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[ Tesserarius Lorad | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy

There had been no mistaking the exosuit wearing Starfleeter for anything other than a Klingon given his roaring, singing in Klingon and words about the Klingon afterlife. Lorad himself didn’t speak the language but he knew enough to know a Klingon when he saw one. Though he did have to admit to himself that the Klingon’s charge, though reckless, had been effective in neutralising the last of the resistance from the intruders.

Taking a moment, Lorad looked around the bay at everyone present, not knowing who they were, he said nothing, before his eyes fell upon the outline of the Sabine and the damage it had sustained before its landing. Searching for the shuttle’s pilot, Lorad found the red armoured figure staring at him. 

She growled at him as he approached her, before reaching up to remove her helmet and Lorad just stood and admired the way her hair fell free. And then he couldn’t help but chuckle as she complained about her head. Despite her odd way of speaking at times, Lorad found that he could understand her well enough; even over most of the other members of the crew.

His response was cut off by the Câroon’s proclamation about the ship and following her eyes, Lorad could see for himself what looked like the other sections of the ship that he had seen on various LCARS displays throughout the ship, approaching them. It was clearly damaged but obviously still operational given its entrance into an active combat zone.

He turned to speak to his previous night’s company when the doors that he had entered through opened again and a detail of the ship’s security force entered and began to sweep the room. Lorad stood still, his confiscated phaser rifle held by the barrel in his left hand so as to not be threatening as the detail ‘cleared’ the room. 

He said nothing as one of the new arrivals approached and had a short discussion with Sera regarding something about weapons and civilians. Assuming what the man had said and seeing the obvious reluctance with which Sera surrendered her weapon, Lorad guessed what he had said and slowly lifted his own rifle up for the man to take.

“Intruder in corner,” Lorad said as he used his free hand to point towards where he had stashed the unconscious body of the man he had taken down. “Behind crate. Need doctor.”

“Ah, thanks,” the man acknowledged awkwardly before moving off. Lorad turned back towards Sera and looked down at the golden-eyed woman.

“I told you Reman Whiskey put Romulan down,” Lorad said with a chuckle at Sera. “You injured?”

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Lt JG Salem Martin | Observatory Lounge | The Ranger ] Attn: @The Ostrich , @Auctor Lucan @Multificionado

There is a terrible feeling in observing a battle from a lounge. Salem would have rather been on the bridge of a ship, than sitting here at a table looking out into the swirling blue's and the void of space. He would have rather manned a station or taken over guns, his preference to sit at a bridge and provide tactical support would have been another thing. Instead he was standing by drinking a beverage developed on earth in it's early years. The exact formula of Cola was lost to the ages, but the off brand stuff somehow survived, Root beer was not Salem's favorite drink, but as he needed to remain sober he was hoping that the drink would have the same calming effect as it's alcoholic brother.

Instead it was a gross, slightly fizzy drink made from ginger root... Every sip made him gag slightly, and yet at the same time he hadn't put down the cup, in fact he was considering a refill.

The loungue provided him with the front view of the ship, but without a station he was cut out from the sensor readings or the view screens magnification. Or the bridges holographic table that could have shown him a full tactical layout as well as what enemies they were up against. Instead he was forced to squint his eyes as they dropped out of the rushed blue hues of a warp trail, and into the murky horrible blue of the regular nebula. Ships could be seen, but without the visual magnification he was attempting to see things litterally miles away, leaving them dwarfed to his perspective.

It became clear why the Federation never bothered with paint jobs, he could barely tell the class of ships out in the nebula. The Helmet was much closer as they had of course dropped out of warp to get close to it, and he was releaved to see that piece of the ship still intact for the most part.

He sat back in the lounge sinking into a his part of the sofa. He put his feet up, and took another swig of the drink keeping it in his mouth for a moment to try and analyse the taste.

He took this moment of quiet before the fire started, before the chaos to think. Had he gone into this with both eyes open? There was no going back, he had left the Cayuga and it's crew behind. He had seen what he had liked of the Theurgy crew, and he trusted his sister, but his mind kept wondering to all of those other ships. To them the Theurgy was a crew of traitors, a crew of war criminals. He was a decorated officer, on the way to make full lieutenant. In a few more years of service he could have had a ship of his own.

Had he been prepared to go all of the way with this Theurgy crew?

What was the end game?

Out there was admiral Sankolov. Salem had met the man once, he had been the one to pin the medal on his chest when Martin had shown up alive at the medal ceremony on starbase alpha. The admiral had said that getting himself and his men out of that prison camp alive had shown dedication, bravery against all odds, and service befitting the highest order of Starfleet.

All words, and even back then Salem hadn't wanted to hear them. Salem still kept the medal, it was in his bag next to him as he hadn't been assigned a room to sleep in yet, but he didn't feel any spark of pride when he looked at the thing. The Christopher Pike medal of Honor, or as he called it, I escaped from a living hell hole and all I got was this piece of metal.

Yet the colonist had been a member of Starfleet now longer than when he had been a civilian. Stepping out of the rulebook that he had drilled into him should have been a lot harder than it was. 'Blood is thicker than water'

Vivian would have done the same thing in his shoes.

"It is one thing to see videos or a simulation, to know what happens when a torpedo hits the hull of those ships, it is another to press those buttons. If I am to work this ship, if I am to fire those weapons for them then I knew that meant having to go up against the Federation. To unleash weapons of mass destruction upon members of the Federation and Starfleet. To hit ships that could very well have civilian populations aboard. No going into this I need to be ready to go all the way." He took another drink, finishing his cup, and after a few moments longer he stood up, and went to get a refill.

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PO2 Sithick | Weapons Storage Bay | The Ranger ] attn: @Auctor Lucan , @chXinya , @CanadianVet  @The Ostrich

The weapons storage bay had been turned into a mock Lab. SIthick had been working here for days and so he had gotten permission to modify the environment as he worked. The room was now humid, the ground was wet slightly and the light was more intensive. He had in essence turned the weapons storage bay into a small atrium so that his body didn't feel the need to dry up or itch during the long hours that he had been working on his new pet project.

Still the room was cramped. Partly because of the Asurian technology that he had stowed away in the room.  the generators that were littered through the room. He had been trying to get the gravity cannon he had cut out to work from the stolen saucer to work ever since he had started the project when the ship had broken into pieces and they first captured the ship.

The problem came down to a power source. The gravity cannon simply would not plug into any known Federation battery. It was like trying to plug alternating current into direct current and the Gorn had been shocked and burned several times for his efforts. Thankfully his scales were more or less burn proof, but he had made sure to stick a 'danger work in progress' Sign on the door.

The weapon wasn't the only thing he had been working on. Whenever he had felt too overwhelmed by one problem he had shifted to the other. The shields of the Theurgy. The gravity weapons of the Savi had pushed right through the shield, and ripped parts of the hull off. He had been working on better modulations that would harden the shields against such attacks.

All focus was on the Savi & Asurian gravity weapons. Simply put they were new more interesting puzzles, and he needed them to work by the time they ran into the Savi the second time around. They had taken someone important to him, and he couldn't allow himself to rest until Lahkesis was back safe. Vivian was also gone, and he missed her dearly but she wasn't in as much danger. She was just filling her job as the chief of a department on the helmet. He was looking forward to reuniting with her, but the work came first.

"engineer work log, attempt number 39, I has finally been able to measure the energy output for the gravity weapon. I has been working on a converter, one I had to build from scratch." The Gorn huffed, and scratched at the back of his neck. "I have included schematics in the working log before this one, and have put to use several portable generators . This room is now a very large Fire hazard... I have there for moved the explosives outside of the weapons storage area. I will speak with captain, and chief Bob, request the creation of a lab for future engineering projects."

