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Re: CH05: S [D04|2130] Solitude F*cking Sucks

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[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | Vivian’s Quarters | Deck 15 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]


Vivian smiled as Sel reacted to her touch. She ran her finger around the Bajoran’s lower lips, barely brushing them as she teased the beautiful blonde. It was a glorious feeling, to have this beautiful woman in the throes of pleasure, and to know that she was the cause of them. Vivian gently pressed her soft lips against Sel’s. The mix of flavours was...interesting...vomit, alcohol, and sexual juices were all mixed there.

Vivian caressed Sel’s ridges again. She had noticed that the young Bajoran seemed to react positively whenever they were touched. It made sense somehow, that the ridges would be sensitive. The scientist side of Vivian wanted to run some tests and find out exactly why, but the rest of her told the scientist to shut up and enjoy the Bajoran in other ways. As her mouth sought the company of Sel’s, her fingers danced lightly around her labia. Slowly she spread Sel’s natural lubrication around her loins, preparing her for what would come next.

She kissed Sel’s lovely lips once more, then her lips traveled along her cheek, and gently ended on her ear. She delicately kissed the lobe ”Are you ready beautiful?” She whispered as she slipped a finger into Sel’s slick slit.

Re: CH05: S [D04|2130] Solitude F*cking Sucks

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[ Ens. Ryuan Sel | Vivian’s Quarters | Deck 15 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @The Ostrich 
The world swam around her. Though puking her guts out had cleared Sel's mind a little of its alcohol steeped stupor, it did nothing for her arousal, especially not with Vivian kissing and touching her like that. Her world tilted and swam around her and she held onto Vivian for some degree of support through it all. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest and her breath came in gasps as she rocked her hips back and forth against the other woman's fingers.

"R-ready?" she asked, her mind barely able to grapple with putting a thought together and making a sentence. "Ready f-for what?"

As if in answer she felt Vivian's finger push past her wet folds and into her slick hole. She let out a moan as she felt it slip inside. She was no virgin and was nowhere near as tight as one, but she was plenty tight enough. Her hands fell to her side and she gripped the sheet tightly, biting her lip to hold herself back. She moved her hips to try and take more of Vivian's finger into her body, trying to rub it against the sweet spots inside. High pitched little gasps escaped her mouth as she ground against Vivian, her fluids flowing and making her hole much wetter.

Yet as she laid there, feeling something churning inside her, she couldn't help but be reminded about Sarresh. And once that notion took hold, she couldn't shake it. She was imagining that it was him, making love to her again, but as skilled as Vivian was, and how much she enjoyed it, she kept thinking about how Sarresh was likely at the mercy of the Savi. They had abducted him for a reason, likely because he was experimented upon before. Nicander and his doctors had made him almost human, and Sarresh had suffered for it even before he was taken by the aliens. Her imagination ran away with her, about what they could be doing to him, and suddenly, Vivian's fingers felt like a betrayal. More so, the residual taste of her in her own mouth.

"No, I... I am sorry, I can't this... No..." Sel began feeling like she was on the verge of hyperventilating, She scrambled away from the Human and swallowed, feeling sick again, and the wetness was a sign of her desperation. Her loss of him. She wasn't ready for this, and it just wasn't right for her. Doing it with another woman felt like a bad excuse, as if she wasn't betraying him. Feeling what Vivian was doing to her, it was plain that it didn't matter if it was a man or a woman. "I'm sorry, this was a mistake. I... I'll just go. I'm sorry I woke you up, and I shouldn't have barged in. I was drunk... Still am, but not like before. I'll... This is so embarrassing."

Sel cleared her throat, got out of the bed, and started to hastily dress herself. She'd torn her uniform trousers, so she ended up having to hold them up with a white-knuckled fist. Her uniform jacket hung open, and her undershirt was askew. She had her flats in her other hand. "I'll see myself out. Good night, Lieutenant Commander."

She left without looking back, tears in her eyes, and unable to shake the images of Sarresh in her head.

Re: CH05: S [D04|2130] Solitude F*cking Sucks

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[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | Vivian’s Quarters | Deck 15 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]


Vivian gave a sad sigh as Sel scrambled away from her. It had all been going so well, and she had over done it, come onto Sel too quickly for the young Bajoran. She was stammering like a frightened young girl. ”I’m sorry Sel, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. Please don’t leave.”

Alas, it seemed her words were falling on deaf ears. Sel gathered up her clothes and scrambled out of Vivian’s quarters, apologizing as she hurried out the door. Vivian watched her leave and sighed again, flopping backwards onto her bed. She ran her hands over her face, where had it all gone wrong? Sel was a beautiful woman, and had seemed so receptive to her advances. Vivian pouted towards the door that Sel had left through. What had promised to be a good night had been abruptly cut short. She didn’t blame Sel, the beautiful Bajoran had every right to leave. However Vivian was very sad to see her go.

She grabbed one of her pillows and buried her face in it. She grumbled something incomprehensible into the fabric, then rolled over to glare at the ceiling. Still not feeling right she rolled onto her side and stared at the door, as though she was waiting for Sel to return. She didn’t, and slowly Vivian drifted off to sleep again.


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