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EPI: S [D05|1515] Petty Issues

Epilogue: Supplemental [ Day 05 | 1515 hrs. ] Petty Issues

[Ensign Six | Shower & Head | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ] Attn: @Griff

Six was somewhat relieved to find the crew quarters empty. She never liked how everybody was reacting to her lately.

A good sonic shower would be able to help things out, calm her down before she went to meditate next…and determine the next set of coordinates.

She had been removing layer upon layer of her uniform, neatly folding them up. She felt it necessary to make a good impression, and being tidy helped bring a good impression, especially among people who had thoughts of animosity towards others. In her case, being an ex-drone.

When she removed her upper layers of underwear, she took a moment to inspect the implants on her body, especially the implant housing her booster pack, making sure it didn’t jostle loose. Then she inspected her…mechanical lingerie, as it were.

Recently, she had taken to making custom underwear, which really housed wires and nanotechnology to enhance her efficiency as a walking organic database. She couldn’t help but notice how her efforts during the confrontation at Starbase 84 helped save the crew of the Resolve, by delaying the warp core detonating with her hacking skills. It helped her to realize how vital she was as a hacker.

She was no engineer, but she knew how nanoprobes and Borg implants worked. Not to mention Seven of Nine contributed to enhancing some of Voyager’s systems with her nanoprobes.

So far, she had made a few pairs, but they were easy to make.

What looked like a strapless bra with multiple straps extending around her back really housed nanotechnology containing a separate database; Six made some with various different functions, but this one contained additional viral matrices which could come in handy again in the future, should they run into the Borg. The “straps” were really wires acting as power conduits. Same with what appeared to be a multi-strap thong, which also contained nanotechnology with power conduit wires. In this case, the strap making the long one for the thong had an extra string extending into the booster pack; it enabled not just extending time for the “battery,” but also enabled the “battery” to add power to the database.

All of this helped to enhance the implants in her spine which were Six’s computer core, accessible through her ocular implant. They’d also enable her tubules to function better, like connect and transfer data like the old USBs.

In essence, thanks to additional databases hidden in her underwear, it helped Six become a database in her own right, something to help her in her hacking and investigations should the occasion come for them. And the viral matrices will be especially vital in case something came up; they came in handy very well in her contributions in defending the Cayuga and the “Stallion.”

In any case, she had underwear with simple designs where the wires were under the straps, not just substituting for them, and she never always displayed a thong; she had briefs and panties and the like to cover them.

Of course, the extra databases would be detached from her systems when removed, but it hardly mattered. In any case, it made her more…alluring.

As she inspected the implants with her hands, she remembered Jack…his soft touch, the feeling of his lips…

She blinked. Did she really have feelings for him? Maybe…if and when they reunited…

She wondered what he would think the next time they…copulated. How would he like her new underwear?

Her thoughts were rudely interrupted by the sound of the sonic shower activating. She was distracted, stopped as she made to disconnect, lost in thought about Jack, how she can enhance herself…

She whirled around to see that somebody had beaten her into the sonic shower, even if she had arrived moments before. She recognized the blond hair with pointy ears.

Petty Officer t’Jelliaeu.


“Hey! Petty Officer!” she shouted from outside. “I was here first!”

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[ PO1 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Shower and Head | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @@multificionado

It is a rather old aspect of military life: when a sailor has an opportunity to eat, bathe or sleep, then they shall seize that opportunity with all due haste. As such, one will often struggle to find a more voracious eater, a more efficient bather or a better sleeper than a veteran sailor. The same is often doubly true for combat pilots, who get used to being called away at a moment's notice, and trebly so for Romulan sailors, who on the whole, are not known for their considerate generosity.

Thus, having just completed her shift and visited Yukimura's quarters, Lillee made a beeline for the only shower onboard the scout ship. She was already shrugging off her jacket as she hopped up the stairs, soon followed by her red undershirt before she reached the top deck, and then her socks and boots before she reached the shower, reducing the blonde Romulan to a tank top and trousers. The door was unlocked, so Lillee deftly took off her pants with one hand while the other held her clothing. She zoomed into the small bathroom without even looking, shedding her tank top and underwear in a flash before dumping the entire collection of clothing into a basket. Entirely naked, she zipped directly into the shower stall and activated it immediately, breathing a sigh of relief as the invisible sonic pulses began massaging her skin.

