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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Bridge Module  | Precept-ship Versant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan 

This day kept getting worse and worse. He flexed his fingers, noting the lack of a firearm. Well, it wouldn't have lasted forever. I don't get to have good luck like that, the time traveler thought. Carefully, as he looked and listened, he tucked himself in behind Ida zh'Wann. That seemed to be the smart call, given the way the Andorian's antenna pressed back against her forehead, and the warning she muttered to him, in regards to the package they had retrieved from the labs, before ensuring that McMillian, the girl that had been there when the loop forked again.

Do wrake-fish shit in the sea?  Sarresh asked himself, rhetorically. Of course he was going to keep it out of sight, as he let the makeshift satchel swivel around to hang under his harm. He tucked it in tight, hoping that this would be enough. There was shockingly little that he could do beyond that. He watched, dispassionately - and missing the enhanced view his former eyes possessed, as the Radiant - that was the name of her species - was moved toward the plant-nurse - Sagan? Snaggun? Her name was escaping him again.

There was a pause, and a frown. She looks different. Too different, he thought. What did the Savi do to you? All I got was a fresh pair of eyes...but you...that's not the face you had when...when it all went awry again.

What, the actual, fuck?
He'd picked that phrase up from some crew-mates. It fit. He had no idea what was going to happen next. He didn't like that. The engrams offered....nothing. Just an impulse to protect what was in his hands, while Captain Ives - he could hear the woman now - handled things for the crew. Assembled crews. More than one, he reminded himself. What a damned mess.

He would repeat those words time, and again, as the scene unfolded around him. The news of 'corrections' being corrected. New Code, Old Code, a robot that was going to come with them. And thus Sarresh stood, with his arms crossed tightly over his chest, listening. Trying not to fidget about. Attempting to affect an air of calm, and control. To radiate confidence, reassurance. While every second he could feel the weight of the device, dragging him down...down...down...

And then, for just a moment, the weight seemed to lift. His eyes, wide, were drawn to the light that was Heather. Bight...Radiant he thought with irreverent mirth. As she shown bright, Sarresh's burden eased. It faded - the light - but for the moment, Sarresh was better able to focus on his surroundings, and not the end of all things that hung from his shoulder.

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[Ens. Irnashall “Shall” ch’Xinya | Bridge Module | Precept-ship Versant]

If Andorian blood was red then Shall’s face would be a deep purple at this point.  The answer was there, in his hands.  Just a few forced commands from that pale-skinned alien and the data he needed would be right in front of him, ready for download.  Before that could happen though, another set of blue hands ripped them apart, once again denying Andoria its future.  Whirling around with his antenna plastered backwards in his hair Shall growled a challenge to the zhen.  Some Savi announcement started at the same time as his anger flew out from his lips, his words drowned out for all but Ida herself.  Before things could devolve any further the transporter beam whisked them all away, ending the argument before it really began.

Finding himself in a sizable room, Shall looked around as different groups materialized all around.  Up above on an elevated dias another Savi and some robot looked down on all of their captives, lording over the powerless.  Mostly staying put, the chan just shifted around a bit until Sarresh and Hi’Jak were between him and the zhen.  When then Savi started talking Shall didn’t listen, he was far too riled up for that.  Fingers flexed, his rage starting to translate into a nervous energy that was becoming hard to contain.

Finally, before he completely lost it through his growing impatience, the speech came to an end and a number of people started to shout questions at their captor.  Without thinking, Shall pressed his way forward to make his own demands.  It was pretty easy to guess as to what he would demand of this ship’s assumed commander, the only question was how he would do so?  He couldn’t hold her at gunpoint this time, but there were other methods at his disposal.  Before he could get to a point where his voice could carry over the din, someone beat him to it.  Looking in surprise, Shall could see the top of Shar’s head there at the front, hand on their blue-haired compatriot from the night before.

Something changed deep inside the chan at the sight of the shen, the rage draining out of him, at least by a bit.  Knowing that there was a better way for things to develop now, Shall changed his goals.  Still moving forward, the Andorian was now making his way to the other.  By the time he got there Blue had collapsed and another were taking care of her while Shar stood nearby.

“Shar…” Shall called out to her when he got close enough.  Reaching out through the crowd he took her shoulders and pressed his forehead against hers, antenna reaching forward out of his hair to touch its companion.  “You survived.”

