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CH03: S [D04|1330] Back to Work

Chapter 03: Supplemental [ Day 04| 1330 hrs. ] Back to Work

Lt Kaylon Jeen | Main Engineering | USS Cayuga

Following as brief a period of debriefing as possible, and making sure the Aerowing was back in place and that an engineering crew was working on tapping its power systems with umbilicals to help keep the Cayuga alive that much longer, Kaylon walked back into Engineering.  To his dismay, the place was a bigger wreck than it was than when the Borg had left.  But then, the Borg assimilated technology, they didn't go out of their way to destroy it, unlike the Asurians apparently.

Two ensigns saw him walk in and approached.  "How are you doing, sir?  Heard you were running the show on the Aerowing!" one of them asked.  Kaylon shrugged noncommittally.  "the Captain put me in command, and I did my job.  We got out in one piece, more or less, so that's about all there was to it."  Looking around he added, "Which is more than I can say for things around here.  Looks like we definitely have our work cut out for us.  Status?" he ordered. 

Inwardly, he was proud of the fact that his first command had gone as well as it did.  He had gotten his crew back alive, and he supposed, done well enough in battle, although much of it seemed to go by in such a blur, he wasn't entirely sure he remembered what all happened.  He'd probably remember in his dreams for a while to come...provided that he was given the opportunity to sleep anytime soon.  Right now, the Cayuga needed him!

The report the ensigns gave him could have been much worse, but it was still bad enough.  Nearly half of what they'd accomplished over the past few days had been essentially undone, in addition to all the new structural damage caused by the saucers.  Not to mention the near total destruction of sickbay.  His crew had already gotten a jump on some of the more critical repairs, including reestablishing the power umbilicals that had been the Cayuga's lifeline for the past several days, stabilizing life support and apparently one enterprising crewman had donned an environmental suit and made some significant progress over the past four hours toward rebuilding one of the torpedo launchers, working during the battle no less!

Kaylon made a mental note to put that crewman in for a medal.  Definitely above and beyond.  He'd be sure to talk to Captain Ziegler about it as soon as she was back on her feet.

"Alright, make getting the industrial replicator repaired and back online a priority.  We'll definitely be needing it.  Coordinate with Ops and get a crew working on repairing and rebuilding sickbay.  It's little more than a rubble heap right now, and we're going to need it operational as soon as possible.  Get another team on the shield generators.  I'll take on propulsion myself, with another team.  We aren't gonna get a lot of sleep anytime soon, but when this is all over, drinks are on me!  Let's get to work.."


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