"I also have set up a force field and extra cooling... and replicated a fire extinguisher." He Lowered some goggles over his eyes, the broad strap required to reach both his eyes was of his own practical design. He was also wearing a lab coat he had replicated that was flame resistant as well. Just because he was supposed to be fire proof didn't mean he was going to be reckless with his body.

"I initiate the test." He said pushing the button on his pad, and slowly the generators came to life power surged, and there was a very unfamiliar hum of electricity through the room, a whine that slowly died down, as the gun he had been trying to turn on came to life.

"It's alive! It's alive!"

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Fighter Assault Bay | The Ranger | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Havenborn @Multificionado @Triton @BZ @Auctor Lucan @Doc M. @Triage 

The crimson red flashes that colored the fighter bay in tune with the claxon were the scene that Thomas found himself in as he walked up to his fighter. The flashes of the red alert lights reflecting off his flight suit as he put his helmet on to cover up his face. The HUD already initializing as he climbed onto Kestrel, the essential repairs being made so he could fire his main weapons and torpedoes once more. Taking his seat he fired up the systems, ready to fly out at the order from the bridge. It didn't take long before the familiar voice of Henshaw greeted him.

"Flight Ops to Razor, we've located the Helmet. Stand by for reintegration to SOM."
"Be ready to scramble, Vector One may require assistance. Updating your tactical feed."

He smiled at hearing her voice and he replied "Roger that Flight Ops. Ready to engage when ordered. Will inform you when all fighters are ready for deployment."

Looking around he looked at his remaining squadron, glancing over at Daniel's, Evelyn's, Tessa's and Alessia's fighter. They were what was left of the remaining squadron and they'd have to do for that last line of defense if things turned sour. He opened up the squadron channel and his voice resounded through the channel "Fighters, sound off when ready. No launch yet, prepare fighters to fly out. Ready on my mark." he spoke before he closed the canopy and looked at the last deck hands run off to clear the hangar for eventual launch.

While waiting Thomas felt somewhat hopeful that reintegration would happen soon enough. That the ship would finally be whole again and that they could move on to the next thread as a front. He felt more at ease to know that if they faced the Borg it would be so as a collective and the full prowess of the Theurgy, instead of just Ranger or Sword doing the task on their own. His eyes narrowed as he looked around once more and looked at the empty fighter of Krystal. He hoped the surgery had gone well, he still hadn't heard anything back from the medical staff yet.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: 

A beam of nadion particles ripped past Faye's head, which a moment before had been bent over her console as she tried to focus on her job.

At the time, the telepath had been driven to keep the new arrivals calm. She had a duty to minimize further casualties of the poor crew of the Bellerophon as they were beamed away from the broken form of their ship. So Faye couldn't allow herself to be distracted by the guilt and rage pouring off of Leon Marquez, or the worry that ran through Vivian Martin. Nor could she wallow in the second guesses ripping across the bridge, nor even the growing confidence that was Lt.Cmdr. DeWitts surety in her choice to evoke General Order 9. In truth, the most prevailing feelings were of fear - fear from her crew, and the new arrivals, laying in the air like a haze.

Until the boarders had arrived.

In that moment, the sensation of even more minds, right behind her, was overpowering - their rage. This was not how Starfleet officers were supposed to react. They were to be calm even in the heat of battle. To push past such baser emotions. Their hatred for the crew of the Theurgy burned bright, and was more than enough to tear Faye away from her work, slamming down on her like the proverbial ton of bricks her human mother would often refer to. The betazoid spun and saw a phaser coming up - screamed at the fury she felt - and dove. The beam lanced through the air where she had been and splashed against the far wall paneling that ran along from the edge of her console out towards the view screen, sending a shower of sparks into the air but otherwise harmlessly wasted.

She scrambled around the console, putting it between her and the intruders. Not her finest moment, not by far, but as another beam glanced off her controls, Faye wasn't about worry over her less than brave reactions. She was a diplomat, not a fighter (even if her previous posting had required a bit of violence when working with Klingons).  Before the intruder could get a better bead on the Betazoid, one of the Theurgy 's guards took care of the issue. And just like that, as fast as the assault on the bridge had started, it was over.

Disheveled, Ens. Eloi-Danvers hauled herself to her feet and swung back around to her station. Standing - her chair gone in the fray - she routed controls away from one of the shattered panels to a different screen. Nothing was so far gone that she couldn't bypass it. Comms would work, internal and external. Even the next glancing blow did nothing to deter the girl, once she was no longer being directly shot at from intruders radiating such all encompassing anger. 

Faye had it all working just in time to hear Dewitt's shocked voice trail off.. Those coal dark eyes darted up to the view screen where he mouth popped open in utter shock. It was the rest of her ship - The Ranger as the two stardrive vectors were called when they were joined together without the helmet. Her fingers twitched toward the comm buttons. She had a sudden, burning need to know. But duty won desire over, and she didn't open that channel, not until Dewitt ordered them to do so.

Orders were relayed, and Faye could feel, all around them, as the crew lept to action to get the Helmet reintegrated with the rest of the ship - and cede command. She could almost feel the shock coming from the other vessel, but the Betazoid's telepathic powers had never really allowed her to sense that far. Over an open comm...sometime. But not now.

Besides which, she was far too preoccupied with one burning question. Was Riley alive over there?

[ Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Battle Bridge | Deck 11 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]Attn: ALL

They arrived into chaos. Sitting to the side of Cinn, watching the large man issue orders to the crew, Natalie almost felt like a loose end. Nator was at Ops, a station that Natalie was most familiar with. Wenn Cinn was in command - in her chair, on her bridge. The Stallion'sbe bridge took over when the two vectors had reintegrated. It was in far better shape than the Sword's had been. So now Natalie sat to the left of where she had before. She was...first officer. So she tried to act like Carrigan Trent would, for Captain Ives, and take care of the orders Cpt. Wenn wasn't. Splitting the duties, ensuring the large Bajoran could focus on what needed to be focused on.

Even if part of her wished she were the one in the center seat. Her seat

With everything going on in the past few days, Nat, this is the last thing you need to be thinking about now. There in front of her, the Bellerophon lay burning and broken in space. The Dauntless had just lashed out at the Helmet and the console seated between hers and the Captains chair, with its tactical display, showed more Starfleet vessels inbound.

Of course, then she heard that Trent had been relieved and shock flashed across her face.

"What the hell happened on that ship?" She asked Cinn as the channel was closed and he'd issued the orders. Shaking her head she swept her hair back. She had been preparing herself to resume the roll of OPS Chief, with either Wenn or Dewitt taking over the position of overall XO. Thats out the window.

She was about to push up out of her seat, when she noticed a note transfered over to her. In the rush of things, many crew from the Cayuga had been left aboard the Ranger. Including, it seemed the ships chief science officer, lookoing for something to do. She scowled and sent it over to Lt. Commander Vael Kaeris, the current Science Chief, though in truth, Vivian Martin would take back over upon integration. Typing out a fast message, she ordered Lt. Vanya to loop in with Lt. Cmdr Kaeris, but suggested that she focus on enhancing the sensors in this soup, and keeping an eye out for any Borg signatures. The last thing they needed was a transwarp aperture opening up in front of them with Task force Archeron bearing down on them.

Ahead of them, the shields began to envelope the Helmet. She tapped a few buttons on the console between her and Wenn, then nodded to the Captain. The survivors had been beamed away from the broken ship. It was time for the next step, before the Dauntless could do any more damage to the Helmet. Before the next wave from the Task Force arrived.

