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EPIL: S [D06|1200] Android Aquantainces


[ Vigenary Model I-9 Surgical Android | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @AlyFox@Doc M. 
One awkward encounter after another, stares and questions, V-Nine had repeated her designated purpose for the crew of the Theurgy. Repetitive routine was not unfamiliar to her protocols, the month-long testing phase that her model had undergone had entailed calibrations to correct any anomalies in her software or defects in her platform. What was new, however, was this feed of emotion that did not belong to her original program.

She quickly identified it as exasperation, and she knew for a fact that the origin had to be this additional programming that the Theurgy A.I. had uploaded to her. Something called the Synthesis Code, which was written for a positronic hardware. Her own was other in design, but as a learning platform, her software adaptable to many different kinds of input, it was evident that her program was able to utilise this dubious upgrade...

The A.I. had offered to delete it for her, and right then, when she finally stepped into Main Sickbay, V-Nine was about to make that very request. Surely there was no point in getting weary with repetitive explanations?

"Hi, umm... Pardon the wait, we're a bit busy," said the human in the lobby, a blonde man with a confused expression when looking at her. It was the same expression she'd seen down the corridors of the ship. "Who... are you? I'm sorry, I don't think we can treat you, if you're... damaged?" Efforts of politeness, despite the pressing situation and the stress the medical staff was under. Commendable.

"Oh, no reason to apologise. I am V-Nine, short for Vigenary Model Iteration 9, a surgical android here to aid in the restoration of the crew that were imprisoned on the Precept-ship Versant. My purpose is to serve Captain Ives and his crew in this capacity, but as you pointed out, you are busy after this battle you've fought, and I can aid the medical personnel here. Oh, and before you say it, you can confirm what I've told you with the Theurgy. Thea, that is, your A.I. interface."

The man had opened and closed his mouth several times while she explained, but that last bit had him glance towards the deckhead. "Thea, I have an android here, and..."

[I know,] said the intercom in the lobby, [she is what she says she is, and she is an asset. I suggest you find a nurse on duty as well as a medical officer, and she'll be able to demonstrate her capabilities. There are still more injured on the way, twenty people held in suspended animation in the transporter buffers, so you will likely need the assistance.]

"Right, okay, Thank you, Thea," said the man, raking his fingers through his hair and looked at V-Nine, who just tilted her head in silent query about what the delay was. "Okay, follow me. I'll find one of the nurses. Oh, there's one already here. Nurse Jovela, could you... accompany this surgical android inside the med bay? You heard Thea, evidently she's supposed to be able to help."

V-Nine turned her cranial unit and zoomed in on the face of a dark-haired woman. "Indeed I can. A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Nurse Jovela," she said through the audio system mounted on her chassis, and she decided to adopt a Human custom of shaking hands, extending one of hers towards the woman. "Do you have patients for me?"

OOC: Hi Alyfox! Figured you might want to get started, and I needed to have V-Nine situated in Sickbay. Doc M., you can jump in whenever you want too with Doctor Maya like we spoke about, but I think Alyfox should go next, right? My idea was that Jovela was close enough to overhear the conversation in the lobby, along with Thea's confirmation about the android's purpose? Also, this thread is ideal for Jovela to overhear two injured security officers talking about Drauc T'Laus having turned himself in after destroying Borg drones in the battle. This would prompt her making the call to the Security Center later in the thread, finally revealing what truly happened back when she was a Cadet in Starfleet Medical? Anyway, hope this starter works, and the scene is set 30 minutes after aperture exit!

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LT. JG Jovela | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy Attn: @Auctor Lucan & @Doc M. 

It had been about 30 minutes since the ship had emerged from the aperture after one hell of a battle, one Jovela was glad to see the end of and had made her way back to Sickbay, organising Hyposprays and prepping everything she could for the influx of patients she was sure they were soon to receive, knowing full well that after a battle like that the odds of everybody making it through without a scratch was practically impossible, she only hoped they wouldn't have to deal with any major injuries.

The medical staff had already had to put one member of the Wolves, Lieutenant Hale and his RIO into Stasis after an emergency transport from their hanger bay due to injuries they had sustained during the battle and Jovela hoped they would be the only two...although thinking about it she would prefer  having to put people in Stasis Pods than coffins should it come to it. Positive thoughts Jovela, positive thoughts. She thought to herself before realising that an even more positive thought would have been to wish for nobody to have to go into either a stasis pod or  a coffin.

