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CHAPTER 02: Self-Assessment [Third Day]

CHAPTER 02: Self-Assessment

[ Outside the Modular Shelters | Theurgy Camp | 2100 hrs. | 3 Days Post Mortem Arcorn Neotin ] Attn: Kurohigi

The nightmares had come gradually since the talk Jien Ives had with Counsellor O'Connor.

It had been so vague the first night, not quite given shape or form, only leaving him with an unease when he awoke the next day. The second night had been a bit worse, with images from the Niga Incident reappearing in his mind. Nothing concrete. Nothing solid. Just impressions. The memories were cured from him with the injection of the antidote, with the memory engrams that were formed during the infection wiped clean. Still, somehow, the dream had been from the incident. Of that, there was no doubt. He had been in his male form, and he was having sex with his former First Officer. A vivid image of hoisting Nerina up upon a railing in Stellar Cartography lingered, as well as the... sensation of entering her.

Moreover, he remembered something else a bit more clearly. It was just when he had been infected, assaulted as he had been by both Chief Kalmil and Commander Nerina. He had been in his female form, exhausted from fighting the Deltan male's influence upon his mind, and Nerina had ended up holding him from behind. Chief Kalmil had gotten down on his knees, and Nerina had spread the glistening legs of Jien's female form with her own. Nolak had teased, licked him - his bald head between Jien's legs. Then Nolak raised his head and presented his infected phallus...

Frowning with that same unease, Jien suppressed the image, even if it made him change... to her female form, walking along the paths that led to the Theurgy camp of shelters that had been raised when they set down on Theta Eridani IV. Despite the thoughts that the Counsellor had awakened, Jien was convinced it would wear off. Still, she realised that since was shot in the chest, offering her life to save hers, she had not had the slightest inclination towards anything remotely associated with her sexuality, and before Nicole, there had been the Ishtar Incident, which was hardly any matter of her own personal choice. Just a puppet in a plot, truly.

Before that, there was someone that she'd had no opportunity to speak with again. So much had been going on, and yet the idea to seek her true self stayed with her now. The daydream, or whatever it had been, with Eve Jenkins that same day had been the last drop. Perhaps she ought to..? No, should she really? Could she really find such an inclination again, after all that had happened? Then again, she would never know unless she tried. How was she to know she was okay unless she re-discovered who she had been before the Niga infection. Before the rest of the madness. She would have preferred to speak with someone she'd known before they were fugitives, yet none came to mind.

None, except a certain pilot, whom had been there just before the outbreak.

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[Nathan Isley - Outside Modular Shelter]

Nathan was honing that chiseled body of his, nothing out of the ordinary.  He had been working out more since witnessing the death of Arcorn Neotin.  It was his response to death, to work out, to make himself stronger, like it was staving off the reaper from claiming him next.  His work out was kept simple, his only training tool being a chair, which he used to elevate his feet while performing some push ups.  At his strength level, even that required a bit of work, so he took it to one-handed push-ups, arching up his fingers to intensify it whenever he felt capable.  Twenty reps and he switched hands, doing another twenty before he switched back.  He only stopped for a break after ten sets for each arm, totaling four hundred.  Hopping up, he sat himself on the chair, arms hanging by his side as he leaned back, let his head fall back, eyes to the air above.  After he was rested, he would take a job around the camp, maybe find some trails that might have made for a scenic trip around the area.  Their camp might not have been the prettiest sight to behold, but the heat helped build a sweat, and the air of an actual planet was welcome, no matter how dry.

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Smiling faintly with her eyes, Captain Ives had observed Nathaniel Isley whilst walking towards him, seeing how he worked to mould and shape his permanent form for sake of strength and health. No doubt a perfected routine that challenged his physique just right, only Jien had just seen the end of it as far as she knew, since he just sat down for rest. Seeing him thus, with the enduring dedication he had towards his form so.... visible, she tried to push away the worries and stress of command and appreciate the sight for what it was.