Natalie stood up, tugged on her jacket and walked over to Nator at Ops, keeping her pace slow and steady, pushing aside her thoughts and worries over what had happened on the other ship, what would happen next. "Steady as she goes, Mr. Nator," she said quietly, watching over the Hermat's shoulder. She had not missed the problematic officer while she had been on the Stallion, yet at the same time, she was glad to see s/he had survived all the same. Nator was an original member of her crew, and thought Natalie had grown (in a very short amount of time) to consider those survivors of the Harbinger and Resolve as their crew as well (she was still coming to terms with the fact that they'd picked up strays from two more ships, though some might be returned to the Cayuga), she held a special place in her heart for those that had been with her from the beginning.

Even if they pissed her off, occasionally.

Natalie reached out and opened an intership channel, keeping her hands well clear of the controls that Nator would need for what came next, working in conjunction with helm. "All hands," she said calmly. "We are beginning integration process."

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[ Lieutenant Vanya | Upper Science Labs | Deck 07 | The Ranger, Vector 2/3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @steelphoenix


Vanya got the reply from the XO and nodded. Her fingers flew over the console and sent the notice to Lt. Cmdr Kaeris. Informing the Bactrican, of her being on board, willing to assist as needed, and also that she was moving to assist in amplified sensor resolution, and scanning the local area.

Fingers flicker deftly over the console and her dark green eyes flicker as screens filled with the proper equations and formula to enhance the Ranger’s sensors. Once that was done she double checked with Ops to ensure she was not drawing needed resources from that which were allocated elsewhere. It would truly be bad for everyone if the new scans some how left shields, or weapon systems lacking at a critical moment.  

Once she had conformation from Ops she nodded and initiated the advanced and fine tuned sensor scans. The array lit up around the ship and her fingers tapped the screen. Singling out life signs that may had fallen OUT of the ship split in half that were rapidly fading and feeding them to the proper channel.

She tapped her Comm Badge. “Lieutenant Vanya to Transporter room. Priority transport solutions coming your way, preservation of life protocol”

Vanya fed the transporter chief targeting solutions based on her detailed scans and nodded then imput the secondary effect, reaching out with the Ranger’s eyes, ears and even her nose looking for _ Anything _ that might reek of the Borg.

When the scans were initiated, she fed them up to the bridge. Tapping her Comm Badge again.   “Lieutenant Vanya to Commander Kaeris. Enhanced sensor resolution fed to your console now commander. Hope it helps and will continue to monitor from down here as well.” 
Lieutenant Vanya - Science Officer - Zoology/XenoZoology

Lieutenant Junior Grade Zark – Security Officer – Combat Medic

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[ Lt. JG Derik Veradin | Main Bridge | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All
Veridan released the boarder, reaching behind him wildly as the Dauntless’ Phasers lanced through their hull. He fell to one knee, supporting himself with his chair as the ship stopped rocking. His prisoner had fallen to the floor, screaming from the agonizing pain of a knife in his kidney being jostled about. A mere moment after he landed, he moved no more. Derik stubbled the half step to him, shoving his fingers between the edge of the helmet and his bodysuit to get to the artery. The pulse was weak but still beating. Unconscious then. Probably pain induced more than blood loss. Satisfied he wouldn’t die in the next thirty seconds, the trill returned to his station, stabilizing, and maneuvering the Helmet to leave the debris field.

A second lance ripped through the space their vector would’ve occupied, missing the hull by a few meters. The viewscreen and holoprojector lit up with new contacts. Derik’s breath seized. A Glimmer of Hope. A Miracle made Manifest. The Ranger. The rest of their ship. He heard Dewiit behind him shouting orders and ceding command after they escaped. What the hell? No time to ponder. Crisis now, philosophical debate later.

“Everybody brace! If we’re going to link up, I have to get us out of the debris field. We’re about to lose what little cover we had!”

The vector’s position inched, painfully so, on thrusters. Without primary propulsion, each of the assemblies were operating far to hard. His consoles had warning lights all over it. The sound of debris bouncing off the hull reverberated through the bridge, each one making Veradin wince. Sorry Thea. Please just hold on a little longer. They cleared the field just in time for the Ranger to swoop in. Shields extended, enveloping the Helmet in a desperately needed cocoon. Cover, true cover, finally. Derik released the breath he hadn’t realize he’d been holding.

Whatever divine being is looking out for us, Thank you. One more good hit and we wouldn’t be reintegrating at all.

“Standby. Aligning for combat reintegration.”

The Trill tapped the thruster controls again, trying to get them into position. New warning lights flared on his console. The Helmet rocked and their viewscreen began listing to port. Something was wrong. Very wrong. Derik checked the status displays. Schematics flashed up of the starboard side thrusters and surrounding hull. Their symbols flared red as data poured in. EPS lines had fractured from damage and under the prolonged stress of constant use. Power was no longer reaching them and the explosion had sent them into a heavy port leaning spin. With only port thrusters available, the vector couldn’t correct itself. If he fired them un-aided, the ship would instead just go into a starboard spin. He also ran the risk of secondary explosions from more EPS conduits exploding.

Fuck. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

“Veradin to the Ranger,” The CONN officer hailed. There was no time to go through the proper chain of command. The ships were far too close for that. “Primary AND secondary starboard thruster assemblies have blown. I can’t adjust for the spin. Could use some help over here guys. If you can give me 2 second bursts spaced 1 second apart from your tractor emitters along our starboard ventral hull, I can bring us back into alignment. Do not exceed 35 percent power however. Our hull is barely holding on as it is.”

Another explosion on the starboard side. Displays indicated additional EPS conduits had failed, further inward. Oh no… They were chaining towards the core. If they didn’t hook up to the main body soon so Derik could shut down the thrusters, the Helmet would explode from a chain reaction.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Vael Kaeris | Battle Bridge | Deck 11 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Brutus @Cosmos @Triage @Top Hat @FollowTomorrow

This ship was cursed. It was the only logical conclusion, as illogical as it seemed.  All things considered, given its component pieces, that truth had to be three fold.  What other vessel in the course of mere days could run afoul of the Borg, the Klingons, the Asurians, the here-to-fore unknown Vigilants of Sa, and Taskforce Archeron -- all within the relatively narrow confines of the Azure Nebula?  If he spent too long calculating the odds, it would likely detract him from the chaos of the moment -- chaos he was now expected to bring some order to for the sake of the vessel's command.

He had sincere reservations at confronting other Starfleet vessels.  Given the conditions by which his crewmates had been drawn aboard the ship in the first place, they could reasonably claim to have been captured, lured by false pretense, but the circumstances seemed wholly unlike any he would otherwise have expected from an encounter between Federation vessels, even those at odds.  It was as he had predicted to the rest of his crewmates from the Endeavour during their session together that morning -- their options had been effectively sealed, their ability to influence the outcome of this engagement limited solely to bad choices.  Assist the traitors to the Federation -- whether true or not -- and become traitors themselves, or through inaction or even sabotage, condemn the vessel to destruction and ensure their own deaths in the process.

It was this dilemma that had preoccupied the back of his mind since he'd sat at the station to which he'd been assigned.  But now, like the passing calculation into the odds of their being cursed, the odds of their being destroyed by their fellow comrades in arms, he had to set all such lingering thoughts aside.

"Lieutenant Vanya to Commander Kaeris. Enhanced sensor resolution fed to your console now commander. Hope it helps and will continue to monitor from down here as well."