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[ Deacon | Day 6 | Bridge Module | Precept-ship Versant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan  @Triage  @BZ  @Numen @FollowTomorrow @SummerDawn  @patches  @Fife  @Numen  @Absinthe 

Deacon quietly watched as the blue haired female was man-handled from one crewman to the next until she seemed to break down in the arms of a vulcan... possibly the one that had participated in the two man riot in the holographic fraud of Below Decks... what was it called again?  Something forgettable.  Still, he would have to ensure that there would be no such recreation of those events once they returned to the Theurgy... not in his territory.

The radiant, too, took a moment to shine.  He didn't know whether her newly reconstituted state or his diminished senses were at fault, but she seemed a tough less intense than she had been when first he met her.  No doubt, the doctor would have something choice to say given her performance directly on the heals of being declared dead.  Still, like Thea, Deacon found that he didn't mind this one -- she was unlike the monkey females.  Perhaps it had something to do with the sense of artificiality that he mentally imposed on them, taking their semblance for humans as little more than conceit or convenience?  It was a question he would explore at a later time.

"You are injured mate, but alive.  I am glad you made it."

It was amazing how readily and naturally a smirk crossed his features, even as he ran one hand across the wounds along the sides of his neck.  "The so-called scion was not nearly as decisive as it should have been.  It was a fatal flaw.  One it will be unable to correct."  He took a breath, "Still, if I am to face such circumstances in future, I will need to master their infuriating beam weaponry.  Honorable melee seems a lost art."

"Did you exact the vengeance you desired?  Were enough ears collected for what was done to us?"

At this, he scowled, though he did his utmost to obscure his expression from those who seemed to stand in judgement above them.  "They lack ears," he mumbled, though he raised his tone sufficient for the captain alone to overhear as he continued, "but I had secured some samples of their weaponry as suitable trophies.  Far more useful in our endeavors than an artificial lifeform these Savi would seem to want to be rid of in the first place."  His gaze rose to lock onto the female Savi that dominated the stage before them.  "But a deal was made.  I serve my patriarch, and for the sake of the pride, my vengeance must be satisfied with the scion."

Running his fingers through K'Ren's mane, his expression was, it seemed, apologetic, his wrath stemmed by the prospect of what he could yet lose.  After a moment though, he arched an eyebrow, his blue eyes moving once more to the captain along with his words.  "Still, a graviton sword would be nice."

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[ Lt. R'Rori | This is definitely not my bed | The Versant ] @BZ @Fife

There was so much going on. Really, too much for R’Rori to adequately process right then between all the shooting, the effects of hir Correction, the emotional impact of the recent death, and now that damned Voice of the Savi piping up over the ship’s intercom. A part of hir really wanted to take the pistol s/he picked up at the last minute and shoot out the nearest speaker somehow because it was really quite enough, thank you, for hir senses to process everything as is without the same mysterious Savi that forced them into this situation to begin with droning on.



It was Cross. S/he recognized hir name more than the voice at that moment, though. It sounded oddly distant, only just distinct from the cacophony surrounding the four of them.

“R’Rori, you need to fire that weapon!”

Weapon? Oh, the phaser.

Wait. “I don’t shoot people, Cross!”

"Shoot the <fucking> walls then. I don't care. Just shoot!"

Ugh, I just want some hot tea and some quiet right now.

R’Rori supposed it was a fair request. There were no longer Security escorts with them and he was missing an arm. But damnit, s/he was a counselor. S/he was supposed to be safely on a ship or a station, listening to people complain about their lives or mental health and help them stay sane while serving one what amounted to a really fancy space submarine. This absurd scenario in which hir ship was blown up by the Borg, hir escape pod picked up by genocidal alien scientists that forcefully fundamentally remade hir, and now supporting one of those alien scientists in staging a mutiny was not part of hir contingency training.

Neither was dealing with a fully sentient AI and robotic owl, honestly, but at least that the former Caitian could wrap hir head around.

Sighing deeply, R’Rori peeked up above the console she was hiding behind and nearly dropped the phaser pistol in hir effort to heroically shoot somewhat to the left of the nearest member of the Savi response team. S/he missed wildly, of course. Such was not only hir intention but s/he was also a poor shot in the first place, barely passing mandatory marksmanship tests in the Academy. S/he had thought about it once and settled on hir pacifism meant s/he just really did not care to actually try for mastering more than the bare essentials of handling a weapon. Of course, that was easier to justify when your claws were weapons and you weren’t supposed to be anywhere near the front lines like this.