Oh by all the Elements, how nice it was to be actually be clean!

And then Lillee heard a woman's protest. Startled, Lillee poked her head around the privacy screen to see a rather put-upon naked Borg standing right there in the bathroom; it was a miracle that the two had not collided in Lillee's blind hurry. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Ensign," she said with transparently false contrition, and recognising that it was pointless to pretend, Lillee smirked smugly. The sonic pulses really did feel wonderful on her tense buttocks after sitting at her station for so many hours. "Too slow, I'm afraid. Winner takes the prize."

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[Ensign Six | Shower & Head | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ] Attn: @Griff

Six opened her mouth to say it wasn’t fair, but she stopped. She wasn’t a child anymore, and such a response would’ve been childish. Then she looked around and noticed t’Jellieau’s uniform strewn in a mess. The rest of her garments may have been stashed nearby. It may have meant that t’Jellieau was in a hurry.

“Well…eh, if…if I had known if you were in a hurry,” she said, “I…I probably would let you go first in any case. I’ll be fine with waiting.”

Six sat in a meditative pose near the sonic shower. Of course, she wasn’t in the mood to meditate; she had recently provided an update of coordinates to Ensign Dumral, the helmswoman on duty, and in any case, she was still flustered inside that t’Jellieau beat her to the shower. Rather than pout or protest the unfairness of the situation like a child, the child that was still apparently inside her, she instead calmed herself down and tried to do something else to wait. She was in good condition, her implants functioning well, her extended nanotechnology laced in her underwear worked like a charm. She sat clad in her mechanical lingerie, although one would presume her naked if they didn’t look well, especially given the implants and amount of thin wires.

Something occurred to her, something as she remembered the duty roster…most everybody around her was just as new to the Theurgy as she was, even the ranking XO, Ejek. The sole exceptions she knew about were Commander Stark, Masuda and…t’Jellieau. She was curious about Stark, when she realized that Captain Zeigler used to be the Theurgy’s XO, and it meant, if Zeigler was Stark’s former boss, it meant Stark served under Ziegler, perhaps before the Theurgy became a fugitive ship. It was possible Stark was with the Theurgy from the beginning of their journey. And a look in the crew manifests told Six that Stark wasn’t the only one on Vector Three with the Theurgy from the beginning.

“Would it be alright if we had a chat while I waited?” she asked. “It’s just…well, I’m still somewhat new to the Theurgy, as are most of the crew aboard Vector Three. With the exception to Commander Stark, Lieutenant Yukimura, and, well, you, Petty Officer.

“I feel the need to get to know those who’ve been with the Theurgy for a while if I am to get to know the Theurgy well,” added Six in an explanatory tone, “and vice versa. I’m curious…have you been with the Theurgy from the beginning?”

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[ PO1 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Shower and Head | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @@multificionado

Going about the business of cleaning herself, Lillee heard the Borg girl ask to...'chat'. A curious thing to ask when one was in the shower, and the other was...what was the girl doing, anyway? As Six kept talking, Lillee popped her head back around the screen, her long blonde hair falling free, and was bemused when she saw that the ex-drone had simply plopped herself down on the deck to wait.

"Well, dear, I am sorry to disappoint," Lillee replied loudly over the hum of the sonic shower as she began rotating her legs for an optimum sonic scrubbing. "I am, in truth, just as new to this insane quest as you. More so, perhaps. When the Theurgy was at Earth I was onboard for a mere afternoon, inspecting the Valkyrie squadron. The ensuing fighting left me no option to escape the starship safely, until two days thereafter, the ship was struck with a phaser blast. I very nearly perished."

Then Lillee's accented voice became more subdued as she turned off the sonic shower. "Doctor Nicander put me in some form of suspended animation. They only revived me a week past." She emerged from the shower, smiling down sadly at the nude Borg girl as she grabbed a clean towel from the rail. The towel was mostly unnecessary, but it did help to wipe off the leftover mist. "I know virtually nothing of the Theurgy crew, even if I was, technically, here from the beginning. They all seem like perfectly heroic idiots to me, but their cause does not seem to be one that can be honourably shirked from."

