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EPISODE 02: The Mysterious God Incident [Eve/Khorin]

Thread reserved for Incident 004 between Eve Jenkins and Khorin Douglas.

(OOC: Searcher, Wyte, I'd like a post or two, one from each of you, if possible, something that will give me some idea of what you two have planned between your characters.)

Re: USS Theurgy Log: The Mysterious God Incident (Eve/Khorin)

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As always Eve had settled in quite easily, not just in her quarters but sickbay and everywhere.  She had an easygoing way about her that gave a sense of welcome, that she would listen and not judge as well as keep your confidence.  There was one patient who was just a bit more difficult but luckily she had known a few Klingons.  He was pissed as usual, laying there with a snarl on his features.  Considering what he'd been through she felt he had every right to be grumpy but she wouldn't back down either, pushing him as much as possible so he didn't feel coddled.

"Good morning, Khorin," she greeted pleasantly as she had the last several mornings.  There was always something sensual about her, whether it was the way she walked or talked or ran the medical tricorder over his body.  She even made carrying a tray of food look good and she had once again loaded with things he requested.  "I know you hate seeing me but I promise if you'll eat and do a bit of therapy I'll be out of your hair for at least a little while," she said in that sultry light British accent.  "I'm afraid they didn't have any gagh," she added with a pout.

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Khorin's upper lip curled into a sneer, baring his teeth, when Eve entered. "I don't see what's so good about it," he grumped. "I'm still stuck in sickbay, still lying in this veQ bed, and still not with my squadmates where I belong." The only good thing about his convalescence was the stunningly gorgeous half-Deltan nurse who had been tending to Khorin ever since she joined the medical staff, but Khorin would never admit that. He probably should have been apologizing for his rudeness, but he was still far too irritated to do so. Besides, he figured that Eve knew he wasn't upset with her, just with his situation. He recalled her mentioning that she had experience dealing with Klingons on Nimbus III, which is why Khorin suspected that Doctor Nicander had assigned her to him.

As Nurse Jenkins brought his food over, Khorin placed his hands on his bed and slowly pushed himself into an upright position. The motion caused a flash of pain to rush through the back of his head and his neck, and the half-Klingon man winced, growling deeply in his strong chest as he dug his fingers into the mattress. Honored Kahless, I don't know what I did to displease you, Khorin thought, but if you continue to plague me with this Hu'tegh injury, I swear by all the dead gods that I will find you in Sto-vo-kor and rip your hearts out with my bare hands!

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His rudeness was completely ignored and she requested no apology because she did understand and sensed the deeper frustrations than his words and tone.  "You're the second of your squadron I've taken care of and I have to say Ensign Carver was grumpier than you.  I've no doubt when you're ready that they will welcome you back most readily and I'm glad I'm on your side.  The two of you alone would likely take out a huge hoard of Targs."

She'd just set down the tray when she noticed him trying to sit up and saw the pain in his eyes.  Even with the low growl and fierce look, she stepped up to him and slipped her hand under his mane of hair and lay it upon the back of his neck.  Immediately his pain lessened as she gazed into his eyes, a boon from her Deltan father's blood.

"It isn't nearly as painful today as it was a few days ago.  You are improving," she said with great pride and didn't seem to mind the close proximity.  Relieving his pain if for a little while was her objective though it did give her a chance to admire his dark eyes.  "Soon you will be practicing with the Bat'leth and fending off all the women on board ... or not," she added with a bit of a smirk.

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Eve's response drew a chuckle from Khorin. Yes, Skye was surprisingly fierce for a human, and he looked forward to seeing her again, as he looked forward to seeing all of the Wolves again. Well, except maybe Ranger, he thought, laughing inwardly. He had nothing against his tiny wingmate, but he did not envy those members of the medical staff who had been assigned to help her through her own injury. She could be difficult to keep up with at times, but he knew that's what made her such an effective pilot.

The pain lanced through him again, causing another grimace, and then suddenly it was fading away. Only then did Khorin register the sensation of Eve's soft fingertips pressing against the back of his neck, and he inhaled deeply. Every time she did that to him, Khorin would feel an intense rush of...something pass through his body like a wave, and instantly he felt better in every way. He didn't know how, exactly--he hadn't had much experience with Deltans--but whenever it happened he thanked Kahless that Eve had come aboard. He doubted anyone else in this good-for-nothing sickbay could do what she did.