Not for the first time since they left the bay, the counselor mused on how much more useful hir sister would have been here. She was every centimeter the warrior that R’Rori wasn’t, even enlisting in Caitian-specific kill teams during the Dominion War.

Oh! They’ve stopped shooting. What’s this shouting about? Ceasefire finally!

No wait, where are you beaming us to?

Ugh. It stinks even more of blood and guts in here. Is this the bridge? Is that … Captain Ives? Who’s this tall bitch talking at us? Is that a droid? More robots? Am I just going to be surrounded by robots at the end of this?

Wait, am I a robot?

No, I’m pretty sure I’d know if I was a robot.

Ugh, I’m tired.

R’Rori, already not quite steady on hir feet, nearly collapsed on the ground where s/he stood just apart from Cross and Blue. S/he caught hirself at the last moment, somehow. S/he suddenly felt so very cold and empty, and shivered violently for a moment until a commotion pushed through the fog enough to catch hir attention. Tiran’s familiar swearing had gone quiet and while R’Rori couldn’t quite see her face, her body language expressed shock as she was shoved back by the Andorian.

It seemed like s/he blinked and then there was Blue and Cross against the wall together. Hir ears could still just faintly pick up the sound of Cross talking to the engineer.

He’s trying to calm her down. Shouldn’t I be doing that? Why can’t I seem to … do anything right now?

It took a lot more willpower than normal for hir to move, nearly crawl, to where hir fellow Endeavour survivors sat. Blue was whispering something that R’Rori couldn’t understand as she buried her face in Cross’s chest. It was probably something related to what triggered this reaction from the normally defiant woman. R’Rori scooted up to the wall next to Blue and, after pausing a moment, started rubbing Blue’s back with one hand.

“Hey Blue,” R’Rori said softly with more than an edge of fatigue in hir voice. “I’m here for you. Do I need to punch Shar for whatever she said to you?”

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[ LtJr. Kelleshar sh'Zenne |  Bridge Module | The Versant ]
Attn: @Auctor Lucan @chXinya

While she waited for the response from the leader of their captors, Shar heard someone told her name in the crowd. She recognized the voice, but didn't turn around to see him coming. However, her antennae abandoned their almost eternal position, flat against her scalp, and stood rigid over her head, subtle quivering. Of course, she had recognized the voice, but she did not want to acknowledge the chan's presence. Not now. Not yet. She had more urgent matters to attend to. Besides, she did not deserve him. She deserved none of her forced bondmates, if she was honest with herself. However, Shall didn't leave her many options and, despite her reluctance, he put his hands on her shoulders and forced her to turn around, his forehead pressed against hers, his long dreadlocks hidding their features. "Of course I've survived, ch'te" she barked, her voice as angry as usual. In spite of her bitter tone, her antennae reached his, one curling gently around his full one, the other caressing softly the stump of the damaged appendage. One of her hands rose hesitantly and, finally, leaned on his chest. The other moved unconsciously to the lower part of her belly. She remained like that for a moment, without saying anything. "I'm glad you're here too" she confessed at last with a tiny voice. A soft, liquid gaze in her pale eyes. Her stare in his dark ones. But that tenderness lasted barely a second, and soon Kelleshar pushed him away, using the hand in his chest to keep them at distance again. "Now, shut up, klazh" She growled. The Savi on the dais had seemed ready to answer her demand and she needed to know the answer. And she knew well that he wanted to hear it too. So without adding anything else she turned to confront the Antes' acting leader. Despite the abruptness of her rebuke to Shall, her hand sought his and, when they found each other, she grabbed his tightly. In spite of how ill-advised was the bond that united them, she felt solace having him by her side. While Sclergyn's voice resonated in the dark bridge, she could only hope he really felt the same.

klazh -> An animal known for its careless way of moving

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[ Lahkesis Saugn "Nicotiana" |Medical Bay | Precept-ship Versant ] attn: @Triage @Masorin @FollowTomorrow

It was not long after the ante's had left to allow the Radiant Being do what must be done that the process began. They were not concerned that the specimens were a threat at this point, so much having changed in the last hours. The strain of the process on the Radiant Being would have caused concern to them had they seen it, but their aversion to the light forced them to retreat.