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[Ensign Six | Shower & Head | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ] Attn: @Griff

Six was surprised to hear that t’Jellaieu was as new as she was. Even more shocking was the injury she sustained, serious enough to be put in suspended animation.

However, she can agree wholeheartedly at her words: “They all seem like perfectly heroic idiots to me, but their cause does not seem to be one that can be honourably shirked from."

She recalled Ejek’s words before the Allegiant left, and it made her wonder if she made her angry at acting like a hero. Inwardly, Six was still a child, still had the instinctiveness she had as a child. Some part of her inside still felt spite at t’Jellaieu for beating her into the sonic shower, felt how unfair it was, but Six felt mature enough to keep it down.

“Of course it’s a cause one can’t honorable shirk from,” she said. “It’s one reason why I’m with the Theurgy. I’m something of an outcast since my Academy days, but here I am among a crew of outcasts. I intend to help their cause as much as I can.

“But that injury?” she added. “And…it took until a week ago to revive you? I find that hard to believe. You’re the best pilot I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen the viewscreen footage in our battle with the Asurians. That maneuver you executed was amazing. You could easily give Tom Paris a run for his money,” she added with a smile.

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[ PO1 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Shower and Head | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @multificionado

Lillee smiled as she wrapped the towel around her tall body, shaking her head at the praise. "You are much too generous, Ensign," she said lightly as she turned to the sink, plucking a sonic toothbrush from a dispenser and raising it to her open mouth. "And, I fear, far too naive. I mentioned that I am not part of the Theurgy crew, did I not? They did not know me, did not trust me, and therefore I was, as you might say, a rather low priority. Oh, I'm sure that the doctor and others conjured up all manner of reasons why they delayed my revival, some of which might even have been valid. No Vulcans bear my specific blood type, after all, as Rihannsu and Vulcan genetics diverged millennia ago. Nevertheless, they were still excuses. Murderous, treasonous traitors must be very cautious about whom they trust, especially one such as I. An alien, and outsider to their precious Federation."

Of course, even with the warm, fluffy towel around her body, Lillee felt a chill in her spine at saying the words. They were true, but it was still so very disquieting to speak the words aloud, to be reminded of her own very nebulous status. The twins were Federation citizens, and might even return to the Empire if they could atone for their mother's stain of betrayal, but Lillee herself was utterly without state, family, or allies. The crew of the Theurgy were cautious allies at best, dubious in their motives and agenda. It was a rather lonely place to be.

She paused as she brushed, thinking back to that mysterious Rihannsu that she had met days ago during that first battle. Drauc. Such a monstrous killer, so horribly weathered in his visage, and yet he had worn no uniform. He had seemed far be Tal Shiar, or the similarly treacherous Starfleet Intelligence. Could that strange man be like her? A nameless, banished traitor of the Empire? How did one such as he come to be aboard a Federation dreadnought?

"And what of you, Six?" Lillee asked hurriedly as she cleared her throat, hoping to distract her mind. She realised with bemusement that in her momentary distraction, she didn't even notice if the girl had entered the shower. "You were Borg, yet we strive now to hunt the Borg. To force one to hunt such evil after it has violated and raped them so thoroughly is a monstrous thing. Worse, still, for that girl to volunteer for such insanity."

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[Ensign Six | Shower & Head | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ] Attn: @Griff

“One would ask something similar to Seven of Nine,” said Six, replying to t’Jellaieu’s query. “There have been many occasions where Seven was valuable to Voyager when it came to the Borg. Understanding of technology, for one thing. Or for Jean-Luc Picard, who knows how to fight the Borg. In any case, it pertains to how much can be contributed in an advantage over the Borg, and who better to contribute such knowledge than a former member of the Collective?

“True, I may somewhat still feel young inside me,” she added, thinking of how Ejek reacted to Six like a child when t’Jellaieu told her she was naïve. “But whatever I can contribute to the cause and against the Borg can be of incredible value to the crew. You’d be surprised, for instance, as to the variable uses of nanotechnology in the right hands. For example…”

She gestured at her underwear laced with nanoprobes.