He was unfamiliar with the voice, although under the circumstance, he could only claim ready familiarity with a scant handful of people on the ship.  A quick glance at a communique from the current second-in-command of the partially reintegrated Theurgy advised him that this was a fell science chief, lately of the Cayuga, now as much a hostage of circumstance as he.   Preceding that, however, had been another communication-- another member of the Cayuga crew.  There was some comfort in knowing that science vessels seemed to operate with an organic efficiency unlike other ships, their crew members thinking along common lines, anticipating needs and moving to solve problems before even needing to be asked.  There was a systemic simplicity to it, almost beautiful to a point.   "I am receiving now.  Thank you, lieutenant.  Please convey my appreciation to Lt. Bila as well," he replied, reviewing the enhanced feed, transferring the appropriate data to CONN, Tactical and Navigation.  If they were to reconnect with the last of their vectors in the midst of a firefight, they would need to ensure the clearest vision possible and that clear vision told them that the top third of their ship was suddenly surging out of alignment.

"Veradin to the Ranger. Primary AND secondary starboard thruster assemblies have blown. I can't adjust for the spin. Could use some help over here guys. If you can give me 2 second bursts spaced 1 second apart from your tractor emitters along our starboard ventral hull, I can bring us back into alignment. Do not exceed 35 percent power however. Our hull is barely holding on as it is."

Vael's lips tightened as he activated the tractor beam, making certain to limit the output so as not to over-stress the already weakened structural integrity of the listing vector, hoping it would prove sufficient to stabilize the Helmet's erratic motions long enough to survive this disaster.

"I would not recommend prolonging reintegration.  The Helmet is facing a cascading power failure that will leave them incapable of joining up," he reported, casting a glance towards the Bajoran in the command chair.

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[Zyrao Natauna | This Ship is a Mess | Any Klingon Vessels Around? | Re-Integration Eminent]

The fight was over.

Zyrao had enjoyed the fight.  The blood racing, her heart pumping, the enjoyment of movements.  She enjoyed the strategy of attacking and then attacking in the dark just soothed her very nature; the one that told her to challenge herself constantly.  She strove for the complicated and pushing herself out of the boundaries that she was comfortable with.  Fighting in the darkness leveled the playing field to the point that it could, technically, be anyones game.  Today she had won the game, not that she had doubted herself in the least.  One of the things that Zyrao had found out in her long live was the fact that you had to believe in yourself more than you believed it wouldn't happen at all.  Believing you would succeed was the key to success to begin with.  Having the knowledge on how to do that allowed it to be easier.

Suddenly there was a ship.

Zyrao looked at the feeds on the holotable that spun in front of her now that the battle had passed.  Forcing her heart to calm down as she tried to pull her brain back to anti-ass kickin' mode.  She was about to scan the ship and figure out what was going to be necessary to take down the new threat when someone mentioned it was the rest of their ship.

Well that's conventient.

Zyrao ran a hand through her short dark hair.  Now I need a stiff drink, a hot bath, and some company. she thought to herself for a moment allowing herself a second to just try to calm down.  She was so ready for them to be out of danger and she could only imagine that they felt the same as well.  More so, as they had been fighting and running long before she got there.  Everyone prepared for the ships to come back together, Zyrao was interested in the dynamic shift that was about to occur.

Dewitt further surprised her by the fact that Dewitt was ceding command to the next available command officer.  Natauna found herself respecting the woman severely for such a thing.  She had taken over the Bridge in a move because she felt it was necessary to pull Trent from the bridge.  Now, she was allowing someone else to take that seat which further proved it was not a power move even from the beginning.  It was something she had done for the ship because it had needed to be done.  It had needed to be done for the safety of the ship.

“Lets get back together and get out of this death trap.” Natauna said more to herself than anyone.

GM Note: Ji section removed for revision since there are no new fighters entering the Fighter Assault Bay, nor the Sabine, since they are on Vector 01 and the Upper Shuttle Bay.

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[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Battle Bridge | Deck 11 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ]

It was odd, again, to be afforded a bird's eye view of events and have no ability to affect them - even assuming he could work around his ongoing moral quandary on whether he should. Ducote lurked by one of the multipurpose displays, watching the updates and scan returns roll in. The scene as they warped in was... sobering. He paled as he saw the registry of the wrecked Intrepid-class. He tried not to watch the bodies tumble in the vacuum.

Santa Maria. What have they done?

He had a friend on the Bellerophon. Going back to his Academy days (the first time round). One of her Security officers who had been serving on that ship since Admiral Ross took command during the Dominion War; last he'd heard, she'd made lieutenant commander. Vufao Jav. Thinking about it, that irascible Tellarite was probably the reason Blue's foul mouth washed right over him. Even she didn't hold a candle to Jav in that regard.

The hybrid forced his hand back down to rest on the console, away from his combadge, as he fought against habit to call down and ask someone to keep an eye out. This wasn't his ship.

The Dauntless seemed intent on exacting revenge from the first Vector, that component of the Theurgy having taken a savage beating; venting atmosphere of its own. The mood on the bridge was souring by the second, but he couldn't immediately tell if it was because of the Bellerophon or the Helmet. At least they were taking on survivors... and he did his level best to ignore the cynical voice in his head that they were only doing it for the sake of having meatshields aboard when the rest of the task force arrived.

He could only think back to his conversation with Captain Ziegler after the meeting on Vector 02 a short while ago. Before she'd gone ahead to try and close the apertures prior to the Borg arriving. A task he'd nearly joined her for, but for the fact there were still some of his people from the Niger in sickbay who he could not abandon.

"Captain," he called, turning towards the centre seats. "Permission to assist Security in-" corralling? "-liasing with the Bellerophon survivors." He'd be more use down there than up here, he figured, long habit making him forget that the bridge they currently occupied was ensconced safely amidships rather than proud of the dorsal hull as usual.

[ Lt JG Nator 159 | Battle Bridge | Deck 11 | The Ranger ] attn: @Brutus @Auctor Lucan @Argyros

"Steady as she goes, Mister Nator."

The voice made hir startle in hir seat, though it was at least familiar. Stark? the scent fit too, mostly, though glancing back over hir shoulder was useless. S/he merely went back to running through hir checklists to make the process as swift as possible, while trying to ignore the ETA countdown to the arrival of the rest of Task Force Archeron.

"Our hull breach on the dorsal hull of the Sword might be problematic, sir... but at least the ventral surfaces of the Helmet are relatively undamaged. And-" s/he paused, interrogating the sudden realisation as it occurred to hir, "- I'm glad you made it, Commander."

Rather than prolong the Hermat's discomfort, Stark instead opened a PA channel. "All hands. We are beginning integration process."

As if on cue, the Helmet hailed them. [Veradin to the Ranger. Primary AND secondary starboard thruster assemblies have blown. I can't adjust for the spin. Could use some help over here, guys. If you can give me 2 second bursts spaced 1 second apart from your tractor emitters along our starboard ventral hull, I can bring us back into alignment. Do not exceed 35 percent power however. Our hull is barely holding on as it is.]

"Fffff-" Nator hissed, hands putting on an extra burst of speed over the console as s/he ran verifying scans and powered up the relevant emitters. Grief. Fucking dumbass TFA bullshit we are trying to save them why can't they just- The Endeavour scientist beat hir to the punch of activating the tractors. Nator hailed the inbound Vector instead. "Ranger Ops to Helmet Helm - we have you."

Now all they had to do was not allow their engines to chain away and hulk the Vector and they might even be able to warp away from here. Who knew? Anything was possible.
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[ PO1 Morgan Song | Main Engineering | Deck 06 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @FollowTomorrow @Auctor Lucan @Absinthe @Argyros

Morgan had only looked up briefly when the Lieutenant had brought up the cry of ‘Boarders!’; just long enough to assess the situation. Several armed hostiles, and Suq squaring up against them with a hyperspanner. The Lieutenant would die without help, but Morgan had never been a combatant. He would be little more than a body to throw at them, and better only one person die foolhardily than two.

He would feel bad about this later, but for now, he turned back to his work.

