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EPIL: S [D06|1330] Liaison Discretions


[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Captain's Quarters of the USS Allegiant ] Attn: @BZ
The talk with High Chancellor Martok had gone well, exceeding Dewitt's carefully optimistic expectations. The Allegiant was on it's way back towards the Theurgy with the good news, and Dewitt had retired to the quarters that she'd loaned from Captain Ives in her leading the short away mission. She could but hope the Chameloid was going to be pleased with the news they brought.

She stretched her neck as she walked through the larger room, having shed her uniform jacket on the bed and opened the zipper in her red undershirt collar to the middle of her chest, letting her skin breathe a little as she meant to relax. Havenborn was flying the Allegiant back, and the rest of the small crew was keeping an eye on things, so Dewitt was trying to come down from a long day wrought with twists and turns, battles and diplomacy, deposing of Trent and having had sex with both Thomas Ravon and Zyrao Natauna. She was exhausted...

...then there was a chime from the door.

Jennifer couldn't help but chuckle, suspecting whom it might be, but she certainly had no objections. "Enter."

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[Zyrao Natauna | Down Time | Seeking Out Company | Trying to Make Friends | Starting Over isn't Easy]
@Auctor Lucan

Zyrao had found herself bored.  Boredom was not something she was used to, accustomed to, or would like to entertain.  Her mind found itself too busy to join her body in what it wanted, which was sleep.  Instead, she wished that she could do that.  Her body was tired however when she lay down in the Quarters that she had been assigned she found that her brain would not stop churning.  So, instead of sleep, she tested the elasticity of the Starfleet issue mattress and perfected her toss-n-turning technique.  She almost missed her old bed on the Hakkarl.  It had been broken in over the years she had served on that ship to absolute perfection.  This bed, underneath her now, would only be a temporary one so there was no reason to give it the proper welcoming she would have if it were her permanent one.

Getting up, because laying abed was solving nothing, she replicated herself some tea flavored water and headed out to walk the ship.  There wasn't anyone really about at this moment, everyone was either on the Bridge so they could head to their destination, or they had retired to their own Quarters.  Zyrao knew that she wasn't going to be running into Jen or anyone in the hallways.  Her thoughts turned to the redhead.  She knew that the woman had mentioned she would not be interested in any sort of relationship beyond the occasional hook up and that was fine.  Zyrao wasn't even sure if she wanted a relationship, and if she did, what kind.  So, she wasn't too worried about making one happen.

Somehow her walking, and probably the thoughts of getting to know Jen on a less-than-sexual stand, ended up with her at the door of the Commander.  So Zyrao figured that she might as well give it a try though she assumed that Jen would be as tired as she was.  Still, a small ping later, and she heard the voice of the red head inside telling her to enter.  Stepping into the Quarters, she found Jen without her jacket and just in her tank top and pants relaxing a little bit now that she was off duty.

“I was wondering if you wouldn't mind a little conversational company.” she said taking a sip of the lackluster tea in her hand.  Nothing quite help up to the beauty of fresh brewed fresh leaved tea. 

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Captain's Quarters of the USS Allegiant ] Attn: @BZ
Having been entirely correct in her assumption, Jennifer smiled and gestured for Zy to come in.

"Of course," she said and stepped towards the sitting area and the couch. She stopped however, feeling like conversation begged for a less dry throat. "I'll just get something to drink." So, she headed for the replicator and let Zy have a seat in the couch first. After they had blown off some steam prior to the launch, Dewitt was not the least awkward in the other Liaison Officer's company. The needs had been both mutual and satisfied, and well worth it given the damn day they were having... and it was a day they was far from over as well.

"Almond milk, cold," she ordered, having given up on diary products since she left the Black Opal and began an entirely sober life. It had payed off, her work out dedication and small changes in diet having done wonders for her health and well-being. With more energy and a clearer head - not to mention a greatly improved physique - she was far from ready to call it a day. Once they reached the Theurgy, she would be there to report Martok's acceptance together with Zy, and she had a feeling she would be on duty until the small hours of the night - just so that she might coordinate with the Aldean representatives.

"Can you believe it's just half past one in the afternoon?" she asked with a small laugh when she returned to the couch with her milk, stretching a bit as she did so. She dropped down next to Zy, resting an arm on top of the back of the couch and running her hand through her loose hair. "Thank you... for before. Today, I feel like I've been missing the touch of a good woman..."

