnosis. While his mind was preoccupied with the unfolding events, his eyes wandered between the two women - so different and yet so appealing in their own ways. Eve was, of course, more deeply known, and he foresaw an even deeper connection between them given time.

Strange, how things had unfolded for him.

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[Captain ready room]

"it'd probably be safer to utilize the probe to send out a series of burst transmissions on open frequencies.  Most species would just hear silence or static in the transmission, and the device could easily self destruct long before anything actually arrived to endanger us.  Our language is, quite outside the range of most humanoid hearing, and although translations software exists, the wide ranger of vocalizations we can make, can make it difficult for some computers to process the difference between some words said in different tones or accents.  To an ear used to hearing the language, the translation wouldn't be to difficult, well for something that only had the base language, in its databanks, it might become very tedious at best. To put the entire message together completely." She suggested, then making a gesture. "The only hard part would be how to transmit information about the Federation without them jamming the transmission once it was translated.  Your idea also would work, it just is far more likely to never reach its destination because of people salvaging the probe for parts.  Whether its easy for us to detect or not would be irrelevant everyone would be able to pick it up, and anyone would be curious enough to investigate a strange probe drifting through space with a beacon on.  It would ease my mind knowing other copies of the information were available.  Given if your looking for allies, we may be willing to listen, and even speak on your behalf, but we're far from a military force that could aid you, our advantage is intelligence, not physical strength, nor numerical superiority in battle."

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Listening to Amatras, it was easier for Jien to try and ignore the Ash'reem's effect upon himself - hard as it was.

His Chief Science Officer was offering some good advice, and Jien was not about to argue about her foresight on the issue about deciphering her native language. "Burst transmissions it is then, but the information must also prevent your people from knowing how to re-invent the viral - floral - version. Be it through deception of the Ash'reem scientists or lack of information in the message. Regardless, I need you to prevent that the virus could be reconstructed from the DNA and the cure's formula," he said, shifting his seat minutely while considering her other points.

"Perhaps the information about the impostors that has usurped Starfleet Command might be a draw-back in making the information about the cure and your DNA to be found. We are still going to broadcast the truth of our mission by other means, so it might be better to let the Ash'reem cure remain alone in the message. You know your species better than I do, and at this point, we need strength of arms foremost. Yet given time, however, the voice of aid might have better leverage. By then, we can hope that we are able to make contact. If the situation change, and the Ash'reem assistance becomes invaluable, let us keep the idea of launching another probe close at hand. This first one, however..."

Ideas coming to him, he frowned and rubbed his chin. "While not detailing the enemy of ours, and the nature of Starfleet, it might still ask for the assistance of the Ash'reem. Be it at a point where we have reached the Sol System or before that. Regardless, you might be able to call for aid. Furthermore, it might guarantee that a wide-spread solution to your reproduction rates is made, by the refinement and testing of the new Ash'reem cure. Be it here aboard the Theurgy, or at one of your own ships."

The discussion had led to another point Jien wished to bring up. So far, Amatras had not shown any sign towards being interested in what he had to suggest, yet he felt compelled to ask. "Should we be able to draw the attention from one of your ships, you should know that I will not be holding it against you if you'd want to take your family to safety. I would regret loosing your collective expertise and experience, yet I would not want to hold you against your will under the threat of persecution. Given the circumstances, your species needs you more than I do. I might be hard pressed finding a better Chief Science Officer, for example, while your species might loose your DNA and the chance of survival. I do not offer this on a whim, yet even though the Ash'reem might help in spreading the truth about Starfleet, it doesn't mean you have to be here personally and follow the Theurgy into the hornets nest."

He paused there, not sure how to proceed. "I want you. Need you. Yet I will not force you to risk it all."

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[Eve - Sickbay]

Eve knew it had to sound impossible which was exactly why she had detailed what happened without any real embellishments.  Just the basics stated matter-of-factly would lend more credibility and she knew Lucan well enough to know that was the best approach she could take.  When he said they suffered, her expression grew extremely concerned and she strode quickly over to get her tricorder.

Going first to Natalie, she held the small cylinder close to her head and waved it slowly around then proceeded to take extreme care around all parts of her body.  Being this close, she felt some of the woman's emotions and they were unsettling to say the least.  "Commander, your physical health looks good though there is evidence of a fracture of your lower leg.  Like Khorin, you seem to have been healed by the recent visitors."