The system was no longer in danger of critically overheating, and the plasma leak was mostly contained to a single area, but that wasn’t to say anything was stable. The whole thing was teetering on the edge of system-wide failure, and all it would need was a well-placed torpedo or an unlucky malfunction to send them right over the edge into overload.

But they could still stop that.

He worked quickly, rerouting plasma flow from the remaining leakages, all the while keeping half an eye on the developing situation with the boarders. He’d be no use if they caught him unawares. Splitting his concentration was unfortunate but necessary given the circumstances.

And then the explosions started.

The ship shuddered, throwing Morgan off-balance; he caught himself just as the warning sirens screeched in awakening, Engineering now a strobe-lit, cacophonous mess of flames and steam and blaster fire. Everything blurred, the ship lurching and spluttering even as another explosion rocked through the Vector. The hasty first-aid Morgan had been doing on the EPS lines had been too little too late, and worse, had left some systems under-powered. And now they were in a tailspin. He was going to die here.

Snap out of it. You’ve got work to do.

He wasn’t sure if the thought belonged to him or Nuran, but it didn’t much matter. It was right. You’re only beaten when you give up. They still had a chance, and even if they didn’t — miracles can happen. He’d seen them.

A patient’s life can be saved by removing the afflicted limb. Time for some triage.

He could still stem the flow of the chain reaction to hold back the tidal wave of overloads, reroute what power he could from the affected systems and cut what he couldn’t, decouple the lines at the next junction along to contain it as best he could, and maybe, maybe, do just enough to stay afloat.

He got to work.
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[ Lt. Jg. Suq | Main Engineering | The Floor | Vector 01 ]

Dodge and weave, dodge and weave! Suq was very good at being too quick to hit, but the phaser shots fired at him made his nerves fry, even if they never hit his body.

He hadn’t heard anything about combat re-integration. He had no time to stop his wild brawling and check a console or his PADD, and nobody had told him. Further, he knew nothing about the current state of the EPS conduits. There were boarders, so he could not stop and give them a check. While Suq was battling, he could only pray that his fellow engineers knew to keep up the work. The ship was simply too fragile to ignore her for a couple of boarders.

He lunged at a border, a woman, her face was round and pretty and Suq hated what he was doing when he saw her. She hadn’t seen him come from the side, and he swang that hyperspanner right onto her face. Down and out she was.

But then he felt a burning sensation on his side, over his ribs and lungs, and he felt numbness spreading from there to the rest of his body so quickly that it was total before he even hit the ground again. All he heard was ‘all hands’, and after that, nothing, because his ears were full of ringing. With spotty vision, he saw a much larger man—Vulcan, maybe? He couldn’t tell-- looming over him with a phaser. He must’ve just graze the Efrosian, because he was still conscious, but not able to do more than twitch.

Then the entire world rocked. Rocked wasn’t even the right word, rocking is what one does to a child to ease them to sleep. This was like violent flinging about. Suq had taken so much from the inertial dampeners earlier that he was really starting to feel the hits from the ship, and so were the boarders.

They went flying backwards, and Suq rolled onto his side, grunting and panting as he tried to force his numbed muscles to breathe. F’rell spoke, something about equations. That’s right, going to warp. They could get out of here!

He was struggling to his feet though. His head was spinning. A security officer blocked him from the boarders—or maybe there were three officers? He couldn’t count because they all kept moving. No matter. He had to get to the console. They had to get to warp. He couldn’t get up off his knees though, they just kept shaking.

[ PO Dyan Cardamone\Sar-unga Neleo | Battle Sickbay Corridor | Deck 07 | Vector 01 ]

Drauc heard them, so did Dyan. Her blood was already screaming for murder long before they even got in the turbolift. She knew where they would be heading. They would not get there.

She ran, her tail whipping about wildly as she took a corner at full speed. It balanced her so she did not fall. She was not telepathic, but she saw Drauc’s body, his movements telling her subconsciously where he would be going. She moved to compliment him, lunging at those in the front with the sort of power better expected out of a leopard than a bipedal such as herself. Phaser first rather than blade, she ran the mouth of her gun right up against someone’s gut and fired. It would hurt for a long time after. She span around and fired at the rest, cackling wildly, her mind beginning to experience the endorphin rush of being the superior warrior once more.

That is until they ran out of opponents to battle against. This wasn’t an endless horde of opponents, like on the holodeck, after all.

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[Ensign Six | Transporter Room Three/Adjacent Corridors | Deck 12 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Triage @Triton @Masorin @Numen @Fife @Griff @CanadianVet @chXinya @Top Hat @FollowTomorrow

Six had been in practice at the shooting range in the Security Center. She frankly had been enjoying it. Her ocular implant had helped her with her coordination and targeting, but in any case, she didn't want to show she was the best shot on the Theurgy. In fact, her marksmanship she could regard as average, and more things held her interest than target practice. However, it was a talent helped about by her Borg implants that she could make use of, especially if it came time for a combat situation.

When Lieutenant Kingston called her up, she was expecting that he had set up a simulation in the holodeck, but it wasn't the case.

[We're coming up on Vector One, Ensign. We're beaming aboard survivors from a ship the Helmet engaged, but we want Security on hand. Report to Transporter Room Three.]

"On my way, sir," said Six.

As it transpired, she arrived just in time. The first group of survivors had arrived, and there was an instant mob mentality. To say everybody was apprehensive at being taken aboard a ship of "traitors" seemed to be an understatement. The mob was lividly bloodthirsty, intent on breaking their way out, with Theurgy's security officers trying to hold them back.

One had broken past the Security detail and would've made a break for freedom...if Six wasn't in his path. Six crouched down and made a tripping sweep with an extended leg, tripping up the escaping survivor.

Rather than tumbling down, however, the man merely rolled and turned right back at Six. He took the ex-drone in as she made a martial art stance, and his expression contorted into an expression of loathing.

"So. A drone. What a fitting addition for these bunch of traitors."

Six's brow furrowed. Asian, obviously, what surprised her was his age - he had to have been just as old as she was, maybe a year younger - and what unnerved her even more was his eyes. How could such a gentle-looking young man have such a feral flames in his eyes?

"I don't know what Starfleet's been telling you about us," said Six, "but rest assured, we're not so cold as to leave you in the cold heart of space."

"Screw you," came the retort. "The rest of Task Force Archeron will be on your keisters in seconds. Even without the Bellopheron, they'll have your heads. All of you. Even if the other half's gone. And we won't be coming quietly."

Six took in the woman's words. Task Force Archeron? But her befuddlement gave the man an opportunity to strike with a kick.

Luckily, Six saw it coming and ducked out of the way.

The fellow's got moves, that's for sure. But he certainly wasn't going to expect some Tsunkatse.

It had been a while since she practiced Tsunkatse, but she knew it well enough so that she can execute them when the occasion called for. And it seemed the right moment.

Taking a Tsunkatse stance, Six parried, blocked, and struck wherever she could. The enhancements of her Borg implants helped to take the martial artist down a notch. Six held her ground and delivered a non-fatal finishing blow. He won't be escaping anytime soon.

Six looked up at the rabble, which seemed to be rooted at the spot, having seen their fellow survivor taken down by a Borg Drone. Her Security colleagues looked equally surprised.

"Now, then,” said Six with a hardened tone, “I hope you will come quietly. Or else next time, I'm stunning what butt who tries break away. And I assure you this: I. Don't. Miss."

She tapped the phaser holstered at her hip to drive the point home.

That technically wasn't true, given her marksmanship was average, but hopefully it would make the rabble think twice before they try a similar stunt. Considering they saw their colleague's butt get handed to her by an ex-drone, they'd be more cooperative at those words.