Sometimes, she felt like she cheated on life with her abilities, since attaining the same kind of fitness that people like Mr. Isley possessed was - to her - done in no time at all, while they... they dedicated their entire lives towards the physical betterment of themselves. Moreover, they were forced to bear the scars of their misfortune or mistakes, while Jien needed neither time nor rehabilitation to perform her plastic surgeries. How much of life as a human was she missing? How much did she gain? Could she really claim that she could embrace her human nature better by being able to wear both the male and the female form of the species? Was that true, or was that the complete opposite, since no other humans could do what she did? Old questions. Philosophical ideas from her adolecence. Choices long made. This was not the time to question them.

All she knew was that the permanent forms of those around her never ceased to amaze her. Seeing Isley again, she was reminded how much she had enjoyed his.

Coming to a stop before him, some five yards away, Jien made herself known to the half-blood Vulcan. "Lieutenant Isley," she said, that faint smile in the corners of her eyes enduring. She folded her arms underneath her chest. "Do you have time to talk?"

She made a point of not looking around to see if anyone was espying the meeting. Doing so would just draw more unwanted attention. She would have to play somewhat of a charade with him in order to not make rumours spread, but it was a game she was more than willing to play... for sake of the possible earnings.

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[Nathan Isley - Outside Modular Shelter]

"I can always make time for my Captain," Isley responded, thinking this was some sort of official capacity, though still relaxed enough that he didn't have to follow the usual protocols.  He leaned forward to grab a towel and used it to to dry himself off a little.  Nathan hardly felt suited to a meeting with his Commanding officer, but without much notice, she ended up with a sweaty man whose muscles were burning from an intense workout, arms looking tighter and stronger then usual in the wake of it.

"The crews seem more relaxed, in case you were wondering.  I think those hot springs are some kind of wonder.  Just melts away troubles.  I was starting to think we should bottle some up and retrofit a bathhouse on board."  Indeed, the Thermal springs had become the main attraction on the otherwise inhospitable planet.  It was a wonder for soothing sore muscles, creating a social atmosphere, and helping everyone escape their troubles for a little while.  For isley, it had also been the sight of him and Hannah Slaverton enjoying some time in private, getting some much needed satisfaction.

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Jien had to chuckle at the suggestion while her slow and relaxed pacing led her closer to Nathan. "An inspired idea, but I wonder just how close to the bottom of the list I would have to but the priority of having a bathhouse installed aboard... given circumstances. I am not saying that I would not like that, but I am afraid there are a lot more things that needs to get done just to get her battle-worthy against our current adversary. I suggest we try to make use of the springs while we can between shifts instead."

She knew that it had not been a serious suggestion, yet since she felt just a little bit nervous about what she really looking for with the Lieutenant, it had been as good as any topic to begin with. Despite a slight trepidation about how to broach the topic of their past exploits before she was infected, she was relaxed, calm and sure as always. There was just a slight.. tingle at the pit of her stomach about just how this might develop. The state of his permanent form and the plain sight of it might not make things easier. Yet perhaps more... intriguing. She raised her eyes to survey the immediate area, to see if anyone was spying on their exchange.

"I have read the reports, but I would like to hear how you fared during the battle. You were out there, fighting the Reavers and the Calamity both. What's your take on the opposition?"

It was the last thing she wanted to talk about with Isley, and yet it seemed the obvious question that she had to ask before getting too... personal.

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Nathan didn't put up much protest about the springs.  It was an impractical idea, more a joke then anything.  Perhaps someone could commission the holography expert Lin Kae to design some kind of holodeck program that could be used for the purpose of recreation, somewhere with a far more appealing landscape then a lava planet.  Below decks was a great place for a drink, but it wasn't exactly the epicenter of beauty on-board the Theurgy, not like a Risan resort would have been.

Then the conversation turned to the Calamity and it's fighters.  Isley looked lost in thought, his mind moving back into thoughts of the event, of how it had all played out.  "They were ruthlessly efficient.  No actual pilots meant no hesitation, no fear, no knee jerk responses to our actions.  I remember back in the academy how they would drill us to perfect our maneuvers, to fly in formation and to keep perfectly level.  Those fighters didn't have trouble with any of that, not when they were all being coordinated by a single intelligence.  It was disturbing to me, frankly.  I know that might not make sense to someone who isn;'t a pilot, but it was like you could tell they had no soul, nothing in their motions, their flying that said they were truly alive.

