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Thea was quite unsure of how she should behave when Miles Renard's beast-form came to embrace her upon the deck plates - wrapping brawny and hairy limbs around her. With her hands raised to not let them be in his way when he joined her, she had expected him to insert his erectile organ inside her again. her breath caught in anticipation...

...yet he did nothing.

Only then did she remember that the male reproduction system of organics needed time to recover in between mating, and she just got to experience that first-hand. After all, her own womanly genitalia had needed some time to feel less sore, even though she still felt the aftermath of having such a large bodily instrument inside her, she was... disappointed in that she could not continue the experiment. The feeling was a surprise to her, even if it was not too potent in her mind. She supposed it was because the Commander had pleased her already.

Yet to just lay there? Why are we just lying down here? Is there a point to this? Is this what the holonovels depict as cuddling? She found it utterly ineffective. It agitated her, even if she did enjoy the smell of the SCO. She disentangled herself after a couple of seconds.

"If you need rest, it would be more beneficial for our situation and the ship if we put the time to use," she said in a deadpan voice, the appropriate social behaviour completely lost to her, "Would you please pick up the support beam again? I can rediscover the exact place where we can unhinge the sliding door."

Already, she was on her feet and had picked up the gel pack. She took the small step needed and set it down by the edge of the door, and proceeded to go down on all fours anew - utterly unconcerned by her nudity and what kind of messy state the sexual intercourse had left her in. Her back arched and her bottom facing the pilot, she began to search for the right spot to pry at.

"Here is where you need to ram it in," she said and looked over her shoulder, the thought that she was repeating something that might have been misunderstood earlier occurred to her, and even though she found no reason to blush, she realised that she might have to be more precise in her instructions. "That is... you either unhinge the door, or we continue the experiment with me. Regardless, insertion is required."

She said this without batting an eye, as patient in her wait as only a hologram might be.

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He smiled softly hearing her ultimatum and smiled, "As important as our duties are it's a shame to shirk them."  He then smiled moving to her side after picking up the beam.  Slowly he pushed the beam into the crack where the door frame was skewed.

Instead of prying with it though, he placed his hand on her body moving to her chest groping one of her firm breasts as his firm cock slid against her waiting opening before he pushed it deep within her.  "But as part of Starfleet we are sworn to explore now aren't we.  This is a once in a lifetime chance to learn. It would be an even worse disgrace not to take advantage of it now wouldn't it?" He released the bar fully then gently pushed her  against the door as he as he licked at her neck teasingly.

His hands began to wander over her body as he groped her breast and teased her nipples pulling at the soft teats  just a bit more roughly than before.  He was fighting off the urges within to squeeze her perfect orbs with all his might and plow into her with no regard to her own needs.  Just the mere sight of her like this was enough to get him hard once again.  It made him want to make her his plaything and fuck her relentlessly, still he knew he couldn't do that; he couldn't harm her.  Yet in the back of his mind he wished he could use her as he wanted without causing her the harm he knew it would.

He pushed into her waiting body.  His knot forced her soft cunt apart before shoving the last few inches deep into her cavern and into her very innermost walls stretching out her pussy even further than before as his meat seemed to swell even more inside her.

"Is this what you wanted Thea?" He said roughly as he began fighting back urges to relentlessly pound her inner walls.  AS he work his way in and out of her his thrusts were less controlled than before though it was clear he was holding back something much more feral within.  "You see seeing you covered in my cum turned me on more than any other sight you could have given me.  And when my kind are turned on that much we tend to go back into our more animalistic instincts. Its becoming harder and harder for me to make sure I don't hurt you,"  he explained as his meat filler her walls as he slowly pushed himself all the way into her being careful not to injure her as he stretched her body to its very limits.  Each motion made it harder and harder for him to maintain control of himself.

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When Thea expected the Vulpinian to go ahead with the opening of their confinement, she was more than a little surprised when he lay his hand upon her rather than the support beam once it was put in place.

She realised that she must have enticed him quickly by showing him her behind and standing on all four in front of him, and her body reacted for her despite her unprepared mind - a sigh of contentment escaping her when he cupped her breast in his monstrous hand. Unprepared for how her body reacted, she felt caught in a storm, and neither had she expected to feel his hardness against her so quickly. She cried out as his bestial phallus pushed inside her once more - now from behind. Luckily, she was expanded for him already so her main concern was to keep her balance when he came upon her so suddenly.