Seeing the expressions of apprehension in their faces, Six felt glad that she wasn't on Vector Two when they picked up survivors from the Endeavour. She had been thinking that when she heard about the circumstances when they were picked up, and that they were attacked by the Borg. It probably wouldn't have helped feel reassured if there had been an ex-drone present among the security detail.

She dragged her defeated opponent up, like the good sport she was, and proceeded with the rest of the security detail.

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[ Ens. Jaya Thorne | Vector 2, USS Theurgy | Vector two battle bridge | Deck 1| Azure Nebula]

The recombined Vectors two and three, the Ranger mode, dropped out of warp, Jaya's hands calmly working over the console as they dropped into yet another shit storm apparently, fighters, ships and lots of debris were everywhere in front of them. “Well great another beautiful SNAFU!” She stated calmly, turning to the bajoran in the command seat. “Am I going to need to do more fancy flying here sir?” She says, eyes glinting at the thought.

Other thoughts went through her head as well as others began reporting in, identifying the disabled Intrepid class as the USS Bellerophon, a member of Taskforce Archeron, that was bad, the heavily damaged Akira that was still fighting with what looked like an equally badly damaged helmet was also a member of the taskforce though that ones name had gone in 1 ear and out the other, Jaya really didn’t care much, she was sitting on her ship, her home’s helm console and she was concerned about THIS ship not THEIRS.

Jaya kept the ship moving on course as things unfolded. Listening as various reports came in, most importantly the Archeron was leading her group right to them and would be there soon, this did not bode well, specially with the heavy damage they had incurred already. “I don’t think we want to be here when the rest of those taskforce ships arrive either sir.” Which was her way of saying something like “I recommend an emergency reintegration and scoot the hell out of here.”

The young woman’s hands were soon flying over her controls as she received orders to begin performing reintegration manoeuvres. “All right, here we go, my first reintegration… well other than simulations.” She says in a happy go lucky tone, tapping on her console. “Doesn’t anyone ever think we need music up in here to help keep the tension down from critical mass?” She says offhandedly as the Ranger began moving towards the Helmet under her guiding hands, moving to line up with the missing vector to make Thea complete again once reintegration occurred.

[ LtJG. Sephiria “Scylla” Arn | Vector 1, the helmet. | shuttle bay | Azure Nebula]

The firefight in the Bay had not lasted long, the security troops that they had sent aboard were nowhere near good enough to take on the wolves and they paid the price. Scylla and her Andorian RIO Whiteout sat on their fighter, looking around, waiting to see what happened next. He didn’t look as good as she did, missing an antenna, the half cauterized wound where it got shot off by a stray phaser bolt still oozing some blood down his forehead and around the side of his face. “Well, this is great.” He grunted.

Scylla giggled. ”Oh, relax all right? It’s just an antenna, so your balance n all that will be off for a bit, you told me yourself, they grow back.” She said, punching him in the shoulder gently, eliciting another surly grunt but there was a glint of mirth in his eyes as he smirked back at her. She then turned and called out. “Hey! Meerkat, Foxfire, you ladies all there!? Anyone hurt?” She called out as she reached into their cockpit, grabbing an emergency care kit just in case.

She didn’t get to go far before three armored security guards in Theurgy marked armor hand their rifles aimed at them, ordering them to identify themselves. Sephiria facepalmed and sighed before looking him in the eyes. “Lieutenant Sephiria Arn, Callsign Scylla, White wolves Squadron, this is my RIO Lieutenant Asav Th’rehrol, callsign Whiteout, we’re part of the defectors!” The rifles were lowered, the Latino guard comes forward, nodding. “Good, i'm Ensign Gutierrez ma'am, we still have some boarders around and could use the help tracking the rest down.” The rifles were lowered.

We’d appreciate it if you helped us clear the decks, there’s a few of them left and we need to deal with them!” Added Gutierrez just before a PA system chime is heard and the message comes through for an emergency reintegration. “Wait, that means the others got here!” Spoke Whiteout as Scylla realized it too. “All right, let’s get this vector clear of baddies so they can get that done, shall we?” She noticed the other white wolves nearby, signaling to them they were ok here. “Let’s help them finish clearing this thing, ready?” She stated, shouldering her rifle at the low ready stance.

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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

You never know who’s going to call in the middle of a head break.  Tessa May Lance had retired to the fresher at the end of the hall after completing a walk around inspection of her AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie.

[ Fighters, sound off when ready. No launch yet, prepare fighters to fly out. Ready on my mark,]   Thomas Ravon’s voice announced from Tessa May Lance’s combadge.

Less than a minute later, Tessa emerged from the head and dashed down the corridor passing the doors on her left to the squadron messhall/lounge, the pilot’s (and deck crew’s) gym, and the locker and shower room before ducking through a door to her right to emerge in the Fighter Assault Bay and climb up and enter her Valkyrie.  She checked the seals on her exosuit before gratefully accepting her helmet from Petty Officer First Class Adara Hussien and placing it on her head.

”Um… Wolf 03!  Goldeneye, ready to launch!” she assured Lieutenant Commander Ravon, callsign ‘Razor’.  Now it was time to do breathing exercises, ignore her personal issues and get her head in the game before she and any of her friends launched out into the black.

[ William Robert O’Connell | Main Engineering, the real one, NOT the Vector One or Two Warp Core but the one in Vector Three | Deck 25 | USS Theurgy ]

[ All hands. We are beginning integration process. ] Natalie Stark announced over the ship wide combination system.

“Yew hear thet?” William Robert ‘Billy Bob’ O’Connell called out to his subordinates.  “We’re gonna reconnect with th’ Helmet!  Coordinate with th’ Vector Two warp core an’ put thuh extra power intuh th’ structural integrity field!”

“Boss are we planning to reintegrate the ship under combat conditions? Petty Officer Tenchi Koizumi asked nervously.

“It shore looks lahk it son, an’ if we try it at this speed an’ th’ Vector One  docking latches have been damaged it’s uh gonna be disaster fur all involved so yew better pray thet thet’s one part o’ th’ Helmet thet’s workin’ Jim Dandy!” O’Connell replied glumly.  “Otherwise our l’il trek through th’ stars maight come to uh screechin’ halt!”

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Triton @Triage @Havenborn

[ Fighters, sound off when ready. No launch yet, prepare fighters to fly out. Ready on my mark.]

Rawley bared a smile at Tom’s words. She had been practicing with the Klingon blade from the souvenir with the boarding party; she really liked the feel of it, as she swung it about in the locker room. She had been trying out the Klingon blade in the locker for some time; much as a holodeck was preferable, she wanted to be near the Fighter Assault Bay should the Wolves assemble to take flight. Well, what’s one more armament on a tough little Celt like her? Tom’s announcement had her scurrying to her locker, piecing her flight suit together. Then, once she had the blade secure, she made for the Winterbourne and dove in as quick as a fox.

Ghost slapped her combadge once she was in the cockpit.

“This is Ghost, standing by,” she chimed in.

Much as Rawley was looking forward to taking flight again, regardless of what Maya would say, she had hoped the Lone Wolves would exercise caution if they should deploy. Half of the squadron was gone; if they deployed, depending what they found outside, fancy flying would be required and they would have to hit hard: hit and run, in essence. Depended on what was coming up, what’s outside the Ranger, as they’re at the moment calling the combined vectors without the Helmet.

Felt fitting: Rangers rarely wore helmets.