"Our only real advantage was that they were programmed to respond to Starfleet tactical maneuvers.  When we used formations not standard to Starfleet, they had to compensate, especially for maneuvers that were no longer relevent.  I think one of the other pilots used an old Maquis maneuver, something no longer used, thus those ships weren't programmed to respond to.  I don't think those fighters would be as easily fooled the next time around though.  If we have to face them again, we need new strategies, ones that would never have been seen before, and we need stronger shields to compensate for their increased firepower.  Our best moves had been in covering each other, one ship attracting fire and avoiding it as best as possible while another struck the enemy down.  We should have quick controls to let us switch roles as we need to without manual adjustments.  One moment, we could be high evade, the next high attack, and another with shields as powerful as they can be.  Speed, power and defense; to get the most out of our fighters, we can't balance them, but find the right extremes for each moment."

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Hearing Nathaniel speak about his experience in fighting the Reavers gave Jien a glimpse of what it had been like out there during the battle instead of the Main Bridge. Given how the Calamity AI - 'Cala' - managed to infiltrate the Theurgy and shoot down half Jien's Senior Staff, meanwhile she was coordinating the Reavers to oppose both the Theurgy's as well as the Harbinger's Valkyries, it made the Captain all the more aware just how deadly their adversary was. Perhaps there was some merit to Thea's suggestion... that she - as the mother-design of Cala - would be key for them all to neutralise this threat.

This thought, however, was far remote from the intent she had, and she did not want to put them on a trail of thought that would lead away from what she desired. For she did believe she felt desire for Isley, despite everything that had come between them since last.

"I am confident you and your pack can find new ways to hunt," was all she said to his observation, sounding like she believed in them as well, before changing the subject. She had come to stand beside him by then, and she had not detected anyone spying on them. "It appears you still manage to find time to work-out, despite the long shifts. I wonder, though, if you have had the time to work on your hand-to-hand combat skills."

She said this with a smile as she looked into his eyes, trying - despite being unpractised at it - to make him remember the things they'd shared with the boldness of her look. Last they spoke, they had been in her Ready Room, and he had asked her if she would ever forego using her male form. Had he asked her this out of his own interest in her, she wondered? The thought rid her of that boldness. Perhaps he desired her no more, knowing what she was.

"Lieutenant..." she said, looking down and folding her arms underneath her breasts, "I know a lot has been going on, and I have not made the time to speak with you again... but would you like to step inside with me for a bit?" She hoped he had been able to find a shelter of his own; that he did not have to share it with other wolves. Else she might have to attempt to approach him at another time, and suffer her nightmares and doubts in the meantime.

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"I like to keep in shape.  It's what separates me from the average Vulcan."  Most Vulcan were skinny, almost bookworm-like in stature, and yet they had three times the strength of the average Human.  Nathan's workout regime placed him more on the level with a Klingon, more physically powerful then either of hid bloodlines would suggest.  The enhanced physical power of an average Vulcan left them able to lift 300 lbs, maybe 350.  Nathan could handle six, placing him more on par with three times as strong as an athletic Human then an average one.  It made sure he could hold his own outside the cockpit of a Valkyrie as well as in.  If the day ever came where he could no longer fly, he could always work in Security, though he secretly hoped that if the day came he could no longer fly, it was because he was dead and being launched in a torpedo into the depths of space.

Though she might have been unpracticed with communicating what she was trying to get across, Nathan understood it.  There was a hint of something in her eyes, something that made him think back on their time together in the Theurgy gym, the naked intensity where he learned her body well.  The Captain was quite a woman when she wanted to be, but that had been a boldness he would never have expected from her.  When she asked if he would want to step inside and talk in private, he had a feeling that talk wasn't the only thing on her mind.  Women didn't give that kind of look for no reason, at least he had never found that to be the case.  "Sure," he agreed, falling in line behind his superior, trying to keep things looking casual.  She was going out of her way to not draw attention, so he would do the same, for the sake of discretion.