"Ahhh, yes... Rare chances are these... But needn't you r-rest..?" she mouthed, and when he began licking her neck and stroking her breasts, she had to close her eyes and resume moan like she had before - the feeling of being claimed from behind and accommodate such a large reproductive organ making her whole body quiver in animal response. There was not so much pain any more, but it felt so surreal. The SCO seemed more... urgent now too. She began to cry out between the breaths that he tore out of her throat with the vaginal stimulation he gave her - her warm and wet inner walls stroking his inhuman penis hard because of the girth.

Thea's body was at the complete mercy of the beast's insistent handling, and while he had given her no reason to feel fear, the rhythm had come to border on animal frenzy. Pain being limited as a photonic suddenly made a lot of sense, for he spoke of his native urges as he moved against her - saying that he was forced to hold back. Slight fear touch her mind, and the enjoyment found in her bodily reaction to his invading organ seemed somehow treacherous now, that she might make the beast loose his mind if she encouraged him.

"Don't... s-stop. The experiment f-feels g-good," she said as they moved together, another moan escaping her, but she had to caution him somehow, "Please, please don't h-hurt me, though. Make me feel g-good. I will break apart if you... If you don't hold back... My apologies... Commander... Don't mistake me for your kind..."

He was so deep, and even larger than before. She could not accept his whole length inside. Still, she moved to meet him with her hips, nails scratching the door as she curled her fingers - animal instinct making her respond whilst caught in his iron grip. Her breasts were firmer and aching for more of his rough palms. She lay her forehead against the door as well and moaned. His thick and swirling tongue on her neck was driving her mad, only in a good way, so she soon reached upwards with one arm and grabbed a hard hold on his mane - keeping his mouth where it was against her.

"Control... yourself... just... a while... longer," she said between thrusts, eyes clamped shut to feel it all more clearly - tongue burrowing into her skin, hands brushing up and down her front and his majestic arousal stroking her insides so firmly, "Please... Don't hurt me... Please...Nngh... Don't stop... Don't you dare stop, though... I need to know what this feel like... I have to know..."

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He groaned softly as she moved against him. Each thrust within her tight inner walls only drove him further and further to the edge as he licked at her. "I don't think I ever want to stop."  He said lustfully as he gently pushed more of his length and girth into her. It began slowly stretching her to her very limits  but he was also being careful not to push against her too roughly as he began testing the boundaries of the girls human limits. 

He made sure to show concern for both her needs and her limitations.  Each lustful thrust seemed to push further and further but only by tiny amounts each probe testing her depths.  It was obvious from the depths and almost bestial fondling she was getting that he was much less human acing than before. Still, even as an animal of sorts he took care to not push too far.  He may have been a bit of a beast but he was not a monster and would make sure he never did anything to harm her.

"Just tell me if I go too far and I'll pull out a little."  he said gently. as his paw like hands cupped and squeezed at her chest as his pulsating meat spread her soaked pussy apart each in and out motion.  With each thrust he moaned knowing he was about to cum and fill up her body again.  "After I fill you up are there any other experiments you wish to partake in?"  he asked. "Its just I feel like I could keep going.  Like I want to keep on going until we pass out in a pool of each others cum."
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The rising surge of the male heat made Thea feel like she was caught in a storm; a savage tide upon which she was the flimsy raft defying the laws of nature. She feared to break by the power encompassing her, filling her, yet was also mesmerised by the ride - having never felt the thrill of pleasure and danger combined.

Though it was too much, and she could not continue this for fear of her new bodily construction. The beast would not desist in trying to expand her sheath, to try and stretch her limits despite her fear-filled words. He tried to be gentle but still tried to push further, and it was not acceptable. The beast did not know how to hold back. Still tried to breach boundaries. So she - while loosing breath from the thickness that surged into her - reached back to lay her open hand upon his chest.

"No further... No harder... Easy... Easy..." she breathed in reply to his growling yet gentle words, and she seized one of his monstrous hands, guiding it down to the base of his organ. It was a matter of physical analysis for her to realise that his length needed to be lessened for her to enjoy herself and not feel the pain he caused her. When reasoning failed to deter the beast, she hoped physical restraint might do better. "Hold yourself, don' let go... No further than what remains... Lest I will break..."

By then... he was getting harder, and she had noticed that it was a premonition for another ejaculation. The knuckles of his lower hand now touched and rubbed against her clitoris and she longed for the imminent release, forgetting about his transgressions. She stroked her own human breast, the one bereft of his touch, while the other remained upon the wall for support. His tongue upon her neck was driving her fragile organic mind insane with lustful need, and his tumescence was perfect when limited in penetration. He spoke in the midst of this, asking her about further studies.