He relaxed as the pain ebbed away, and he immediately noticed how close Eve was standing to him. He made a show of looking up towards the nurse's pretty face, his dark gaze taking its time to admire the figure hidden beneath her uniform, before finally grinning as his eyes met hers. "You must have me confused with one of those toDSaH science officers, Nurse Jenkins," Khorin remarked. "I've never turned away a woman who expressed her interest appropriately." He didn't mean 'appropriately' the way a human might, of course. As a Klingon he respected people who were direct and straightforward, and did not hesitate to make their intentions known.

"As for the bat'leth, well, that wasn't exactly the first thing I had in mind for once I get out of here," he added, his left eyebrow lifting suggestively. His grin widened, full of confidence and youthful bravado.

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It was at this point that a woman in Starfleet uniform passed by behind Eve Jenkin's back - nigh unnoticed. It was as if she walked in the blind spot of both their fields of vision, and had the back of her fingers not happened to brush against the Head Nurse's derrière, she would perhaps have walked by completely unnoticed. Yet after that touch, the Head Nurse would have a singular carnal intent, and it was not directed towards the unknown woman, but towards the half-blood Klingon upon the Biobed before her.

She was almost through the door to the small Rehabilitation Centre when she looked over her shoulder towards the two she had passed by - the two lone souls in that section of Sickbay. And with that glance, she made eye-contact with the patient: the fortunate man that was to enjoy the famished attentions of the Head Nurse. The unknown woman paused there in the doorway, and as the woman's eyes lingered upon the man's, they flared into twain white lights - an otherworldly glow that bore into the man's soul. A soundless voice entered his mind. You have not seen me, for you are otherwise preoccupied. Enjoy the woman to your hearts content, for your body is now hale and sound.

Before she vanished through the sliding doors, she raised a single finger before her lips.

It was a rising arc of a gesture that the patient's copulatory organ mimicked - as if possessed or having become a puppet. It was such a sudden arousal, such a rigid hardness, that it might even hurt at first. Yet true to the unknown woman's words, the injuries that had yet to heal had suddenly come to vanish; not to be a in the way for the due celebrations.

And thus... the sliding doors closed.

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Eve's head turned slightly as she felt the brush against her backside, noticing the woman though not knowing her.  Of course she didn't know a lot of people on board just yet.  She only looked at her for a moment though as she swayed momentarily as a surge of pure carnal lust went through her and she placed a hand on Khorin's thigh to steady herself.

When she gathered her thoughts, the sliding doors had closed and a quick glance around had her repeating Lucan's words from earlier.  "Computer lock the doors," she growled and seeing the huge tent in the sheet covering his lower section she did something he probably didn't expect, nor did she really.  Her right hand drew back into a fist and she punched him square on the chin.

With a fluid motion she pulled herself up onto his lap and bit his bottom lip, another growl rumbling deep in her chest.  "Is this appropriate enough for you?" she asked in a voice lowered about half an octave and almost like the purr of a huge cat.  "Or shall I do this ...?"  With a feral smile her nails raked along his bare shoulders, enough to draw tiny droplets of blood.

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Khorin's teasing, almost daring eyes were drawn away from Eve only briefly as he looked past the nurse and met those of the woman standing at the door. His dark eyes locked on hers as they suddenly flared brightly. Then, suddenly, Khorin instantly felt stronger and healthier than he had in weeks. A brief flash of pain surged through his loins as his manhood leaped into a fiercely rigid state, drawing a snarl from the young Klingon. The next thing he knew the doors were shut, and whoever he'd been looking at had vanished from his memory. All Khorin knew was how much he wanted--needed--to inflict his intense desire upon the delicious nurse standing beside his bed.

He turned his gaze back upon Eve just in time for her to punch him. His head flinched back, more out of surprise than pain, and he showed her his approval by grinning viciously and helping to pull Nurse Jenkins onto his lap. He felt her teeth biting at his lip and he growled as his hands settled on her hips, pulling her down onto his massive erection, almost threatening to tear through the sheet as it could feel the heat between Eve's legs.