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Funny how her heart practically skipped a beat in the interim between the - for her - very bold question and his short, idle answer. She dearly hoped his nonchalant tone was an outwards act for her sake, yet Jien had neither the right nor the time to dwell on that. For she ended up leading the way inside the modular shelter, and as she looked around, listened, she couldn't notice any other occupants in the shelter. Perhaps Lieutenant Isley had been so fortunate to find a shelter of his own. That they were at least alone for the moment felt like a great relief to her, yet it didn't make it any easier to step out of her role as Commanding Officer and be just... well, a woman. Ironically so, since she both was and wasn't.

After taking in the surroundings, she turned towards Nathaniel again, frowning as she looked down upon her hands. Why was she... wringing them? She willed them to be still. Damn it had become hard to be aught else than everyone's Captain. "I don't know how to do these things," she opened with, which was a train-wreck of a starter, making her seem like some prude schoolgirl. She snapped out of it, raised her eyes to his and cut straight to it; hammering it out. "You are the only one I've had sex with aboard the ship pre-dating the Niga Incident."

If the former opening was a train-wreck, this one was bloody abysmal. Too late to take that back, so she had to take it from the top. She remained where she stood, hands on her hips, and refused to break away with her iron stare. "I do not know if you might have heard the rumours, yet I was infected after I fell down through the ruptured deck plating in the Upper Gymnasium. We are both adults here, so I'll put it plain. I was raped, and since then, with the Ishtar Incident to top this madness off, I need... you."

She took a step forward, her gaze a challenge for him to back away if he so dared - hands still on her hips. "I need a homing beacon to find the woman I used to be. To get back to a... mind-set that I may have lost with all that has been going on. I hope to learn, also, if what you and I did was something induced by the airborne virus in our broken ventilation systems that morning, since the outbreak had already begun during the night. Can we be sure that it had really just been you and I? Perhaps the only way to learn, is to try this again."

Frowning, Jien glanced away briefly. "If you are not involved with someone, and even if you do not care one way or the other about me, perhaps you can consider it a favour to me? I need to find answers to clear my mind, and you are the only one who can give them, so at least I might be able to show you a good time. If you have someone else... then forget I said anything."

Judging by the Lone-Wolf's permanent form, it was hardly surprising if he drew that kind of attention.

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[Nathan Isley - Inside shelter]

The matters on the mind of the Captain went back farther then he would have imagined them to.  It predated the Calamity class vessel, the appearance of the Ishtar Entity, even back to before the Niga incident had occurred.  She spoke of not knowing how to handle such matters, how to discuss them, and it was a somewhat amusing sight./  Captain Ives had never shown herself to be anything but calm, composed, and ever ready to handle the pressures of command, but even she could be left speechless in a conversation about personal matter.  It was sort of tragically cute, for a woman of her years to be left like some young lady in her early twenties, fretting over such things as relationships and sexual encounters.

After several moments saw her compromised, be it infection by the Niga outbreak or the machinations of Ishtar, she was now trying to find her center again, and so came to the one relationship she thought might predate it all, though even that she was beginning to question.  "I made it through the entire outbreak without getting infected.  It was a close call, but the doc medically cleared me."  It was one thing to set her mind at ease.  If he was uninfected, then that meant she couldn't have been at the time the two of them were together.  Whatever she did back then was her own mind, her own initiative.  "Captain, one thing I have learned in my life is that when a beautiful woman wants to lay with me, she doesn't owe me a favor.  She is doing me a favor of her own with that request."  He confirmed his willingness to be her homing beacon, to help her find her way back, and since Jien herself had stated she had difficulty knowing what to do in such situations, he even went as far as to initiate the moment, a hand pushed against the small of her back until she was pressed up against him.

"I probably should have asked if I was at ease before doing that," he said with a grin, referring to the Captains command that he was free to do as he wished, not waiting for orders.  An ice breaker to soothe some tension for Jien.

