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EPIL: S [D06|2110] Renewal


[ PO1 Varder Ridun | NCO Quaters | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ]
When the call from the captain had started the Bajoran was asleep. Finally able to lay down after what had been a long and eventful series of events, mainly revolving around the Allegiant, for him at least. Fortunately, Varder was a light sleeper. The first words spoken almost startled him awake, after all. It was not often he had someone speaking in his bedroom whilst he was asleep, or in general for that matter.
Still, he blinked awake and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. And he listened, hearing words going over some of what he already knew.. words going over new things, words confirming what he had hoped not true, and what he had hoped for.

They finally had a safe port, a place to stay. Varder had been there, stood upon the bridge of the Allegiant as everything had unfolded. As the hopes held came true, it was an overwhelming feeling.

But it had cost them. Varder could not call Wenn Cinn a friend, but his loss was still keenly felt. The two shared a homeworld and a history, even if they had not known one another well. It might sound strange, or even disconnected. But Varder did not have many aboard the ship that he would even claim to know beyond name and rank, the loss of even one of those was a blow.
Many had been lost.

. . .

Varder knew he would not get back to sleep, not with the thoughts now playing loops through his mind. Somehow now different, that the whole crew knew, as if everything had changed. Oddly enough it also felt like a weight was gone, he was no longer one of the few who knew they had a place to rest.

So instead he got up, shuffling across his room to pull on his uniform, straightening and brushing it up, then doing the same for himself. It took a little time, mainly because the Bajoran himself was sluggish in his movements and in his mind...
He really wanted a drink.

[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Turbolift to Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ]

The Bajoran at least looked presentable, his uniform was all in order, he himself looking rather worn, the face of someone without enough sleep. But his hair was neat, his stubble at a controlled length. Whatever he could control was in order, the things he could not, were another story.

He had made his way from his quarters to the turbolifts, catching one and calling it to deck 28. Arms behind his back to artificially prop himself up just that little bit more, there was an atmosphere present. Hope, from the crew, damn near from the ship itself. The Bajoran knew well enough to embrace it, to fit in.

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[ Jaya Thorne, Asst. Chief CONN Officer, Ensign | Turbolift on deck 28 | Uss Theurgy ], @jm von cat

Jaya walked with intention. She had a list in her mind and an order to her visits tonight. She felt strange, like her body was elastic and it was stretched so much that she could snap at any moment. But she was also wired as hell. The disconnect between mind and body along with her outbursts and dreams lately had her worried. Something was wrong with her, and she would take the steps needed to fix herself. Just not tonight. Tonight was for clearing her head with apologies and alcohol. Hopefully small bits of one and copious amounts of the other.

Jaya reached the turbolift as the door slid open and someone she knew stepped out. Her face fell slack as she stopped and stared at him. He hadn't been first on her list tonight, but if he was here it meant the universe needed this applogy to happen NOW. She grit her teeth. Karma was a bitch.

"Hey." She walked up to Varder and flashed  a small wave of her hand. She felt awkward and she never felt awkward. "I just wanna- umm-" She held her elbow while she spoke and kept her gaze lowered. Nothing about this felt natural; felt like her. It was all wrong.

Jaya cleared her throat and stood up straight. Her hands fell to her sides. She looked Varder in the eye.  "I want to clear the air between us. You know I'm forward as hell most of the time, but what happened with us was... pushy. Forceful almost. That's not me. I'm not like that. I'll give you a naked lap dance until you say "hell yea lets fuck", but I've never pressured someone into sex before. I'm sorry. There's been so much going on lately. I kinda lost my head there for a while. So if you dislike me, that's understandable. If you don't want to talk about it, thats also cool. I just wanted to apologize. Cuz I really am sorry. And hey, it would be cool if you didn't hate me cuz you're one of very few people who i actually know on this ship."

She smiled, slow and slight. She'd said her piece. Now it was in his hands.
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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Even Angels Cry

The doors to the turbolift fell open and he stepped out, right into a familiar face. Well, not right into her, but close enough. Initially, he was just going to offer a small nod of his head in her direction, assuming they each had their own destinations in mind. Her movement caught his eye, not towards the lifts but him, so he waited till she spoke. Then turned to face her and listen to what she had to say.