She looked into Natalie's eyes, her own warm and compassionate.  When she spoke, it was soft so that only Natalie would hear her and she might feel safer in speaking without Lucan overhearing.  "Yet ... forgive me ... I sense emotional turmoil.  I can't read thoughts or anything like that but I am something of an empath.  Would you like to talk?  I would be more than happy to help if I can or I could make sure you get an appointment with Lieutenant Nelis," she offered with kindness and respect.

"You don't have to answer right now.  I'll see to Lieutenant Commander Nicander," she continued softly and patted her hand.  Turning  then she walked over to Lucan, she still had that compassionate look as she started to scan him.  "I'm sure the Captain will want to speak with you as soon as possible.  He was concerned when we couldn't reach you," she informed him and then hesitated over his abdominal area.

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As close as T'Less was, it took very little for Ida to bring her to fruition and only the hard wall behind her kept her upright as her sex clamped down on Ida's probing fingers.  Sensations she'd never had flooded through her, ecstasy greater than anything she'd physically felt before.  None, in the entirety of her life, had brought such a bodily reaction from her, such pleasure and she slowly sank down the wall, never wanting it to end, but knowing it must.  Illogically as it was, if it didn't, she thought she might die from its intensity.

Finally, aside from an occasional twitch here and there, she came back down to reality and Ida.  Opening her eyes, she looked at the Andorian closely then leaned forward and kissed her hard, tongue probing Ida's lips, tasting her own fluids on the woman's lips.  Her arms wrapped around Ida, pulling her close and simply held her, enjoying for the very first time the simple intimacy of holding one's lover.  With a whisper, she said, "Thank you."

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[ Chief Tactical Officer's Quarters | Deck 02 ]

Ida slowed her pace down to ease T'Less from the orgasm, yet placed one more affectionate kiss upon her clit, gave it another lick. No, it was not enough, so Ida buried her nose into the tactician as her tongue went deep - lapping the delectable fluid. She kept up the merciless antagonising with her fingers, yet eventually, she moved her head to the CTO's belly - feathering kisses up her smooth stomach. When reaching her navel, she slipped her tongue inside and twirled it slowly - the water from the shower cascading down the olive skin and against the Deputy's lips.

Soon, she released the leg she held and stood up, smirking to the Vulcan before claiming her mouth for intimate and wordless kisses that transcended their differing cultures. Eventually, adding soap made their bodily conversation better - made both blue and green-tinted smother. Ida touched the woman in a caring way - simply exploring her body. Shifting and moving as she lathered her lover up. Washing her with care and attention.

Eventually, they were getting pruny in the shower, and Ida kissed her again before stepping out - the contact of their lips still warmer than she shower. Outside the stall, Ida helped herself to a white bath towel and began to dry off, starting with her hair and then moving down her body. The bruises were still there, yet quite forgotten. "Thank you for letting me in. I have longed to finish what we began when you modelled for me."

When T'Less eventually got out of the shower, Ida held the towel open for her - inviting with a smile to wrapped it around the both of them. Ida wanted their bodies pressed together once again. This playing, bonding after making love, was amazing to the Andorian, since such ease of companionship was not something she had shared with anyone in a long time. The sex with Grayson had not been an intimate act. Rather a primal one born from frustration.

Like this, it was like they were stroking each other's minds without a mind meld.

[ Sickbay | Deck 07 ]

Pale grey eyes gave away nothing but warmth as Lucan was scanned.

"I will make sure to contact him as soon as possible. I am rather glad myself that things got back in order," he replied to Eve with a faint smile where he sat - watching the medical tricorder move up and down his bodily frame. He held no fear that a scan such as that would give hint to the phased and melded new nature of his body - how it was hosting an abhorrent second nature beyond common means of detection. He expected the scan to come out clean of any such traces, so he was more interested in if there were traces of the infection still lingering inside him. Not likely, since the virus was such that it would not lay dormant. It would spread and overtake him if there was anything left.

"Listen," he said quietly to Eve where she stood before him, "about earlier. About what you said in the Hydroponics Bay. It means a lot to me."