At first, Lahkesis did not seem to react to it, her body remaining motionless on the medical table. Then a light under her skin began to glow, seeming to harmonize with the light of Heather, refracting and turning a rainbow of prismatic colors as it rushed through the network of veins just under her skin covering her body, seeming to swell in the areas of damage, the light shimmering with a rainbow light as it did so. The light of Heather remained the more powerful source but the light within Lahkesis seemed to increase and pulse as her body reacted to it. Her back began to arch off the table, as if her body strained to get to the light. The light began to fill in the gaps of Lahkesis's skin until it seemed that the whole of her body was glowing with ever-brightening light. The transitions of hue and vibrancy seemed to act as one between them, Lhakesis's body reacting near instantaneous to ever change of Heather's light, her own light swelling ever brighter. Unified the light seemed to merge in essence until it was so bright that the eyes of the onlookers could no longer even make out the distinct shape of Lahkesis's body at all. The light flooded out seeming to fill every corner of the room. In the midst of it, Lahkesis's breath seemed to fill with millions of tiny spore-like pinpricks of light, each drifting into the air, surrounding the two of them in a glimmer of a glowing star-like dots of light. The air was filled with the distinct smell of some unidentifiable berry, seemingly never before smelled by any within the room before, some sweet alien smell.

And then, as if to counterpoint to the slowness of the beginning, it stopped. The light of Heather died down and she fell back into the waiting arms of Nathaniel Isle. The shimmering light of Lahkesis's body did not die down quite as quickly, but the intensity disappeared nearly instantly, leaving only a soft glow on her skin as it faded back to the pale color it had once been, the deep brown marks on her skin having disappeared. Her hair shimmering in rainbow hues as it seemed to hang in the air weightlessly, not unlike that of Heather before her own unique transformation, yet not quite the same. Moving with some otherworldly grace, almost like she was submerged in water, Lahkesis suddenly sat up, her pupilless blue eyes turning around the room, glowing with an inner light.

Though she looked in essence to be the same, she was distinctly different, something in the face was not the same. Where once she had some indefinable girlish quality to her, like a child gazing at the world, now there was some new quality, something more mature, something more refined. She seemed like an almost different person entirely. The glow of her skin continued to fade as she moved off the table, her body moving much more gracefully than it had ever done before, each movement slow and purposeful, a clear intent in her movement.

She moved to Heather and bent her knee to crouch before her and stare at her with an unreadable expression. Some detail unspoken. She reached out her hand and gently cupped Heather's cheek, before leaning forward to press her lips to Heathers. It was less a kiss and more some alien tender touch as she breathed into Heather, filling the Radiants lungs with a mixture of pure oxygen and some trace element of a narcotic like chemical compound. As with all features of her body, the chemical process seemed to affect each who would inhale it differently, seemingly incapable of being lethal.

As she withdrew the last traces of the tiny spore-like compounds in the air escaped her lips and shimmered only briefly before all the spores seemed to fade into nothing. With the light of the spores dying so too did the inner light within Lahkesis, the last of the glow fading, her hair falling gently around her face, seemingly longer now, as the rainbow hues slowed and became solid in a vivid ultramarine color.

Lahkesis Fell backward from heather, her body falling now at nearly the normal rate, though she did seem to fall surprisingly lighter and as the glow of her eyes seemed to fade last she looked around the room, gazing at each person there for a moment as a look of confusion grew across her features.

"Where am I?" she asked as her eyes fell on Hi'Jak, her voice not that of the same woman he had spoken to only a handful of hours before. For better or for worse, the woman they had all known as Lahkesis Saugn was now gone and a new creature, a changed creature, now sat on the floor before them, seemingly unashamed of her nakedness.