Her words, as it turned out were far more than just simple greetings. More than that, she seemed genuinely out of place, a rarity.. More than that, he could not recall a time he had ever seen her like this. The Thorne he knew just blew through everything with more or less the same demeanour, almost brazenly.
Or perhaps that was exactly the word to describe her normally, brazen.

Then her demeanour flipped like a switch, direct and clear and he stood there to listen, arms still behind his back and attention directed towards her. She said her piece, an explanation and an apology. Well, that and something to get off her chest. Once all was said and done, something he recognized showed itself. That hint of a smile.

It was his turn, to say something. Or just turn and leave. Only one of those was really an option, but both went through his mind as he quietly eyed Jaya for a moment. Not with hostility, just curiosity, or perhaps like trying to read a book. Her unnatural demeanour was strange, but perhaps not unexpected.

Then his gaze was back to her eye, not that it had wandered for long. "I can't hate you, that would be something beyond unreasonable. Especially for something that, in the end, I went along with, regardless of the prelude. Perhaps it is for the best to simply say it happened, let's move on and not say any more on it. That is unless you have a particular want to talk about it, in that case, I will listen as I always have." He spoke perhaps quieter than usual, but otherwise just tiredly. Tired being something that Jaya could undoubtedly pick up on, after all. It was not his normal.

His expression took a small, soft smile of its own as he inclined his head for the slightest of nods.

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@Jm Von Cat

Jaya waited for a response. In truth, he didn't have to say anything. He owed her nothing. But he spoke. He was kind. Understanding. She was grateful. But she'd spoken her piece and didnt really want to dwell on the matter anymore. She shook her head.

"I feel weird enough apologizing like this. So yea, let's not stay on the subject. 'Sorry, man. S'ok gurl!' Is good enough for me."

She had felt such a burning need to set things right and now that it was done, there was no immediate satisfaction. It was rather underhwelming actually. She fidgeted with her fingers. "Well. I sure know how to make a scene, huh?"

The silence between them stretched for decades. She flashed a quick smile. "This is awkward. Im being awkward. Im never awkward. You wanna get a drink? Promise i wont get too grabby." She chuckled. Bad joke. Too early. She felt the need to make a quick exit. Or drink. She wasn't acting anything like herself! Stress or space madness or whatever it was sucked ass!

"Seriously though, drinks are neccessary. If you're on your way back to the bar, I'llgo with you."
"Relationships are not my strong suit; I deal in evenings."
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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Even Angels Cry
The suggestion to have a drink was not amiss for Ridun, who inclined his head and chuckled a little. Thorne was always a bright spark of joy, and especially so in contrast with the awkward silence they had just shared after she'd apologised. How could he find fault in her actions? Sure, he might not have been entirely.... comfortable with the very public incident in the baths.

"Yes, I could definitely use a drink, and please, no need to worry. There is no 'bad blood' between us, as you humans might say," he told her as he directed their steps towards Below Decks, which wasn't very far. As they tread the corridor, he cleared his throat and added. "I know we agreed not to speak of it, but I think I might have to clarify... I am not holding what happened against you. By the Prophets, not in the slightest. I may have been... surprised by the sudden development, initially, but once we were in the shower... it was hardly like I protested, right? In fact, I enjoyed it quite a lot, odd as the initiation may have been."

Embarrassing topic of discussion. Ridun cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck. "Perhaps you were just happy to see me again?" he said, already making matters worse, but it wasn't like he could stop talking there. "It wasn't like we could keep in touch either. You were assigned to the Black Opal, right? That top secret weapons research base? I only learned about it after I was thawed, and the Theurgy had gone there. Hidden away like that, how did you like it there? Did you get to fly at all?"

She had been a shuttle pilot before she was promoted, and he supposed he should be calling her 'sir' or 'ma'am' now that she was an Ensign, but he also reckoned that - given the past and recent development between them - some informality was appropriate.

Soon enough, they stepped into Below Decks, and Ridun found himself looking at Jaya out of the corner of her eye, wondering if she wanted to eat or just hang out by the bar. There were holosuites as well, but Ridun had no idea if they were available at that time.