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When gently pulled to his chest, Jien could not help but purse her lips in surprise and lay her hands on his shoulders. His comment, however, made her smile a little bit, and a chuckle even escaped her as she craned her neck and looked into his eyes. "I usually tolerate insubordination if I think its in my best interest," she said in jest, her British accent a bit thicker, "and I'd say this is far more propitious than riddles and fighting in the dark."

Her faint smile remaining, she ran her hands up his wide shoulders and behind his neck, rising up to her tip-toes in order to seal her lips to his. His beard tickled her, yet it was of no note, since the taste of the human was all that she tried to focus on: to try and push away the yoke of command and tragedies that she was to blame for. It was tough to be just a woman when she tried to carry the galaxy upon her shoulders, yet perhaps there was truth in what Nathaniel had said; that it really had been her that gave in to her own desires that morning.

His lips tasted a bit salty to her because of the heat and his exercise, and she enjoyed it, slanting her own full lips across his to take full stock of the experience. He smelled good to her as well; the fresh sweat upon his skin and in his tank compellingly fragrant of his unique scent. He was warm, and his body was hard with muscles as she slid her hands over his skin. Incredibly male, making her feel feminine and small, which was quite a good thing given what she tried to escape. "Your invariable form is a delight to look upon, Lieutenant," she said huskily against his lips, "and your taste makes me want to see more of it."

As the feeling of him against herself brought back memories that were untainted by viral needs and god-like intervention, she reached down between their bodies and hooked her thumbs behind the edge of his tank - soon pushing it up until his armpits caught the damp garment. It left the lower half of his chest and his abdomen bare, however, and she broke off the kiss in order to look at what she uncovered. Glimpses of their first time together came with the sight, and she looked into his eyes again with a rueful expression before she kissed that body which he had worked so well to preserve and strengthen. Soon, her lips and tongue found a nipple, and her nails traversed the massive expanse of his upper back.

At some point, she had shifted out of her uniform, and she felt him against her bare skin.

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[Nathan Isley - Inside shelter]

If there was one thing he found unfortunate about the female Captain, it was that her shapeshifting ability meant she didn't bother with wearing clothes, instead simulating them on her body with her abilities.  In the blink of an eye, she could do from perfectly pressed uniform to naked as a jaybird, and while the sight was pleasant to look upon, it did rob him of the pleasure that came with undressing his partner.  Watching material slip from your partner's body, showing off more skin, the deft skill of expertly unhooking a brassiere single handed, or even the sheer fun of slowly sliding a pair of underwear down her hips was lost with Jien, replaced with one instant of surprise as you saw everything at once, and instantly began to feel your own body react to it.

His shirt was discarded, giving her the sight of his bare, strong chest, forged by hard work and training.  She liked to call it his invariable form, that which did not change with circumstance, but it wasn't necessarily true.  If he didn't work out, the muscles would shrink, leaving him more like any typical Vulcan with an average figure that did not stand out.  It wasn't quite like Jien's body, whom could shift any way it wanted in a moment.  Her hair, eyes, skin were all variables she chose, even her bust and her hips could be transformed.  In half a second, she could have been a Orion slave girl, a Klingon warrioress, or a pure blooded Vulcan gazing with cold, indifferent eyes.  Instead, she finalized her current form, decided this was her, and made it perfection.  Not a hair out of place, not a freckle where it didn't belong.

Since she had taken the time to make herself nude, Nathan repaid that with attention to those vital places, a hand reaching down as grasping her bare buttocks, feeling with with a firm grip.  He leaned her back, his other hand bracing her back and his lips found her neck, only to work down the center of her chest, the scent between her breasts proving more then intoxicating enough to have him breathing deep as the bristles of his face brushed against what cleavage was created by her bosom pushing together through the framing of her arms. 

He didn't say a word, something which gave him a more primal feeling.  Words served no use to him now.  It was all about action.

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Leaning back when prompted to, Jien felt her lips purse and her breath escape her. Isley made sure to indulge himself with her body again, and she willingly let him - his beard and his lips teasing her skin. Her hands were behind his neck for support after he'd tossed aside his tank top a bit earlier, and as she teased her with his mouth, her hips did the same to him - pushing the juncture of her thighs against his lower body.