Why did he say that? Why even broach the topic again? It was not like it served any real purpose, did it? It was merely an awkward situation to handle in the best and most effective way possible. He had spoken without thought, as vague as his words might have come out in meaning. He should leave it behind and keep Eve interested yet at a safe distance. Feeding her hopes about something more than the ease of their current companionship. Why was it so hard to motivate himself towards such a simple path?

"I hope my words were not hurtful, surprised as I was."

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[Eve - Sickbay]

Eve continued in her professional demeanor as she scanned Lucan but there was that extra bit of warmth whenever her eyes met his.  Her smile grew a little when he said he'd be sure to contact the captain.  "Things are back in order, at least as much order as we're allowed," she half-chuckled.  Considering they were outcasts and struggling from one day to the next, it was definitely as normal as it was likely to ever be until things were resolved.

She was a little surprised when he brought up the hydroponics bay but that warmth flared into a smoldering gaze that only he could see as her hair had curtained about her face as she looked downward along his legs but turned that gaze upward for a moment.  "I meant every word," she said softly.  "The only thing I regret is that I surprised you so, put you in a place you weren't ready to be.  For that I apologize," she continued in the low tones.

"I respect your feelings and needs.  You do care about me, enough so that you were honest and kind in expressing them which kept it from hurting.  My offer still stands, a safe place for you to lose your burdens for at least a little while whenever you need.  Never any pressure ... at least not mentally," she added with a sultry little wink.  Standing up straighter, she gazed at the tricorder and when she spoke again, her voice was normal for both of them to hear.

"You both check out just fine other than the evidence of a fracture and some elevated levels in certain hormones to be expected with the visit from the amorous goddess," she stated with an understanding and nonjudgmental smile.  "So I would say you're both clear for regular activities and duties though the final determination would be Lieutenant Commander Nicander's call."

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[ Main Sickbay | Deck 07 ]

There was no need of bared skin or intimate touches between them. Such things were just the results. The catalyst of lust between them lay in the subtlety. The cause for the touch and the tidal surges of their bodies coming together, aye, that innuendo of voice and glance that set things in motion. Such was enough to make Lucan's blood flow when facing Eve, the Deltan also forced to read the same from him since she lacked all other means to gauge his intentions.  The glance down between their bodies was such a gesture. Such a hint. And her words, the glib remark about the physical strain she might put him through.

Oh, but she would soon hear words of her own to contemplate. He was - after all - a smith of words and deceit. He would manipulate her emotions as he always manipulated everyone around him. First, there was the matter of Commander Stark, though.

Lucan met Eve's eye as she spoke about the result of her diagnosis, as she addressed both him and Natalie Stark, and gave him the word. Yet not without shining some stark light upon what was evident: The result of the alien entity's game with Lucan and Natalie. What they had done. Not how, but their bodies told Eve enough through the readings on the medical tricorder. Only when Eve was finished did Lucan speak up, his smile remaining.

"I have faith in Lt. Jenkins' recommendation, so I'd say that is the end of the matter. At least medically. What we were through could easily be qualified as traumatising," he said and got off the biobed, walking over to Natalie where she sat, "therefore, I would recommend that you give an hour or two of your time to speak with a Morale Officer. I know I just might too. He or she will have the same doctor-patient confidentiality that Eve and I do, so nothing about what happened needs to become hearsay and undermine your command position in Operations."

Standing before the Chief of Operations where she sat on the edge of her biobed, having left behind his uniform jacket and lab coat and wearing his fitted teal undershirt, Lucan set his tattooed hands on his hips and looked into the second woman's eyes. What lay between them was a mirage, events not wholly real yet not imagined either. A realisation of what might have happened if they had not been saved by the Relativity. Not entirely a nightmare either, since beyond the initial horror lay that sweetly scented insanity that was undeniably arousing, not to mention the time afterwards... when they had come together in sweet abandon. Clouded images of their bodies heaving, slick skin coming together, and his enormously grown manhood squirming deep into her sodden cunt.

Despite this, Lucan acted the gentleman. Ever the professional. Face serious and voice caring.

"We are weighed down, every moment, by the conception and the sensation of time - even more so when it cheats our minds.  For me, there are but two means of escaping and forgetting a nightmare such as this: enjoyment and work. For delight consumes us and work strengthens us. Choose either. Choose both. Only take your pick, and move on. That is my advise."

As for himself, he would find pleasure in both Natalie and Eve whenever an opportune moment presented itself, and work... Ah, but there was always pleasure in his line of work.