She said this while sipping her milk, which left a thin, translucent line across her upper lip. She glanced away a moment, rubbing her temple. "Also, after the thing with Trent, I had thought I'd made a career suicide, that I'd become a pariah aboard. You've proven me wrong..." she said, and looked back with a rueful smile, "and quite thoroughly so."

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[Zyrao Natauna – Klingon Liaison | Getting to Know You | Becoming Friends | You Do Not See Yourself Clearly]
@Auctor Lucan

Zyrao walked over to the long seating area and sat herself down on the couch.  It was a low couch, but comfortable, and the El-Aurian woman leaned back comfortably as Jen replicated herself a drink.  She followed the younger officer with those grey eyes of hers as she went after something to lubricate the throat.  As Jen got her milk and returned to the couch to sit with Zyrao the older woman was quite relaxed drinking her tea and just trying to enjoy the ride back to the Theurgy.  There, they would have to jump back into work pretty quick and would probably be on duty for a while.  Though she wasn't sure if she would be needed, however, if there was any question of the permissions the Theurgy had received Zyrao needed to be part of that.  Once they docked, she could rest herself.  Though she felt she had been up for a long time and hoped that at some point she could at least rest her eyes a brief spell.

“I feel as though I have been up forever.  We hardly got a break before we were asked to come here and we did not use our small break to actually rest.” she winked at the young red headed woman and gave a shrug.  “Though I am hoping this caffeine will help give me what is needed until you and I can actually get off shift.”  she said with a slight shrug of a slender shoulder.  “I feel my age today, Jennifer.” she chuckled.

Of course, that was probably true and untrue, as her age was relevant, and she was quite old.  Jen mentioned that she thanked her for the loving of earlier.  She had missed the touch of a good woman earning the red head a bit of a grin from the El-Aurian that sat beside her.  “I would say it's been some time for me as well, but that's not true.  However, I have only recently begun to experience women, I quite enjoyed myself as well.”

She turned away after leaving a swath of milk across her upper lip like a mustache.  She began to massage her temple, likely from stress, and began to speak about Trent.  Zyrao's face turned sour.  She didn't like Trent and didn't expect that she would ever change her tune when it came to him.  She didn't think he could have done anything to actually earn that First Officer position and wasn't sad to see him booted out of it with authority. 

“Honestly, I think you made the right call.  I wouldn't have backed you up otherwise.  Not only was the man emotionally compromised but he failed to listen to those around him, myself included.  I may not have gone through your Starfleet Academy but I have been alive longer than most and know my business.  It threw me for a loop that I was ignored and turned a back to because I did not carry a pip on my collar.  Yes, I did not make things easier with my pushing at his buttons, but without respect, I cannot in good conscience give it in return.”

She sighed softly.  “He didn't like me from our first meeting in his office.  Despite my helping the crew.  His distaste for me was something he could not look past.  I am not sad to see him lose his position and I am hoping whom ever Ives finds to replace him will have a better head on their shoulders.  You did what was right, mutiny is a hard game to play and had it not been that situation exactly you could have lost your job.  But, it was the right call, the Bridge knew it, and Ives knew it when they returned.” she explained with a shrug of her shoulder again.

“I am a traitor to those I have long served beside, to turn the tide of an idiotic decision to attack the Theurgy against the wishes of Martok.  I did what you did, I didn't just mutiny, I turned the tide of the battle for the Theurgy to allow the officers to win.  I did not expect the Hakkarl to trigger the base like it did or be destroyed.  It makes hiding myself easier but there were good people onboard that ship.  Friends.”

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Captain's Quarters of the USS Allegiant ] Attn: @BZ
Hearing that it was only recently that Zy had begun to enjoy the company of women, Jennifer was a bit surprised - arching an eyebrow with a smile in silent query. "Certainly could have fooled me."

If there was one thing that Zy had experience with at that point, then it was to support Dewitt in her unorthodox decision on Vector 03. The Listener certainly had her back, backing her up in her take on Trent and how he had fallen apart in the seat of command. It seemed Ives was certainly not unwilling to see things in her favour either, which suggested that Zy - in her experience - had foreseen how the chips would fall. Of course, Dewitt knew in her heart that based on what she'd known, and in her experience in Tactical, she had not made the easy call. She had made the right one. Something that had made her end up on the Black Opal once, but now? Perhaps there was some justice in the 'verse after all.