The lack of words suited Ives quite well, as swallowed up as she was in the feeling of Isley being more than willing to be intimate with his Captain once more. She gently dug her fingernails into his neck and his scalp as he revered her female form. Breath catching and her sexual needs reawakening by the scent and presence of him, she eventually pushed at his shoulder to make him stand straight. Then, she sank down on her knees.

While lowering herself, she ran her open hands down his bare torso - chest, abdomen and sides. His mouth barely left him too, kissing and nipping at his body until her face was at the height of the front of his pants. At this point, as heavy as her breathing might be, she still looked up into his eyes - her intent quire clear despite the lack of articulating what she wanted to do. She merely opened his pants up and pushed down his underwear enough to pop his length out into the open. She knew how to give pleasure orally, much because she was a man too, and she meant to make the wolf feel very good for accepting to help her reminisce bygone times where she was less burdened.

She ran her pursed lips along each side in turn of his shaft without using her hands and without taking him in just yet. Then she licked him from base to tip, again without the assistance of her hands, and the corners of her eyes were creased in a rueful smile as she teased him. Only then did her hands return to him, stroking his hips and beautiful body wherever she might reach... until she grabbed a hold of the base of his cock and suckled upon the head in earnest.

It felt like forever since she had performed fellatio in this way, even if she knew that the Ishtar entity had made her do it under less willing circumstances. Tongue swirling around the sensitive head, she looked into his eyes still, and she continued to do so as she gradually took him into her mouth - the inches slowly vanishing into the warmth of her hospitable lips. Eventually, both hands and mouth would work his length, and she would alter the tightness of her mouth and throat as needed... readying him for more exploits.

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[Nathan Isley - Inside Shelter]

It was easy to forget that she was a woman, and not just because of her shape-shifting abilities.  The female form that Jien took was very attractive, but as the commanding officer of the Theurgy, she had an aura about her that was pure business, as though she was above the need for such things.  As such, when she lowered herself down, when she pulled his pants and his underwear down to get access to his manhood, it all came rushing back, how skilled she had been during their last encounter.  She had the knowledge to make a man go weak in the knees, the feeling of her mouth working a cock in ways that couldn't be imagined.  She was an artist with teasing, working things slowly, performing the act as a long and sensuous game, that just something to be rushed through in order to move to the next stage.

As he entered her mouth, he gave her something she didn't get as the Captain, and took control of her somewhat.  His hand reached forward, fisting some of her hair and using it against her.  He could pull her back with with a degree of pain, the kind that would make her comply, and then push her back in as his fist touched the back of her head and urged her to take in as much of him as she could muster.  It didn't matter who she was outside of the shelter they found themselves in.  In here, she was just a woman, he was just a man, and they both had something they could do to help the other.  Maybe it was something more meaningful then just sex for the female Captain, but that didn't mean Nathan couldn't be getting something meaningful from the encounter.

How he would have loved to release then and there, in her mouth, on her face, anywhere, but he was a man of stubborn pride.  His pride wouldn't let him climax until after her, so when he felt too close for comfort, he pulled her back one last time, releasing her hair, only for his other hand to come forward and press against her chest until she fell back.  Then, he was the one on his knees, only long enough to crawl in between her legs, and let his lips find her inner thigh, to kiss his way down it towards his final destination, her wet womanhood, already moist with anticipation.  His tongue trailed her labia, with just the tip, barely touching, but enough to build upon.  Start soft, make her want more, and before she could voice that want, give it to her.  It was a process that took time to learn, but once you read body language, you knew how.  If you could perform the act in the split second before they asked for it, it gave them an almost orgasmic surprise, the kind of connection that made the act you performed twice as arousing.

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Jien realised that while there was a lack of words, their breaths were now harsher and louder - her own heavy and humid against his bulging erection. Yet the wet sounds of her mouth working the Lone-Wolf were even louder. Jien's right hand was curled around the base of Nathaniel's cock, squeezing and twisting in time with it sliding between her parted lips. She made sweeping, swirling motions inside her mouth with her tongue as best as she could - each time his hard male heat slipped between her lips. Meanwhile, her free hand slid back and forth over the corrugated leanness of his flat abdomen.