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[ Main Sickbay | Deck 07 ]
Natalie did not like the explanation that the nurse - Eve, she reminded herself - had given, not one bit. That didn't stop it from making the explanation any less true, nor did a better one manifest itself. That some being of godlike power had used the crew as play things...had forced her (and the good doctor) to endure such pleasure--horrors was...reprehensible. No one liked being reminded that they were naught but a speck in the grand scheme of things; to be treated as toys certainly struck a nerve with the young woman.

Seeing as there was absolutely nothing she could do about it, however, the Lt.Cmdr nodded to the CMO as his chief nurse, murmuring "Such as it is," and falling in step once again. The bio bed, like all of them, came up to about the middle of Natalie's hips, requiring her to hop up just a tad, to get properly seated. She watched Lucan strip out of the upper layer of clothes as he readied for Eve's scan, and felt herself shiver. Not at all from the cold room, goose bumps peppered her skin, and memories surfaced, briefly. She wondered, idly, how long this would be the case. If she would always remember what happened when she looked at the Doctor.

Her thoughts were jumbled, and when Eve stepped in, Natalie did her best to focus on the nurse, and not the doctor. She listened to the faint trill of the tricorder. That she had a clean bill of health was quite reassuring. That the nurse could pick up some of what she was feeling was...less so. And Eve must have sensed Natalie's discomfort, since the other woman backed away and gave the Ops officer an out for not answering. Grateful, at least, for the discretion the nurse exercised, the brunette nodded, softly, and tried not to pry too much when Eve went to examine the Theurgy's chief Medical Officer.

She leaned back against the bioboed, on her elbows, and closed her eyes for a moment, allowing herself to get lost in the thrum of the ship. The cool air of the ship, a sharp contrast to the heat of the jungle. She tried to tune out the conversation between Lucan and Eve, but she still got small impressions, snippets overheard. So she started quietly humming to herself, a distraction. after all, the doctor had been nice enough to stay on the other bio bed, out of the way while Eve spoke in private to Natalie. As intimidating as Dr. Lucan Nicander could be, Natalie wanted to show him the same courtesy.

But she was brought out of her mental reprieve when it was clear that Eve was once again addressing both officers present. "Thank you, Lt," she said softly, with a meek smile. It wasn't the Deltan's fault that she was off her center, and being kind in turn to the woman that was doing her best to set Natalie at ease was the least she could do. She'd face her demons soon enough, she was sure, but no panic attack was going to settle in there in Sickbay. That would be too convenient a place, after all.

However, when the good doctor added his recommendation of a private session with a Morale officer, Natalie found herself gulping. She didn't want to relive what she'd gone thru, again. Not this soon. Despite the kind offer from Eve, Dr. Nicander's concern made her turn just a bit pale. True, it would be confidential. True, it wouldn't impact her position or responsibilities, but still...

Allowing his words to wash over her, Natalie slowly closed her eyes, and took a few, calm, steady breaths to center herself. Her chest rose and fell, the tank top pulled tightly over her breasts. She wasn't sure she would seek out any professional help, but at the same time, his advice was good. It wouldn't be the first time that Natalie had buried herself in her duties, after all. And she did have the training with the Captain, scheduled to begin next week...she wasn't sure if that would be fun, but perhaps it would be...a steadying force in her life. Maybe that would be enough?

Opening her eyes again, she got a full look at the doctor, standing before her in that oh so tight shirt. Sure enough, she was assaulted by images from the planet, from the way he moved over her, behind her, and most assuredly inside of her. Blushing slightly, she looked down and away. "Thank you, Doctor. I will certainly keep your advice in mind. It is...sound advice." she smiled a bit, It was hollow, not quite reaching her eyes, but at the same time, she didn't look quite so haunted.

"If that is all, I think I will excuse myself. After...the events of today, I think a long shower is just what the doctor ordered. If you'll pardon the expression." she smiled weakly, then rose off the bed. With a nod to Eve, she turned her back on sickbay, and headed out, taking lots of calm steady breaths. She was sure once she was alone in her quarters, under the steady thrum of a sonic shower, that when she'd break down. For now tho. she'd manage.

And perhaps after...who knew? Desipte the terror they seemed to induce, even Natalie had to admit that the images, the memories of afterwards were...enticing.

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