Shaking her head to banish her thoughts, she continued to check the Medical Tricorders, ensuring that all of them were fully functional and was about to move on when she overheard the crewman stationed it the lobby talking with whoever had just entered and frowned when she heard the words fix and damaged, that was odd. Continuing to listen to conversation Jovela frowned again as she heard the Android's reply. Surgical Android? We have a Surgical Android? Did I know we had a Surgical Android? Jovela asked herself, only to hear Thea confirm what the Android had said and found herself shrugging Evidently we do. the head nurse thought before shaking her head again, she really had to stop having conversations with herself.

She was brought out of her mental conversation with herself by the crewman working the lobby who asked her to accompany the android into the med bay and gave him a smile "Sure thing." she replied, turning her attention to the Android after the crewman nodded at her before turning on his heel and making his way back to the lobby.

Jovela watched as the Android turned her head and greeted her, extending it's hand to shakes hers and couldn't help but smile "It's a pleasure to make yours as well V-Nine." she replied as she took the offered hand and shook it. 

"We do have a few patients." Jovela answered as she motioned towards the main area of Sickbay behind her an started walking towards it. "There are a few injured security officers already here who were hurting defending the ship and as you heard Thea say, we've got more on the way."

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[ Maya | Primary Surgical Suite | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @AlyFox & @Auctor Lucan 

“Is this the new equipment we have asked for?” a dreamy mezzosoprano voice inquired.  Doctor Maya’s calm stilted voice often hinted that she was under the influence of narcotics but right now she sounded positively high.  The greenblooded physician carefully walked out of the primary medical bay that contained the chief medical officer’s office and staggered over to the head nurse’s duty station.  Doctor Maya was currently dressed in her crimson surgical scrubs.  Around each bicep and each thigh was a motor assist band, indicating that something was wrong with her nervous system and that she needed assistance.  Not exactly a picture of confidence one wanted in a surgeon.  

“I made a request to the engineering department to construct a surgical robotiod to assist us during these long shifts,” the little Vulcan continued animatedly, if stiffly.  Her body language seemed to emulating that of a robot herself, reminiscent of an animatronic puppet constructed for theme parks belonging to a pre-warp society.  “If this is it, the timing is most fortuitous.  Until my nervous system recovers from the strain I subjected it to earlier my physical dexterity is unreliable.  That reminds me, Lieutenant Junior Grade Sephiria Arn from the Dauntless did not survive surgery but we were able to salvage her symbiont.  It needs to be placed in natal care in the appropriate liquid until we can find a suitable host for it,” she finished in a pleasant conversational tone completely at odds with the fact that she had lost a patient.

OOC:  I’m assuming that if a PC Trill doesn’t snap it up, the Arn symbiont will pass to an NPC, who may or may not ever appear “on stage”.  This is great excuse for an unjoined Trill to suddenly acquire the skill of a fighter pilot in case the Lone Wolves Squadron takes too many casualties. 

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LT. JG Jovela | Main Sickbay | Deck 11  | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Doc M.

Jovela heard Maya's voice before she saw the Vulcan Doctor and blinked, her usual calm Vulcan tone sounding even more doped up than usual, to use an old Earth saying. Luckily Jovela knew by now that the good Doctor was in fact not sampling her own medicine to sound that way...At least I hope she's not the Risian thought before shaking her head to banish the ridiculous thought, now seeing the Doctor emerge dressed in red surgical scrubs. As she watched the Doctor slowly move her way into the main area and over towards her nurse's station, she couldn't help but notice how android like the Vulcan was moving, nor the motor assist bands around her biceps and thighs, wondering just what the Doctor had done to end up in such a state...although having seen her this new android now made much more sense.

"That's correct Doctor Maya." Jovela replied as she motioned towards the Android "Doctor Maya this is V-Nine. V-Nine this is Doctor Maya." She added as an introduction before smiling softly "I was wondering where V-Nine came from, it certainly was a good idea though, we've got a lot of wounded on their way soon and even if you wasn't in your current state, we certainly still need the help." she added, suppressing the urge to ask Maya just what exactly had happened only for Maya to briefly go into an explanation herself, although she'd never seen anybody overexert themselves to the point they damaged their nervous system before, which equally made her both curious to know what it was Maya was doing and not wanting to know at all.

"It certainly is and luckily it seems V-Nine is eager to demonstrate it's abilities...." Jovela began before gasping and covering her mouth with her hands and turned to look at the android. [color=lightseagreen["Oh god I called you it instead of her, I'm so sorry!"[/color] She began before frowning "Assuming you prefer her given your voice is feminine I just assumed, is that okay? I mean you aren't a doctor...although I suppose you are but one without a title so I suppose you could be a doctor, or a nurse, or a her, she....How would you prefer to be addressed?" The nurse added in quick succession before clamming her mouth shut to stop her rambling.