“…this may look like ordinary underwear, but it’s a homemade creation of mine, laced with nanoprobes. They form a secondary database or power supply, like an external database connected to a computer. These are designed to improve my efficiency in my using my implants and database inside me. True, I may be a forensics officer, but I’m also something of a hacker…unofficially. I can be highly useful in helping a boarding party move in silently. I can also cause trouble to another ship if I could…not taking it out all by my lonesome, no thank you,” she added, to stave off any implication of a boast. “I carry viral matrices to just merely cause confusion, nothing too serious like a cascade virus. You probably may have noticed some of my handiwork back when we fought the Asurians.”

Something t’Jellaieu mentioned made a thought come to her…

“You did mention you weren’t a part of the crew. If Doctor Nicander or one of higher ranking medical officers had a reason to not revive you, if you didn’t feel welcome on the Theurgy…well, I can relate, t’Jellaieu. I’m something of an outcast, just like you. I had few friends back on Starbase 84. And now, here I am, with a crew of outcasts. And now, it seems I found another outcast.”

She smiled warmly at her. She may be warming up to the blond Romulan, a fellow outcast.

“We can contribute to the Theurgy’s cause together. We outcasts. You do such an excellent job as a helmswoman. I’m not kidding when I said you could give Tom Paris a run for his money; I knew him from Voyager, along with Seven of Nine. May have mentioned it before, though. In any case, you could easily impress him.”

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[ PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Shower and Head | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @multificionado

Lillee listened patiently as the Borg girl talked, focusing her attention on her oral care before dealing with her hair, which as always, was refusing to cooperate after a sonic shower. She sighed, cursing under breath as she pulled a horribly cheap brush from a dispenser to begin brushing her blonde locks.

"I do not know these people of whom you speak, nor, if I may be truthful, do I care to," Lillee replied idly as she brushed. "Does it not seem to you that our universe, our world, has shrunk around us? We are so desperate to survive just more day, just one more battle, that it seems folly to consider anything beyond this nebula. Like as not, we will be dead by tomorrow." Lillee glanced back at Six, adding with amused derision, "Were you not about to have a shower, Six? I promise to not steal it from you this time."

Indeed, the blonde Romulan was rather fatalistic as she spoke, her back to Six. The towel was somewhat insufficient in length, exposing the lower half of Lillee's taut buttocks, but she didn't seem to care a whit. "Did you know that Nicander is supposed to be one of those parasite beasts? A murderer, a villain? As I hear it, that man was with the Theurgy from the very beginning, yet he was an agent of the enemy. Evil in its purest form, worse even than the Borg. And that beast...I dread to think of what he did these past months with that charming smile of his, the sabotage he may have commited, the murders he may have caused. After I was woken up, he bid me lie down, naked, to heal my scars from my injuries. I was entirely vulnerable as that...thing...had me at my weakest point. If I had known, I would've smashed his skull to dust into a bulkhead there and then, I swear to you."

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[Ensign Six | Shower & Head | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ] Attn: @Griff

The news of Doctor Nicander seemed to take Six aback. The subtle mooning from t’Jellaieu seemed irrelevant right now.
“Really?” she said, taken aback. “I…I had no idea. I didn’t hear about Nicander being one of…them. I may have to see him for myself when the time comes, or when the Vectors reunite…but I believe you on the matter. It’s a shocking revelation.”
She shuddered at the very thought. That one of their own was one of them.
“Well, it’s undoubtedly one more thing that I had missed,” she said. “I’ve been so busy, too busy to wonder if I was needed…I missed a lot. The Continuance Protocol, the Savi abductions, and now this.
“I’m sorry to hear how vulnerable he made you. Who knows, maybe he had you remained in stasis the entire time. The more I think about it, the more logical it seems…no offense,” she added, considering one of the biggest differences between Vulcans and Romulans, notwithstanding similarities. “
She recalled her previous words and continued, “You have our point that our respective personal worlds are shrinking around us. However, the future is an unpredictable thing, and even more so if somebody travels back in time to hear to change their future,” she added, remembering that Voyager made it home because of a future Janeway pointing towards the Borg’s transwarp hub. “Death may come for us…or life. But I can concur with the average individual that I’d rather be dead than assimilated. Beyond the nebula, if we live…whatever life throws at us, we will adapt…uh, no offense,” she added again hastily, not wanting to draw comparisons to the Borg.

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[ PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Shower and Head | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @multificionado

Lillee chuckled. "No offence taken, Six," she replied pleasantly as she continued working on her hair. "You are brave to be so optimistic. It is so endearingly human of you." She smiled, remembering that she had spoken much the same words to Yukimura less than an hour previously. It really was so hard to be fatalistic with a crew of such relentlessly optimistic and merry idiots.