The nurse's nails dug into his powerful shoulders, drawing another pleased groan from Khorin, and he laughed at Eve's taunting as he pushed himself upright. "Be careful, Nurse Jenkins," he snarled as he tilted his head to the side and leaned in toward the side of her neck, nostrils flaring as he inhaled her intoxicating scent. "You should know better than anyone that once you initiate intimacy with a Klingon it cannot stop until he is sated."

With that, one of his hands reached up to grasp her chin, his thick fingers digging into the smooth skin while his thumb brushed along her soft, full lips. He tilted Eve's head to the side as he first licked at her neck, tasting her, and then bit roughly into it with a lustful snarl, his sharp teeth piercing deeply enough to also draw blood.

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She might be half-Deltan but she enjoyed the extremes just as much as her father's people though admittedly she preferred the more sensual side.  Still she was responding just as Khorin could hope by continuing with the snarling smile.  "I have no intentions whatsoever of being careful," she said and then hissed as he bit into the flesh of her neck.

The other part of her heritage for which she took injections could still affect and the pheromones emanated from her skin into his nose and mouth only increasing his lustful urges.  "And you should know that I can go for days ... even through pain," she retorted through clenched teeth.  "Now if I remember right, Klingons like a good fight along with it to make it more interesting.  I'm not as strong as some others but I'll smack you about a bit."

Saying so she did just that, landing a decent jab to his ribs and then seeming to flow backward off of him.  Beckoning him, she grinned.  "Of course you have to get my clothes off too before you can bury that deep inside of me," she continued to taunt.  She knew the punches would fly and her uniform would be ripped to shreds but at that moment the lust inside of her was all-consuming.

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Khorin let out a soft grunt when he felt Eve's fist jabbing into his ribs, and he eyed the luscious nurse as she shifted away from him. Grinning eagerly, the young pilot gripped his sheet and ripped it away from him, tossing it off of the bed. His thick column of flesh protruded lewdly from his muscular body, throbbing wildly as Khorin climbed towards the taunting, beckoning Eve.

He smiled and reached out to grab her hand, pushing it back and pinning it to the bed as he lay over the outstretched form of Nurse Jenskins, feeling her breasts pressing into his chest as she arched herself below him. His lips sought out hers and he moaned hungrily as he kissed her, returning her earlier favor as his teeth nipped at her lower lip. His hands drifted down between them to rest upon her ample breasts, and Khorin let out a frustrated gasp against Eve's lips when tried to grasp them through her uniform.

He broke the kiss and sat up, moving his hands up to the top of her uniform jacket. Instead of opening it normally, however, he simply gripped it tightly and ripped, shredding the fabric as it tore straight down the middle. Her undershirt quickly followed suit, leaving Eve in a tattered uniform and whatever undergarments she'd chosen to wear that day.

Grinning triumphantly, Khorin leaned back down to kiss Eve again as his hands returned to where they were, cupping the half-Deltan's breasts in his strong hands and squeezing the lush flesh between his thick, anxious fingers.

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Eve was quick but Khorin was completely into the lust and caught her swiftly, partially pinning her and grabbing at her breasts.  She could have been nice and just removed her uniform but it was too much fun having your clothes ripped off from time to time.  The Quartermaster would be upset at the condition of her uniform but she inhaled deeply as the top and then undershirt tore away exposing her bare breasts.  "I never did like underwear," she said with a smoldering gaze.

Her instinct and desire was to submit and just enjoy his groping and eventual thrusting but she knew Klingons liked a little challenge.  After a few flexes and judging his grip, she managed to slip away from him again though he managed to nab the rest of her upper wear and yank it off so she was only in her boots and pants.  Her long legs danced her just out of his reach but she wasn't quite accustomed to sickbay just yet and turned at the wrong moment, finding herself trapped between him and another medical bed.

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If Khorin's mind hadn't been completely clouded by lust he might have found the sight of them amusing, Eve clad only in her pants and boots, her bare breasts swaying as she  fled from him, challenging him to catch her, while Khorin chased after her relentlessly, his body as naked as the day he was born.