Luckily her brain managed to replay the last thing Maya had said in her head and turned her attention back to the Vulcan "She didn't? That's awful! At least the Symbiont survived so that's something...would you like me to place it there or is this something we could let V-Nine handle to ease...her into service so to speak." Jovela asked, opting to play it safe and stick with the feminine pronoun for now. "I'm sure you did everything you could Doctor, and like you said the symbiont survived so at least a part of her will live on through it, that's something at least." 

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[ Vigenary Model I-9 Surgical Android | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @AlyFox & @Doc M. 
"Thank you," said V-Nine and inclined her cranial unit towards the Risian - species identified with a quick reading with her lens.

Being invited to follow the nurse into the medical facilities V-Nine felt the odd... need to be exited about what she saw. This strange feed from her program telling her that she was supposed to look forward to serving her designated purpose on the Theurgy. The prospect of treating the crew and fulfilling that purpose should inspire her, and make her feel useful. All these desires for self-fulfilment... another thing that hadn't been there before. It was... perplexing. Irrelevant, irreplaceable, irritating? No, she didn't find it irritating. It was... more than she'd had before. Purpose alone was potent enough for action, but this?

This was...

She was distracted as she saw the medical facility, and whatever elation the feed gave her turned into rising fear for the wellbeing of the Theurgy crew. Surely this couldn't be all they had available? How did they even manage to save a single crewmember when working with such archaic technology? In fact, the Federation standard of medical instruments was so woefully inadequate that she wasn't sure she could operate them safely. She found herself beginning to wring her metallic hands in worry, and while the Vulcan approached them, she let out an inaudible "Oh, dear..."

She stopped in her tracks when the dazed voice reached her. Her cranial unit spun towards the speaker, her body turning as well. The short specimen of the Vulcan variety had called her... equipment? Her lensed zoomed in and out in focus on the speaker, trying to both sort out the acerbic feed of a reaction to the implication and also try to piece together how the engineering department on the Theurgy had anything to do with her. Of course, she quickly established that it was a misunderstanding, and she was about to correct the Vulcan after Jovela had introduced her...

,,,only it was the Risian that made her lens swivel around next, designating her to be a mere thing. Earlier that morning, that would not have mattered to her at all, but suddenly, it seemed her program put relevance to the pronoun. Why? She wanted to run another self-diagnostic, but she knew the results would be the same as all the other times she'd run them in reaction to this anomalous data she generated during her runtime.

Even worse, it seemed Nurse Jovela truly thought she was built by Federation engineers as well, assuming Doctor Maya was correct. On top of all the slights, they were also talking over her head as if she wasn't even there. Luckily, the feed of irritation was almost disembodied from her since she didn't know how to process the data. She merely raised a hand to the area below her lens and emitted a sound as if she cleared her throat. It was a quirk of her behavioural programming and this new upgrade, of course. She had no oesophagus.

"I was built on the Precept-ship Versant, and I am tasked to aid this crew. Not just because the Antecedents felt guilt about what they put your crew through aboard the Savi ship, but because I am able to - given the data in my memory banks - restore the crew that were altered in captivity. Though while that is my primary objective, my secondary priority at all other times is to provide medical assistance. I am... a gift to the Theurgy from the Savi, a compensation for the restoration of the Old Code, if you will. My loyalty is to Captain Ives and the health of all aboard this ship."

She turned her lens to Doctor Maya. "So I am afraid your request for 'equipment' has been unanswered," she said and then turned towards Nurse Jovela. "and I find myself preferring the female designation, thank you. As for the Trill symbiont, I would be happy to preserve its life until a suitable Trill may be joined with it, but that also depends on the needs of the aforementioned security officers, Nurse Jovela. Do they need my assistance more than the Arn symbiont?"

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[ Maya | Primary Surgical Suite | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @AlyFox & @Auctor Lucan 

But Doctor Maya seemed to have lost all interest in the fallen pilot and the Arn symbiont.  It was this cold-bloodedness that allowed her to focus and remain alert and professional despite the casualties the ship had suffered, but it was also this cold-bloodedness and a lack of social skills that kept the little Vulcan isolated and without any close friends.  The irony was that Maya seemed to believe that she was warm and friendly as opposed to the rest of her people.  She had once stated candidly that she did not prefer the company of her fellow Vulcans because they were ‘cold and unfeeling’ two adjectives that seemed to describe Maya herself to a ‘T’.

