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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 05 | 2020 hrs. ] Human Determination & Ingenuity

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@Auctor Lucan

She listened, his voice had once annoyed the ever loving shit out of her, and right now, it was her life line.  It was the life line of the people that were stuck here under the Savi playground playing in a world that they didn't know the rules of.  It wasn't fair to them, and she could only hope that she would have the chance to save as many people as she could.  She knew how many had come from her Escape Pod, she knew that Egon had been lost, and that diminished the numbers a little fucking bit.  But, she was eager to save those that were left, herself, and Albert.  He explained the situation with the observation pens, and while that had been her original goal she appreciated the knowledge that they were, currently, empty.  Or were about to be.  They had all been taken into some kind of holding pen and pushed into a holographic simulation of a ship.

“Well it won't be long before they figure that shit out.  Comfort or not, we're not idiots.” she explained with a shrug of her shoulder.  Where once she was a bit more wary of Moby and all his intentions they had a similar goal now and she believed that he was going to follow through on his promises.  He had no reason to lie.  He could have recycled her right there, pulled her down, shot her, killed her, sent her to the masses for de-limification...

not a word Tiran.

It is now, and shut up!

But, he hadn't.  He had asked her questions, those kinds of universe pondering questions and now he had the answers that he didn't like he was on her team, her side, and they were going to conquer this shit together.  I'm working with the enemy they'll fucking kill me when they find out. However, if working with the enemy saved all their lives it was worth the risk to her own.  As she was pondering her own questions and thoughts he had fallen quiet and was now looking down at his tablet.  She waited, wondering if it was good news or bad, because the look on his face was not easy to read.  She hoped, after time, she would get to the point of being able to read him but she had only had a small amount of time in his presence.  While she was good at reading people his facial features and eyes made him distinctly alien.

He told her that they were staging some kind of mutiny inside the simulation.  Some distruption that was going to take the whole thing down.  She grinned.  “Told you.” she said honestly with a unapologetic shrug.  Though when he said it was bad, that his plan had been hinging on the fact that he was going to prep and get them ready... but now if they were too disruptive they would just be recycled immediately.  She sighed softly and her head made a thunking sound as it hit the side of the air shaft for a moment.  She didn't need this shit.  Hadn't she dealt with enough shit?  Wasn't it time for a mother fucking break?  Could she not just fucking save the damn day so that she could get these fuckers home and alive?!  Why did they have to be stupid?  Why couldn't they wait and play Starfleet for a while? 

Though she knew she wouldn't have sat back and played either, she would have been trying to hack every terminal she came across.  That's what Starfleet did, they never gave up, they fought back, and they turned a shit situation into their bitch.

He called out her hiding spot.  Shit!  So much for being incognito... you white mother fucker you own me and I will fucking own you by the end of all this shit I swear if there is anything holy left in the world I will fucking own you!  Still, he wanted her to return there as fast as she could, he had dampened the sensors there, so she could stay hidden.  Bet you don't know it's a fucking armory in there you nosy mother fucker.  Fucking voyeur.  He wanted her to wait, and when it was time she would go and tell the others about the Versant, the code, the Scions and of course, Moby.  She would have to be the arm of unification .. temporary as it might be, it was she that would have to be the spokeswoman for the whole shit show so they could fucking get off this boat.  Then she would have to have a disraction.

Oh is that all?  Would you like me to wipe your ass and cook your dinner at the same time?  Fucking hell.

He told her that when they did the jail break they could only take out the Scions and nothing else.  She gave a nod, so that he would understand that she had heard everything he had to say.  She might not have liked it all but she heard it.  She looked around at all her shit and picked up Thor.  Still with a bit of blood stain from the Savi brain feast it had munched on earlier she shoved it back in her bag so that she could crawl faster through the air shafts and work her way back to the spot that was her own.  Where her weapons cash was and where it would grow so that she could arm the people of Starfleet when she got them liberated. 

All of a sudden he was back, just as she was about to turn to get herself off with the plan, he was there again.  Her eyes locked onto his, she was scared, tired, hungry, thirsty, and just about done with this fucking thing called life.  But, this white beast had given her the one thing she hadn't felt since the Borg had come onto the Endeavour.  Hope.  He had given her hope.

