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Star Trek Show Popularity Vote

I have run this poll on DeviantArt for over 4 years, and while there are not as many votes there as I had hoped, I think there is enough to show some fodder for debate in the Group.

What would you vote for and do you agree with the results I got? :)

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Re: Star Trek Show Popularity Vote

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I personally am disheartened that no one liked TAS better than any of the others. I voted for DS9 myself, back in the day. I am surprised that it is going as well as it is in the poll though. Usually more people bitch about DS9 than any of them (save perhaps Enterprise, and now, Discovery - even though it hasn't aired yet).

Re: Star Trek Show Popularity Vote

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I personally like TOS for short, quick watches, and love DS9 for the longer story arcs. The rest are a bit hit and miss, with ENT having the least of what I would rewatch. But, TNG is certainly not in my top, and I never understood the appeal.
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Re: Star Trek Show Popularity Vote

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Voyager is my number one, but it's also the show I grew up watching so I'm probably a bit biased. DS9 is a close second.

Re: Star Trek Show Popularity Vote

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I'd have to vote DS9 myself but each series had it's good and bad points.

TOS: Episodes could be fun but the effects were oh so cheesy and low budget. Somebody once described the Klingons as looking like Puerto Rican's in Gold Lamé.

TNG: There were some really good episodes (and some facepalm worthy horrible ones) with socially commentary and asking questions that are very relevant in today's world. Picard's speech in "The Drumhead" as well as his chat with Worf about the presumption of innocence really hits home today as society grapples with what's going on in the middle east and fighting terrorism at home.

DS9: It has it's low points but there are also some amazing high points, epic battles on a scale we've never seen in Trek before, Bashir's rant to Adm Ross about section 31. Bug Eye'd Gowron getting killed by Worf.

VOY: It was okay, and fun at times but I hated how the Borg, this insanely powerful enemy we barely fought off on several occasions, (Picard almost destroyed Starfleet's most powerful flagship to stop them) Janeway turned into the wimpy Alien of the Week. 

ENT: The series had issues but also promise and towards the end I could see glimpses of the greatness that it could become, only to have it nuked.

TAS: Never saw but it has Caitians so can't be all bad. :)

Re: Star Trek Show Popularity Vote

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Hard to say really.

I grew up with TNG playing like all the time, but I didn't really get into it or really watch it religously till i was much older.

Voyager was probably the first one i ever sat down and really watched from begining to end and walked away from it feeling really happy about. So it definitely has a soft spot in my heart. Janeway is still to this day my favorite captain, and the one I most often look too for inspiration.

TOS was a relic, something on old Sci-Fi channels and was a little too outdated by the time I was growing up for me to really understand the impact it had. I respect it (I mean obviously I have watched it all I play a Gorn here) but it's around fourth in my books.

DS9, I didn't watch this until my back surgery where I was trapped and unable to move. With only a subscirption to netflix and a bed I couldn't move from what more was I to do? Let me tell you something about DS9, it has ups and downs but have you ever actually sat down and marathon run all four seasons every episode? Don't... it does not endere it's self in that way. Character progression is all over the place and by the end of it you just feel bad for the Klingons.

ENT: fuck this show

TAS: Never seen it, but it can't be worse then ENT.

Re: Star Trek Show Popularity Vote

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This is hard for me.  I grew up watching TNG since it was on everyday when I came home from school.  I loved it so much (and watched it so much) that as a young child, when I saw LeVar Burton on Reading Rainbow for the first time (Geordi LaForge in my mind, because I hadn't yet realized the difference between actors and characters), I ran into the other room to tell my mom...  "Momma LOOK!  God healed Geordi of his blindness!!!  There he is, reading a book without his visor and he's not blind anymore!!!"

My mother, to her credit, just said "why yes honey, He did.." with a big smile.

But Voyager aired during my teenage years so I watched the entire series. 

I love the cast of characters on TNG, but there were times where I just couldn't get into it.  But Voyager is probably my favorite show and Janeway is my favorite captain (I think).  I shipped her so hard with Chakotay!  And I hated Thomas Paris >.>  lol.  Voyager is also the only one I think i've seen every episode of.
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Re: Star Trek Show Popularity Vote

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Oh how to rank these....

1) DS9: Sisko is a badass (he punched out Q people!).  Plus I'm a sucker for long-running arcs, and to me, Far Beyond the Stars is possibly one of the most important episodes ever made (especially in light of the fact that I live in the South).

2) TNG: I'm pretty biased towards this one on account of the fact that this is the one I grew up watching (technically true for DS9, VOY, and ENT, but TNG was first), but Picard is the captain I'd want to serve under.

3) ENT seasons 3-4: similar to DS9, I love the arc format, and the various stories the used in season 4 to help tie it properly to the rest of the series were awesome.  If anyone asks though, These Are the Voyages... is actually a falsified account set up by Section 31 to cover for Trip's insertion into the organization.

4) TOS: Many, many good episodes with awesome messages that are still needed today, but the 60s shines through a little too much for me.

5) VOY: I actually enjoy it quite a bit, at least on an episode by episode basis.  Some are good, others are bad.  Oh well, about average for a TV show in that era really.

6) TAS: It's only this low because I'm still somewhat new to it, I was never able to see it until it was put on DVD a few years ago.  It can be fun, though Filmation man......