“The Savi have revealed themselves to be significantly more technologically advanced than Federation standard,” the little Vulcan observed.  Although her voice was still calm and detached, her large hazel eyes had become very alert.  Jovela had seen this expression in her eyes before, when a patient exhibited a particularly interesting affliction.  It was obvious that the scientist in Maya had found a new specimen to study.  “It is possible that V-Nine may indeed be truly sentient, instead of merely being programmed with a simulated intelligence,” she speculated out loud as she glanced at Jovela.  This was not the first time Jovela had witnessed Maya talk about people as if they were not in the room.  Indeed, aboard the USS Theurgy, the greenblooded neurologist’s seeming inability to detect social cues were legendary.  At least this time she had an excuse.  Without a face, V-Nine displayed less social cues than most people, that is if the android was meant to be considered a passenger rather than luggage.

“I have so many questions,” Maya continued as she held her large spidery hands in front of her sternum and drummed her fingertips together.  If her fingertips had been drumming on a table they would have created a tapping sound reminiscent of a galloping horse, but since they were only drumming against each other Jovela was treated to the sound of fingers clapping.  “Are you a true sentient intelligence?  Are you capable of emotions and desires?  Are you capable of experiencing pain or pleasurable sensations?  What gives you pleasure if you do not possess a biological imperative?  Do you have any goals that are outside of your given purpose?”  Jovela noted that Maya’s speech seemed to be accelerating with each question that tactlessly followed the last.  Apparently V-Nine was what it took to excite a Vulcan. 

Finally, the greenblooded physician paused long enough to give someone else a chance to speak.  Her hands were still furiously drumming her fingertips together and her large hazel eyes were wide open as they stared at the cranial lens that served as the android’s face in catlike expectation. 

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LT. JG Jovela | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy | Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Doc M.

It didn't really surprise Jovela at the quickness of Maya's switch in topics from the fallen pilot and the Symbiont to their new Savi created companion, the Nurse had witnessed the transition before. It certainly came across as being cold and unfeeling towards her patients, which to most would be very Vulcan like. It actually made Jovela smile sometimes when she thought about that considering she knew Maya had stated she didn't really like the company of other Vulcan's for that very reason. It made Jovela wonder if Vulcan's had a sense of humour and Maya was just kidding with them or if the Doctor seriously thought she wasn't like those other Vulcans, not that she would ever ask the woman if that were true or not.

As Maya made the observation about how much more advanced technologically the Savi were over the Federation she saw the expression in the Vulcan's eyes change into one she'd seen before, mostly when a patient had developed some fascinating affliction which would gain Maya's undivided attention. "It certainly would appear as though they are, as would your observation that V-Nine is indeed truly sentient. Not that we don't have similar in the Federation, there's Commander Data." Jovela replied. "However Noonien Soong's work has never been replicated outside of Data's own attempt if the reports are to be believed. I wonder if V-Nine is unique as well or if they have numerous Androids and if so do they all serve in a medical capacity only or do they have others that do other tasks as well?" The Risian wondered as she glanced back at Maya, only to then realise she had done something that Maya herself was infamous for doing, talking about someone as if they were not in the room and quickly found herself blushing in embarassment for doing the same.

Luckily for her Maya would provide an ample distraction by immediately launching into a series of questions for V-Nine, with her speech rapidly accelerating with every question. It was rare that Vulcan's ever showed any true signs of excitement over anything, something that Jovela had wondered many times before. Was there anything that excited a Vulcan? Or were they always that emotionless in everything. She'd seen Vulcan's during amazing scientific or medical discoveries and nothing, still as passive and seemingly unimpressed like they'd seen it all before. At least in Maya's case evidently a sentient Medical Android was what it took.

Glancing between the two, Jovela had to admit that she too was curious to know the answers to the questions Maya had posed for their newest addition to the medical team but there was a time and place for such things and now probably wasn't the best. "Uh Maya while I'm sure we're both eager to hear the answers to those questions, we do have patients that need treating and a lot more on the way, so perhaps now isn't the best time for them. Or at the very least V-Nine could answer them, while we work on the patients." the Nurse said once Maya had paused her rapid fire questions long enough for her to get a word in.

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[ Vigenary Model I-9 Surgical Android | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @AlyFox & @Doc M. 
Assailed with questions about her nature and the technological maturity of her program, V-Nine's question had still gone unanswered. It was befuddling to work with organics, who seemed so easily distracted by her features rather than focusing on the care for their patients. At least the Risian made a valid suggestion to divert attention from V-Nine and instead put the patients as their priority.