She hoped Meony will be alright.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Leon Marquez | Main Bridge | Deck One | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]
@Auctor Lucan
@Blue Zephyr
@The Ostrich

Leon was a good shot, but with only instants to react, the CTO had only scored a partial hit on the officer who hit the holotable and who had forced some of his friends and colleagues to hide for their lives, then he made an initial sweep of the area once he was sure there was only that last one in the area. Leon got back to work confirming the engagement in the hangar and elsewhere on the Vector. With some help from a brave technician, The CTO hard-reset the holodisplay manually by having replaced a damaged isolinear chip that now presented a replacement rendition of the Helmet's immediate sensor readings.

The CTO was sure to identify the areas of most immediate harm any saboteurs could reach, which included the warheads and engineering as well. By directing Security through his earpiece, they secured the warheads and armories remotely and Leon could now send armed Tactical personnel aiding their partners in Security. Fortunately, the vector's crew was taking care of itself. Suddenly, a proximity alert was declared. "New Contact." Marquez reported. The still-flickering but visible holodisplay zoomed out, from confirming the fighters' landings and their collective handiwork in the battlespace to the direction of the new contact. It was a change from the otherwise even-keeled Trill helmsman's bloody display; Good thing the new LtJG had taken Leon's combat training to heart, if not his strict rule of unauthorized weapons at station.

Scans revealed the inbound Federation signature soon arrived were as friendly as anyone could have hoped for: The other two vectors. Rage was replaced by Hope when Leon went to Danvers' side and helped her to her feet. Leon stayed quiet and let the moment of reunion speak for itself. It's a miracle..

When Dewitt stated her intentions to stand down as CO, Leon took that as a hint to lend his services necessary as a bailiff if it came to escorting her to the brig. Armed, Marquez continued to police the bridge, and called for the newly-arrived armed tactical personnel to secure any scattered phasers, and in one case, see to the individual Derik had ...cornered for basic medical attention. Marquez would have words with the Trill Helmsman and probably privately praise his aim despite a weapon on the bridge. To Leon's surprise, one of the trespassers had been unaccounted for, and he was on the hunt.

[ ENS James "Jimmy" Mariner | Security Center | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

@Jm Von Cat

Jimmy was off to a good day: practical joke, check. Leaving sickbay with a clean bill of health, check; but he was still licking his new set of teeth procured in sickbay after that Asurian fight. Morning-Startup and blowing off some steam? Well, check and then some. After that particular adventure, word had come from the bridge of contact at long-range. After swapping contact information with his new friend, Jimmy Hastily-dressed and properly ready for duty, the Ensign got to his station in C-Sec, ready to direct fire team deployments and issue arms and orders. If he had his way, he would've led a team himself against the stowaways and properly secured them before they could be convinced of The true threat to the Quadrant. The long-awaited moment of reunification was finally here. Talk about a long road.

Jimmy's station had received real-time reports about Vector One's bridge having a firefight. It was clear from the landing fighters he could see on his monitor that the Helmet had only survived due to these newly-convinced fighter escorts. Valravns, by the look of things. Good for Alessia. Bad for Sankolov.

"V-1 Bridge is Secure." Word came in from a familiar voice. Jimmy smiled in earnest as he made sure he was ready to reinforce any location under siege; hopefully some lives could be saved from friendly fire. "Mariner to Akoni: Teams Charlie and Delta are ready to Surf." Mariner responded to Bremmer and Taer's summons on the same channel, forming a pair of teams to lend to the Helmet if they were needed for anything from armed reinforcements to fire suppression. "You're doing Fine, Jaya, Think up some Wagner." Jimmy wondered idly, not realizing his channel to Akoni was open before he could end the transmission.

[ LtJG Alessia Garcia - Callsign:  Angel | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

Alessia had been ready for this moment at the first sign of a red alert. Previously, she had been physically exercising and sketching up alpha strikes in her paper notepad while she was thinking of what to say when she went looking for a certain officer on Vector One. Then, along came trouble and she had herself beamed securely into her outfit and had reported to her fighter in a sprint upon arrival to the F.A.B. and to her astonishment, Fury was already there! "Fury, Standing by!" Fresh out of sickbay, the New Jersey-born RIO saluted at attention when their paths crossed on the way to the the last Valravn fighter on the Vector, and the last of Orcus's squadron.

"Vamonos! <Let's go!> We'll chitchat later, we're in front of them all!" she exchanged just a quick handshake as they both sprinted to their Valravn, 'Sekhmet' after the Egyptian Fire Goddess. "What have we got?"

"ECMs, EMP, Shipbusters, Kinetic Cannons, And enough microtorps to make you smile." Vinny reported as his helmet was secured. Despite looking somewhat pale and having a telltale twitch on his regard, the New Jersian took his vitamins and hypostims issued by medical after his previous electrecution. He took any countermeasures to repeat that shocking experience from doing his duty.

Alessia's own HUD chimed in with word from the Sword Bridge. Launch prep, possible scramble. "Never too many of those. Welcome back, Fury." Angel beamed as the two helped eachother up into their Valravn and exchanged thumbs-ups with Covington's crews as they were sealed in and ready to fly. "Angel and Fury here, Wolf-10 Standing by." She responded to Razor. Hope is here. She prayed to herself in Spanish into the Azure Nebula just a few meters outside.

[ Lieutenant Commander Leon Marquez | Main Bridge | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]
@Top Hat

"Drop it, Crewman! We're not the enemy! I said dro-- pendejo." A stun bolt was fired as Leon had shot what appeared to be the last intruder on the bridge, who had been feigning his death to get a shot off at the center seat. This was  same hostile who intentionally fired at several key consoles and stations on behalf of his task force. I warned him. Leon saw to the unconscious and hopefully final hostile. Despite the grim payback for the one who'd threatened Vivian and others under his protection, Marquez had no pride in shooting someone in the back, even armed. The Dominion War was another matter. The rest of Bellerophon security had been summarily neutralized or otherwise detained, but Leon's personnel had methodically made sure they were all down for the count when the dust settled and no more fire was exchanged but holstered his weapon with intent to draw, all the same upon hearing 'Clear'.

Leon found secure footing on his placement on the bridge during Veradin's maneuvers despite the brief exchange of phaser fire just a moment before. The CTO strategically got himself away from any explosive console or other pitfall susceptible to Murphy's Law. Bitter experiences had warned him that such accidents were how many Starfleet Officers met their end. With the ball in Veradin's court and Sword's bridge, Tactical was remotely controlled by the CTO's paired padd and his earpiece was still in comms with his and the other vectors' departments.

The Stallion was in position as it extended its shields around the vulnerable Helmet when the sweep for survivors was complete. Unfortunately, the guidance thrusters finally gave out, and the Ranger's tractor beams moved to compensate right as a warning buzzed on the holo-rendition of the Vector that Leon responded to as he informed both Bridges at once: "Shutting down phaser relays, Captain, we're gonna have a burnout. Diverting fire suppression and activating forcefields."

"V-1 Tactical to V-2: We're taking the affected phaser relay off-line to prevent an overload, but we can still aim. Transmitting. Cover us as we link up. Advise Security: V-1 Bridge is secured." Leon reported as he synched his diagnostics with his counterpart's on the rest of the Multi-Vector Dreadnought with a venture to the still-crackling-somewhat holo-table; He'd have Ops repair it as soon as possible. It was just a bit different from combat-deployment of a saucer section on a Galaxy/Venture-class Carrier when the reintegration maneuvers began, a shrilling klaxon announced what they were all expecting.

Instead of reporting with dread, he afforded himself something of a confident half smirk, knowing they had better chances now at either escape or battle at last. "Incoming Warp Signatures." Leon reported some moments later in a clear tone befitting the size and expectation of the Task Force.
Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Theurgy
"No one left behind."

