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Re: EPISODE 02: The Mysterious God Incident [Eve/Khorin]

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Eve had sunk too far in the passion to be able to fight and in truth she was much more of a sensualist that she was surprised Khorin was enjoying himself as much as she felt from him.  As her own climax high began to ebb, she could feel his exultations as well as hear them and it brought a smile to her face.

Her body was now starting to register the strong gropes and thrusts, her womanly lips no doubt bruised but she chuckled richly.  That chuckle turned to a gasp as she felt Khorin sink his teeth into her shoulder and then she raised her voice with him as she reached up and behind to grab a handful of his hair and clench tightly.

Her breathing was labored and as he slowly released his grip on her, she began to release his hair and move her leg back down.  It was then the soft beeping of an alert got her attention fully and she leaned back against Khorin.  "We should look and see what's going on," she stated breathlessly and walked over to the station.

There was a bit of stiffness to her gait but after a moment she gave Khorin a startled look.  "Level Four security alert.  They're requesting everyone get to their stations."  She tried reaching Lucan and then the captain but it seemed all forms were down at the moment.  For a moment, she stood there looking at him and he could see the damages though also the fact she didn't mind in the least.

"Computer, reinstate Lieutenant Junior Grade Khorin Douglas to active duty, no restrictions."  Once that was done, she wagged a finger at him as she stepped toward him again completely at ease with her nudity.  "Don't make me regret doing that and if you feel anything is going wrong with your body, you report back here immediately ... understood?"

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