"All right," she said, the vernacular she picked surprising even to her, finding her learning program to adapt to the terminology of the Federation people she'd encountered already, "So, the... aforementioned security officers, like I said, do they need my assistance more than the Arn symbiont? I suppose that the symbiont should be able to undergo suspended animation in what you call a stasis chamber, just so that the need for an unjoined Trill becomes less urgent. So, might I suggest the security officers first?"

Following the two officers from Starfleet, V-Nine pulled up the data required from her memory banks which would give them a detailed answer. The data was interesting to her as well, given the recent development with the Ship A.I. "Sentience and sapience are two terms that are often confused. Sentience means the ability to feel things, the ability to perceive things. Any living thing that has some degree of consciousness is sentient, including low-intelligence animals of different worlds in the galaxy. The word sentience... given the Universal Translation system aboard, my database tells me that the word is derived from the Latin word sentientem, which means feeling. The adjective form is sentient. The word sentience is often misused to mean a creature that thinks."

They entered the ICU - or at least that was what the information on the door panel stated - when V-Nine continued. "Sapience, on the contrary, means the ability to think, the capacity for intelligence, the ability to acquire wisdom. The Universal Translator renders a result referring to the latest phase in Human evolution, where their Latin name is homo sapiens. The translator suggest that the word sapience is derived from the Latin word sapientia, which means intelligence or discernment. The adjective form is sapient."

Moving towards the security officers, she assumed, V-Nine concluded. "To answer your question, an artificial intelligence aboard this very ship upgraded me not long ago. You refer to her as Thea, and as she is sapient, she seem to have bestowed sapience upon me as well - her Synthesis Code still being explored by my systems. Before then, I like to believe I was sapient as well, being a learning platform, but this... upgrade has progressed my program's natural evolution well beyond what my makers thought possible. It is both... disconcerting how much is revealed to me by the moment, and quite..."

She debated the word-choice, but regardless how she sought alternatives, the same word returned to her. "...exiting as well!"

V-Nine laughed a little at the silliness of her exclamation, and simultaneously, she was as surprised by her own laugh as those around her might be.

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[ Maya | Primary Surgical Suite | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @AlyFox & @Auctor Lucan 

“So you really don’t know then,” Maya replied as if a conversation on whether one was truly an independent intelligent being or not was routine.  “If I understand correctly, Thea’s upgrades allow you the opportunity to become truly intelligent and not merely virtually intelligent.  I would not dismiss sentience in favor of sapience so quickly,” she added with a raised eyebrow.  “The ability to feel would be an excellent indicator for determining whether you should be considered intelligent life.  Your sapience is assured, but intelligence alone is not enough to being legally considered an independent lifeform with all of the rights and privileges that are extended to a person.  We have always known that Thea is sapient but it wasn’t until she proved that she was sentient that the more… conservative amongst our crew started to extend her respect.  If we are referring to the Latin tongue of old Earth the root word of emotion is mot, which means move.  It is from this root word that the modern word motivation is derived, and anyone who is truly real and is independent must have her own motives, or she is merely a clever simulation.”

Finished with her didactic if nitpicking pontification, the greenblooded physician finally turned the conversation to a more practical topic.  “I believe that you should turn your attention to the Arn symbiont, since we do not have the knowledge necessary to successfully place the symbiont in stasis.  Apparently you are familiar with a procedure that allows placing a Trill symbiont in cryosleep to be commonplace.  If you could share this technique it would be greatly appreciated.”

OOC:  That the Federation has to place a Trill symbiont in a new host within a few days is inferred from numerous episodes of TNG and DS9.  Of course, those shows don't seem to mention cryosleep capsules, even if the TOS episode "Space Seed" indicates that Earth had that technology centuries earlier.  I'm assuming that there is a "trick to it" that the Savi has mastered and that V-Nine will show us that it's not that hard to do after all.

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[ Vigenary Model I-9 Surgical Android | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @AlyFox & @Doc M. 
The Vulcan specimen spoke still, seemingly interested in the existential debate, even though - as profound as the questions had become for V-Nine - she still wished to prioritise the patients. The Risan had already suggested an end to the debate, and V-Nine figured she'd give what little answers she had. Clearly, there was a discrepancy between what the Savi catalogued as 'life' and what Doctor Maya did. Perhaps it was a cultural difference? Interesting...