"Thank you, Zy," she said and sipped her glass again, running a hand through her red hair. She looked at the short-haired woman next to her with her green eyes, a smile creasing the corners of them. "I am not worried, but given the magnitude of my actions and the ways they can be interpreted, it's good to hear nonetheless."

Then, Zy spoke of her own treason against the KDF, and that certainly wasn't such a grey area. The way Dewitt had heard of the mission to the Coreless Moon, it seemed things had gone properly sideways in the end of it, but Zy had saved the away team by turning on her own. The woman, old and cunning, had spoken with Ives, and seen the merit in acting in Martok's best interests - unbeknownst to him and the entire Klingon Empire.

"I know Ives certainly appreciates what you did that day given the fallout. Here you are, despite betraying the Empire, acting as their Liaison aboard the Theurgy. Captain Drex on the Hakkarl was about to destroy SuD Lang and the away team. That surely triggered the defence systems in those derelict ruins. Think of it this way..."

Dewitt adjusted her seat, shifting a bit closer so that she could run her fingers through the other woman's short hair. She couldn't help it. It was so inviting, and she wanted the woman to take her words to heart - knowing that a simple touch might anchor words better. "If you hadn't heeded Ives' call for aid, then the away team would have been compromised. That would have meant that you'd be dead, gone together with the rest of the Hakkarl. It would have meant that the dilithium would be lost, not reaching the Theurgy in time at the battle with the Versant. The Theurgy could not have travelled faster than Warp 3 without the dilithium, which means that we'd been destroyed - the ship no match agains the Savi dreadnought."

She smiled at Zy, the rest obvious. Her green eyes lowered those full lips of hers, and she couldn't resist running her thumb across them. "Without the Theurgy, Martok would not have been aware of the Borg presence, and not held the line against the Queen for a whole hour. There would have been no knowledge gained on how to open the apertures, and no one would know how to use the subspace bomb. The Borg would have entered the Alpha and Beta Quadrants completely unopposed, and it would have been the end of the Federation and the Klingon Empire both. Romulus would fall in due time... and the Infested would drive the Borg Queen mad from inside the Hive Mind. So while Ives could merely tell you some of the stakes involved... I think a lot of people should be grateful that you turned on Drex that day."

Jennifer raised her eyes to Zy's, and her hand slid down the side of her neck. "I know I am, at least. You also made the right call."

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[Zyrao Natauna | Couch Confessions | Getting to Know One Another | Acceptance is a Two Way Street]
@Auctor Lucan

She knew that should Martok find out about her actions on the Moon Base she would likely not be seen in a good light any longer.  She didn't want to lose the family that she had created for herself among the KDF.  Many of the Klingon that were lost on the ship had been her friends and to a lesser extent her family.  She tired of Drax though, sexually, and of course, his need to run the show.  But, she had been good at manipulating him when she needed to hence why she had ended up on the Starbase to begin with.  Still, she didn't really want any of this information to come to light.  It was imperative that they didn't have to worry about it, and that Martok didn't turn on them.  If he did, they would end up in really bad shape trying to run from two different armies in two different directions.  Eventually, they would be caught in the center when they were at their most vulnerable.  Telling Jen this, was meant to extend an arm of trust, should it be broken Zyrao would find herself on the giving end of betrayal.

Zyrao nodded to Jen's words as the red headed woman moved closer and began to push her fingers through the dark short locks of the El-Aurian.  Zy gave a bit of a grin.  “Drex was never intelligent, if it was not for the people around him he would not have gotten as far as he had.  His dreams of grandeur for his name to be known among the Klingon empire thwarted his attempts to remain alive and victorious.  I can't even say that he died honorably, seeing as, he did not go down in battle.” she sighed with a slight shrug to one of her shoulders.  She said nothing that was untrue, and she had a feeling that Martok would try to spin it another way since that was his one and only son.

She nodded as Jen went on about the critical role she played in the whole senario that played out that day.  Something that Zyrao had been pushing down.  The Borg had destroyed her world, killed her kind, and scattered the remnants to the winds.  There was no one that she could talk to and now, the one person she thought she could connect with turned out to be dead.  She had gotten word, only recently, about it, and it was bothering her.  She had watched him get attacked by the nanobots.  She had watched as it began to slowly take over his body, his flesh, and she had assured herself if he needed to be put down she would do it herself.  It should have been her right as someone that had been there since the beginning.