Then came the teasing dominance of her movements; the restraint and the firm thrusts. The minute pain of his grip in her hair. She groaned at the development, for this was truly to let go: to surrender herself a bit to this fine male human. To just be a woman, just for the moment. Jien's hand uncurled from the base of his rigidity when pushed forward, palm flattening as she took the Lieutenant's cock deeper into her warm mouth. She tried to accommodate the hard pulse of his arousal far down in her throat, which was not too hard given her abilities. She looked up at her lover; he was tight, hard, corded with muscle, and the ripple of smooth power in his arm as he held her hair was exquisite to behold.

Yet eventually, she was pushed away before she could finish him off, and she panted as she shifted back to lay upon the floor - head reeling with desire and unable to bear the wait for him to sheathe himself in her passion-moistened depths.

Only he did not. He aimed to prolong this further, and she was not to object. His beard and his tongue touched the golden glow of her skin - taut yet warm as honey - and when he reached the cleft between her legs, she could hardly lie still. Her head felt light and she had a wild thought that she was going to pass out from the anticipation. She propped herself up on her elbows to brace herself, flexing her fingers against the floor - arching her back to thrust the slick wetness of her excitement against his mouth.

She could not help but touch herself, palming her rounded and aching breasts - rolling her nipples gently. Soon, one hand grabbed his hair; urging him on. "Quicker... Faster..." Until every inch of her body was tensing up, teetering on the edge. And when Nathan's tongue slipped even further, pressing and pressing against her swollen pearl, she felt the first blood-rushing climax. She shook and she shuddered, arching and bucking hips as she pulled at Nathaniel's hair; as she came against his mouth. Her blinding, pulsing moment of release left her shuddering in breaths of gasping completion.

Even afterwards, she undulated her hips against him; hot, wet and shivering in the pulsating waves of pleasure. She had not minded the floor to begin with, and she was certainly in no capacity to move anywhere else at the moment. She lay there, at her lover's mercy. For once having surrendered command.

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Her worked her to a climax, but it was merely the warm-up, priming the engine before they got to the main event.  While his commanding officer was recovering from the experience, he was crawling up her, hands moving along either side of her body, lips working upward, kissing her stomach, her breasts, her neck.  Oftentimes, he was making the reverse journey, working hi9s way down, but this time was all about getting up, his mouth taking hers, involving her in a deep, powerful kiss.  The kiss was a distraction of sorts, as his hips lined themselves up, working his way between her thighs, his manhood thrusting inward, taking her as only a man could take a woman.  Jien would be left to man out her reaction into his mouth, even as he kept the kiss going, muffling the sound as his hips began their motions, crashing like waves against the sandy shores of her beach.

When they finally broke lip contact, his sounds were exactly what one have been expected of a man like him.  He grunted more then panted, sounding more like a Klingon taking his mate then a man of half Vulcan stature.  Of course, if he were embracing his Vulcan heritage, it would have been a seven year gap between this time and the one before, not to mention an absence of his time spent with Skye Carver and Hannah Slaverton.  Nathan had little issue with sowing some wild oats, something made much easier by the fact that most of his partners were people who had been with others as well.  Skye and Hannah were wild women, leaving not much doubt they enjoyed themselves, and the Captain, as a shapeshifter, must have sought to satisfy the other face she commonly wore, which meant finding a different partner for that.  How many others besides that, he didn't know.  He just knew there was no exclusivity between them.

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Her eyes widening, her cry was stolen by the pressure of Nathan kissing her - pinning her to the floor. She felt him squirm his way inside her, hard and unyielding. She was still shivering in the aftermath of what his mouth had done to her, utterly sensitive and nerves raw to his every touch, and he made her feel him sheathe himself nonetheless. By the second thrust, Jien threw her head back and cried louder, yet the sound was still silenced by the Lone-Wolf's mouth. And as she felt him like that, memories of the Gymnasium resurfaced: the reminder of purpose to visiting him. He made her remember who she had been at the time, and like then, her hands came to reach up to stroke and pinch her own nipples to further heighten the sensation of fulfilment.