While he'd been too young to go hunting with his father before he died, chasing down prey was practically programmed into Klingon DNA, and that coupled with his desire for this woman only served to make Khorin harder, his stiff flesh bobbing lewdly in front of him as he pursued her. When Eve made a wrong turn and trapped herself, he bared his teeth in a exuberant grin and practically launched himself at her. Before Eve could slip away again, Khorin had his hands on her hips and he spun her around, pressing his broad chest against her back as he pulled her close to him.

"Nice try," he breathed into her hair as he tilted his head down to suckle and bite at her neck again. Both of his hands slid around Eve's front, one slipping upward to paw at her firm, naked breasts again while the other journeyed lower. Khorin growled quietly into Eve's ear, grinding his swollen cock against her round backside while his hand attempted to force its way into her pants, eager to feel her hot, wet slit. "But you're not going to get away from me that easily, bangwI'!"

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Eve was fortunate enough to be able to find it amusing and also found it quite exhilarating to be chased around by a very hot younger man.  Strong arms ensnared her and she felt the hard planes of his chest press against her back, bringing a grunt upon the impact of their bodies.

She'd managed a peek at him as she'd ducked away and it was enough to let her know when they joined it was going to be a very tight fit.  Her deep breath inward had allowed him just enough space to get his hand down the front of her pants, the fingertips of his large hand just reaching the top of the slit he so craved.

"Silly med bay having so many beds," she moaned as she struggled against him, not because she didn't want him but because she knew it would please him more.  Her breast bulged in his grip almost enough she felt the nipple would explode but she leaned back into him and rubbed her backside along his length.

"Now that you have me ..." she panted and chuckled as she heard the fabric of her pants starting to rip, "what sort of wonderful things do you intend?"  Her free arm reached up and she grabbed him by the hair as she shifted enough to look back and up at him, teeth bared and a lusty growl rumbling in her throat.

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Khorin and Eve stood there for a long moment, the young half-Klingon simply enjoying the feel of the half-Deltan's body against his as his hands eagerly manhandled her. His fingers squeezed one of her breasts between them, and if his rough grip was causing the nurse any pain she did not betray it to him. The rough pad of his thumb circled her erect nipple, teasing the aroused nub, and he growled again as she teasingly rubbed her backside against his turgid length.

His searching fingers found their prize, his meaty prick pulsing against Eve's ass as he got his first feel of her sodden cunt, his thick digits anxiously rubbing up and down along the slick, sensitive folds, drawing a series of quiet moans from the sexy nurse. Thick streams of precum drooled from his manhood to stain Eve's pants, but that was quickly forgotten as Khorin shifted his fingers around inside them to grip the fabric and brutally rip it open as well.

Khorin's powerful grip easily tore through Eve's pants, and the ruined material quickly dropped to the floor, forming a puddle around Nurse Jenkins' still-booted feet. His eyes met hers when she arched her head back to look at him, and a soft grunt and a chuckle rasped out of him when he felt her fingers coiling in his long, dark mane.

"I think you know exactly what I intend," he rumbled with a low, confident laugh, one of his hands slipping down to grope at her now naked ass, pulling back to give one of the perfectly rounded cheeks a rough swat.

He stepped back just enough to give himself some room to maneuver, his foot parting Eve's legs as he lowered his hips and dragged the fat head of his cock along her aching wet slit. Finally, no longer able to stand not being inside this amazing woman, Khorin groaned and pressed his hips forward, leaning his head down and crushing his lips to hers again as his throbbing, pulsing shaft sank into Eve's warm, welcoming depths.

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It was amazing how good a calloused hand could feel on soft, sensitive flesh.  First it was to torment her nipple and then he gave her, for a Klingon, a gentle swat.  Hearing him groan as her ass massaged his cock brought a lusty chuckle interrupted by moans as he stroked her most intimate region.

"Ooooo so strong," she whispered huskily after a delighted gasp as the rest of her clothing was ripped from her.  His voice could almost be sinister as he responded to her playful query but given she wanted what he was going to do, she only found it even more arousing.  "What's holding you back?" she asked and then felt her feet kicked enough to spread her legs.

Her breaths were fast and shallow as he touched himself to her, teasing along her velvety lower lips.  It was a good thing she had her fingers coiled in his hair and had another arm wrapped around her because she arched and inhaled sharply as suddenly his massive member penetrated her, lifting her off her feet and leaving her panting for more air.  "Shit," she hissed as a bit of pain seared through her but not enough to make her ask him to stop.