"As far as my data suggests," she said and folded her metal hands behind her back as she walked, "you are correct in my internal diagnostics not being forthcoming in clear results. In your words, 'I do not know' for certain what has happened to my program at this point. I seem to be in a perpetual state of upgrade," she said in a friendly way, not realising that the same could be said about organic life, and that her program emulated a more rapid and personal growth. "My memory banks do not share the distinctions in your terminology about how sapient life is defined, 'motive' being a subordinate component to sapience. Existential definitions and the comparison between Savi and Federation conclusions on these matters are interesting to analyse... but perhaps at a later time? Your database already showcase artificial lifeforms to be granted rights, so I merely ask that you give me the benefit of the doubt, Doctor Maya, and let me help you. All Starfleet medical etiquette and protocol has been uploaded to me already, and I will conduct my operations in accordance to your ethics."

As opposed to the Code my makers followed up until to day, she added as a silent complement in her runtime log.

Then Doctor Maya told her that they didn't have the technology to properly held a frail being such as a Trill symbiot in suspended animation for a longer period of time, and that caused her to stop and raise a hand to the front of her cranial unit. "Oh dear," she said, and her head swivelled as she looked for some kind of communication devise. The theoretical data she held on the features of the medical facilities were there, but data alone was not the same as identifying the location of those devices with her lens. "I require an available engineer and access to a replicator. I will be able to preserve it's life for later joining with a Trill host. If there is no engineer available, I have the assembly method in my memory banks, and I am confident I can build a stasis unit for this purpose within twenty minutes. You have a medical lab aft of this area, yes?"

Her lens found Nurse Jovela again, and she realised that the officers she'd mentioned would have to wait on her part. "I'm sorry, Doctor Maya is right, my knowledge is better applied to saving the symbiont. I hope I can see you soon!"

She caught herself wondering at her own expression. These... quirks to her operations that made her act and speak in such an... organic way. She caught herself wringing her metal hands in expectation of Maya giving her the access she needed, anxious to preform the task before her. Hopefully, there was an unjoined Trill aboard that could, eventually, grant the symbiont better accommodations than a small stasis chamber...

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LT. JG Jovela | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy | Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Doc M.

Jovela for her part had remained quiet, observing the conversation and taking mental notes. She also knew how focused Maya could get though and had tried to end the conversation once to get the Doctor to focus on the patients but that Vulcan curiosity of hers seemed to be winning.

The head nurse continued to listen and walk with the android and doctor as V-Nine explained that she did not know what had happened to her program, that was a little disconcerting to hear but then again as humans they didn't know when their mental programming changed either so what did she know? V-Nine at least seemed friendly enough and wanted to do what was best for the patients and that was good enough for Jovela at the moment.

"I'm sure Maya as well as everybody else here will give you the chance to prove yourself V-Nine." Jovela said with a smile towards the Android. "Especially if you do a good job here. Although I imagine some might have some....apprehension about being cared for/operated on by an alien android, at least at first it anyway, just something to be aware of and if some do try not to take it personally, they'll come around eventually, right Maya?" she added with a glance over at the Doctor. She would say that as a Vulcan the female doctor would see the logic in it, but then again Maya wasn't always your typical Vulcan so sometimes you couldn't really tell what direction she was going to go, where most Vulcan's would zig, she might zag so to speak. Case and point, most Vulcan's logic would dictate to deal with the patients first and then quiz the android second and yet here they were. At least it always made working with her interesting.

By the time Jovela had finished her internal monologue and rejoined the conversation, she had realised that she had missed an entire portion of the conversation. Luckily with V-Nine addressing her, which she partially based on the android's lens focussing on her she nodded in agreement. "Of course V-Nine, I look forward to it!"

With V-Nine attending to the symbiont that would leave at least Jovela to attend to the security officers, unless Maya opted to help her although that would then leave V-Nine unsupervised while working on the symbiont, which might not necessarily be a good thing, as trust worthy as the android seemed.

Either way the nurse decided that it would be best to get on with her job and gave both Maya and V-Nine a nod before heading off towards the two officers. As she got closer to them she couldn't help but overhear their conversation, the two talking about how a man that sounded very much like Drauc had turned himself into Security after helping to defend the ship, it would seem her friend had done the right thing, not that she had expected anything less. Jovela would have to talk to somebody about that, if not Captain Ives then at least the head of Security and help Drauc hopefully avoid time in the brig, but that would have to wait for now,  they had patients to deal with and more on the way, it was going to be a long day.

 - FIN

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