He admitted that linguistics were not the reason he was the Voice.  She grinned, the first time she had felt that they had melded well.  The first time she thought that maybe they would make some kind of kick ass team.  “Well thank the fucking Code above that you have skills more valuable than that.”  Though as she said it she was joking there was a grin on her face, her eyes were filled with light again.  Determination and hope, giving her a purpose had done wonders for the woman that had been without all of that for days.  Listening and watching the people she knew and didn't know be tortured for the Scientific thoughts of the White Assholes.

He ran to her, and leapt up grabbing the edge of the duct.  His hand brushing, momentarily against her leg, but she didn't recoil.  He could have killed her a while ago, she doubted he was going to do it now.  And even if he was, she wasn't going to be able to fight back for long.  He would over power her quickly, Thor or no.  He gave her the datapad and she looked back at him with a bit of shock and surprise on her face.  Swallowing heavily she listened to his words and picked up the padd tossing it into her bag so that she could carry it easier.

“Be .. safe.  We need you.”

It was true, and not some since of misguided friendship really but the fact that he was the key to all of this.  The whole rescue mission would depend on the both of them working together.  Quickly she turned, popped the hatch back into place and scurried through the tubes.

==Some Time Later==

Blue tossed the Padd back down with a thump, a quiet thump, but a thump none the less.  It had been a while, too long, she wished that she could understand the Savi language.  She had tried.  She had poked and prodded and fucked with the pad as much as she could but she could never tell where she was or what she was looking at.  And now it just really fucking pissed her off.  Now that all of her time was spent waiting for a god-damn message that was not yet coming.  Sometimes, in her sleep, when she passed out from lack of food and drink she would swear she heard a beep.  But it wasn't. 

Ducote haunted her dreams.  His face when he told her to go, that last kiss, the way he had said he loved her.  Everything.  All the fights they had, all the beautiful vacations.  The time in Peru, the time in Brazil.  There were so many things.  She remembered the first time had said the words, actual words, the I love you ones.  It was just a random morning.  Coffee was had, waffles were eaten, clothes were put on.  They both were on duty and then all of a sudden they were walking out of their door. 

“Have a good day.”  he would say.  “You too.” she would reply as always, and then that one day.  “I Love you.” and then that one day.  “I love you too.”  Only it hadn't sunk in that she had said it, and that he had said it until hours later.  Mid shift, it just dawned on her, that all of that had gone down, this pivitol moment in her life and she hadn't even really paid attention.  It meant she had been feeling it for a long time but only now had been able to voice it.  After that, she didn't voice it often, and neither did he.  They just.. knew they didn't need to say it constantly, his support, his smile, his love it was always there.  Always respectful, and within reach, and supportive.  He had been everything for her, everything.

And what am I without him?

She had made the weapons, they sat in a bag that she had stolen from the dump again.  They were ready, they weren't perfect, they were patchwork shit but they should work.  It was't like she could test them, but she was pretty sure that most of them would work just fine.  But now, she had to wait for Echtand.  Besides that, she needed, desperately to do something.  Being idle was horrendous for Blue. 

Her stomach was hollow, her mind was dull, her heart was dead.  It was this black hole in the center of her chest.  Ducote had taken it with him when he died back on that ship and she knew it was the reason she couldn't quite catch her breath.  Why she felt all encompassing pain from time to time, and why the only thing that kept her alive was the mere hope that she could save everyone else.

Fuck you Echtand you fucking ping me right the fuck now or I will slap you in your fucking face the next time I see you, so that you have one fucking eye instead of two!  She curled up on her side.  No longer did her stomach grumble, but the lack of all sustenance made her sleepy and she dozed constantly.  But it also passed the time while she waited for the ping of the Alien that all her hopes were pinned on.

I miss you.. I love you... why can't you be here... she thought miserably as her eyes burned but she was so dehydrated that no tears fell from her eyes any longer as she mourned, again, the loss of her loved one before she passed blissfully into a small nap.


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