Ensign James "Jimmy" Mariner
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Lieutenant (J.G.) Alessia "Angel" Garcia
Valravn Fighter Pilot, USS Theurgy
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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Vector 02 | Deck 12 |USS Theurgy ] Attn: @patches @CanadianVet @trevorvw
A yawn escaped Varders lips, quickly covered by a hand as he continued his patrol route. A quick glance cast over his shoulder to the crewman accompanying him, Crewman Raatiel, a surprisingly young face. He knew his job at least, not that this part was difficult, walk around and be a presence. Respond if needed. Boring, for the most part, so the pair had been holding a fairly simple conversation as they did their beat. Most of the talk was around re-integration with Vector 03, an event which occurred as the Bajoran slept.

At least the Devoted had calmed down this last day or so, still. The images of what they had done and what they were willing to do were fresh, prophets, he had nearly been smooshed against the hull by one. At least he could trust his partner here was not one of them, being a Resolve crewman, something of a reassurance to the wary Varder.

As with all things recently, the quiet was shattered as alarms sounded. Integration and warp, borders on Vector 01.. shit. "Varder to Security ops, patrol 0-5-7, secure and standing by for instruction." A short nod to Raatiel as he drew his pulse phaser, "Weapons check kid, keep your head up. Survivors might not cooperate and borders are known hostile." With that, he would quickly clap him on the shoulder.

Now the pair could only hurry up and wait.

Re: Chapter 03: Knife's Edge [ Day 06 | 0840 hrs. ]

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[ Drauc T'Laus | Corridor | Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow
With copper green blood running hard through his veins, Drauc T'Laus took in the aftermath, with his dark eyes glinting underneath his hair and his scarred hands aching around his rifle.

Dyan Cardamone and he were the last ones standing, the boarding team from the Dauntless still or writhing upon the deck of the corridor. A small and short-lasting field of battle, perhaps, but after the emotional turmoil and having been beset by the Asurian's mind for too long, it seemed so much more. Dyan had made him feel the elation of battle unlike he'd felt before - fighting always having been his proficiency but never his joy. It was almost a release, to feel his blood rushing through him, the adrenaline thinning out, and he felt it keenly in Dyan's presence.

He looked at her then, overtaken by the urge to kiss her, for some strange reason he couldn't describe. He powered down the rifle he had acquired, removed the energy pack, and dropped them both on top of an unconscious body next to him. He stepped towards her, ready to deflect that long blade of hers, and to cease her head - to quench any words of hatred with his lips.

Yet as he came up close to her... he realised that this was not who he was.

He stared into her green eyes, breathing hard, teeth bared in reflection of her nature. He had caught himself too late, without Kraun to show him who he really was. His incentives were no longer entirely his own, even if he could see himself reflected in her eyes. This feral shadow she'd seeded in his mind. Knowing this... he did not follow through with his intent. He stared at her, whilst he centred himself. When he spoke, the quiet rasp sounded loud in the quietude of the corridor, the words contrary to his desires.

"Stay away from me," he said, and turned away, leaving her to deal with the neutralised boarders at their feet. "You are intoxicating."

He needed time alone, and without the help from Kraun, he had to remind himself who he was.

[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Vox @Fife @Stegro88 @Firefox013 @patches
The Reman spoke to her, and Sera shook her head at him. "No, I'm not hurt, but I have no idea what you may have said, nor what I might have done. Either way," she said, and smiled with her eyes, "if we make it through this, you better give me a few bottles of that stuff. I mean to celebrate being alive."

The security guards present seemed on edge, and Sera supposed that was to be expected given the situation overall. The fighter pilots that had landed together with her stood down, surrendering themselves - for questioning, perhaps? The crooked way in which they had managed to land in the shuttle bay was quite humorous, a spectacle to behold, and the fact that the Sabine missed a portion of its dorsal hull might have been jocular too... if it hadn't been for the fact that one of the Starfleeters had been lost because of it. Moreover, it was her ship, and she'd just managed to get it repaired.

The curses she made under her breath drew to a halt, however, when she saw through the open bay doors how the rest of the Theurgy was approaching rapidly, even if the separated parts were spinning almost uncontrollably. This was a fact that became quite poignant when standing where they were, since the rest of the Theurgy was closing very fast, and there was no telling if they were to find alignment. The security team and the fighter pilots had seemed intent on leaving to take care of boarders, but there was no time they'd make it out of the open bay before the imminent collision. Sera did not like the odds of the structural integrity field remaining and protecting them from the cold embrace of vacuum...

"Blast me," Sera said under her breath, and then ran to the closest Valravn's landing gears, bracing herself. She had no idea if the others ran for safety, but she could hear fearful shouts from the security guards and running feet. She struggled to get her helmet on, with one arm wrapped around the landing gear, when her eyes caught more movements in the distance outside the bay.

Ships dropping out of warp. Five of them, more likely inbound.

Task Force Archeron had arrived, just as the Vectors of the Theurgy came together.

[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Main Bridge | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All 
Remaining in her chair, Dewitt's knuckles whitened more and more as she kept her green eyes on the tactical display, seeing their spinning Vector being chased by the Ranger. She was biting her teeth together - after Zy and the others had spoken - trying to predict if the two helmsmen where able to time the combat reintegration right. After all they had been through the last hour, and when they faced the Savi, Dewitt had faith in Veradin, but his did not have full manoeuvrability. Even worse, the power expenditure was threatening to overload their warp core - a cascade failure leaping through the Helmet's conduits.

"All hands!" she said, having jammed her thumb down on the intercom for the Helmet, "brace for impact!" There was no telling, before it happened, if the timing was right, or if the two ships would collide and bounce away - tearing each other apart in the process.

"Computer, automate docking latches for combat reintegration! Proximity activation! Do not activate ventral tractor beam emitters! We don't have the power to spare!" she called, and she almost didn't hear the computer's cordial acknowledgement. For out there, aft of their position, were the contacts Leon called out. She could see them appear on the flickering tactical holo display before the Helm and Ops. There was no time making out registries, but the hull of the centre one was plain. Odyssey-class, almost as big as the Theurgy.

It was the USS Archeron.

The dreadful sight, when the ships immediately opened fire, gave such pause that Dewitt almost missed the moment when the Theurgy became whole again. The jarring impact threw Dewitt out of the command chair, and there was no telling what might have happened... until new power was routed into the Helmet from the other Vectors, the lights brightening, and a glance towards the tactical display confirmed it. The Continuance Protocol had come to an end.

"Bridge to Engineering!" she called from the floor. "Execute! I repeat, execute! Now!"

There was no delay, the crew wishing for naught else than to bolt out of the Rendezvous Zone.

The Theurgy went to warp, at a speed far exceeding the presets of the ship. The T'fanrell had taken them away from Starbase 84, and now, they escaped out of Sankolov's fist. Dewitt climbed back to her feet, seeing the stars and the Azure Nebula elongate around the warp field. She could hardly credit her eyes, seeing the readings, for Morgan Song must have done something about the plasma leak, and the cascade failure as well - exceeding any expectations of success.

Travelling at warp factor 9.9997, with the aid of two more cores to stabilise the flight, the uncontrolled jump would last long enough for them to reach immediate safety.

The question was... where might they go after that?


OOC: This concludes Chapter 03: Knife's Edge. I know there are stragglers who have not met the 7 day deadline that began on the 4th of December, when ch'Xinya posted. Today is the 13th of December, and I have to move the story forward for the sake of the while sim. If anyone has planned to post here, you are too late, and you will have to make Supplemental threads instead.

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The starter for Chapter 05 will be posted next week, and it will begin when the In-Character hour is up, and the Theurgy drops out of warp. It is yet to be revealed if they indeed reach the fourth planet in the Ithacae System or not, because the crew does not know that the warp jump will last for one hour. More information will be posted and sent out via Newsletter. Have fun! :)

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