Well, she reflected as she looked into the mirror, that was perhaps unfair. They were still alive, and Lillee knew herself well enough to feel the stirrings of faith in her belly. There was that intense righteousness in them all, that relentless surety of their cause and the evil of their enemy. Six, Yukimura, all the others...they knew. Idiots, perhaps. But Lillee was on the verge of becoming an idiot right long with them. The entire story about evil parasites seemed impossible, but the more time passed, the more Lillee started to wonder.

And her twins might just live on the same planet as such monsters, back on Earth. That possibility left Lillee no choice. She had to fight the Theurgy's war. There was no other choice.

With a heavy sigh, Lillee took off her towel and put into the dispenser for recycling, leaving her shamelessly exposed. She checked her body swiftly but thoroughly, turning around to check her back in the mirror. "A procedure recommended by Nicander," she explained as she carefully traced her hand down her spine. "I am required to carefully assess my body's condition daily as a consequence of my injuries. Unexpected anomalies could prove severe if not discovered quickly." She paused as her hand slipped down to her hips and then her womanhood, poking it in exploration, before bending down low so she could reach further back between her legs to her rear. "It is tedious, but a small price to pay for two more centuries of life."

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[Ensign Six | Shower & Head | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ] Attn: @Griff

“I am sure I understand,” said Six.

Seeing that t’Jelleiau has fully departed from the sonic shower, Six stepped inside, but she kept speaking; in conversing with the Romulan, being taken in by her, she almost forgot the shower.

“In any case, I’m glad that we outcasts found each other. If we can put our heads together, we can do extraordinary things, things crucially beneficial to contribute to the ship and the quest, for want of a better word. If you ever need a friend, I’m here for you.”

She then activated the sonic shower and commenced her “wash.” As she did so, she looked at herself, almost in the same way as t’Jelleiau did so for her own body. She can see imperfections, mostly her Borg implants, but it hardly mattered; her own implants would prove highly beneficial.

However many insecurities the petty officer had, perhaps she can be of help, regardless of her attitude. The more Six looked at t’Jelleaiu, the more she could see a motherly figure. Maybe a stern mother, but a mother nonetheless. Perhaps, if the Romulan had children she sorely missed, Six could fill in for them, defending on how well on good terms they were on.

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[ PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Shower and Head | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @multificionado

Straightening back up, her inspection done, Lillee smiled at the shower stall, even if Six couldn't see. The thrum of the sonic shower wasn't the most pleasant of sounds, however, especially to Vulcanoid ears, so Lillee swiftly put back on a vest and her underwear. She didn't much want to bother putting on pants, especially given that the beds were literally a few meters away on the other deck. If anyone was offended by a blonde Romulan in her underwear, she reasoned, they would just have to deal with it. It was a small ship; some things had to be expected.

As she began to neatly fold her uniform, Lillee called back over the sound of the shower, "Your amity is very welcome, Six. I thank you."

With that, she picked up her now tidy pile of clothes and left the bathroom, affixing her combadge to her vest as she went. It was only a few steps, a climb up the stairs and then a quick stroll before she reached the beds. It would only be a few hours until Lillee was back at the helm, but she intended to get what sleep she could, regardless. After setting her uniform aside for cleaning, she lay down on the nearest bunk.

They were idiots, she thought to herself in those short moments inbetween sleep and wakefulness. They were all idiots...but somehow, they were right. They looked right. They sounded right. They felt right. Yukimura had been solid and certain, while Six had been so optimistic, even given the desperate horror of their circumstances. Oh, that girl was so young, so full of enthusiasm, so ready to throw herself to a meaningless, stupid death. It was impossible not to be swept away by the noble stupidity of it all.

Nevertheless, as sleep began to take Lillee, she felt a chill. She ducked underneath the blanket, folding her legs up proctectively. One Borg girl was inside the Allegiant, but the rest were outside. One cube, maybe more, maybe an entire armada ready to set the quadrant on fire, to assimilate and murder everyone in their path. As she fell into deep slumber, one thought echoed through Lillee's thoughts, tinged with desolate terror.

The Borg are coming.


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