Again he crushed her lips and she nipped at his tongue as it sought entrance.  Her already tight passage was clenching, making it difficult for him to fully enter her even with all the wetness.  "Give me ... just a moment," she panted.   "Just need ... to adjust ... a little," she promised him and she started to relax more which allowed him to go a little deeper.  "There we go, getting better."  Her hips began to rock against him and her hazy eyes caught his.  "You are much bigger than I expected but it's most welcome," she complimented him.

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Khorin squeezed his eyes shut and shivered against Eve as he slowly inched his impressive girth into her tight, clutching pussy, his grip on the woman tightening in response. He heard her pleas and reluctantly conceded, allowing her body time to adjust to him as he violated her. Snorting, his hand left her breasts, giving them a brief respite, and slipped back down Eve's flat stomach, seeking out her swollen clit.

His rough, calloused fingers rubbed the aroused button slowly, coaxing a sharp gasp from Eve. His efforts were rewarded by a new flood of her juices, lubricating her passage further and allowing him to work his way deeper inside of that incredibly tight hole. "Mmm, much better," he agreed roughly, still working Eve's clit as he held her body against his.

He grinned at her compliment. He was young, and raised in the Klingon culture where it was only natural for the physically superior to be idolized. "I'm glad you approve." He slowly, reluctantly withdrew his invading manhood from her juicy cunt, until only the head remained within her, and then buried himself back inside Eve, sheathing his length in her welcoming womb with a grunt. The Lone Wolf groaned softly as he repeated the motion, gradually picking up speed as he began to fuck the nurse.

"You amazing," Khorin uttered, repaying the compliment. "I've never...mmm...been with a Deltan woman before." His muscular arms flexed around Eve as he continued to fuck her from behind. "Now I...hngh...understand...the appeal!"

Re: EPISODE 02: The Mysterious God Incident [Eve/Khorin]

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That little bit of teasing her clit had done the trick, bringing her a small climax to better prepare herself to receive him more enthusiastically.  Her moans filled the room as he began to build her back up and his penetrations became deeper and faster.  "A skilled warrior and lover ... I definitely approve," she panted, continuing to stroke his ego as much as her pussy stroked his cock.

Reaching out, her fingertips touched the medical bed granting her a little more support as he pumped in and out of her.  Soon enough she thought he would just bend her forward and then really have at her, the thought making her clench momentarily around him in delighted anticipation.  Little did he know he wasn't getting the full effect of her Deltan heritage, in fact only a tiny taste.

"You ... haven't felt ... anything yet," she murmured as she dragged in deep breaths.  Slowly and gently he would feel something caressing his mind, not intruding but seeking the lightest of contacts.  Somehow he knew it was Eve and that she wanted to enhance their pleasure but only if he would allow and also the feeling of a promise to protect him.

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The strange presence confused Khorin at first, as he'd never experienced such a thing before, and he tried to fight against it. Klingons did not trust those who could touch their minds--it was part of the reason why Khorin had refused to ever speak to Counselor Nelis, despite the man's assurances that he was not telepathic. He soon realized that it was Eve, however, and he relented after realizing what it was she was trying to do.

Khorin sighed as he opened his mind to Eve, instantly feeling the connection between them growing beyond the physical. The idea of sharing his pleasure with this woman in such an intimate manner excited the young Klingon a great deal, and his cock flexed powerfully within Eve as he drove himself harder into her pussy. Now that she was fully prepared for him, he put his hands on her back and pressed her forward, bending the nurse over the biobed.

He flashed a predatory grin as he drew his fingers back along her arched spine before gripping her hips, digging into the soft skin as his hips pistoned forward rapidly, now starting to fuck this eager woman in the manner to which he was most accustomed. It had been far too long since he'd last claimed a mate, with the chaos surrounding the Theurgy's exile and then his recent coma. His balls, eager to discharge their long pent-up load, swelled heavily in their sac as it swung forward with every violent thrust to smack against Eve's clit.