7) ENT seasons 1-2: I only got to see season 1 when it was new (missed 2-3 due to being out of the country during their runs and Jamaican TV didn't show it), but I could see the promise, I just wish they thought things through more.

TBD) Discovery: I haven't been a fan of how CBS has been handling it, the overpromising has worn pretty thin, I'm never going to pay for All Access just to watch it, and their business practices towards the fan film community has really soured things with me, but we'll see what happens.

Re: Star Trek Show Popularity Vote

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I have played with the idea to combine the best elements of all the series into one series that would top them all. Wouldn't it be awesome if we got to see a series that had:

- Picard as Captain
- With the story premise of Voyager (including some of the crew)
- Written by the DS9 people, with story arcs and on-point dealing with controversal topics
- Move the existence of Shran and T'Pol from ENT forward a couple of hundred years so that they were aboard
- Along with the daughter of Uhura from TOS (played by Zoë Saldaña)
- And rated R

Never saw the Animated Series. Perhaps I should if it comes out on Netflix here in Sweden... Anyway, what I basically want to say is that I like all the different series in some aspects, but not so much in others. If I were to throw a vote of my own, it has to fall on DS9 because it is the only series that has withstood the test of time the best in my regard.


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Re: Star Trek Show Popularity Vote

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I figure I might add my 2 cents. I missed all this stuff while it was fresh and I have opinions too dag-nap-it!

TOS - Good, mostly. Some of it is really of it's time and when it get's preachy... man does it get preachy. But the chemistry between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy is so good it can't be ignored.

TAS - Man did that show get insane. It has some good bits, but man did it get crazy at times. For die hard Star Trek fans it's great because you get to meet so many important people, to the casual viewer it would just be crazy.

TNG - The first few seasons are rough to sit through. I mean some of it really sucked. But then you get to Season 3 and it starts to get good. Then you get to the end of season 6 and they run out ideas. Seasons 6 and 7 were good, just a bit spotty. And the finale is epic.

DS9 - Of all the shows Deep Space Nine was my favorite. It has some low points, but it also had some really good episodes, I mean like some of the best in the franchise. It also had the most divisive episode in the franchise, "In the Pale Moonlight." An episode I regard as the best episode of Star Trek, but I know some hate this episode because it shows a Starfleet Captain really going out there.

VOY - Man did this show have promise and man did they ever screw it up. It has what in my opinion is the worst episode of Star Trek in it, "Threshold." But it also has some genuinely good episodes. I will forever be annoyed that it became the "Seven of Nine and the rest" show by the end and that they got rid of Kes. But I also love the show too. It's complicated. My favorite episode is "Concerning Flight" by the way.

ENT - Like Voyager this show had promise and like Voyager it was all flushed away. They almost ruin the Vulcans and only make up for it by adding to the Andorians. I was not a T'Pol fan, I felt she was supposed to be like Seven of Nine because the writers couldn't write anything else. And the level of immaturity in the way they handle sex in that show. Let's just say it needed better writers. And it got them too. The show almost started from scratch with Season 3 and it started to get good. I think if it had wrapped up a 7 season run it would be remembered differently. As it is, ENT is like the red headed stepchild when it was really the fault of poor writers.

STD (shut up that's it's initials) - I am not impressed with the trailer, but I will of course give it a fair shake when it comes down to it. I was one of the people who hated ST2009 for a long time, but STB was good, showing that with good writing anything is possible.

Orville (yes I am counting it as a Star Trek TV show) - Looks promising. I like the ideas in the trailer and I feel like it was some good comedic minds behind it. I'm not huge into Seth MacFarlane, he's hit and miss when it comes to jokes for me, but I actually find the trailer funny.I'll give it a go and likely use the Orville Uniforms for some of my pics, cause I like them.

And that is all of the Star Trek TV shows, including the trailers for the 2 new ones and my thoughts on them.

Re: Star Trek Show Popularity Vote

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@Absinthe :

It was episodes like "The Pale Moonlight" that endeared me to DS9. I grew up with TNG, grew up in the sense that TNG played every afternoon when I got home from School. I was in primary school at the time so I was still a kid, 7 when TNG aired. DS9 started airing on cable when I was in my early/mid teens so I was at that point in life where I could begin to appreciate the complex themes that were coming out in DS9 episodes like "The Pale Moonlight", "The Siege of AR-558", and "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" (amongst others)

Re: Star Trek Show Popularity Vote

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For me, it Ent, DS9, TOS and Voyaer,, then TNG. never saw TAS.

Looking forward to Discovery, and Orville is cool. Seth MacFarlane rocks.

In case anyone is curious, I heard that had Ent season 4 gone ahead, they would have had a sub-plot with T'Pol finding that she was half-Romulan.

Re: Star Trek Show Popularity Vote

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I grew up with Star Trek, amusingly enough the first episode that I can remember watching is "Space Seed" a couple of hours after watching "Conquest of Planet of the Apes" and it just kind of stuck with me after that kind of like the first movie my mom ever took me too was "Blade Runner" at the local drive-in..and people wonder why I'm so warped?? ;)

I would however have to put Deep Space Nine as my first favorite series because simply I enjoyed it more then the others...the jury is still out on "Discovery" though..

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