"Ah... As much as I wish to experiment..." she said and swallowed, beginning to thrust her hips back against his penis and knuckles, "...I fear we cannot pass out in such a manner. For all we know... nnnggg... we might be the only ones aware that the ship is under threat.... Ahh!"

And then it came over her... the climax stealing the words from her tongue. It was a long, drawn out sound that came from her untethered soul.

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Hearing her pleas for him to be easier he did his best to comply. Still he had trouble.  Something had come over him.  Something strange was in his mind. It was an almost feral need to take her fully that he had to fight to keep from acting on.  When she showed a more physical restraint was when he realized there was something odd about himself.  He immediately responded to her physical coaching and began to take a more shallow approach as he throbbed within her inner walls.  "No Miles, no deeper," he reminded himself aloud as he fought the urge to push himself as far as he could.  He felt his body tense as the fluids within him began to make their way to the tip of his canind shaft.  

He moaned out as he felt her wave of pleasure wash around him.  Her inner walls tightened and he could no longer hold back the flood within as he also came.  His hand grasped her breast as he moaned in his own way a panting growl escaping his mouth as his organ began to pump the fragile physical form of Thea full of his copious amounts of seed.  Slowly as he came he began pulling out of her and depositing the remaining cum from his still throbbing canine member against her backside and along her lower back.

Moments later he caught his breath but her words hit him like a ton of bricks.  They may be the only ones that know of this possible danger.  They had became caught up in their lustful desires so much that whatever was going on could be worsening under their very noses.  What made him think the most though was not just the danger to the ship but the state of mind he had entered.  He was becoming a danger to her.  This was not just unlike him but was something completely alien to him.  It was something he innately knew should be feared.

Responding to her statement he spoke up in a near exhausted breath, "You are right the ship may be in danger, and whatever has placed us here...I think its trying to affect me.  This stamina, the near disconcern with your safety, my near inability to think of anything but how to next sate my seemingly endless desire with you.  I fear I may be losing a bit of myself to these urges I am experiencing.  Even around a female of my own kind in heat I would not act like such a feral being."  he said as he pulled himself from her and gently held her looking into her eyes before looking towards the door and the bar he had left ready to use.  It was more than clear to him they had to end their fun.  Something told him this was no longer their experiment.

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The orgasm crippling her grasp on reality, Thea spasmed hard against the titanium door - riding out the current of organic climax.

She had lost count, for the moment, on how many of them the beast had given her, but they were so different fromt he digital ones her designers had enabled her to feel. Such potent and sharp feelings of pain, soreness, fulfilment and... unexplainable and incalculable pleasure. How does one estimate such sensations that she felt when she bucked against the beasts - feeling him spend his seed inside her and upon her back. How did her designers even manage to make her feel the digital shadows of what the real thing felt like? What manner of sensory input had they managed to rate... and how could they have been so wrong?

She sank down to her knees after Commander Renard withdrew himself from her vaginal passage - his seed still gushing against her. He spoke soon afterwards, in a breathless voice, naming his fears and confirming something she might have thought herself had she not been so desperate to embark upon the carnal journey they had been on up to that point. She turned around awkwardly on her knees, looking up at him, up towards his slick hardness above her face - still dripping cum upon her and the deck plates.

"I possess not the internal sensor arrays needed for it," she said and swallowed, her chest rising and falling in her laboured breathing, "yet I would surmise the hormonal levels in this organic form I posses are quite elevated. I have been an easy victim in whatever has transpired aboard, since I have not the frames of reference for what is normal to feel. Much less what is normal to bodily desire from another."

Even though they spoke of this; the revelation plain, she could not help but reach up and wrap her fingers around his slick length. It was so easy, since it was right there above her - so inviting to touch and taste. She ought to stop herself, but she could just stroke him slowly a couple of times and angle his length down to her awaiting lips. She cleaned him, before she realised what she was doing, sucking the semen out of him as best as she might - as if he wore a meaty straw - and swirled her tongue round his crown. The idea had come to her and she had acted upon it before any rational thoughts stopped her. She swallowed the fluids and savoured the taste, the senses she now possessed begging to be subjected to him.

Yet the idea that they were led on had settled, so she forced herself to let go of him... one finger at a time. "Get us out of here.. before we... before I..."

Her words were failing her since his smell was still in his nose.

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He looked down to her as she spoke,  "They are elevated, Your scent has been becoming stronger with each passing moment.  From what I have learned in my time among humans your hormone levels are indeed elevated well beyond normal." as he said this her elevated state became more and more obvious as she seemed unable to keep herself from wrapping first her fingers then her warm mouth around his sensitive member.