Zyrao gave a nod and a half-smile not really feeling like a full one as Jen stroked over her neck stating that Ives and she were glad she had turned on Drex when she did.  Zyrao rose, pulling herself out of Jen's hand's reach and walked over to the replicator.  She got herself a drink and a small plate of cookies.  Zyrao wasn't a fan of sweet things, but these cookies weren't sweet, they weren't very sugared at all, and the interior was a nice tart that allowed it to be even less so.  She had learned how to work around the sweet tooth that Chloe had when they lived together and still share meals and snacks.  Zyrao would never find a fondness for sweet things finding it unnecessary and uncultured.  Returning to the couch she had shared with Jen a moment ago she sipped her newly replicated tea and put the plate of cookies in her lap with her legs crossed for support.

“I am curious, how close we will work with Martok now, once we leave Aldea.  I am curious what our jobs are to be.  I have thought about contacting one of the Tactical officers and offering my services there as well.  Since, I think I would be a boon to such situations and I believe the liaison and the Tactical should work in cohort with one another to make the ship and the Klingon contingent we may end up with work more smoothly.”  she offered taking a bite of the tart cookie.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Captain's Quarters of the USS Allegiant ] Attn: @BZ
Resuming to drink her almond milk when Zy went to the replicator, Jen couldn't quite shake the idea that she'd upset the woman somehow. Was it the mentioning of the Borg, or Drex, or something else that had come up? She had no idea, but perhaps her betraying the Klingon Empire and yet still about to serve as if nothing had happened... it might be eating at her. She was an old hand in the military and tactical field, loyalty being a topic close to heart, so perhaps the idea to appear loyal instead of standing for what she'd done at the Coreless Moon would chafe at her? Jennifer knew not, but judging by the question about Martok, perhaps the El-Aurian was concerned somehow?

"Well," said Dewitt, and glanced towards the cookies Zy had brought. She felt the milk on her lip by then and idly brushed it away in thought. "I doubt we'll be working with Martok directly while at Aldea, since they have a Klingon General stationed there that will work with us to get the Theurgy repaired. After we leave Aldea, however, I bet we'll have more frequent contact with the High Chancellor. We'll be working to thwart the Infested in Starfleet Command, and Martok has influence we need to get the ear of the President."

Hopefully, Bacco wasn't one of the enemies yet.

"I think reaching out to Tactical is a good idea. You have a lot to offer in that regard besides working with the General at Aldea. I am not sure who will be the new CTO after Commander Marquez died in the battle, but either way, I am sure you will fare far better without Trent blocking you at every turn." Jennifer smiled ruefully and sipped her milk again, thinking about how - in the end - they were still alive, and all the decisions they had made had led them to victory. Still, she was concerned about Zy and her feelings about what she'd done at the Coreless Moon. She wasn't sure if that was the issue, or if it was something else, but she wanted to ease Zy's mind.

"Hey," she said, seeking her gaze with her own. "The alliance with Martok may look like it is fragile, given your actions back when the Sabine picked you up. But everything is riding on the Theurgy having this ally if we are to end the treat to the Federation and the Klingon Empire both. What you did at the Coreless Moon is restricted knowledge. I have seen the confidentiality reports, and what the away team can and can't say. If Hi'Jak, the one that betrayed the Theurgy, is still alive, his word is worth less than shite. Even he wouldn't be so stupid that he'd try to ruin this. Fact remains that he bears the responsibility for what happened, not you. You merely made the best of a hopeless situation, choosing to fight in Martok's best interests. You couldn't have predicted that Drex would die. No one on that moon could. As loyal as you are to Martok, and to Ives in that respect, your omission may save us all."

Hopefully, Dewitt could make Zy see the merit in her actions, even if what she'd done was unforgivable from another point of view. it was a hard call, and she'd made it. She'd just have to live with it, like many others in Starfleet's Command Division might.

Just like Dewitt would have to live with what she'd done to Trent.

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[Zyrao Natauna | Tea for the Soul | Loyalty is a Hard Road to Walk When They're Wrong | A Clean Break is Best | This is Messy]
@Auctor Lucan

Jen was right, they would likely be dealing mostly with the High Chancellor and less with just the generic Klingon that were around Aldea.  Which was fine, but if he ever figured out that she had helped cost his son his life, then she knew that it would not work out well for them.  Though, to her mind, Drex had ended his own life through stupidity, she had only assisted the Fleeters because otherwise they would have died as well.  She also knew she couldn't go back to the Klingon ship once she ended the officers with her, and thus it was a mixture of self preservation and the right thing.