Dizzy in the feelings that assaulted her body, her third cry died out in a growl of contentment, the last cry before Nathaniel ceased kissing her, and let her suck air into her lungs. "I remember," she managed, and she dropped her hands to prop herself up on her elbows - staring with challenge into the pilot's eyes from where she lay beneath him in the same fashion she had done when he had entered her the very first time. Like in the gymnasium, she urged him on; wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled at his frame. Her sensitive love channel had been forced to expand for him, yet she made it tighten into a perfect fit around him - her internal form shifting just to slightly to make him feel her like he had felt her before.

Elation from both remembrance and the feeling of him inside her, she bucked and arched her back against his movements - her agile body gaining momentum through the way she had raised herself up on her arms and had her legs around him. Grinding down upon him savagely, she worked her entire torso to undulate against his thrusting hips. Breath ragged, her breasts bouncing beneath his body, the toned musculature of her abdomen was working in her answering motions. She knew that the last time, he had not made her climax yet, so she would be able to last longer, perhaps longer than him.

And yet she was high on the notion that she had indeed been herself with him last, that the Niga virus did not seem to have made her feel else than she felt right then. Back then, she had came so hard she had feared she might fracture his aroused organ, and she had scratched his chiselled chest with her nails for somewhere to hold on to. She had not even lasted a full minute, yet now, she would not fail him.

Leaned up and bit his lower lip to get his attention, pushed herself up with her hands against the floor. And when he got the hint to sit up, she stroked her hands up to his neck - one at the time - pulling herself up with the hold she took so that she was sitting in his lap. She kissed him just as she had done in the Gymnasium as she straddled him. They had been on the floor back then too. Peculiar, that the floor seemed to be their private domain. Her nipples scraped against his chest as she whispered into his ear, the grin evident in her breathy syllables. "Do you want me like this again, Lieutenant?"

She began to shift against him: the warm friction of her tight around his hard male flesh. They had never ceased using rank either.

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The one intelligible thing that was said during their exchange, "I remember," caught Nathan's attention.  His motions slowed, but only to add additional weight to the words he would speak next, each sentence ending with a deep thrust inward.  "Good.  I'd be less then pleased if I was so forgettable."

Jien had her doubts about whether she was under the effects of the virus from Niga, but Isley knew better.  He was never infected during the outbreak at all, and their time together went back before the outbreak began.  She was infected much later, towards the climax of the event, pun intended.  What they did together then was the same as now, just two consenting adults indulging their needs, with discretion being an important part of the act.

Did he want her again?  That was almost a silly question in his mind.  "Well, I could hardly refuse a request from my Captain," he said, lips curling in a small but playful grin.

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Through half the night, the attempt to relive and make up for time lost continued, and when they both felt successful, a brief time of rest came.

"My gratitude, Lone-Wolf," said Jien and eventually sat up in the tangled sheets of Isley's bed - her hair tousled and wild in the dim light. She gave the man a faint smile and ran her hand over his chest and abdomen where he lay. The touch was not affectionate in the traditional fashion, but her usual studious admiration of his physique. The caress continued down along his sated and now flaccid phallus, and down his muscle-corded thigh. "I do believe the woman I used to be is not so far away from who I am now. You felt just like I remembered, regardless of any emotional scars and experiences in-between then and now."

Chuckling, realising how odd it was to thank the half-blood Vulcan for this kind of thing, she climbed up over him and slanted her lips across his - making him feel how thankful she was instead of talking. She lingered in the kiss, liking his beard against her skin and how he tasted in her mouth, before she parted again. Her big, brown eyes looked down into his, her smile lasting in their corners. "Perhaps I may have to be reminded again," she said in a slightly thick voice after the kiss, "...sometime soon."

Then she climbed out of the bed and stretched her languorously sore body in the light from one of the lamps, turning her face halfway towards his to say her goodbyes. "When we are back on the Theurgy, I will find you," she said as her uniform reappeared on her body, "for we will need to make new memories too."

Then she left, hoping that the nightmares would come to abate.

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