AS she cleaned him off he couldn't help but close his eyes and moan out.  After all she so expertly worked his shaft and head with all she had to offer: her hand, lips, and that oh so wonderful tongue.  Closing his eyes she seemed to hear that instinct in his head again.  'Why not enjoy it?  She wants to offer herself to you. She enjoys it after all why not just give her what she wants.  Go ahead and enjoy your time together.'

In his mind he couldn't help but respond to his inner monologue, 'No, I, I almost almost injured her, last time.  If I keep going I will break her.  I cant do that to her.'

'If you go slow and stretch her out gently she'll get used to it in time.  She'll get to experience every inch of you.  Just imagine how exited you'll be hearing her gasping with every thrust as you show her just how wild you can get with her.  Don't worry she'll get used to it, in fact if you get rough she'll learn how much she likes being pushed. '

"No, that don't even make sense," he said to himself aloud. As his eyes shot open.  In the corner of his eye he saw for a moment what appeared to be a woman in a Starfleet uniform though when he turned his head to focus on it in the dim light it was gone.  At the moment he began to regain focus.  He could feel Thea's tongue withdrawing as he found his hands bracing her head as she had been sucking so eagerly on him.

He looked down to see Thea's expression as she practically begged him to resist.  She clearly was not going to be able to on her own.  Her soft face her warm eyes beckonined him to shove every inch back down her throat and let her give into those urges again.  'You know, there are other ways that she may be able to handle everything you can give her' the voice within sort of teased.

His response was as calm as he heard Thea's voice betraying her logical sense to stop. "Yes Maam, Miss Thea." he then paused as he spoke up his second response as cold as it was harsh, "And whatever you are get the fuck out of my head?"  he said as he focused on the bar near the door. and grabbed it with both hands.

The voice continued as it became increasingly forceful in its suggestions, increasingly not his own, increasingly feminine.  It was a voice only he could hear as he began to murmur lowly in his alien tongue of growls and animalistic noises.  He began to pull and pull at the bar trying desperately to force the bar back onto its track as his voice seemed to become more and more frantic by the second.  Soon his speech began to intermix with the English words until it simply became a repeating mantra of "Shut up, shut up,  shut up shutup" His voice began to grow angrier and louder and the time between syllables decreased as it descended into almost barking out the English language. 

The dark hair on the back of his neck began to stand on end and he gave another desperate pry as his adrenaline surged. He desperately began to seemingly growl out "shutupshutupshutup"  The door finially gave way and slid onto its track.  He looked back towards the darkness of the holodeck and he swore he could see a figure of a female human in a uniform standing there.  She wore a seemingly knowing smile on her face her lips moving as she continued to tempt him with how much fun he and Thea could have. 

He desperately placed his clawed fingers on the opening slit of the door and used all he had within to pull it apart as he lashed out with his voice to the figure only he could see or hear, "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU GOD DAMNED BITCH!!!"  he seemingly barked as the door opened. The light outside n the corridor suddenly washed over the darkened holodeck as the figure seemed to fade instantly and the voice within his head seemed to silence but not before he heard a final whisper in a confused and a bit saddened voice, 'But you two could have had so much fun.'

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Confusion. Consternation. Wherein lay credibility in what was transpiring around her? Thea watched the development into violence and insanity with large eyes - slowly rising to her feet and backing away. She too saw the third figure in the darkness, yet it was hard to fasten her eyes on it, as if it was slipping in and out of existence with the passing of thought. She had no means in which to make alternative actions to what Commander Renard made, unable to hear the words spoken. She could but hope that whatever struggle was going on would fall out favourably.

In the end, when the beast had finished shouting and torn the sliding doors ajar, and the commotion was reduced to shrieking silence, Thea watched the beast warily until she judged that it was over. Only then did she step closer to the light, and her bare frame was cast aglow as she searched the eyes of the SCO for any sign that he was still possessed with the notions forced upon him. Her skin was decorated in strings of reproductive fluids and her body was lightly bruised from their intercourse, yet her thoughts were now... free, in lack of a better word. She felt no lust any more. At least not the way she had a minute ago.

"We must make haste," she said, glancing out into the light of the corridor, "whatever it is that possessed us must have more at stake than our enjoyment. Uniforms from a replicator... and then we need to find someone else from the Senior Staff that might know what is going on."

And thus they went, forced to walk the corridors in their current state until they found somewhere to make themselves presentable.

~ Fin

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