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The Cardasian at the helm concentrated on her own duties though she herself had to wonder how this weapon had gotten past all the ships sensors.  Moreso she had not even considered the Science minded lady at ops to even be a combatant but yet all this time she had been hiding this strange weapon which she had never seen anything like before other than the old energy whips some Ferengi liked to use.

Selena smiled softly, "Of course Just keep the safety on.  After were in the clear I will relinquish its designs and specifications to aide in your research of the weapon.  Its of my own design so i doubt you will find anything in your computers that can identify it. she said napping it back into its pistol form and ejecting the leads from the muzzle when she pulled the slide back then pushed it forwards again causing the gun to eject a small silvery-gray carbon composite cartage a little over a cm in diameter and a little over two of them in length.  she then slid her finger over the safety and engaged it quickly before flipping the gun around grabbing the muzzle of it handing it over to the officer before striding back to her desk.  Looking over the power readings before rerouting the power over the different systems.  IN the time without regular shields they had been able to conserve power that the ship's automated basic repair functions had been able to get many of the systems rerouted enough that though the hull was still compromised in many places she had a lot more options to work with as she smiled Sliding a few fingers over the screen as the engineering console on the bridge began to show a few changes.

"Captain I am pleased to announce that we are back to 75% combat readiness.  It appears since I took the power offline that the enemy has been largely ignoring us."  her guess was they were probably counting on their hidden agent to strike and had at that point counted the Harbinger out of the fight.  "As such we have suffered little to no combat damage.  On another note.  We have full transporter functions again.  Beaming two to the Brig now."  The light enveloped the joined prisoner and the newly acting CSO and within seconds they rematerialized within the brig.

Aisha looked back to the captain.  "My tactical readings agree, I am reading a 25 percent charge and building on shields, and phasers are operating at 50 percent efficiency.  I am also reading that what torps we have left appear functional and the launchers are functional.  Sensors still cant pick up those damn fighters but that's nothing new.  I believe I can manage a manual phaser targeting though."

Selena chuckled a bit, doubting her ability a little thinking the Cardassian might be a bit too arrogant. "How the hell can you manage that, Our XO couldn't even get a good bead and that's with a Vulcan's reflexes and concentration."

She smirked as she brought the phasers online studding the sensor data she had overlaid on the targeting layout.  She was looking at dust concentrations and saw a few telltale shadows within it places where there wasn't dust voids in the storm. that didn't match either of the ship's geographical data on the area or either of the ships fighters or shuttles.  "Because, the last time I had a ship in this thick of a storm it was a P.O.S. Peregrine class and i thought a Hideki-class that cloaks don't matter when your fighting in the Badlands. 

She slid her fingers over the helm controlls as her other hand lined up the phaser targeting systems on the apparent void.  The harbinger vectored into an attack pattern cutting over the Theurgy as her phaser array came down to bear on one of stray fighters as a lance of the red energy beam caused an eerie dome of light to cascade around the fighter allowing anyone who wasn't blind to see the fighter like a glowing comet in the storm.  It was more than apparent that it had been seen as a automated response was sent from one of their Mark II's than the fighter in question was now nothing more than debris being blown in the volcanic ejecta.  Seeing that her tactic worked as planned she sent the sensor settings to all of the fighters to allow them to see their enemy much easier.

Re: Crisis #03 | USS Harbinger Bridge

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As her prey shook and screamed she could feel the pleasure of a successful hunt. Maybe it was mean but watching Acreth twitching made her smile. She didn't stop or acknowledge others as they joined in firing on the woman. To her, at the moment they where not worth worrying about. She had completed her mission and saved others from suffering the same fate as those in the brig. A job well done in her eyes. As a cease fire was call she would stop firing though her weapon would only lower slightly. It was still aimed at Acreth but only lowered slightly. Her head turned so she could look at the Vulcan first officer with the only eye of hers that was working right now. Part of her wanted to point out that if it hadn't been for Selena they could have easily walked in on another blood bath. Still, orders where orders. As soon as T'Rena said it would be up to her if Selena would get her weapon back or not, she knew she would.

Her one good green eyes met the brown dispassionate ones of the Vulcan first officers. "Ma'am, I will be able to complete what is needed of me until such time as I am relieved," she spoke more out of pride then actual ability. She was hurting and it seemed every time her head spun. Still her pride refused to let her look as though she couldn't do that which was required of her. Maybe it was thanks to the training of her father. "All that I asked is I am relieved as soon as possible and the bodies in the brig are taken care of," she said as she straightened her spine forcing herself to appear stable. Maybe it was at that moment. That one small second that seem infinitesimal to everyone else that she saw it in the depths of her eyes. She knew something wasn't right. Something in her logical mind wasn't adding up. Her own eye narrowed in a almost unspoken challenge for her to find the secret she had been holding on to for so long. She would have to deal with it later but she now knew she would have to watch herself around T'Rena for a long while. After all Vulcans where like elephants on earth. They never forget.

Her weapon only fully lowered and her body relaxed slightly when Selena addressed her before she cast one last glance at her prisoner before turning back to Selena. "When we are in the clear and you hand over the specs I also have a few questions about it. This shouldn't take too long to finish though," she said offering the woman a soft smile. As the weapon was handed over she looked it over seeing it was actually nice design. Slow though her weapon turned back to Acreth not wanting her out of her sight for too long. Not after what she had done. As the two of them where beamed to the brig Dyan felt her stomach turning once more. She never liked being beamed anywhere. When they rematerialized She made sure the force field holding Acreth was in place and strong after making sure she had no weapons. Walking away from the holding cell Dyan's foot moved out slowly maneuvering a chair tell it was in front of the holding cell while she checked on the power level on her weapon. "Son of bitch its been one hell of day," Dyan muttered as she sunk down her weapon resting over her lap. Her eyes remained on her prisoner making sure she wouldn't get the jump on her again. Now all that was left was waiting to be relieved so she could check out the new weapon the rested on the desk a few feet away.

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