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@Auctor Lucan

Thank goodness! Jaya exhaled loudly with relief and followed him in. Below Decks was her comfort bar anyway. That blue guy really knew how to make drinks. Dinkan? Beacon? ...Deacon! Yes, that was his name!

Like a true alcoholic, Jaya walked right up to the bar and sat down with little more than a glance towards the tables. She raised her hand and ordered a craft beer, then turned towards Varder.

"Oh. Shit, did you want a table? I forget they have them here. I always just sit here and... drink." Her hands found themselves laying awkwardly on her lap. She glanced around. There were definitely tables available. But tables implied food and a longer apology/interaction than she had planned. What to do?

She straightened on her stool and flashed him a smile. Why was she being so weird?! Ugh! She hated it!

"Maybe we could just stay here a bit? I'm not that hungry. Just feeling like i need some fun juice to be more like myself, you know?"

She sipped at her beer when it arrived and stared across the bar top. Deep conversations were bubbling beneath the surface. She felt them tickling her lips.. in 3... 2...

"It all came back at once. Seeing you for that moment and suddenly all those memories from before. Old friends. Old flames. Ohnoxious CO's. It wasn't that long ago, but it feels like it was worlds away. Don't get me wrong, I'm not really upset about anything. Just can't quite wrap my head around it all."
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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Even Angels Cry
Ridun nodded and took a seat in the bar as well, and ordered a synthehol ale of a Bajoran blend - listening to Jaya while she spoke.

"Yeah, I can understand that, I mean..." Ridun took a deep breath. "This ship has been through a lot, and I hear the incident where the Black Opal was scuttled wasn't easy either. I have read reports about Starbase 84 and the fighting taking place there, followed by the Devoted acting up. I was thawed before Savi ship appeared and attacked the Theurgy, I just didn't realise you were aboard, else I would have sought you out earlier."

He sighed but smiled. "I do realise that seeing an old face stirs feelings, so like I said, don't worry about it. By the Prophets, you're amazing, and I shouldn't complain at all. I don't think I have, actually. Complained that is. I was just... startled, in how... happy you were to see an old face after all you've been through. I guess what I am saying is that I am not upset either. It was nice..."

How was he supposed to end that sentence? Think quickly! Damn you, Ridun...

"It was nice reminiscing with you!" he ended with, quite forcefully, suspecting that the bartender would know exactly what had happened between him and Thorne given his mannerism, but it was too late to cover that up. "Old flames tend to... simmer for quite a long time, right? Easy to get them roaring again. Embers don't die that quickly, right?"

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@Auctor Lucan

Jaya chuckled. At least she wasn't the only one being weird. She eyes the bartender. Oh yea, they knew. She shrugged. "Smooth as ever, Ace." A playful smile decorated her lips. She sipped at her drink.

Sitting here like this, it was easy to fall back into her memories. Her mind was a web of regrets and she found herself losing sight of the way out. Varder's voice centered her and brought her focus back to reality. "I honestly didnt think to look for anyone i knew from before. Figured i was sent away for good reason. Besides, of all the people i left behind, i can count on one hand the ones who might have missed me." Another shrug. Another long sip. She felt the self-pity creeping in. Maybe this had been a bad idea after all. Thankfully, Varder was being uncharacteristically sweet.

She flashed a knowing grin. "I don't think I need to tell you how good of a time I had. At the cost of sounding pushy, I wouldn't mind another go. Just maybe... not right now." Jaya finished her drink and set the glass on the counter with a clink. She pushed off her barstool and fumbled her way into a super awkward side hug with Varder.

"Thank you for this. You have no idea what it means to me. Maybe we can hang when i get myself sorted out a bit." She held him a moment. Should she kiss him? Yes. On the lips or cheek?  Yes? Was it too soon? Yes? She was already hugging him, wouldn't it be weird if she didnt? Definitely yes. Jaya settled on a peck to his cheek.

"Let's let this simmer a while." She pushed off the bar counter and twinkled her fingers at him. She felt a little better. Not great. It hadn't gone as planned and she'd still ended up being a massive flirt. But she'd said her piece and he wasn't angry. The best possible outcome had been reached. It was time for sleep. She was exhausted both physically and mentally.

Jaya waved her exit and left the bar. Tonight she would sleep alone.

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