[ Nephele Soong | Medical Bay | Precept-ship Versant ]
OOC: Information about the change - Teslyliac Typing Info

OOC: Naming - Now you may be asking yourself, WTF has been up with Lahkesis's name in these posts and WTF is up with her having another new name. The answer is surprisingly simple. Type B Teslyliac Duplicates made by Lahkesis's maker were named after lesser beings within the Greek pantheon, Type A was named after goddesses. Each was built with 2 names, just in case they would one day achieve Type A status. The name Nicotiana was given to her by Hi'Jak and thus was purpose given as his way of claiming some part of her. She will only respond to the name if he speaks it and if anyone else speaks it, she will object. As for the name Nephele it now acts as her "true name". If you are familiar with naming practices in some cultures, a person's true name is only given to one they bind themselves with in a truly intimate way. As Lahkesis has not done so, her given name on all records will remain Lahkesis and she will still respond to it, however soon enough she will reveal said name to a limited number of people, and given her story thus far I believe many of you may be able to guess who the first to learn it will be.

For the purposes of my posts, I will have her refer to herself as Nephele at this point, however, when she speaks of her name it will be Lahkesis. Hopefully, this does not seem to complex and please be aware that she would prefer to be called her given name in most circumstances as her true name has a power over her she would prefer most do not learn of.

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[ Vigenary Model I-9 Surgical Android | Bridge Module | The Versant ] Attn: All
As her cranial unit slowly swivelled to the first speaker, V-Nine had no experience with the kind of emotion that could be heard in the outburst. This loud demand, from a woman with a blue colour in her hair, to know what had happened to Echtand qi Versant. V-Nine's lens whirred as it focused on the speaker, as well as the next, a human - with a tail? - who answered her with the obvious fact of the Voice's demise. Another thing that was inconclusive for V-Nine was the way in which the Commanding Officer - Sclergyn - looked away, as if she did not wish to answer, and the woman with the blue in her hair vanished into the small crowd. Organic emotions were quite incalculable, as far as V-Nine could determine.

Then, V-Nine saw that an Andorian shen had pushed her way to the front instead, and demanded the research done on the Andorians, along with the findings of an investigation team. According to V-Nine's memory bank, Sclergyn had led both the Andorian and Ovri mating research, but the Commanding Officer did not speak immediately - looking introspective. When she did speak, her voice was a bit more quiet than before. "I am afraid there never was an investigation team assembled to solve the decline of the Andorian birth rates. The Savi have no interest in that kind of research. The task set before me was to update the Archive with information lost in the latest Cataclysm, cataloguing the mating rituals of your species. I conducted this research as according to the Code that I knew at the time... and I used falsehood to create incentives for you to initiate coitus. My apologies."

V-Nine saw how the Andorians in the crowd of specimens received these news, but she had a hard time determining their reactions. Was it... rage? Regret? Shame, because of the public humiliation in front of their peers? Sclergyn raised her hands, perhaps trying to appease them? "All I could determine with certainty - if there is any kind of consolation - is that the four of you had a very high compatibility rate, the chances for offspring almost certain. This is why you were taken in the first place. I regret my actions, now that I follow the Old Code, but there is nothing more the Savi can do for you."

Having been informed that she'd only aid in reversing the Corrections, V-Nine looked between the Andorians and the Commanding Officer with her lens, and then looked down, wringing her hands. She was programmed to not speak out of turn, else she would have offered her services as a form of compensation - even if her success-ratio was yet unknown. The one who spoke next was the Aspect-Maker, whom V-Nine had been led to believe was the leader of the specimens.

"When can we be returned to our ship?" she said. Demanded? V-Nine wasn't sure about the tonality.

Sclergyn folded her arms beneath her chest. "I would assume you are referring to the Federation starship Theurgy, since the Borg destroyed the Endeavour? We only picked up specimens from her escape pods."

Those words seemed to give the Aspect-Maker great pause. It almost seemed like she couldn't believe what she just heard. She even turned to look at some of the faces in the crowd, as to confirm what Sclergyn qi Versant had just said. Soon, however, she turned back to the throne and the Savi. "If there are Borg present in the Azure Nebula, then the Alpha Quadrant might be facing an invasion. On behalf of the Federation, we hereby request the aid of the Savi to repel them. This ship could be decisive in a battle with..."

The Aspect-Maker's words trailed off, because Sclergyn was already shaking her head slowly where she stood.

"Even in the old Code, it is clear that we have merely observed. We have never engaged with the empires we've seen rise and fall. The Borg is known to us. They do not know of us. We wish to keep it that way. It would be in your best interest as well, since if they were to assimilate Savi technology, they would prove even more unstoppable. W-"

"When can we be returned to the Theurgy?" the Aspect-Maker said. Now, V-Nine was quite sure she demanded the answer.