The thrill of not just being able to fuck again, but to be fucking such an enticing woman, one whose mind was now firmly intertwined with his own, allowing both of them to experience the other's excitement, was quickly getting to him. Normally Khorin prided himself on his stamina and vigor, but this was all just too much for him to process at once. "tojo'Qa'!" he snarled, frustrated that his body was betraying him when he had only just begun to enjoy the delights that Nurse Jenkins offered.

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Feeling the resistance, Even had started to withdraw her mind and knew she shouldn't have let herself do that in the first place but then as he had taken her body, he took her mental presence.  All his bloodlust coursed through her and she gripped the biobed once he bent her over to be able to raise her hips, making it even easier to pound into her.

Khorin would feel her pain and pleasure, how his senses were melding with hers.  It was all so intense that it began to overwhelm her and she wanted more, to open that channel between their minds even further and truly become one.  Sweat formed along her brow as she struggled to maintain control but she started to lose her grip, was in danger of doing to him what her father had done to her mother.

"tojo'Qa'!"  It was his frustration and near climax that snapped her back into control, her mind gently going from the flooding and raging river down to a mere trickle of a tiny stream.  She was shaking from both the ecstasy and the fear but she exerted herself just a little with her minor healing ability to sort of numb things so he wouldn't explode too soon and be angry with himself.

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Khorin's rage and ecstasy had both reached their boiling point, ready to tip over the edge, his body nearly ready to flood Eve's with his essence, but just as Khorin felt himself about to lose control, he felt Eve's mind withdrawing itself slightly. He was confused at first, but then he felt a tide of soothing numbness wash through his body, and suddenly his impending orgasm was gone, his body's need to release its pleasure fading.

The Klingon blinked in confusion, and he grinned down at Eve as realization slowly dawned on him. His hips regained their earlier easy pace, pounding forward against Eve's upturned ass to drill his heavy shaft into her gushing slit. One of his hands let go of her hip, her perfect skin now bruised from the powerful grip, and made its way up along Eve's arching back and into her hair. His fingers tightened their grip, coiling the long, silky brown tresses around them, and Khorin grunted as he tugged Eve's head upward, his grin almost malicious as he hammered his flesh into her.

"majQa', Nurse Jenkins," Khorin complimented with a deep, quiet laugh. He maintained his grip in her hair as he coninuted to fuck her over the biobed, his free hand moving back to deliver a rough smack to her ass, his skin cracking loudly against her own. "No wonder your species is so coveted by the rest of the galaxy. You are simply amazing!" He grunted again as he punctuated that last word with another rough, deep thrust, burying every last inch of him into Eve.

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Eve was holding on for all she was worth, not just physically but emotionally as the brutal joining continued.  She was feeling immense pain and yet also equal amounts of pleasure, the contrasts suiting her Deltan nature quite nicely.  His young body was whole and hale again, something that lingered in the back of her mind as a mystery.  How had he been returned to his prime state?

Those thoughts left as she felt his hand clench in her hair and jerk her head back, eliciting a grunt of those mixed sensations.  "I'm only half," she panted with a rueful grin.  "Have to admit ... I was selfish ... wanted more of you."  She couldn't speak then as he started to drill into her, a ravenous and furious pace set against her tender flesh.  There would be some work to do when they were finished but damn he was worth it for the sheer exhilaration.

Somewhere in the haze of lust and pain she heard someone calling to sickbay but both of their voices were raised and she dismissed the notion.  Suddenly again she heard a call and something about rehab ... it was Lucan's voice.  Though she was too far gone in the moment for her body to shut down, she did feel a stab of guilt.  She'd just come from the hydroponics bay after sharing a wonderful moment with him and now she was being hammered by a very handsome and restored Klingon pilot.

Even for Eve it was not common for her to bounce so quickly from one lover to another and more so the fact she felt guilt.  Another particularly harsh slam into her again sent her mind reeling into nothing but a lustful haze.  The trickle of mental control relaxed and another flood rushed through them both, seeming to pulse with every thrust.  Sex was tied in with Deltan religion and Khorin was certainly someone with whom to worship, reminding her that a change in style was a good thing.

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Khorin was too far gone, too consumed by his lust to consider the matter of his sudden restoration. All he knew was that he felt better than ever, and that he was buried deep inside the warm, welcoming snatch of a beautiful woman.

"Have to admit ... I was selfish ... wanted more of you."