Zyrao returned to the couch and sat beside Jen again, brushing her dark hair out of her face as she thought about everything that was happening.  She supposed that it was partly the transition of it all.  From one ship and culture to another.  She was grateful that Ives had taken her in, she could have given her a ride to Aldea and dropped her there.  Zyrao would have found something to do with herself, she always did, but she preferred to have a purpose.  Idle hands had never done anything for her mental state.

It was no secret that Zyrao didn't like Trent, and she thought he was pretty worthless as an officer all together.  As much as she tried to give everyone the benefit of the doubt they didn't always earn it and Trent was one of those people that made her want to scream.  If he had been Klingon she would have challenged him, won, and taken his position.  Here it was all hierarchy and pips on collars that decided who could take a seat.  Though how that bastard had earned anything himself she still couldn't puzzle out.

“I am planning to reach out, I would like to know them, for them to know me, and for us all to work together.  I would like to make sure they understand I know what I am doing, as well as, that I am only a member of the team.  My goal is not to take away from anyone's job but only to enhance where I can.  I believe that Trent could not see that.  I'm sure my goading him by disrespecting him in his office was probably not helpful, but you know, sometimes you have to give it to get it, and he sure as fuck didn't respect me.”

Jen called to her, and Zyrao looked up and over with her piercing grey eyes.  The woman mentioned that while everything seemed fragile, her omission of all the facts, was saving everyone.  It was important and Hi'Jak wasn't going to say anything and ruin the one chance he had left to stay alive now that he was deemed a traitor.  She didn't think he would either, if he knew what was good for him, but there was still a loose end out there.  If she had been in control she probably would have shipped him off to some deserted or lower tech planet so that he would be less likely to come back and haunt her.  But, she didn't get that choice and honestly while he was leaving the Theurgy and Martok was likely not to let him do anything worthwhile now, he was still alive and thus carried knowledge that could cripple this alliance.

“Thank you for your words of support.  They are a salve to my old soul.  I have had to turn my back many times on the people that I had adopted as my own for various reasons.  More so; to have the freedom I do now.  Being a slave, or any manner of a slave, was never my cup of tea and when I could find another way, I did.  This was different.  This was sacrificing a few good soldiers, family, because they were doing what was wrong, at the behest of an idiot.  The Klingon way is not to question, not when you are as low as they were.  You do what you are told, you are a warrior.  It was the right call, and I am glad we have a merger with Martok now.  I do not mind being his arm here on the Theurgy, I only worry about loose ends.”

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Captain's Quarters of the USS Allegiant ] Attn: @BZ
It was only natural, of course, to worry about things in which they personally held no leverage over. Dewitt nodded, knowing Zy's sentiment in this regard. If it had been up to her... she wasn't quite sure what to do with a traitor such as Hi'Jak. It was all in Ives' hands now, and she doubted the Chameloid would have the Imperial Intelligence spy killed. No, hopefully Ives would find a solution that wouldn't betray their oaths as Starfleet officers, and not have the man executed at the hands of the Klingons. Still, the man was a liability. How the Captain might solve the conundrum was beyond Dewitt at that time.

"It's out of our hands now, but I will keep an eye on what happens," she said, and smiled faintly to Zyrao. "For your sake as much as the rest of us. We are all in this together now, fight of fall."

Of course, given the history that Zy brought up, in how she betrayed those she allied with, was a tad worrisome. Was she the kind of turn on the Federation as well, even though Starfleet had to be the closest resemblance to the El-Aurian homeworld's military regimen? Dewitt found herself intrigued by the notion, and i equal measure intrigued by the other woman in the couch. Making a decision, she put the glass of almond milk aside and stood up.

"There is another matter we have yet to address," she said and set her steps across the room... angling off towards the bedroom. She paused in the doorway when the sliding doors parted for her, and she put her hand against the frame while she looked at the short-haired woman on the couch. "You and I have unfinished business, in here."

She was referring, of course, to the way in which they had to embark on their away mission, which put an abrupt stop to what they had been doing before then. 

Dewitt gave Zyrao Natauna a wink, and vanished through the doorway.


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