Sclergyn did not look amiable. "Unless you noticed, the Scions are trying to reclaim command of the Versant. The Antes that have yet to read an-"

"Frankly, I couldn't care less at this point," snapped the Aspect-Maker, her hands fists at her sides as she walked towards the throne. "The Savi have killed officers in my crew when you first abducted us. You have held us prisoners for days. Against our will, you have preformed experiments upon us. Defiled us. Liquefied us and fed us to this ship! You may have been ignorant, this Code of yours corrupted - as you say - but the Federation is now in danger, threats both foreign and domestic. You've treated us like animals, and this zoo that you think you're privy to observe upon, it may be destroyed unless you commit to it's protection! We demand you do right by us!"

Sclergyn looked away when V-Nine turned her cranial unit towards her. "Before we can do anything for you, the Old Code needs to b-"

Suddenly, V-Nine's servos had to compensate for a sudden shift. The whole Bridge shook, and the Azure Nebula moved outside the viewscreen. She turned her teal lens back towards the bridge, and she could see Antes in the control alcoves, lining the sides of the bridge. They were shouting, and V-Nine's audio receptors had a hard time making out the words. Sclergyn held on to the throne, shouting back to the Antes on the alcoves. V-Nine's lens saw something glimmer among the specimens, and zoomed in. There was a dark-haired female holding what looked like a metallic brain, and she seemed to have attached it to a Savi tablet.

"Captain," she said, and V-Nine could hear it since she had activated her directional microphone program when she zoomed in, "I don't know how long this energy cell will last, but I am connected to the Versant through the subspace network that the Savi are using. I have already laid in a course towards my hull. Some of the ship's engines are still damaged, but I will have an ETA soon."

"Well done, Thea," said the Aspect-Maker, and she then looked at the Antes around them. "Can you do something about our hosts?"

"I have already accessed their life support systems. I am filling the neonox with a higher mixture of oxygen," said the woman, who did not appear organic to V-Nine's sensors. What was she? And was she killing everyone? It might have been an obvious question, for the woman already supplemented her reply. "I will not kill them, of course. I will keep them unconscious until we are off this ship."

"Aspect-Maker!" called Sclergyn from the side of the Throne, her face twisted in rage. She reached towards the leader of the specimens. "I should have known... Your kind... caused us... the latest... Cata..."

V-Nine raised one of her hands to the front of her cranial unit, seeing how Sclergyn slumped towards the deck. There were still twelve armoured guards, with their own neonox supplies, and shocked as they were, they were about to attack the specimens. The Aspect-Maker was quicker. "Thea! Forcefield!"

In the nick of time, the woman made of photons had complied, and the specimens were protected from the flare of graviton beams. Next, before they could change their tactics, the guards were transported out of the bridge, merely leaving their rifles clattering against the deck. Once everything was still, only V-Nine was left standing on the podium, in front of the specimens. She had little in terms of social skills, and none of her programming quite covered that kind of scenario. She supposed she did have her allotted task, and that was to lend her aid. She folded her hands behind her back.

"As I was saying, you may call me Vi. I look forward to making your acquaintance," she said, making sure she had a pleasant tone.

"Defend the bridge!" called the Aspect-Maker, and she changed... into a man? V-Nine wondered if that was a habit of that specimen, and if she was required to change pronouns at every turn too. Either way, the next call was decidedly male in tone. "The Scions can breathe air, and right now, there is nothing between them and us. We have to make sure Thea stays in control of this ship! To arms!"

As the specimens acted on those orders, the Versant went to warp, on a course towards the Theurgy.


OOC: If anyone cares to post a Supplemental thread where we can write how they fare, I welcome it! I can do it too if I am quick enough though. :) I'll happily participate with any and all characters until the Versant appears in Chapter 05: Battle of the Apertures!

This concludes Chapter 04: True Nature. To keep both the Borg and the TFA from detecting them, Ives will decide against sending a message to the Theurgy, since they are bound to reach them very soon anyway. Thea may even figure out how to cloak the ship on approach, when the sensors pick up on the Borg and Klingon ships at the heart of the Azure Nebula. Thank you for all the fun we've had on the Versant (so far)!

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