He chuckled at that, grinding his hips forward as he drove his rigid flesh deep into Eve again, his motions stimulating her clit. "The feeling is mutual," he grunted as he slipped a hand down to lift one of Eve's legs and set her foot atop the biobed. The new positioning allowed Khorin to work himself even deeper than before, and he moaned as he tugged Eve's head back again, coaxing her to lift her upper body so that he could reach around to grope her bouncing breasts once again.

His thrusts were no more gentle in this position, however, as he continued to slam his hips forward, his hips smacking viciously into the soft curves of Eve's ass. He could feel himself slowing approaching the edge once again, but this time he did not complain, instead he simply continued drilling the nurse, growling into her ear as he did so.

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A faint chrip was heard in the background of what was transpiring - a small sound repeating itself.

At the time, later on, when the two in Sickbay would check what it was, a flashing message would be seen on the control panel:


Because it was a silent alert, Thea's voice was not proclaiming it loudly over the intercom for everyone to hear.

OOC: No rush, but the intercom has just fallen dead silent and it is up to them what to do at the end of this scene, but the both of you will have characters on the Bridge for the grand finale (David and Skye), so there is no immediate need that they get there too unless you come up with reasons for them to go there.

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His chuckle was so deep and seemed to vibrate within her chest, bring a tingle to her breasts that was thoroughly enjoyable.  She knew she wasn't putting up enough fight for him but admittedly for now she could only hold on to the table as pain and pleasure seared through her with every thrust.

Things were incredible already but then he repositioned her, pulled her limber leg up and shifted so that every thrust brought her off the one foot.  When he pulled her shoulders up via the wad of hair in his clenched fist, she groaned in mixed sensations.  Her body seemed to only be remaining in one place by her grip on the biobed.

When he reached forward and grabbed her breast, she knew neither of them would last much longer.  He tugged and squeezed enough she felt her nipple would burst and yet it felt fantastic at the same time.  "I think ... it's fair ... to say ..." Eve grunted with each thrust, "that you ... are fit ... for duty."

Of course Lucan would be the ultimate authority on that but the way he was using her proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt.  "You ... are ... ghuy'!  ...  Maj ..."  Her control slipped and she felt the beginnings, felt that draw deep under her navel and then she cried out as one palm slammed down on the bed.

She rode the tidal wave of pleasure as he continued, only vaguely aware of a soft beeping noise.  Groans and growls of her own drowned that out for a while though, the lusty haze still rushing through her ears as Khorin worked toward his release.

Re: EPISODE 02: The Mysterious God Incident [Eve/Khorin]

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It was so easy to manipulate this woman's body, her supple form so willing to bend to his will. Khorin snorted with lust as he picked up the pace even further, his grip on Eve's breasts pulling her back onto him as his hips powered forward, his manhood battering her abused sex.

"I...hngh!...appreciate...the good review," he snarled, pinching her swollen nipples between his thick fingertips. To be honest he hadn't really considered his health during all this, his lust for Nurse Jenkins having been so all-consuming. But now he, too, noticed just how strong he really felt, and how the pain in his head and neck had vanished. His muscles flexed powerfully as they pulled Eve's body against his own, displaying none of the sluggishness they should have after spending so much time lying in bed.

The realization only spurred Khorin to fuck Eve harder, faster, his hips slamming forward relentlessly. He laughed, then, a proud, arrogant laugh as he basked in the moment. He was healthy again, young and strong, a proud Klingon warrior claiming his latest conquest. True, Eve was not putting up as much of a fight as Khorin would have normally liked, but that was alright with him. Sometimes it was more enjoyable to dominate one's partner utterly.

Khorin grunted as he felt that familiar sensation building deep within his core. Through his mental link with Eve he could also feel her reaching her peak, and it was when her body went over the edge, the link sending a surge of pleasure, Eve's pleasure, crashing through his mind that Khorin finally sheathed his weapon deep inside of Eve, pulling her body back into him at the same time.

"HIja'! ghojmoq'IHwIj!" he roared as he erupted inside her, his cock swelling as his hot, molten seed spurted into her depths, filling her completely. Khorin howled as he let the orgasm overtake him, and he leaned his head down to sink his teeth into the soft skin of Eve's naked shoulder, drawing blood.

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